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Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Announcer: It's "live with kelly"! Today, from the hit drama "empire" ," terrence howard. End of the young star of "young sheldon" ," iain armitag.

And performing his new hit, jake shears! All next on "live"! And now, here are kelly rabbi and ryan seacrest!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Hello.

Kelly: Hi, hi.

Ryan: Good morning good morning.

Kelly: Be seated.

Ryan: Thank you. She's used to it.

Kelly: Did you guys just roll in from the bar?

Ryan: It is thursday, september 20th 2018. Good morning. That was the song?

Kelly: That was jake shears, that was "creep city." He's going to be on the show later on.

Ryan: Are we doing a primetime show?

Kelly: A 12 hour special. Tune in tonight.

Ryan: You worked all day yesterday.

Kelly: I felt like you.

Ryan: She said "I worked all day and I resented it."

Kelly: Women over a certain age, I won't say what age that is. Any age over 27. The makeup has a shelf life. Once it is past its shelf life, it starts to crack and separate like a sub-saharan desert.

And then you know, the next thing you know you are eating dinner and a false eyelash falls into your soup. And that's no fun for anybody.

Ryan: Have never had that happen. We wear it for the show year and I've had to get a workout in between this show and another show in the evening and the makeup when you sweat rolls right into the eye and demand as it burn.

The guys at the gym or like "what's wrong with your eyes?" And I say "my makeup is running." Put another 45 on the bar.

Kelly: Put another 45 on the bar.

Ryan: I don't even know what a 45 is.

Kelly: I like it. I think it's a record. I like that you are lifting at least 45 pounds. That's how you keep the guns the way they look.

Ryan: The where I do it is where children's suits. We are kid-sized.

Kelly: We prefer the term "fun size." You don't want the full candy bar when you could just have the fun size, it's guilt free.

Ryan: You did work all day yesterday, did you accomplish something?

Kelly: Not really. Same as always.

Ryan: Are you doing another show?

Kelly: I will talk about it later, when it's time. When it's time. I did really feel like you, before my kids went to school I used to do double duty like you do and I forgot how little time you have to sort of take care of yourself and I found myself eating dinner way too late, didn't work out, didn't have time to do any reading, really felt behind, didn't check the kids at school work, and I was like I used to live like this all the time.

I don't know how you do it, I have endless admiration for your schedule.

Ryan: I enjoy the standing at the counter eating. I don't sit down anymore. You have those days where you go to the fridge, you heated up, the chair is there.

I can't go there, I have to stand right here and lean on the counter. And eat my in my soup.

Kelly: I am with you. I don't know how you do it.

Ryan: I love it, I love it. We had one of those foot and mouth moments, you may have been bad luck. Remember the baseball player? He's 4 feet taller than I am, here's a photo of boston red sox player joe kelly, he was in the audience yesterday with his wife, his girlfriend -- a woman.

I hope it's okay to say that. Maybe it was a teammate, I don't know.

Kelly: I just got so nervous.

Ryan: Or the shortstop, I don't know.

Kelly: They he's red sox cap on backwards, he's in his t-shirt, and you say so, what brings you to town? And he says "playing the yankees." And we say "got it, good reason."

Kelly: It never occurred to me that he would be in town for work. I was like wow, we are really getting popular.

Ryan: The yankees beat them 10-1.

Kelly: So you are welcome, yankees fans.

Ryan: This is that cap he gave me. He gave me this cap. I look like an athlete.

Kelly: You look like you are wearing a snap-on cap, like you are a male polly pocket. You're the only person who knows what a polly pocket is. It's like -- yeah.


Ryan: Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play. Don't be intimidated by this. I look ridiculous. Give me jake shears' shirt.

Kelly: Jake shears is wearing a sheer top backstage, ryan could not handle the poetic miss.

Ryan: It's like the weather guy, dallas raines, who does weather.

Kelly: Whose dad is mr. Freeze. I met him, "are you mr. Freeze?" Bad news everybody, bad news. Frose is over. This audience doesn't care, they are like "what's frose?" I made this mistake once.

I was like oh, frose, no big deal. I got a bottle of rose and put it in the freezer. That's not the same. It's like a blended -- rose wine version of a margarita.

