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Friday, March 16th, 2018

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from the new series "rise," josh radnor. And a chat with recording artist josh groban. And we wrap up "live"'s "march money madness week" with tips for your retirement.

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

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Ryan: Hey, good morning. Hi. Hello. Good morning. Thank you all very much.

Kelly: We made it, we made it. It's friday, march 16, 2018. Yes. You can tell spring break is in full effect, right?

Ryan: Do we see youth in the audience? We see youth on their phones in the audience.

Kelly: We are readjusting everything we thought we were going to talk about. We do kind of match. A lot of people don't know this, we don't plan what we are going to wear with each other.

Ryan: We don't, but we are codependent, we end up in the same places, we run into each other on the streets. We are planning vacations together.

Kelly: What are we doing this weekend? It is st. Patrick's day tomorro tomorrow. We should go to the watering hole.

Ryan: I'm kind of excited about this st. Patrick's day because connie and gary secrest right out of atlanta kept from me my heritage. I spit into a tube not too long ago.

I want to find out if my parents told me the truth. Turns out I am 16% irish and didn't know until about a month ago, so I have a big day tomorrow. I'm obligated to celebrate with my folks.

Kelly: My mom is half irish so I am quarter irish, I am even more irish than you.

Ryan: I said we should get together, all the irish people.

Kelly: It is a big holiday in new york.


Ryan: Being on a weekend is even better.

Kelly: It is a wild card holiday in new york city when it is during the week. The fact it is on saturday, I am very nervous about this st. Patrick's day.

Ryan: I was doing the research on my ancestry. The tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage.

Kelly: We always have corned beef and cabbage. Mark and I usually split a big guinness.

Ryan: Have your own.

Kelly: It is like eating a sandwich.

Ryan: I wanted to give you your own guinness, build up your tolerance for guinness, you are a quarter irish for crying out loud.

Kelly: It is a great breastmilk inducer, just so you know, the hops or something. I can't remember what the pediatrician told me, it was a long time ago.

Ryan: The corned beef and cabbage, what could be more irish? Turns out it is not irish at all, it is american. We created it here, it grew out of the fact those foods were less expensive.


Kelly: You know how you call yourself a cusp millennial?

Ryan: I don't call myself that, I obviously am cusp millennial, millennial post office, on the border.

Kelly: Millennials are people, I thought my children are millennials, they are not, they are younger than millennials.

Ryan: What are they?

Kelly: I don't know what generation they are, but millennials are those born between 1981-1996.

Ryan: That's right, we were were.

Kelly: How many of you are millennials?

[Cheers and applause]

You are not a millennial, you are what is known as a post-millennial.

Ryan: Post-millennial?

Kelly: Yes, people who are not quite young enough to be millennials.


Ryan: Or delusional. 1976 isn't quite?

Kelly: I am a post-greatest generation. Isn't that interesting? I thought you'd like that because I know you like to say you are a cusp millennial, but post-millennial is chicer.

Ryan: I'm at that age where I am approaching mid 40s, getting closer to 50.

Kelly: You are trimming your nose hair with tweezers?

Ryan: I actually bought a battery operated one, that is a real scene to see me do. I am wearing sneakers with slacks, we buy those tennis shoes.

Kelly: And we use words like "slacks." Whenever I say slacks, kids are like what are slacks? They are pants, we call them slacks.

Ryan: My trousers.

Kelly: I like sneakers, though. I don't think there's anything wrong with a suit and sneakers.

Ryan: I just wish they gave me a little more height.

Kelly: You can get platform sneakers.

Ryan: You can't disguise them.

Kelly: Yes, you can. I will have to buy you a really big lady pair.

Ryan: They go with the rest of my ladywear.

Kelly: There are these hidden platforms sneaker high heels where it looks like you are wearing a regular sneaker. Inside you are lifted up.

Ryan: I will wear them in the shower I will be so excited. Where is the article I was reading about? Oh, the accents. I thought this was interesting because people in the audience from all over the country all the time, we also have guests on the show.

When we have a guest on the show with an english accent, they are just so much fun.

