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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Announcer: It's "Live with Kelly & Ryan." Today, recording artist and author, Kelly Clarkson, and Dustin from the hit series, "Stranger Things," Gaten Matarazzo, all next on "Live."

[Kelly Clarkson's "Since u Been Gone"]

And now, here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

>> ♪ I'm so moving on ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

Ryan: What's up?

Kelly: Hi, hi, hi! Oh, hi, hi, hi!

♪ For the first time ♪

♪ I'm so moving on ♪

[Cheers and applause]

>> ♪ Thanks to you ♪

♪ Thanks to you ♪

♪ Now I get ♪

Kelly: [mouths words]

Ryan: ♪ I get what I want ♪

♪ Since you've been... ♪

Both: ♪ Since you've been ♪

♪ Gone ♪

Ryan: Oh. We were a little ahead of that.: That's the songu blare in your car, and you think you sound exactly like Kelly Clarkson, and then at that part where you go... ♪ Since you've ♪

Both: ♪ Been gone... ♪

Kelly: Your husband turns the radio down, and it's just your off-key voice haunting the car.

Ryan: [laughs]

Kelly: Right?

Ryan: It's so true. And it's such a great anthem, isn't it?

Kelly: It is an anthem. Hey, welcome, everybody.

Ryan: Good to see you guys. Good morning.

Kelly: It's Wednesday, November 22, 2017. What are y'all doing here?

[Cheers and applause]

They're coming. They're coming. Who's they? Your relatives. They're coming.


They want turkey, they want dinner at 1:00 P.M., and they want it now.

Ryan: So--wait-- now, this is where we differ in the mealtime for tomorrow, for Thanksgiving Day. When we grew up in Atlanta, my mom would have it at 3:00, 3:30, which I find to be so great, because when can you have a meal in the middle of the day and eat so much and then digest it by the time you've actually got to lay your head on the pillow?

And you like to do it a little bit later.

Kelly: I treat Thanksgiving dinner like it's dinner. It's very unpopular with most people. It's very unpopular in our house.

Ryan: People wanna push it up?

Kelly: Oh, I've systematically moved it earlier and earlier. But I flat-out refuse. I refuse to serve cocktails before 4:00 P.M. I am like, " I cannot have cocktails at noon and dinner at 1:00, or cocktails at 1:00 and dinner at 2:00, because that's lunch." That's called lunch.

Ryan: You're a great host because of that. I'm a little more clear about--

Kelly: There's a great article in the paper. Th which is all of Thanksgiving.

Ryan: [chuckles]

Kelly: So they're saying that--psychologists are saying that there is a pressure on-- particularly women, not as much men, but we expect more out of women as hostesses than our male hosts.

There's a pressure on us to perform, to make, like, the perfect Thanksgiving feast. And at a certain point, you have to say, "Really, how important is this meal to me?

What difference does it make if it doesn't come out perfectly? And what control do I have ultimately if that damn turkey is dry?" And we can call agree it's usually dry.

Ryan: [laughs]

Kelly: Right? And we have to release our fear of failure. Who cares if we fail? Who cares? Who cares? It doesn't mean we're bad people.

[Cheers and applause]

And we have to stop with this social expectation on the ladies. Let the men carry the burden for a change.

Ryan: Yeah, well, no--


[Cheers and applause]

Listen, I have deep-fried the turkey. It has caught on fire, and I have ruined the entire meal.

Kelly: Really?

Ryan: Yes. I need the psychologist. I need to spend time with the psychologist after the incident.

Kelly: They have actual, like, Thanksgiving specialists, psychologists that specialize in Thanksgiving...invite one to di.


Um, toxic family dinners, they're saying it's important to know yourself and know your family and family relationships and the patterns that they fall under.

Like, if you have a sibling relationship, where one sibling doesn't get along with another sibling, maybe not seat them next to each other.

Ryan: Yes, be careful with the seating.

