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Friday, July 21st, 2017

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, former vice president of the united states, al gore. And host of "world of dance," jenna dewan tatum.

And the "eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off" with YouTube star hannah hart. Plus, the "property brothers" have a special makeover project for the cohosts.

All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

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Ryan: Good morning.

Kelly: Hi. Hi, hi. Hi. Hey, guys. Happy friday!

Ryan: We made it. I love it.

Kelly: Friday is my favorite day. I like thursday too.

Ryan: I start thursdays when you start getting excited for friday, sunday night you start thinking about monday morning. Monday, tuesday, and wednesday are rough.

Kelly: I have to tell you, now you are here, and you really make my day, so I even like wednesday's too. Wednesday is pretty awesome too. If you can get me to like tuesday, we will be off and running.

Ryan: I have my assignment.

Kelly: Monday you are at least renewed, energy from the weekend, tuesday you just have nothing to hope for.

Ryan: But we are focused on today.

Kelly: Yeah, right. Let's stay there.

Ryan: Looking at some of the things -- do you ever air bnb?

Kelly: I have not. I am too afraid.

Ryan: It is actually a cool thing to do. A friend of mine did it, I checked it out, they are all over the world, these places. What do you think the most popular style of home is to airbnb?

On the top of the list?

Kelly: What are my options? A log cabin.

Ryan: That's actually a pretty good guess.

Kelly: I would like a log cabin with nothing fragile on the inside.

Ryan: Just logs. You are pretty close. Most comes for tree houses. That is the most popular.

Kelly: I didn't know tree house was an option.

Ryan: As a matter of fact I went to the airbnb headquarters in california.

Kelly: There is a headquarters?

Ryan: There is an hq.

Kelly: Is it like they are trading with somebody else? We are at McDONALD's headquarters today.

Ryan: Do you think it is their weekend? When you go in, what's cool, what they have four rooms you meet in, meeting rooms, they have the most popular homestyle built out.

You meet in a tree house, log cabin, in atp in the building.

Kelly: Do they have a gingerbread house? Think about it, I would move in there.

Ryan: What else is happening?

Kelly: Something that I think is exciting. Apple has unveiled their new emojis. There is this one, which is starstruck. We kind of like starstruck.


Whenever I send you an emoji for now on, ryan, it will be this one. Because I normally send him, this is normally my emoji to ryan. We are having fun.

Ryan: Is that what that word means?

Kelly: I am here to party, but I am also serious. How about vomiting face? Yeah.

[Audience reacts]

Kelly: I can actually see my daughter sending this to me constantly now over everything. Yeah. How about zombie?

Ryan: That's a creative one, I like that one.

Kelly: I don't know, I do like my emojis to be perfectly round, I do. This is upsetting to me. This isn't an emoji, this is a caricature.

Ryan: Wait, sorry, what would you respond with, what would you get to respond with a zebra?

Kelly: I am going to the zoo today and hoping to see zebras.

Ryan: Unicorn I kind of get, but zebra, I would be totally confused. That is going to be the most popular one.

Kelly: Hey, former vice president al gore is here today, everyone.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Jenna dewan tatum is here too. The fall season premieres on september 5th and we are busy planning some pretty big things.

Kelly: Ryan is about to begin his first full season as my cohost here at "live."

[Cheers and applause]

It goes fast.

Ryan: It does.

Kelly: We were warming up, that's right. It has been decades since the backstage area has had any freshening up, so we invited the "property brothers," jonathan and drew scott, to help us out.

Giving us a makeover challenge.

Ryan: There they are.

>> We have to do a makeover, he told us you guys desperately needed a makeover.

Kelly: How good are you guys at asbestos removal?

>> He does the deadly stuff. We will put it in your dressing room. This is how bad. Ever since the rolling stones were here in the '60s, it has never been the same.

It feels like a dentist office out of the '70s. Kind of boring. Did either of you pick out the joyce's in here?

Kelly: Just gelman.

>> Gelman can also use a little bit of work. This is where the celebrities will hang out. We will each do a space. Go to the back where you belong. Who bought this stuff?

This is the crabby is to stuff you possibly get.

Kelly: That is from gelman's own living room, he brought that in from his own living room.

