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Friday, July 20th, 2018

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from the film "equalizer 2", denzel washington. And, we wrap up "mentalist week" with the world famous lior suchard.

Plus, the final taco recipe for your consideration on the "live's fired up friday: Fan foodie face off"! All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

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Ryan: Good morning. What's up, brother? Hi.

[Cheers and applause]

Well, are you good?


Kelly: Hi, yala.

Ryan: You have a pep in your step.

Kelly: I am leaving here and going right to san diego. I am going to comic-con in san diego. It is friday, july 20, 2018. I am going to host the "riverdale" panel.

Ryan: So I will see the pictures of the two of you. The two of you are going to reunite in san diego.

Kelly: I think we have the same hotel room. They asked if we want the same hotel room, there was a moment I was like, well.

Ryan: Because you are there on work, right? You want to be respectful. What is going on on your table? I see beverages.

Kelly: Have you heard of buzz button? I have to put on my glasses, I am sorry it has come to this.

Ryan: I like the action of you taking them on and off because it gives me something to do on the halloween special.

Kelly: At this point I don't know why I take them off because it is like I am pretending I can see, but I can't, so there's that. It is a trendy blossom that gives dreams a tingly taste.

It is a flower blossom, it is a peppercorn, used as a homeopathic cure for toothache, it has a numbing effect and they are called to buzz button because they can become effervescent in your drink.

Ryan: It makes it sparkle and has a numbing --

Kelly: Apparently, yes.

Ryan: It is double numbing, okay. What am I drinking a question

Mark >> Kelly: It is a pomegranate champagne cocktail. My tongue is now entirely numb. It is buzzing.

Ryan: Keep talking.

Kelly: It is buzzing and numb. I put it on my tongue and applied a little pressure.

Ryan: You are slurring.

Gelman: Don't do too much, we have a talk show to do.

Kelly: It feels buzzy and a little numby. It's electric.

Ryan: Wow. I have a pain on my neck, can I use it there?

Kelly: It is so weird, almost like you burned your tongue, but it didn't hurt. Dispute two it is like if you could go burn your tongue and it feels great.

Kelly: It is like you burned your tongue on a hot beverage, but minus the pain. If that makes any sense at all.

Ryan: It is like having a lot of hot salsa but not having the burn. Where have they been my whole life?

Kelly: They are found in beetle dung.


I am just kidding. I just say beetle dung is where everything is found. It is like you have eaten a peppermint patty minus the peppermint patty.

Ryan: I have to tell you, this may affect the show. The ability to move my tongue.

Kelly: You can move your tongue, stop, I can move my tongue.

Ryan: I just want to do this, hi, hi, hi.

Kelly: Hello, hello.

Ryan: You know what can solve the problem? Formally known as almond milk.

Kelly: Shayna's lusty almonds. That is a good name, shayna's lusty almonds.

Ryan: That sounds like a feature film I don't want her to star in. Yesterday we mentioned the fda said products that say soy milk and almond milk can no longer use the term milk because they are not from a cow, so they have to change their name to all men something.

My girlfriend makes this amazing almond formally known as milk and she wants to start a business using almond milk, some viewers have sent in suggestions, one is if she starts the company, almond essence, the other white milk.

Because pork is the other white meat.

Kelly: Do you want to hear something? "Ryan seacrest is receiving the 2018 marconi award." Right? I am cutting to the chase. He has been nominated, and I suspect he's going to win because when I'm done with the writing campaign, he's going to win.

That's great, ryan seacrest, how about that?

Ryan: I am very excited, it's very nice. Who else is nominated?

Kelly: Joe kelly, your twin twin. From orlando. Probably not the boston player.

Ryan: He does not hit the balls out of the park.

Kelly: If you don't win this award, it is going to be an outrage. His speech he was

I have a shelf not full, so I would love to win a radio one.

Kelly: Have you won an emmy emmy? You have won a bunch.

Ryan: I have lost a lot more.

Kelly: Don't be shy. Anyway, we're excited, congratulations.

