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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Announcer: It's "Live" with Kelly." Today, Oscar winner Viola Davisr James McAvoy. Plus we get in the ring with ufc champ Amanda Nunes. And Christian Slater is our co-host.

All next on "Live."

[Upbeat music]

>> ♪ I don't know ♪

♪ Who's gonna kiss you ♪

♪ When I'm gone ♪

Announcer: Now, here are Kelly Ripa and Christian Slater.

Kelly: Hi.

Christian: Hello. Yeah.

>> ♪ I don't ♪

♪ Want to think about it ♪

Kelly: I can't hear the song.

Christian: I know.

[Cheers and applause]

Christian: [indistinct]

Kelly: Thank you.

Christian: I'm doing my best.

Kelly: Thank you.

[Cheers and applause]

Christian: Oh!

Kelly: Oh, yeah. Thanks a lot. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hi. It's Wednesday, March 29th, 2017, my cohost today is Christian Slater.

Christian: Yeah, here we go again.

[Cheers and applause]

I love it. You look amazing.

Kelly: It's the father of my child's birthday tomorrow.

Christian: Oh, wow. Happy birthday, early.

Kelly: What should I give Mark Consuelos, besides my undying devotion?

Christian: Man, oh, man. That is really a tricky question.

Kelly: I know, it's so hard.

Christian: It's hard to know, because I don't know, like, people ask me what I want for my birthday and I have no answer.

Kelly: Yeah, what do you want?

Christian: I really don't know anymore.

Kelly: I know.

Christian: It's a certain point, I can't think of anything--I mean--

Kelly: Well, because, I think men reach a certain age, and they just buy themselves what they want and need when they want and need it, right?

Christian: Pretty much, that's the deal, yeah.

Kelly: Right?

Christian: I mean the only thing that's coming to mind is that Daniel Craig bikini.

Kelly: Oh.

Christian: That's the only thing that's coming to mind, just have that wrapped up in a nice box for him and say, Happy birthday, honey, here's something for you and me.

Kelly: You know, years ago, years ago, before we had kids, when we were newly married, we went on a trip to St. Lucia, and I bought him a Gucci, like a man bikini, you know, like the European--not the banana hammock, but you know what I mean.

Christian: Yeah. Did it have gold in it? Was there gold?

Kelly: It had like a red flower or something.

Christian: Oh, yeah. Oh, red flowers.

Kelly: And I thought, he would be so sexy in that, and it went right back to the store.

Christian: Oh.

Kelly: I mean, I don't think he even tried it on for me at home. It just went right back.

Christian: Right back?

Kelly: He exchanged it for--

Christian: No interest whatsoever?

Kelly: None. Zero interest.

Christian: Oh, man. Wow.

Kelly: I know.

Christian: It's tricky. No, I mean getting gifts for-- I don't know. What do you get?

Kelly: What does your wife give you that you love, like, when she gives you something special?

Christian: Oh, my God, I mean, my wife gives me something special every day. Just her basic presence is a present

Christian: What can I say, I'm the luckiest man alive.

Kelly: That's nice.

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: That's nice.

Christian: That's it.

Kelly: Makes sense.

Christian: Huh?

>> Newlywed!

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: Speaking of lucky, I think somebody's going to get lucky later on. Just saying.

Christian: [giggles]

Kelly: Look at him, like, giggling at the prospects. Maybe I will, maybe I will.

Christian: I am very excited, thank you very much. That is exciting news.

Kelly: So there's great news. Anybody adventurous out there? Any adventurous people in the audience? You guys, this is really good news.

Christian: Yeah?

Kelly: I've always wanted to go to New Zealand. I've never been there. I've been as far as Australia, but not New Zealand.

Christian: I haven't done New Zealand either, yeah.

Kelly: So the tech industry in Wellington, New Zealand, they're looking to recruit tech experts, so if you have a talent, they have a global talent attraction program.

They will offer a hundred candidates a free, week-long trip, just to go on job interviews. Isn't that amazing?

Christian: That is amazing.

Kelly: So, can I fake being a tech expert? To get a trip?

Christian: Sure, sure. I mean, there are certain skills I'm sure you could--

Kelly: I don't really have much--I mean, I think they would--

Christian: But they don't need to know that.

Kelly: Anyway, I don't know, to me, that to me is a way to see the world, and get a job all at the same time.