Kelly: We immediately start using words like costraphasy.

Ryan: They sound genius no matter what they say. So, there was an article about what what the people who visit here from other countries, what did they think was sexy in terms of an accent?

Kelly: Like people from france or whatever?

Ryan: People from all over the world who visit the U.S., what accent do they find most attractive.

Kelly: I can't imagine.

Ryan: Number one, deep south. Those from the south. A little southern drawl.

Kelly: Anyone here from the deep south? Just kidding.


That was a joke, y'all.

Ryan: Right, y'all. Number two, the new york accent.

Kelly: Who doesn't like that?

Ryan: And number three is boston, bostonian accent. It is wicked. I understand why. Just growing up in the south, even if you are not nice, you sounded nice when you speak.

Kelly: Here's what's interesting, my husband when he speaks italian to his mom, he does it in a way that aggravates her. "I did not teach it to you that way." She says he speaks italian with a southern accent.

Like a southern accent from the south? She says from the southern italy. There is a difference? Is she says oh, yes. For me as an american, I can clearly differentiate between a southern accent versus somebody from the north, right, can't we all as americans sort of understand the different areas where we are from.

But if I listen to mark speak italian to his mom, I cannot understand the difference between their accents, which they hear so clearly. They hear the accent so clearly.

Ryan: You can hear people from the U.K. Having different sounding accents because they can detect that with the italian.

Kelly: Mark only says it that way to upset his mom, he speaks that way to make his mom angry.

Ryan: A friend of mine is having a baby, I keep calling myself uncle ryan, and I started calling -- she called me uncle theo. That is redundant, but we speak every language in english with your native accent just like you did the italian english.

Kelly: And we also shout it at you as if you have some hearing deficits, that is the other special thing. Like when you speak italian in italy to a waiter, you not only ask for the wine, you scream it at him.

Ryan: I do it at the olive garden, I don't even have to do it in italy. I do the same thing.

Kelly: Have you ever used italian hand gestures? Right. My father-in-law was teaching me all the hand gestures, and my favorite thing that he taught me was, he goes, this is what's going on and this is what the heck is going on.

What's going on, what the heck is going on.

Ryan: Can you speak or just do this?

Kelly: There's this, there's this. This is three when you count to three you say there were three people there. Three. Like we would do three, you know how this is three.

This is the italian three, this is the italian two.

Ryan: I didn't know that was international language.

Kelly: I always say two. You ask an italian kid how many are you, there is this money.

Ryan: I do think I should have learned another language. Did you learn spanish in high school?

Kelly: We should all be speaking more languages, but we are not.

Ryan: We are not even speaking our own language anymore, have you seen the texts recently?

Kelly: Have you tried to communicate with my daughter recently? Well, so. The speed to come closer.

Kelly: Lean in. If you repeat this story, I will tell you that you were all lying and drunk, okay? So, we were on vacation, this is going back several years ago, she was entering middle school.

Anderson was there and we were talking about the kids.

Ryan: Anderson cooper.

Kelly: We were on vacation because it sometimes we go on vacation, and he has known my kids since they were born. I said I am worried about lola. He says don't you worry about that one, that one is through the roof, she is high-functioning, very smart, all of it.

I agree with all of those things, but this is what concerns me. She says things like this. As we were sitting there discussing my kid's, their school schedules popped up on my phone.

Oh, just got their class schedules. So I said lola, come here, your class schedule. She comes over and sits down, she looked at the schedule and goes "what the heck is english, I didn't sign up for a second language!"



She called english a second language. Because she had already signed up for spanish, now she thinks english is a second language. Okay? And I looked at her, okay, you understand why I might be a little concerned?

Because she drops bits of wisdom on me like that, it's not a second language, it's just english but just a class.

Ryan: She has that clever, you cannot get around her. She just wins.

Kelly: She is a winner.

Ryan: Hopefully she learns english someday.

Kelly: I don't think it's going to happen.


We have a joshlicious show today.

Ryan: Josh radnor is on the show today.

Kelly: We are not joshing, josh groban is also here.


Ryan: And we wrap up "march money madness week" with a look at saving for retirement at any age, so we will do that in just a little bit.