Kelly: And the knives and the wine.


[Chuckles] Too many cooks

In the kitchen. When the lady of the house says, "That's okay, I don't need your help," she means it. What she's saying is, "Please get out of the kitchen." Or if you insist on being helpful, stick around and clean up the dishes.

[Cheers and applause]

I know--I know my people. I know, everybody ghosts you when it's dish time. You're like, "Where is everybody? There's 7,000-- we're drinking out of tea--"

Ryan: And they've all disappeared.

Kelly: Yeah, we're having wine out of teacups. It's gotten to that point. And suddenly, everybody's gone.

Ryan: It's the tryptophan. Everybody gets so tired after having their turkey, the tryptophan kicks in, and they've got to immediately lay down on the floor.

Kelly: And at the end of the day--and I'm gonna put my own twist on this--they're saying it's the pressure of pleasing everyone. I say, please yourself.


[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: [laughs]:00 P.M.

On Thanksgiving. Cocktails at 7:00. Hope you can join us.

Ryan: Um, Gelman, put this show on my backpack. I wanna send it to all of our guests that are coming for Thanksgiving. I wanna make sure that they've seen the rules, and how to-- how she's gonna please herself.

Kelly: That's right. That's right.

Ryan: But speaking of the tryptophan, that is-- it's kind of a myth that the turkey has so much tryptophan that it makes you fall asleep. They say chickens actually have more tryptophan than the turkeys do.

Kelly: No kidding.

Ryan: So it's--yeah-- so, when everyone disappears and not doing the dishes, it's because they've overeaten and had too much Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Kelly: That's what I think.

Ryan: It's because they've eaten and drank too much.

Kelly: I never associate, like, being--'cause when you have a turkey sandwich, do you immediately fall into a coma? No, you don't.

Ryan: Only on Thanksgiving.

Kelly: Only on Thanksgiving, it happens.

Ryan: When the dishes are in the kitchen.

Kelly: It's really the overeating of everything that causes people to fall asleep, I think.

Ryan: You know, this whole conversation's making me very happy I'm not spending Thanksgiving with any of my family tomorrow.

Kelly: I know, I know.

Ryan: We're just fleeing

Town. [chuckles]

Kelly: I know, you're fleeing, cowards.

Ryan: We're doing couples Thanksgiving.

Kelly: You cowards.

Ryan: I can now--

Kelly: What are you gonna do when you look around the table, and you go, "Okay, everybody, what's one thing you're thankful for?" Which is a game we can all agree we all hate at this point.


Right? Everybody's like, "Kelly, what are you thankful for?" I'm like, "I'll be thankful when this is over."


Jill, you're excited about your Thanksgiving with everybody, right?

Kelly: Oh, she's always excited about Thanksgiving!

Jill: I'm always excited.

Ryan: Yeah, you are.

Kelly: Yep. Gelman, are you controlling Thanksgiving this year?

Gelman: You know, I split it with my mom. She does most of the cooking, though I love to cook Thanksgiving. But we all do it together. It's a big group.

Ryan: Of course, it's the perfect Thanksgiving. No one fights, they're all dressed well, everyone's shirt's tucked in.

Kelly: And do you strangle your own turkey?

Gelman: No--[laughs]

Kelly: Or do you have it professionally strangled?

Gelman: No, I buy, like, a farm turkey.

Kelly: Oh, you do buy the farm turkey.

Ryan: And do you do it in the oven? Do you grill it? Do you deep-fry it?

Gelman: No, I do it in the oven. I try to brine it.

Ryan: You brine it?

Gelman: Yeah.

Ryan: Oh, the salt of the brine is the best part.

Kelly: Listen, I brined my turkey one year, and I followed the instructions exactly the way Martha Stewart told me to, and by told me, I read it in her cookbook.

And I brined it exactly the way she said to do it. And it was one of those cockamamie years. My oven--I did not realize, the back of my oven was not firing, so only the front of the oven was cooking, and I had to--

Ryan: Oh, no.