Christian: Very nice, yes, introduce yourselves to foods across the world, and things like that. Speaking of foods--

Kelly: Yes?

Christian: Ah ha! Sorry.

Kelly: I like it.

Christian: Thank you very much.

Kelly: You know what it is? I like watching you discover--you're like, "I'm pretty good at this talk show stuff."

Christian: Yeah, right. It's my little--

Kelly: What, Kelly, watch this segue. It's going to be sick.

Christian: Did you like how I segued?

Kelly: Oh, look at him. Yeah, very impressive.

Christian: Okay, this one here is do not repeat, do not-- well, I don't want to spoil it, okay.

Kelly: Okay.

Christian: There's a ghastly--there's a person who likes to dip certain foods-- we all like to dip foods in milk, right?

Kelly: Mark loves to dip peanut butter and jelly into milk.

Christian: See, that's unique.

Kelly: He loves it.

Christian: Yes. You know, and Oreos, of course. We like to dip Oreos.

Kelly: Yes. Yes. We dip an Oreo and milk.

Christian: That's a key duo. Well, this person here has found a new thing to--and posted it. This is a 20-year-old college student who posted on Twitter.

She has found a new thing to dip into milk, which is just horrifying.

Kelly: Oh, no.

Christian: Look at that. Can you even make that up?

Kelly: No, no, no, no.

Christian: Pizza and milk.

Kelly: No.

Christian: I know. Yeah.

Kelly: No. No.

Christian: No, no, I know, boo. It's horrible. It's the worst possible combo, and since she posted this on Twitter, she's had to make her account private.

Kelly: That is--that is a--

Christian: I've dipped pizza in, like, blue cheese dressing. Have you ever done that? Have you ever tried that? Yeah, cheese with blue cheese. That's fantastic.

I love that.

Kelly: That has actually never occurred to me.

Christian: Never occurred to you?

Kelly: No.

Christian: Yeah, I used to go to this pizza place, Domianaz, in L.a., and they would serve you with a little side of blue cheese with your pizza, and it was the greasiest, oiliest pizza, but it was so good.

Kelly: I gotta tell you something, I really am fascinated by people in L.a.

Christian: Yes.

Kelly: And I'm going to tell you why. Because everybody looks like a trillion dollars, right? Everybody looks amazing.

Christian: All right. That's nice.

Kelly: And everybody looks incredibly healthy, and yet, everybody there seems to be stuffing an In-n-Out burger into their face.

Christian: Yes.

Kelly: They're having pizza.

Christian: I don't know, the sun and the doctors.

Kelly: Yes.

Christian: There you go. That's a fine combo. They have all the best guys out there.

Kelly: Yeah, you're right.

Christian: A lot of tubes and things like that.

Kelly: Yeah, right. They just have it sucked right out.

Christian: I know.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Christian: Speaking of sucking...

Kelly: Ah!

Christian: Ha-hey! That's going to be my thing.

Kelly: You know what? You're good at this. You are good at this. Yeah, I like it.

Christian: All right. 32 unexpected places you should be cleaning in your home, right?

Kelly: What do you mean?

Christian: The sucking thing is, I meant for, like, the vacuum cleaning.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you. I know what you meant.

Christian: Okay. This is one that I have to be-- yeah, the tops of ceiling fan blades.

Kelly: Yes, it's disgusting.

Christian: Right? The filth that gets up there.

Kelly: Filth, yeah, mm-hmm.

Christian: Filth. And then you turn on the fan and now you have filth all over your...

Kelly: Filth.

Christian: Yeah, filth, everywhere. You gotta get up there.

Kelly: I have snack drawers-- snack drawers, you know?

Christian: Ooh!

Kelly: And I have to remove all of the containers and vacuum in the snack drawer because the kids will drop whatever in there.

Christian: What kind of snacks? What kind of snacks are in the snack drawer?

Kelly: I try to keep it healthy.

Christian: You do?

Kelly: I do, I try to keep it healthy. We do have Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in every flavor.

Christian: Love those.

Kelly: But that would be considered--

Christian: We're definitely a Pepperidge Farm Goldfish family, as well.

Kelly: Oh gosh, they're so good.

Christian: Yeah, I know. The dogs love them, we love them.

Kelly: You feed them to the dogs?

