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Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, academy award-winning actor colin firth. And we have animals in the green room patiently waiting for their appointment with the pet psychi psychic.

Plus, kelly goes back to kindergarten as we wrap up "live's do it week." All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Good morning! Hi, guys. How are you?

Kelly: Hey, hey, high five. Again, again.

Ryan: Good morning, good morning.

Kelly: Hi. Hi. Oh, hi.


Hi. Hi.

Ryan: Wow.

Kelly: Okay. You guys, just did the wave and you didn't even know where it.

Ryan: Let's get the beachbody out. It is friday, september 22nd, 2017. Good morning.

Kelly: The first day of fall occurs today at 4:02 P.M.


Ryan: When do we adjust the clocks?

Kelly: When do we fall back?

Ryan: It is when? November? So we have plenty of time.

Kelly: Why don't they correlate? Shouldn't we fall back on the first day of fall?

Ryan: When you fall back, you gain an hour.

Kelly: But then you are plunged into darkness at 2:00 P.M.

Ryan: You told me that, the first fall winter here, it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon.

Kelly: And don't invest in transitional wardrobe because transitional wardrobe in the northeast is #FakeNews. And I will tell you why. There is no transition.

We go from summer temperatures to winter overnight.

Ryan: It plunges.

Kelly: It plunges. I was at my daughter's field hockey game. My girlfriend, the gorgeous mom. Everybody has a gorgeous mom at school. She is the mom with the good hair and the sexy legs and she is tall and thin and can eat whatever she wants.

Ryan: So we despise her.

Kelly: And she's a comedian. She's super funny. She is sitting there with her long, tan legs which come up to my nipple, and I am sitting there like a lump.

All of a sudden, I wore jeans and a blouse. I thought about taking a sweatshirt, but all of a sudden it was 80 degrees and I said I don't need a sweatshirt, it's 8.

All they said in the sun goes down and the wind picks up, and it is like 52 degrees. It drops like that, and winter is here. Jules and her sexy legs is freezing.


Ryan: A certain amount of satisfaction you are gleaning from that.

Kelly: I actually felt bad because she was so cold. I rubbed her long legs. Wouldn't it be so nice to be you?

Ryan: You mentioned earlier in the week we were talking about the future, phones, soon we can speak with just blinks. I saw this in the wake of the conversation, start up creates wristband allowing you to text using your thoughts.

Kelly: Where did they get that idea?

Ryan: Where'd that come from?

Kelly: Where they get that idea?

Ryan: How can they translate what you are thinking into tax?

Kelly: That would be so dangerous for me.

Ryan: Think of the flood of things you are thinking at the same time.

Kelly: The things that I think. It should be a pay-per-view special.


Ryan: We would love to get into your head and hear that.

Kelly: You have heard my thoughts because I text them to you.

Ryan: I have heard them.

Kelly: I want to switch gears for a second, this is a crazy photo. Have you ever, ladies, showed up anywhere wearing the same dress as somebody else?

I have, same, right? Where did you fall on the spectrum? Did you feel sorry for the other person or did you feel bad for yourself?


You didn't compare? I have compared, and I have had it happen to me where I have been the person I feel sorry for. Oh, good, I'm so glad kate moss is here in the same dress.

You know what I mean? And I've had it where I'm like I feel pretty good about myself right now, you know what I mean? So imagine this, this to me is a dress that was probably a really good deal, like there was a sale somewhere because take a look at this address.

There is the bride at a wedding and those are not bridesmaids. Those women are not bridesmaids, they all just are wearing the same dress.

Ryan: That is impossible!

Kelly: It is like the scene from airplane. "There is a sale at pennies!" We can all agree that is a great dress, right? The neckline is good, a good color, that can go day to night, night to day, a sandal or a strap heel.

Right? I would even partner that with ankle-length boots and wear that to a music festival.

Ryan: When guys were something similar or the same, we are actually excited about it. We feel like there's a bond there. We could play for a team.

Kelly: This is a good dress, and I will tell you why. These are all different women, different shapes, different sizes, different types, different looks, and they all look great in that dress, that is a great dress.

Ryan: Looks like the bride and bridesmaids.

Kelly: Nope, just a really good sale.