Ryan: Like us P.

Kelly: It has a lot of alcohol in it, I believe it has more than just rose, maybe -- I'm going to make up words. It may have some sort of simple syrup, strawberry, maybe some vodka, vodka fans over here, they always are.

They always congregate. Anyway, they are saying -- I don't know if it's seasonal or what but they are saying it's moment has begun to melt, so to speak.

I'm going to take issue with this article because I walked past -- you ever notice when you're working and you walk past a restaurant, it seems like you're the only person that works in the universe?

Does anybody else have this experience?

Ryan: The coffee shop, the gym, the restaurant, packed.

Kelly: We had unusually mild weather here, so everybody is eating outside and I saw lots of frose all over the place. I mean pizza parlors, what is happening?

This article, maybe in certain areas. Frose is starting to melt but I'm going to say here in the big apple, we are still frose-ing it up. They are saying the app are all spirits is the hot new drink.

Just because it's crept its way over here, we think it's a hot new drink.

Ryan: You have not have frose in months. You stopped drinking a long time ago.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm thinking of taking it back up. It's almost the weekend, it's almost 9:00 A.M. Somewhere.

Ryan: Last night I went to bed and I put my phone beside the bed. Does your phone never rang and you look at the number and you don't know the number or who it is, it's an international call.

It turns out it's these scams, right?

Kelly: Especially if it's partly your number, that's how you know, by the way.

Ryan: Half of cell phone calls now are spam, scam phone calls. They come in the evening, they get forensic with not only the area code but the first few digits, they make it look like it's your office calling.

Kelly: I think it's one of my kids, we all have phone numbers that are similar, I think to myself it's one of my kids but I can't remember which one.

I stopped answering because I learned that if I see the first few digits of my phone number, that's a scam. Lo and behold, my kids never call me, they text.

Ryan: [laughs]

That's how you know it's a scam.


It's just -- it is annoying, you put your phone down, I didn't have it on "do not disturb" which gelman has now set up for me. You think something has gone wrong when it's ringing in the middle of the night.

Kelly: That's why there's a half moon next to your number that has appeared suddenly, "why does ryan have half moon?" You have must have do not n me.

Ryan: It's not you individually. It's the whole staff. I don't want to hear from any of you once I get home.

Kelly: I was like "why is there a half moon next to him?" Is that what it is?

Gelman: I don't know you can see the half-moon from his phone. Are you sure you didn't --

Kelly: Can you put it on my phone for him?

Gelman: Sure.

Kelly: I want him to see a half-moon. I want him to see the full moon.

[Cheers and applause]

Guys, look. These are the jokes. You want to see stand up, go by to tickets for a stand-up comedian.

Ryan: These are free, you get what you pay for. Hey, today on the show, terrence howard!

Kelly: And the star of "young sheldon," iain armitage is here!

Ryan: Too as we said, a performance by cb jake shear! And right now it's time for "fantastic travel trivia!"

♪ Take it to the bridge, walt from downingtown, pennsylvania.

Kelly: I approve. You know what I liked about it? You had your feet planted firmly on the ground, "I'm going to let my arms do the talking."

>> My wife taught me everything, suzanne.

Ryan: Look how proud suzanne is.

Kelly: Look how happy she is. She's got the look of a happily married woman.

>> She's embarrassed, I think.

Ryan: Thank you for being here, we are going to get dawn to hear from post falls idaho.

Kelly: Hey, don. Your neighbors are in the house.

Ryan: Don, we are looking at the seafood lover and you, these are beautiful crab legs. Where are you?

>> Florida.

Ryan: Not a lot of cheers for that. You watch us on kxly 4. We have statements from dawn, we are going to guess, which is fact, which is fiction.

Kelly: If you stump us you get a free mug which we can all agree is priceless.

Ryan: Here's the first statement, I have been married five times.

Kelly: I like that one. Let's see, let's look at her. She looks happy.

Ryan: Or, "I'm about to celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary."

Kelly: This is a mind bender. Dawn, when is your anniversary?

Caller: Today.

Kelly: Today?

Caller: How many yen married?

Caller: 40.

Kelly: I know, I know, I know how this jedi trick works.

