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Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Deja vu: It's Live with Kelly and Ryan. Today, one of the stars of Top Gun: Maverick, Jon Hamm. Plus, a performance from American Idol runner-up, HunterGirl.

And get ready for summer bargains exclusively for our wonderful viewers. All next on Live. And now here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

[Audience cheering]

Come on in.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you. -Yes. -You know what I realized? I've been talking to you and I still have almonds in my mouth. Hey-- But no skin, no skin.

I don't see the skin. It's Thursday, May 26th. Good morning. Good morning. Almonds are always part of a good start for breakfast, Kelly. You also had a bunch of mints opened up in your dressing room as well.

I don't know if you took any or not, but you had them opened up all-- The can was there. Are you trying to hint? Well, just subtly. No, no, I would tell you, we're this close, I would know.

No, I know. I never eat anything that would cause that. Have you heard what they're saying? This weekend could be, if you're flying for Memorial Day weekend vacation, they're calling it "flightmare." They're saying that people are very excited to get out and be able to travel again.

A lot of people are going to travel, but they're saying beware. With short-staffed airlines, flights are going to be delayed or even cancelled and they're going to say flightmare.

Well, if it's one thing I know that always works, you should lose your mind and freak out at the airport.

[Audience laughing]

-Seems to be going around. -Just kidding. Don't do that, obviously, I'm kidding. Let's see-- So some of the top 20 travel destinations in the us. Okay, yeah, I want to hear that.

Well, what they're saying at the top of the list here is Los Angeles. Okay. And at the top of the list, Tampa, Florida. Tampa, Florida. Isn't that where that famous steakhouse is?

Bern's. Bern's Steakhouse. Bern's Steakhouse. Oh, I love a good plant-based steak.

[Audience laughing]

Washington, D.C. Home of the great museums and monuments. I'm reading this over your shoulder. And you are-- You just said the number one place is Los Angeles, California.

No. No, no, on the top. And it's number six. So just to be clear. -No, no, no. -Number six is Los Angeles. On the top of the list. But number one, I'll get to in a second, Kelly, we're counting them down backwards.

You just said that number one place is Los Angeles. -Did I say one? -Yes. Well, these are the top one to six, guys, please. I'm like, maybe I really-- Maybe it's totally gone.

With all due respect, two of us make up articles on this show all the time.

[Audience laughing]

Los Angeles at the top of my list. All right. So going backwards. Tampa, D.C. Is number two and Orlando is the number one destination in the top 20. Wow. Wow.

Obviously, Disney World, Epcot Center there with the international cruise section, lots to do. Lots to do. Yeah. And any other places of interest that I would find surprising?

Would you find surprising San Diego? -No. -Have you spent a lot of time in San Diego? It's great, by the way. -I love San Diego. -San Diego is great. -I think it's fabulous.

-Tulsa. -Tulsa, Oklahoma. -Oh. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the top of the list at number 15. And Miami, Florida, number 11. And San Antonio, number 10.

I don't know if you-- Well, no, I know you didn't. In New York City, and again, some of you, and I'm locking eyes-- Are you looking for young people like me?

Yeah, well, no, I'm looking at the young people over here.

[Audience laughing]

There used to be something called a payphone. It's like that thing in Stranger Things that Winona Ryder rips off the wall and calls for help in. But they had them everywhere.

You would put quarters in. Wait, wait, wait, did you give your kids-- I think if I can get this right, my mom gave us-- Did you ever get this or give your kids a number they could call collect so you didn't have to have a quarter with you?

So, no, because my kids grew up in this generation with cell phones. So we had that, like, when you went away to school, the collect number that you could call if you were stranded.

No, we always had the a-- Call collect operator. Call collect operator. But that meant like, the call collect op-- My mom would, like, refuse the charges and she knew that meant to come pick me up.

Right, right. So you were cheating the system. Like, "No, I do not accept." Boom. And then it's like time to pick me out. -Yeah. -So we had our own code.

"Will you accept a collect call "from your daughter, Kelly?" "Absolutely not." Boom. She was always like in range. But they had payphones all over the city for a long time.

Payphones were everywhere and they are saying that New York City is removing the last public payphone. Wow. And I'm going to dispute this because they are saying that they are-- It's between Seventh Aven-- It's on Seventh Avenue, between 49th and 50th Street.

I believe there's also still one on Seven-- At 84th Street in between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and Lex. -It's on Lex. -Lex, okay. So there's a payphone there.

So this is-- You're not removing the last because we know where the last one is. Attention, Wall Street Journal, if you're watching, she's disputing this article.

I walk by it every day when I go-- But is it functioning? -It's hard to say. -You should test it. I mean, it's hard to say. It's hard to say. But every time I walk by it, I make a comment, like, "That's how Mommy used to make phone calls." No, no, listen.