Christian: Well, every now and then, a little treat, they get very excited.

Kelly: Yeah. Do you throw and they catch?

Christian: Yeah. And one dog, Fish, he does the paw thing.

Kelly: No kidding.

Christian: He'll roll over-- he'll roll over, even when he hears the bag rustling.

Kelly: Yeah.

Christian: You know, we don't even have to say rollover. He'll just start doing tricks and things, yeah.

Kelly: Is that Hoot?

Christian: No, that's Fish.

Kelly: Oh, you have-- I've never met Fish.

Christian: Oh, you've never met Fish?

Kelly: I've only met--

Christian: Fish is less personable, he's wonderful, you know, once he knows you and he loves you--

Kelly: Yeah.

Christian: It's all good, but, Hoot is definitely the friendlier one. Would you say? You've been over to the house.

Kelly: I love Hoot.

Christian: Yeah, Hoot is the greatest. She'll come tomorrow.

Kelly: Wait, does

[Indistinct] go into your house?

Christian: She has come in. She has actually sat on the couch. We may have made her coffee.

Kelly: Do you know what I do? I wait by the door.

Christian: Yeah, you do?

Kelly: I wait by the door, and when I hear the rattling, I open the door and I'm like, "You're coming in."

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: I do, I pull her in.

Christian: You pull her in?

Kelly: I pull her in.

Christian: Yeah. Yeah, she brings the notes over for the show, and yeah, it's fantastic.

Kelly: Yeah, I pull her in.

Christian: She brings dog treats, as well. Next time bring Goldfish. That's, yeah, that's the trick.

Gelman: I have them in my pocket for my dog, too.

Christian: Yeah.

Gelman: I would have them for Chewie, too, though.

Kelly: You would have them for Chewie?

Christian: Ah! Uh-oh. Here we go. Now there's--speaking of dogs!


Pet bowls, pet bowls, something else to clean.

Kelly: What do you mean, people don't clean the pet bowls?

Christian: I know, that sounds horrific but--

Kelly: I put mine in the dishwasher every day.

Christian: You do?

Kelly: Yes.

Christian: No, that's vital. A lot of people, I guess, don't--they leave it. You don't think of it. You know, you think the dog is cleaning it with his tongue.

Kelly: No, but I mean, do you want to eat off the same plate all the time?

Christian: No, of course not. No, no, no. Yeah, you gotta make sure.

Kelly: What else, where else am I not cleaning? So far I got it, so.

Christian: Okay, phone and computer screens, that's vital. Somehow those computer screens, sometimes you look at that and you're like, gee, what am I, spitting on my computer?

Kelly: That's disgusting.

Christian: This thing is just horrific.

Kelly: Sticky. Sticky.

Christian: And what do I use to clean it?

Kelly: The thing.

Christian: Well, that thing is good. But also the Clorox wipes. Those things. But I was using them so much, like, in the kitchen, that my fingers started to--

Kelly: Oh, yes, you got to--

Christian: Yeah, you gotta wear gloves with that stuff.

Kelly: Yeah, you do.

Christian: Let me tell you.

Kelly: You can discolor yourself.

Christian: You can get in serious trouble. That, and the winter, your fingers start cracking.

Kelly: Oh, yeah.

Christian: Guys, it's not easy at home. I mean, living a life, it's really tricky. Okay and--

Kelly: You should be in that--what is it, "us Weekly"? "Stars, they're just like us." Right? Their fingers crack.

Christian: Yeah, yeah. Well, that's my job at the house is to do the dishes, that's my thing. We trade off on responsibilities, so that's always been my thing to--yeah, and now I'm at the point where I don't even-- I don't want help.

I'm good. I have a system, I have a technique. And this is how we do it, and I like--and if anybody comes in, yeah-- it drives me nuts. I like to just do it myself.

Kelly: You might be perfect.

Christian: Oh, come on, no. I'm far from, believe me. Talk to my wife.

Kelly: We're going to get to the bottom, I'm just saying.


Christian: I love it.

Kelly: That's a very impressive thing.

Christian: Thank you.

Kelly: Very, very impressive.

Christian: All right, is it? Great, yeah, no... It's like a meditation type thing. You start cleaning the dishes, it's sort of fun.

Kelly: You meditate when you clean the dishes?

