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Monday, December 17th, 2018

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, abc world news tonight anchor david muir. And holiday entertaining on a budget as we kick off our countdown to christmas.

Plus, all week long, some members of our studio audience will be competing in "live"'s merry money games. Also, recording artist rita ora performs and takes a seat at the cohost stats.

All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and rita ora!

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Rita: Good morning.

Kelly: Welcome, it's monday, december 17th, 2018. Filling in for ryan today is rita ora.

Rita: I've got my fibers on today.

Kelly: This is how she waves now.

Rita: It's christmas.

Kelly: This is a very exciting backstage. Jason who is your stylist.

Rita: We had a little malfunction. So what he was doing three seconds was sewing my dress.

Kelly: On her body. What's going to happen?

Rita: Come out with us. No, don't come out with us.

Kelly: I like all of that. I like the reality. We always assume seeing you in concert that nothing ever could possibly go wrong.

Rita: A lot goes wrong. But you guys are never supposed to know that.

Kelly: It is fun for us. Did you just fly in?

Rita: I did, from london. It's so nice. It being a new york on christmas is the best thing in the whole world. I can't believe it, it's like a movie.

It's so cool.

Kelly: There was a big sale, first of all. So if you walk up and down fifth avenue and madison avenue, all of the windows are decorated, and it's the best free show in town because in stand outside.

Here's where it's gets costly as if you walk inside the door. But if you stay outside, it is free and it's gorgeous and really a show. But I went into bergdorf yesterday and they had a huge sale and I guess they were giving away free champagne.

I quit drinking, but it's really funny how the wallets open up when people start drinking.

Rita: Is like the first trick in the book.

Kelly: It was really fascinating to watch. People are buying and spending a lot of money in here today. There were like take it all, honey.

Rita: Bubbles really do work.

Kelly: It was so much fun.

Rita: Being the one that isn't drinking so you can see everyone slowly getting worse and worse and worse. Then all of a sudden, where is all money gone?

Kelly: We had our work party the other night for "live" and speaking of not drinking, everybody else was drinking, so I got to really witness the true personalities of everyone I work with and I was spellbound, spellbound by michael gelman's dance moves.

That's kind of not how it was. I like how you try to imitate him. A stop right there, you got it wrong. Whatever beat the songs on, government is listening to a different song.

Rita: I think we'll have a relative like that.

Gelman: I traveled to the beat of my own drummer.

Kelly: Some would say you travel to the beat of your own violinist. But it was fun, I have to say. And I am never on trend, you are always ahead of trend.

Rita: Thank you.

Kelly: In this case, I've been ahead of trend because they are talking about holiday sneakers for the holiday party.

Rita: I love a pair of sneakers.

Kelly: I wore fancy shoes to the party and change into sneakers once the dj started and it changed my life. Woke up saturday morning and my feet felt fine everybody.

Rita: Almost like when we perform as entertainers on stage, we have that choice because we have to wear what we need to where to look like good. But I wear sneakers a lot on stage and I love it.

Kelly: Because it helps with being able to stand?

Rita: It takes that subconscious thing, without breaking your head.

Kelly: I have to say that, initially I felt much less coordinated dancing and sneakers.

Rita: You had freedom.

Kelly: So used to dancing on the balls of my feet that I found myself going into her elevated dance and that I was like no, you can just get down on your feet because you are wearing sneakers.

Rita: Social be asked the crowd do you like heels or sneakers to move in?

Kelly: Heels?

Rita: Wait, and got to do this.

Kelly: Let's make a deal. Heels.

Rita: No.

Kelly: I guess sneakers won won.

Rita: The two people that were like.

Kelly: Two women and one guy. Do you get invited to lots of -- people would want you at your holiday party?

Rita: I have that thing of going to parties and I can't just chill at a party. I have to go to the party. Dance, be in the middle of the dance floor and in the next morning after work, just a bit like.

What happen? I will on christmas.

Kelly: Where will you be so we can join you?

Rita: So crazily because my mother who does it every year back at home it's really cold. It's cold here too. It's freezing. Maybe sometimes I feel like my mom doesn't put the heat on.

