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Monday, January 15th, 2018

And veronica from the series "riverdale," camila mendes. We continue our jan-you-ary with powerball pilates. Plus, how to have your perfect pet could put the big bucks in your pocket.

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♪ And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

Ryan: Good morning, hello!

[Cheers and applause] with me?

Ryan: Kelly does an amazing sunday night chinese dinner.

Kelly: I order take-out. Don't get excited.

Ryan: Is I don't do anything special. We don't want to pose. She said special? I just ordered chinese and anyone who wants to come comes over and the kids are there.

Kelly: The whole reason we did this is my dream growing up and all my life until we finally moved up town was to have a lazy susan. I don't know. Of my are small.

I will grow from new jersey. I saw one ones that I thought it was the most glamorous, genius things ever. So we have a table. You've seen it. We have a table where the lazy susan is recessed right to the table.

Ryan: It's a built-in -- while back.

Kelly: I don't want to brag, but it's pretty amazing. You just spin it and you want to wonton, here it comes.

Ryan: The problem is, there's a conflict on this. If y delicious.

Ryan: It smells like massage oil, smells like of spot. Cucumber drinks make me feel like I'm at a spot.

Kelly: I feel refreshed and healthy.

Ryan: Gin drinkers are psycho. A new study is out. I'm just reading the headline, folks.

Kelly: Mark told me that. You're psycho.

Ryan: If you like a gin and tonic, you might be a psychopath. Have you ever been told that?

Kelly: Any psychopaths? And june drinker?

>> I love gin.

Ryan: I'm glad you read the last row as a psychopath. Makes me feel somewhat comfortable. So for me, I've had to go bad experiences growing up on this planet.

One, black sambuca. Two, jen. Don't even say the words.

Kelly: Sambuca is something my uncle would have liked coffee.

Ryan: It taste like licorice and back in the day when I was living with louis and we had two roommates at living in burbank and one week can we decide to go to this club in century city way back.

Kelly: Century city, give it up for the cc.

Ryan: This is back when dr. Dre was doing that song california knows how to party. It was back then. So I went and I apparently had black sambuca because the next morning.

Kelly: Apparently I had black sambuca.

Ryan: I woke up with a big knot on my forehead. I had roommates so I had to go in and asked them what happened last night at the century club? And they said we don't know.

We saw you sitting in the lobby of this century club with a big softball on your forehead. So to this day, we still can't quite figure it out. The only thing I can think is at some point, I must've been at the urinal.

And I just hit it on the top of the porcelain. I didn't get clocked. Needless to say, black sambuca is not my friend. It makes me quite psycho. It's dangerous.

Kelly: You want to hear good news? This is actually good news. There's a study that tequila is good for your health and I know you like tequila.

Ryan: Thank you, I do. Everybody smiles.

Kelly: Tequila fixes everything.

Ryan: Give me some good news.

Kelly: British scientists of course. They revealed that a shot or two of tequila is actually really good for you. It's a probiotic, which gelman then backstage dr. Gelman who was an expert on all things actually said "I believe it's a prebiotic."

Ryan: It might be.

Gelman: The bacteria likes to munch on.


Kelly: There saying it helps you maintain a healthy bacteria and I hate this word, gut. It contains folk tins, which is a molecule that occurs in asparagus and artichokes which y your poa smells funny.

And it says it stimulates the production of insulin so tequila lowers your cholesterol, it contains agape.

Ryan: Why are we drinking coffee?

Kelly: It's a nonhangover tequila. Nonhangover tequila.

Ryan: We drink it like water.

Kelly: We do. That's what I'm having right no now.

Ryan: I didn't know there was in asparagus chemical tequila tie-in.

Kelly: Isn't that interesting? They're also saying it contains less calories, so there you go because it's also.

Ryan: The calories and what what? Then heavy cream. Then fettuccine alfredo, less calories then fettuccine alfred alfredo. That'sni the sentence? Less calories, other stuff.

I have not seen this in the city but there's an article about who would like to try different things to work out, it's good to stay fit. In new york city, there are a lot of classes to do trade

Kelly: I like classes. I know you're like a lone wolf.

Ryan: Just because I've seen myself and I don't need other people to see me do it.

Kelly: I need to be shamed into doing it. I need to know that other people -- my friend barry always says you should not work out publicly. People are judging you.

And I said first of all, no they're not. Because they're too busy trying not to die themselves. But I like the idea that people might be judging me because then I'm ashamed if I quit so I keep going.