Ryan: Thank you. It is such an honor. To have you read that on the air and being nominated. This struck me because I did the gender reveal event for my sister, and what I did is we launched fireworks over some water, and then whatever color it was, pink or blue, that is what she would have.

I didn't know and my sister and her husband didn't know. And you hear this pfft, it's a girl! Somebody else tried to do that in philadelphia and accidentally shot pink fireworks into a crowd of people.


Kelly: Crazy.


Speed to its disturbing video, everyone is okay. But it's not exactly how you are supposed to do a gender reveal.

Kelly: I'm just saying, if you cut open the cake and the blue falls out, it's a boy, it's a very easy thing. Back in the day, and I hate to say back in the day and actually mean it.

We just found out when they took the baby out.


Ryan: It's a girl! It's a boy.

Kelly: They actually held the baby up. I was like, that's a boy. I'm not a doctor, but I know I boy when I see one.

Ryan: Some of my friends are saying to me, bro, are you going to be in the delivery room with my sister. I am not. But people are saying --

Kelly: Know.

Ryan: I understand, it's my sibling, I don't want to. But people have said to me where are you going to be? I'm going to be outside facetiming. I am just impressed people are watching this in labor.

Kelly: I watched regis and kathie lee in labor. If I'm being honest, we attract most of our fan base while they are hospitalized. They cannot change the channel, like "I just want to watch something else." They are pressing the call button and nobody is coming.

Ryan: Good news, we can entertain them today. For whatever you're doing, we have denzel washington here.

Kelly: "Mentalist week" continues with lior suchard.

Ryan: Lior suchard.


Kelly: Yes, he is going to read our brain waves.

Ryan: He is a global mentalist. He is famous.

Kelly: Is that like a global dj?

Ryan: Worldwide fame. All territories. It is also "live's fired up

Friday: Fan foodie face off."

Gelman: Yes.

Ryan: Continuing with a recipe. Hey, there he is.

>> Hey, kelly and ryan. I am really excited for you guys to taste my korean barbecue taco.

Kelly: I like that name, zing ting korean barbecue taco.

Ryan: And you are doing a relish.

>> A coleslaw, salsa, little spice, a little ting, and a little sweetness.

Kelly: Just like us.

Ryan: You just describe the show. We look forward to it. Time for "dance party travel trivia!"

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That is brad from houston, texas. Brad, good to have you with us on this summer day, how are you?

>> Good to be here, thank you. Uncle dave prefers I just use chapel. This view boy. Thank you for coming. We are going to call ellen from florida. Is that near your folks, gelman?

Caller: Hello?

Kelly: Hi, is a ellen there?

Caller: This is ellen.

Kelly: Hi, this is ryan seacrest and kelly ripa. We are calling you on the air.

Caller: Holy moly.

Kelly: Yes, both of the molies are here. Is that your horse?

Caller: Yes, I have a horse and a pony, they are both rescued.

Ryan: That is so nice.

Caller: They are so sweet. You are being very quiet.

Ryan: I know my place.


Well, we are going to spin the wheel and see what you are playing for, okay?

Caller: Great!

[Cheers and applause]

♪ This is good.

Kelly: Yes. The club barbados resort. Seven days, six nights, it is all-inclusive. It is a prize valued $8300. You have 20 seconds and only one guess.

Get on your computer and google it, okay, ellen?

Caller: I am in my car.

Kelly: Pullover, and put your phone on speaker and google with your phone.

Ryan: Earlier this week, ellen, what did I demonstrate on the host chat desk? Kelly forced me to get on the desk and demonstrate something.

Caller: I don't think I know which. I think I missed that.

Kelly: Think about it, what would ryan be doing on a host chat desk, on top of that?

Caller: He demonstrated a card trick.

Ryan: A card trick! No, I demonstrated sleeping positions.

Caller: [laughs]

Ryan: Exactly.

Kelly: He would have loved it. You know what you should do, when you get off the show with us, googled that, because it is worth a watch. Listen, you are still going to get a great prize.

You ended like a member of the studio audience will each receive $500 in movie tickets from the fandango.

Caller: Oh, that's fantastic!

Kelly: Please pick a number between 1 and 223.