Ryan: One more thing about dogs. A couple weeks ago we introduced you to the 15 dogs that were looking to be rescued from the hurricane, hurricane harvey in texas.

All of them got rescued and found a home.


Kelly: Why do I feel like there is going to be a but.

Ryan: But one. I want to introduce you to the lovely, cute, adorable cheyenne who is the lone dog waiting to be rescued by state and the perfect match.

Kelly: Guys, get on shyanne, look how sweet she is.

Ryan: Go to our website if shyanne is right for you.

Kelly: Her face, come on, this is embarrassing for me.


Ryan: That is pretty cool all of the dogs found homes.

Kelly: Yeah. I know how shyanne feels after being picked last for dodgeball all the time. Weren't you ever picked last for something? Oh, no, you weren't?

Great. Well, neither was I, I was always picked first, so there.

Ryan: I was picked last for this job.


Kelly: That's not true. That is #FakeNews.

Ryan: I was always a short end of the stick. I still put on the uniform, but I never played.

Kelly: Oh, really?

Ryan: I would suit up for football every friday and never make it off the bench.

Kelly: A big show today, sexy colin firth is here today.

Ryan: And we will find out what she we and george are really thinking with pet psychic sonya fitzpatrick.

Kelly: And we are going to wrap up "live's do it week," we will stop doing it. I'm going to go back to school and talk to some great kindergartners about what they think.

Ryan: Life lessons. It is time for "call me live travel trivia!"

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That is laura from brussels, belgium.

Kelly: You are a great dancer.

Ryan: Welcome to america.

>> Thank you.

Ryan: What are you doing here?

>> I am visiting my sister, she is working in new york.

Kelly: Great, well. We are going to spin the wheel and see who we are calling right now.

Ryan: Is it julie? This is a live call right now. Write down her number. Julie from the villages, florid florida.

[Phone ringing]

Kelly: Villages? That sounds nice.

Caller: Hello?

Ryan: Is julie there?

Caller: This is a she.

Ryan: This is ryan seacrest and kelly ripa, you are on the air.

Caller: No way. 25 years waiting for you to call me.

Kelly: Don't blame ryan, he just got here.

Ryan: What are you up to right now?

Caller: I am working out.

Kelly: We need to do a show, I say it all the time, where we are also working out.

Ryan: Do the show while we are working out?

Kelly: People watch the show on the treadmill, so we should do the show on the treadmill. Don't you think?

Ryan: I think that is a good idea. Gelman, that's good.

Kelly: I've been saying it for years.

Ryan: They would like it.

Caller: I think it is a great idea, that is how I want you all the time, while working out every day.

Ryan: Since we started talking, you have burned 32 calories. Congratulations.

Caller: I am trying really hard not to breathe hard.

Kelly: No, breeze you know what I have learned? Do you ever wear a heart monitor? Not a wrist thingy, but a heart monitor when you work out?

Caller: No, I have not.

Kelly: It is the coolest thing ever because it measures your resting heart rate and how fast your heart rate rises and how fast it comes down, and how many calories you burn, and it is really accurate.

You would be surprised how many calories you burn doing things that you don't even think about.

Ryan: Sometimes I forget which side my heart is on.

Kelly: You put it in the middle.

Ryan: Let's see what you are playing for.

Kelly: Okay, you are playing for the st. James's club. 78 and six nights in a royal suite, this trip is provided in part by, a prize valued $8200.

You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Julie, good luck.

Ryan: Are you ready? Here we go. Earlier this week we talked with demi moore. In what state did we say she has a ranch?

Caller: Idaho!

Ryan: That's right! You got it!

Announcer: Congratulations! You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the st. James's club and villas in antigua. St. James's club and villas in antigua tucked away on a secluded 100-acre peninsula on the southeastern coast of antigua.

This all-inclusive hideaway offers breathtaking ocean views, two white sand beaches, six swimming pools, top-notch restaurants, complementary water sports, and much more.

Your prize is valued at approximately $8,200!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Now --

Kelly: What did you --

Caller: I want to tell everybody don't give up on doing a travel trivia. I have been doing this since kathy leah and were on.

Kelly: I think ryan is your lucky charm.

Ryan: Ryan, you are.