Christian: Well, that's what they say, you know. Really focus and be there. I don't know, now I'm talking nonsense. Okay, here we go. All right.

Kelly: So, I don't know how to segue, I can't...

Christian: I know, I was just thinking the same thing.

Kelly: Speaking of--

Christina: How do I segue from meditation?

>> Speaking of dishes...

Kelly: Speaking of dishes-- no, but this is actually really interesting. And this is something that I think all people should take, especially--because we were saying, you know, in schools, they're so focused on math, and algebra, geometry, and all this stuff, right?

Math, math, math.

Christian: Yeah, my favorite.

Kelly: But they never teach kids how to balance your checkbook, how to be good with your personal finances.

Christian: Right.

Kelly: How to pay off your credit card bills, like all of this--important stuff.

Christian: Important stuff. Actual real, tangible life things, yes.

Kelly: Life stuff. So they have now, schooling millennials on how to grow up. The North Bend public library in Oregon on his offering monthly Adulting 101 classes.

Christian: Wow.

Kelly: Adulting 101.

[Cheers and applause]

It's open--

Christian: Genius.

Kelly: It's open to all ages for those of you who want to further your education and become adults eventually--some people--

Christian: Sign me up.

>> It's never too late.

Christian: It is never too late, yeah.

Kelly: It's geared towards people 16 to 25 and they offer you instructions on how to get a job, how to set a personal budget, how to read the news. How to read the news!

Christian: Yes.

Kelly: Guys, it has gone there.

Christian: Yeah, wow.

Kelly: Do you understand? It's gone there. We now have to teach a class on how to read. The newspaper.

Christian: Right.

Kelly: Nobody else finds that sad?

Christian: How to decipher-- no, it's pretty crazy. Well, we're so inundated and there's so much information, like, filtering in what is actually the real thing.

Kelly: The real news--

Christian: I know, that's right, no, it's crazy. It's crazy.

Kelly: Anyway, so--

Christian: But that is a brilliant class, like, that should be a thing--

Kelly: They should offer this everywhere. Not just in North Bend public library.

Christian: That should definitely take off.

Kelly: Don't you think?

Christian: Good for you.

Kelly: Hey, Viola Davis is here today, yep.

[Cheers and applause]

Christian: Amazing. Yep. And from the movie "Split", James McAvoy.

Kelly: And ufc fighter Amanda Nunes is here. And you're going to wrestle her.

Christian: That's right. Yes, she's going to put some moves on me.

Kelly: She's going to--

Christian: What is it called?

Kelly: The rear-- listen to this--

Christian: Oh, the rear?

Kelly: Set your DVRs-- the rear naked choke hold.

>> Oh, yeah.

Christian: That's right.

[Cheers and applause]

That's good, well!

Kelly: It's time for a lip-sync travel trivia.

[Cheers and applause]

[Upbeat music]

>> ♪ Shake your groove thing ♪

♪ Shake your groove thing ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

Christian: [laughing]

>> ♪ Let's show the world ♪

♪ We can dance ♪

♪ Bad enough to ♪

♪ Strut our stuff ♪

Christian: Okay.

Kelly: That's--let's see. Victoria Ob-drop-nova?

>> Yeah.

Kelly: Tell me your last name.

Christian: Beautiful.

>> Abdurakhmanova.

Kelly: Op-drop-ma-nova.

Christian: Beautiful.

>> Yes.

Christian: From New York City.

Kelly: All the way from New York City.

Christian: Wow, long travel. Yeah.

Kelly: You didn't care about the assignment. You're like, I'm not lip-synching these words, I'm just going to do my cute dance.

>> Yeah, you know.

Kelly: I liked it. I like it a lot.

Christian: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kelly: Who's on the phone?

Christian: Here we go. It's Krystyna Sevilla. From Forest Hills New York.

Kelly: Yay.

Christian: Hello Krystyna.

Caller: Hi. How are you?

Christian: There we go.

Caller: I'm fine, I'm nervous. But I'm okay.

Kelly: Don't be nervous, Krystyna. I like your glamorous picture next to your Christmas tree.

Christian: Beautiful.

Caller: Yeah, that was on Christmas-- our New Year's Eve party three years ago.

Kelly: Fine, I like it.

Christian: Stunning.

Kelly: That's very pretty.

Christian: What are you doing today?