Kelly: Everybody arrives, and the front half of the turkey is cooked, and the back half of the turkey...

Ryan: Sashimi.

Kelly: Is raw.

Ryan: Oh, that's--yeah.

Kelly: So, basically, we wound up taking the cooked half of the turkey, slicing it--slicing it, cooking it, like, through to completion, and then, while we were eating the first half of the turkey, the second half of the turkey was cooking, and the front half of the-- it was like a nightmare.

It was a--it was-- I'm gonna add it to this psychology list. "What to do when it all falls apart."

Ryan: So, as you can see, this time of year, Kelly's favorite...

Kelly: It's my favorite.

Ryan: Thanksgiving. I can't wait for Christmas...

Kelly: Yeah. I like Christmas.

Ryan: And the new year.

Kelly: I like Christmas. I do, I like Christmas.

Ryan: I was--I was--

Kelly: Thanksgiving, I'm just--I'm still, like-- I'm still, like, always-- you know.

Ryan: You're hustling. I was reading that the-- for Thanksgiving, it is the busiest day of the year for plumbers. Plumbers are called the most on Thanksgiving Day.

Kelly: Think about what that means.

[Audience groans, laughs]

Ryan: Right? And that could be either for the drain, or for the drain... Right?

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: People eat too much, they stuff things. They dump their food in the

Toilet, you know. [chuckles]

Kelly: That's it. That must be it.

Ryan: When I cook, they dump the food in the toilet, and that's what clogs it up, and then you gotta call them.

Kelly: Yeah, but it is true, though, when you're draining the fat from things, you have to make sure you put it in a separate--you have to put it in a separate--you know this, ladies.

Men, I'm sure some of you know this. But you have to pour the fats, the drippings. If you're not gonna use it for gravy, you have to pour it into either a can or a jar or something, 'cause it will clog up your sink drain.

Ryan: And then, you put it out in the woods.

Kelly: And you put it out in the woods.

Ryan: And then, the bears come.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: And the bears then get into the garage.

Kelly: Yeah. Exactly.

Ryan: That I learned the hard way, but not with Thanksgiving, with Fondue.

Kelly: [gasps] Yes, you--

Ryan: I dumped my fondue oil.

Kelly: You make fondue.

Ryan: Yeah, well--

Kelly: You're a fondueing family.

Ryan: We're a fondueing family.

Kelly: I love that about you.

Ryan: That's what we do.

Kelly: The first time you told me that, I was like, "Those Seacrests are onions."

Ryan: We're living in the '70s.

Kelly: You think you know about the Seacrests, and then, he says, "We're a fonduing family," and I go, "God, I just wanna be a part of it." But you do the meat fondue.

You don't do the cheese fondue.

Ryan: Right, we boil the oil, and then, you have to dump--the oil will too. It will clog up the drain. And so, when I was growing up as a kid, every night after the fondue, about 10:00: 12:00, we would go out into the woods, and dump the oil out.

And then, the squirrels and the raccoons and the aardvark, they would all come out of the woodwork to eat the oil from the fondue, and we'd run.

Kelly: There was a restaurant in New York City. I lived across the street from La Bonne Soupe. And when I was, like, on a special, like, night, I would treat myself to the salad-- it's a French restaurant-- the salad and the cheese fondue.

And they would serve you, like, crusty bread...

Ryan: Oh, the best.

Kelly: And you put it on the spears, and you just, like, stick it in there in that cheese. That cheese was so magi-- it was so magic. It was so magic.

I'm so hungry right now.

Ryan: It's--yeah--it's-- it's--it's--when you start fishing for that-- it reminds me of when-- when we do it. One of the rules of fondueing, and all you fonduers out there, you know this, is you never eat the fondue right off of the stick, if it's in the oil.

Kelly: Yeah, 'cause you'll-- you will burn the skin off the roof of your mouth and your lips.

