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Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from the new series, "how I met your father," hilary duff. Plus, "succession" star and author, brian cox.

Also, our "new you in '22!" Continues with a full body workout from fit-fluencer, melissa wood-tepperberg. All next on "live!"

♪ And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

Kelly: Morning! It is tuesday, january 18th, 2022. Can we take a shot of deja again? That necklace is extraordinary.

Deja: Oh, thank you. Thank you, kelly.

Kelly: I love it. Speak. Speak to you is that where you also broadcast a radio show when you have to do it from home?

Deja: Exactly. This is where everything happens. This is where the magic happens. Speed you give radio. Give us a sliver of radio.

Deja: That was the latest one, doing some damage, and of course she is going to be doing some damage again, trying to egot. Then we will see what she has coming up on wdls.

Kelly: Deja, I could listen to it all day, and some days I do, by the way.

Deja: Thanks, guys.

Kelly: Ryan, would you like to do a D.J. Third down with deja right now?

Ryan: Up to number three this week, it is glass animals making a big comeback after releasing this two years ago. It's got steam. Takes the spot on america's top 40.


Deja: That was good. That was good.

Kelly: Do you have a response?

Deja: Hip-hop artist's oed teamed up with cher doing this amazing campaign. They are going to look good and sound good. Here is the latest one, "I see chain."

Kelly: I could do this all day.

Ryan: Kiis fm is paying your bills. Make sure you get it to me. Vip, double the money. Kiis fm. All right. I'm out. That's all I got.

Kelly: That's it?

Ryan: That's all -- because

Deja: We could go back and forth all day. Speak to different markets for days.

Kelly: Hear me out. One day, let's just say I can't be here. I can't be here in this chair.

Ryan: You cannot be in the living room.

Kelly: Ryan and deja hosting the show only in radio speak. Oh, my gosh.

Deja: That would be crazy.

Kelly: It would be my favorite show ever. I might actually watch.

Ryan: Deja, I will tell you, kelly has been a guest on the radio show. She has the greatest taking collars. I think she needs to do something late night where she can take colors and give them advice and give them honesty back.

I have to end the segment because we have to go to commercial, but I could have done it for ten or 20 minutes.

Deja: Really? Then you have to come on my show and answer some calls.

Kelly: I mean, I've been begging.

Deja: Put gelman on.

Kelly: Open the door. I'm standing right outside.

Ryan: Things, deja. That was fun. I want to ask you, kelly, so much winter weather from georgia to canada. Snow and cold temperatures. Mark said very deliberately that there would be no snow in your region.

Did you get any?

Kelly: He is one of the great meteorologists and unsung meteorologist. I would like to point out yesterday he told us with the certainty of the phil, that we would not see our shadows.

Predict winter. Anyway, he said there would be no snow. And as the show was signing off, I can see through the window, the snow beginning to fall. Isn't that amazing?

It started snowing.

Ryan: This was his first missed forecast. Is he going to be defending himself in a minute?

Kelly: You know what I realizes that you are so similar. You know how they say like you stick with what you know? What I did not realize is that you and I have been friends for years, but until you worked at "live," we had never worked together.

I didn't realize that you have that weird thing that mark does, which is clear your throat incessantly.

[Clearing throat]

Ryan: I do. I have done it all as my life. I heard him do it, which is why I could recognize it very easily. That is preparation and case called on to speak.

Kelly: The first time you are in the building, that first day, I heard you going --

[Clearing throat]

And I thought mark had somehow escaped from canada. I was like wait, are they surprising me with mark today? Because I was so use to you that sounds.

Ryan: It's like revving up the engine. So, listen, I bring this up because there was a crazy amount of snow coming down. Like 4 inches an hour and parts of new york.

You know, and is in the almost magic castle, and I believe he may be in some of the snow in the catskills right now. Ed, are you there? Are you inside the igloo?

Are you under the snow?

Ed: We got like 9 inches. Wait. Hold on.

Kelly: We can't see anything, but it sounds incredible.

Ed: There we go. Lots and lots of snow.

Kelly: And so, now --

Ryan: The almost magic castle.