Kelly: That's a universal mother thing.

Rita: I got the family like three turkeys this year.

Kelly: And we especially like british baking show.

Rita: The british bake-off and all that stuff. I hate that show. Maybe because in london, it's always on. Another cupcake. It's a huge show for sure.

One of my favorite chefs is gordon ramsay. So jamie was on sat with me doing some kind of radio show and I said look, can I please take some of your christmas dinner?

How are you going to do that, you're not invited to my house? Can you just kind of make one for me and send it to my house? And he did. How sweet of him is that?

That's so sweet. So I got jamie oliver's turkey.

Kelly: Here's another reason why it's better to be rita ora. It really is. I would say to myself what would rita ora do? I buy jamie oliver's cookbook and people always ask me because I make the soup that make kids nicknamed it tiger soup years ago and been making it for years and basically because I modified it a little bit, jamie oliver's minestrone soup, but he puts in pasta it and I replace the pasta with beans like chickpeas instead.

A heartier soup. But people always ask me what is that soup recipe? It is truly jamie oliver's soup.

Rita: The most underestimated ingredient ever but I think people forget about is vinegar. I found that really interesting. I don't know why. It here we are.

Kelly: It is time for a fax with rita. We need a sound effect for facts with rita. Something like that. Let's see if we can make that happen. Time for facts with rita.

Rita: Here on the rita fact show, we are going talk about soup.

Kelly: Do you have alexa?

Rita: I do, I also have a friend whose name is alexa. So I think she's sick and tired of our jokes. You too. Alexa, speak!

Kelly: Listen to this, alexa, and all of you alexa's at home because we are going to get letters whenever we say alexa, turn on the music. People will write to us like thanks a lot, you just turned on the music in the house.

So a sneaky parent has been using alexa to a shop while the owner is away. I love parents, don't come after me. You're shady.

Rita: Is the secret friend that you can tell everything to.

Kelly: Naturally like a lot of parents I know, this foul mouth parent, every parent I've ever met is a foulmouthed parents.

Rita: Correct, that is true true.

Kelly: For swearing too much because it was triggering the other parents. So the times of london. The parrot's name is rocco, he's an african gray and has been using amazon alexa to shop while his owner is away.

Rita: I know this parrot.

Kelly: He has ordered snacks, watermelon, ice cream.

Rita: This has to be a joke.

Kelly: He has also ordered a kettle because parents like tea.

Rita: So here's a question, is it because they hear the owner speaking or they just come up with this language?

Kelly: A relative of mine who shall remain nameless but his name rhymes with my uncle. Had a parrot and his parent not only spoke, but imitated his voice so when in the parrot spoke it sounded like my uncle speaking which was very eerie.

And during the commercial break, I'll tell you what the parrot said. But I cannot tell you because I will be fined and our show will be fined and potentially be taken out dominic off the air.

Things giving was always fun. Saying grace and all of a sudde sudden, they will go on a foul mouth tirade and the voice of my uncle. Fun. Anyway, we have a huge show today.

David muir is here.

Rita: Holiday entertaining tips with brit morin.

Kelly: Plus, all this week we are going to be playing merry money games. Have a chance to win some cold hard holiday cash. Listen, I understand that you know cardi B.

Rita: I do. She's amazing.

Kelly: Do you think that you could call cardi b not now, during commercial break, call her and ask her if she would come and sing merry money games.

So our audience can stop listening to me attempt to impersonate cardi B. Wouldn't that be fun, everybody?

Rita: Just sit right there and hang out.

Kelly: She does even have to say it, she can lay down if she wants.

Rita: She is so much fun to work with and at the time, she was also pregnant. It didn't faze her and it was so lovely to see.

Kelly: I know that she's fine, I can tell she is fun and my daughter has seen her at a cafe in the bronx and like I saw cardi b just hanging out. Just hanging out normal like a normal person.

Also, we are going to be hearing some holiday memories from her favorite celebrities and you are going to perform for us.

Rita: Performing my single "let you love me" which is out right now.

Kelly: It is time for -- unless you want confetti in your water. It's time for "holiday hoax travel trivia!"