Kelly: We have a specialist named josh, I'm sure.

Ryan: Time for "snow way travel trivia!" Here we go.

[Cheers and applause]

That is tara klein from lake city, florida.

Kelly: That sounds nice.

>> It is a very small.

Kelly: That sounds even better.

Ryan: Thank you for being with us in the big city. We are going call cheryl from michigan to see if she is watching and can we make a trip somewhere.

Kelly: I got a gel manicure for the academy awards and now it is starting to peel off. :hello?

Ryan: Is a cheryl available?

Caller: This is a cheryl.

Ryan: Good morning, it is ryan seacrest and kelly ripa calling, you are on the air.

Caller: Oh, hi!

Kelly: We're looking at a picture of you in front of niagara falls.

Caller: I went there on vacation. I love it, it is a lot of fun.

Ryan: Cheryl, what are you up to this morning?

Caller: I am doing day care.

Kelly: Are the kids sleeping?

Caller: They are being really good right now.

Kelly: We are going to spin the wheel and we will do it fast.

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Here is a great prize, tanque verde ranch in tucson, arizona. Seven days and six nights, it's all inclusive. This trip is provided in part by priceline, a prize valued at $6500.

You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck, cheryl.

Caller: That is what I need to.

Ryan: We had connie britton on the show. On what television series did we say connie stars as a coaches wife? What tv series?

Caller: Oh, my gosh.

Kelly: You know this.

Caller: Going through my notes.

Kelly: It was a show for a long time.

Ryan: Any guesses? "Friday night lights."

That's okay.

Kelly: Sorry, cheryl, I'm so bummed. The good news is we didn't disturb the kids. Now you can help make the day of a lucky member -- no, you and a lucky member of our studio audience will each receive.

I've done that twice now. Each receive a $500 in movie tickets from fandango. So, please pick a number betwee.

Caller: 200.

Ryan: 200.

[Cheers and applause]

She's screaming. Cheryl, thanks so much for watching, have a great day with the kids, okay? Up next josh radnor is here, we will be right back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we wrap up "march money madness week" with tips on planning for retirement at any age. We'll talk with josh groban.

And coming up next from the new series of "rise" josh radnor.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Welcome back. On monday's show from the new series "trust," hilary swank will be with us.

Kelly: From the new film "pacific rim rising," scott eastwood.

Ryan: I like that guy.

Kelly: Now, our very first guest is a talented actor starring in the new series "rise." Please welcome back to "live," josh radnor!

[Cheers and applause]

Josh: Hi. Hello! Good to see you.

Kelly: Good to see you too. Josh, you look tan. Have you been away?

Josh: No, everybody always says I look tan and I have to say I think this is what my skin looks like. This is our time to spend together, never see you outside the show.

Kelly: You do it all, you do everything. You write, act, you direct, you do comedy, you do drama, you do broadway, and now I understand you are on tour singing in?

Josh: I have a band with my friend, ben lee, who is an australian singer and songwriter.

Kelly: When did that start?

Josh: Two years ago we got together to decide to write a song together, it went well, we wrote another song together and we just got back from a mini south american tour.

Ryan: Was that on the tour?

Josh: That was in south apollo, there were 1200 people there. We did five shows in brazil and one in when I race, there were a lot of people.

Ryan: Do you play instruments?

Josh: I started out not playing. I have been doing other things, but I am learning how to play guitar so we are now a 2-guitar band.

Ryan: With the international global tour.

Kelly: We are really big in brazil apparently. We did these facebook live concerts, a promoter in brazil noticed a lot of the comments were in portuguese so he said I think you have some fans in brazil, so we had the best time ever.

Kelly: We have done stuff on facebook live and we have never been discovered.

Josh: I know the people in brazil, we can hook you up. They are such good audiences, we have such a great time.

Kelly: Is sounds like a lot of fun.

Josh: Now acting is like my side career, it is all about music.

Ryan: You grew up in ohio come over you a theater kid?

Josh: I started doing musicals in high school.

Kelly: Which shows?