Ryan: I do, but I'm so insecure and have thin-skinned, I can't stand it. So I do it by myself. They have naked yoga apparently.

Kelly: Which, by the way, #ew.

Ryan: They are going to have a naked jim with naked gym classes.


Ryan: I needed tequila. But it's a total body workout, uses your body weight as resistance to work the glutes, the legs, and the court.

Kelly: Talk about shame.

Ryan: Every workout ends with the group stretch.

Kelly: Now I'm signing up.

Ryan: There's a sign-up sheet at the door on your stretch where my costretch partner is not wearing pants.

Ryan: Anything to get people to work out here in new york city.

Kelly: As much as I like you guys, I don't want to be doing downward dog behind you.

Ryan: Is no full loaded.

Kelly: No. Let's just show it. Let's just show gelman in his yoga position. It should that naked. You don't really need to picture it naked because you can kind of see through the pants. Himself.

Ryan: Shall we?

Kelly: Sure, why not? Curtis 50 cent jackson is here.

Ryan: Fiddy.

Ryan: This is so interesting, this trifecta, but veronica who plays her husband's daughter on "riverdale" is here. Camila mendes. Essentially stepdaughter, right?

Kelly: Your my stepdaughter is here.

Ryan: Is she here? And she okay? That she need anything?

Kelly: She's my daughter only if my daughter is nice to me. Camille is nice to me. See how different it is? And we continue jan-you-ary.

Ryan: Can't have any of that around here.

Kelly: Premature confetti. Happens as we age. Happens. Jan-you-ary, we continued this week with the hottest workouts to start your year off right. We're going to be trying powerball pilates, where you get your powerball ticket.

You scratch it off.

Ryan: Will see, maybe it is.

Kelly: There it is, you're in a plank and you scratch off.

Gelman: Is a pilates ball.

Kelly: I'm pretty sure I know that you are in a plank scratching off your powerball ticket.

Ryan: We will see and will tell you how your pet can actually win some big bucks. You and your pet or just your pet?

Kelly: Look at you guys, the front row just came to life. They're like did you say pet?

Ryan: Shall we? It's time for snow way travel trivia.

Ryan: That is mercy. From brazil.

Kelly: Honeymoon are. Where is the lucky --

>> Can I ask them to stand up?

Kelly: Of course you can.

Ryan: Where is he from? He's from where?

Kelly: This is international. I like it a lot.

Ryan: I don't think our show airs in either of our places. So I'm ryan, this is kelly.

>> I know you, but I have to promise them something special to come with me.

Kelly: I want to know. Gelman, speak for yourself right I want to know exactly what it was. We'll talk about it during commercial breaks just in case.

Ryan: Congratulations and welcome.

Kelly: Will try chelsea and iowa iowa. I bet your promise involves a new gym.

[Phone ringing]

Kelly: Ringing, that's a promising sound.

Ryan: First step. Kelly hoped she doesn't answer, I hope she does. Looks like kelly is going to win this one.

Caller: Hello?

Ryan: Chelsea?

Caller: Yes?

Ryan: Its ryan seacrest end kelly ripa. You're on the air with us right now. How are you?

Caller: Good, how are you?

Kelly: We are looking at

Caller: I can't believe this is happening right now. I could probably throw up.

Kelly: Us too but we were totally different reasons.

Ryan: What are you doing right now?

Caller: Okay. I wanted a puzzle for christmas so my husband got me a map of the world and I've been doing that for the last week. So I'm doing that and just playing with my baby.

Kelly: That's nice. So you're looking at a map of the world?

Caller: I'm putting together a map of the world.

Kelly: Oh it's a puzzle. A puzzle. I can't hear.

Ryan: So you roll out like this.

Kelly: I was like, okay. You got this. Let's spin the wheel. Here we go.

♪ So we can find out where we need to go.

Ryan: We want to do the world that puzzle as well.

Kelly: This is great. The fairmont riviera maya in mexico. Seven days, six nights. It includes all meals. That means all meals.

Ryan: Every meal. A private boat tour, which means it's private. So, you know, you can get freak freaky. Anyway, it's a prize valued at $7500. You have 20 seconds in only one guess, good luck.

Caller: Okay.

Ryan: Here we go. So chelsea, last week, what did kelly say I sent her to help with her cold?

Kelly: Yes.

