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Friday, September 18th, 2020

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from the new drama, "ratched," sarah paulson. Also funny lady caroline rhea. You'll me in a chicago family that has started some new tasty traditions.

Plus, we are wrapping up "live's cooking school @home" with chef marc murphy. All next on "live!"

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And now, here is kelly ripa!

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Kelly: Yep. I love you too, andrea. Some of you will be remembered at christmas, and some of you will not. It's friday, september 18, 2020. Ryan is still at home today out of an abundance of caution.

But it was -- we covered a lot of ground yesterday, and I feel like we -- we only scratch the surface. We had andy cohen on our instagram life story, which was very funny.

He gave us sort of the scoop on the real housewives, but not really, but you can go to our instagram life. I think it's up for 24 hours or something, and you can see all of the breaking news that I uncovered, but what was so cute was he sent me a picture because I guess benjamin must have heard his voice, and ran to the tv.

You know, he doesn't let the baby watch tv, but he ran to the tv because he heard his father's voice. And he sent this picture, and that's why -- remember he was like I have to go, and he ran and grabbed the baby.

Isn't that so cute? Look at that haircut. I just adore him. So, you know, when we go back to having regular travel, vacations, and all of this. Like when will we -- nobody knows, but here's the good news.

I have found, and I've been there, my husband was raised there. I have found that the beach glass in sardinia is so gorgeous. A lot of their water bottles are blue, so here in america, we are used to the green beach glass from green bottles.

But there beach glass is blue, which to me, is exotic. But apparently if you remove things from the beach, like sand, say, you could be hit with a $1,000 fine for smuggling italian sand in your luggage.

Yes. Since 2017, it has been illegal to snatch sand from sardinia's beaches with penalties, including jail time and fines between $63,500, depending on the amount of sand.


You sure they are talking about sand? Stealing sand has become a very well-known phenomenon in europe. European sand, apparently, is very exotic. I'm terrified of the amount of money and fines I have in beach glass.

Gelman: It's like picking up litter.

Kelly: Sand is sand. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

Gelman: If everyone picks up a cup of sand --

Kelly: Oh. Thank you, gelman.

Gelman: No problem, kelly. I'm here for you.

Kelly: That's been today's --

Gelman: Gelman quote of the day.

Kelly: You really are like our very own buddha. You are so wise and peaceful.

Gelman: Thank you. I'm trying.

Kelly: Hey, now, let's talk breakfast. Who's eating breakfast right now at home? Show of hands. I can't see you. So, there is this -- there is this study.

People who eat peanut butter for breakfast are better in bed, study claims. However, listen to this. People who eat -- let's see. I've got to get that here it is.

Page two. Thank you. Oh, page two. Look at gelman's card, everybody. Look at gelman's card. Page two. Show that card.

A >> Gelman: Page two.

Kelly: Boy, you know what, everybody? Nothing gets by me.

Gelman: Eventually.

Kelly: So, peanut butter. Those are passionate lovers -- people who have peanut butter for breakfast. Just a cup of tea? Who has just a cup of tea for breakfast?

Gelman: Laurie gelman.

Kelly: She's career minded. Good for you, gelman. I knew you weren't lollygagging around on the tennis courts -- those are the bahamians. Bowl of cereal.


Dependable. No shocker there. Toast. Listen to all of you.


Well, toast, well read. Smashed avocado on sourdough. Yes, during quarantine, I discovered cereal, and now I can't get off the cereal. Can't get off it.

But I used to, prepandemic, slowly ease avocado on sourdough toast, which means I'm well-traveled.


Hey, if you eat bananas -- who eats bananas? Banana, banana. You are very stressed out. Yogurt and barry is.


Gelman: Yogurt and pistachios.

Kelly: Well, you are very emotional, gelman. And people like ryan, who skip breakfast altogether. Your introverts.

Gelman: Oh.

Kelly: Now that I've gone full into breakfast, people are like you should skip breakfast. It's very bad for your health to eat all day like that. Big show.

A very big show. You know how I now? You want to know how I know? Look at gelman's card.

Gelman: You read it on the card.

Kelly: Hey, look at that card.


All right, it is a big show today. Sarah paulson will be here.


And one of my favorite people on earth, caroline rhea.

[Cheers and applause]

Very first celebrity I ever had in my home. Caroline rhea. Fun fact. I mean, gelman, I'm not counting you.

