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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from "the connors," john goodman. And star of the new film "the hate u give," amandla stenberg.

Plus, to members of our studio audience will run the inflatable obstacle course as we continue "live"'s pump it up week. All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

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Kelly: You look good. Hi!


Kelly: All right.

Ryan: A little charlie puth puth.

Kelly: You can hear that?

Ryan: I play it every day on caz one oh seven fm. Kelly and I are in our couples costume today as you can see.

Kelly: We decided to match exactly. I forgot to put on lip gloss, so put on my lip plumping lipgloss. Secrest thought he would try it, I said it is going to burn her lips.

Ryan: It is not my first barbecue. Is it off?

Kelly: I think so. Your lips are really pumping up. It is pump it up week around here.


Ryan: By the end of the week I will be getting injections.

Kelly: That is what I thought "pump it up" week was. When he first told me we would do "pump it up" week, I thought injectables? He said no, like toys.

I said breast implants? He said no, toys we can play on. I said okay, what are you talking about? So it is all of this cockamamie stuff, nothing that we can wear or put into our bodies, so I am checked out.

There is nothing in this for me.

Ryan: We had dinner, we were in her neighborhood, I have to tell you, she called me out on something because I send a text before I arrived that says I'm here when I'm not there yet, it's just to see if she's there because I want to walk in at the same time as kelly because it is cool to walk in with kelly ripa, right?

Kelly: Oh, really?

Ryan: Yeah. Right away up the stairs.

Kelly: I am at the table they call the "secrest table." I'm not kidding. I have lived in new york city for 30 years, okay? I go to maybe five restaurants, and I sit at the same place in every restaurant.

Never has any table ever been named the ripa table. Ryan was in new york city for 8 minutes, and there is a secrest table at a very nice restaurant. And I can tell how much they love you there just by when you walk in, it was like the whole universe happened.

The breadbasket came. It was extra bread in the breadbasket. Like brushed butter. What, are these special bread?

Ryan: I don't know, but I hugged people who bring that kind of bread. They do use the table for other people.

Kelly: I know, I've stayed there when you weren't there. I slept over. I asked for the secrest table.

Ryan: It is nice because you can hear, that is why I sit at that table. But I felt guilty when I left you because we walked out at the same time, I was going downtown and she was going a few blocks to her home and I said can I give you a ride?

She said no, I'm going to walk. I didn't want to insult you, but I felt a guilt on the way home, I said, do you want a ride? No. I thought to say text me when you get home safely, and I didn't, and I'm sorry.

Kelly: I'm sorry I didn't text you because I would normally text you to let you know just on my own I was home safe, but I was talking to mark the whole time on the phone, so he knew I was home safe, so somehow --

Ryan: You have to let us both know you are home safe.

Kelly: I know. Because when you texted me and said you were here, I thought I was talking to mark, so I was

Like, ryan's here. He was like oh, okay. I told mark that ryan was at the restaurant. Oh, ryan's here. Send him right in. When I went home, I told him I was home.

Ryan: You are not insulted if I ask?

Kelly: No. You are a very chivalry person. I like to walk home from the restaurant, it is part of the activity, part of the digestive process.

Ryan: I should be texting you when I get home safely because anything could happen to me.

Kelly: I know, I know. You have a way further commute now that you live.

Ryan: It is the same

Island. I left an hour before I had to get here this morning. I enjoy that our now, take my time, I have a coffee, I have a mug that is battery-powered.

There she is.

Kelly: Hi, shayna. Shayna, you know what I think you should do?

I think you should start, and again, I don't know what this is called, a pinterest page or some sort of a thing.

Ryan: A wall.

Kelly: A wall, if you will, of all of your purchases that you get from amazon. Because every time he has something to, I said that's amazing, where did you get that?

He said shayna made it up here and it came in the box.

Ryan: There is not enough wall to cover. I have two crawl over these boxes every day when I get home. I keep thinking one will be with my name on it.


Kelly: It is because of this stuff for you.

Ryan: We amazonned someplace that brings powder college end.

Kelly: It sounds disgusting, but it is not.

Ryan: It is the reason she looks 24.

Kelly: I injected right into my face.

Kelly: I love it so d ordering it on amazon. You delivered to me and now I deliver to myself so I I have double.

Ryan: Somehow it all ends up on my credit card.

Kelly: Is it weird I charge your account your account? A speed it's fine, we're partners.

Kelly: Listen, it's halloween. The whole month is halloween, but these are the most searched halloween costumes, I want to read them to you because you have to get them now.