Kelly: I can make the day of it like a member of the studio audience who will receive a $500 gift certificate from ikea. Pick a number between 1 and 203.

Caller: 38.

Ryan: Who is it, who is it? Congratulations. Congratulations, julie. Good luck on your work out. We will be right back with colin firth.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," pet psychic sonya fitzpatrick. And will tell us what chewie and georgia really think of kelly and ryan. We finish up "live's do it week" when kelly goes back to school.

And coming up next, colin firth.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. On monday's show, kristin chenoweth is here.

Ryan: From "empire," jussie smollett is here as well.

Kelly: And listen to this, we get a behind the scenes look at the iHEARTRADIO music festival with our very own ryan in las vegas.

Ryan: Taking you backstage.

Kelly: You are going to las vegas, you are hosting the iHEARTRADIO music festival. Who is there?

Ryan: Coldplay, the weeknd, dj khaled. One stage, we bring it all to you. And all week we will be playing some surprise games and pumping ourselves up.

Supersized games?

Kelly: Like what, are we getting lip filler and stuff?

Gelman: Like sumo suits and stuff. She looks disgusted.

Kelly: I thought we were getting like noninvasive plastic surgery. I have to start showing up for these production meetings. Okay, this is exciting.

He is a film, television, and theater veteran. Please welcome oscar-winner colin firth!

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Hi, handsome.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: They love it.

Kelly: I talk about this every time you are here, but I was telling ryan I call you sexy colin firth because your good friend hugh grant, when he was on the show many years ago w sexy colin firth right here on this show.

I can only call you sexy colin firth.

Colin: We have a very complicated relationship.

Ryan: You do have, located relationship from what I understand because your birthday is really close to each other.

Colin: We were born on the same year, one day apart.

Kelly: Who is older?

Colin: He is. This is the only comforting thing when the birthdays start to clock up. I turn 57 what, three days ago?

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, you look great. That's fantastic.

Colin: You can call me fantastic but the great comfort as he turned 57 four days ago.

Kelly: Are you a big birthday celebrate her?

Colin: So much. I am the guy who doesn't know what face to make. Sort of waiting until it is over. You don't want to seem like a bad sport. I think I have been damaged by an old english tradition.

You go to school, you wake up and your parents are nice to you and you get cake and presents, and their version of celebrating is throwing you up in the air and everybody grabs a limb.

They throw you up in the air and you land on your backside on hard concrete.

Kelly: What?

Colin: Once for each year.

Kelly: Is that true?

Colin: If you are 10, you get 10. You just hope you are not 57.

Ryan: We have basic training in the army that is nothing like that.

Colin: I don't know what that would train you for.

Ryan: Taking the heat. I don't know that that sounds very fun.

Colin: You like to keep your birthday quiet.

Kelly: I would say. The worst we have here is a pinch to grow an inch. It isn't that bad.

Ryan: What about the summer, did you have a chance to relax?

Colin: My wife is italian, got to go to italy for a month.

Ryan: What partish?

Colin: In umbria.

Ryan: We are going to act like we know exactly where that is.

Colin: Go to tuscany and turn right.

Kelly: I went to a wedding in umbria.

Ryan: Are you fluent?

Colin: I could probably say yes to you.

Kelly: If you say si, that is yes.

Colin: It sounds like I speak italian to english speaking.

Ryan: What is your trick?

Kelly: My trick? I speak english to italian people with an italian accent.

Colin: That works! See, that works.

Kelly: I go, do you understand what I'm saying?

Colin: If you have this and this.

Kelly: This means what is going on and this means what the heck is going on?

Colin: They all have meanings.

Ryan: You mean all of these gestures?

Colin: That means we've got to go. That means you are crazy.

Kelly: This is how they say three. My mother-in-law would say I will be there in 3 minutes. With the thumb.

Ryan: I feel like they're 3 .

Kelly: Two and a half weeks weeks. We will not be rushed.

Ryan: We will come back and talk more with colin firth after this.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we wrap up "live's do it week" when kelly talks to kids.

>> When you and I first met I was like a magnet.

>> Turn into flies, maybe you mean larva.

>> But everybody wanted to squash me. But you turned me into a caterpillar and now I have wing wings.

>> I hate to sound rude, but I have two finish packing.