>> This is a multifunctioning piece. It is a weapon and a lamp. The great thing is, every asks what can you do with a smaller space? This is a private example.

Drew will take that room, I will take this room, we will transform it into something you have never seen.

Kelly: Thanks, guys. We will check in with you later. We continue our summer long cooking competition with our "eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off."

Ryan: All summer long we are featuring online influences. Our cook this week is entertainer and best-selling author who has almost 280 million views on her YouTube channel where she cooks and drinks and entertains.

Hannah hart is with us!

Kelly: Yes. The most digital votes will win $10,000 for charity and bragging rights as the "eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off" champ.

Ryan: Weighing each week on your favorites and you can win a trip for two to aruba. So that's very cool. It's time for "summer seas travel trivia!" Here we go!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: From utah.


Ryan: And let's say hello to nicole anderson from pasadena, maryland. Home of the crab cake. Hello.

Caller: Hi. B2 how are you, nicole?

Caller: I'm good, how are you guys?

Kelly: You say crab cakes and now I am starving for a crab cake, all I want right now.

Ryan: My grandmother lived right at the border of maryland and pennsylvania, so we would land in maryland in the first thing we would do is have the maryland crab cakes.

Ryan: How was your summer going there?

Caller: It is great.

Ryan: We will make it better, hopefully, with a little trip. Let's see what you are playing for.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Here we go. The generations riviera maya. Seven days and six nights in an oceanfront suite. It includes, this is unheard of, unlimited food and beverage?

You want an eighth meal, ninth meal, it is unlimited. One spa treatment per person. You are not going to want to leave the kitchen. This trip is provided in part by, a prize valued

$11,300. 20 seconds and only one guess, good luck.

Ryan: Here we go. Earlier this week we spoke with queen latifah. What did we say queen latifah has in all her contracts?

Caller: A no-death clause!

Ryan: That's it!

Announcer: Congratulations, you and I guess we'll enjoy seven days and six nights at the generation riviera maya, generation riviera maya is a four diamond award winning all gourmet inclusive resort for the ultimate experience in luxury with endless days of caribbean sunshine.

Personal concierge service and much more. Your prize is valued at approximately $11,300!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That's an amazing, an amazing trip.

Caller: That's awesome!

Kelly: We are so happy for you.

Caller: Thank you!

Ryan: No can help a lucky member of our studio audience receive a $500 gift card from world market. Pick a number between 1 and 229.

Caller: 35.

Ryan: 35?

[Cheers and applause]

Coming up next, former vice president al gore.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we continue our "eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off" with a recipe of goat cheese. We will see what surprise the "property brothers" have for the dressing room.

From "world of dance," jenna dewan tatum. Coming up next, former vice president al gore.

Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. On monday from "the last tycoon," matt bomer is here.

Ryan: And from "manhunt: Unabomber," paul bettany is with us.

Kelly: And a performance by ajr. And anderson cooper will be my cohost. Yes, that will be nice.

Ryan: He first served our country as a member of house of representatives. Next in the senate, and finally se 45th vice president of the united states.

Please welcome the former vice president al gore!

[Cheers and applause]

>> Former Vice President Gore: Hi.

Kelly: Mr. Vice president.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Former Vice President Gore: Thank you all, thank you.

Kelly: I have to tell you, mr. Vice president, you've still got it. The way you shake hands, you've still got it. I know you like to call yourself a recovering politician.

Are there moments like that you think I can still do that?

>> Former Vice President Gore: The longest I go without a relapse, the less likely it is. It is great to see everybody, thank you for the warm welcome.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: You have deep tennessee connections. We know that. I know specifically because I called my sister yesterday and I said how does the move go? She said it went great.

I said what street do you live on? She told me the name of it. I think just around the corner, two houses down is al gore's house. She said have you ever met him?

I said no, but coincidentally he is on the show right now. So we are your neighbors.

>> Former Vice President Gore: That's great. When I first moved there, 15, 16 years ago, I lived out in tennessee 50 miles away. There is a country music writer who wrote a song called "al gore lives on my street." I should get that for your sister.

Kelly: That's a good song. You grew up in a hotel in washington, D.C. You are the eloise. I love this photograph, tell me what is happening here.

>> Former Vice President Gore: I live half of each year in tennessee and half of the year there. They would go out to some of these events at night, they are leaving in that picture.