Shayna already has these, they're coming today on amazon. These are the top 10 most searched halloween costumes. Okay? So get yours now. I don't know how I feel about these because, you know, I wanted something more unique.

I like what jimmy kimmel told us about halloween, he will do space in jesus. So, number 10 is of course,

Princess. Just bargain-basement princess, and a prince has at all. Number 9 is a rabbit.

Ryan: Okay.

Kelly: Kind of like an easter thing, but okay. Number 8 is a pirate.

Ryan: Sounds easy.

Kelly: Okay. Number 7 is a superhero. I mean, complete silence from the audience, they just don't care about any of this.

Ryan: They are waiting.

Kelly: Harley quinn?

[Light applause]

Okay. Number 6, a witch. Number 4, a dinosaur.

Ryan: Take a shot. There is a dinosaur right there. Hey, number 3, a unicorn.

Ryan: That's good to.

Kelly: Number 2, it's interesting because number 7 is a superhero, is spider-man. The number one searched costume, what are you hoping for?

Ryan: It's not a penguin.

Kelly: Wrong again, lady. Number 1 is fortnite. I don't know what that means.

Ryan: It has taken the kids by storm, "fortnite."

Kelly: Is that "fortnite"? Is that a unicorn? She's wearing a unicorn.

Ryan: So, "fortnite" is a very popular. My god kids play. Do the boys play "fortnite"? When you announce all of that, it will now be the most common, right?

So you might want to go opposite of the top 10 so you aren't blending in. Right?

Kelly: Yeah, go as your favorite tv personalities.



Ryan: And if you are 12 or 13, perfect.


Kelly: If you are on the cusp of puberty, you will fit into our clothes.

Ryan: There is a baby gap near you. This is funny, yesterday we were talking about the half marathon runner who was running, she set her goal, and she missed her goal by 10 minutes because a deer jumped in front of her in the street, and she ran into the deer.

The deer froze and she hit the deer, right? Turns out as we were talking about that, she was watching.

Kelly: Is she hospitalized?

Ryan: She's okay she says "hey, guys, I heard you talk about the bulk who lost to me in the standoff. As an update, I'm doing well, but the gigantic bruise on my leg is telling a different story.

I will sign up for more races and another half marathon soon. I have to make up the 10 minutes that deer stole from me." I like that, she is bouncing back.

Kelly: Do we have a picture of the bruise? I was very excited, I was all about the bruise. Well, first of all, time and ice will help with your bruise, and of course, watching this show.

Ryan: I'm glad she's going to go back and try to get the goal.

Kelly: If at first you don't succeed.

Ryan: You go back and try again.


Kelly: It is very funny, when you told me that story yesterday, all I can hear in my brain is melissa from "my cousin vinny." And I'm picturing her reciting those lines, only now the deer is in a marathon.

Imagine you are a deer in a marathon.

Ryan: In a half marathon.

Kelly: To me, any race is a marathon. I don't care if it is a mile, 4 feet, 10k, they are all a marathon.

Ryan: People no.

Kelly: I am not a sprinter.

Ryan: The first 2 minutes of any race, you've got them.

Kelly: That's right, I run until I die. Now that we know how to bring me back to life with the "staying alive" theme.

Ryan: You had to watch yesterday.

Kelly: Sometimes I give away the trivia answer sometimes by discussing yesterday's show, which I should know better by now, but I don't. Anyway, is that it?

Ryan: We can go, gelman is on his feet.

Kelly: I know, it makes me nervous. Is it time? Any parents? I know there are some parents here.


Ryan: Right there, parents of my god kids.

Kelly: What does that mean, "god kids?" If something happens to ryan, your kids get everything?

>> They would rather live at his house.

Ryan: What does that say about you?

Kelly: My kids want to live at your place. They are like why can't we live at ryan's place? Here's the thing, parents get less than an hour per day of flush "me time" mack

Look at you, your kids are not even particularly happy to be here. Oh, my gosh.

That look was like -- you didn't tell me we had to go to a talk show.

Ryan: He has a right to be upset, this kid. Look at the seats they got him, that is barely even in here.

Kelly: That is the upper deck, when we hit the balls, they go back up there.

Ryan: There is a book I am reading about what the most successful people do before breakfast, they say if you cannot find time, you back it up by getting up earlier.

Kelly: Maybe one day you will be successful.

Ryan: I am definitely tired. They don't talk about the fatigue that kicks in when you get up at 4:00.