That's when we would get dropped off at the mall, there's the payphone bank, right, along the corridor to the bathrooms, and when you were ready to get picked up, that's where you'd go to put in your quarter.

So where are they putting it? In the Smithsonian or something? Seems like they should-- I feel like we should own it here. I feel like Gelman should buy one.

Actually, it would be cool as a-- You know what I'm going to do? I'm just going to go steal the one on Lexington. I mean, she's going to "steal" the one.

It looks like you need a crane to get it, though. Oh, please, a crane.


-I'll back your car into it. -And that'll be it. They're also saying it here, this is interesting. Researchers say that hugging can make a big difference in your cortisol level.

Well, it depends on who is doing the hugging. And it depends on your cortisol level. Yeah, I mean, the wrong person hugs me and I-- There's definitely a spike.

You're so-- You're, now-- Before covid, were you not a hugger? Depends on the person. I don't believe in, like, unnecessary hugging constantly. And just because somebody announces that they're a hugger, that doesn't mean I want you to hug me.

"I'm a hugger." Okay, but I don't know you. So do we have to?


They say women who got a hug from their significant others showed a decrease in the production of cortisol. Yeah, when Mark hugs me, that's a whole other thing.

I'm going to show you my cortisol going to zero right here. One of the greatest hugs in my life was with Lionel Richie. Oh, yeah, well, everyone knows that Lionel Richie doesn't just hug you.

He embraces you. Because I was reading this and I was seeing, I don't know, my cortisol can go down-- Because it says, it doesn't happen to men. I don't think so.

When I got to hug that living legend or each time I saw him, it definitely went down. Yeah, no, I think, like I said, it depends on who's doing the hugging.

There are people that hug you unnecessarily and without you wanting a hug. It's like, read the room. How about before covid, people who had to treat a kiss like a hug?

Like people that you didn't really know that well -would come in for a kiss? -Oh, please.


I mean, I don't know. I know it happens to me. I'm assuming it happens to you. I have two cheeks, Kelly. Okay, you want to hear a story? I'll tell you a story.

Several years ago, friends of ours who are now divorced, but at that time had their wedding in our backyard. So the bride's brother's then girlfriend, they are no longer together.

The bride's brother's then girlfriend gets very, very, very, very, very, very drinky, drinky, happy, happy. Okay? So at the end of the night, when we put everybody in the party bus to go back to their hotel, she's sloshed out of her mind.

And she--


So, I'm standing on the front step with the bride. Okay? The bride and I are standing next to each other. And Mark is helping everyone-- Again, it was a very big drinky, drinky wedding.

These are people where they like to drink and it was like nobody-- There was a driver, designated driver. So they knew they could-- -So people went buckwild.

-They leaned into it. And so... So Mark is helping everyone into the bus because people seem ossified. And he's got great hands. He's got great hands. And the girlfriend of the brother, the bride's brother, grabs Mark and says,


"Thank you so much for having us." And then leans in to kiss him. But he turns his head and he's like, "Thank you so much." And she locks onto his cheek and starts going, "Um-um-um." And so my friend, my friend who shall remain nameless, but you all know, does this to me.

We're standing there, she goes, "Oh, my God, "oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, "oh, my God, oh, my God." And I'm laughing. And she goes, "What should we do?

"What should we do? What should we do?" And I go, "He's fine, let him handle it." -"Let him enjoy." -I go, "He's fine." And you know, Mark, he's very elegant and gracious in those-- And it sounds like that kiss was not so elegant.

Based on your sound effect. It was very messy and sloppy. But he's like, he does not ever-- He's not going to make them feel embarrassed. -Ever. -That's right.

-Ever. -He's a gentleman. He is the most gentle of gentlemen. And he's like, "Thank you, "it was a pleasure having you again. "Please, if you'd just follow my lead to your seat.

"Let me hand you off to your boyfriend."


The sound effect of the cheek being eaten. But my girlfriend's "Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God." It was like she said it 10,000 times in four seconds.

Just let it sit. Let it happen. Let him enjoy. You know, we were talking about the pay phones and they're also saying, listen to this. They're saying, if you save your Apple products, I don't know if you saved your old-- What do you call those things?

The phones-- iPods. Yeah, the original iPods. The original phones. We seem to have a box of all of that. Of all the older ones, right? Because we don't know what to do with it.

They're saying a factory sealed, first-- Listen to this. Marie Kondo. A factory sealed, first generation iPod is listed on eBay for a stunning $23,000.

-Wow. -That sparks joy.

[Audience laughing]

That sparks joy. Your old iPod-- All right, listen to this. So a lightly damaged Macintosh on eBay, almost 500 bucks. An iBook goes for a range of 200 to 1300 dollars.