Caller: I'm planning to do some shopping for my son's wedding, which will be in July so I'm planning to start to doing some research for my beautiful outfit for his wedding.

Christian: Oh, man.

Kelly: I mean, that sounds exciting. Is it a black-tie affair?

Caller: Mm, it's going to be in Westchester, a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Kelly: Mm.

Christian: Lovely.

Kelly: Sounds nice.

Christian: Another beautiful dress in her future. The wheel and see what you're playing for. Maybe you can win your son a honeymoon, let's see.

Caller: Oh, I wish! Thank you!

[Upbeat music]

Christian: Gets in there-- that beat, it's good.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. It gets into your soul. Hey, this is a great prize. The TradeWinds island resorts in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Seven days, six nights.

It includes a spa treatment per person. This trip is provided in part by It's a prize valued at $4,200. You've 20 seconds and only one guess.

Good luck, Krystyna.

Caller: Thank you.

Christian: We've had Kevin James on the show. What baseball team did we say Kevin roots for?

Google his favorite baseball--

Caller: Can you repeat this?

Christian: We've had Kevin James on the show. What baseball team did we say Kevin roots for? I know, it's anxiety producing, isn't it? Yeah. Baseball team.

K Cistian: Just a team, any team.

Kelly: [groans]

Christian: Oh!

Caller: Baseball? Mets, Mets, Mets, Mets.

[Audience murmuring]

Kelly: No, I know, I know, it was after the time ran out.

Christian: After the bell.

Kelly: You're still going to get a great prize.

Christian: Still good news.

Kelly: Tell her the good news.

Christian: Okay, all right. Now you and a lucky member of our studio audience will each receive a five-year subscription to Netflix which--yeah.

[Cheers and applause]

Streaming device valued at more than $500. So--yes, now you have to pick a number between ond 235.

Caller: 40.

Christian: 40?

Kelly: Oh.hristian: 40!

Kelly: There you go.

Christian: There you go.ig Viola Davis when we return. Stick around.

Christian: Right back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," actor James McAvoy, ufc fighter Amanda Nunes. Coming up next, Viola Davis.

Kelly: Please welcome, the amazing Viola Davis.

Christian: Yes.

[Cheers and applause]

>> ♪ If I wanted to ♪

♪ Not afraid to take a chance ♪

♪ Oh-oh ♪

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hello, how are you?

Christian: Hi.

Kelly: Hi.

[Cheers and applause]

Christian: Oh! Yeah.

Kelly: Hi. I love this outfit.

Christian: Beautiful. Yeah, you look amazing.

Kelly: This is very--

>> I just threw it together.

Kelly: This is like "Staying Alive."

>> This is "Staying Alive."

Kelly: Yeah, it's good.

>> And I thought of that when I put it on.

Kelly: Did you really?

>> No.


Kelly: Do I like it?

Christian: Amazing, yeah? Total Travolta.

Kelly: Hey, congratulations on your Golden Globe. So well-deserved.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: So wonderful.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: You won a Tony for the play, as well?

>> I won a Tony for the play "2010," yeah.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, yeah. Yep. Yeah.

>> I'm sitting here right now, by the way, and I'm thinking to myself, I can't believe my life. I'm on tv.

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Isn't that strange?

Kelly: Wait, we were just discussing that.

Christian: That's right.

Kelly: When you unexpectedly see yourself or somebody you know on tv, do you get excited?

>> Oh, all the time.

Kelly: Right, it's like--

>> And then I think to myself, when I'm on tv, I'm like, "Oh, I'm tired." I want to go home, I want to eat. But when I see somebody else, even on "Law and Order," especially "Law and Order," I'm like, "Oh, my God.

That's so-and-so, they got a job!"

Kelly: Yes, right.

Christian: You're happy, and yeah, I know, excited for them, I know.

Kelly: It's really true. You know what's so funny? I got excited this morning. I was getting my hair and makeup on backstage, and I saw Denzel Washington on "The Early Show," and I was like, we know him.

>> Yeah.

Christian: He was just here.

Kelly: He was just here. I got very excited.

>> Denzel, I know, huh?

Kelly: So you just got-- you are the first recipient in 2017 to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

[Cheers and applause]

Christian: Oh. Amazing.

Kelly: Hey, listen--

Christian: Yeah!