Ryan: What was the leading cause for all of your divorce I is?

Caller: I'm really good at commitment but terrible at communicating. Speech you sound like you're not good at commitment either. You commit but then --

Caller: And then I don't talk.

Kelly: Can you name four of your last five husbands?

Caller: I can name all five if you want to hear. Rick, jeff, scott, steve, and another steve.

Ryan: You can't make that up. Should we just go with what we -- it's a bit cynical but we kind of want you to have been married five times.

Kelly: We like the two steves of it all, were going to say you've been married five times.

Ryan: Is that right?

Caller: Yes.

Kelly: You know what, let's spin the wheel and send you on another honeymoon.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Are you currently married or single?

Caller: No, that ship sank a long time ago.

Ryan: Are single?

Caller: It's much better that way.

Kelly: Never say never, we are going to send you to the windjammer in st. Lucia. Maybe mr. Wright is out there in st. Lucia.

Caller: Okay.

Ryan: She's down.

Kelly: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: On yesterday's show, we talked with steve.


Caller: Which one?

Kelly: The first steve, not the second steve. We all know the second steve was a big mistake. Speech you on yesterday's show, we talked to taryn kellum.

Where did he say he recently vacationed on houseboat?

Announcer: You and a guest will stay in this exotic 60-acre resort that features breathtaking reviews, luxurious accommodations, five enticing restaurants and over 64,000 feet of white sand beach.

This prize is valued at approximately $7,700!

Kelly: Listen, I just saw a hot tub, I'm telling you, I think lucky number six is in st.

Caller: I don't know, I'm taking my son. But he has to take care of me and he will protect me.

Kelly: All right. Gelman goes "from yourself."

Caller: Every day I watch my granddaughter daisy and every time she hears your music at the beginning of the show and ryan walks by and waves, she waves right back at him and says "hi, ryan!"

Kelly: Ryan, waved to her.

Ryan: Daisy, hi! There's a tear in my eye, that's so sweet.

Caller: You know it would be really sweet? If you say "high, daisy lou who who." Make sure to waive.

Ryan: Hi, daisy lulu.

Kelly: Lou who.

Caller: She is going to freak out.

Kelly: You know it would be weird? I've dawn didn't have any grandchildren. If she was making us do things.

Caller: I have 13.

Kelly: She's 13?

Ryan: She has 13.

Kelly: She has 13 grandkids grandkids.

Ryan: We can't hear or see you, bear with us. Dawn, we love you, thank you for being on our show.

Kelly: A lucky member of our studio audience will receive $500 appliance package, please pick a number between 1 and 211.

Caller: Obviously 13!

Kelly: 13!

Ryan: Enjoy your trip, thank you so much for watching, we will talk to you soon. Up next, terrence howard!

Announcer: Still stilln "live," a performance from jake shears! "Young sheldon" star iain armitage! And from "empire," terrence howard!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Welcome back.

Kelly: Tomorrow, tiffany haddish is here.

Ryan: Josh groban performing with jennifer nettles.

Kelly: And jack black. On from the hit series "empire," please welcome the very talented terrence howard!

Terrence: Hey, you guys! Hey!

Kelly: How are you?

Terrence: Hey, you guys!

Kelly: That's good advertising right there.

Terrence: Yet, the lion.

Kelly: How's the family?

Terrence: The family is crazy, I've got my 3-year-old into-year-old at war with each other. The 3-year-old loved him when he was first born and now she sees him as this competition, it's vicious.

Kelly: There they are, what's happening?

Terrence: Here's an example, they just had a bag of doritos and you can see the doritos now, the big one has bullied the little one, the little one, the 2-year-old takes it.

He takes all the crumbs, what you didn't see is the bigger one poured out most of the crumbs around the bed and just left the bag there for the little one to fight with the crumbs with it.

After the fight, he went over to the bed.

Kelly: It's the same scenario. Literally, I understand children fighting over doritos.

Terrence: I learned I cannot interfere when they are fighting because after that fight they play together for the very first time. When I didn't get involved, they didn't hurt each other, they worked it out and they knew their little balance.

Sometimes you have to interfere but most of the time, get out of the way. There's a balance to it.

Ryan: You do something very interesting, you build and make lamps?