Kelly: Here's what I will say to mom and dads at home watching this, and your kids are young and small, here's what I will say. As little time as I had when they were small, they do eventually go to school.

Once that happens, you can find the hour of free time. I have found an hour and a half, as a matter of fact. And it's amazing. It's truly amazing, but you get out of it what you put into it.

Ryan: Was marked with you during that hour?

Kelly: Sometimes he is.

Ryan: Parents, look what you have to look forward to.

Kelly: Yeah.


That's right, mark and I will come over and spend time with you.

Ryan: I got an email from him this morning and said "my man." That's it. I said "brother." What do you say when you get that email? "My man."

Kelly: It is interesting, I am always fascinated by what mark is trying to tell me because he will send me half messages, and none of the words make any sense, but this man is trying to tell me something.

And then I will get a voice mail from him. If I listen to it, it is just his pocket that dials me, and for 45 minutes I have gotten to listen to him go through his da day.

Which sounds truly fascinating. It is fascinating.

Ryan: He's on "riverdale."

Kelly: It sounds like they have nothing but time on their hands.

Ryan: Maybe that's why I got "my man." Today on the show, john goodman is here!

Kelly: And from "the hate u give," amandla stenberg is also here.

Ryan: And as advertised, "pump it up" week continues with a boot camp obstacle course. Beautiful day outside, 67. Teachers will compete in this obstacle course today, to teachers going up against each other.

Today is pretty perfect.

Kelly: I don't recall seeing the sun. Did I get here before the sun came out?

Ryan: The building blocks that. That is a gorgeous autumn day here.

Kelly: Gorgeous, but chilly.

Ryan: We will take it.

Kelly: Do you remember autumn yesterday? Tomorrow is winter.

Ryan: Okay, it is time for "fantastic travel trivia!"

[Cheers and applause]



Kelly: You are from lisbon, portugal.

[Cheers and applause]

Do you ever see madonna?

>> Actually, my wife did a small cake for her and the kids. She's an amazing wedding cake designer.

Ryan: Kelly would like to know what address did you send it? Great to see you, joaque.

>> Thank you.


Ryan: Let's say hello to chelsey smith from texas who watches us on abc 13. Chelsea, good morning.

Caller: Good morning, you guys.

Kelly: What is going on?

Caller: Nothing, just with my 5-month-old little girl.

Ryan: What is her name?

Caller: Her name is atul ade adeline.

Kelly: You know, me time is four or five years away.

Caller: When she gets a little bit older, I can completely agree with that.

Ryan: Chelsea has given us two statements, one is fact, one is fiction. We are going to try to guess which is true. If you stump us, you get one of these mugs, okay?

Here we go, first one is I was a contestant on the miss usa pageant.

Kelly: I going to say yes.

Ryan: Or I know how to do a tooth extraction.

Kelly: That could be both, because a lot of miss usa contestants know how to do teeth extraction.

Gelman: One or the other.

Kelly: I'm kidding, I don't know if that is true. I am assuming it is true.

Ryan: What do you want to ask about?

Kelly: I was going to say what state, but texas, obviousl obviously. What goes into extracting a tooth?

Caller: You have to numb the tooth. You have to make sure that the patient is comfortable.

Ryan: What instruments do you need?

Caller: You need for subs, donna

Kelly: She is a miss usa contestant.

Ryan: We see you and we think you should be in a miss usa contest.

Kelly: And I think forcepts is something you deliver a baby with.

Caller: That is false.

Ryan: We were burned, that is not fair.

Kelly: Do you really use forceps to pull out a tooth?

Caller: I don't, but the dentist does.

Ryan: You work at a dentist office?

Caller: Not currently, I am a stay-at-home mom, but I am going to school.

Ryan: You get a mug. We will spin the wheel.

Kelly: Wow.

Ryan: Tricky.

Forceps >> Kelly: ? It is an instrument I know they sometimes used to get the baby's head. I mean.

Ryan: Maybe they have a smaller version.

This is dental forceps.

Kelly: Maybe they are using forceps on my teeth, my teeth are like horse teeth.

Caller: Kelly, you have really pretty teeth.

Kelly: You think? Thank you. I think the retainer is paying off, finally. Hey, listen, you are playing for a great price. Tanque verde ranch in tucson, arizona.

Seven days, six nights. It is all-inclusive. It includes all. This trip is provided in part by priceline. It is a prize valued $6500. If you have 20 seconds and only good to 1 guest.

Good luck.