This is not helpful. I'm not going to sell any. I just want to, like, get-- Put it somewhere where it won't create more waste. And so because I know that's not a possibility, I'll just have 85,000 iPods-- If you do have any of these things that you've been, you know, have been stowed away, they could be worth a lot.

I think I have an old BlackBerry. Like, way back in the day. -We have five. -It's used. I didn't just buy one and keep it for 20 years. But you have-- You think you have those two?

All of that. We have all of it because I'm always like, "Our data could be in there." Yeah, right. Well, also, I have the old BlackBerry charger because I try and use it for my iPhone sometimes because it's in my charger drawer.

-The chargers. -Right. -The chargers are adding. -The charger drawer. The face thing charger. -Versus the-- -Which one? The face thing charger for the scrubbing -of the face charger.

-Oh, all right. Kind of looks like the charger that goes for the magnifying mirror, kind of looks like the charger that goes to the water pick. It kind of looks like the charger that goes-- It's all versions of the same charger, but none of them-- -Are exactly alike.

Yeah. -Yeah. I can't ever find my portable-- You know, I like to carry my speaker. I like to have a soundtrack when I travel and I can never find my portable speaker charger.

That thing, I don't know what-- Where it goes, but it always disappears into the abyss. I used to-- When I would go skiing, remember the little ball speaker?

-Remember the balls? -Yeah. So I would zip it into my coat because I don't believe in helmet speakers because I want to be able to hear those snowboarders coming behind me.

So, I like to keep my ears free to hear, but I still want to hear music because it's less terrifying to ski when I am skiing with Madonna. She's with me.


So Madonna and I like to go down the mountain. And I would be like-- You kind of get a rhythm. Yeah, I have like a rhythm going. And people-- When I would get into this, you know, the lift line, people would, like, look around because they couldn't figure out where the music was coming from.

But I would just stand completely still, like it wasn't me at all. Like, when your cell phone rings in church and you're like, "Who's ringer going?" It's Britney,


You know? And you don't dare reach for it because you don't want them to know it's yours. So you just sit there, like, "Who's is that?" I'm not a great skier, so I didn't want any-- Not even the ball in my chest, I would not want because I talk to myself and I curse the whole way down.

-You know? -You do? Oh, my gosh, yes, because everything hurts and I'm not so good at-- I just go straight. I just go straight down. -That's the worst.

-I just go straight down. Never go straight. Never go straight. That's dangerous. I understand that. That's why I don't ski so much, but I never learned how to traverse.


So maybe one day you can teach me. I can. Well, I have instructors that can teach you. Oh, come on. It would be more fun for you to teach me. You wouldn't want me to teach you.

No, you need a ski instructor. Ski instructor protects you from the snowboarders. I think I'm past the age of learning how to ski now with these bad knees.

Didn't you ski with my ski instructor once? I did, he was great. Yeah, he is great. He taught me to ski. He taught an adult woman, a near-- I was almost 40 years old when I learned skiing.

I mean, this is the story of your life. You just learned how to ride a bike. No, I learned everything late. I am a late bloomer. Yeah.


Here we go. We got a great show for you today. You ready? Jon Hamm downstairs, ready to come out. Good to see John. And a performance by American Idol runner-up, HunterGirl.

Also, this is kind of big, now. Monica Mangan is here with bargains that will get you ready for summer. I'm talking 50% off, so stay where you are for a half off.

Very excited to always see Monica Mangan. -Half off for summer. -Love her. It's Live , Spring Ka-ching Trivia, let's do it.

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♪ My feelings can't describe it ♪

♪ Finally, it has happened to me ♪

♪ Right in front of my face ♪ That was our virtual Trivia dancer, Judy Hein. Making it work.

[Audience cheering and clapping]

-Yeah. -We picked it and we showed it. Let's say-- I liked the tie-dye. Let's say hello to Logan Brafford from Charlotte, North Carolina, watching us on wsoc.

Good morning, Logan. Hey, good morning, Kelly. Good morning, Ryan. -We're looking at you about to take a risk. -Is that paddleboard? Is that a bay or sea?

Where are you? That's actually the


Down near Wilmington, North Carolina, here on the coast. -How nice. -And is it a-- What board is it? -a paddle board? -Yeah. So that's actually an inflatable paddle board that I can fold right up in my truck and pretty much take it anywhere.

Those are great, those are really great, yeah. All right. Listen, we have got two different statements here from you, Logan. One is true. One is not true.

If you stump us, here's the mug you'll win. Take a look at that. Look at it, rotating on the Lazy Susan there. The first, she says, "I was in the crowd at a live taping "of Spring Break in Cancun." Or "I dressed up as the Easter Bunny every year "at my office's Easter egg hunt." All right.