Terrence: Have discovered a new geometry that was based on a three dimensional world instead of a two-dimensional math, as a result, light seems to be attracted to it.

Kelly: He's got one of these brains --

Ryan: Did you design that?

Terrence: There is no light inside of it because of the geometry it's absorbing the light from the window and creating an electric nature inside --

Kelly: There's not a bulb of some kind and there?

Terrence: Put it back up there. No special effects.

Ryan: Do you make it for yourself?

Terrence: I'm building it, I'm putting a show together in two years. I have discovered the shapes.

Kelly: How many hours do you sleep at night?

Terrence: About three.

Kelly: I know your brain -- we've talked about your brain here before, it's capable of other stuff, other stuff goes o on. Yes he's an actor and musician in these talented things, then there is math happening.

Complex of quantum math stuff.

Terrence: And then my 3-year-old wakes up and screams and tells me to get out of bed.

Ryan: Were you good at school?

Terrence: I was terrible at school because I didn't accept the answer that was given. You've got to approve it.

Kelly: I would think basic algebra probably was boring because he probably had that stuff down in the womb. If you put x and z together, you don't need a light bulb.

Terrence: [laughs]

Ryan: We dropped out of college.

Kelly: You dropped out, I didn't go in.

Terrence: I started.

Ryan: We will be right back with terrence howard!

Announcer: Still had on "live," a performance by jake shears! And from "young sheldon," iain armitage!

>> This is about my dream, empire was my destiny, it was my legacy!

>> You, you, you, everything is you!

>> This is about me! Where were you most of the time? You weren't there when I built the thing, by the time you got back, empire was a multibillion-dollar business!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I love you two together, I really do. I find you endlessly riveting, you are so good together.

Terrence: We are at war.

Ryan: Looks like the marriage is going well. You guys got married.

Terrence: You go broke, you can afford to pay off all that stuff, that's basically -- you were shown two years after the last episode and we lost empire, we barely have enough money, we don't have air conditioning in the house, you know, everyone knows we are broke and we are starting to war at each other like most married couples do.

It's trish trying to figure out how you're going to survive it but ultimately, we do a pretty good job.

Kelly: You are such a good team, will you form a new music label?

Terrence: I think that's what we are working towards, I don't think just a label is good enough for them, they want to open up a global empire and that's what they are pushing for now.

Ryan: You've got to watch, this season?

Kelly: Season five, so good. I really do love you two together. Listen, "empire" returns, this season, wednesdays at 8:00 P.M. On fox. We will look for your art show.

Terrence howard, everybody.

Ryan: Will be right back with iain Thirty-five long years... Scott Wagner brags he's been doing business in Harrisburg for thirty-five years. He's the ultimate Harrisburg insider.

Protecting big oil & gas from paying their fair share. Supporting tax loopholes for giant corporations. Wagner even called seniors the greediest generation and wants to tax their retirement income for the first time ever.

Scott Wagner's siding with the big guys over you. He's the very worst of Harrisburg.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Welcome back. He plays young sheldon on the "big bang theory" spin-off, please welcome one of hollywood's biggest little stars, iain armitage!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: That was amazing!

Ryan: Well done, man!

Kelly: Okay, I have many questions. Number one, are you okay?

Iain: I am.

Kelly: Number two, how long have you been able to do the strata like that?

Iain: I think a few years.

Kelly: Are you in gymnastics?

Iain: Actually, tae kwon do.

Ryan: Are you human?

Iain: Somewhat.

Kelly: We do this big contest at the end of every year where we vote for the best walk out.

Ryan: You are in the running.

Kelly: You are in the running, no doubt.

Ryan: Acting as your second career, is not right?

Iain: It is. I did reviews for a very long time, I still do them, actually.

Ryan: For films or plays?

Iain: Theater.

Kelly: You did the interviews for a very long time? Let's take a look at you reviewing "hamilton."

>> My name is iain and tonight I saw hamilton at the public theater, this is one of the most tremendous, amazing, fantastic -- better than fantastic shows ever!

Ryan: Now I know why you did so well, reviews like that.

Kelly: You are the reason none of us can get a ticket to that show. How old were you there?

Iain: There I think I was six?