[Cheers and applause]

♪ That is mackenzie edwards from roanoke, virginia, . Do people call you mac?

>> They call me a lot of things, but that's one of them.

Kelly: Let's talk to debbie from lagrange georgia who watches us on channel two.

Caller: Hello, good morning good morning.

Kelly: You are talking to rita ora right now.

Caller: Hi, rita. Hi, kelly.

Kelly: We are looking at your adorable outfit, your dress like a little else.

Rita: So cute.

Kelly: What is going on in lagrange?

Caller: Not much, just at work. What do you do for a living?

Caller: I'm a probate judge judge.

Kelly: That's like a serious job, okay. Listen, we're going to make this quick. Deb has got a lot on the docket today. I'm going to explain to you how this works.

So debbie has told us to facts about herself, one is true and one is a hoax and we are going to try to pick out the truth. It's so much easier when ryan does it.

I don't even know if I know how this game works. If you stump us, you win this elegant mug. Number one, I was born on christmas eve. Interesting. I put up my christmas tree on halloween.

Now what is your birthday?

Caller: Christmas eve.

Rita: What is your horoscope?

Caller: Capricorn.

Rita: Guess that wins out. When you put up your christmas tree on halloween, is it a real treat?

Caller: It's a fake tree.

Kelly: Why so early?

Caller: I figured with all the stores having all the decorations out, I love christmas so much, might as well enjoy it for a lot longer.

Kelly: That sounds possible.

Rita: You have to remember, she's a judge. She speaks very clearly.

Caller: I have a 13-year-old daughter and she loves christmas, so we want to get all of it that we can get.

Rita: I don't know, I'm really confused.

Kelly: Let's ask what the audience thing is, audience, what do you think? Let's see it. 59% believe she puts the tree up on halloween. You should know that our audience is historically wrong.

Rita: Good to know, that's the answer.

Kelly: It sounds more believable but they're usually wrong so now I tend to bet against the house if you know what I mean.

Rita: You know what I think I might do? Should we decide now? I'm going to do the christmas eve one.

Kelly: I will go with rita. We think that you were born on christmas eve.

Caller: That is correct.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: No mug for you but let me just say, wrong again, audience. 100 for 100. Spin the wheel and see what you're playing for. I've got to tell you, my eyes have swollen and I just caught a glimpse and you know why?

I went up every night this week. Lack of sleep. I want to party. Here's a great prize, you're playing for st. James's club morgan bay. Seven days, six nights in a one-bedroom oceanview suite.

It's all inclusive, this trip is provided in part by priceline. This prize is valued $8300. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Rita: Here's the question. On friday's show, kelly and ryan talked with kathryn hahn. At what restaurant did she say she was once a waitress?

Caller: Joe allen's.

Announcer: Congratulations! You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the st. James's club morgan bay. The st. James's club morgan bay is set amid 25-acres of colorful hillside gardens on the northern coast of st. Lucia.

This all-inclusive beach-front resort offers stunning ocean and garden views, nightly entertainment, four restaurants, and a host of land and water activities including four freshwater pools, tennis, sailing, kayaking, and more.

Your prize is valued at approximately $8,300!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Congratulations.

Caller: Thank you so much.

Kelly: Is going to be a good day in court today. That you could to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive a collection of these little adorable and a $500 gift card courtesy of hasbrouck so please pick a number between one train and 235.

Caller: 24.

Kelly: We will be right back after the commercial break with david muir in the house.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," rita will perform her latest hit. A lucky member of our studio audience will win some holiday cash as we begin the merry money games.

We begin our countdown to christmas with holiday entertaining. Up next, david muir.

We met all week, trophy winners are receiving a special price from hasbro. Get ready to yell for yellies, the cutest funny is pet that responds to your voice.

They are sound activated and respond to a clapping, singing, and even music. The louder you yell, the faster they go.

>> Christmas as being a 7-year-old girl and waking up in the morning and seeing that santa ate my cookies. And the looking at my dad and seeing crumbs all his beard.

Merry christmas. We went out forget to join us on tomorrow's show from the new film "mary poppins returns," lin-manuel miranda is here.