Announcer: Congratulations! You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights on the fairmont riviera maya in mexico. The magic of the mayan culture intertwines with world-class facilities at the aaa five-diamond verified resort.

Enjoy richard sandoval's greatest cuisine at four renewed restaurants. On property boat tumors. The willow stream spa. The only course in mexico to host an official pga tour event.

Your prize is valued at approximately $7,500!

[Cheers and applause]

Caller: Thank you guys so much.

Kelly: That prize look so nice. I just want to get there right now. I want to be there. I want to be your travel companion.

Caller: You can be. I'll tell my husband that he can stay with the baby.

Kelly: Said the baby to my kids. My kids can watch the baby. Just kidding, they are really not capable of that. Listen, you helped get did make the day of a member of our studio audience who will receive $500 package from cuisinart.

These pick a number between 1 and 235.

Caller: 24.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Chelsea, have a great day, have a great trip. Thank you for watching us.

Caller: Thank you so much, by!

Ryan: Curtis "50 cent" jackson" right after this.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "riverdale," camila mendes. Jan-you-ary continues with a lesson in powerball pilates. Coming up next, curtis "50 cent" jackson" ."

Curtis "50 cent" jackson.>> Kel

Ly: On tomorrow's show, from the new series, "the assassination of gianni versace: American crime story," ricky martin will be here.

Ryan: And from the new series "the resident," matt czuchry will be here.

Kelly: And we continue jan-you-ary. I thought it was done.

Ryan: The whole month. It's the whole month of jan-you-ary.

Kelly: Jan-you-ary all month long. We are going to do the hybrid body boost workout with fitness expert jen widerstrom.

Ryan: There are rumors that gelman is going to extend jan-you-ary into february.

Kelly: We have that to look forward to.

Ryan: He's a grammy award-winning rapper, over 30 million albums. Please welcome curtis 50-cent jackson.

Kelly: Hi!

Ryan: Hi, buddy.

Kelly: Help yourself, ladies.

>> I will always help myself!

Kelly: We prepared them. We saw curtis backstage, and I've got to tell you, the suit is everything. You should wear it every day but I love it.

Curtis: I'm going to try to wear it a couple of days.

Ryan: What is your regiment because obviously, you're staying very fit.

Curtis: I train usually in the morning I got up and train with my trainer.

Curtis: I go to the gym and I pick up weights, maybe not as big but I've been doing it for 20 years, and I still wear boy suits. And I mean this honestly.

What am I doing wrong?

Curtis: You probably just have a high metabolism.

Ryan: I have a high metabolism.

Curtis: I can't make an assessment that fast.

Ryan: Years on a towel now now?

Curtis: He's five.

Kelly: That's a good age.

Curtis:k t did you take him o times square? , should you have to pay those guys?

Curtis: Not much. They were excited. I said wait, take a picture. He had too much to eat.

Kelly: Iron man is really.

Ryan: What is he into at his age at five right now?

Curtis: He really likes "star wars." I got him the "star wars" special edition lego set. So big that it was like something for me to do. You get toys for kids that are really for you.

That's when you're being a good parent.

Kelly: Did you put it all together?

Curtis: Some of it.

Kelly: He put it together and you like don't play with it, you're going to mess it up.N: Yn 84-year-old grandfather, and this is so cool. We heard that you take him on a trip every year.

Curtis: Every year because I'm not around a lot because I'm moving around doing everything season.

Ryan: What did he want to do?

Curtis: Now he's requesting that wherever we stay is flat. He doesn't want to go up the stairs and stuff like that. But other than that, he just wants to hang out.

He was even asking me take me to one of those clubs where those girls that.

Ryan: He wanted you to take him to one of those clubs.

Curtis: I didn't know how that would go over.

Kelly: He didn't take it?

Curtis: Have my 84-year-old grandfather in the strip club?

Kelly: You have to take in.

Ryan: When we come back, 50 cent will tell us about the rigorous training for his brand-new film right after the break.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "riverdale," camila mendes.

>> So this is what's up. For the past 16 years, my daughter's protection has been my responsibility and my responsibility only. For the first time in her life, I've got to hand you that responsibility.

Your mama will weep if she has to will around the rest of your life.

Kelly: That's a scene from "den of thieves" ." It's a bank heist film, right?

Curtis: We had a military experience. The guys in our background come back to society without everyone being privy to thexp kind of ba. They come into an area where there a combat criminal element.