Kelly: Go through the castle.

Ryan: Who is a giggling stop for a second. Let's just look around this cathedral-like environment. Now, no wonder -- oh, ed. Come on.


Ryan: Exposed beam.

Ed: Isn't that pretty? There from the 1800s. We found them on eBAY.

Kelly: Stop it.

Ed: Yeah, they were dismantling a barn out here, and we got them when we were building a house.

Ryan: Well, now, was there a lot of competition for beams from the 1800s?

Ed: I don't know, actually. My husband, harvey, did everything. I just showed up for the delivery.

Kelly: Harvey is one of those guys that I have to say he can do everything, right? Isn't he like everything?

Ed: Electrician, carpenter, plumber, you name it.

Kelly: So smart. Ed, I knew you were smart. Not just your brain. I mean, you both complement each other very well.

Ed: Thank you.

Ryan: Thank you for wearing your spirit sweatshirt.

Ed: I made sure I wrapped dominic repped the show can't

Kelly: All the advertising we can get, I say.

Ed: Absolutely, we needed.

Kelly: I just want to say one thing. We were talking about this, how -- because so many people are working from home. There are people that have left their jobs that they've decided not to go back into the office.

With us, it's sort of like just mandated. The building closes, and then every opens, and then we're back. But for a lot of people, they are now living in the reality that we've been in for a while.

Which is your home needs to look like a set at a moment's notice. So I find myself buying things that are good for tv. Tv props. Things that have dimensions, things are light up.

Like all the stuff behind me.

Ryan: Those artifacts in the back. That plate is not an oyster plate. It is not china. It is something that you bought down the road.

Kelly: I thought it at world market in ann arbor. Greatest store on earth where I also got a fondue pot.

Ryan: Yeah, it is true. We are making backgrounds for all of the different meetings that we have been doing off and on, and you just don't know how long you're going to have to do this he thought back and forth.

Knowing you and reading you, I think you're okay where you are. I think you're quite comfortable.

Kelly: You know me. And again, I think this is -- just because I am a mom, I turn to wherever I into a nest, and den. It doesn't really matter. I will turn it into a den/set.

Ryan: You will world market at.

Kelly: It is also a camera ready at a moment's notice.

Ryan: Are you going to do the work out segment in your corner again?

Kelly: Yes, I am. You know, today, I have an associate producer. You are not the only one that has associate producers.


Ryan: I have jeffrey tubbs, my radio engineer. And you have now who?

Kelly: He has a film student. What is it? What is a program called? Film, tv, and media. At the university of michigan. Also a wrestler, so don't get fresh.

Okay, ryan?

Ryan: What does he want to do? I was a wrestler as a freshman in high school. And I realize I did not have the stamina or the endurance for the sport.

I realize that.

Kelly: Any advice for ryan? You can come -- he's going to come into the shot here.

Ryan: What is the first position?

Jayloney: That's not too bad. Get a little lower. Your arm is swinging a little too much, ryan.

Ryan: It's been a few years. I am going to be stuck here if I don't get up.

Kelly: He will be stuck in that position.

Ryan: But it's great to meet you, man.

Kelly: He is learning what not to do here today.

Ryan: So, film or tv, what interests you mark?

This could not be more different.

Jayloney: That's fair. Honestly, I am thinking more so starting off in short films. You can say a lot more in a concentrated amount of time. That seems to be what I am thinking right now.

First chapter, I would say.

Kelly: Well, I don't want to brag, but we are actors as well, so in case you are looking for fresh talent that works for free.

Jayloney: Free?

Kelly: For you.

Ryan: I have played myself several times. So if you are looking for me to play me, I can do it again.

Jayloney: Okay.

Ryan: Thank you for helping out.

Kelly: .

Kelly: We appreciate it.

Ryan: All right, we've got a big show. On with us today, hilary duff joining us.

Kelly: And ryan, I don't need to tell you because I know you've been up all night in anticipation. Our dear leader is here. Brian cox. He's written a memoir.

I mean, what did we do before we

Watched him in "succession"? Who did we listen to?