So Spring Break in Cancun. Was it the mtv series? It sure was. It was Carson Daly Live in Cancun. I used to always wanted to go to that. When I was growing up, I used to always want to go.

It was the dream. What year was that? It was in the early 2000s. I don't want to give too much away. Was Tag Team performing live that year? It was more "Sk8er Boi" and "Hot in Herre" during these years.

Okay. All right. Does anyone find the Easter Bunny costume or at least some of them frightening? Absolutely. Most kids cry. And so that's probably why I'm pretty good.

And can you talk? Did you speak? Do you have an Easter Bunny voice? Usually, there's someone there, kind of as my handler, to kind of direct me around and make sure I don't talk.

Right. I don't know. I'm really trying to think. I mean, , I'm trying to-- This seems so-- -I think it's so true. -It's got to be true. All right, so we think-- -Wait.

-Yes? Do you want her to win the mug? I'm going to explain what we're going to do. -It'll make total sense here. -Okay. We think one is true. So we're going to guess what's true, what's not true.

-You ready? -I'm ready. Totally makes sense. We're guessing for you to win the mug that it's true that you dressed up as Easter Bunny. Is that true? That is false.

Good. It worked. We really thought Cancun was true, you win the mug. A very easy strategy We're getting good at this, now. Yeah, we're getting good. Although, sometimes, you confuse me by your ramble.

-Good job, guys. -Arthur, are you ready?

[Audience clapping]

Oh, what do we have? A trip for two to the Windjammer Landing Resort in St. Lucia. Wow. Seven days, six nights, it's all inclusive. That means it includes all.

It's a prize valued at $9800. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck. Okay, Logan, earlier this week, we talked with Seth Meyers. Where did Seth say his second child was accidentally born?

In the bathtub. No. Oh, no. In the lobby of his building. Oh, my God. I'm so-- But Kelly has good news, no matter what. You're still going to receive a $500 appliance package from Cuisinart, and you'll now be entered into our grand prize drawing for $5,000.

Thanks, guys. Hey, Logan, thank you for watching our show. We really appreciate it. -Thanks, guys. -You're welcome. We will be right back with Jon Hamm.

Stay where you are. Still ahead on Live. A performance by HunterGirl, the American Idol runner-up. We'll get you ready for summer with some amazing bargains with Monica Mangan.

And coming up next, Jon Hamm.

All right, welcome back. Coming up tomorrow on the show, Blair Underwood joins us. Who are you talking to over there? I'm talking to-- We're having conversations with people off the air.

We are having conservations with


That he is still having. Blair Underwood is going to


We also begin our summer cooking series with Foodfluencer, Friday Face Off. Oh, is that our new thing? Foodfluencer Friday Face Off? What are we making?

We are innovating around here. We're going to make a chicken gyro recipe from-- Ji-ro, jee-ro or gyro? Gyro, gyro. -Gyro. -Gyro. Chicken gyro recipe from Cherien Pavlidis.

I saw actually in the garage the sign for this so I knew it was coming. All right. A performance also by your American Idol encore winner, Fritz Hager is going to be here, the nicest guy.

[Audience cheering and clapping]

You say that about all the kids. Yeah, that's right. He plays an admiral doing everything he can to keep Maverick grounded in the new Top Gun movie. Please welcome, Jon Hamm.

[Audience cheering and clapping]

Hi, guys. -Hi. -Hi. Good to see you, Jon. -Likewise. -Welcome.

[Audience cheering and clapping]

It's good to be seen. It's good to be seen. It says here in the teleprompter you turned 50. I did. -March 10th-- -March 10th, 2021. Five-oh. You just celebrated relatively recently.

Yeah, well, we-- It's sort of a bummer to turn 50 in a lockdown. So yeah, it was postponed. Right. I wish I could have subtracted the year and, you know, redone it, but-- Well, that's wha-- You don't turn 50, unless you actually have your 50th birthday.

-Exactly. -What did you do to celebrate that? My girlfriend and I went to the Alps. I'd never been to the Alps. And it was like, so which Alp? Where do you go?

Yes, there is Italian Alps. Italian Alps, French Alps, Swiss Alps. -Right. -All three. -Oh, you did all three? -Why not? How many times you turn 50? In this case twice.

That's why movies star Jon Hamm, that. -Are you a skier? -I am a skier. I'm not a very good skier, but I'm probably a little better than you and a little not as good as you.

-Right. -Somewhere in between. I can go-- I can turn. You can turn? Do you do pizza wedge, french fries-- Yeah. But it was gorgeous. And the food was amazing.

The people were amazing. -Swiss Alps, food. -Raclette. -Yes. -Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to answer that. Cheese based currency for sure.