Kelly: I'm going to tell you something-- I'm going to tell you something, that's interesting. That is strategic. You had that slit in the front of the skirt and you had to get down into that position.

Christian: Yes.

>> Well, no, because I didn't know I had to get down in that position.

Christian: Oh!

>> That was a workout for me.

Christian: Wow.

Kelly: Then you get back up.

>> I had to get back up.

Kelly: And there's photographers everywhere, right?

>> There was photographers everywhere and you are hoping you didn't have a wardrobe malfunction.

Kelly: Yeah, right. Of course, of course.

Christian: Now, did Meryl Streep, she presented you with the star?

>> She did. She--there was an agreement. She would present me with my star if I presented her with her Cecil b DeMille award.

Christian: Fair, fair.

Kelly: You're kidding? Have you two been friends a long time?

>> We've been friends--

Christian: Since "Doubt"?

>> Since "Doubt."

Kelly: Oh, since "Doubt."

>> And you know, it's a testament to her because I was so odd on that set. All I did was follow her around and stare.

Christian: Yeah.

>> I mean I stared so much that at one point I could tell she was going to look at me and go, "Stop it."

Christian: Yeah, yeah.

>> You know. But I would stare and say, "Meryl, do you want some tea?" "No, no, honey. I don't want any tea." "Do you want me to get you a biscuit?"

Christian: Aww.

Kelly: You said that you wish your dad was there to see it. What do you think he would've said? Because I believe your dad did see it just from someplace else.

>> Oh, yes.

Christian: Of course.

>> I do, too. I am a God believer, you know. I totally believe that. But I just remember he was in the audience when I had my Broadway debut in an August Wilson play, and I remember looking out in the audience during the curtain call and he was crying.

Christian: Oh, no, really?

>> He was clapping and he was crying and you could tell he was hyperventilating, and then afterwards he kept saying, "I love you so much, daughter, I'm so proud of you," and I just imagined him getting the biggest kick out of it.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Christian: Oh, man, yeah. I'm sure he was just loving every second of it. And you've also been doing some tweeting, on what? You start people'' week off in the right way?

>> Yes, Monday motivation.

Kelly: Monday motivation.

Christian: Nice.

>> We need--

[Cheers and applause]

You need motivation on a Monday, sometimes, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Christian: Oh, yeah. No, absolutely.

Kelly: I know it, I know it. And you get a lot of positive feedback or retweets?

>> You know what, I--some Monday motivations are better than others.

Christian: Are they coming from your head, or do you get them from quotes from books?

>> They come from my head and sometimes they come from the head of the guy who actually knows how to press the "Tweet" button because I'm a relic.

Christian: Yeah, sure. I am an og. I say I'm an og.

Kelly: Yeah. I still write letters. So, you know I--

>> You know.

Christian: Beautiful. You don't want to lose that.

Kelly: You want to lose that.

Christian: It's a wonderful thing.

Kelly: Humility. We have to take a commercial break. When we come back, Viola is going to tell us what she really thinks about Denzel Washington.

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," you won't want to miss it when Christian goes one-on-one with ufc fighter Amanda Nunes.

>> It doesn't matter who did it. Only person locked up as me.

>> Your bail hearing is tomorrow at 2:00. I called Helen Hughes. She wants the case. Eve would be a conflict of interest.

>> I know it's a conflict of interest.

You have to do this.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: That's Viola Davis in "How to Get Away With Murder."

Christian: Yes! All right!

Kelly: It doesn't look like Annalise is getting away with it.

Christian: No, we're all on the edge of our seats here.

>> I need Annalise to do better.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah.

>> I really do.

Christian: She's out of control, right?

>> Yeah, I need for her to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix.

Christian: Yes. And take over.

>> And not eat so much because she's trying not to drink.

Christian: Right.

Kelly: Right.

>> And so now I'm eating so much and I'm one of those actresses, when I have to eat in the scene, I'm the dummy who eats. I mean, and then I keep eating.

Kelly: Right, it's 19 meals shot over the course of a day because--

>> Absolutely.

Christian: I always feel like those calories don't count though. Like when you're eating and you're being filmed, it doesn't count.

Kelly: They don't, because you're a man.

>> Until you get on the scale.

Christian: Is that how it goes?

Kelly: He's a man, so somehow it doesn't count.

>> And, she doesn't eat healthy food.

Kelly: Right, right, right.