Josh: My first show was "oklahoma."

Kelly: Oh, wow.

Josh: And then I did "cabera." We stopped and did a bit, I don't think I understood everything.

Ryan: What were you in?

Kelly: I usually played the background because I have the voice of an angel, but I play a lot of, you know.

Josh: You are a utility player, where they need you.

Kelly: They would just put me in.

Josh: I would do the summer musicals, I did joseph and all of that.

Kelly: So you knew I had an early age you had a calling.

Josh: I did. I had to hide it from my parents, I was from ohio and that is not proper. Ohio kids don't become professional actors. They just got on board.



They just said we are good with it.

Kelly: What were they afraid of?

Josh: Homelessness.

Ryan: Now you are in a rock band.

Josh: I have only found the least reliable.

Ryan: We will be right back. When we come back we will find out about josh's new series, "rise."

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," josh groban.

>> It is about pain and betrayal and longing, you have to find that pain within yourself, that place within you that are most afraid to go. That's where you'll find elsa.

>> You're not a normal director, you know that?


Kelly: That is a scene from "rise" starring josh radnor, debuts this week. Tell the audience what it's about. It's really like, again, we talk about a show with heart, it has so much heart.

Josh: That is what really drew me to it. It is directed by the guy who did "friday night lights" and "parenthood." As an actor you say you want to be in one of those, so I got an email that said they wanted to meet.

It's about a high school theater department, but really about this town and different families, it's incredibly inspiring and smart, it gets you.

Ryan: Your character is the teacher who takes over.

Josh: He has been an english teacher for about 20 years and on a whim he throws his hat in for the theater job and gets it accidentally. Which is kind of how I started acting.

He takes over the theater department, a little over his head and has a gift for it. He says he doesn't know stage right from stage left but he knows an authentic performance when he sees it.

Kelly: What was it the first day you sat down, oh, my gosh, this is a hit?

Josh: It is a leap of faith to jump into any project, but we went to the table read, there was a huge blizzard going on and these kids started singing songs, just these voices and the snow falling outside and I turned to a couple others, this might be a special one.

It's really amazing.

Kelly: That is great, we are so happy for you. "Rise" airs tuesday nights, so make sure you check it out.

Ryan: Coming up next, josh groban is here. Coming right back. Coming right back.

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Like a winner. (They both laugh) Keep on scratchin'!

Ryan: An internationally renowned singer, songwriter, actor, and one of our pals. Please welcome the very talented josh groban.


Kelly: Hi.

Josh: Good to see you.

Ryan: Good to see you.

Kelly: You guys.

Josh: I don't remember this swiveling.

Kelly: It has always swiveled. You and I go way, way back. I don't think I have ever seen your face before.

Josh: Is it surprising to all my face runs and famil.

Kelly: You are always handsome, but you are gorgeous.


Josh: Very boy-like, gelman says.

Ryan: What was leading to you shaving off your legendary beard?

Josh: I had it for a long time. I originally grew it out because I did a broadway show where I played -- thank you. I played a russian espresso to aristocrat.

I grew out this big bohemian beard to come I did that for the role, and I kept it because I enjoyed having it so much and I kind of felt like I look like my singing voice for the first time in my life.

And so I have now shaved it off for another role, I am shooting this wonderful new show called "the good cops" airing on netflix later this year.

Kelly: When you shave your beard, and you had a power beard, I tell you.

Josh: The lunches I had with that beard, the deals I did with that beard. Now they are like get rid of this boy.

Kelly: Tell me about the process, do you go to the barber shop, handle yourself, do you wax?

Josh: I handled the matter myself, kelly. Waxing was not on the table, that was not an option. There are so many ways to have a beard removed. Michael, I think we have a clip.

Ryan: Option number one.

Josh: I chose to have 500 children pluck out every single hair while incense were burning. No, I just kind of did the lonely set in the bathroom and had a good long look in the mirror and had one of those, this is it, and I did the washcloth.

You have to do it in stages, he had to kind of do the beard trimmer and then the oil and then you kind of say goodbye faith, hello face.

Kelly: I'm listening to you and I am turning to you and you are going, it's true.

