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Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Announcer: It's "Live with Kelly and Ryan." Today, from "Black Panther, actress Letitia Wright. And you won't want to miss Joel McHale. Plus the hosts try to identify some liquefied foods.

Yummy! And tune in for your chance to win a luxurious Caribbean vacation. That's all next on "Live."

>> ♪ All I wanna say is ♪

♪ I got the real thing ♪

Announcer: Now here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan: Good morning.

[Cheers and applause]

>> ♪ I love you like that ♪

♪ I love you like that ♪

>> Hi!

Ryan: What's up?

>> ♪ I love you like that ♪

♪ I love you like that ♪

♪ I love you like that ♪

♪ I love you like that ♪

♪ All I wanna say is ♪

♪ I got the real thing ♪

Ryan: Hey there.

>> ♪ When nothing else matters ♪

♪ I love you like that ♪

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Yeah. Do it.

Ryan: Why wait, right? Why wait? It's summer.

Kelly: Yeah, get it.

Ryan: Friday--it's Friday, Friday, June 22nd. Let's have some fun.

[Cheers and applause]

Why wait with that stuff? Come on.

Gelman: Friday!

Kelly: Who cares?


Did you say it's the 22nd?

Ryan: 22nd.

Kelly: It's my mom's birthday tomorrow.

Ryan: Happy birthday.

Kelly: Yeah, happy birthday, Essie, Mom. I just called my mom by her first name. That was so weird. I've never done that, you know. You know, some parents, like, they don't mind when their kids call them by the first name.

Have you heard this?

Ryan: Yes. What's wrong? What'd you see? Dandruff?

Kelly: Well, you just have-- No, it's not dandruff. It's just, like, juice from the--

Ryan: It's juice from the squirt thing.

Kelly: Squirt juice.

Ryan: Yeah, okay, so you--

Kelly: Yeah, we've never been that family.

Ryan: It's too formal.

Kelly: It's just weird.

Ryan: Yeah.

Gelman: You say Connie sometimes.

Ryan: I say Connie when I introduce her.

Kelly: When you refer to her as--

Ryan: Yes, Connie Seacrest, here she is. She's a guest on every show that I'm on. She likes to chime in.

Kelly: Yeah. Oh, my God.

Ryan: What do you do--

Kelly: I call my mom and dad Mom and Dad. And I call my in-laws Mom and Dad.

Ryan: You know, I grew up in the South, and we would-- my parents grew up in Pennsylvania, so this wasn't their rule, but with my friends on the street and their parents, their kids had to say "yes'm" and "yessir."

Kelly: Oh!

Ryan: So if Mom called you out, you have to say "yes, ma'am."

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: "Go do your homework." "Yes'm"--"yes, ma'am"-- or "yessir," "yessir"-- "yes, sir." I was just reading this article, and I don't--he's the luckiest guy in the world or the unluckiest guy in the world.

When--I don't--I mean, I like a little adventure but not a lot of adventure.

Kelly: Right.

Ryan: Because, I mean, I was--if I see a mountain lion or something, they say stop and stare.

Kelly: I heard that if you see a mountain lion, it's too late.

Ryan: Really?

Kelly: That's what I heard.

Ryan: Did they tell you that?

Kelly: That's what I've read in books. They're like, "You should never see a mountain lion, and if you do, it's too late 'cause it's usually upon you." You know what I mean by upon you.

Ryan: They're close. I ran into a mountain lion, and I had not been told that, thank God.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: But we were-- we decided to take a hike, which I thought was a fine idea.

Kelly: Were you in Runyon Canyon, Coldwater Canyon, a canyon?

Ryan: No, we were in almost Northern California.

Kelly: Okay.

Ryan: Okay? And so--and she wanted to go take a hike, and so I said, "Great," so we go into the woods, and I think I see two eyes that-- You see the reflection.

And so I put her in front.

Kelly: Yeah.


Ryan: I said, "I think that's a mountain lion. Double-check."

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: No, I said-- I said, "We should"--honestly, I said, "We should freeze."

Kelly: Right.

Ryan: And then I realized I can't, so we turned and we ran away, but the mountain lion didn't chase us.

Kelly: Yeah, but you can't run. That triggers a-- it triggers a thing.

Ryan: Yeah, but my instinct was, "Get the hell out of there as fast as you can."

Kelly: Are you sure it was a mountain lion and not somebody, like--

Ryan: I think it might have been a cat.

Kelly: Raccoon, something.

Ryan: It could have been a larger squirrel.

Kelly: Or an alligator. Was it an alligator? They have shiny eyes too.

Ryan: It might have been a rat, but it was looking at me. But this guy--this guy, he was bitten by a shark, bitten by a bear, bitten by a snake all in less than four years.

Don't go outside, sir.


Kelly: Does it say what his circumstances, like, were in each scenario?

Ryan: No, just that he was bitten by all of them. But I'm thinking, after the shark bite, I would not go where bears are. And after the bear bite, certainly not where snakes live.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: And not all in the same four years. I mean, that's between Olympics.

Kelly: There's an article in the paper, 'cause you were talking about--he's, you know, on vacation, evidently, when he's getting attacked by these animals.

Ryan: That's what he calls it.

Kelly: There's--46% of families--parents, parents-- this would never happen in our house-- have cut a family vacation short after running out of activities to do.


Ryan: Why?

Kelly: I was like, "Are your kids monsters? They can't just sit and amuse themselves for three seconds?"

Ryan: Yeah, just no schedule is vacation enough.