Ryan: So I did about six, seven years ago,ewear's Eve, because I had the fondue burn on the roof of my tongue.

Kelly: No...

Ryan: I did it, but I was like--it sounded like I was in cold. It was just a fondue burn on the roof of my mouth. It wasn't--it was 52 degrees outside, but I sounded like it was 12.

Kelly: Did you tell the audience that?

Ryan: No.

Kelly: You didn't tell them.

Ryan: No, I didn't.

Kelly: You guys, we're getting scoop from five years ago. Five years ago. I love cheese. As you know, there's always a big cheese plate at my house.

There's always a cheese plate.

Ryan: It's true. [laughs]

Kelly: My entire apartment is an excuse for a cheese plate to break out.

Ryan: It's weirdly true. It could just be coming over to drop off your blue cards or something, and there's a cheese plate out.

Kelly: I don't know where this comes from. I like cheese. Maybe I'm a mouse. Who knows? Who knows? I like cheese.

Ryan: I think we will make a fondue date. December 28th, 29th, 30th? Whatever.

Kelly: Yeah. Whatever you want.

Ryan: Sometime over the holidays. All right, good.

Kelly: You tell me.

Ryan: I love it.


Kelly: That's it?

Ryan: "Since You've Been Gone"...

Kelly: Yeah, "Since You've Been Gone."

Ryan: Is here.

Kelly: Kelly Clarkson is here. Yeah.

[Cheers and applause]

Should we sing that song to her?

Ryan: I mean--[chuckles]--

Maybe after she's loose.

Kelly: Let's all sing that song to her. She'll love it. She'll love it, she'll love it.

Ryan: We also have--I mean, he's on the hottest show in the world right now. Dustin from "Stranger Things," Gaten Matarazzo is here.

[Cheers and applause]

And now it's time for Morning Wakeup Travel Trivia. Here we go.

[Rooster crows]

[Clock ringing]

[Dnce's "Cake by the Ocean"]

>> ♪ I'm going blind from ♪

♪ This sweet-sweet craving ♪

♪ Whoa-oh ♪

♪ Let's lose our minds ♪

♪ And go crazy-crazy ♪

♪ Ah ya ya ya ya ♪

♪ I keep on hoping ♪

♪ We'll eat cake by the ocean ♪

♪ Walk for me baby ♪

♪ That's--I love--that-- that is the reverse spackle. I love that.

Kelly: That was good. I liked it a lot.

Ryan: That's a fun dance. Alex Walton from Nescopeck. Is that right? Nescopeck, Pennsylvania. Nice to have you with us.

Kelly: Clap.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Good morning. Happy Thanksgiving.

Kelly: Good job. Adorable. You're adorable.

>> [Mouths word]

Kelly: I like your glasses.

Ryan: So, we're gonna call Kurt from Yakima, Washington. Here we go.


Yakima, Washington. Kurt--let's see if Kurt is up.uw from La Bonne Soupe.

Ryan: That sounds so good.

Kelly: And I just want their salad with the French dressing on it. That's all I want.

Ryan: French dressing, what's better than that?

Kelly: And a glass of wine.

Ryan: Yes. Let's book it for lunch.

[Both chuckle]

That's three rings, Jill says.

Kelly: We should all go to La Bonne Soupe after this.

Ryan: With all the mentions you've given 'em, they should take care of the entire audience.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Your call has been forwarded to an automatic--

[Audience groans]

Ryan: All right.

Kelly: He's probably booked his ticket to New York to go to La Bonne Soupe.

Ryan: [laughs]


This is Stacy from Arlington, Texas, that we're calling.

Gelman: Come on...

[Phone rings]

Ryan: I've not been there.

Kelly: I've been everywhere in Texas.

Ryan: I know, you've been everywhere.

Kelly: Yeah, in Texas.

Ryan: You're--

[Phone ringing]

You're an American treasure. You've been to all of America.