Gelman: Of course. Thank god.

Kelly: We are also going to be having a lesson in cooking at all. Everything we need to know about spices and herbs.


With chef marc murphy. Very exciting coming up. And we will meet the cooking family. I like to screw up the names as much as possible because that shows how authentic we are on the air.

It's time for "live at home trivia."

Kelly: That's claudia jackson from pennsylvania. Look at her go. Yeah. Do it. Yes. She's adorable. Hey. Let's say hi to helen taylor from smithville ohio.

Who watches us on wews.

Caller: Hi, kelly. Hi, ryan at home.

Kelly: That's so nice. That will make him feel better. How are you?

Caller: I'm good.

Kelly: I'm just reminding the audience at home, helen, all of our callers have told us that they have two items in their home. One is true. When they have, and one they do not have.

And it helen stumps me, she will receive a mug.


Yes, the mug. The mug. Okay, so here's helen's items. Helen says "I have more than 150 cookbooks." Or "I have more than 300 solar toys." Before I ask her what a solar toy is, I see that she's in her kitchen.

I'm looking at this picture because I see some -- what looks like cookbooks on a shelf behind her, but that could be a trick. Sometimes people trick us.

What's your favorite cookbook, helen?

Caller: Probably the one from waynesburg virginia --

Kelly: Williamsburg. Okay.

Caller: It's historical.

Kelly: What are solar toys?

Caller: They are little plastic toys with the solar battery, and when you put them in the sunshine, they wiggle and move.

Kelly: You keep them outside then, I assume?

Caller: On the windowsill, on the car dashboard.

Kelly: Oh. You have 300 of those?

Caller: Yeah, they're cheap.

Kelly: You guys, what do you think? Toys, you think? All right, everybody here, helen believes that you have 300 solar toys.

Caller: You want the answer? No, cookbooks.

Kelly: Wow. Look at all of the stuff in there. Good for you. Congratulations. You get a mug, helen. We will see what else we are playing for. All right, spin spin the wheel.


Perfect. She's a cook, yeah. You are playing for a $1,000 gift card. You have 20 seconds and only one guess, helen. Good luck. Here's the question. Earlier this week, we talked with jimmy kimmel.

Where did jimmy say he drove to you in his rv with his family this summer? Where did he drive?

Caller: Idaho.

Kelly: Hey, you got it. Congratulations. Double winner, helen. Coming up thanks, sarah paulson will be here. Stick around.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," caroline rhea, and "@home cooking week" continues with a lesson in spices and herbs. And coming up next, sarah paulson.

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Kelly: Hey, welcome back, everybody. On monday so, kim cattrall will be here. Ali wentworth will be here, and we begin "money savings @home week" with tips on how to save at the supermarket.

You are not going to want to miss that one. Now she is a multiaward winning actress and the executive producer and star of the highly anticipated series, "ratched." Please welcome sarah paulson.

Hi, sarah. How are you?

Sarah: I'm well, thank you. How are you?

Kelly: Thank you for joining us. You look gorgeous, first of all.

Sarah: I thought you might be into this.

Kelly: I really am. Now, is it just out of, or is it addressed?

Sarah: It is addressed. It's surprising because I haven't worn clothes in that she had.

Kelly: I know. I'm in the studio now, and I resent the fact that they make me put on my bottoms.

Sarah: I don't have brought on foot.

Kelly: Living the dream. Now, are you one of the people, like during the pandemic, we have people on our staff that are taking up hobbies. My husband learned another language.

I have learned nothing. I have learned that I like cereal for breakfast. Have you learned anything or taken up off hobby?

Sarah: No, kelly. I got a dog. I got a puppy.

Kelly: That's so nice. Congratulations.

Sarah: She looks dead there. I don't like that picture. She looks really tuckered out.

Kelly: Is she your breed of a dog? Forgive me.

Sarah: She's a mutt. Rat terrier. She's a big mutt. She's sweet as could be. I love her. She is really ornery, though.

Kelly: She will outgrow it, eventually. This has like a been a where, I mean, I think I've watched every ""american horror story"" all over again because there's been a lot of time to just stay inside and watch tv.

Is there anything that you chilled out and watched?

Sarah: I've been watching everything because I've had time for the first time in a long time, so I watched "unorthodox." I watched "I may destroy you." I finally caught up on "the watchmen." Is its "the watchmen?" Or just "watchmen?"