Kelly: We are of that, like-- You know, our kids, what they want to do really doesn't occur to us. That's for them when they have kids. "When you have kids, then you can take the vacation you want to take.

Until it's on your dime, we're gonna what we want to do, and you're lucky because the law says we have to bring you. We can't leave you unsupervised, so here we are."

Ryan: That's fair. That's fair. Fair point.

Kelly: We're like the '70s in our house. It's like the '70s.

Ryan: I think that's fair. Well, let's--I guess we'll tell you what's happening today on the show. Joel McHale is gonna be here.

Kelly: Yes!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: And from the blockbuster film "Avengers: Infinity War," Letitia Wright is here.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: And YouTube stars Rhett and Link will test our knowledge of some liquefied foods.

Kelly: Always makes me nervous with that. I don't like to know. I don't like to know. When you blend it up, it always tastes different.

Ryan: It's always like guts. Right now, it's time for Dance Party Travel Trivia.

>> ♪ The love shack ♪

♪ Is a little old place where ♪

♪ We can get together ♪

♪ Love shack, baby ♪

>> ♪ Love shack, baby ♪

>> ♪ Love shack ♪

♪ Baby, love shack ♪

♪ Love shack ♪

♪ Baby, love shack ♪

Ryan: ♪ Got my Chrysler ♪

♪ It's as big as a whale ♪

♪ And I'm headed down to ♪

♪ The love ♪ Bailey Hill from Winter Haven, Florida. Nice to see you.

[Cheers and applause]

Good job.

Kelly: Hi, Bailey. Bailey's got great hair.

Gelman: Yeah.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: Is it so thick? Is it as thick as it is long?

>> It's so thick. I need a trim. It's so heavy.

Kelly: I mean, it's just so heavy. Oh, my gosh, I just want to, like, run my fingers through it.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: Really do. Do you take vitamins?

>> I don't. But I don't color it, and I rarely use heat, so I'm like--

Ryan: And you rarely what?

>> I rarely use heat.

Ryan: You rarely use heat. I don't know what they're talking about.

Kelly: Me either.

Gelman: She doesn't blow-dry. No blow-dryer.

Ryan: I don't know. I have squirrelly brown. That's all I know.

Kelly: That's good hair.

Ryan: That's good hair.

Kelly: Yeah, that's good hair.

Ryan: Well, thank you for bringing your good hair to us. We're gonna call Linda from... Moncks Corner?

Kelly: Moncks Corner.

Ryan: Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Kelly: Ooh, that sounds fun.

Gelman: Yes, ma'am.

Ryan: Moncks Corner. Yes'm. Yes, ma'am.

[Line rings]

The love shack. So that's...

Kelly: ♪ The love shack ♪

Ryan: I know where it is.

Caller: Hello?

Ryan: It's in Athens.

Caller: Hello.

Ryan: Hi, is Linda available for a phone call, please?

Caller: Yes.

Ryan: Is this Linda?

Caller: Yes.

Ryan: Hi, Linda. This is Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa calling. You're on the air with us.

Caller: Wow!

Gelman: Yeah.

Ryan: She believes us. What are you up to this morning?

Caller: Just working.

Ryan: Just working?

Caller: Yes.

Ryan: What do you do for work?

Caller: I teach.

Kelly: Oh!

Gelman: Oh, nice.

Kelly: How old are the kids?

Caller: Elementary.

Ryan: Oh.

Kelly: Elementary, dear Watson. Ha-ha.

Ryan: Well, we are gonna spin the wheel and see what you're playing for here, all right? Good luck.

Caller: Okay.

[Cheers and applause]

[Dance music]

Kelly: [indistinct]

Ryan: Kelly says funny things sometimes when you can't see us.

Caller: [laughs]

Ryan: Oh, sorry, Linda.

Kelly: We're just talking about our parents. Hey. Hey, Linda, this is a great prize, the Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua.

Ryan: Uh-oh.

[Cheers and applause]


Kelly: Hey, Gelman, Gelman, just for clarity, sometimes people--I know this is gonna sound crazy and hard to imagine, but sometimes people in social media become outraged.

Ryan: They get upset.

Gelman: Why?

Kelly: They say that I mispronounce the word "Antig-a." They say that it's "Antig-wa."

Gelman: No, I think it's "Antig-a."

Ryan: I think it's "Antig-a."

Kelly: I'm just telling you that some "Antig-wans" are very--

Gelman: You say "tomato," and I say "Antig-a."

Ryan: I think we should go and ask them in person and find out sometime.

Kelly: Gelman, I'm just telling you that I'll tell them to take it up with you because I--

Gelman: I would ignore them.

Kelly: Well, I do ignore them.

Gelman: Okay, way to go.

Kelly: Well, first I counter-troll them, and then I ignore them.

Gelman: No, I ignore them. You answer them back.

Kelly: Anyway, so, Linda, you're playing for the Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua, "Antig-wa." Seven days, six nights in a beachfront or "betchfront" room.

Ryan: Whatever.

Kelly: It's all-"inclu-seeve" or inclusive.

Ryan: Includes everything.

Kelly: This trip is provided in part by Priceline. It's a prize "valoied" at approximately $5,900.

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Kelly: You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Caller: Okay.

Ryan: Here we go. We've had Emily Blunt on the show. What movie of hers did Emily say her husband says he has seen more than 70 times?

Caller: "The Devil Wears Prada."

Ryan: Yes!

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the Pineapple Beach Club Antigua. Antigua's most laid-back all-inclusive resort is located in a tropical hideaway on a quarter-mile arc of brilliant powdery white sand.

