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Friday, September 23rd, 2022

Deja vu: It's Live with Kelly and Ryan. Today from the series, The Rookie: Feds, Niecy Nash-Betts, and from the series, Black Bird, Paul Walter Hauser.

Plus viewer comments and questions direct from the inbox. All next on Live. And now here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

["Be the One" by Dua Lipa]

Live wire. Good morning! Deja!

♪ 'Cause, I could be the one ♪

[Audience applauding]

Thank you. Ugh, we did it, we made it. -We made it. -What? What's wrong? Yeah, we're casual. This is us. This is like what we're like in the wild. This is the off-air us right now.

Friday, September 23rd. This is the way we dress in our real lives. On Fridays, Deja and I wear sorbet colors. -Sorbet. -Yes. Yes. Yes.


Tangerine sorbet right there. Tangerine and a little pistachio. I mean, Art, you went for it, so we don't have to. -That's right. -Right? You dressed up for this Friday broadcast, but I kinda ran out of time once again.

♪ Friday. Thank God it's Friday ♪

[Audience clapping]

I used to host the afternoon show on the radio. -We did the five o'clock whistle. -Wait. You know, you're just like-- And then you'd play all the hits.

And then did you play, "Everybody's Working "for the Weekend" by Loverboy? Yes, yes, yes, yes. It's time for the five o'clock whistle, everybody, -brought to you by...

-[Kelly whistling]

Yep, mm-hmm. So, by the way, I watched the new Chef's Table series on pizzas. And I was eating this cauliflower puree with pepitas on top, and I bit the side of my cheek-- Oh. Well, forget it, you're gonna bite the side of your cheek now for an entire week.

It's the worst. You do it and you-- it goes down through your body and then you go to sleep at night and my tongue is going like this against it. And then you walk in here, my tongue is going against it.

And it's just the most uncomfortable-- Well, guess what? As soon as you eat something today, you're gonna bite down on that cheek bit again. Because somehow-- You know it.

There's like a flap or-- right? -a flap. -It's just there that you always hit. We real people-- we bite our cheeks when we watch the pizza Chef's Table, which is amazing.

I've only seen one episode, but I'm very much into it.

[Kelly laughs]

Very much into it. I had to go to bed. "Have you seen this show? "Wait, I just started watching it and imagine my shock "when I found out there's, like, seven or eight episode-- -"seasons." -Series-- seasons.

-Seasons of this. -That happens to me all the time. It's-- Did we discuss this? And maybe we did and I can't remember. The show Alone? Not to my recollection, but that's not saying much.

-Okay. -I don't think we did. I think that would stand out to me. Okay. So, you know the show, Naked and Afraid? -Yes. -Picture that, only it's cold weather, so they're clothed, only they are completely alone.

It's like 10 people they drop in a remote place. They're in like-- Are they in Canada somewhere? -Vancouver Island. -They're-- Vancouver Island, -is that what it is?

-Oh, there's a fan of Alone. Ashley. Vancouver Island. And basically, they're surrounded by grizzly bears. But these people are survivalists, like-- So, these are real people in the real wild.

Yes. Real people in the real wild. They're equipped with cameras. So, they have, like, GoPros, things that they-- -Is it a competition? -Yes. There's $500,000 on the line-- Didn't host that one.

But it is-- There is no host. Thank you for making me feel better, Kelly. It's a host-free show, otherwise you'd be right in there. They would airlift you in and out because I can't-- I cannot imagine you surviving eight minutes.

That's why it's interesting to tune in. I mean, it's truly fascinating watching them-- Fascinating to see their survival skills. Their survival skills. Like, they're all hunters and fishermen and woodworkers and, like, they make-- they're building homes in the middle of the wild-- -Alone.

-Because winter is coming. And the bears are there. And it is-- Watching this one guy last night, he was-- here comes the grizzly bear and he goes, "No, bear, no, bear." And I was like, 'You're gonna have to try harder than that." -And the bear listened?

-Right. No. The bear was like staring at him like, "Mm, I think "I'm gonna keep approaching." He goes, "Oh, gosh, he's approaching. "I'm gonna have to fire off a-- a-- a bear banger," whatever that's called. So, it's a bear banger.

It's like-- It goes-- it makes a sound and it goes, "Poom!" Like, it sounds like a gunshot. And the bear is like, "Pfft," and now I'm, like, -waking Mark 'cause-- -How can you sleep?

Like, you gotta watch Pizzeria Bianco to fall asleep. -No, no, no. -You're watching this-- this, bear banging, and I can't sleep after that. I go, "Second bear banger." Bear-- bear startles, but then goes, "Nah, that wasn't a gun." And Mark-- Mark doesn't wanna wake up for that.