Kelly: A fun way to grow up, I would say.

>> Former Vice President Gore: It was fun, I prefer the farm in tennessee to tell you the truth, it wasn't much of a contest.

Kelly: That's also a nice way to grow up.

>> Former Vice President Gore: That is really where my environmental, that is another picture of me showing a cow at the smith county fair.

Kelly: That is where you develop your love for the environment, being in nature.

>> Former Vice President Gore: That's right. My parents generation grew up during the days when the soil erosion was a big issue. They would control the damage to the land, that is really when I got my first interest in protecting the environment.

Ryan: Thinking about all of what is going on in your life, you have what, four grandchildren?

>> Former Vice President Gore: Right.

Ryan: Do you enjoy being a grandpa?

>> Former Vice President Gore: They are the best, they are not overrated. They come pretty highly rated.

Kelly: What is the best part? Oh, you're going to love your grandchildren, when the kids give you a hard time, they say you are going to love your grandchildren.

>> Former Vice President Gore: There are so many cliches about it, but they are all true. I spent a week out, I have a redneck yacht, a houseboat, I had my kids and grandkids out on the lake, they love to waterski.

That is the best, absolutely.

Ryan: One of them things you work at a retail store.

>> Former Vice President Gore:


Yeah, I'm on the board of apple and I heard one of my younger grandkids saying grand dad works at the apple store. The apple store has great employees, let me tell you.

Kelly: Talking backstage your list of accomplishments, right? You won the nobel peace prize. An academy award. A grammy. And an emmy for what?

>> I was cofounder and chair of the network, we had programming that was honored, my then-partner won the me. Let me say, on the academy award, that belongs to the director of "an inconvenient truth." I have visiting rights to the oscar.

Ryan: We need to get you a egot because all you need now is a tony.

>> Former Vice President Gore: I am working on a tap dancing and singing, maybe you can give me some lessons.

Ryan: When we come back, we will talk with former vice president al gore about how he hopes to remembered s legacy. Now smack monday on "live," from "the last tycoon," matt bomer.

And from the new series "manhunt: Unabomber," paul bettany.

Joe: Hi.This is Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella. Our state Treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including Erin.

Open a pa able account today by visiting our website at

>> We are close in this moment to the tipping point which this movement like the abolition movement, like the women's suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, like the movement for gay rights, is resolved into right and wrong.

Because of who we are as human beings, the outcome is more ordained.

Kelly: Former vice president. I'm going to say this, honestly, I have not seen a film this important since its predecessor, the 2006 "an inconvenient truth."

>> Former Vice President Gore: Thank you.

Kelly: You tackle the topic of global warming. What do you say to people, what do you say to people that are climate change deniers?

>> Former Vice President Gore: If you have kids, you owe it to them to do right by them because it's not just virtually unanimous opinion of all the scientists around the world that we have to fix this, now mother nature is joining the debate.

We have all these climate-related extreme events, huge downpours. We have had 11 once in a thousand years event in the last seven years. Even people who don't like to use the phrase "global warming" necessarily our saying hey, this is not right, something is really going on.

But there are two things different since the last movie. One is these events have gotten really scary and more of them, more destructive. The other thing, we have a solutions now.

Electricity from solar and wind are coming down, you can save money and help protect the future at the same time.

Ryan: What happens to the planet as temperatures continue to rise?

>> Former Vice President Gore: You are already seeing these destructive storms on the tv news now is like a read through the book of revelations. They don't connect the dots, but scientists say this is what we have been predicting and now it is coming true.

Since the predictions have been so accurate, we have to pay attention to what would happen if we don't get it under control. The damage would be unthinkable.

Kelly: Interesting moment in the film, I have experienced it myself just encountering people and listening from the street, people would say so much for global warming.

It is just the weather extreme and what is happening in terms of just looking at miami, just looking at the tides coming into miami, it is fascinating to me.

>> Former Vice President Gore: It was a sunny day, high tide, I saw fish in the ocean swimming in the streets of miami beach, and that is becoming much more common now with the sea level rise.

The one good thing about this is we can solve it. Not only do we have the cheaper available solutions now, individuals can get involved and use your voice, use your vote, use your choices in life.