Ryan: You don't want to clog your drain and you don't want to get ingrown hairs.

Josh: And your skin does freak out for a week afterwards. The day after I did it, this is fine, easy. And in the next week I was just like, don't look at me.

I didn't leave the house.

Ryan: Happy birthday?

Josh: Thank you.

Kelly: You and your brother.

Josh: My wonderful brother, hi chris, he is four years younger than me to the day. When I was four years old we planned on having a cowboy clown the party, as you do, I got woken up and we went to the hospital instead.

Kelly: They are not twins because they were not in the womb to get there. Much like you and me, we are not twins.

Ryan: But we seem related.

Kelly: You two have the same birthday, which confirms my theory that people have mating seasons.

Ryan: Seems there was a planning process.

Josh: My parents have been together for almost 50 years.


Maybe there's a secret to the schedule, I don't know, I have no idea. I was just a little bit late and he was just a little bit early and it wound up happening on the same day.

When you are 10 and 14, you are not going to be super bonded. But now we are best friends.

Ryan: People see you and think what would he have done if he didn't pursue music and acting. Athlete.

Josh: Naturally.

Kelly: What is interesting besides the short shorts and the soccer ball, what is the cast from?

Josh:♪ who wears short shorts♪ I remember that, I just remember being yelled at on the field. Don't be afraid of the ball! I was defense.

Kelly: So you used your hands, you put your hands up.

Josh: I was very quick, just not towards the ball.

Kelly: Same face.

Josh: Pele. They don't make soccer balls like that anymore.

Kelly: They don't make soccer pants like that anymore.

Josh: They don't make soccer players like that anymore, I tell you.

Ryan: We will be right back, stay with us.

Announcer: If you would like to know more about more about anything you see on "live," log onto our website at

Ryan: We are back with josh groban. We mentioned the new netflix series, tell us about it.

Josh: It is a show called "the good cop." He's just so good at writing mysteries, writing these puzzles, and then working backwards. He will write the perfect crime, you don't know how anybody will do it, and it will unfold.

I play this clean-cut, hence the babyface, kind of very obsessed with playing by the rules detective. The reason he is that way is because my father played by the legendary, wonderful tony danza who teaches me something new every day onset, he is so great and so fun to work with, and a wonderful human being.

He plays the most corrupt nypd detective in history. We have to live together. Played completely by the rules, he helps me on the side and is great at solving crimes, so each episode is a new, zany, kind of interesting crime and murder.

It's just fun.

Kelly: Do you do the right along's and everything?

Josh: Yes, I have done some of that. Tony and I both have been fortunate enough to know a lot of members of various police departments and to be able to talk about that stuff.

I did some training like early on where I am kicking doors down and shooting targets. It is a physical, I have bruises. I know we were joking about my lack of athleticism, but I actually have had to do quite a bit of stunts for this thing.

So it's been really, really fun just kind of -- because my 9-year-old soccer playing self would have loved to have played this role. It's so fun, every day you are onset and get to be a part of that world.

Just having a blast.

Ryan: Will you be kicking down arena doors?

Josh: This is one hat I have been wearing and I don't get a break. As soon as I am done filming this in april, I go right back on the road and a new album coming out and a new arena tour.

Very excited.

Kelly: That's great. I have been waiting for your new album. I have been.

Josh: You have the voice of an angel.

Kelly: I do, I don't like to brag about it.

Josh: We will be going back on the road and the extraordinary idina menzel will be joining us. Not only a dear friend, but one of the most exquisite artists.

We will be hitting the road in the fall and playing everywhere, madison square garden in new york, so please come along, for sure.

Kelly: We will.


You don't have to invite gelman.

Josh: Have to invite michael because I forgot clothing everywhere I go. It's true, I will always say, does michael have anything I can borrow? I have borrowed socks, belts, he's got it.

Ryan: Josh groban. You can go to our website for more information on his tour. Good to see you, man.

Kelly: Coming up, tips on how to save for your retirement at any age.

Announcer: Monday on "live," from the new film "pacific rim rising," scott eastwood.