Pineapple Beach Club Antigua offers Caribbean-style accommodations amidst 30 acres of lush gardens. Guests can swim in the resort's two freshwater pools, enjoy complimentary water sports, or dine at one of the seaside restaurants.

Your prize is valued at approximately $5,900.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: We are literally swimming that water right now after looking at those photos.

Kelly: We are mentally taking a swim there.

Ryan: We are there.

Kelly: So nice. Congratulations, Linda.

Caller: Thank you so much. I love your show, and it's just--I watch it every day.

Ryan: Aw, thank you.

Kelly: Aw, thank you very much. We appreciate it. Now you get to help make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience, who will receive a $500 appliance package from Cuisinart.

So please pick a number between 1 and 197.

Caller: 50.

Ryan: 50. 50, 50, 50, 50, 50.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Ryan: Yeah!

♪ Love shack, baby ♪

♪ Love shack, baby ♪

>> ♪ Love shack ♪

Ryan: You made someone's day. Thank you, Linda, for watching. We'll be right back with Joel McHale. Stay with us.

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," we'll talk with "Black Panther" star Letitia Wright. YouTube stars Rhett and Link will test Kelly and Ryan's knowledge of liquefied food.

And coming up next, Joel McHale.

>> ♪ Well, it's set way back ♪

Ryan: Are you all right?

Kelly: No, I'm hyperventilating, totally hyperventilating. Oddly enough, I sleep like this. That's how cool I am.

Ryan: That's how cool.

[Upbeat music]

I can barely breathe in this.


[Cheers and applause]

>> Oh!

>> Yeah!

Kelly: Game over. Bloop, bloop, bloop.


♪ He's an actor, a producer, a writer, one of the funniest comedians in the business. Please welcome our good friend Joel McHale.

>> ♪ Every day, every day ♪

♪ Every night, every night ♪

♪ I'm falling, falling ♪

♪ Into you ♪

♪ Every way, every way ♪

♪ All around, all round ♪

♪ I'm falling, falling ♪

♪ Into you ♪

♪ Lift me up, take me down ♪

♪ Never lost, I'll be found ♪

[Cheers and applause]

>> Oh.

Ryan: Hey, buddy.

>> Your butt, thank you for--

Kelly: Joel, were we on Instagram, or were we on social media?

>> I'm putting that on Myspace.

Kelly: Oh, good. Cool.

>> It's gonna be--

Ryan: Taking us back to the old school.

>> It's gonna be huge.

Kelly: We've always wanted to be on Myspace.

>> Thank you for introducing me with your butt this morning. I was like, "Oh, we have a clip for the show immediately," so...

Ryan: Every time I say your name, blood rushes to my head.

>> Oh!

Ryan: It seemed to again.

>> I have that reaction. A lot of people are allergic to me.

Kelly: Listen, you know--

Ryan: This is incredible, right?

Kelly: We follow you on Instagram, and I followed your journey to get here, and it was a journey.

>> I had a hard time, you guys.

Ryan: So what happened?

Kelly: What happened?

>> I was in Rochester vacationing...


'Cause this time of year is beautiful.

Kelly: It's a beautiful time of year.

>> The rain is so warm, and I usually just work my way from Buffalo. But my flight got canceled two days ago. I know. Again, I had a hard time. So I told--I asked the driver, I said, "Can you take me to Manhattan from Rochester?" It's 1,000 miles away.

And he laughed and laughed and laughed and hung up the phone. And they said, "We can put you on a flight tomorrow morning." And I said, "I'm going." And I called an Uber, and I said, "Can you take me to Manhattan?" And he was like, "Oh, yeah." And--

Ryan: Thrilled, right?

Kelly: You Ubered...

>> We Ubered from--

Kelly: Rochester to New York City.

>> Yes, this amazing guy named John Costello. There--okay, so it's victory at sea there.

Kelly: Yeah, well, at least you had a beautiful drive. Look at how pretty that is.

>> Yeah, it's--

Kelly: The scenery.

>> You know, the backs of semis are underappreciated.

Ryan: And he pointed out the sights; that's nice.

>> And he's, like, 26.

Ryan: There he is.

>> There he is, a father of two. Made it. He hadn't been to New York in 20 years.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Look at you, making dreams come true.

>> You know, you go through these little towns, and the speed limit drops. We couldn't see a thing. And he got pulled over. He was going, like, nine over in a 55.

Kelly: Oh, no!

>> And then the officer was there, and he was giving him his ticket, and the guy goes, "Don't you rec"-- He pointed at me. He's like, "Don't you recognize this guy?" And the guy was like, "No."


And he's like, "Have you seen 'The Soup'? "Mm-mm." "Have you seen Ryan Seacrest's stand-in?" "No." And he was like, "Community"? "Nope." And I was like, "Did you see 'Ted'?

I played a jerk in that. And he was like, "Oh, yeah. And here's your ticket."

Ryan: How much did it cost, this journey on--

>> $561.

Ryan: Oh, my--

>> And--which when you think--

Kelly: Gelman is now Ubering everywhere.

>> Yeah, I mean, for-- to just get someone to drive you somewhere, I feel like that's not a bad--

Kelly: It's not a bad price, considering all of the hours you occupied of his time, and he still had to go back.

>> Yeah, then he drove all the way back. And I think we should--he and I should do a buddy cop movie...

Ryan: I like it.

>> Called "Uber Cops." It would be great.

Kelly: That's a great idea.

>> It's a great idea. It's going on Myspace right now.

Kelly: You need to write that.