That scene was my 16-year-old daughter is getting ready to go to a sweet 16 problem or something in her day comes.

Kelly: And you indoctrinate him?

Curtis: That's where you're not cool to your kids anymore. They're developing developing their own social circle. I'm just trying to do it. She's not going to listen to me, so I need to talk to him.

So I can get him on my side and on my team.

Kelly: See you brought him into that room full of those me men.

Curtis: It's a different approach.

Ryan: Was a military training involved in this for you? Three we trained for two weeks before we even started the film, tactical training in gerard ande regulators went and they were doing law enforcement protocol.

We were training, she just had a code. When it started getting cold, he looked around and he was like I'm not going to do this. I'm a driver. He is like do I have to do this?

Kelly: He didn't understand what he had to endure the training.

Curtis: Everybody had to do it. He's like why? I'm the driver.

Ryan: Can't I just sit in the car with the heat warmer on the seat?

Kelly: I'm on his side.

Ryan: "Den of thieves" in theaters nationwide friday january 19th. Curtis jackson, everybody.

Kelly: Is coming up, camila mendes is here. Stick around.

Kelly: All right. Welcome back, everybody. Now, look into this. She plays my baby daddy's other baby mama veronica on the hit show "riverdale." Please welcome the beautiful and talented camila mendes.

[Cheers and applause]

Camila: Hi! Hello! Hi!

Kelly: How are you?

Ryan: Good to see you again. How are you?

Kelly: Congratulations on your cosmo cover.

Camila: Thank you.

Kelly: I got very excited. I was like I know them! I got so excited.

Camila: I was talking to somebody, it's tangible for the older generation of a symbol of success.

Ryan: The older generation, I get it.

Camila: I'm referring to you.

Ryan: You growing up moved 16 times or something.

Camila: I moved 16 times but I wasn't a military brat or anything.

Kelly: Have ever talked about this with mark because he was in the military and he's moved probably about the same amount of times.

Camila: That's crazy. We do need to talk about that. We haven't talked about it. It's an interesting way to grow up for sure.

Kelly: Where did you live?

Camila: Virginia and then to atlanta, back to virginia, back to atlanta, orlando, brazil for a year, and then we moved to south florida but all over south florida.

Fort lauderdale miami.

Kelly: Were you in a federal protection program?

Camila: That's funny pete I really hated it at the time, but now I'm very grateful for it. It kind of shaped who I am.

Kelly: Especially now as an actor, so much of your life is on the go.

Camila: And on kind of comfortable with that. I adapt to things very easily.

Ryan: You ended up graduating from school here.

Camila: Then I moved to go there.

Kelly: How did you find your agent?

Camila: So I interned for them when I was in my junior year and in my internship I was like the one assigned me? Can you audition me and if it goes well?

Then they said sure. At that point, we were all friends. It was a small office.

Kelly: "Riverdale" is your first major role.

Camila: I graduated a semester early. And if I hadn't, I would've had to drop out of college at the very end just to shoot the pilot.

Ryan: When they saw you, they wanted to sign you up right away.

Camila: It was a long process. And by the end of it, by the networks test, they told me it would be another girl and they're going to let her go but we are going to open up another nationwide search.

Ryan: Just what you want to hear. And now, a nationwide search for veronica. Here we go.

Kelly: It's interesting because when lily was here, she was saying is kind of a similar thing. She thought the job that she thought they didn't get the job.

Camila: We were told no and the beginning. The first two weeks, I was sitting there waiting to find out and my contract had expired. I was like oh, my god.

Am I not the one?

Kelly: I can't picture that show without you. You are such a stand out. Thank you.

Kelly: "Live with kelly and o take a commercial break, but we will talk about that.

Announcer: Enter this snow way web trivia and you can win a package from cuisinart valued at approximately $1,200. Go on our web site or go to our facebook page to enter today.

>> This weeks, "live" has the stars of "the assassination of gianni versace: Beginning with ricky martin.

Kelly: Do your best vicki martin.

Ryan: Ricky martin.

Kelly: So good.

>> And "the resident"'s matt czuchry.

>> On behalf of the students and faculty here at riverdale high, welcome to your new school. To ease this transition, set up a registration desk where you can get your locker assignments, class schedule, and a list of courses and extracurriculars.

We encourage each and every one of you to drink deeply from the cup at riverdale.

Camila: Drink deeply from the cup.

Kelly: That's a scene from riverdale. The teen schools are merging. The fringe schools.