Ryan: We did not really have a leader. That is why we were so misguided.

Kelly: Get your own pile. Get your own pile.

Ryan: And a total body workout. This time with melissa wood-tepperberg. Do we have the yoga mat? Right now, it is time for "live's freeze the day trivia." Shall we?


Kelly: Hey, that's our virtual trivia dancer, maurice wright from des moines, iowa. Yeah.

Ryan: I like it. And the scribes. Nice move. Let's say hello to brandy williams from san antonio, texas. Brandy williams, good morning, how are you?

Caller: Am wonderful, guys.

Ryan: Good to have you with us. What are you up to?

Caller: Nothing. Then sitting in here watching the news, waiting for you guys to come on.

Ryan: Funny enough, we are doing nothing too. All right, we are running tight on time already. Gelman is flashing all kinds of cards. I have a feeling by his cadence, you automatically win the mug.


Caller: Awesome. I'm so excited.

Kelly: Excellent.

Ryan: Is not right, gelman?

Gelman: That's right, yes. Now we go for the big prize.

Ryan: Spin the wheel.

Kelly: Wanted to make sure he got his moment on camera.

Gelman: Great prize, yes, two spa treatments valued at $9,000. 20 seconds and only one guess.

Kelly: Thank you. Very proud of you.

Gelman: Thank you.

Ryan: More throttle then next time. On yesterday's show, what did we show my niece, flora, cooking? What was she making? 15 seconds. Ten seconds. Did you see yesterday's show?

Caller: Now, I didn't.

Ryan: Just got something a little girl would make. Go.

Caller: Cookies.

Ryan: Good guess. The savory version of cookies. Pizza. But it's not a total loss.

Caller: That's fine. Thank you guys so much.

Kelly: Don't you want to hear what you're going to win anyway?

Caller: Of course.

Kelly: You're going to receive a $500 appliance package from cuisinart. And you're going to be entered into our grand prize drawing for $5,000.

Caller: Thank you guys so much. Such a blessing. Thank you all.

Ryan: Thank you so much for listening and watching. You take good care.

Caller: Thanks, guys.

Ryan: We will be right back with hilary duff on "live."

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we will do a total body workout with fit-fluencer melissa wood-tepperberg. And from "succession," brian cox. Coming up next, hilary duff.


Ryan: Welcome back. Coming up tomorrow here on "live," jenna dewan.

Kelly: And from the "euphoria," I don't know if you want to see 18, ryan.

Ryan: I have not seen it.

Kelly: Literally every parent's nightmare. Sydney sweeney will be on the shelf.

Ryan: We will hear all about that. We continue "fit-fluencer week" with the workout with emma lovewell as well.

Kelly: That's exciting. She is a recording artist, author, actor, and she can see and be seen and then a series, "how I met your father." Let's say hello to hilary duff.

Hilary: Hi, guys. Good morning. Good to see both of you.

Kelly: Are you in my dressing room in new york?

Hilary: No, doesn't look look like I am? I was watching your segment before, and you were talking about how everything has to be camera ready. I'm like I just have to find a quiet corner where my kids cannot find me.

I don't get to choose what it looks like. As long as I am in a corner and no one can find me, that's the spot.

Kelly: You have little little ones, don't you.

Hilary: Yes, I do.

Ryan: Look at that beautiful photo. What is the longest duration of time you have had was just quiet and uninterrupted time recently?

Hilary: You know what? I was like seven and a half minutes, maybe? Actually I made a new year's resolution that was like I have to start taking a little bit more alone time and not feeling guilty about it.

It is so hard to do. It is a true challenge, but it's just important to feel like a human being outside of your kids. And I love them and I want to spend all my time with them.

But you need a break sometime. That's why I am talking to you today, sitting in the corner.

Kelly: Pace yourself on the guilt because it's with you for the whole rest of your life, and you got years and years of it ahead of you, so don't burn out early.

Don't burn out now. Save it for later.

Ryan: You always say you go from man to man to his own defense. And there are benefits.

Kelly: You know, one child is one child. Two children are two children. And three kids are 35 children. Nothing after that. After the third.