Ryan: Hey, last time we spoke on the radio show, we were talking about how long you've been married, 21-plus years.

>> Almost 22 this--

Ryan: Congratulations.

>> Yes, this--

Kelly: You're, like, right behind us.

>> Yeah, we... There I am, and my forehead, just as big.


Yeah, I was told we were married almost the--

Kelly: Almost the exact-- I mean, we're May 1st, and you're...

>> July 20th.

Kelly: Yeah, so it's almost--

>> Thank God I got that...

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Right, whew. Yeah.

Kelly: How are your boys? Are they still freakishly gorgeous?

>> Yeah, they are-- they're very cute.

Kelly: He has the most beautiful family ever, ever.

>> Not as beautiful as yours.

Kelly: No, no, no, way-- No, I'm telling you, you have the most beautiful family.

Ryan: I mean...

>> Look, that's not true. Yeah, so my kid-- yes, my house is very-- they're very upset right now. My kids play "Fornite" on their Xbox One.

Ryan: There was an issue.

>> I know that you guys are not teenagers, but on their Xbox One x, they play this game which their servers went down because it's so popular. And you would have thought that the apocalypse had broken out.

They just--they set our pets free. They were running-- setting things on fire. It was a disaster.

Kelly: I'd heard of "Fortnite," but I don't think that has made it in-- I think we're, like, beyond, beyond the age.

>> How old's your youngest?

Ryan: They're older.

Kelly: Youngest is 15 now.

>> Oh. Well, they might be right there.

Kelly: Really?

>> Don't tell them about it.

Ryan: Don't introduce them to it.

>> They'll never do anything--

Kelly: There's enough already. We have enough going on in our house.

>> Yeah, I would just like my kids to run around and be in the sun for a moment, but...

Kelly: I know.

>> But they are both Scan-- I mean, they're mostly Scandinavian, so they would--

Kelly: Yeah, but you're raising them in la, so they just get--just going out to the bus stop, they get sun.

>> Yeah, they get burned doing that, and so we cover them, like, with an umbrella. The Korean people of Los Angeles, I'm not kidding, cover themselves head to toe when they go hiking, and I think that's-- Yeah, it's--

Kelly: To avoid the sun?

>> No, just 'cause it's fun.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Yes, to avoid the sun. I don't know where--

Ryan: Stay with us.

>> Why are you clapping for this?

Ryan: Joel McHale, starring in "The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale." We'll be right back.

Announcer: Monday on "Live," Mike Myers.

[Upbeat music]

Acting is about reacting... Give me your line... Get four lines of unlimited data! No! ...for 100 bucks a month... Hahaha! Plus 4 free smartphones when you switch sniffling, then clears his throat See what I did there?

Smile, you're on Cricket io

Announcer: If you think watching our show on tv is fun, why not come see us live and in person?

Ryan: America and Canada, get ready.

Kelly: Get ready.

Ryan: Here it comes.

Announcer: You can see your favorite celebrities. You could win a prize. Maybe you'll even become part of the show. You never know what'll happen.

>> Oh!

Announcer: Go to and get your tickets now. What are you waiting for?

Kelly: [imitating engine whooshing]


>> One more.

Kelly: I forgot about that.

Ryan: We're back with Joel McHale. So what happened? What'd I miss?

Kelly: We were reminiscing three seconds ago about the last time Joel was here. He was cohosting, and you and I competed in the wife-carrying competition.

Ryan: The wife-carrying competition?

Kelly: Yes, yes.

>> There it is.

Kelly: There it is.

>> Yeah. That's a very expensive--

Kelly: That's me.

Ryan: He's carrying you?

Kelly: Yes.

>> That is not--

Kelly: We almost won.

>> It's a good thing I didn't have a bunch of dried fruit.

Ryan: Yeah.

>> [Laughs]

Ryan: Yeah.

>> I know that--you guys, Kelly weighs about 55 pounds. And I had to keep her from just flying off--

Kelly: You're the only person that's ever said that. You really are the only person that has ever said that about me.

>> The only person lighter is Ryan.


Ryan: It's true. And I'm proud.

Kelly: He's very lean.

Ryan: I'm just like, when-- You concoct these games up in that bullpen of yours?

Kelly: No, no, that's a real thing.

Gelman: World champion wife-carrying contest.

Ryan: That's a real thing?

Gelman: Yeah, it's a real thing.

Kelly: And we almost beat the world champions.

>> We almost beat the champs.

Kelly: I felt really good about that. It wasn't until we got that stupid-- The basketball thing screwed us up.

>> I still think about it at night, and I'm like, "God, the basketball!"

Ryan: There's always next year. You can come back and do it.

Kelly: I know.

>> Yeah, no, 'cause I would think that Gelman would think of it too, because after yoga-- Gelman's a yogi, and he's always like, "I thought of another game for Kelly to be upside down."

Ryan: You just got back-- we were talking during the break--from a family vacation, little trip.

>> Yes, we went to Yosemite National Park.

Kelly: Oh, how nice. Beautiful.

Ryan: How was that?

>> It's ugly.

Kelly: Yeah, it's not scenic at all.

>> If you zoom in on that photo--can you zoom in? My older one is very happy, and if you notice, right around his hand, there's a little dot because he's using his middle finger to let the camera know how happy he is.

Kelly: No, is that true?

>> You have no idea how happy he is right now. He's not doing it out of malicious-- Gelman, you got to go push in further.

Kelly: That's as close as we have the capability--

>> There he is. You see the little thing on there? Yeah, he's thrilled.