When you have the more environmentally friendly stuff, to not only reduces your impact, it sends a signal to the business community, now the business community is helping to lead the charge on this, which is a really good thing.

Ryan: You brought the conversation to the mainstream with the first film, you have been the vice president of our country, what do you want the legacy to be?

>> Former Vice President Gore: I hope ten years from now instead of making another movie, we will be able to say we have this under control now. I want people to see this movie and learn about it, "an inconvenient sequel: Truth to power," also there is a book that comes out next week of the same title, it will tell you everything you need to know about the crisis, but the solution, and about how individuals can get involved.]

Is the website. We got this agreement, every country in the world is moving in the right direction. In the U.S. The mayors and business leaders are now taking the lead.

We are going to make this work.

Ryan: "An inconvenient

Sequel: Truth to power" in select theaters nationwide.

Kelly: Mr. Vice president, thank you for coming.

Ryan: Jenna dewan tatum next.

Announcer: Monday on

Announcer: Monday on "live," a performance by


Announcer: Monday on "live," a performance by it's a unique flavor. The texture is incredible. Duke's really adds integrity to our recipes. Duke's is smooth and creamy.

It has a lemony ed. It's not sweet. It tastes like real ingredients bau it's made with real ingredients. That compares to duke's. I don't think there's another mayonnaise

>> What you do is otherworldly.

>> You two are the divisional finalists.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: From the hit show "world of dance," or next guest happens to be the host. Please welcome back to the show jenna dewan tatum!

Jenna: I've got to dance! I've got to dance! Ah!

Ryan: Hi.

Jenna: Hi.

Kelly: I have to tell you, we give an award at the end of every season for the best entrance, and that could be a contender.

Jenna: These dresses are not made, there little confinin confining.

Kelly: You just celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary with your husband.

Jenna: Thank you. I think about you guys all the time. There are a few of us.

Ryan: Did you think I can't meet my husband this way, or were you open to it?

Jenna: I was so young, I was 25 when we did the screen test, so I was kind of naive to it all. This guy is really hot, the nicest man in the world, actually had that movie must have been meant to be because I gave the worst read.

Maybe just the character, give it to her. We became really good friends, and here we are.

Kelly: How did you celebrate?

Jenna: He really loves being outdoors in nature, so we went on a wilderness camp with our daughter, which in the middle of nowhere in michigan, can't even tell you where it is.

As part of the deal. There is no address, no wi-fi, no service, just one little cafe enjoying my wilderness.

Kelly: No matter how isolated you are in nature, they will have one internet tent, one place if there is an emergency.

Jenna: You know what, we're going to enjoy this. But then, one day I was like I'm going to take a walk. We ended up at the internet cafe. I was like I know where you are, I see you.

Kelly: Wait until she is 17, she will be buried in it.

Ryan: Does she like being out in the wilderness?

Jenna: She loved it. On a cabin on the lake, a little stir crazy and we found out they had a wilderness camp for kids, it was the cutest thing in the entire world.

She became attached to this one camp counselor who was also very cute. They learned how to make s'mores, go fishing, go sailing. Played baseball with pinecones.

It was literally rustic.

Ryan: This is a pinecone?

>> Here we go.

Ryan: A nice family break because you are doing "world of dance," which is a tremendous success, congratulations.

Jenna: Thank you.

Kelly: It is so gorgeous. People can dance, you are one of them. It is such a rare skill, such hard work.

Jenna: The kids are amazing amazing. You normally have the kids competing, teenagers, but with our show, we are all going for $1 million and competing against each other.

There are different styles, different ages, and so we did the uppers and the teens first. The juniors are coming. How are they going to compete against jabawaukees.

They blew us away, juniors come to play, they are well-oiled machine's. They compete every weekend, they know what they are doing. They literally steal the stage.

Ryan: They want a million dollars.

Jenna: They are like shoes, clothes!

Kelly: How long would it take to teach ryan to dance?

Jenna: You really can't dance at all?

Ryan: Zero skills. My hip flexor is so tight, I can't even walk. Barely.

Jenna: Don't have any signature moves?

Kelly: You hopped off the set.

Ryan: I don't know what that is, but if I did, cool. Where do you start with someone?

Jenna: We have to try something.