Kelly: Yeah, you are missing the two then the whole thing. And now, do you ever think about performing on broadway or have you performed on broadway?

Iain: I did a workshop for a show called "millions" and it was such a fun experience. I would love to do something on broadway, that will be very fun.

Ryan: You better hurry up, how much time do you have? "Big little lies" is one of our favorite shows. Congratulations on that.

Kelly: What can you tell us about season to?

Iain: I can't really tell you anything except that ms. Meryl is going to be in the second season.

Kelly: You call her miss meryl? Does she like that?

Iain: Yes she does.

Ryan: You met miss nicole, miss jane, did she teach you something?

Iain: There is a scene where robert redford was fishing, he was fishing and I said to miss jane, I have always wanted to fish but I never want to hurt the fish.

And also I'm a vegetarian. Then she said well, have you tried fly-fishing? And I said no it's not. The next day she set up this crazy awesome fly-fishing thing with an instructor and I caught a fish.

She taught me to always kiss the fish before you release it. I named it miss jane. There's one fish floating around the colorado river named miss jane.


Kelly: Do you think that fish goes to the school and says "I was named after jane fonda?"

Iain: Well, sure.

Ryan: We will come right back with "young sheldon" after the break. Stay with us.

Announcer: Monday on "live," from "the good doctor," freddie highmore!

>> I actually failed golf in high school. I may have not shown up.

>> I'm pleased to tell you I've got a job to pay back my debt. I'm going to be a paperboy.

>> Well, that's great. I'm proud of you.

>> How do you plan on delivering these papers?

>> Bicycle.

>> You don't know how to ride a bicycle.

>> There's nothing I can't learn, a week ago I didn't know how to take apart a refrigerator.

Kelly: That's a scene from "young sheldon." Sounds like a plan.

Iain: What did you say?

Kelly: It sounds like a plan. Do you know how to write a bicycle in real life?

Iain: I do.

Ryan: Do you know how to take apart a refrigerator in real life?

Iain: Not so much. I know how to pretend I can take apart a refrigerator in real life.

Ryan: What happens this season?

Iain: We are about seven episodes in, this one, something happens where the refrigerator gets broken apart by, I guess who, me. The refrigerator, I break apart the refrigerator and I have to get a job to pay it back because it's a broken refrigerator and we don't have enough money to fix it.

I get a job and you will see what happens.

Ryan: Jim parsons, sheldon, does he give you advice and playing the role?

Iain: He does, he's really helpful. One of his advice -- he's great of putting me in the mind-set of sheldon, so he just says things like -- the way sheldon thinks, if there are two paintings, one with neat, orderly lines and one with colorful splotches, he would prefer the orderly lines because it's easier for him to process as opposed to those splotches which are splotches.

Kelly: I have an idea for a show, young sheldon meets young lucius lien. The whole linear mess of the lights.

Ryan: Event horizon?

Ryan: That's what she means. You are so good at your work, how do you memorize your lines, for example?

Iain: For me I don't really have a short-term memory, things to just kind of go into my long-term memory automatically as opposed to my short-term so I have a shorter short-term memory.

Most things just kind of automatically go into my longer-term.

Kelly: What the long-term memory?

Ryan: I can't remember.

Kelly: Who are you?

Ryan: Nice to meet you.

Kelly: What's your name?

Iain: My name is iain armitage, nice to meet you, too.

Kelly: Everything on this show is set on the '80s, back when ryan was a newborn baby and I had started started working here. What did the props look like to you, do you recognize the props, do you recognize when you are holding something what it is you're holding onto?

>> Not really, it's 2018 on -- anything before to thousands of was the 1800s.

Ryan: You were born in the 1700s.

Iain: I don't know, the phones --

Kelly: It's fine, it's fine. My makeup doesn't run anymore, I've had my tear ducts removed.

Iain: The phone on the kitchen wall, there fun to play with, when they yell cut, but I don't like those chords. I don't like those phones.

Kelly: Cords were how we kept our kids in the house back in the day. Speed to watch season premiere f "young sheldon," 8:30 on cbs. Nice to see you.

Kelly: We will be back with jake shears, he's going to perform for us.