Rita: And from the new film "mary queen of scots." They're going to have to help me out with this.

Kelly: Saoirse ronan.

Rita: We continue our countdown to christmas with holiday steps.

Kelly: Jeffrey dean morgan will be joining me and the merry money games starring cardi b continues. I'm just going to put it out there, I'm just going to keep saying the starring cardi B.

And maybe she'll show up. Here comes the award-winning anchor in the gorgeous managing editor of abc world news tonight, please welcome back to the show david muir.

[Cheers and applause]

Rita: Is this a real person?

Kelly: This is a real person.

David: I was going to wear that.

Kelly: It is very short so were having adjustments. Speaking of the edge of the sea seat, you are, I've got to say this, the number one evening news broadcaster, three years in a row.

I just have to brag about them. Some accomplished, but a lot of people don't know is you are an incredible do-gooder. I'm going to present to you the voice award because he uses his voice to help children here at home and end abroad, children that are suffering in all forms and I'm just so proud of the work you do.

David: I will say this. Thank you. If there they are, the beautiful children of somalia, one of our more recent trips. I have to say this, you are extraordinarily generous.

So to have you at this, not long ago. They do work all over the world and when you see us all over the world, I often wonder it's a heavy news time here in america and I wonder, are we putting too much on the audience to then travel around the world and find children who were hungry or facing famine as these three countries were.

About the story back and we aired it. And this won't surprise you. I always say don't underestimate the generosity of the american people. So kelly agreed to give this award has save the children come at the national history museum and I never have felt like more of a prince charming than that night because kelly showed up in this beautiful dress.

Kelly: There we are casually walking down the stairs. Who could have taken our picture?

David: I have no idea.

Kelly: We were like can you please take our picture?

David: Thank you for doing that.

Kelly: Speaking of gearing up for the holidays, I was at a party where david was on saturday night.

David: We are like heatseeking missiles, we find each other in the corner.

Kelly: A very festive, everybody is celebrating, everybody is well lubricated. And people have truly trapped david in the corner of the room and they were trying to get the breaking news out of you as if you were a computer just breaking news.

David: They want the answers. I think that is such a heavy time in america and people just sort of want to know when are we going to turn the corner?

And it doesn't matter what side you're on, people pick their corners politically in this country and that's okay.

Rita: You have the biggest news before it gets weeded.

David: You get up in the morning, it's already on your smartphone, they get bombarded with tweets and so we have to cut through the noise for folks at 6:30.

I think it really seriously and you have to show that your thumb is not on the scale one way or the other. People at home will decide.

Kelly: You do that better than anybody because I truly never feel like you have any side. You just report the news.

Rita: Such a fine line.

David: And an important line. Because people don't want to know necessarily where you stand. They want to make up their own minds and that's really important part of what we do.

When we are going to take a commercial break.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," rita ora will perform her new hit "let me love you."

When we've been practicing something, go ahead, say it. It's the other way.

Rita: Back with world news tonight david muir.

David: Her voice is so amazing, I listen to you at the gym when I'm running at the treadmill with my giant headphones. This modifies mobile 50.

Rita: It's a very good listener.

Kelly: Usually large headphones.

David: Most people don't wear them at the gym, they wear buds.

Rita: Is because you like to be completely smothered by music in your ears.

David: Yes, then you have trainers across the gym like that's killing your ears.

Rita: May be just the weight of your head.

Kelly: You have any big plans for the holidays? I saw pictures of you carrying to reeves and I follow you on instagram.

David: I just walk around the city every december with reeves in my hand. It's one of the great things about new york, we are talking about the windows on fifth avenue.

One of the other thing you have to see her all the corners of new york where they have trees and wreaths. You walk by the menu have to buy them because it smells amazing.

Rita: You're in new york every year for christmas.

David: I'm from upstate so it starts in september so I have to go home for christmas. To be you definitely come from christmas land. I just have to tell you once again, you are an amazing broadcaster and it's an honor to call you a friend.

If you want to see more of the best news in the business, watch abc world news tonight with david muir. 6:30 on abc. Thank you for being here. Next, she's going to perform.