Kelly: Is just "watchmen."

Sarah: I like adding a "love."

Kelly: Talking about that, I want to talk to you about this project so much. I've never been more excited. I've always seen things from nurse ratched's point of view, so we are going to talk about that and much more when we come back.

Announcer: Monday on "live," kim cattrall.

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>> So you believe in it?

>> What?

>> The lobotomy? You really believe in it?

>> If it does what they say it does, yes, absolutely. A disordered mind cannot ease its own suffering. A person can be burdened by impulses and destroy their lives.

Kelly: So exciting. We are back with sarah paulson, who was wearing a top and bottom's.


Sarah: Top and bottoms.


Kelly: It's "ratched" of course is a new series. You are the star. You are the executive producer. Congratulations. It's a lot of work.

Sarah: Gelman well tell me.

Kelly: Trust me. Gelman, he is in a yoga class right now.


Tell us about the series. This is really the origin story of nurse ratched from "one flew over the cuckoo's nest."

Sarah: The one who flew over the cuckoo's nest. It is an invented world that led ryan murphy to come up with the absolute madness that happens on the show.

Extraordinarily beautiful to look at. Takes place close to the second world war appear there's a lot of blood and guts, but there's also romance, hijinks, and one of the great purported villains of cinematic history.

I don't know what I was thinking, by the way. Why don't you take on a role where the actor is won an academy award, and why don't you see what you can do with that?

Kelly: When I think of the caliber of an actress who can play early louise fletcher, I think of you. You really are so brilliant. You are just a brilliant -- I hate to embarrass you, and I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, but yes.

Sarah: . No.

Kelly: It really is true. I always think of like when you place of villainous character or somebody that is known to people as this character, is she a villain?

You've got to look at it from her point of view, right?

Sarah: Yeah. When I decided to play the part, I had to go back and watch the movie, and I sort of thought of it in a whole new way than I did when I was a child when I saw her in that movie.

She is more sort of the victim of circumstance. A patriarchal system in the hospital, and I don't think she was a sort of natural born activist that was going to fight against that.

And our show, we invent sort of reasons that she behaves the way that she does.

Kelly: You and ryan have such a great like track record of making excellent projects together. I really think that you are one of the great off-camera super couples of our time.


Sarah: The platonic creative super couple. I'll take it. I like it. I'm into it.

Kelly: I can't wait to see it. Congratulations on "ratched" and being the executive producer.

Sarah: The executive producer. I always have a lot of opinions, but now people have to listen to me. Ask you gelman. I'm sure everyone listens to him.

Kelly: Not kidding. I haven't heard a word he said in 20 years. Sarah paulson. Don't forget to check out "ratched"'s streaming on netflix, and when we come back, that caroline rhea will be joining us.

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Kelly: She is one of our favorite funny ladies. We last saw her at home in her PJs. Now, she's out of the house.

Caroline: Woo-hoo! I'm out of the house.

Kelly: Please welcome caroline rhea.

Caroline: I was gasping for air. I feel like a fish. What's happening?

Kelly: You know I do?

Caroline: I feel like you and I --

Kelly: I know. Don't point because your hand disappears. Watch.

Caroline: Oh, boy.

Kelly: We go into "the matrix."

Caroline: I don't know -- I can't do it.

Kelly: They put these monitors up in front of us now, so we don't cross the plane, but now all I do is see everything that has horrifically gone wrong in high death.

Because when I was back during the quarantine and shooting through the computer screen, which is how we should all be shot because it is low death done I def and gorgeous.

Caroline: I am going to get a face-lift, and when they say who recommended you, I am going to say zoom. I don't want to look at my face ever again. The camera is there, and I'm like oh, hi.

What about here? What about there? I'm living with my adult sisters.

Kelly: You're kidding.

Caroline: We've been living together. All of our children, all of our one husband.


My brother-in-law, donnie, who is up for sainthood. And everybody is talking about -- I don't know, interesting, like you said, your husband learned a language.

Kelly: Yet, did.

Caroline: I swear to god, I think I've said this every day of the week. Is it tuesday or wednesday? Like it makes any difference.

Kelly: It's so true, though. It does make a difference. Because your daughter is in school.

Caroline: It is the worst.

Kelly: I have to know because they are doing is him parent cocktail parties. Why?