Kelly: Guys, I will be over here for emotional support.

Jenna: Here we go. You have to keep it right here. Do you remember "hitch"?

Ryan: I remember "hitch."

Jenna: I think I have a better idea. A better idea. You can do this. Yeah! That's good. Slow, slow. Very good.

Ryan: "World of dance" tuesdays at 10:00 on abc!

Kelly: "Eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off" when we return, stick around.

Announcer: Tuesday on "live," from "the last tycoon," kelsey grammar. OGof

Kelly: Hey, it is time for our "eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off." Our chef this week has almost, listen to this, 280 million views on her YouTube channel.

Hey, wait a minute, I have one as well. "My drunk kitchen." Hannah hart!

Ryan: I love your shirt.

Hannah: It is like pastor.

Kelly: You are making something I can really get into today.

Hannah: Something that is almost idiot proof, which is why I am attempting it on television. We are going to be making a grilled cheese. I love southwestern foods.

I was just in santa fe recently.

Kelly: Isn't it gorgeous?

Hannah: Beautiful. We are going to be peeling this. Ryan, I think this job would be really "appealing" to you. There you go! Basically you take off all of the skin.

Kelly: "It puts the lotion in the basket." Sometimes I break into "silence of the lambs."

Hannah: Kelly, because I think you are probably the more experienced chef here.

Ryan: Between my dancing and this.

Hannah: We are going to be doing something called de-gilling. You remove the innards of the mushroom.

Kelly: Do you have a special technique?

Hannah: Gripping with your fingers and ripping it out. You're going to go ahead and scrape all the inside bits because they are bitter.

Kelly: I have been eating the insides.

Hannah: I also learned that literally today.

Ryan: In the pan goes the butter.

Hannah: This is preemptively a good move even if I don't know what I am making in the kitchen. Something will happen over here, it will smell nice, people will think you know what you're talking about.

Kelly: If you put butter in a pan, they will come.

Ryan: What do we do with the pepper?

Hannah: We will chop that up, chop the pepper up into small pieces. I actually really like it.

Ryan: When you say small pieces, give me an example because I don't want to screw it up.

Hannah: I think your instincts are really spot on.

Kelly: Look at you go.

[Cheers and applause]

Okay, he pretends he is bad at everything but he is good at everything.

Ryan: I come in after school and practice.

Hannah: Kelly, we're going to start sauteing those. A little olive oil in here, because like butter, you can never go wrong. Going to let that saute gently.

Doesn't it sound like I know how to cook?

Kelly: I believe you, I really do.

Hannah: You are going to sit tight on those peppers. Don't touch your eyes or any of your sensitive bits.

Kelly: My friend just got a spicy pepper on his.

Hannah: Let's start toasting the bread. This is cuban bread. It is very light, a lot of air in it.

Ryan: With the mushrooms, do we want to do anything with those?

Kelly: Yes, ryan.

Hannah: Chop those up. There you go. Everybody loves a grilled cheese, but you can kick things up a notch of a grilled cheese by adding these elements and then people take you seriously.

Ryan: I have all the components ready.

Kelly: This is heaven's grilled cheese. This is what they hand you.

Hannah: They hand you this as he walked through the gate.

Kelly: You are not so bad, here you go.

Hannah: We will take a little bit of this and spread it on the bread. Do you want to do it? It's spicy.

Kelly: We like it spicy.

Hannah: You can turn this down a little. That's good. Three pieces of bread to make it complicated because I realize now we want to make to chandlero sandwiches.

Kelly: This math made perfect sense to me.

Ryan: We will do three. Now let's put it together.

Hannah: We are going to put the cheese on top.

Kelly: What kind of cheese are we using?

Hannah: Monterey cheese. I really hope that is good, the good thing is nobody can tell what kind of cheese it is by looking at it. A nice, white, creamy cheese.

We will let that melt and plop it together.

Kelly: You don't put the stuff in now?

Hannah: We do, kelly, of course we do.

Ryan: Whose recipe is this?

Hannah: This recipe comes from the food network kitchen.

Kelly: I want to remind you, we are in "the drunk kitchen." Get off our back!

Ryan: Let's see the finished product.

Hannah: For those of you at home who really want this in your life, we add mushrooms. Get the peppers going. Everybody is coming to the party, triple-decker.