Stick around.

David: Rita ora's new album available now and here she is with a brand-new hit, "let you love me."

♪ I should've stayed with you last night ♪

♪ Instead of going out to find trouble ♪

♪ That's just trouble ♪

♪ I think I run away sometimes ♪

♪ Whenever I get too vulnerable ♪

♪ That's not your fault ♪

♪ See I wanna stay the whole night ♪

♪ I wanna lay with you 'til the sun's up ♪

♪ I wanna let you inside ♪

♪ Oh, heaven knows I've tried ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me ♪

♪ Say what's the matter, what's the matter with me? ♪

♪ What's the matter with me? ♪

♪ Oh, I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me now ♪

♪ I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I ♪

♪ I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I ♪

♪ And every time it gets too real ♪

♪ And every time I feel like sabotaging ♪

♪ I start running again ♪

♪ And every time I push away ♪

♪ I really wanna say that I'm sorry ♪

♪ But I say nothing ♪

♪ I wanna stay the whole night ♪

♪ I wanna lay with you 'til the sun's up ♪

♪ I wanna let you inside ♪

♪ Oh, heaven knows I've tried ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me ♪

♪ Say what's the matter, what's the matter with me? ♪

♪ What's the matter with me? ♪

♪ Oh, I wish that I could let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me now ♪

♪ I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I ♪

♪ I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I ♪

♪ Stay with you 'til the morning ♪

♪ Lay with you through the sunrise ♪

♪ Show you that you're my only ♪

♪ Stay with you 'til the morning ♪

♪ Lay with you through the sunrise, through the sunrise ♪

♪ Oh, heaven knows I've tried ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love

Me ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me ♪

♪ Say what's the matter, what's the matter with me? ♪

♪ What's the matter with me? ♪

♪ Oh, I wish that I could I let you love ♪

♪ I wish that I could I let you love me ♪

♪ Say what's the matter, what's the matter with me? ♪

♪ What's the matter with me? ♪

♪ Oh, I wish that I could let you love ♪

♪ Wish that I could let you love me now ♪

♪ I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I ♪

♪ I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I♪

[Cheers and applause]

David: That was amazing.

Kelly: Incredible. Check it out, rita ora's new album is available now, make sure you pick it up. When we come back, going to talk about some holiday entertaining.

Stick around.

Announcer: Wednesday on "live," sandra bullock.

Announcer: After 50 years, the magic is back.

>> This is incredible.

Announcer: Next "live," lin-manuel miranda from "mary poppins returns" ." Plus, saoirse ronan and jeffrey dean morgan.

>> Christmas is family. My wife every year since my kids were born in, the kids would go to bed and she would go outside and shake bell's outside their window because the reindeer were flying over and it was always a thing and the kids were thrilled by it and it kind of went on into their teenage years and she would still do it.

Now my children are in their 20s and when they come home for christmas, my wife still goes out with the bells and shakes them because santa claus does.

Merry christmas, everybody.

Rita: It is the countdown to christmas and nothing says holiday season quite like gathering for a festive party. And he was some of her favorite holiday hosting diy's' ceo and founder of brit + co, brit mori brit morin.

Kelly: We are ready. Tell me what a pool noodle has to do with anything.

Brit: So usually have these in the summer time with your kids to a fun way to repurpose these is actually to fold them up in a little circle like this and then tape it together and you can see I've actually made two different versions here, a pool noodle santa.

Kelly: That's amazing.

Brit: You can actually make a pool noodle candy cane, this is simple duct tape and then you hot glue on these ornaments, these little snowflakes. As much flair as you want.

Kelly: Be careful with the hot glue gun.

Brit: So the eye has been proven to draw the things of varying heights.

Kelly: That is so true, why is that?

Brit: People are all different heights. If your decorating for your tabletop or you want to use different heights, this is a fun way to do that. This is just a plate and a dollar candle stick holder, pop it on top and you can also use an upside down copper wine class.

We just wrap some presents and put them on here. For fun to core, use it at the buffet table. This is all hot glued and then you can repurpose these. Speech that's good for people like me because I move around so much and I wish I could look after my things better so it's really nice.