Ryan: I wonder where he gets that from.

>> I can't imagine.

Kelly: Wait, so, now--so... How old is he?

>> I don't know.


I think he's, like-- I think he's 30. I don't know.

Ryan: That's what they tell you.

>> He's 13, so he's right--

Kelly: Oh, he's right there.

>> Oh, you have--

Ryan: But does he watch some of your show and see your material?

>> Oh, yeah.

Ryan: Okay, well, that explains it.

>> There's things that I cannot say--yeah, I can't--

Kelly: This is "The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale." How did you come up with that title?

>> It was hard. I'm dyslexic, so it makes sense to me.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> No, I wanted to make sure, if I was replaced, that the title would be all screwed up. So it would be like, "The Joel McHale with Ryan Seacrest" would be--

Ryan: Would be so strange.

>> It'd be odd. You wouldn't fit in those sweaters at all, so...

Ryan: I was talking to Lauren, who produced your segment before, and she found it--I wouldn't say difficult, but she had to go through quite a bit of the show to find a clip that we could air...

>> Yes.

Ryan: On our air.

>> Yes. You guys are gonna love it.


We even had to cut off that joke--

Ryan: Yeah, we had to pull that up.

Kelly: I know; it's like, "Are we really--are we showing this? Are we gonna show it?" You're like, "Don't worry. We're gonna cut it out."

Ryan: Is there a framework of rules on Netflix?

>> There's no Gelman going, like...


Ryan: When can we come?

>> There's no rules. They literally-- We said, "How long"-- I go, "How long should the show be?" And they're like, "How long would you like it to be?"

Kelly: It's amazing.

>> And I said, "Three minutes. I'd like to get out quick." And they were like, "Dummy." So they were like, "Make it 20 minutes." And then we just do it in one thing, and then we don't know if it does well or not.

They just go, "Thanks."

Kelly: And that's it.

>> That's it.

Kelly: Wait, and so how many do you shoot at a time?

>> We do one a week right now.

Kelly: You do one a week, and that's all--

>> Yeah. I mean, yes, we have to prepare it, and it--

Kelly: You are, like, living the dream, because this is like "Talk Soup" with--

>> No rules.

Kelly: With no rules.

Ryan: Or ratings.

Kelly: No restrictions.

>> Or commercials.

Ryan: Ugh!

>> Yeah.

Kelly: It's like a dream.

>> Look, this clip-- You guys are doing great, and--

Kelly: No, but we now want to do the Netflix version of this.

>> Yeah, I mean, I--believe me--

Kelly: You had us at "no Gelman." I was like, "What?"

Gelman: You have to have a Gelman.

>> He's very--I love looking at him, and--

Kelly: I mean, we would still have Gelman there, but he would have far less power and influence.

Ryan: No purpose at all.

>> Could you imagine?

Ryan: That'd be the greatest.

Kelly: We just have him tied to a chair.

>> Don't clap for that!

Ryan: Oh, my God!

>> Why are you clapping for Gelman to have less power?

Kelly: We would just--

Gelman: You could run amok.

Kelly: We would throw water balloons at him the whole time.

Ryan: If we even invited him to the show that day.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: So hey, did your son go by your set and he couldn't believe this is what you do for work?

>> We had Russell Wilson on, the quarterback of the Seahawks. Go, Seahawks.

[Cheers and applause]

A fight has started.

Kelly: They're all from New Jersey.

>> I see. I see.

>> Whoo!

>> One person. So no, the--so I brought my ten-year-old 'cause he's a huge fan, and then he was looking around the offices--'cause we show clips from all these reality shows--and he walked into the head writers' office, two guys named Boyd and Brad, and he goes, "Just so you know, all those people out there are just watching tv on their computers, and they're not doing anything."

Kelly: Yeah.


>> My ten-year-old's ratting them out. And he goes, "No, no, no, it's the show. They're looking for clips. They watch tv all day for that." And he goes, "Oh.

How much does something like that pay?"


Really. So he monetized it immediately.

Kelly: Don't bring him here.

>> Oh, yeah.

Kelly: Don't bring him here. It's exactly like that here, except nobody's watching any clips. They're just staring at blank computers.


>> Gelman! You got to get on them.

Ryan: We've got to get Wi-Fi, Michael Gelman.

Gelman: Yeah, exactly, we got to get Wi-Fi.

>> For the people watching at home, at any moment, Gelman can just look at the audience, and they go, "Yes, whatever you say, sir!"

Ryan: Like, do it. Do it.

>> "Please don't remove us."

Ryan: Do it. Do it. Do it.

>> Look at them.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: "The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale."

>> The power.

Ryan: It's on Netflix. New episodes every Sunday. Joel, good to see you.

Kelly: Thanks for being here.

>> Are you kidding? Thanks for having me.

Kelly: Come back more often.

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[Dance music]

Ryan: Are you all right?

Kelly: No, I'm hyperventilating, totally hyperventilating. Oddly enough, I sleep like this. That's how cool I am.

Ryan: That's how cool.

[Upbeat music]

I can barely breathe in this.


[Cheers and applause]

>> Oh!

>> Yeah!

Kelly: Game over. Bloop, bloop, bloop.


Ryan: Welcome back. She is one of the biggest breakout stars in Hollywood. Please welcome Letitia Wright.

