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Friday, November 16th, 2018

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from the miniseries "the little drummer girl," alexander skarsgard. And star of the drama "new amsterdam," ryan eggold.

Plus, we wrap up our "thanksgiving feast family edition" week with a sweet treat courtesy of ryan sister meredith. All next on "live!" And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

[Cheers and applause]

♪ "Live" hi, guys. How are you?

All right, please be seated. They went happy friday, novembe. As my neck growing? Does your neck keep growing?

Ryan: Is a dry cleaner shrinking your dress.

It is >> Kelly: They said that after death, parts of you continue to grow like your hair and your nails and your teeth.

Ryan: Who? The dead people?

Kelly: Haven't you heard that?

Ryan: I do not talk to the dead. I do not have that sense. I think my neck actually just disappears.

Kelly: It just becomes your head.

Ryan: I'll just be head and shoulders, no neck. I found a great gift for the holidays. It's that time, starting to plan our staff party.

Kelly: We love staff parties so much, able to make it because in the middle of the staff party, going to one of his other jobs. But don't worry, I hold down the fort like the good time charlie I am.

Ryan: Last year, it conflicted with a previous job because I didn't know I was going to work here so I had already booked something that next day. This year, I knew I was working here so I've got a clear schedule that night.

Kelly: It is going to be on it.

Ryan: We were inspired by something recently on the show.

Kelly: Yes, we were inspired by something was on the show. We were like we should book something like that for the holiday party. None of your business, gelman.

You stay out of it. This drives him crazy because he is not involved in the planning and he likes to think that he controls everything. But this one, we keep him out of it so he shows up like an honored guest and it kills him.

He is dying every time. He's got a death expression on his face because he's like that's not how I would do it. That's not where I would've put the coat check.

Ryan: We were inspired by something that happen here but we are going to do the not for tv version of it.

If >> Kelly: We are doing something because the ceiling is high enough. Because -- don't you want to know? You're going have to wait for the photos after.

We have never had a ceiling high enough to have a specific act. I wanted to book. We've been talking about it for a couple of years. But this year.

Ryan: It's happening.

Kelly: I'm sure you're really intrigued.

Ryan: You will be when you see the footage. So the gift I found is great for everybody. I'm going to order some of these to give away to my people but there's now a monopoly for millennials.

They've revamped to the monopoly board just for millennials.

Kelly: So you're buying property and basement?

Ryan: Basically. So listen, there's a new twist on the cover of the new addition, rich uncle penny bags don's earphones, sunglasses, and a participation medal while taking a selfie.

Below the game of tag line, it says forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway. Instead of cash, you collect experiences. You don't get money. You get a yoga retreat.

You get a vegan bistro lunch.

Kelly: Is gelman one of the game pieces?

Ryan: The game piece is a crying emoji. And there's a hashtag game piec piece. But those of us, millennials or the delusional, I think I'm close. This is a great gift for us.

I actually love it.

Kelly: I love that so much. I was joking, but it sounds spot on. It is. Or you could have been milton or bradley or hasbro.

Kelly: We just mentioned it, gelman found this news article about instant splits showing your splits on instagram so naturally.

Ryan: Is a trend that we want to be a part of it.

Kelly: We are part of every trend because we are millennial delusional. So we wanted to put our insta splits out there.

Ryan: You are very flexible and a dancer and a ballet background.

Kelly: I forced everybody in my dressing room to watch. That's right. That is albert hiding behind the pillow. That's right. I said take a good gander at this, everybody.

That's right. It was very gynecological. You're welcome, gelman.

Gelman: I'm glad I wasn't there.

Kelly: You could've been.

Ryan: Is not as easy as kelly makes it look. I tried it over in my quarters. Oh, my god, .

Gelman: Ryan, you're flexible.

Kelly: I know that foot and that if it is not your foot. I know exactly who is foot that is.

Ryan: A little bit more of a struggle over there. That's the making of my split.

Kelly: You guys are giving away the special act for the holiday party.

Ryan: You see to head there, one is gelman laying back and that's how the making.

Kelly: Upon further review, I was joking when I said this yesterday but gelman and I when I was sending my photos to the control booth, you know how it lumps all your photos together, photos that are similar.

It lumps this photo in. Gelman and I actually invented this move in our bahamas remote last year if you take a look at this. That's our valentine's day pose.