So-- and the bear goes, "That wasn't a gun." And now the guy's like, "Oh, man." And I'm like, "'Oh, man?' Now is the time for foul language "if ever there was one." You know-- -"Aw, shucks, bear." -And he keeps saying-- "Can we get along, bear?" "No, bear. No, bear." "Can we collaborate, bear?" It is gripping.

It is riveting. This is why you're sleepless. No, no, this is not why I'm sleepless. But it makes me feel less alone to see these alone people. I was like, "Now, they're really alone.

"They are really alone." Speaking of the wilderness, Kelly, which you have spoken of this morning. And thank you for that re-enactment. It's interesting to hear how the bear speaks, you know, in your re-enactment.

Well, the bears-- guess what grizzlies aren't afraid of-- -bear bangers.


I don't know if you ever thought to yourself, "How many ants are on planet Earth?" Like, these are the things that if you have a lot of alone time, you might start -thinking about.

-I think about ants a lot more than -you would realize. -Really? -Yeah. I would say-- -You know where I saw a lot of ants? Over the summer at that beach we were hanging out at.

Well, not the same beach, but near me. Long Island beaches, they have a lot of ants. I would sit down without my towel and the ants would be -right there.

-Well, that's 'cause you were on the nude beach. Oh. With the-- Is that where the ants like to crawl? Ryan's always on the nude beach out on Long Island, if you ever wanna see him in real life.

There he is. That's not true. I had my flip-flops for one of the occasions. There's a new estimate for the total number of ants burrowing and buzzing on Earth.

-How many? -It comes to a whopping total of nearly 20 quadrillion individual ants. I've never heard of 20 quadrillion anything. It's probably more than that because they had to fill out that little ant survey.


I love that they only have one little ant finger. They could fill out several at a time, Kelly. They could really lie. Filling them out one time. They could fill out so many forms.

Are you suggesting it's an overestimate? I'm suggesting it could be. There could be a flaw in the system. But then I started wondering, how much do they weigh?

Who's the ant counter? Well, that's-- I got to that part. First of all, they would weigh-- outweigh all the wild birds and mammals put together if you could weigh them all at once. For every person, there are about two and a half million ants.

Counting all those insects, or at least enough of them to come up with a sound estimate, involved combining data from thousands of authors in many different countries over the span of a century.

There's a question for you. Do you think living in New York City makes you more optimistic or not? Well, you're reading it. Cheater. I think that New Yorkers are the most optimistic people, although we like to play it off like we're not.

See this was interesting to me, because-- We like to be very cynical in our-- But that's the thing. They've said do you think since you moved here, you're more optimistic? I said, "Absolutely not.

"I'm not more optimistic." Because you don't really immerse yourself here. -You keep flying back.

-[Audience laughing]

And that makes me pessimistic? You're still in the umbilical cord of California. Well, they say one-- one in five New Yorkers have moved here to pursue their dream, to look for a new life.

And therefore by doing it and being here, they're pursuing that, and that makes them more empathetic and optimistic. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Well, that's true. I mean, there is this like-- there's this universal feeling of that, but there's also this microcosm of daily moaning and complaining and grinding.

Yeah, but we moan and complain in unity together, and so we are united. There's empathy in the moaning. -Yes. -Right. Because I feel like complaining is part of-- I guess it's part of the optimism here.

I always say when it hits the fan. You know what I mean? When things go wrong, nobody-- Can handle it like this. -- handles it like New Yorkers. New Yorkers come together.

That's-- Oh, that's true. They go above and beyond. They do what has to get done. They don't complain. I mean, they do, but they complain in a fun-loving New Yorky way.

-They-- -It's part of the charm. The honking, the complaining, the traffic, the crowdedness, it's all part of the charm. They do what has to get done. They do it and then they get on with it.

New York always gets on with it. So then, have you made me more cynical then? Have I personally? Yeah, you New York. -Have you made me more cynical? -Me, New York.

Has your cynicism rubbed off, you think? No, I'm not-- I'm actually not very cynical. I'm a person that actually believes in-- I believe-- when people tell me something, I believe it's true.

Well, that's-- I get that. When people say it's gonna work out, it's gonna be okay, I believe it's true. As much as they try to prove me wrong all the time.

But I always I believe in-- Do you believe in the four seasons? Well, no, because they are non-existent.

-[Ryan laughs]

-There's only hot and cold. You know, it's the-- it's that time of year again where they announce the finalists for the Toy Hall of Fame.


Who doesn't love toys? Um, so some great ones, some, uh, classics. We've got, um, Pound Puppies. Those have been around forever. Nerf toys in general. Nerf toys.

My first job in New York City was at the toy fair and I, uh, was one of the Nerf whoopee girls. Calm down everybody, I get recognized a lot more. The pinata.

The pinata. Oh, the pinata's fun. Phase 10, which I'm not sure if I know what that is. It's a what? -Card game. -Card game. Okay. Pound puppies, like I said.