Kelly: That is a sexy colin firth in a scene from "kingsman: The golden "kingsman: The golden circle."

Ryan: Action-packed. Big blockbuster action-packed movie.

Kelly: Correct me if I am wrong, did you not die in the first "kingsman," or was it a soap opera death?

Colin: It is okay in "south park" and "the walking dead." I kind of died, I guess. I understand why people ask me this, but there are so only so many times people can tell you you are dead before it starts to get to you.

Kelly: I didn't mean for it to get to you.

Colin: I just want people to see the movie now. You know the guy in the monty python movies? "I'm not dead." I'm back. I'm back as a man who talks about flies, but other things happen in the movie.

Kelly: And you have some great additional stars in this film. Sir elton john.

Ryan: What is he doing?

Colin: I'm not allowed to tell you what he's doing.

Kelly: Was he wearing?

Colin: You will not be disappointed.

Ryan: Has he warned that before?

Colin: I can't tell you, but that is a clue, isn't it?

Ryan: What are they up to?

Colin: We are dealing with the statesman who are the american equivalent inhabited by wonderful people like jeff bridges, halle berry, channing tatum, so it is a vastly enhanced cast.

We are taking on the golden circle who are an uber drug cartel headed by julianne moore.

Kelly: You mean they drive uber for their drug cartel?

Colin: It is a figure of speech.

Kelly: I wanted to be clear clear.

Ryan: They go in there uber uber?

Colin: 3 minutes away.

Kelly: That is a great business plan. Will this be a trilogy?

Colin: I hope so. I am optimistic that it is. There are a lot of conversations just as they were conversations about me being not as dead as I seemed.

Years ago I sensed a third film in the making.

Ryan: It is so great, congratulations.

Kelly: Happy birthday.

Ryan: "Kingsman: The golden circle" opens in theaters today.

Kelly: Coming up next, pet psychic sonya fitzpatrick is with us, stick around.

Announcer: Monday on "live" from the


Kelly: Do you ever wished you could talk to your pet? Don't you want to know what your dogs or cats or critters are thinking when they pee on your rug?

Ryan: Maybe, maybe not. Please welcome animal communicator sonya fitzpatrick.

Kelly: How are you? Is great to see you again.

Sonya: It is great to see you.

Ryan: Nice to see you. Can you tell what we are thinking or just pets?

Sonya: Pets are more interesting.

Kelly: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Sonya: Sometimes when I'm with a client they want to know why they're animal is behaving in a certain way and they are confused, often with rescue animals too.

That I love sorting out problems so the human companion can understand what the animal is behaving this way or why it's nervous because a lot of animals are nervous.

I just like to sort those problems out for the human and the animals.

Kelly: Before you read our dogs, we have a couple other pets, do you mind?

Ryan: So, our first is annie with ed halloway. Hi, annie.

Ryan: Are we quiet?

Sonya: No, no, you are fine fine. She loves being here, she has never done anything quite like this before. And she said we can all see she loves her food.


Ryan: Espresso beans, anyone?

Kelly: That was a most impressive thing I've ever seen in my life.

Ryan: You knew that would happen.

Sonya: No, I didn't know that would happen.

Kelly: Please do it again right now.

Kelly: And she is good at chewing things.

Ryan: She is speaking from all sides.

Sonya: She says you let her go wherever she wants to go and she likes being in the house. And she loves it when you open the fridge door.

>> One of the questions I had for you, she is an escape artist, she can jump over fences, under, and no matter how high or how you secure it, she gets out.

Sonya: Yes. She said that somebody always finds me or I come back. She says everybody knows me where I am, everybody knows me, I am very well known.

Kelly: Well, she leaves a trail.


Sonya: She likes to lie in the house.

>> On the back porch.

Sonya: She loves that place place.

>> She likes the soil and she is not allowed on it.

Sonya: She says I'm very spoiled and everybody falls in love with me.

Kelly: I can see why.

Ryan: We are going to clean up for a second and come back with our dogs.

Kelly: Yes, you are going to read our dogs.

Ryan: More readings after this.


Announcer: Enter "call me live travel trivia!" And you can win a kitchen appliance package from cuisinart valued at approximately $1,200. Log onto our website or go to our facebook page to enter toda today.