Similar, but, like, it's all very hearty, so it's got it-- it's so good. Like it's-- Because it doesn't count in the mountain. And also, you're kind of working out every day.

Skiing is like a real deal. So it was very, very fun. Okay, you're a better skier than I am. Certainly, I was like, "It's not a workout." And everybody is like, sweating, "Yes, it is." -Not the way we see it.

-No, not the way. But I do like-- I liked what you were talking about because have you guys seen the videos online where the little kids are psyching themselves up when they're, like, learning how to ski?

You're saying you talk to yourself all the time? -I do the same thing. -Yeah. I'm like, "Okay, let's go on this this one." And there's these videos online of these like four year old kids who are like, "Okay, this is going to be scary.

"But I think I'm going to be okay. And all right, here we-- oh, no, I think-- oh, no, it's okay, it's okay, no, it's okay. And they're hilarious. We could recreate those ourselves.

We should absolutely do that. I don't do that at all. I just-- It's just Madonna and me in concert going downhill. -It's all holiday to her. -Exactly. Now, you met some of the royal family recently-- -I did.

-Tell us about the moments leading up to it and what it was like. Well, it's a little bit anxiety-producing because they give you these sort of rules that you're meant to sort of follow.

Okay. What are the rules? You're meant to say, Your Royal Highness. And if they-- they offer their name, then you can use their name. But you can't do it first and you can't offer your hand.

They have to offer their hand and then you have to bow and it's-- but you can't be out too low. It's so much like-- Like meeting Kelly Ripa for the first time.

[Overlapping conversation]

I got the right bow. I did the right bow. That looks correct. And she offered her hand so I was able to then take her hand. But were you kind of paniced leading up-- You're like, "Oh, God, don't say "Your Royal Harmess, Harmless-- Hamster.

Oh, God." -"Your Majesty." -"Your Majesty. Hi." But no, it's-- it's-- it's exciting. And we were in the middle of Leicester Square, they had closed the whole thing down.

-There was like-- -But as an actor... As soon as she said, "Hello," or whatever, I'm assuming that's what she said. Did you then start speaking with a British accent?

Absolutely not. No, no, no, no, no. You stuffed it down. You had the urge, though. -Sure. Of course. -You admit it. -How's my accent? -You stuffed it deep down.

For sure. Not everyone does that like we do. Right? You would've been, like...

[Bad British accent]

Good evening, madam.

[Bad Cockney accent]

Are you all right? -Yes. Exactly. -Because they always ask you -if you're all right. -Yeah. Hey, so, Jon, we were just thinking back to the beginning for you of Mad Men, right?

Which was circa-- What year was that?


-Oh, thank you. Mad Men aired-- We shot the pilot in 2005 and it aired in 2006. And people must still come up to you all the time. Just talking about what big fans they are.

I-- a lot of people watch it during the pandemic. A lot of people have, like, rediscovered it or recent-- or discovered it during the pandemic, including people that I've worked with for years who I thought had actually seen my work.

Would you even be able to make that show now because of all the smoking? -Now smoking-- -I don't know. You know, and here we are in the world of the golden age of content, I think it'd probably find a home.

It was-- it was definitely a moment in time. We may have talked to you about it. But remind me, you were working in Venice at a-- Were-- were you waiting tables?

I was waiting tables. And in fact, I was waiting tables with one of the guys who ended up being in the pilot of Mad Men. And then-- he played Lee Gardner Jr.

Where did you guys work? 72 Market Street, which was owned by Tony Bill and Dudley Moore. And Dudley would come in, before he passed away, and play piano.

-Oh, wow. -It was-- That was like, this is-- this is Hollywood. -This is happening. -Yeah. All right. Let's get a break. We'll come back in a moment and talk about Top Gun: Maverick with Jon Hamm after this.

Deja vu: Still ahead on Live, a performance by HunterGirl, the American Idol runner-up.

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Good thing I keep saving, because they're not gonna stop growing.

,000 feet because they're not above ground level,owing. A perimeter set not just for the safety of our pilots, but for the safety of their aircraft. 5,000 feet is not just a rule.

It is a law as immutable as gravity. The hard deck will be much lower for the mission, sir. And it will not change without my approval. -Oh. -Okay. A scene from Top Gun: Maverick.

Okay, admit it. You wanted to say-- You can't handle the truth! Oh, you had to hold it in. Wrong franchise, but you know. I wish I was there on set with you.

I would have been like, "Okay, I'll give you $100 if you say 'You can't handle the truth!'" If I tell him his ego is writing checks his body can't cash.

This is-- this is a movie that you got to see on the big screen. You gotta see it, if you can, in imax right? Yes, it is. In fact, we-- we premiered the movie.