Ryan: You were trendsetting before it was even a trend.

Kelly: Why did we put such a big hearts over our areas?

Ryan: Look at how big gelman made his.

Gelman: Let me just say I was not involved in the photo shoot.

Kelly: I don't know if our hearts need to be that big in our defenses. Anyway, so isn't that funny that I found that photo and I forgot that was a freezing cold day.

I'm not kidding, the people in the bahamas were dying. They're like it's never cold here. We don't know what to make of this weather. I said I know what to make of it, we are here.

Ryan: The next day, I was out in my board shorts, it was no problem.

Kelly: Not sincere pizza remote.

Ryan: I have the greatest luck on a show with the assignments. I don't grade them, but I somehow get them. The weather is good and there's always booze on my assignment.

Thank you, art. Something else that I was reading with the holidays coming up and a lot of people trying to work out, lift weights, go to the gym which is all good but they said that lifting weights for less than an hour each week slashes your stroke and heart attack chances by around 70%.

Experts also say carrying heavy shopping bags can do the same. So I thought this was music to your ears. Be when I'm saving my own life every day.

Ryan: You're going to live longer and healthier with your bad habit.

Kelly: We are saving our own lives. The next time 70 want to give you a hard time by bringing those bags in the door. Longevity. You need me alive. I have to pick up after you.

Ryan: Unless you are on amazon and the delivery person is going to lift them. With everything delivered now, not so much carrying of packages.

Kelly: Did you hear about a lot of people have been complaining about their angry raccoons terrorizing this west virginia neighborhood? Anyone from west virginia here?

Okay. You're probably home guarding your home. If anyway, they've been calling the police because there is these angry and rabid raccoons terrorizing the neighborhood.

Turns out they're not rabbit at all, they were just drunk. Who can't relate to that? They got drunk -- funny you should ask. They were getting drunk the way so many of us do, eating the fermented crab apples and they turned into surly drunks.

Ryan: I think there surly before they're drunk.

Kelly: The police hauled two of the drunk raccoons into the station.

Ryan: That's too good.


Kelly: Let them sober up.

Ryan: What the other humans who are drinking more than apples?

Kelly: Than they were released back into the wild like so many of us.

Ryan: Can you imagine the people that were in their? Hey, bro, I know we had a lot, but I think that's a raccoon. It's just somebody wearing an outfit.

I've had them come to my bedroom window before.

Kelly: Drunk raccoons or drunk people?

Ryan: They were not drinking, but I was convinced that someone was coming for me. I was laying in bed and it was middle of the night, had to get up early the next day.

You know what you hear the sound? This is the sound of the person that is taking painkillers.

Kelly: Are you sure it wasn't me wearing one of my burglar masks?

Ryan: I'd be happy if you were there. They don't do that. They were aggressive. And they leapt to the roof and run around and do a whole dance. These were sober raccoons and they were the size of two of us.

Kelly: You have seen the city raccoons, of course. The city raccoons are no joke. They stop you in your tracks.

Ryan: I live downtown, we don't have that.

Kelly: That's where you're wrong. They like to get into like west side story, downtown size story between the rats in the raccoon raccoons.

Ryan: I make it up here safely every day with you. On the show today, alexander skarsgard is here.

Kelly: And from the series -- the new series "new amsterdam," ryan eggold is here.

Kelly: You're going to cry just saying it?

Ryan: I'm not. We are going to conclude "thanksgiving feast family edition" with a recipe from my pregnant sister meredith was about to have a baby, our first baby in the family, so excited.

The holiest child. Time for "holiday hoax travel trivia!" Let's see what we've got.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That is lj from lubbock, texas. Good to see you.

Kelly: Will you say what the lj stands for?

>> Lorraine jane.

Ryan: Is like a trivia question. We have becky on the phone, from fairfield township ohio who watches us on wc po channel nine. It hi, becky.

Caller: Hi.

Ryan: What are you up to?

Caller: I actually have a snow day today, didn't have power or school.

Ryan: A storm coming through the northeast. We have two statements as you know, we think we figured out the formula for this.

Kelly: We have cracked the code so watch out.

Ryan: We are on to you. We are trying to guess which of these two statements as the hoax. If you are successful, you win the mug. First one, we have spent the last five christmases at disneyland.