Hilary: Kelly, did you always hear that four makes everything easier? Because I don't think I'm willing to test the theory. Everyone says that three is the most difficult and four, I don't know if it is just so overwhelming, you give up.

What is it?

Kelly: My pediatrician looked at me and said triangulation is very difficult. You must have another child. And mark was like we are finding another pediatrician.

Hilary: Fire the doctor without advice.


Kelly: I was like let's go.

Ryan: Hilary, we saw you. You popped up on "the bachelor" the other night.

Hilary: I did.

Ryan: Give us some context.

Hilary: First of all, I have been a fan forever. I've been so intrigued by what really goes on, and it was just wild. When they told me I was going on to promote the show, I was the most excited.

They thought I was going to say no for some reason. I was like what? That's the biggest show on tv, and I am a fan. It was exciting. I had to skip work that day.

And they are all talking to each other. It's like a huge operation. It was really cool. But also maybe like we are living in a simulation. I couldn't quite figure it out.

Kelly: Oh, come on. Let me tell you something. That is totally living in a simulation.

Hilary: Like a social experiment.

Kelly: There is no reality there. If you want to see if people can make it together for the rest of their lives, take them to see whether or not their child has a ringworm.


Literally about.

Ryan: I cannot believe that kelly, you did not run into hilary on the set that day.

Kelly: Well, as you know, I am a huge "bachelor" aficionado. I am usually there.

Hilary: Are you an expert on the show? Or you've never watched?

Ryan: She is an expert in all categories, and she's usually right. We are going to come back with hilary duff right after this. Stay where you are.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "succession," brian cox.

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>> At least I still have you. You know what? We can just be to the single new york ladies doing it for ourselves. We can start a podcast called "who needs men?"

>> About that --

>> Oh, my --

>> !

I have made spirit >> stop. This is charlie.

Ryan: Surprised I got passed up on that cameo. That's a scene from "how I met your father," the sequel to "how I met your mother." What do we need to know?

Set it up for us, hilary.

Hilary: The show is really its own show.

It is a continuation, of the original show, which was so amazing and beloved. But it is about sophie, told from the female perspective, telling her son the night that she met her father.

And it follows this really, you know, great pack of weirdos who become instant friends on one of those magic nights in new york where lightning strikes in your life starts to come together.

But we are going to go on adventures with 30 something-year-olds in the world of dating apps and unlimited choices. And the fact that you are just swipable while dating.

We have a lovely cast, and creators and writers. It's a really fun new adventure.

Kelly: Kim cattrall plays sophie in the year 2050?

Hilary: She does. And she is amazing. I would be lying if I said I did not actually let out a little scream when I heard she was joining our cast. She's just -- she's so -- he tells a great story.

She's so warm. When I think of new york city, I think of kim. She's a great addition to our cast. Outside the world of covid, I just want to spend all my time hanging out with her.

And I also need to constantly work on my posture when I sit next to her. I'm like oh, you're supposed to be back here. Not like this.


Ryan: Well, listen, kelly, I know I can speak for you when I say finally, show for 30 somethings about dating. We are glad that it is out.

Kelly: Exactly.

Ryan: "How I met your father." Looks great. Can't wait to see it. First to upset streaming now on hulu.

Hilary: Thank you so much. Great to see both of you.

Ryan: No more peace and quiet. Back to life. Brian cox after this.

Announcer: Tomorrow on

♪ Play your way with pa Lottery Online and get up to a $500 deposit match today.

Ryan: It is so good. Here we go, kelly. He plays the ruthless patriarch -- are you excited? Logan roy on the award-winning series, "succession." And he's written a new memoir called "putting the rabbit in the hat." Please welcome our leader, brian cox.

Brian: Hello.

Kelly: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good day.

Brian: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Yes.

Kelly: So great to see you, our dear leader.

Brian: Wherever you are on the screen, ict with me, but I do not see one of you.

Kelly: You are not missing anything. Believe me.

Ryan: I want to ask a question or two about "succession" and the finale, but I'm worried for those who haven't seen the finale because there is a twist.

We don't want to give it away, do we?