Kelly: I got 1 foot in.

Ryan: Advice for saving money with the ultimate goal being --

Kelly: Retirement!

Ryan: A wrap up "march money madness week" preparing for retirement at any age. Financial expert nicole is here to walk us through the painless process.

Nicole: Hi.

Kelly: We have bags of money, everybody. See you brought your own props from home.

Nicole: The first thing is think about going abroad. You think of an exotic location, could be really expensive, could be a lot cheaper. The cost of living in what imola, costa rica, is a fraction of what it is here and people are living off of social security, $1300 per month which will give you cat food in the states.

A lot more abroad. And if you do have $4,000 or $5,000 per month, you can live so large in some places like guatemala, go get a full-on staff for $300.

Exactly. Know your options. There are a lot of retirement options, if you have retirement through your employer, you could have a pension you don't know about, shared profit plan.

Kelly: Do we have a pension and a profit plan?

Gelman: Yes.

Nicole: And if you own your own business, they're all kinds of other options. You have a bunch of businesses, take those, ryan. The 401(k) is the darling, but not the only girl at the retirement party.

Kelly: I like that the 401(k) is a girl.

Ryan: Four oh 401-ke.

Nicole: You can take this ira anywhere you want to go wit with. Not either-or, it is both. 401-kelly and ira. The earlier you start, the more it can be compounding.

Compound interest is a fancy word for your money making more money, and when it works for you it is great. Get the debt monkey off your back, especially the higher interest.

That will mess you up.

Kelly: Look how rich we are.

Nicole: You guys are bollards. Find a side hustle.

Kelly: Ryan is the king of side hustle.

Nicole: Why are you taking the money with you?

Nicole: You can do uber, sell your stuff on etsy.

Kelly: I thought you said sell yourself, I don't want it to come to that.

Nicole: Even when you retire you want to do a side hustle, you can pet said, kata said, I would pay folks to let me hang out with their dogs. Rethink houston.

If the kids are away from school and you don't need all of this phase unless you have a party there, you can take the equity from your house and a smaller place or a condo and don't have any payments.

If you downsize now, you can live large later. Think about the many retirement, there is a lot of pressure to have a big retirement at the end of working for 40 years, right?

That is a grand finale. Think of taking a baby one-year sabbatical, that is really popular.

Kelly: Like a gap year between working.

Nicole: You can come back, more energized, part-time.

Kelly: Your brain works.

Kelly: We got it, we got it, sorry.

Nicole: Don't delay fun. You may want to think about delaying your social security payments. Yes, sharing is caring. You can start with your social security payments if you delay them from 67 to max 70.

You get 22% more benefits, it is about 6 grand per year. If you want to delay yet, you can make a lot more bank. Negotiate your fees. It is so easy.

Kelly: You can negotiate your fees.

Nicole: If you have a bunch of accounts at one bank, call them, yo, lower fees. They can say no or yeah. It is your money.

Kelly: And there are so many fish in the sea, right? I will just take my business elsewhere. And when you say good day, sir! I have always wanted to say good day, sir.

And walk out with my money bag.

Nicole: And be foolproof. The fool is us. If it goes straight into retirement, you don't even have it. And then you learn to live without it.

Kelly: Hey, listen. Nicole's book, "rich bitch" has all the tips to get your financial house in order.

Ryan: We will be right back.


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Ryan: Hey, kelly ripa. Kelly ripa is going to have a nice vacation next week.

Kelly: I will be on vacation, I will miss you.

Ryan: Will be we will be back monday with hilary swank, scott eastwood. Maria menounos will be here too.

Kelly: Have a good weekend. Bye-bye.

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Announcer: Here she is now, ellen DeGENERES!

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[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much. Have a seat! I feel the same way about you. I do. Back at you, everybody. Thank you for being here. You are in a good mood!

[Cheers and applause]

It makes me happy to see that and hear that, because I just want you to sit down and get comfortable. I want you to settle in and mellow out. I want the studio to be a place of joy and happiness.

A place that you can unwind and relax and calm down. And netflix and chill.


Just the netflix part, not the chill. Chill, is that

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