We've had a couple of premieres. One was in San Diego. We were on an aircraft carrier. We did one in Mexico City at this kind of mall. We had, like, 5,000 fans.

And they had it in this-- in this theater called 4dx. I had never heard of it. There are like-- there's smoke, there's, like, snow. It goes-- there's screens on the side.

So, during the flying scene--, it's like-- and the seat kind of goes around like this. It-- I was like, "This is, like, intense." Literally, one of the people in the audience had a helmet.

I was like, "Wait a minute." It was a Maverick helmet. Like, he was clearly, like, in costume. But I was like, "I don't think you need a helmet." Like-- You wonder, did Tom Cruise invent that theater-- Just for that Mexico City?

He might very well have. Your callsign is Cyclone, yeah? Cyclone. Yes. I was very, very pleased-- I was very pleased to get a cool one. -Yeah. -Nobody wants to be, like, Kickstand or, like, you know.

Four Eyes. I have a feeling that's what we would be. We would be Kickstand & Four Eyes? Half-pint and Kickstand, I think we would be. Half-pint and Kickstand!

-I mean, you know-- Look for us. The dynamic duo. So, what is your job? You're the... Admiral? Well, the actual technical term is the air boss, which sounds awesome.

And he runs essentially the flight wing of the aircraft carrier that they're on. We were on an actual functional United States Aircraft Carrier, the uss Theodore Roosevelt.

And how does-- so... If you're on an aircraft carrier, it's out at sea? I did not go out to sea, but some of-- some of the guys did because they had to get all the sequences-- Where did they stay overnight?

-On the boat. -They stay there, too? Yeah. In a tiny little bunk. Who got-- so Tom Cruise, had to bunk with people? Tom got a nicer room.

The captain was like, Hey, go ahead. You know what, here you go. Was there some other boat somewhere? -Another boat. -He got an upgrade. Off the starboard bow there was another boat.

He got a little upgrade. Make sure you check out Top Gun: Maverick in theaters, Dolby Cinemas and in imax. Great to see you, Jon. Great to see you guys. Thank you for having me.

Coming up next, amazing bargains getting ready for summer with Monica Mangin after the break. Deja vu: Tomorrow on Live, Blair Underwood.

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I just cooked them for you. Now, listen, guys, for the next 24 hours only all of our summer bargains are at least 50% off. Watch your screen for pricing.

Let's get shopping with Monica Mangin. Hi, friends. Hello. We are sitting in our first bargain All right. These are from Picnic Time. And these are amazing chairs for going to the beach, going to your kid's sporting events, going to a barbecue.

Here's why. Has a whole side table situation going on. Also here has an insulated cup holder. So many pockets with zippers for your cell phone, a carabiner if you're going to like attach anything on an umbrella holder in the back.

They've literally thought of everything. And a tray so you can put things. A tray. And look how easily it folds up and has a strap. Throw it right on your shoulder, take it with you.

These are game changers. Like, I sat at so many lacrosse games. I think these would work in my living room as well. I feel like we have to order these right now.

Yes. Absolutely. -I'll be right back. -Great price. Yeah. All right. Now, do need to get up? What's next? Now you hop up and let's go over here together.

All right, so we have our great chairs. Now we are going to level up our beverages and also have some fun. That's how you decorate a Bloody Mary. That is. So these are Bloody Mary straws that your garnishes can go right on.

Somebody order these for Art Moore. -Arthur! -Order these for Art Moore right now. So, Nod Products has a whole bunch. The first thing are obviously our Bloody Mary straws.

Then we also have these cute little garnish containers to go with your drink. If you want to add a little extra shot or if you want to put garnish, could also put snacks in there.

Really fun. Okay. Then we have some-- You want to put that somewhere to go-ski? -Yes. -Hide it! So, this is a water resistant speaker. It plays really, really well.

-Wait! -The sound is awesome. So if you're by the pool, it can get wet. It stays charged for a couple hours at a time. I'm gonna listen to your book on tape on this thing.

-Okay. -Oh, I love it. -Very good. -Audio version. This power bank, I'm obsessed with. Okay. So you know how you take your your power bank with you to recharge your phone?

Except this is solar-powered. So, while it's charging, it's also recharging. It's like mind blowing to me. It's gonna keep lasting. And then also before you go, we have dry decks.

So these are playing cards that can get wet. I mean, my family's a huge fan of playing cards on the beach, and so these ones, easy to clean off, won't get wet.

And they're very pliable. Gelman and I were both shuffling yesterday. Having a little competition. So, so many fun products there, right? -Now, hats. -All right!

Next, PonyFlo Hats. These are caps that will allow you to put your hair up in a ponytail to stay cool, but still wear a hat. I believe we have a model.

We do have a model. Let's see her.