Kelly: I don't want to give it away because so many of the viewers of our show are sometimes behind then they get very irate when we give away spoilers.

But how far in advance do you know a story line? Ask that.

Brian: Normally, I never know anything. And I don't want to know. I'm very happy not to know. But this happened just before covid. I was at a meeting with jesse, our creator.

And he was about to tell me what was going to happen on the show. And I said oh, wait a minute. I prefer to be in my ignorance. I said I am very -- he said no, let me tell you.

So he actually told me how it was going to hit. And unfortunately, because of the streaming situation, I am kind of stymied about telling you. But it's very, very enticing.

You've probably seen it.

Kelly: Oh, we've seen it. We've seen it so many times, that we analyze it, and then we discover new things about it that we missed. And then ryan and I will text each other about you, our dear leader, because we are always on your side.

It's just so you know if you are to be clear.

Brian: You are people of taste. Taste and consequence, which is always very important.

Kelly: Thank you very much. Now, are you about to begin shooting season four?

Brian: No, no, they are just starting to write it. The writers need a break because they work very hard. With everything else, they are just starting to write it.

Probably we won't go until sometime later. I can't say when because hbo has a -- on may.

Kelly: Understood. Let's get to the yearbook.

Ryan: We mentioned it in the intro to you, and it is a conversation, sort of walking through. There it is. As I walk through your life. Tell us about those memories.

Kelly is in the process of riding a book right now, so I get to hear some of the sidebars of the process. What was it like?

Brian: The principal, I think, of writing, I was told this years and years ago. I read a couple of books 30 years ago. I have not written one sentence.

Somebody once told me always right as you speak. And that gave me the idea of doing the book as a conversation. I enter it myself, go back to a subject.

And I go on. And that's how the book shakes out. It's tangential. It's not linear. It tells a story. Quite an extraordinary story in many ways. Especially my L.A. Life which, to me, is one of the reasons I wrote the book, which was to honor my mother and father, who had such a -- I don't know -- well, my mother continued for some years.

But she was never the same after my father died. She had a mental breakdown. In a way, I was trying to honor them. And of course, naturally, I've been in this business since I was 15.

I'm talking about 60 years of experience.

Kelly: You now, our offices are closed, so we have not gotten our advance copy. And they sent me a link so that I could read a little bit. And when I tell you, ryan, I don't know if you got the link --

Ryan: I did.

Kelly: I truly, when I meet with my editor on thursday, I am going to say no, I will give you the money back because I can never write as good as brian cox as written.

Brian: Kelly, I'm sure that's not the case. I'm sure you can write extremely well. One of the problems is our early education, which declares us to be -- I mean, I was virtually recorded as educated normal.

They protected me from that. I am normal, but that's a different thing. What I loved about it, I learned so much from experience. This very important thing, right as you speak.

Kelly, you know how to talk. And I'm sure you know how to write.


Kelly: Your very kind. You're too kind.

Brian: Just give yourself over to it. And actually one of the good things, dictating. If you can dictate, on your iphone, take passages. There is a passage that you want to talk about in your early life or your family or what have you, just get it down.

There is the iPHONE. Recorded there. Go to there, and then you can adjust accordingly.

Ryan: It has humor. It has humor. It has vulnerability. It has a real honesty. It has a strong point of view. It's a story that you intentionally did not want to share or leave out, or is it pretty much all in there?

Brian: There's a lot of stuff that I've left out, actually. I think there may be another book, which I need to cover other bases that I did not cover.

Certain things, certain jobs people said you did not talk about that or you did not talk about that. I'm going to go through the book eventually and make a list of what I left out.

Possibly a second book. Who knows? Because it's a long life, you know.

Kelly: There is a second book, I'm telling you. I could not put down book one, and I was reading it on my iphone, which you know, is like impossible.

And I still -- I am so riveted to you and a whole new way. Like outside of your performances now. I'm riveted to you in a very personal way.

Brian: That's very sweet. Thank you so much. That's what's important. I hope people relate to the book, particularly in the relationship with the struggle we have as children and the struggle we have and the bridge between being a child and an adult, which is what I cover quite a bit.