Camila: Has been mysteriously shut down. So all of the south side kids are to riverdale so there's going to be some tension. And veronica is there to ease the tensions.

Kelly: She really is a very socially.

Camila: She's a mediator.

Ryan: What's going on with veronica and archie and wh swee.

Camila: He's great. They are stronger than ever but there's going to be -- this is a story line I really like -- someone who comes in and approaches archie for information about the family business.

So that's going to kind of cause them. Yes.

Kelly: The character.

Camila: I call him mark.

Kelly: It's very interesting because I loved that there is that office there with the fireplace and your portrait is hanging over the office.

Camila: Is so creepy.

Kelly: Mark does have an office, albeit not at all as great glamorous as the one on your show, but there is a picture of lola hanging over.

Camila: No way could I have to see this.

Kelly: It's really strange.

Camila: I want to bring that painting home with me one day. I just want to put it in my living room and scare people with it.

Kelly: You won a teen choice award for scenes dealer. And I couldn't agree more, by the way. So where do you think your big surfboard?

Camila: I send it to my dad's place and is an art guest room. It's very disturbing. It's funny because we joke about it on set. Every time I do a scene, I said did I just steal that same?

I'm sorry, I really stole this scene.

Ryan: Yes, I did. "Riverdale" of wednesday's 8:00 P.M. On the cw. Good to see you. Thank you for coming.

Kelly: You look so pretty. Play powerball pilates.goi

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," from the new series "the resident," matt czuchry.

Ryan: So this week, we are going to get you moving as part of our b-6 push to help you conquer your greatest challenges. It's called powerball pilates with marc santa maria from crunch.

Kelly: Hi, mark. So physically, I don't think you play powerball while doing pilates but this is a great way to hit the lottery.

>> Absolutely. It's going to get you in shape to win more money.

Ryan: What is it truly? You can use a beach ball or any kind of blown up ball you can use. This one has some sand in it, some material that's about two and a half pounds so it will keep the ground.

We warm up our crunch and you have to roll it back up. So you're just going to shift the sand, get used to that movement. You want to hear it shake. If you want to hear that shake movement down.

If you want extra level, you can take that leg back. My athletes at home, you can add a little extra hop. That's nice point, ryan. Warming up the core, you're going to take that spin.

Nice, that was awesome. The big core movement here. You want to shift from palm to palm. You should feel of the left palm, right palm. And then you're going to shake what your mama gave you.

Stand in the middle, brace your core. Bonus round if you can take it up high and take it on down. So that's our warm up. Are you starting to feel that?

Kelly: I'm also on sudafed. Could be that.

Marc: You're doing amazing. Sit down, take a little break. Get down on your blue ball.

Ryan: Hello, blue ball.

Marc: So now you're going to get in your blue ball and shift away to the side, let your cheeks just hang off. Work your thighs. Now shift over and get the other side.

Once you're ready, boom. Rise up, and roll on your blue ball. There you go. Nice, one more move. Awesome. It works your thighs and your glutes.

Kelly: This is one of those things where you're sore the next day and you go to sit on the toilet and you can't. Can you like what happened?

Marc: Next move. Good core move. We're going to take our palms on the floor, place your shin on the blue ball.

Kelly: Went to get the lottery ticket?

Marc: Here's where you would scratch off your lottery ticket in a plank. Reverse scratch, scoop your belly button and then pull it. The couple of these get your core going.

Ryan: Let it out?

Marc: Now type your toe down. A little cardio element. Transition, then bonus, let's do a pipe. So get up to the sky.

Kelly: Can you see my crack?

Marc: Push up if you want. Pop it and that's our second section.

Kelly: And then pop it?

Ryan: So that's section two.

Marc: Our last section.

Ryan: I feel on fire.

Marc: A beautiful mermaid. Mermen, were women. Come up to your side, imagine this is your big old finn, you're lifting it up and you're going to use your obliques.

Smash the ball with your thigh. That helps.

Kelly: I just did the complete opposite.

Marc: Smash the ball, then bonus lift. There you go, keep those legs up. Awesome. There you go.

Kelly: Sexy curves.

Ryan: It is between my legs legs.

Marc: High rob, inner thigh. Above the knee. Now smash the ball, just squeeze it. Bonus round.

Kelly: You get a free class if you break the ball?

Marc: A free membership.

Kelly: I'm very good at breaking balls.