Caroline: I don't want to do that.

Kelly: Drinking at home alone in front of the computer does not sound like a good time.

Caroline: It's actually don't drink, and I fully now understand it. I quit sugar. I had to break up with sugar. That was said of.

Kelly: I quit drinking and went into sugar hard to.

Caroline: Yeah, I can tell. You really puffed up. No. And I love you or gucci -- I also like the diamonds you are wearing that you can do your makeup and --

Kelly: This is polished beach glass.

Caroline: Is that what you stole?

Kelly: Don't tell them. I may get arrested.

Caroline: When I broke up with sugar -- well, first of all, for some reason, I thought that there was a direct correlation between the number of cakes that I baked and finding a cure.

Why? I was baking, and I was like I have to quit eating sugar because I don't want to get diabetes. I broke up with sugar.

Kelly: How long did it take you? Did you go cold turkey?

Caroline: I have to like not returned any phone calls. He texts all the time. I still love you. I'll never forget you. Unfortunately, I look at my back that, and I know that there is something better out there.

So now I'm hooked on peanut butter. By the way, I'm wearing two bras, by the way.

Kelly: Girls with good busts never appreciate them. If I had yours, I would put on seven bras.

Caroline: My bra is exhausted. I feel like we are at our roast. Are we ready?

Kelly: We will be right back. More with caroline rhea.

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Announcer: All week on "live," it's big.

Kelly: That's pretty big.

Announcer: Next a new "live," kim cattrall, ali wentworth, plus supermarket savings.

Kelly: We don't know where caroline rhea went. She was here to promote disney channels comedy --

Caroline: I'm back.

Kelly: First of all, you change your wardrobe, and second of all, who's your friend?



Caroline: That's the biggest piece of ginger I've ever seen. Thank you.

Kelly: My own personal ginger --

Caroline: I don't get to where any nice clothes, song going to change every 4 minutes. I walked in my closet, looked at my clothes, like what do you do?

This could be a craft room.

Kelly: Do you find that you are saving money that you use to spend on your wardrobe from just not shopping?

Caroline: Well, yes and no. We have been quarantining in a very small town, and there is a knock on the door, and I see my daughter go to the door, and she is handed from a stranger what appears to be a milk shake.

Ava, did you just order a milk shake to come to the house? And she said yeah. I said can you show mommy how to do that?


How long have you known this could happen?

Kelly: Yeah.

Caroline: It was a $30 milk shake. It was worth every penny.

Kelly: They do know how to order food directly to the front door. Since you went off the sugar, did you make her go off the sugar?

Caroline: Know. Please. I want her off sugar and homeschooling. The primal screams I have let out. I feel like I'm in acting class.

Kelly: Let me ask you a question seriously.

Caroline: Okay.

Kelly: Do you scream into the pillow or in the shower? It's very specific.

Caroline: I'm going to tell you. Ava had not in her hair, and I was detangling it. She said okay, that's it, but there was like this much left. I walk into the next room, and I screamed a scream I have never screamed before.

All of a sudden, wildlife was surrounding the house. It was some sort of a maiden call. It is really hard what we are going through as a universe. And as mothers, we are raised to let our children go, and we have all become kangaroos.

Kelly: So true.

Caroline: I have a little joey. It's really hard.

Kelly: We should talk about why you are here.

Caroline: Why am I here?

Kelly: Disney channels comedy series.

Caroline: Had returns for a third season.

Kelly: You're so -- did you shoot this season prepandemic?

Caroline: Now, we were going back to work on like marc, very sweet show. I go up and down, not just in weight. That sweet little boy is my son, and then he's grown up, and they are the sweetest group of people, and I honestly can't wait to see them.

Kelly: Do you prefer younger you versus old are you?

Caroline: Oh, kelly. You can go back and time on this show. That's all I heard. I did not listen to the whole sentence. Like yes, that's what I want.

Kelly: You are doing a walk for cancer.

Caroline: Patrick dempsey is also a resident of this town in maine that I live in, and we go way back because there were so many unanswered questions.


If there was ever a need for a sequel, it was "meatballs 3." That's what happened. No. He was amazing. It was the first movie I was ever in, and I was beach girl 4.

I was originally offered the part of the topless water skier, and my mother told everyone she was offered the part, but sadly, she can't water-ski.