Kelly: She said disney, didn't say whether it's a land or world.

Ryan: Is at landor world?

Caller: World.

Ryan: Where his world?

Caller: Florida.

Kelly: That's an easy one. Even I knew that.

Ryan: Or we celebrate christmas and hanukkah. So why do you celebrate both?

Caller: I don't know. One of us is one religion and the other one of the other one.

Kelly: One of you is of religion and and one of youe other one? Which one is which?

Caller: One is catholic and one is jewish.

Kelly: Right.

Ryan: Who were the people?

Caller: My husband and I.

Ryan: You can speak about yourself.

Kelly: Who was jewish and he was catholic?

Caller: I am catholic and he is jewish.

Kelly: It doesn't sound convincing.

Ryan: Or is that her trying to trick us?

Kelly: That's what I'm saying, maybe she's trying to trick us.

Ryan: Why have you spent five christmases at disney?

Caller: We love disney. That's why I'm happy.

Kelly: She's packing, but she didn't mention packing before.

Ryan: Which is the hoax?

Kelly: I don't know. I think they're both hoaxes, I think she's a pathological liar.

Ryan: Is that true?

Kelly: Just kidding, I'm kidding. I'm going to say. I'm probably wrong.

Ryan: We think this because you were so vague. The hoax as you celebrate and hanukkah.

Caller: That is wrong, we do.

Gelman: We got you.

Ryan: No, no clapping. No. This game is causing me cortisol relief. You get a mug, congratulations.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I don't know if your husband's going to be happy with the way you explained who's who.

Caller: Try not to use the I pronoun to make it sound like it was true.

Ryan: This game still confuses us. Let's get to the wheel, shall we. Congratulations.

Kelly: That's exhausting.

Ryan: I'm still trying to figure out the logic here.

Kelly: Here's a great prize, the wind jammer landing villa beach resort. A seven days in six nights in an oceanfront room. This trip is provided in part by priceline, a prize valued at $10,000.

20 seconds and one guess, good luck.

Ryan: Earlier this week, what anniversary did we say pizza is celebrating this year in the united states? It's a year.

Kelly: Is an anniversary.

Ryan: It's those things.

Kelly: I was here and I don't remember.

Ryan: I had to look down at my notes. Are you there? You want to guess?

Caller: I will say 125.

Ryan: Pretty close, 113 is the answer but don't worry, you've got the mug and what else?

Kelly: You do get something great. You know lucky member of her studio audience will each receive a $500 gift card from world market. So please pick a number between one and 223.

Caller: 18.

Ryan: Congratulations. Have a great weekend, thank you for watching us. We will be right back with alexander skarsgard.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," "thanksgiving feast family edition" wraps up with a recipe from ryan's sister meredith. From the series "new amsterdam," ryan eggold.

And coming up next, alexander skarsgard.

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Kelly: He is known for his standout roles in TVs "true blood," he returns next week and the limited series "the little drummer girl," please welcome back to the show alexander skarsgard.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Nice to see you. Welcome.

Alexander: Thank you for having me.

Kelly: Are used to living in new york city? You were here for a spell. If would you consider this your home away from your birthplace?

Alexander: Yes, my birthplace of stockholm, sweden, but I lived in L.A. For many years. I've been here for five years now. Kind of on the road 95% of the time.

Ryan: You are living out of a suitcase because you were back-to-back all over the globe.

Ryan: I moved out here five years ago, had a place for a couple of years and then I was going to go on the road for two years back-to-back so I ended up moving my furniture into storage and then just had a suitcase for two years, didn't live anywhere.

Ryan: Any exciting destinations?

Alexander: I was very, very lucky, ended up on location somewhere for five months that was not the most desirable place but I got to shoot in incredible cities.

I was in berlin for a couple of months, and madrid, and london, and montreal. A couple of months in alberta up in the woods. I was very lucky.

Kelly: How do you pack? You have one suitcase. What do you no. If I'm still on the fence. I was a child actor between the ages of -- there I am, there is me.

Between the ages of seven and 13. And then I quit. I wasn't pursuing it.

Kelly: It was fun.

Alexander: It just happen, my dad was an actor, needs a kid for his movie. So for seven or six years, did a couple of projects in sweden and didn't act for eight years.