>> ♪ Slippin' to the left ♪

♪ Slippin' to the right ♪

♪ Slippin' up and down ♪

♪ Slippin' round and round ♪

♪ Tonight, tonight ♪

♪ Tonight, tonight ♪

♪ Slippin' to the left ♪

♪ Slippin' to the right ♪

♪ Slippin' up and down ♪

♪ Slippin' round and round ♪

♪ Tonight, tonight ♪

♪ Tonight, tonight ♪

Kelly: So beautiful.

>> Hello.

Ryan: Nice to see you again.

>> Thank you for having me again.

Kelly: Thanks for coming.

>> I wore this for you.

Kelly: I love it.

>> They said you would love it.

Kelly: I did; I turned to Ryan. I go, "Oh, I love that."

>> Yes.

Kelly: And it's so texturized.

>> Yeah, my stylists, they said that you would love it.

Kelly: I sure do.

>> So I'm wearing it for you.

Kelly: Well, you feel free to leave it backstage. So congratulations on "Black Panther"...

>> Thank you.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: The huge and massive, biggest film ever. $242 million in four days.

Ryan: Crazy. It's incredible. Congratulations.

Kelly: $1.3 billion worldwide. And I swear, my sons are responsible for at least 1/10 of that.


They really--

Ryan: No, it's a movie people saw and then they saw again.

>> Yup, so tell your son I said thank you.

Kelly: Oh, again and again and again, yeah, truly.

Ryan: What's changed in your world since the success of "Black Panther"?

>> Not a lot has changed 'cause I still try to stay grounded, but going on the street is different. Like, I always have my cap on, so I don't look this glamorous.

But people still notice me, and then they take--like, they video record me and stuff. And then nobody wants to shake my hands anymore. Everybody just does this.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> So it's like-- So I'm like, "Nice to meet you." They're like, "No, no, no."

Ryan: Really?

>> Yeah.

Kelly: That's like a dream.

>> It's the "Wakandan forever" salute.

Ryan: Oh, that's right.

Kelly: That is a dream. You're never going to get the flu ever again.

>> Exactly, exactly.

Ryan: But sometimes we find that if people recognize us, they speak to us as if we can't hear them. So I often hear, "He's much smaller in person."

>> Oh, wow.

Ryan: Do you ever hear anything?

>> No. You know, I have some really big Beats headphones, so shouts out to Dre. Like, I just put-- When I see people talking about me or, like, going-- Like, I was going to the airport, and some ladies were going in front of me.

You know, courtesy, you open a door for them. And I opened the door, and I was like, "You can go." And I had my face down on purpose. Like, "You can go." And then all I heard was, "Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me right now? Like, no way!" And I looked at her, and I was just pleading with her, "Please don't shout. Please don't." And she was just like, "You kidding me right now?" And I was just like, "Um, God bless you. I love you." And then she had the Wakandan t-shirt on and everything.

So in public, it's crazy. It's different. But I'm so grateful.

Kelly: It's great. I'm so happy for you too. Now, I also understood that you can rap, which we did not discuss last time you were here. Like, you're a serious rapper.

>> I'm not a serious rapper.

Kelly: Well, that's not what I heard. I heard that you are a serious rapper.

>> Oh, man, I'm not. It's just for fun. Like, we did it on set, and Danai gave me the name Baby mc Underbite, and...

Ryan: Baby mc Underbite?

>> It's a whole thing.

Ryan: An orthodontia reference?

>> Yeah. And then now the videos have gone viral, so now I have, like, real rap artists, like, criticizing me.

Ryan: We have some video.

>> You have some clips?

Ryan: Let's take a look.

>> ♪ It's a "Black Panther" ♪

♪ Cypher ♪

♪ Uh, uh ♪

♪ Let me decipher the code ♪

♪ To the lyrics of this flow ♪

♪ Straight off the dome ♪

♪ Never written, you know ♪

♪ Look ♪

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Are you freestyling?

>> Yeah, it's just...

Ryan: That's freestyle?

>> Freestyling, and you see the lady behind me, Danai? She's the reason.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Like, she's just like, "Do it. Do it."

Ryan: How do you come up with the lyrics when you freestyle?

>> I just kind of just have fun with it.

Ryan: You feel the rhythm.

>> Yeah, you feel the rhythm. You go. Like, yes.

Kelly: I feel rhythm too, but rhymes don't come to me like that.

Ryan: Just, like, flow.

Kelly: My rhymes are not dope like yours.

>> I don't know. Maybe it's a hidden gift, but--

Kelly: It is a gift...

>> Yeah.

Kelly: For sure. Can you rap?

Ryan: Uh, yeah.

>> Wait, what?


Ryan: My go-to karaoke is Young mc's "Bust a Move."

Kelly: What?

>> What?

Ryan: ♪ This here's a jam ♪

♪ For all the fellas ♪

♪ Try to do what ♪

♪ Those ladies tell us ♪

♪ Get shot down ♪

♪ 'Cause we're overzealous ♪

♪ Play hard to get ♪

♪ Females get jealous ♪

♪ Okay, smarty, go to a party ♪ That's enough.

>> Oh!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: I got to save it for a competition. I wish.

Kelly: Guys, I smell a new show.


>> That was dope.

Ryan: That was what?

>> Dope.

Kelly: Dope!

Ryan: We'll be right back-- stay with us-- with Letitia Wright.

Announcer: Tuesday on "Live," John Krasinski.

[Rock music]

♪ Hershey's Cookie Layer Crunch Get Layered

[Cheers and applause]

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[Dramatic music]

[Scanner whirring]

>> Whoa.

>> The structure is polymorphic.

>> Right, we had to attach each neuron nonsequentially.

>> Why didn't you just reprogram the synapses to work collectively?