Ryan: We are back with animal communicator sonya fitzpatrick. We had a treat a moment ago, let's see what is next.


Kelly: Hi, grant. So, grant, for those of you who think grand looks familiar, grant is the son of our hairstylist, diane. He has made so many appearances since he was a newborn baby on the show, now you are a grown man, for heaven sakes.


>> This is a chinchilla. He goes on my bed sometimes.

Sonya: He says he likes that. And again, he is allowed to go everywhere in the house. He said he likes the shiny one, the one that shines. He said I will have another one of those.

And also, where is someone going?

>> Maybe my sister thinking of going to a new school.

Kelly: Will she be coming backwards and forwards?

>> That is me, I travel for school.

Kelly: When are you away?

>> Most of the day.

Kelly: And who is thinking about going away overnight somewhere?

>> Probably my sister.

Kelly: He is upset about that, very upset. He doesn't think she should go. And I'm her favorite, he says. And she's always changing her hair. Says I look, she has done her hair different today.

And says you talk to him all the time. Never stop talking to him, he knows everything you say, he tells me. You are very particular about the shoes you wear and very particular about your hair he said.

>> That's very true.

Kelly: >> Sonya: The to things you are very concerned about. And he thinks you are very handsome. He thinks you are very handsome.

Kelly: Now we know he is not blind.

Ryan: Thank you very much, grant. So here comes duncan.

Kelly: Hi.

Sonya: There we go.

>> Good boy.

Sonya: What am I doing here, he says. I will tell him what he is doing here.

>> He always wears these.

Sonya: He says I always wear those, and I quite like them. Where does he have some other ones? You have a few more pairs, he said. These aren't my only once, but I like these because they match.

He said I like these a lot. He said you give him really fresh carrots. Don't like them when they are stale, I like when they are fresh and you cut them up for him, he said.

Where does he see another horse?

>> He has another horse at the farm.

Sonya: He says why isn't he here? And said he is a bit bossy. Bosses me around, he says. And he says it is nice to have a break from him even though he wants them here, it is nice to have a break because he is the rudest horse he has ever met.

He said he likes me, he likes me sometimes, and he says -- when did you give him a bath?

>> Last night.

Sonya: Yeah, don't want that again, he says. Where is the blue bucket?

>> In his stall.

Sonya: He says he likes what you put in it and could he have another one.

Kelly: I want to know what is in the blue bucket.

Ryan: No kidding. Thank you very much.

Kelly: So now we are going to go get georgia. Ryan is going to go get a georgia, his dog.

Ryan: Georgia. Georgia, sit. Georgia, sit. Good girl. Good girl.

Sonya: You rescued him, and it is the best life I could hav have. And why are you always so busy, he says. You think faster than anybody he knows and always thinking of doing things, he said.

And you're always busy thinking, thinking of that, never known anybody to think of so many things as you do. But he says you always have time for him. You always have time for me and you love him better than anybody else in the whole wide world, he said.

Kelly: Does georgia like the city?

Sonya: Took a bit of getting used to, he said. Oh, he said, it was so noisy. He said I'm getting better, but could still get a bit better, he says.

Kelly: I think you might be reading ryan.


Are you sure you aren't reading ryan?

Sonya: He says I will come here again. Could you take him to work every day, he says.

Ryan: We would love that. We will get a stool for georgia.

Kelly: I will take georgia back and I will get chewie.

Ryan: I will see you later. Thank you. So, I need to work less, slow down, spend more time at home?

Sonya: Chewie.

Kelly: Do you remember sonya? Hi, let's go see sonya. Let's go see sonya. Do you remember sonya?

Sonya: She loves having the bow. And she says your children love her. And the youngest one lies on the floor and rolls around with her.

Kelly: That is true.

Sonya: And I am their favorite dog. Where does she see a black dog sometimes?

Kelly: Probably backstage, georgia.

Sonya: She says I love that dog too. I love people, I love dogs, and I love my mom best and my mom loves me, she said. And you are always talking to her, and she says she also has a number of names.

Kelly: She does.

Sonya: She says I have a lot of names.

Kelly: She was born with a different name and we renamed her, but we call her a lot of different names.

Sonya: And the children do. They all love me, and I just am so happy every day.