So, I literally texted him and,d he has a very lovely wife, jill, and I said I love my family so much, but if I don't see another adult human being, I'm going to go crazy.

Yeah, I'm going to come over. So, I did. And I love him. He's fantastic. And he's started the dempsey in honor of his mother. People who are affected by cancer, whether it is the actual prison who has it or the family.

So I am doing the dempsey challenge, and I am walking 10 miles. I need people to sponsor me.

Kelly: I will sponsor you.

Caroline: I lost my mother and my best friend to breast cancer.

Kelly: I will sponsor you 100%.

Caroline: 100%!

Kelly: A, for more information on the dempsey challenge, you can check out our website. Caroline, thank you.

Caroline: Air hug. You are the best.

Kelly: Coming up next, a lesson in spices and herbs.

Announcer: Monday on "live," ali wentworth.

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Kelly: Hey, live @home cooking school continues with the lesson in spices and herbs. Please welcome chef marc murphy. Hey, how are you?

Marc: I'm doing great. Thanks for having me here to talk about spices and herbs.

Kelly: I always said herbs, but then ryan started saying herbs.

Marc: Okay, that's his fault.

Kelly: Is there a correct way to say it?

Marc: Everybody can say it. There is a tomato-tomato argument.

Kelly: The salt and pepper of it all?

Marc: Salt-and-pepper is super important. And my book is called "season with authority" because I think you should season with authority.

Kelly: And you do. I have never tasted such authoritarian seasoning.

Marc: They didn't want me to use that name. They thought it was too aggressive, but I like it as well. For me, salt-and-pepper are like the basics, right?

I always tell people if you are going to season steak, season half of it the way that you normally would, and then the other side half as much, and then see the difference.

The flavors come out. By the way, especially if you're grilling, think about grilling. You put all the salt-and-pepper on, half of it is going to fall off anyway.

You have to make sure you season it well. And I know pat was here yesterday, talking about not putting pepper on the stake. I can disagree with that. He's an old friend of mine.

I grew up in france. Have we heard of this, right?

Kelly: Oui.

Marc: I think it's important to have all that flavor on there. What I do is I usually make a mix. Kosher salt and one part pepper because then when you are seasoning, always washing your hands, you want to make sure you have that kosher salt.

Season with authority. My next book will be "season evenly."

Kelly: I like that very much. Tell me about red pepper flakes. This is a staple in our house. We put it on everything.

Marc: Me too. Especially if you are in new york, you have to put it on a slice of pizza. To me, that does not exist without chili flakes and garlic.

Vinaigrette's. I always make vinaigrette. Also, smoked paprika. I think it brings the things -- bring sort of the flavors up. Sort of a la emerald. Helps the upset tummy.

Kelly: Caroline rhea had a love affair with this. I always make a nice ginger tea. I love it.

Marc: If you have an upset stomach, that helps a lot. And that makes great --

Kelly: A, marc. What would you call this?

Marc: This is smoked paprika.

Kelly: Well, who was here? Oh, he called it pap-rika.

Marc: Somebody else who is wrong.

Marc: This, if you are making -- it brings depth, really good stuff. Then we have also got this. And we have also the cumin seeds. Put some in the pan.

Kelly: Want to hear a funny story?

Marc: Sure.

Kelly: A few years ago, I was doing my big punk in pie a bank that I do every year. A lot of pumpkin pie. And I wasn't wearing my glasses, and I was adding that nutmeg, but I was really adding cumin.

Marc: Oh, no. So the pumpkin pie was a little different that year.

Kelly: They were all full.

Marc: You can always tell. It really opens them up. I love that smell. Even if you're cooking in the kitchen and you haven't done anything yet, just throw some spices in the pan.

People will be like it smells great in here. Let's go over to some herbs. You want to go with that? We also have dried herbs as well. This is one of my favorites.

It is a mixture, and everybody has sort of a different mixture. Rosemary, lavender. Also, some great things in there. I use it all the time. My grandmother always roast a chicken with it, so of course I do.

Then you've got dill, thyme, chives. These are dry. Sometimes you have to use the dry ones.

Kelly: Just because of a lack of having them fresh?

Marc: Well, yes. I always feel like I would rather use fresh. If you are lucky enough, it summary. Everybody grew a garden. Even if you have a window pot outside.

Grow a little basil. Now, I always say that there are differences between hard herbs, which are like rosemary and thyme. I am going to let them bloom. I'm going to let them open up.