Really skillful, beautiful.

Ryan: Do you have a finished product?

Hannah: We do, ryan.

Ryan: This is what we want. Thank you, hannah, very much. We will post this on the instagram page. Coming up, you can weigh in for a chance to win $10,000 for charity and to become "eat it, like it, share it summer cook-off" champ.

Kelly: If you like and share the cook off video you have a chance to win six nights trip for two to aruba, guys. Valued $5,000. Come visit us again.

Ryan: "Property brothers" are next.

Announcer: It is time for the target run. This week they needed last-minute snacks, so they ran to target to pick up bananas, yogurt, and snacks. Run out, run in.


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Don't miss out, visit the website and get your tickets no now.

Ryan: And we're back.

Kelly: They host some of the favorite hg tv shows and we can't wait to read their new book. It takes two. Please welcome the scott brothers, drew and jonathan.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Good to see you.

Kelly: How are you?

>> Nice to see you.

>> Did you see my moves as I came down?

Kelly: Did you worm it?

Ryan: Wow.

>> Slow motion.

>> That is actually incredible.

Ryan: So, have you guys ever taken on a project as ridiculous as this one?

>> We made over the guard shack on jimmy kimmel. We will have less tequila here. You have so many people who come through there, you want to put the best foot forward for your guests.

You are some of the most stylish people in town, that needs to be the most stylish room in town. One of the two of you have a great butt, so we want to put all of that sexiness into the room.

Kelly: When you think sexiness, you guys. Have you ever seen like anything like this like where you have actual cave drawings on the wall?

>> Going to say, I saw that in a cave one time. These are high traveled spaces. Everything in their has to go. The coolest thing is it is such a small space and you have identical mirror image.

There is no feature, it is boring. You need some attention to make it interesting.

Kelly: We have been saying it for years.

Ryan: Take the hieroglyphics off the wall. We will see if the brothers can handle the makeover challenge.

Announcer: If you would like to know more about anything you see on "live," log onto our website at

Day 13. If only this were as easy as saving $600 when you switch to Progressive. Winds stirring. Too treacherous for a selfie.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Sure, I've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. But the prize at the top is worth every last breath. Here we go.

[ Grunts ]

Got 'em. Ahh. Wait a minute. Whole wheat waffles?

[ Crying ] Why!

♪ Be a powerful force. Nature Valley


Ryan: Believe it or not, this is our back stage.

With hdtv's scott brothers.

>> You haven't been here that long.

Kelly: Excuse me, I didn't even know this was down here. These eggs are --

>> Why would you give eggs to a guest right before the program?

Kelly: Because gelman likes eggs, that is why they are here. Yeah!

>> They are boiled, they can be cleaned up.

Kelly: You're wasting his lunch. There is a big catch here, this room also becomes two rooms.

>> We are going to divide this up for the ultimate brother versus brother competition. Walk jonathan away. Basically what we need to do is give these two rooms their own personality.

What kind of stuff do you like?

>> I think contemporary for me, I like very simple.

>> I think there should be some statement feature so they can have like a selfie moment in front of something to kind of identify it as them being here with us.

I have a teenage daughter.

Ryan: It should be current, comfortable.

>> Just so you know, it is not about you, it is about the guest.

Ryan: We want them to feel comfortable.

Kelly: Our guests are celebrities, they like to take selfies.

>> Right now there is no featured wall. I don't want to give away everything we are going to do, but they will be a part of something different. I think I'm going to try to glam it up a little bit, little more fresh, the dark brown furniture.

>> I know I am going to win.

>> When you were kids, who won the most?

Ryan: I think we are off and running, good luck, guys.

Kelly: This could be your greatest challenge.

>> This is a greatest challenge I have ever had in my entire life.

Ryan: "It takes two" ," order now.

Kelly: On monday's show, will be here.

Ryan: Ajr perform

♪ Yesterday's far away today's the only day♪

>> Here she is now. Ellen degeneres.

[Cheering] [applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. That is so nice of you. I feel the same way. Back at you. Have a seat, everybody. Thanks for being here.

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I recently came out with my own pet line of pet products available at petsmart and you are going to love the stuff. It's really great. It's interesting to see what's selling the best right now.

We've put out pet clot

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