Announcer: Tomorrow on

Ryan: A performance by josh groban and jennifer nettles!

Ryan: Here comes something special, the former front man for the pop group scissor sisters, his debut solo album is available now, here is jake shears with his new hit, "creep city"!

♪ You said to come and sort your mind ♪

♪ (But did you mean it? Ooh, but did you mean it?) ♪

♪ Then warmed the bread and poured the wine ♪

♪ I thought I'd seen it all, until you broke that seventh wall ♪

♪ I said I'd hang on for the ride ♪

♪ Now I'm hanging on for dear life ♪

♪ Is that a real knife? ♪

♪ Get me out of this creep city ♪

♪ I'm flat broke and I don't need pity right now ♪

♪ Just get me out, out, out, out ♪

♪ All the dogs in the back have been smothered ♪

♪ And these cats don't make good lovers ♪

♪ This town's on cursed ground, ground, ground, ground ♪

♪ Was the judge not clear? ♪

♪ Just have a look at them ears ♪

♪ Full of ice cream sundaes ♪

♪ Funny no one wondered whose thumb I was under ♪

♪ Never gave a I gave you twenty-one grand ♪

♪ 'Cause baby I love you more than the trash can ♪

♪ I said I'd give you one more try ♪

♪ Now I'm giving up the good life ♪

♪ I'd make a bad wife ♪

♪ Get me out of this creep city ♪

♪ I'm flat broke and I don't look pretty right now ♪

♪ Just get me out, out, out, out ♪

♪ All the dogs in the back been smothered ♪

♪ And these cats don't make good lovers ♪

♪ This town's on cursed ground, ground, ground, ground ♪

♪ And if there's a sign to show me from this world back to mine ♪

♪ Or tell me you'll try, or at least please reply ♪

♪ Sincerely I'll be waiting, 'til I die ♪

♪ No, I'm never gonna say goodbye to this ♪

♪ Sin city) ♪

♪ Something is alive♪

Kelly: That was amazing, that was amazing!

Ryan: Hey, man.

Kelly: So good, so good.

Ryan: You should really work on your stage presence.

Jake: Always, always.

Kelly: I feel like I was here for the beginning of this album, I never had this experience where I got to see how the record was made.

Jake: Kelly was the guinea pig for this record, always sending you new songs, playing your new stuff.

Kelly: My benchmark would be I would play at an exercise class and people would be like "what is this?"

Jake: Its friends like this when you are making stuff you are so excited to play for.

Kelly: I can't wait for your tour.

It >> Jake: Tour is coming up, e start october 29th in boston, we are playing D.C. For halloween.

Kelly: We should go.

Ryan: Can I borrow that?

Jake: I am going to make it "annie" the image.

Ryan: I can't believe we've never met, she speaks so highly of you all the time.

Jake: Likewise, she always speaks of you as well. Thank you for having us.

Ryan: We will be right back, stay with us!

Announcer: If you want to know more of anything you see on "live," log onto our our web site,!

Ryan: What be in your inbox, kelly ripa?

Kelly: "Hey, kelly and ryan, I want to show you ryan's twin, a guy from hdtv boise boy boys. I can't watch this show without thinking I'm watching ryan.

Jake: Look in the cam. Stop yelling at me, I am reading it.

Ryan: I could get three more inches if I cut my hair like that, I'm down. Kelly ripa, you have ryan's contact in your phone set up to hide alerts, I think you got into your text message conversation with him, hit the I am the top right.

Somehow, accidentally, you are blocking you.

Kelly: Is that true, you are accidentally blocking a bunch of people. My best girlfriend gretchen, there's a moon next to her. You have to help me.

Ryan: Diane from west -- she's a bartender and the frose concoction is vodka, strawberry, lemonade, juice mix, and simple syrup.

Kelly: Tomorrow, tiffany haddish is here.


[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now, ellen DeGENERES!

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much. I appreciate it! Back at you, everybody! I feel the same way about you! Have a seat, thank you for being here. Boy, you got quiet really fast.


Real, real fast. I know it is hot, I'm trying to cool it off for you. We need ceiling fans and here I think. Something. I want to talk today about hooters.

I know what you are thinking, oh, that silly ellen is going to show us a web video of some

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