Caller: 142.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Where are you? Up top? There we go. Congratulations. Ellen, thank you for watching u us. We will be right back with denzel washington.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," our "live's fired up

Friday: Fan foodie face off" continues with a barbecue taco recipe. We wrap up "mentalist week" with lior suchard. And coming up next, denzel washington.

Ryan: All right, this is good. On the on the show from the new film "mission: Impossible - fallout," angela bassett will be here.

Kelly: And from the "queer eye" series, jonathan van ness is here.


What do you think about that?

Ryan: Shall we do it?

Kelly: He's a hollywood legend, don't you know. Please welcome two-time academy award-winning actor, denzel washington!

[Cheers and applause]

Denzel: All right, all right, all right. Kelly. How are you?

[Cheers and applause]

I didn't wear my belt today.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, look at you. It is a good day when you have to pull it up.

Denzel: That's right.

Kelly: Somebody told me backstage this is your 25th appearance on our show.

Denzel: Really?


So, I was 7 the first time first time I.

Kelly: I believe you were four years old.

Ryan: You didn't know how to talk yet.

Kelly: I was just a newborn. So, happy anniversary. I hear you have a wedding anniversary.

Denzel: Yeah, that happened already.

Ryan: How did you celebrate the moment?

Denzel: I can't say how many years that is, but it's more than 20 and less than 40. More than 30 and less than 40. No, simple, quiet.

Kelly: Did you take her to soulcycle?

Denzel: Are you one of those fanatics too? Do you get to be in the front? What does that mean?

Kelly: It means we are better than everyone else.


Denzel: They follow you or something?

Kelly: You don't have somebody's butt in somebody -- your face.

Ryan: Kelly says the secret to her marriage is that her husband lives in another country. I am curious what helps you guys stay together so long?

Denzel: Are you saying I should move? I think that helps both parties are working and doing their own thing and their own life own life.

Ryan: Where did you guys meet?

Denzel: On a job. The first tv movie I ever did, I played wilma rudolph's boyfriend, and she was one of the track stars.

Kelly: No kidding. Wow.

Denzel: I met her then, but I didn't meet her then. I saw her.

Ryan: And you sent her a text?

Denzel: [laughs]

A text. In those days we didn't text. There was a party she invited me to you or somebody invited me, and she was there. I had talked at that party, I talked about going to see a play.

I went to see the play and in the intermission the lights came up and she was sitting. She said she just happened to go see it.

Kelly: Yeah, but I don't believe it. Do you remember how you propose proposed?


Denzel: Nah.

Kelly: It's not a trick question, I'm just asking.

Denzel: She kept telling me know. I can't remember which time.

Kelly: You proposed and she turned you down. So smart.

Ryan: Why is that smart?

Kelly: A fisherman wants the big catch, right? The big catch always gets away, doesn't it? You stay out there with your rod and reel, she made you fight for her, denzel.

Denzel: What if they fisherman goes home?

Kelly: If he's not willing to stay out there in the ocean.

Ryan: I am not sure of your logic on this.

Denzel: It depends on what kind of net you use or how big your boat is.

Kelly: I think you cast the right net at the right time. The speed to your kids in the business.

Denzel: Yes, I have two actors. My son, john david, stars in the movie "baller" with the rock. Eddie has another movie coming out.

Kelly: Was he a football player also? That has to come in handy on "baller."

Ryan: Did you talk to them about the business or say these are the things to think about before you get into it, or did they just pursue their path?

Denzel: I talked to them more about being good at whatever they do, not worrying about the business. Learn how to act, be a better actor, those things.

Kelly: It has to be hard when your dad is denzel washington and are told be a better actor. How much better? The threshold is pretty high.

Denzel: I remember my oldest son said dad, so much pressure you being my dad. I said have you ever heard of kirk douglas? I said you heard of michael douglas, right?

I said google kirk douglas and tell me about a pressure. He didn't even know who kirk douglas was. I can see some young people out there now going to -- who doesn't know who kirk douglas is?

Who doesn't know? You know, you are busted. You don't know who kirk douglas is. Who knows who kirk douglas is?