Kelly: [laughs] Yes.

That's it.

[Ringing continues]

You guys, we are striking out.

Ryan: Wow. Clearly, no one watches the show Thanksgiving week...



Kelly: They're buying their turkeys.

Ryan: They're out buying

Their turkeys--[laughs]

Kelly: They're buying their turkeys. Yeah.

Ryan: All right. Not a total loss, Kelly. You're gonna tell everybody what the good news is.

Kelly: That's right, we're not gonna play the game today, but somebody in this audience it still going to win a $500 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.

[Cheers and applause]

Just in time for the holidays. See? If you burn your turkey, you can have Omaha Steaks instead.

Ryan: This is your backup plan. Ticket number 157. Where's 157?



[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Two in a row.

Ryan: Congratulations.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: Kelly Clarkson is next. We are right back.

[Cheers and applause]

[Kelly Clarkson's "Since u Been Gone"]

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," Dustin from "Stranger Things," Gaten Matarazzo. And coming up next, Kelly Clarkson.

>> ♪ Thanks to you ♪

Ryan: All right.

Kelly: That was exciting.

Ryan: I love this.

Kelly: Yeah, she sold over 20--21 million albums worldwide, and is one of the best female vocalists of our time. Please welcome three-time Grammy Award-winning artist, Kelly Clarkson.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Hey!

[Upbeat pop music]





Kelly: How are you? I'm so happy to see you.

Ryan: K.C. How are ya?

>> I'm good. I'm good.

Ryan: [stammers]

>> I made it in my shoes.

Kelly: I love it.

I know, it's hard. [chuckles]

>> I was like, Whoo, these shoes."

Kelly: Those are good shoes too.

>> They are super cute...

Kelly: Yeah, they are really cute.

>> But they don't feel like Nikes.

Kelly: I know, I'm sure. I'm sure.

>> They're different. [chuckles]

Kelly: Hey, can you believe it's been 15 years...

>> I know.

Kelly: Since you two first met?

>> Not too shabby.

Ryan: Isn't that crazy?

>> We've done all right.

Ryan: I think it worked out for you, Clarkson.

Kelly: I heard that you guys are going places.

[All chuckle]

Ryan: You know, it's funny, I look at that picture, and people, I don't know if they ever ask you, but they'll ask me, "What's your favorite memory of the series?"

>> Yeah.

Ryan: And it truly is that night, that moment, that first season.

>> I think 'cause it was the first, right, so it's just like a nostalgic thing. And nobody knew. We didn't know, you know, that it was gonna be that big.

Kelly: I remember when you opened your mouth to sing, and I got chills all over my body. That very first season, I couldn't believe it. I was like, "This girl is a superstar."

>> Thank you.

Kelly: And I remember thinking-- I didn't know you at all. I wish I could call you and say, "Just calm down. You're gonna win this whole thing."


>> No, it's funny, 'cause I was kind of the dark horse in the situation, 'cause nobody ever-- I was always not memorable...

Kelly: Oh, I thought you--

>> And, like, they always-- like, Simon--like, everybody would always say-- I never got the bottom three, but I never was, like, the pick.

Ryan: Right.

>> Like, you know, so--but-- so I think that's how I glided-- glided through.

Kelly: Oh, that voice. But that voice, that voice of yours...

>> Thank you.

Kelly: My gosh, and it's just gotten better and stronger and better every year.

>> Thank you. Thank you.

[Cheers and applause]

I love doing it.

Ryan: And now, Kellys...

>> Kellys.

Kelly: Kellys.

Ryan: Kelly is going to be on the other show...

>> I know, we're competing.

Ryan: And so...

>> Do you wanna hug it out? Do you wanna hug it out?

[Laughter, applause]

Ryan: We'll never compete.

>> We will never compete.

Ryan: I always loved you. So, actually, I love your success. I love that you're doing this. I think it's gonna be fantastic for the contestants as well.