>> Because we... Didn't think of it?

>> I'm sure you did your best.

Ryan: [laughs]

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: You still remember that.

>> Yes.

Kelly: No kidding.

>> I still remember the lines like it was yesterday.

Kelly: I mean, you were just reciting them. It's amazing.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: So you are able to, like, remem--you have total recall for your lines.

>> Yeah, pretty much.

Kelly: That's amazing. 'Cause I know a lot of actors, like, they say it and forget it. They hit it and quit it and move on.

>> Yeah, I have to see-- I think when I was watching "Black Panther" for the first time, I knew all the words, even, like, Michael B. Jordan's, like, you know, "Is this your king?" And I was just like, "Whoa, okay, okay, okay.

That's his--let him have his moment." But I just knew everything.

Ryan: So you learn all of the other actors' lines that are in--

>> I just take everything in. I guess I'm like a sponge, like, my mind, so...

Kelly: That's incredible. That's a great gift to have too.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: Wow. So, now, so take us into-- You play Shuri, of course, and you're t'Challa's sister.

>> Yes.

Kelly: And we return to Wakanda in this film.

>> Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Correct?

>> Yes.

Kelly: And so when you sign up to make this, I guess you shot the group together, right?

>> Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: Is that right? How long does that take?

>> Oh, man, like... On "Black Panther," it was-- you know, we had back-to-back filming days. This is our first film.

Kelly: Right.

>> And then right after that, we went straight into "Avengers."

Kelly: So did you wrap, like, okay, "Black Panther," that's a wrap, and then roll right into--

>> Yeah, so that's a wrap, and then-- Well, before it was "that's a wrap," I got a call from Marvel, and they're like, "Do you want to be in 'Avengers'?" And I was just like, "What do I have to do?" Felt like the Secret Service was calling me.

Kelly: Right.

>> And they were just like-- they were just like, "Just turn up to work." And I turned up, and they gave us some sides, and I read it, and you don't know what the other scenes are or-- I don't even know what the movie's about, pretty much.

Ryan: Where are all these going? Where does it all end up? Do we know?

>> Like, all the scenes and everything?

Ryan: No, are you linking with "x-Men"? Are you the new "Star Wars"? Like, where's all this going?

>> See, if I tell you that information, I'll have to kill you.

Ryan: I will die for the cause.

>> I will die first, and then you will die.


We can't tell you anything.

Kelly: Nobody's dying.

Ryan: Where's it going? I mean, incredible success with everything you're doing. Congratulations.

Kelly: Really happy for you.

>> Thank you. Thank you guys.

[Cheers and applause]

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[Dance music]

Kelly: Okay.

Ryan: All right, they call themselves Internetainers, as in "Internet."

Kelly: Internetainers.

Ryan: Not "entertainers" but "Internetainers."

Kelly: Get it?

Ryan: With over 4 billion views on the Internet, this comedy duo has fans all over the world. Please welcome Rhett and Link, ladies and gentlemen.

>> ♪ Ain't it fun ♪

>> Hey!

[Cheers and applause]


♪ You're so scared.

Ryan: How are you, bro?

>> How you doing?

Ryan: Nice to see you, man. Nice to see you. I'm Ryan. This is Kelly. Thanks for coming.

Kelly: I just want to start by saying that my son is your biggest fan and he couldn't be happier about this. He's very, very excited.

>> Mine or his?

Kelly: Both, both.

>> Okay, all right.

Kelly: He follows you. He's one of your 4 billion viewers.

>> Awesome.

Ryan: Explain to us what in the heck we're doing here.

>> Well, I love a good smoothie, you know? Smoothie's great. You can take it anywhere. But can you make any meal into a smoothie to then take any meal anywhere?

Ryan: So this is a solid, real plate or dish, meal that's liquefied.

>> Yeah, well, you've had more traditional things like strawberries and bananas. That's not happening today, okay?

>> No.

Kelly: But we like strawberries and "ba-nah-nas."

Ryan: We love "ba-nah-nas."

>> Well, you might like it, but you probably never had it before.

Ryan: And your new book, tell us about that, about "Mythicality." Is that a real word?

>> Well, we--

>> We kind of made it up.

>> It is, but we've kind of commandeered it for our own use. So we've known each other forever. Got to know each other in first grade when we were held in from recess for writing profanity on our desks.

Kelly: Really?

>> Yeah.

Kelly: That's such a cute story.

>> Ms. Locklear made us stay in from recess and color pictures of mythical beasts, so this whole mythical, mythicality thing, you know, we got--

Kelly: Did you devote the book to her? You should have.

>> She actually wrote a small portion of it.

Kelly: No kidding.

>> Yeah, we tried to get her to write all of it, but she was too busy being a schoolteacher. So we actually had to write our own book. Pff, go figure. So yeah, we call our fans the Mythical Beasts, our show "Good Mythical Morning," then the "Book of Mythicality" shows how to incorporate curiosity, creativity, and tomfoolery into your lives, sometimes in the form of a smoothie, like in this case with you guys.

Ryan: Is there a chapter in the book that would help with this or...

>> Yeah, there's a chapter called "Eat Something that Scares You."

Ryan: Oh.

>> Because as a kid, I was very picky. I would only eat cereal, peanut butter, and anything that was fried. So if it wasn't a chicken nugget, I wasn't having it.

>> Right, well, I would eat--

Kelly: Chicken nuggets are delicious. Are there any chicken nuggets in here?


>> We can't tell you yet.

Ryan: All right, we're gonna do it. When we come back, it's the ultimate disgusting taste test. We find out if we can identify the liquid foods in these blenders live after the break.