Christian: Right, right. Right! Man, but they put you through so much on that show.

>> It's so hard.

Kelly: Do they tell you in advance, here's what's coming down the pipe for Annalise or no?

>> No.

Kelly: No kidding?

>> That's the thing with television.

Christian: Yeah.

>> You shoot so fast that sometimes you just know when you sit down to have the read-through for the next script. Now, I'm good with Annalise eating, but those sex scenes, I'm telling you, they level me.

Especially with Billy Brown.

Christian: Yes.

>> Billy Brown, who looks like he's been genetically modified.


I mean, it's like, I'm in a scene, and I'm saying, "I'm an actress. I went to Julliard."

Christian: Yeah.

>> What's our relationship? Where did we meet? How do I feel about him? And then he gets out of bed and I see him, with that chest, and I'm like, "Okay, I'm on tv."

Christian: Yeah!

>> I'm on tv.



Christian: Yeah. Man, those are awkward. Man!

Kelly: You know, we are going to go back now and talk about "Fences" for a minute. You, of course, won the Tony. You were amazing. You did not--because I saw you on Broadway and the theater.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kelly: So you did not have your daughter yet, when you--

>> I did not.

Kelly: So what's it like when you have a child filming those scenes in "Fences?"

>> Well, it was the last scene particularly, because my son tells me, "I'm not going to my father's funeral. He treated me like crap. He's ruined my life.

I'm not doing it." And when I did the play on Broadway, I said, okay, I don't get the scene. I don't get this. And then I had a daughter. And then I to do that scene for the movie and it completely released for me.

Because what I had to tell him was you need to forgive your father to release your life. And, it's nothing that can be explained. There's no manual on that.

It's a heart thing that gets injected in you because when you have a kid you know--I'm 51, so I know probably by the time my kid is 40, unless I'm Betty White, I may not see my daughter, you know--

Kelly: No, you're right. I know what you're saying.

>> Do you know what I'm saying?

Kelly: I know exactly what you're saying. It's a mortality there. I need for her to be okay. I need for her to forgive. I need for her to have some kind of a good life.

Christian: Yeah.

>> Even though I know she's going to have some nicks and scrapes in there.

Christian: Sure.

>> So I got it.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> You know? And for me that was just a huge moment for me as an actress, doing that final scene--

Christian: To have that experience and new perspective.

>> Yeah.

Christian: So Denzel Washington was here last week.

Kelly: Yeah.

Christian: Is he truly as nice a guy as he appears to be, or?

>> He's awesome.

Christian: He's awesome.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> I tell him all the time, I'm a friend and a fan, because sometimes you're not.

Christian: Right.

>> Sometimes you're a fan, but you're like, I don't like you.

Kelly: Right, right.

>> You know?

Kelly: And vice versa.

>> Yeah, absolutely.

Kelly: Right, right.

>> I'm a friend but, you know, you not so good of an actor but--

Kelly: Right, right.


But with him, he's familiar to me.

Christian: Yeah.

>> There's certain people you meet and you're like, "You remind me of so-and-so."

Christian: Yeah.

>> Now before, when I was young, I was like, "Oh, Denzel, he's so handsome. He's so beautiful." And now I'm like like, "Hey, Denzel."

Kelly: Right. I told him when he was here though, I believe that you're a couple in real life. Like, I believe it.

>> Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: You guys have-- and even though I know both of your spouses, I still believe you're a couple in real life because that's how good you are. You've crossed over now.

Christian: Yeah.

>> Yeah. Is that what it is?

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Christian: It works.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> I'm happy.

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: Listen, make sure you check out "How to Get Away With Murder" on abc and "Fences" in theaters now.

Christian: Now.

Kelly: Yes.

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Tune in tomorrow and every day until Friday March 31st for your daily question.

Tomorrow on "Live," Matthew McConaughey.


Christian: Our next guest is known for his incredible performances in "The Last King of Scotland," "Atonement," and the x-Men series, now he's starring in the abduction thriller "Split," please welcome James McAvoy!

[Cheers and applause]

>> ♪ For a second ♪

♪ I wanna feel ♪

♪ Like your friend ♪

♪ Can I dance ♪

♪ For a minute ♪

♪ So get lost ♪

[Cheers and applause]

>> How you doin'?

Kelly: Hi. So happy to see you, always.