Raco spirograph and spinning tops. Spinning tops. The classics. What was your favorite toy as a child? My favorite toy as a child? I mean, Easy-Bake Oven for me.

-I remember. -Oh, yeah. Um, I gotta think. Matchbox cars? I loved Silly Putty. Silly Putty. Play-Doh Silly Putty. I thought it was like Play-Doh. I loved any squishy thing that you could-- How fun was when you put the Silly Putty on the newspaper and read the print?

-Oh, my gosh. -Like that was like magic. My grandpa Riley and I would put the Silly Putty on the funny papers. Yeah, of course. The funnies. And then, like Hagar the Horrible we'd be like...


It was truly magic as kids. How many cups of coffee do people drink a day? On average, they say two cups of coffee is what most people drink. But here is what shocked me.

This is what struck me this morning as I was having mine, in this article, Kelly. That these people who were surveyed in this survey, the sample group, two cups per day 21 minutes per cup.

That, to me seems like way too long to drink a cup of coffee because it would get cold. -I-- Agreed. -Right? 'Cause I do quarter cup, quarter cup, quarter cup to keep it hot.

And then I have eight quarter cups. Why does it always turn bougie? No, it's quarter cup, quarter cup. It's four quarter cups times two cups is eight quarter cups it's two cups.

I do it faster than 21 minutes and it stays hot. You can laugh all you want, but it's a good hack.

[Audience laughing]

With respect, this happens pre-show. This happens before I arrive at the studio here. This is all in the prepping of my day. So, you just have the one cup split into four pieces?

No, I have two cups of quarter cup. So it's eight-quarter cups. Two cups. Quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter times two. That's my coffee in the morning.

And by the way, it works because it stays hot, it stays strong. You could just put it in a hot mug. No, I burn myself. I need to cool off a little bit.

I'll burn myself in a thermos. You don't wanna burn that cheek meat that you already have dangling from the side of your face.

[Audience laughing]

Let's start. Come on, Dave. Let's start. Why not? Please. I wish I had a pillow here, I'd hit you in the head with it. We get to start the show on that note.

Got a big show for you. Niecy Nash-Betts is here.

[Audience applauding]

-It tastes horrible by the way. -I know it does. It is suffering. I'm gonna gargle in the commercial. Paul Walter Hauser is also here. And now guess what?

It's time for live's Great Days Trivia. Here we go.

["I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Real]

♪ I like to move it, move it ♪

♪ I like to move it, move it ♪

♪ Okay. That's our virtual trivia dancer, Sharon Jacobs from St. Louis, Missouri.

[Audience applauding]

All right. Let's say hello to Norma Dorough from Claremont, Florida, who watches us on wesh, w-e-s-h. Good morning. How are you, Norma? I'm doing great.

Good morning, Kelly. Good morning, Ryan. How are you both? Kelly has had 19 cups of coffee this morning. She can confirm that. No, no. Not yet. Not yet. Uh, well.

I'm only-- I've only had two and a half. Um, so what are you up to this morning, Norma? Well, I'm a two cupper coffee myself, and that's what I'm doing this morning.

Having my morning coffee and going through my emails. Do you understand quarter, quarter, quarter? No, I do it in a, um, insulated mug. Like a normal human being.


-Right. Oh, those-- Now you have that bond. -Okay. -Well, I just want to say something. Norma, I'm looking at a picture of you, and it's either a giant tractor or you are a petite, little lady.

That-- Well, thank you. Um, yes, it's a 5065 b series John Deere. When you own ten acres in central Florida, you need a big tractor. Is that the 16 or 17 model?

That is the 16 model. Yeah, that's what-- I can tell by the wheels. -All right.

-[Audience laughing]

He has no idea what he's talking about. With after due res-- quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter. All of our callers have given us two statements. Kelly, one is true.

One is false. If you stump us, Norma, you'll win the mug. All right. Here we go. The first one, she says, a Facebook-- Don't make me laugh. "A Facebook connection led to my first marriage at 63." Oh, my Gosh.

Or, "I played in the World Billiards Championship." All right, start the clock and tell us about-- how did you get into the championship? How long have you been playing billiards?

I've been playing eight-ball pool, and I've been playing for about three, four years. Our pool league, um, at the pool hall after a 16-week session, we were number one and we won the trip to Las Vegas.

My first time in Las Vegas to the World Championship Tournament. Wow. That's great. Well, good luck. And your Facebook connection led to-- Why did you stay a bachelorette, uh, for so long?

It is just-- It was-- Those were the cards that were dealt to me. I had been engaged a couple times throughout life, um, but then after I met this guy on Facebook, we connected.

We realized we had a lot in common. Um, he came to my home in Georgia at the time. Um, and after a couple trips to Florida, we just realized we couldn't live without each other.