I don't go on about it in that way. For me, my dad died when I was eight. My mom had a series of nervous breakdowns, so she was institutionalized. She couldn't remember hardly anything.

She lost a phenomenal amount of weight. And there was still very crude electric shock treatment in those days, so I lost quite a bit of my childhood. Most of my childhood.

When she came out, she was a very different person. She was very funny. She was always very funny, my mom. She used to make me laugh. She was quite comical in a way.

I talk about in the book one of the things that she did was she actually got a petition -- this is when I was about 19. And I was on television. She got a petition, and she got the neighbors to sign it.

She said brian, we are going to be sending this to the bbc because we want to see you more on television. I said mom, it doesn't quite work that way. The neighbor is are very happy, they would like to see you on television, but it doesn't quite work that way.

The bbc don't just say oh, we must have brian cox.

Kelly: Thank god for moms, though.

Brian: That's the other thing I realized, here I am, in my mid-70s, and I still miss my parents. It's an extraordinary thing, but I still miss them.

When I was a kid, I used to dream about seeing my dad in the distance, and that was always frustrating because I could never quite reach him. But I have him here, you know.

And there.

Ryan: Well... Yeah, thank you for sharing your time to tell us more about it. Thank you for telling us all of these great stories.

Brian: Thank you, ryan.

Ryan: "Putting the rabbit in the hat." Thank you, brian cox. Big fan.

Brian: To see you bye.

Kelly: He is a treasure.

Ryan: Total body workout next. Tubbs, I need the yoga mat.

Announcer: Stay social with us. Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and subscribe to our youtube channel. See all of your favorite moments and anything that you might have missed.

Announcer: To miss the next "live" with "the rookie"'s jenna dewan, sydney sweeney, from "euphoria," and "fit-fluencer week."

Ryan: I'm doing yoga, horseback riding.


Ryan: Okay. All right. Here we go. What's going on? Kelly, do you have the intro to this?

Kelly: I do. It is "fit-fluencer week" with a fitness star. Her popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate with nearly 1 million followers. Joining us today with a full body workout is melissa wood-tepperberg.

Ryan: Hi fair.

Melissa: Hi.

Ryan: I was opening my mat so it stays down. What is the most important message and all of this for us and your followers?

Melissa: The most important thing for everyone to know, because we are in the month of january, and everyone is focused on creating a new you. But in order to create a new you, you have to implement new habits that serve you.

And more importantly than that, you really have to stay consistent with that. That consistency is what holds it all together.

Kelly: And so we want you to walk us through your work out, but we want to remind everybody you should always check with your doctor before you start any kind of workout regimen, even though we have yet to ever do that here.

We just sort of get right into it. Dive headfirst. But you should always check with

Your doctor if you >> Ryan: Before we start, I want to be centered and in the right headspace, so gelman, please mute your device.

Melissa: We are going to start with a grounding breath. Most importantly, I want you to let go of everything that came before this and just be with yourself.

Put your hands together at your heart. We are going to take a big inhale. Fill yourself up with everything that you've got, and then exhale. A rapid, energizing breath.

Big inhale, exhale, let it go. Come on, guys. Do it with me. Give me three more at a faster pace. Beautiful. Tomorrow. Just like that. Big inhale. Exhale.

Let it go. Now, this method is all about using what you have available to you, including your own body weight to get something to strengthen your mind and your body.

So let's all move into a plank. But I'm going to have you come down onto your forearms. Press your hands together. Left leg back. Plug that belly in. Strong core.

To forward an inch on your toes and back. Give me five. Use that. To really let your breath you will these movements. Hold it there. Strong core. Stretch those heels.

Press the floor away. Drop down onto the knees. Now, stay here on your forearms. Press those palms firmly into the mat. Float that top leg high. I see you are both in tiny spaces, but it does not matter where you are.

There's always something you can do. Kelly, float that healed up. Drop it down an inch. As if you are lifting it to the ceiling. Drop it down. Keep that belly plugged in.

Ryan, soften your face. Give me tomorrow. Then draw a little circle.