-[Audience cheering]

-Look at her!

[Soft applause]

She has all of our gaze! Why does she look so familiar?

[Audience laughing]

She has three sons, so she's always at a thing. She's always got a thing happening. Take the rest of the day off. Enjoy the whole pretzel. -So, we have baseball hats.

-Oh, yeah. We have the type of hat that she was wearing. We have bucket hats. They're really great. I feel like we need to order all of these right now.

Like, while we're doing this segment. If only somebody would order these things for us. Next, we have drinkware. All right. Next, yeah, Laurie was holding that too.

These are Swig Life, okay? We've had these before, but we have some new patterns. Check out this one. This is the Cocktail Club line. -I really love the look of this one.

-It's really pretty. And my claim to fame story for this is one time-- you can probably relate to this-- I drove to the airport, had a cold drink, flew out, came back the next day.

My drink was still cold. No kidding! -Yes! 24 hours later! Get 'em now! -That's amazing. They also have totes and coolers and things like that. -Oh, like a-- -Insulated totes, yeah.

Oh, do I see some tools here for the barbecue? This is for you. So, this is Schmidt Brothers, And we-- summer is like the time of barbecuing, The time of grilling.

You're gonna eat a lot of meat. -So look at this. -Those are coming up. -I'm a little peckish. -These are gorgeous. That's fine. So this is kind of like a bespoke style.

So it's really good quality, but look at the handles on those. So if you're someone that also cares about style and look, the these knives, feel them, you got it.

Like the hand feel is really great. -I mean, the steak knife-- -Oh my gosh! You're gonna be barbecuing, grilling. We also have a full knife set. So if it's the time to get good knives, it's 50% off. It's the time to do it.

I love this set also being a really great Father's Day gift. No, you're right. You're right. If only somebody would order these, while we're doing this segment.

If only! Mark, get on it. Get your cell phone, hehe! And Kelly, you should probably tell us about Eastern Standard Provisions. How wonderful are their pretzels?

They're so delicious, I don't even know what to say. It's like being back in Philadelphia. -Remember the Philly pretzels? -Ah, Philly pretzels. For sure.

You should try this one. So, here's what we love about this. These pretzel kits come to you, and you can pop them in the freezer and keep them. They make an awesome, like, hostess gift.

If you're invited to a barbecue or a picnic, pull it out of your freezer. Give it to someone. It comes with all the bites. It comes with the little nuggets.

It comes with the big ones. It comes with mustard, salt. They're so fresh and good, you pop 'em in the oven. I cook these for like four to six minutes.

-They are really good. -They're heavenly. Yes. And a super reasonable price. I can't. If only someone would order these for us, -while we're doing the segment.

-Please. Please enjoy yourself, Kelly. -Thank you so much, -Of course. Monica, great to see you. So these terrific bargains are exclusively available to you, our viewers, but only for the next 24 hours. for more details. And next up, American Idol runner-up, HunterGirl, after the break.

Deja vu: Go to our website for the next 24 hours only to take advantage of today's bargains. Log on to for all the details.

♪ I could use just a little help ♪

♪ You can't start a fire ♪

♪ You can't start a fire without a spark ♪

♪ This gun's for hire ♪

♪ Even if we're just dancing in the dark ♪

♪ Whoa oh! ♪ The boss! Songs from the boss. -The other boss. -Yeah, the other boss. Well, from the second she walked in for her audition, she won the judges' hearts and America's hearts.

Please welcome American Idol's runner-up, HunterGirl!

[Loud applause]

Hello! How are you doing? -Good to see you. Kelly Ripa! -Hello, hi! -Good to see you! Can I lay it on you? -Yeah! Come on. -Long time, no see. -I love all your sequins.

Oh my Gosh, thank you! I love a good bling.

[All laughing]

So, from Tennessee, you just celebrated your 24th? -Yes. Thank you! -Happy Birthday! When you look back at the last year, what do you think about, how has it changed for you?

Um, I can't believe it. If you told me a year ago that I'd be sitting here talking to y'all... You know, I would've told you you're about crazy! But you've always been a singer, no?

-Like, from an early age? -Yes. Whenever I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to sing. I sang all the time. Grew up singing in my grandpa's church. But, yeah, I always wanted to do this.

And so I was trying to do whatever I had to, working hard to make it happen. -And you're from a military family? -Yes. So did you move around a lot? Um, no.

My grandfather, great grandfather, six of my great uncles. It's just been in the family for a long time. And so, yeah, I really appreciate everything they do.

One of the cool things that I saw that you got to do was working with Carrie Underwood. I mean, she is like a superstar. Yeah. Oh, yeah. -What was it like for you?