Don't have the pressure of having to not scratch and things like that.

Brit: Put food on it or just put to core. This is fun and I always recommend having the stuff or gas to do it your party especially for the wallflowers.

So this is a diy ornament station here, let your guests make their ornament. You can do it as simple, paint pens for making the stars you can actually use stickers just like this.

Can't really mess it up. But my favorite thing is to get the clear ornaments as you can just take those out and stuff it with whatever you want. Though little cranberry leaves, you can do pom-poms with glitter inside of these is great.

Rita: You can play lots of fun games. We will look at how far I got with my diy.

Brit: A balloon and a cup makes the perfect ornament garland. You can hang inside your mantle, on your table. So simple, your kids can make these.

Kelly: That's amazing. I would never even think.

Brit: Lastly, we repurpose all of those holiday bows that you might have for this photo booth at your party which is by far the most important part.

This is a social media world.

Kelly: We didn't have a wall of bows.

Brit: These are so inexpensive, you probably have them. Have to take a selfie. And you can reuse it for years to come.

Kelly: That's amazing, that's a great idea. We are going to get some more holiday entertaining tips, stick around.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," jeffrey dean morgan. And from the film "mary queen of scots," saoirse ronan.

Kelly: Going to show us the foodstuff.

Brit: The most important stuff. This is a veggie wreath, I promise you this is the easiest way to get children to try eating vegetables. And there's broccoli and we have these cookie cutters to cut out the stars and look at the little bow with a bell pepper.

The problem is once your friend start eating, against his mental but that's okay because it's pretty for the photo.

Kelly: I am here to tell you, I don't care what you cut this light, your kids not going to eat it.

Brit: You can also use these for brownies. A cheese ball. What is a party without a cheese ball? That's my mantra. So this is a simple snowman cheese ball.

We have two little balls of cream cheese, and you roll it and mozzarella, parmesan, whatever you want on the little peppercorns and the teeniest care at noses.

And then lastly, we've got -- I know you love the snowman but we have to get to the sanchez. Give you a piping bag, this is a cream cheese whipped cream mix, he put it on top of the oreo.

Kelly: Here all week, everybody.

Brit: Put this on top and a little send a tip on the height

Brit: Little hat tip, there you go. Perfect.

Kelly: Go to her web site and when we come back, we are to play the merry money games.

Announcer: More on

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♪ A whole hazelnut dipped in smooth chocolatey cream. Coated in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces.

♪ Ferrero rocher. Celebration has arrived.

Kelly: That's right. If "live" has partnered for merry money games. All week long, very surprising to talk with his nose on. Our audience members will play the holiday themed games for a chance to win cold hard cash.

Rita: This is called the reindeer rep. On my team is kim christmas. Is that your real name?

Kelly: As I like to call her, karen hanukkah. She is a basketball mom. Here's how the game works. We have 60 seconds to put on our antlers. We already have them on.

We got a head start. You're going to wrap us with construction paper and at the end of 60 seconds, he would home will vote for who looks best. 50% of your judge and should be based on how well we are wrapped in the other 50% should be based on creativity.

60 seconds on the clock. Ready, set, go.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Merry money games, merry money games, merry money games.

Rita: I've got it. All right.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You're doing it, you're doing it. All right, time's up. Now log on to to vote for which reindeer you think was the best wrapped and we will see who the winner is when we return.

Announcer: The fast and safe and easy way to send money in minutes to friends and family. Look forward in your banking app. Zelle, how money moves.

Kelly: And the winner is rita and kim. He would 500 bucks and you're going to get 100 bucks just for playing.

[Cheers and]

Announcer: Here she is now, ellen DeGENERES!

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: I appreciate it! Thank you so much! That's how I feel about you. Thank you so much. Have a seat, thank you for being here. You are in a good mood for a monday!

But I think I know why, it is day two of hanukkah. And day six of our "12 days of


[Cheers and applause]

That's it. I have been receiving gifts from you, even sending videos for our dad dab challenge, and we have learned that dads in my audience cannot seem to dab, they try to dab they cannot dab.

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