Kelly: What got you back into it?

Alexander: I realized I was not very good at other stuff. I didn't think I was a very good actor either. Somehow, it worked out. I figured, if I'm not good at.

Ryan: He is so chill.

Kelly: Need to work on yourself, it seems.

Ryan: You've got it going on in.

Alexander: I am bad at most things but at least I'm a mediocre actor, so it's one step above.

Ryan: We will be right back after the break, stay with us.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," is meredith seacrest's turn in the kitchen.

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♪ -Act your age. Get your own insurance.

[ Child babbling ]


-Oh! -Act your age. Get your own insurance.

>> I understand you spun a more dramatic fiction for your life, one that plays in interviews and auditions. Political forms with your so-called friends.

When that feels more like you than the ordinary suburban reality. And we love you for it.

Ryan: The music was building.

Kelly: That's a scene from "the little drummer girl" with that lady the little drummer girl?

Alexander: That was.

Kelly: I am not familiar with her.

Alexander: She did lady macbeth two years ago, and indie film that I highly recommend if you haven't seen it yet. She's pretty extraordinary.

Ryan: This is based on the book, now a six part miniseries.

Alexander: Based on a novel. Her character is on vacation in greece and she gets sucked into the world of international espionage when her holiday romance turns out to be a spy.

That would be me.

Kelly: Your her holiday romance.

Alexander: Kind of an enigmatic figure who is around when she's on vacation and they strike up a conversation and he kind of ends up taking her down.

Ryan: Leading to paths that once.

Alexander: He is playing a part.

Kelly: Had you read the book before?

Alexander: I had not come I read a couple of other novels, but not this one. A directed all six episodes, so I said yes before reading it. He did the old boy trilogy in handmaiden, an extraordinary filmmaker.

It's one of those few times where you basically don't have to read.

Ryan: I don't know what he wants me to do but whatever it is, I'll do it. Seems like this thing you fell into was working out for you.

Kelly: Way to stay with it. Good for you.

Ryan: Mondays on amc, alexander skarsgard.

Kelly: Will be right back.

If >> Announce

Announcer: The holidays are in swing and that can only mean one thing. It's time for "live"'s "holiday hoax travel trivia!" You can when the vacation of a lifetime.

Entering is quick and easy online at, through "live"'s facebook page or by mail. For mail entries, set as a postcard with your full name, address, date of birth, photo, signed on a release and daytime number where you can be reached between the hours of 8:00 A.M.

And 11:00 A.M. Eastern time to "live"'s "holiday hoax travel trivia!" Most weekdays beginning novembeh january 4th, 2019, will select a random entrant and ask a trivia question about a previous show.

Answer correctly, and you could be a winner. Enter "holiday hoax travel trivia!" Today.

Ryan: He is best known for his role of the hit series "the blacklist" them. Now he is saving lives in the medical drama "new amsterdam," please welcome ryan eggold.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: So much excitement for you.

>> Ryan E.: Can you guys come with me home?

Ryan: We go home every day and they're not there.

Kelly: We walked through the door and nobody is excited to see us. I'm surrounded by ryan's. We call ryan here uncle ry-ry. Do you have a nickname?

>> Ryan E.: I've gotten ry-ry. Exit arrived. Any variance of that name.

Ryan: I got those names as well. The last one, seabird, seacrest, siegel, all that kind of stuff.

>> Ryan E.: That is better than eggs, the beautiful ocean. Lego my egg I very popular.

Kelly: We can agree they are delicious.

Ryan: Let's talk about that for a second. When people see you, they run into you, what did they ask the most about the show?

>> Ryan E.: There were so many secrets on that show, one of them being is tom a good guy or a bad guy? He was always flip-flopping. So the response would be different in terms of sometimes he would be excited to see you and other people would just be terrified.

Ryan: Because I can't separate you from the character?

>> Ryan E.: Because I think you're about to murder them as if you were a secret agent.

Kelly: Do new yorkers around here talk to you like they know you? I would think new yorkers like to play it cool, very nonplussed. I just watched a bunch of new yorkers freaked out when you walked in the building.

I'm trying to figure out with you, what is it? Did they feel free to not play it cool?

>> Ryan E.: It depends. I'm always excited to say high to folks and have a good time. You'll be riding the subway and people will give you a little from the corner of the train, the secret thumbs-up which is a nice thing, very new york style.