-Oh, my gosh. I lost my mind. I remember walking in, I did-- I walked in, and I just looked at her, and I was like, "Every word to your song, I just forgot it, because I'm freaking out right now!" 'Cause I was having to sing for her.

How old were you when Carrie Underwood won American Idol? Oh, my gosh. I don't even know. I know I was little. I know I was young. But just watching her on tv, you know, it made me think like, "You know, maybe I could do that someday." Yeah, you're very-- You're very reminiscent of Carrie Underwood.

I remember when she was here after she won American Idol. You know, it's all like blending together. But it is true. I mean, you are going to have an incredible career.

Have you thought about what this means? Look, you're the runner-up, but you really won, right? Everybody's a winner, that's in the top ten. What are you excited about after this?

Oh, my gosh. You know, I'm excited to get back to work again, go back in the studio, recording new music, playing as many shows as come my way. And, you know, I'm just-- I'm just so excited, this past year, probably been the best year of my life.

And just putting out new music right now. Was there something-- was there a take away that you learned? You know, from the whole experience, like the one -headline, like "I had no idea, X." -Yeah.

"That Ryan is so short in person!" Besides that. I had no idea Lionel Richie had so many sparkly jackets.

[Audience laughing]

Yeah, that's the first thing they teach you that once you land in Hollywood-- Yeah, they tell you all about Lionel's wardrobe. Disneyland is over here.

Lionel Richie's closet is here. He has a lot of sparkly jackets. -I stole one.


What is-- Talk about your new single, "Red Bird," and what is the meaning behind it? So, it's a really personal song for me. Growing up, my mom always said that whenever you see a red bird, it's a sign that somebody's watching over you. And so, whenever I was going back home to watch the first episode of American Idol, I was freaking out. I was scared.

I was like, "I don't "think anybody's gonna like me. Like, I don't think "I'm gonna sound good." And I was driving back home and I started praying, and I was like, "Hey, I know "that you know everything's going to be okay, God, "but could you just let me know? And I red bird flew in -front of my car.

-Oh, my gosh! And so I was just like-- started crying because I cry all the time. And-- and then I got back to Nashville and wrote that song. So, full circle moment, getting -to sing that.

-What a beautiful story. -Agree. -Thank you, guys. We will come back with a performance from HunterGirl right after this.


Deja vu: Tomorrow on Live, a performance by who you chose to be Live's American Idol encore.

Runner-up right here performing her brand new single, "Red Bird." It is HunterGirl.


["Red Bird" by HunterGirl]

♪ My momma told me when I was a kid ♪

♪ "When a red bird flies, close your eyes, make a wish" ♪

♪ Right around time my faith went missing ♪

♪ Praying for an angel but the wings looked different ♪

♪ God, if you're listening, could you send me one down? ♪

♪ Because I could use a red bird right now ♪

♪ One from the other side of the clouds ♪

♪ I'm feeling lost and empty ♪

♪ Let me know that you're still with me.

♪ By sending someone up in heaven ♪

♪ Down to earth for just a second

♪ And know, you know, it's all gonna be all right ♪

♪ If it ain't too much, could you just give me a sign? ♪

♪ Red bird, fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ My momma told me when I was a kid ♪

♪ When a red bird flies, close your eyes, make a wish ♪

♪ And here it is ♪

♪ I could use a red bird right now ♪

♪ One from the other side of the clouds ♪

♪ I'm feeling lost and empty ♪

♪ Let me know that you're still with me ♪

♪ Send someone up in heaven down to earth for just a second ♪

♪ I know you know it's all gonna be all right ♪

♪ If it ain't too much, could you just give me a sign? ♪

♪ Red bird, fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Red bird fly ♪


Well, that was awfully pretty. -Oh, my goodness. -Aw, thank you! Andy Toy, thanks again. Really appreciate it. An original, too. You're a great songwriter.

Oh, thank you so much. Thank you. -Gifted. -Thank you. The new single, "Red Bird" is out now. Andy Toy on guitar. Thank you again. Great to see you, pal. And we will be right back.

Aw, thank you, guys... Deja vu: Monday on Live, from the series The Pentaverate, Debi Mazar.

Closed captioning sponsored in part by...

Hey, guys. Thank you for being here today. Tomorrow, Blair Underwood. And we get-- we begin our Foodfluencer Friday Faceoff. Also a performance by Fritz Hager, your American Idol encore winner.

We'll see you then. -Bye. -Have a great day, guys, bye-bye.


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Cause nothing says romance quite like interviewing strangers. It's Chris Spencer. - You're damn right. It was my idea. - Joining him, our returning champions, roommates, Bela and Jenna.

- Woo! - You know, even though she's working from home she still manages to find a way to roll in late reeking of gin. It's your host Meredith Vieira. - Welcome to 25 Words or Less.

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