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: We're going to find out one of the craziest things a fan said to denzel in just a second, stay with us.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," "mentalist week" concludes with lior suchard.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Just joining a conversation and progress of pain threshold between denzel washington and kelly ripa.

Kelly: Denzel and I both believe women have higher pain threshold then men.

Denzel: Because they have babies.

Kelly: Yes, babies, among other things. Yes. Oh, please, with your kidney stone. Go away, go home. Ryan sort of teased this a little bit before we went to commercial break.

You had a crazy fan encounter. A fan said something very nuts to you that stands out, that I read about. You were working on the film, maybe it had wrapped and came out already, somebody said something to you very bizarre.

Do you know what you I am tg about? Didn't they call it "malcolm "malcolm 10."

Denzel: I said yes, 11 is coming soon.

Kelly: How did they get that?

Denzel: X is the roman numeral.

Kelly: I know that, but how did they not get malcolm asked? Especially after seeing the movie.

Ryan: They are fans, you don't want to correct them.

Kelly: I would correct them them. Malcolm x is kind of a history movie.

Denzel: And he would tell them that you have a higher pain threshold.

Ryan: You direct and star, how do you watch yourself as you watch?

Denzel: As a director, had to get used to it.

Ryan: And you critique yourself when you are directing a film and you star in it?

Denzel: Not while we are shooting. I don't know.

Kelly: Come on, denzel.

Denzel: It was really easy, keep the camera on viola davis and you will be all right.

Kelly: You know. We will talk openly and honestly. You have got to know how good you are. At this point. We can all agree.

Denzel: I've heard.

Kelly: When you watch yourself you don't go, "that was good." You do! Do you ever make yourself cry when you watch yourself?

Denzel: Not when I wanted to.

Ryan: We will be right back with denzel washington. Stay with us!

Announcer: Monday on the

>> You're not going to ask me if she got home okay?

>> This is the point where usually I give you a chance to do the right thing, but not tonight. Tonight I'm going to need your cameras, cell phones, anything you might have used to record what you did there.

>> You knock on the wrong door tonight, pops. Speed two of them are fighting words right there.

Denzel: That is what you call ats.

Kelly: Then what happens?

Denzel: That is me while I am talking. I have that unique gift to speak.

Ryan: "Equalizer 2" is the movie. You have never done a sequel, right?

Denzel: Nobody asked me.

Ryan: Nobody has offered you a sequel?

Denzel: I usually die. You have to do a prequel. They did talk about a prequel for "safe house." No, nobody asked me.

Kelly: What is he up to in the sequel besides that scene right there?

Denzel: He is snapping necks and reading books. A really good relationship, this young kid who starred in "moonlight" is really, really good in this.

It he is a great actor and a good kid.

Ryan: Your character is this unassuming lift driver. Right? Had you ever been in a lyft?

Denzel: I don't drink so I don't need anybody to get me home.

Kelly: Have you ever been in a uber?

Denzel: In preparation of the film.

Ryan: Your voice is so recognizable.

Denzel: They are not in the car thinking I am in the car and denzel is going to come in. I remember a guy came up to me in new york, I was younger and feeling myself.

A guy came up and said yeah, that's him, that's him! He didn't say anything to me. Yeah, that's him, that's him!

Ryan: He was being respectful of your privacy, right?

Kelly: What is the biggest pet peeve for you? You can imagine in L.A., a lot of actors are uber drivers on the side, a lot are like I saw denzel has quite a side hustle, he is a uber driving.

What is the biggest pet peeve you have learned about people in the back of the car? What do they do, the thing that irks you the most?

Denzel: Well, I don't know. The smell is important. Did I say that sentence? Aroma.

Kelly: After they have been drinking, you think?

Denzel: Or eat-in, or not bathing.

Kelly: Yup. That was your lesson today. Today's the day. "Equalizer 2" opens today. If you take a uber, pay before you get in the car.

Ryan: "Mentalist week" continues after this.

Announcer: For more deals on travel, go to priceline. 40% flights and airlines. You will get the best savings on the priceline app, so download the priceline mobile app and go.