>> If it swings back and forth, the baby is a boy.

>> Whoo!

>> It's a boy?

>> I'm having a boy too, guys.


Announcer: If you'd like to know more about anything you see on "Live," just log on to our website,

[Cheers and applause]

[Dance music]

Ryan: All right, here we go. Kelly and I will be doing a taste test of liquefied foods to see if we can guess what dish has been pulverized in each of these blenders.

If we guess correctly, Rhett and Link will be penalized. They'll have to drink a shot of ground-up insects that we just got from the sidewalk, the wet sidewalk today.

If we get it wrong, they're spared, and the penalty does not apply, all right? So take us through, guys. What do we have to do first?

>> Well, first we just got to blend this right up here.

Ryan: And this could be any dish, solid-- We think solids? Is that what we're thinking?

>> Yeah, don't think about it too much.

Ryan: All right.

>> This is a full meal.

Ryan: Kelly's thinking about it a lot. I can just sense it.

Kelly: Oh, already, already, already, already, already.

>> Now, this is a smoothie meal.

>> But it is a meal. It is a meal.

Ryan: It's a meal.

>> Whoa!

>> Okay.

>> I did that on purpose.

Kelly: I did that with my witch powers. I put that out there, and there you go.

>> It's not gonna help you.

Kelly: Okay.

>> Yeah, you can lap that up, or you can drink from the cup. It's up to you.

Gelman: Here we go. Go for it.

>> Take as much as you need to make an informed decision.

>> If either of you get this right--

Kelly: That is a McDonald's...

Ryan: It's a burger.

Kelly: Cheeseburger and fries.

Ryan: It's a burger.

>> Okay, so you're both saying burger., so you're both saying

[Bell dings]

You are correct.

>> Okay.

>> Boom, burger and fries.

>> Okay, so that's one shot, one shot of insects that we've got to take right here.

>> Good work.

Ryan: All right. Come on, teammate.

>> One shot of these coming up.

Ryan: Next one.

>> All right, I'm gonna hold the lid on this one.

Ryan: We're on fire, Kel.

>> Do you need help, Link?

Ryan: Ooh, look at the color.

>> Please don't have another accident, Link.

>> I'm holding the top this time.

>> You're embarrassing us.

>> So we've already got to take a shot of insects.

Ryan: Oh, it's sweet.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Does it taste better than burger and fries?

Ryan: It's, um... Blueberry cheesecake.

Kelly: Blueberry cheesecake?

>> And...

Kelly: I think it's, like--

>> Did you even taste it?

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: Blueberry cheesecake and?

>> No, you didn't.

Kelly: No, I did. I did.

>> What might you enjoy with a blueberry cheesecake that's a liquid?

Kelly: A cup of coffee?

>> Whoo!

[Bell dings]

>> That's it! Whoo!

Ryan: What?

>> Whoo! You got it. Man!

>> Okay, that's two shots.

Ryan: This is it. All right, we have a new hobby. We could be palate--

Kelly: Superhuman strength.

Ryan: Yeah, we have good palates, okay. All right, now, for the win-- for the sweep.

>> For the sweep.

>> Yeah, for the sweep. You guys are pretty incredible.

Kelly: Shouldn't you guys be chugging crickets right now?

>> We will. So far, two shots.

Ryan: I have-- wait, I have a region.

[Sniffs]have a region.

>> You have a region?

>> That's one way at it.

Ryan: I have a varietal.

>> Okay.

Ryan: There's wasabi. There's...

>> Mm, mm.

Ryan: Sushi.

Kelly: It's so unpleasant.

[Bell dings]

It's so unpleasant.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Okay.

Ryan: All right, boys, where's your shots?

>> Okay, here we go.

>> Now, the thing is...

Ryan: You want to sit down?

>> Do you think, as a smoothie, any of these are superior? Because we're on to something, right?

Ryan: This is the best one of all of them for me.

Kelly: I also-- the cheeseburger wasn't so bad.

Ryan: Well, is there another one? What's this?

Both: This is our punishment.

Ryan: Oh, yes.

Kelly: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ryan: But we only need two, gentlemen. Oh, you have to do three rounds.

>> We're doing three each.

Ryan: I thought you were about to serve us. I don't need any of that.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: My palate's exhausted.

>> We get a complete meal of crickets this morning.

>> We didn't plan for this. This is worst-case scenario for us, guys.

Ryan: Well, we planned for this.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Dink it and sink it.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That's right. Hey.

>> It's the protein of the future.

Ryan: That's right. "Rhett & Link's Book of Mythicality," available everywhere books are sold. Good job. Nice to see you guys. That was fun.

Kelly: Are you okay?

Ryan: How are you? You all right? Here. We'll be right back.

Announcer: Closed captioning sponsored in part by:

Ryan: Have a great weekend. See you guys.

Kelly: Bye, everybody.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Monday on "Live," it's a brand-new show with Mike Myers, "glow" star Betty Gilpin, and Ryan and Kelly take a spicy food challenge.

[Upbeat music]

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now, ellen degeneres!

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Have a seat, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Back at you. Back at all of you. Thanks for being here. Happy martin luthr. Day.

[Cheers and applause]

Did y'all have a good weekend?

[Cheers and applause]

That's good. I would love to hear what you did one at a time, that would be great.


What did you do this weekend?

>> I slept in.

Ellen: You slept the whole weekend? That's great. That's great. All right. I'm kidding. I know what you did because I went through your instagram photos and a lot of you post

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