Ryan: On yesterday's show we talk with nathan fillion. Where did nathan say "live" was the last time he was a guest, where were we when he did the show last time he was a guest?

Caller: Oh, my goodness.

Kelly: I will give you a hint. We weren't here.

Caller: Oh, my goodness. Vegas?

Ryan: Was it las vegas? No, niagara falls is the correct answer.

Kelly: That is a good guess, we have done the show from las vegas, yes. But it was niagara falls.

Ryan: You still get the mug.

Kelly: And you and a lucky member of the studio audience will each receive $500 and movie tickets from fandango. Yes. So, please pick a number betwee.

Caller: 213.

Ryan: Where is that?

Kelly: Somebody called in sick from work and doesn't want to be seen.

Ryan: There you are. Congratulations!

Kelly: We found her, we found her.

Ryan: Chelsea, thank you for watching. Have a great day. We will be right back with john goodman. Stay with us.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we continue "pump it up week with an inflatable obstacle course. From the film "the hate u give," amandla stenberg.

And coming up next, john goodma john goodman.

More manure from Dan Meuser. The truth? Meuser's company was fined for preying on seniors, exploiting taxpayers and "significant" Medicare abuse. Denny Wolff will fight Meuser's "Age Tax" that raises healthcare premiums for people aged fifty to sixty-four, and protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Dan "Manure" Meuser. A phony won't fix the problem in Congress. He'll make it worse. I'm Denny Wolff. I approve this message. Send a farmer to clean-up Washington.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: All right. Tomorrow, john stamos is here.

Kelly: Carson kressley is also here.

Ryan: And and a rapid-fie bungee game.

Kelly: That sounds like fun. I am just kidding. And we also have a performance by the goo goo dolls. Yeah.


All right, last night he returned to the role he originated 30 years ago with the premiere of the highly anticipated spin-off series "the connors." Please welcome the one and only john goodman!

[Cheers and applause]

John: Yeah.

Kelly: Hi. You always escort an audience member down the aisle.

John: Much like life.

Kelly: Do you feel you are just here? I feel like a john goodman appearance on our show is so rare, but you are here just not too long ago, so now we feel very lucky.

John: I'm lucky to be here.

Kelly: We are lucky to have you. You used to live here, right?

John: I lived here for about 13 years in the '70s.

Kelly: It was dangerous, I tried to tell my kids that. They don't believe that.

John: The city was going broke, there was a huge headlin headline, the city dropped dead, the subways were risky at best. No, it was exciting.

Ryan: Do you go back down there when you are in town?

John: Every once in a while, the whole neighborhood has changed. Looks like the upper east side.

Kelly: Do you ever check out your childhood home?

John: Every time I go home, I go by there. It still looks the same. The same neighborhood. I wouldn't want to go inside, though.

Kelly: Really?

John: It wouldn't be like anything I remember it, probably would look a lot smaller.

Kelly: Everything is like that, right?

Ryan: I don't know if she gets jealous because he just escorted another woman down the stage here, but you are celebrating a big anniversary.

John: I am a paid escort, by the way. 29 years coming up.


Kelly: I bet you are a romantic. Are you a romantic?

John: No!


Oh, garsh.

Kelly: Do you remember how you proposed?

John: Yeah, on the banks of the mississippi river.

Kelly: That sounds romantic romantic.

John: On the french quarter, yeah.

Ryan: Was it a surprise?

John: Now, we knew it was coming for a while, but we went to the jewelry store to get the ring before we went down to the river.

Kelly: He went together?

Ryan: And the same day he went to the river? You didn't have to carry it around. Many of my friends carry the ring around for months.

John: That would not be good.

Kelly: Do you have something planned for the 29th?

John: No, it is the 27th, kelly.

Ryan: 29 years.

Kelly: Is that the diamond anniversary?

Ryan: I think every anniversary is the diamond anniversary.

John: It is a coffee cup anniversary. She is coming into town and I am leaving, so we will see each other for a little bit.

Ryan: We had heard you had an injury at home where you actually broke a rib?

John: Yeah, I was walking down the stairs minding my own business, and I just fell. Stone cold sober. And, yeah, everything happened in slow motion.

I said okay, this is going to hurt. I hit the steps, laid down a while to make sure I wasn't bleeding internally or anything.

Ryan: You cough, you sneeze, did it hurt?

John: It hurt, but not the most painful thing. Having your heart broke, darling.


Ryan: We will be back with john goodman. "The connors."


Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from the film "the hate u give," amandla stenberg.