So, you're gonna be on "The Voice."

>> Yes, I am. I'm gonna be on "The Voice." And I'm--you know, I figured this out while doing interviews about it, but it's funny, 'cause how I first started singing was I sang a lot of classical stuff in high school to get through competitions, like, so I could get a scholarship for college, and we had to perform behind screens, so nobody could ever see you...

Ryan: Oh, yes. Yes.

>> So I just put that together doing an interview. I was like, "Actually, that's how I started. That's"--

Kelly: No kidding.

>> Yeah, 'cause they can't-- like, so they don't, you know, play favoritism, we would always audition behind screens, so...

Kelly: Incredible.

>> Yeah, so it's--I mean, I'm-- I'm excited about it. It's different, so...

Kelly: So you're gonna be an advisor? So you're going to...

Ryan: And a coach?

>> I'm an advisor this season and a coach next season.

Kelly: Oh, wow.

>> Yeah, yeah.

Kelly: Oh, cool. That's major.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: So, like, is there a judge that you really wanna beat next season? Like, is there somebody that you're, like, "If I don't destroy"...

>> Blake Shelton.

Kelly: Right.

Ryan: He's the winningest coach, right?

>> Well, and--like, not even that, it's--my husband manages both of us, so, yes.

Kelly: Oh, that's funny. Oh, you have to beat him.

>> So I'm always like, "Yeah, I'm competing for that."

Kelly: No, you have to beat him.

Ryan: So, speaking of that. So you were sitting on someone's porch a few years ago in Nashville, Tennessee...

>> Over a decade, yeah. I know where you're going. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan: And it dawned on you in that moment, as you were sipping a glass of--I don't know if it was red or white--wine.

>> It was red wine.

Ryan: Red.

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

>> With Mary Ann McCready, yes.

Ryan: And you had the epiphany that this is where you're supposed to be.

>> I did. She invited me over. I was having a rough time. It was, like, a little over a decade ago, and I was just-- I was just very overwhelmed at the time.

And she said, "Why don't you just come and sit on my porch with me? You know, you're gonna come to Nashville." 'Cause I had to do something anyway. And she said, "Just come with me and sit on my porch." And I was on her porch, sipping I was like--

Kelly: Right.

>> Yeah, it felt so good. I loved it.

Kelly: As you're descri-- like, you just said the words, "Sitting on her porch, sipping wine," and I was like...

>> It was a screened-in porch.

Kelly: "I wanna go there."

>> I know, and she has the most magical house. And it was just-- like, from that moment, I literally moved, I think, right after that...

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

>> From Texas, yeah. And I had to move, too, because in Nashville, it's awesome, because it's a little like Texas, in the sense that the people are similar, but, like, it's also a place you can work, 'cause it's Music City, so...

Kelly: Yeah. So many people have moved there, and really...

Kelly: Like, just set up their whole lives, and love it so much.

>> Yeah. Yeah, it's cra-- yeah, I think it's some crazy number, like, 88 people a day, or something, move there. It's insane.

Ryan: Well, Meredith Seacrest just moved there, Meredith and Jimmy.

Kelly: Yeah, that's right.

Ryan: My sister lives there now too. She loves it.

>> I'm telling you, it's so lovely. And we live right outside on the river. Like, we live, like, 30 minutes outside...

Kelly: Ah...

>> So we're not in the Nashville traffic, which I know y'all are laughing, because, like, New York and L.A. Are, like, a lot of traffic. But I'm telling you, because it's not built to go wider.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> It's, like-- it's pretty intense in Nashville sometimes, yeah...

Kelly: Right, I bet. I bet.wv

Kelly: Oh...

Ryan: We're gonna take a quick break...

>> Okay.

Ryan: We'll be right back. More Kelly Clarkson after this.

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," Dustin from "Stranger Things," Gaten Matarazzo.

[Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You"]

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