Tuesday on "live" from "mission: Impossible - fallout"" henry cabell.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Welcome back. Are you ready? I'm excited for this.

Kelly: I'm nervous.

Ryan: He knows what you are thinking. He is known as one of the best mentalists in the world, performing in over 60 countries. Please welcome master mentalist, lior suchard!

[Cheers and applause]

Lior: Hello! Hi! Hello. How are you? Good to see you.

Ryan: Thank you for coming.

Kelly: You live in israel.

Lior: I travel all over the world making people amazed.

Ryan: Do you know what we are thinking?

Lior: Yes, but don't say it out loud.

Kelly: I heard you performed at kanye west birthday party. Is he easy to perform mentalist tricks on?

Lior: Nobody is easy. The one that is very cool. You made them all hold their finger up to their head.

Lior: >> Lior: A mind.

Kelly: You influence the influencers.

Ryan: When did this start?

Lior: I was fascinated of how people are thinking and a way to influence people, can we be influent and can we read people's mind? I was very good at what I did, love to perform, now I love to perform at private parties and all of the big events.

Kelly: Who are the hardest people to perform tricks on?

Lior: Israelis.

Kelly: You were in the israel air force, did you ever use your mentalist tricks to your benefits?

Lior: May be, maybe not.

Ryan: We know what you are thinking. How do you do it?

Lior: I tell to people if I tell you, I would have to kill you. One guy asked me how do you do it? He stood up and said tell my wife. No, I'm kidding.

Kelly: This audience is very tough.

Lior: Very tough, very tough. Something impossible. Close your eyes. Think of something that is impossible, no way on earth anybody could think of it.

Ryan, do you remember your first kiss was to mark but don't say it. Now look at me, look at me, very interesting because you are debating with yourself.

What was your age back then? First kiss approximately?

Kelly: Are we talking the first, first kiss? I would say 4.

Lior: 4 years old? Four years old, this means I have to go back like 20 years ago when you were 4. Wow, a weird name? Is it 5 letters, maybe?

Kelly: Yeah, it could be.

Lior: Think of the first letter. Is it s? Listen, this is interesting. I'm going to show the entire audience, what was the name of your first kiss? What was the name?

Nobody knows his name here, right?

Kelly: Sorry, no. I was napping.

Lior: What was the name of your first kiss?

Kelly: Scott or scotty. Yes! He's my best friend.

Lior: Interesting, we had like a strange name in your min mind. I had something like s, H. It is an animal, not a person.

Kelly: No, it's not!

Lior: What is farrah?

Ryan: What is going on?

Kelly: When I was a teenager I was invited to a spin the bottle party. I had never spun the bottle, so I practiced. I had this head of farrah fawcett that you style the hair, and I kissed a farrah on the mouth a lot.

She was an inanimate object, technically my first kiss.

Lior: Let's try to influence you a little bit. Ask the audience to think of objects, think of different objects, don't say yours, don't say yours. I want you to concentrate, I'm going to ask you to touch a few numbers without looking.

Hold this with your hand, close your eyes, look at this area, and touch a few digits. 1, 2, and 3. One more. So, you got the number. You have an object?

You think it is an original object?

Ryan: Do I think my object is original? I think I do.

Lior: I tried to put something in your mind, I don't know if I succeeded. What was your object?

Ryan: The object I was thinking of is a globe like with countries on it.

Lior: Anyway anybody could know this? Did you tell anyone?

Ryan: I did not.

Lior: What was your number?

Kelly: 3, 8, 7, 9 9.

Lior: Would that be impressive if the number was in here? I actually wrote 3, 8, 0, 7. When you turn the object, it turns to yours, the globe.

Ryan: That is great.

Kelly: Do you see that?

Ryan: What's going on?

Kelly: How did you make us do that?

Ryan: Can you do my work out me today?

Kelly: We are collectively trying to lose 5 pounds.

Ryan: That is impressive, congratulations. Hey, doing a show tonight and tomorrow night in miami, florida. You have to get to the airport.

Kelly: Coming up

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