>> Now I'm going to help you.

>> What's this?

>> We're going to list the two qualities of your seatmate and compare. Fill in the blanks. Joey is?

>> Mostly depressed and kind of sarcastic.


>> I like him because he.

>> Wears black all the time.

>> I see a pattern emerging here.



Kelly: John, you are very funny. You don't like to watch yourself? That is a shame, you are so good, you really should watch yourself.

John: I'm not missing anything, I can see it from inside out.

Ryan: Congratulations on this.


There was a time when we knew "roseanne" wasn't coming back, we weren't sure what you would do.

John: We had such a good time, and then it went away. Probably when I fell down the stairs, threw myself down the stairs. So I didn't know what would happen.

I got offered another pilot and took that, so I have two shows now. I thought I was out of work.

Kelly: That is what is so funny about john goodman, he's out of work for four seconds. He's like you. Panic sets in for four seconds, and by the time you made it to the bottom of the stairs, your agent was calling.

We got another job.

John: "You want to be a stuntman?"

Ryan: "The connors," the way we saw it in the news, roseanne supported it coming back.

John: She allowed it to happen by removing her rights to it, which was extremely generous of her, --


Yes. There were a lot of people out of out of work all of a sudden, and she very generously surrendered her rights to it.

Ryan: I just think the cast is so great, you have this remarkable, amazing chemistry over the years. The stories and the jokes.

Kelly: We are happy you are back. It is a "the connors" ." John goodman, everybody.

Ryan: We will be right back with amandla stenberg. Stay with us.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," a performance by the goo goo dolls. Your trash has made Scott Wagner a very rich man. By collecting garbage through government contracts, Wagner has pocketed tens of millions of dollars.

But Wagner wants more of your money. His company has been strong-arming local governments. Demanding fee increases on taxpayers and small businesses. All because Wagner says he's not making enough.

No wonder Wagner says he'll use his government position to make his businesses more profitable. Scott Wagner. The very worst of Harrisburg. Y2xmry y12fy

Kelly: A mild spill.

Ryan: Can't take me anywhere. Welcome back. Her breakout role was in "the hunger games." Now she has wowing audiences again in "the hate u give." Please welcome amandla stenberg!

[Cheers and applause]

Amandla: Hey, hey, hey.

Kelly: Your outfit, I love it.

Ryan: Amandla, how are you doing? I love your name, amandla.

Amandla: Thank you so much.

Kelly: Do your parents have a story behind it?

Amandla: >> Amandla: Means "power," and it was part of a rally cry in south africa.

Kelly: Wow, do you feel a lot of pressure when your parents name you "power?"

Amandla: It is good.

Ryan: When you are very, very young, was that age 5 when you started in the business?

Amandla: Yes, I was five years old and did this commercial.

Ryan: There is a picture of it.

Amandla: Look at my face, time for the old razzle-dazzle. I am ready.

Kelly: You look powerful even they are as 5-year-old. Like, you know what my name means?

Amandla: Yeah, my first commercial. I don't know if it was very commercially successful. It was like 5 dolls that came together, you are supposed to play with them together, and I was in the background, very blurry, but it was very exciting.

Kelly: I would think as a kid that age, you are playing with toys. And getting paid for it, you don't even feel like it is an acting job, right?

Amandla: I saw the dressing room and I was like, I like this.

Ryan: What was the first film you did?

Amandla: The first film that I did, I played a younger version. It was cool, I got to all kinds of stuff. She is an absolute angel, she is just a phenomenal woman.

It was like a for mattel movie. My character had to run through the streets and jump off of rooftops and stuff like that.

Kelly: How old were you when you did that?

Amandla: I was 10.

Kelly: That must have been like a fantasy.

Amandla: It was awesome. I got to work with david bella.

So, he trained me.

Ryan: You are running through the sewers, this is my calling.

Amandla: It was so much fun, awesome.

Kelly: Do you still keep up with parkour?

Amandla: No way.

Kelly: It seems a very dangerous.

Amandla: No.

Kelly: I am glad you are keeping your feet planted on the ground.


We have to take a commercial break. When we come back, amandla is going to tell us more about "the hate u give."

Announcer: Costumes you can make at home using shipping boxes and crafting supplies from around the house. Send us a picture of your best box costume to win a $5,000 amazon gift card.

Visit to "live"'s website or facebook page to enter.

>> Girls usually go with boys who look like their daddy. I guess I didn't set a good example of a black man.

>> No, you didn't. You set a good example of what a man should be.