But then the soft herbs, basil, parsley, cilantro. That you can sort of finish a dish with that kind of thing.

Kelly: I can't stop smiling my hands.

Marc: My grandparents live in the south of france, and they're all driveways was rosemary. Oh, I've got to go trim the rosemary. What are we going to do?

There is so much of it.

Kelly: The fact that you don't just move to the south of france.

Marc: Let's all go.

Kelly: You should be commended for your sacrifice. Don't forget to pick up a copy of chef marc murphy's new book, "season with authority." And he means it.

Everywhere books are sold. So great to see you. Hey, coming up next, we are going to meet the family. Stick around.

Announcer: If you like to know more about anything you've seen on "live," just log onto our website at

Kelly: Oh, boy. Do I feel our next guest right now. We are headed to chicago to visit a family who makes homemade pizza and ice cream together every week.

Please welcome them. Hi, girls. So, that's mom, megan. Sophia is five years old. Aurora is three years old, and amelia is one. Sophia, with your penguins name?

>> Rosie.

Kelly: What's his name?

>> Rosie.

Kelly: Rosie. Rosie the penguin. Hey, so, tell me, everybody, have you been watching our show at home?

>> Yes.

>> Yes.

Kelly: Mom makes you watch that? What else do you like to watch?

>> What else do you like to watch?

>> Sophia.

Kelly: Now, is that who you are named after?

>> I...

Kelly: You guys are so cute. Who likes to make pizza, and who likes to make ice cream?

>> I do.

>> What do we --


Kelly: Megan.


This -- you are going to look back at this moment, and you are going to long for it someday, I swear. I know right now, you are diane. I get it. I promise you, you will look back at this as some of the happiest times of your life.

I swear to you. I promise.

>> It's perfect.

Kelly: I was watching. Listen. I use to do this here on live tv. And we would be backstage, perfect, walk out onset, and fall apart, but I've got to tell you, I think you girls are doing beautifully.

You are doing an outstanding job. Hey!

[Cheers and applause]

Hey, look at your little sister. She's pretty cute there in the foreground. Yeah. That's right, girls.


Who came up with the idea to make pizza and ice cream?

>> Well, we were trying to figure out something to get the girls involved in during the day when they were out of school for covid, and so, it started with ice cream, and then pizza just kind of came naturally.


Kelly: Girls. Girls. Oh. Hey. Girls, you want to do something funny? Who knows how to play simon says?


You want to play? We'll play later on off-camera peerless on, I really appreciate you guys taking time to visit us today. So much fun. Tell your dad I said hi, okay?

You guys are the best. Megan, thank you.


I honestly -- I could watch it all day. Mesmerizing. Thank you so much. I'll come visit. Next time I'm in chicago, I'm stopping by for pizza and ice cream.

We'll be right back, everybody. Stick around.

Announcer: Closed captioning sponsored in part by:

Kelly: Hey, everybody, the jewish holiday of rosh hashanah begins at sundown tonight. We want to wish everybody a happy and sweet new year. On monday, kim cattrall will be here and ali wentworth.

And we are going to teach you how to save money at the supermarket.

>> Today on 25 words or less, think son plays a younger version of him, it is greg grunberg. She plays barbara number 242 on their show wings. Speed two.

He just helps scooby doo solve mystery from it is jaleel white. She played fran drescher's cousin on the knee and he. It is before. And here is your host meredith vieira.

>> Welcome to 25 words or less. It is also the good to see our faces there in a library how ar you guys?

>> Great. How are you?

>> We miss you.

>> We need your energy.

>> I know, I'm feeling yours through the monitor. We were talking before we went on the air, and I was asking what are those pods like becaus I'm only getting a tiny view of them, can you describe it to th audience?

>> It's a soundstage here and then we have these draped off 1 by 12 rooms basically. And then we are all looking at great set up. I can see you, I can see everybody.

We all wish we were in your basement with you, but.

>> I can't rub my foot up against people like I normally would've we were on stage bear.

>> Mine is in malibu and I can hear the ocean. And there is a man only wearing loincloth. Let's see who you guys are playing with today. We have got chloe taking on tob with the help of their celebrit friends, and the winner could g home with I love this, $10,000.

We need a winner so let's get right to it. Terry and jackie, you are up first. You have 45 seconds to get you to your teammates using as few

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