It >> Ryan: Their very understanding, don't want to make a big deal of it. People get excited when they see you.

Kelly: They usually think I'm a boy when I'm in a subway because I'm always in a parka and a hat. They're like excuse me, son. Can you stand up for the lady?

I'm a girl. I'm a lady and I'm going to sit, thanks.

Ryan: The spike lee movie that you were in, what a great movie to be in. Had to grow a mustache for this role.

>> Ryan E.: I did, unfortunately.

Ryan: Do you recommend it or not?

>> Ryan E.: Is not a good look. If shooting this amazing film during the day and then you go home and your personal life and you are stuck looking like this guy.

Kelly: It is so funny because there are but nine mustaches and then there are the creepy mustaches. My husband had a creepy mustache for a movie and it was so creepy.

Of course, it was a year we had a lot of things to attend so there was no shortage of photos of him with his porn mustache.

>> Ryan E.: Just hold your hand up for every picture, tried to block. That guy is incapable of not looking good.

Kelly: I'll show you.

Ryan: Will be right back with ryan to tell us all about "new amsterdam." Stay with us.

Announcer: Enter holiday hoax web travel trivia and when an appliance package from cuisinart valued at approximately $1,300. Go to our facebook page to enter today.

Announcer: Next "live" ," vanellope is back, sarah silverman from the "ralph breaks the internet."

>> She's like the daughter I completely forgot to have.

Announcer: Plus, taron egerton. It's a big thanksgiving week on "live" ."

>> You can go through with the surgery. That's like me saying to you --

>> They show a lot of promise.

>> What if it makes the disease worse? I'm not talking about you.

>> But we have to give your patient both options.

>> We?

Kelly: That was great. Did you know this? Did you notice how they times the dating of the elevator with a nod, that was kind of dope. Stuff like that gets me excited.

>> Ryan E.: That's what our show is about, perfectly timed.

Kelly: You play a doctor, that's got to be a dream for your parents. My sons playing a doctor.

>> Ryan E.: I can finally go to thanksgiving and they can be proud of me. Not as an actor doing god knows what.

Ryan: Tell us about the series. What are we following?

>> Ryan E.: "New amsterdam" is based on a book who was the medical director there, and is just about his experiences trying to contend with this massive network of issues that is american health care, huge public hospital and all kinds of patients from all over the world being new york city, very international.

If so a lot of these stories are inspired by his real-life experience.

Kelly: Do you think he would make a good real doctor?

>> Ryan E.: Terrible. I'm not good with the blood.

Kelly: You have a very empathetic eyes.

>> Ryan E.: I could do that part, I could sit by someone's bedside and say reassuring things.

Kelly: He would be a good advocate.

>> Ryan E.: Or good tv doctor. But it really bad real-life doctor.

Ryan: We still can't separate the fact that you are an actor playing a doctor so we may call you.

Kelly: We are constantly asking tv doctors for medical advice.

>> Ryan E.: That's my greatest fear is that we will shoot in real hospitals a lot and I will walk around in scrubs. Please don't come up to me.

Kelly: I weighed one of full exam, are you kidding?

Ryan: "New amsterdam" tuesday 10:00 on abc. We went up next, meredith seacrest cooks for us.

Announcer: Did you miss something on the show?

Just gonna get you to put this on and the doctor will be right in.

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[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: We wrap up "live"'s thanksgiving feast with a member of my family who is expanding our little clan. Please welcome my little sister meredith.

Kelly: You look great if you're super pregnant but you still have ankles, so not really.

Meredith: I have held onto my ankles.

Ryan: She is due in 15 minutes, so we have to hurry.

Kelly: How are you feeling?

Meredith: I feel good. Let's hope this stays this way.

Ryan: This is the first baby into the family. My parents are so excited, I'm so excited.

Kelly: They say the first born grandchild is the grandparents favorite. I just read a study on that.

Meredith: So you are the favorite?

Ryan: Clearly, I'm not.

Kelly: Your your parents favorite, the youngest child is the parent's favorite. These are secret studies. The youngest child is the parents favorite.

Ryan: There no longer with us, so you're the favorite.

Meredith: There with us in spirit.