Marc: Last exercise. You're going to face each other because you guys are great partners together, you work well together. I know you guys love contact.

But no, this is a work out. Work. Take your ball, you're going to lean back, going to tap the floor, and then you're going to toss it. You don't have to lean back all the way.

Ryan: I've got you.

Marc: Yes, and back. And you come right back up. You swing up. Yes.

Ryan: Is heavy.

Marc: So couple of reps of these. This is one you can do at home, even for this one, a smaller one if you have it. You do how long is the work out if you do it?

Kelly: You know it would be nice, a pad of some kind. That would've been nice.

Marc: You guys are doing amazing.

Ryan: Is really good.

Kelly: This is really good. Make sure you check out this class. Marc santa maria everybody. Coming up next, your pets.

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Kelly: Calmed down, everybody. Here it comes. Breaking news.

Ryan: But there's more.

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Ryan: We'll be right back.

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[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Check this out. This is so cool. Debbie anthony from virginia is a photo she took with ryan after our interview about dating and wearing a diaper.

Ryan: On the second day and wearing a diaper.

Kelly: Just so you know, where did you hear that first? I said it because my friend where the diaper when he goes to times square.

Ryan: We should give you some context. They were in times square on new year's eve and had to wear diapers.

Kelly: You're not allowed to go to the bathroom coming up to stay in this area for hours on end. A lot of people get there at 10:00 A.M. And we are talking midnight, no going to the bathroom.

Where do you go? You go in your pants. In a diaper. One day will all get there.

Ryan: We hope. This is from carissa patton in new hampshire. Our 10-week-old bengal kitten loves watching you guys every morning. Your voices immediately bring her out from our kiddie tower and she runs over to enjoy you both.

Kelly: That's really sweet.

Ryan: If you look closely, the neighbors school is right there.

Kelly: I didn't realize that was that sweet is that kitten. I thought that bangles were tigers. I had no idea.

Ryan: They originated as a kitten

Kelly: They grow so fast.

Ryan: Have a great day, see you later.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: He or she is, ellen degeneres!

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Have a seat, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Back at you. Back at all of you. Thanks for being here. Happy martin luther king jr. Day.

[Cheers and applause]

Did y'all have a good weekend?

[Cheers and applause]

That's good. I would love to hear what you did one at a time, that would be great. What did you do this weekend?

>> I slept in.

Ellen: You slept the whole weekend? That's great. All right. I'm kidding. I know what you did because I went through your instagram photos and a lot of you post somewhere and stuff.

Which is fine, it's your private account. But momost of yours aren't private. I don't understand why people post embarrassing photos to instagram. What if somebody important sees it, like your boss or even me?

Then I can show them. But you're probably thinking, alan, I've never posted anything embarrassing on instagram and I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about deanna armstrong.

That's I'm talking about. Deanna?

>> Hey, ellen.

Ellen: How are you doing?

>> Good, how are you.

Ellen: Let's just see what you posted, okay? Let's see.


>> Oh, my god.

Ellen: Throwback to the night I don't remember, lol. I'll bet you remember this now. So, you're thinking, I'm going to mike getting handcuffed, somebody take a picture of this because I want to post it?

You're asking me what it was? I don't know. What did you do to get handcuffed?

>> That's my brother-in-law.

Ellen: And this was like a role-playing thing or what's happening?

>> We were at the colorado river and I thought it would be funny since he is in his gear to handcuff me.

Ellen: Oh, ha ha. Yeah. There somebody I think you might want to meet and get along with. Pedro peralta, where's pedro peralta? Hi, how are you?

>> A little scared now.

Ellen: A little scared? Okay. Well, don't be scared. I just want to talk to about this photo. A photo and a comment, "then and now." Some things never change bread you seem to enjoy sleeping on a bathroom floor.

Speaker that's actually not me, it's out of my best friends.

Ellen: You posted, this is not you, this is one of your best. He didn't love it.

Ellen: What's his name?

>> Julio vasquez.

Ellen: So julio, that's him and now.

>> That was like two years in a row, or maybe a year between that.

Ellen: That's a shame, really. He's your friend?

>> Unfortunately.

Ellen: Maybe not anymore now that we've got this. Or maybe this is a good wake-up call for him, I don't know. All right, jackie fontes, where's jackie one test?

Hi, how are you?

>> I'm great, thank you for asking.

Ellen: You posted a kid jumping into a pool in slow motion, so let's take a look at this.

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