Kelly: Aww.

Amandla: He's crying.

Ryan: It's the way you waited, and then said the last word.

Amandla: The timing.

Kelly: So, for people who haven't seen the film yet it hasn't read the book, can you explain it to us a little bit?

Amandla: Sure. It is based on this incredible book about this girl named starr who is switching between two different environments. Her neighborhood, which is black and lower income, a school that is white and privileged, she has to kind of confront who she is and if she is willing to speak up once a tragic event happens.

Just pulled over with her best friend in the neighborhood by a white police officer, the officer thinks he is reaching for a gun, which is really just a hair brush, and he shoots him.

It follows the trial and the different communities internalize what that means. Her safety is kind of compromise, she had to make the decision to stand up for her community.

Ryan: During the break you talked about students. What has been the reaction from teenagers and young adults?

Amandla: It has been amazing. It has been really emotional, for sure. Especially black girls who feel represented by it and validated by it, how is exactly I felt when I read the book.

Kelly: It really gives perspective to everyone, I think. I think the book is really, really powerful, and I'm so gla glad. It's so funny because I read they had you in mind.


When I saw the film version of starr on the screen, I thought oh, my gosh. How did they find the perfect person. Meanwhile, you were in her mind all the time.

Amandla: I was.

Kelly: Amazing.


Amandla: It was really thinking a stick. I don't think this is normally how the process goes making a movie, I don't bank on this happening again.

Ryan: "The hate u give" in theaters now, opens nationwide on friday. Great to see you.

Kelly: Coming up next, we are going to pump it up with our obstacle course.

Announcer: What are the right songs to do cpr too? Visit our clip of the day. Visit our website to check it out.

Life is good! But it wasn't always... My first owner left me chained outside, without food or water. Until Janine came to my rescue. My name is Libre and my story made it all the way to Harrisburg.

Where Governor Wolf signed strict, new animal protections into law. Now, there are new regulations on puppy mills. And it's a felony to abuse pets in Pennsylvania.

Humans say "a dog is man's best friend," I say a Wolf is mine!

Kelly: Okay, so "pump it up" week continues with huge inflatable obstacle course. They are taking their shoes off on the street and put in their bare feet on the ground.

It is the battle of the teachers. This teacher from minnesota, say hi to kathy. And her opponent is emily. A sixth-grade teacher from indiana. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins a $500 gift certificate to eddie bauer and goes home with that all-important trophy, which we are all playing for.

Ryan: I will just show you real quick.

Kelly: Good luck, ryan. Oh, my gosh. Ay yai yai.

Ryan: And then you want to swing over here.

Kelly: Ladies, don't get hurt. Your students need you.

Ryan: And then up the wall.

Kelly: Okay, okay. I'm going to tell you, don't worry. I don't know, don't worry.

Ryan: Finish right here. Whoever wins, wins a prize.

Kelly: I guess ryan crossed the finish line. Somebody is about to get schooled. Ladies, get on your mark, get ready, get set, go!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Yeah.


Ryan: Oh, my gosh.

Kelly: Congratulations. Emily won. You get a consolation prize.

Ryan: How about some cash for you. Thank you very much.

Kelly: You are fighting a good fight, we appreciate it. Good job, guys.


Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," carson kressley.

Ryan: All right, what's in the inbox?

Kelly: A doctor, dentist from ohio says I was watching her show in the subject on how to extract a tooth comes up. We used specialized forceps to remove teeth made specifically to fit around teeth to make removal as easy as possible.

Ryan: Everybody was right. We had a runner hit by the deer, we said you should use ice. I'm a physical therapist, research shows heat will help break down the dried blood.

Tomorrow john stamos.

Kelly: And carson kressley

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now, ellen DeGENERES!

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you! Thanks very much! Thank you very much! I feel the same way about you. Thank you so much for being here. Have a seat or whatever you want to do, really.

You can stand up, but then the people behind you would be mad. Anyway, if you tuned in yesterday and of course you should have, you know that I injured my back and I want to thank all of you for your support.

Your letters have been pouring in. They make me feel better. That and the medication, really.


Medication -- tequila.


I was in so much pain yesterday that I completely forgot that it was national dictionary day. I cannot believe it. I guess a lot of people went to the parade.


I never understood when I was a kid the dictionary, because you had to look up a word to know how to spell it in the dictionary, but you did not know how to spell the word -- I remember that you ask your mom how to spell the word and she was like, go look it up.

And I'm like, how am I supposed to look it up if I don't know how to

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