Ryan: This is your last trip before you give birth, so thank you for coming.

Kelly: We appreciate it. I want to know who he is, we are making his sweet potato pie.

Meredith: We called him hankpa, his name was hank.

Kelly: Is he related to nana jenny?

Meredith: Nana pauline. He was from alabama and her parents were from pennsylvania so they were northern but we grew up in the south, atlanta. But he had the sweet potato pie.

So you're going to take down these two potatoes, keep them on the pan. Put them in the oven for an hour, at 350.

Ryan: First step.

Meredith: Going to do some eggs in there, going to make your spices.

Kelly: Just they went right in there. Here.

Ryan: The spices and the agony evaporated milk.

Meredith: You are going to tie it up.

Kelly: I use the fork.

Kelly: I'm a frustrated chemist, it all started when I was watching breaking bad and convinced I could make crystal meth.

Meredith: What?

Kelly: It is in child friendly. Had to decide to make pies instead. It's a long holiday story for another time.

Meredith: Great at piecrust making. Do you want to move over here?

Kelly: Sorry.

Meredith: We are on a speed run. Cut it that long way. You both can cut. And you're going to scoop out the innards and put in the bowl. No skin.

Kelly: No skin.

Meredith: You're doing a good job. People do like sweet potato pie because there are nutrients.

Kelly: I would call it a health food, it's a good carbohydrate.

Meredith: That's what they say. You want to try some matching, mash it up. They're not as easy to mash.

Kelly: You could just put it in there, right? Easier.

Ryan: This is the way we did it at home.

Meredith: This helps.

Ryan: But the potatoes in and get it all mixed together.

Kelly: My husband got me one of these for christmas one year and is the greatest gift ever and at first, I was kind of insulted and then I realized he loves me.

If >> Meredith: Before you do that, get the mixer.

Ryan: All the flavor coming.

Kelly: Do it.

Meredith: We used to have a bourbon when we made this. Jack daniel's.

Kelly: Now I really like hankpa, he's my favorite.

Meredith: Sugar, did we get the sugar and the butter?

Kelly: Your pregnant.

Meredith: Couldn't see it, they're so much going on here.

Kelly: I left my purse on the hood of my car twice when I was pregnant.

Meredith: Pregnancy brain is a real thing. People said it and now I get it, I have it.

Kelly: It gets worse.

Ryan: This is finished, right?

Meredith: Now get your crust. And then we are going to pour this concoction.

Kelly: I don't know if that's blended enough.

Meredith: Pretend for now.

Ryan: There we go.

Kelly: It won't look like this.

Meredith: Kind of looks like baby's arm up.

Kelly: Is preparing you for your future. It will look definitely better. So what you're going to do now is put in the oven, and you want to put it on the bottoms of the crust gets cooked.

Put it on the bottom level. That's the microwave I think. It's all right.

Ryan: Here is the finished product.

Kelly: Now what?

Meredith: It should look like that. Now you want to let it cool, let it sit out at room temperature. They need to put it in the fridge for four hours.

So what settles.

Ryan: We will taste right after this, stay with us.

Announcer: If you like to try any of this week's recipes, just log on to our web site at

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Ryan: Back with my sister meredith seacrest. You put with cream on it or ice cream on it. I like ice cream.

Kelly: I like whipped cream.

Meredith: Want to show it how it's done?

Kelly: First to do this, then you do this.

Ryan: What do you prefer?

Meredith: I prefer ice cream, I think it goes well.

Kelly: I don't like cold in my mouth.

Ryan: Hankpa's sweet potato pie.

Kelly: It taste like french toast, it's delicious.

Meredith: You can still do pumpkin.

Kelly: I am definitely making this.

Meredith: Have a taste test to see what is better.

Ryan: Hankpa's sweet potato pie. Thank you meredith for being here. Monday, sarah silverman is with

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[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now,


[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much! Thank you so much!

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you! Thank you so much! I appreciate it! Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Thank you for being here, everybody. Welcome to the "ellen" show. I'm so glad you could make it.

It would've been nice if you brought me a gift, wine, something. Can you believe it is already friday? I cannot believe it. I remember monday and tuesday, and the rest is a blur.

It's weird. But since it is friday, I would kick things off by showing you some feel good friday videos to get you ready for the weekend.


Ellen: Never going to get it.


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