Kelly: Oh, good.

Sonya: When did they give her something from the refrigerator?

Kelly: Well, so, okay, such a long story but she's got a bit of a bad back and so she's been taking these hemp biscuits. So we hide it usually in yogurt or cream cheese or peanut butter or something like that.

Sonya: She loves that.

Kelly: I know she does.

Sonya: She loves the changes. She says I like all the changes. And she also has a very nice toy, and she also has a nice bowl to drink from. She says you are always changing her water.

Who is the other lady who looks after her sometimes?

Kelly: Lauren backstage is her favorite.

Sonya: She says she looks after me and we are always busy. We are always so busy, she says.

Ryan: But most of all she says she loves the hemp biscuit biscuits.

Kelly: Thank you so much.

Ryan: Go to our website. Coming up next, kelly goes back to school. Thank you, sonya.

Announcer: Monday on "live" from "empire," jussie smollett.

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Ryan: Welcome back. The friends are playing.

Kelly: For the last day of "live's do it week," I went to the kindergarten class here in the city and I went to miss kara's class and learned a lot from the cutest little kids you've ever seen.

Kelly: Hi, guys. Sophia, can I tell you a secret?

>> What?

Kelly: When I was your age I used to wear my hair just like this, two braids, that is how I wore my hair. Do you have to get up really early to get ready for school?

>> No, I just wake up myself.

Kelly: You wake up all by yourself? That is called an internal alarm clock, that is a good skill to have.

>> My daddy wakes me up.

>> I wake up by myself.

Kelly: How many people here can wake up all by themselves? Wow. What do your parents do for a living?

>> They went mountain biking.

Kelly: They go mountain biking for a living?

>> I think dad is working and mom is going to soulcycle. Because she always does that when I go to school.

Kelly: What is your favorite thing to do at school?

>> Eat lunch.

Kelly: What is in your lunch? You won't tell me?

>> No.

Kelly: Is it a sandwich?

>> No.

>> Is it a hot dog?

>> Yes.

Kelly: You will have a hot dog for lunch?

>> No.

>> I have cookies. And I have grapes.

Kelly: Are you going to give me a bite?

>> No.

Kelly: Why not?

>> It's my lunch.

Kelly: That is looking really good.

Kelly: You can go back to lunch, but save me some grapes, okay?

>> No.

Kelly: I love grapes. Then save me a cookie.

>> No.

Kelly: Three more chocolate chips, but I ate them when you weren't looking.

>> Time to line up.

Kelly: What is for school lunch? I want to go to this school so bad.

>> To this classroom?

Kelly: Yes, I want to go to this classroom.

>> Why, you are too old.

Kelly: Are you a singer? You are? My cohost is hosting "american idol" ." Yeah, ryan. See, that's his name, that's my name. Ryan is auditioning singers to be on "american idol." Do you want to sing something into the microphone?

>> No.

Kelly: Are you sure you don't want to try one song?

>> How about "abcd?" Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy and Z. Now I know my abc's, next time won't you sing with me?

Kelly: You are so going to hollywood, that's amazing. Thank you for talking to me. I appreciate it.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: You are welcome.

Ryan: I want to give her a ticket to hollywood.

Kelly: She was so good, wasn't she? She got the whole song out, even the conclusion.

Ryan: Next time won't you sing with her.

Kelly: I didn't want to scare the kids. I want to thank the principal for inviting us into the school. The kids were so exceptional except for the ones that wouldn't share their lunches with me.

Just kidding.

Ryan: We will be right back back.

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Ryan: Monday on the show, kristin chenoweth is here.

Kelly: And jussie smollett.

Ryan: And I will take you to the iHEARTRADIO music festival this weekend and behind the scenes stuff. Have a good weekend.


[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now. Ellen DeGENERES!

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much! Thank you so much! I appreciate it. That's how I feel about you. Have a seat, everybody. Thank you for being here. Happy friday!

[Cheers and applause]

You should cheer for friday, it is very exciting. I don't know if I am legally allowed to do this. But I say that the weekend starts right now!

[Cheers and applause]

I have been watching all of you before the show started. I think that the weekend started early for a lot of you.


People in the riffraff room going crazy and they're, and then this was very, very exciting for me to watch this woman's performance right

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