Ryan: Everything -- everything is soft. We are going to take a break. Let me get the leg up during the break. More moves.


Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," from the series "euphoria," sydney sweeney.

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Ryan: All right, we are back with a melissa wood-tepperberg. You can download her app. Be sure to look at that for all of these moves and more.

Melissa: For this next low impact movement, we are on our side. I want you to point those toes. As if you are drawing a little letter you shape on that wall.

Point those toes. Give me one more there. Drop that link down. Roll onto your back. Taking your legs into tabletop. Squeeze those heels together. Just gently rest your head in your hands.

And you are going to frog those legs long. Hug me into your shoulder. Toes apart. Squeeze those inner thighs together. You guys, these are amazing workouts for really the full body burn, but also to impact your mind as well.

Rolling onto your side, let's not go. Come into a seated position. I think the most important thing here is no matter what time you have, there's always something you can get in, whether it is five-minute arms, ten minute abs.

I have standing series I have done in the park with a stroller. There is always something. Things to help strengthen our mind as well.

>> Kelly I agree. That is the whole point of exercise. Clear the mind.

Melissa: Yet, 100%. And I think grounding before you go, taking just a grounding breath helps get you out of the fight or flight, let go of the day.

In your practice really moves through you through you.

Ryan: Thank you so much. We are clear minded. We will be back after the break.

Melissa: Thank you.

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Ryan: All right, before we go, a little housekeeping. Remember, a new trivia dancer contest is underway with a $2500 grand prize and great weekly prize.

The roomba from my robot. Enter on our website. Get in on that action. Thank you for writing. These are some of your fitness comments. "I have been working out with my sidekick and teaching her yoga." The one that's adorable.

Kyle from winnipeg manitoba, canada, said his favorite way to exercise is curling.

Ryan: You let's see. From pennsylvania. "Keep punching in 2022." That's a great workout.

Kelly: Emily from laguna beach says "this is my fun form of exercise. Oh, yes, let me tell you something. You never take one of those trampoline classes?

They are no joke."

Ryan: Tomorrow, cannot go is here. Is here.

Kelly: And from What if Sun-Maid raisins were just the beginning? A naturally sweet start to a world of imaginative snacks. All from Sun-Maid... And all made with whole fruit.

Imagine that.

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- [Jamie] Today on

25 Words or Less, she's reached the pinnacle of any performing career. She's finally on a show where they give away a lobster. It's Dulce Sloan!

(Audience laughs) Playing with Dulce today, we've got boyfriend and girlfriend, Michael and Sneha. Two of his boys are college baseball players, his wife and their close friend, Pete Rose have no idea how it happened.

It's Greg Grunberg! (Greg laughs) And joining him are our returning champions, girlfriend and boyfriend, Angela and Matthew. Now here's your host, Meredith Vieira.

- Welcome to 25 Words or Less. Hey guys, so glad that you are here. - Hey! - We've got some different names here, one of the contestants Sneha, which is a beautiful name, and Dulce, where did you get your name?

- My family's from Miami. My mother had a friend named Dulce, and she liked it. It's Spanish for sweet, not Italian. And so she gave it to me. - Yeah, and it fits you.

You are very sweet, little sassy, but sweet. - Who said I was sassy? - I like it, I like it. - I will not allow this. - I've been observant, all right?

We got a great show today. It's boyfriend and girlfriend versus girlfriend and boyfriend. And the winner could go home with $10,000. So let's get right to it.

Dulce, sweetie, and Greg, you're up first. (audience applauds) - Yeah. - All right. Greg is short- - Let's take a look at the answers. - Greg is short for gregarious.

Which is not... - Well, that fits, too. - All right, it's not on your birth certificate. - No, no. (Greg laughs) Let's take a look at the answers for this round.

You have 45 seconds to get your teammates to guess all five using as few words as possible. I'm going to set the opening bid at 20 words, and Greg, can you do it in less?

(Urgent music) - Let me see. I'm gonna have to, because sweetness over here is really good at this game. Man, let's see. I can definitely do this in 18.

(Audience applauds) - Good start, Greg.

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