Christian: Good to see you.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: All the way from Glasgow. Is it Glas-gow or Glas-go?

>> Say it with a zed instead of an s, and it's "oh."

Christian: Glasgow, Scotland. Beautiful place, beautiful place.

>> Thank you very much. Especially at 3:00 in the morning.

Christian: Yeah, I'm sure.

Kelly: Now, did you grow up wanting to be a movie star? Were you one of those that started out really young--

>> I came out of the womb going "I'm going to make it in Hollywood."


No, I never really thought about acting at all, until a very lovely man called David Hayman, who's an actor/director came to my school, gives a chat about playing "Lady Macbeth." He played "Lady Macbeth" in the '70s and I said to him, "Next time you're making a movie can I come and make tea for you?" And he went one better and gave me an audition.

It was a film about child prostitution and pornography. Yeah, so it was a light comedy piece, and I got the part. I got the part--he went, "Can you make yourself cry?" And I was just like, "Oh, no!" I've never done any acting before, you know.

So I got the part like that.

Christian: You were able to do it, you were able to cry. You did it. Did you--wow.

>> Yeah. I tried the Joey Tribbiani technique.

Kelly: What is--which is that you think of something very sad?

>> No, you put your hands in your pocket and you rip out your pubes.


Christian: I guess that will do it. Yeah.

>> Yeah.

Christian: Ouch. Yes.

Kelly: [laughing]

You know, you learn something--

Christian: You're making me tear up right now, yeah.

Kelly: Who says we don't educate here?

Christian: Yeah.

Kelly: Are you listening, kids at home, who want to dream of stardom?

Christian: If you want to make it in Hollywood, start ripping out your-- yeah, that's what you do.

>> Self mutilation. Bet you're glad you got me on again, aren't you, yeah.

Christian: That's so good.

Kelly: That is my favorite-- let's just end the show now.

Christian: Yeah, that's it.

Kelly: Bye everybody.

Christian: We need go no further.

Kelly: So, I--

>> There's one woman-- there's lots of people laughing, there's one woman sitting stony face. She's like, "He is not a nice boy."

Christian: Yeah, she just couldn't believe it.

Kelly: She's just thinking about it, she's like, "I wonder if that works. I wish I had pockets in my trousers."

>> I wish I hadn't shaved this morning.



Christian: Have you ever been in any other particularly challenging types of situations, like on the set? Are there any pranks you like to pull? Do you get in any kind of trouble?

>> Pranks, I don't know. I am pretty rubbish on pranks.

Christian: Are you?

>> I am particularly bad at remembering the pranks I pull. But everybody tells me I do pull them, but I got myself in trouble recently on this movie, "Split," there was a scene in it, in which I play eight different characters in a couple of minutes.

Christian: Yes.

>> And I built that up, like it was going to be the biggest acting challenge in my career, and you get this, but if you go on with ease, then it's easy.

If you go in going like, this is going to be hard, then you make it hard for yourself. And I did the latter, I made it hard for myself. I was having a nightmare, having a bad time.

I couldn't get it right, couldn't get it right. And I got really angry at myself, and I thought, I'm going to smack this door, try to gee myself up, you know, make myself more tense.

Christian: Yes, intense.

>> That'll make it work. And it doesn't. You know, relaxation is the way. So I kept smacking this door, and the door's made of metal, and I gave it one smack and I broke my knuckle, I broke my finger.

And we got it on take, we got a take of this in the movie, where I am like, "Yep, broke it. Totally broke it. Totally broke it. Style it out. Style it out.

Carry on with the scene." I carried on with the scene. And the directors says, you can see in this take, I just go completely white.

Kelly: Right, yeah.

>> And I went, "Was it good? Was it a really good take, though?" And he went, "No, we used the other one." I was like, "No!"

Christian: Use it. How could you not?

>> But I was really proud of myself. I waited three days before I went to the hospital. I don't know why I am proud of that, that's actually just really dumb.

Kelly: That's amazing--

Christian: Wow, yeah, that is incredible.

Kelly: That you were able to withstand that kind of pain.

>> Well, we knew that, at the beginning of my acting career, it was all about pain.

Christian: That's right, you did start that. Exactly. All right.

Kelly: We're going to take a commercial break, and talk about "Split" with James McAvoy when we come back, stick around.

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