So, that sounds true. It's been magic ever since. Does that give you hope as somebody who has not-- Yes. Thank you, Kelly. I was thinking that in this moment.

This is a hopeful story. Uh, I have some time and I have a Facebook connection. If only Norma had waited, she could have met you on Facebook. -Kelly, you can't rewrite history.

-I'm just saying. Um, I think that sounds very-- That's true. That's why they call it history. That sounds very true, because of the beauty and the romance of it all.

And the hopefulness clearly in the story. What if she's trying to trick us? Well, then she's very good at what she's doing. So this has to be right. -I agree with you.

-So we should pick that. Absolutely. So based on Kelly's strategy, she thinks it's true that you played the World Billiards Championship. Is that true?

-That is not true. -We got you the mug. Congratulations. You win the mug. Deja Vu to spin the wheel to see what you're playing for.



It is so good. It makes me wanna watch the game every day to see if that happen.


All right, Norma. It's landed on pick your prize. Which of the three prizes on the wheel would you like to choose? I will pick, um, the Fairmont in Mexico.

-Yes. A great choice. -Good choice. A trip for two to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Seven days and six nights in an all-inclusive.

Oh, it's an all-inclusive everything. Oh, it's all-inclusive. It includes all she's trying to say. It includes all is what I'm trying to say. It's a prize valued at $9,400.

You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck. I've only been playing this game for 23 years. Any day I'm gonna figure it out. That's all right. It's okay.

Earlier this week we talked with Billy Eichner on what television show did Billy say he had his first tv appearance. Twenty seconds and one guess.

-First tv-- -snl. Yes, that's it.

[Audience applauding]

Check this out. Deja vu: Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Mexico. Capturing the unique essence of the Riviera Maya, Fairmont Mayakoba blends effortlessly with a sleepy oceanfront setting.

This Triple-a five-diamond luxury resort showcases a thoughtful, casual elegance while providing genuine, exemplary service and distinct locally inspired experiences.

Your prize is valued at approximately $9,400.


Congratulations. That is gonna be a great trip, Norma. You enjoy yourself. Thank you for watching. Thank you. Looking forward to it. All right.

We'll be right back with Niecy Nash-Betts after the break.

♪ Just another chance, so that I can show ♪ Still ahead on Live, From Black Bird, Paul Walter Houser. We'll open up the inbox to get your comments and questions.

And coming up next, Niecy Nash-Betts.

Welcome back. On Monday's show, Kim Kardashian is here Kelly Ripa. And then we will pivot and learn how to make the perfect brisket. It's a-- it's an action-packed show.

Now, listen-- See how we do that? -We just pivot here. -Covering all the bases. She's funny. She's spicy. She does it her own way. As Special Agent Simone Clark in abc's new crime series The Rookie: Feds.

Please welcome the very talented Niecy Nash-Betts.

[Audience applauding]

Hello. -Hi! -I love the suit. -Mwah. -Mwah.

-How are you? -Hello. -You look great. -Niecy is back. Thank you. Love those jeans. Oh, thanks. You know, little casual Friday. Hi, guys. So, uh, you had a whirlwind summer.

-I had a fantastic summer. -You did. -Are you kidding me? -Walk us through it. Oh, man. Where do I start? You went to Bora Bora. Because I wanna go wherever you were.

That's where I wanna go. Yes. I had the best time. Bora Bora is the kind of place where you have to take your sunglasses off because you need to see with your naked eyes.

-I look kinda naked there, but. -Yes. Speaking of. I had a good time with my-- with my better half. We went, um, and the one thing about the Betts we will dance anywhere.

-Yeah, good. -Anywhere at all. Uh, we also went to Cancun. And, uh, in Cancun, you know, it rained at this wedding we went to. And then we-- everyone runs out of the rain.

But then we hear the deejay is still playing and our wedding song comes on. Oh, my God. My better half looked at me and was like, "Wanna dance?" And I'm like, "Oh, of course." And so we were the only ones -at this wedding-- oh, there we are.

-What's the song? Uh, that was the song that she walked down the aisle to. -It was Love Ballad by L.T.D. -Oh, my God. -And we danced-- -But no one is there.

Nobody is even there. Dancing in the rain is the best. -It was so good. -It really is. Oh. And your-- do you-- is it already your second wedding anniversary or?

It's my second wedding anniversary. That was fast.

[Audience applauding]

Yes. The big two, honey. -The big two. -Yeah, which was good. You know, um, I did something that I said I would never do. What did you do?

I always said I don't want anything in my house that cannot help with the mortgage. -But-- -Hold on! -Okay. -That's a good credo. -That's a good lens. -Period.

Uh, but now I gifted my better half a puppy. So we-- I'm a-- I'm a dog mom now. Oh, my God. Wow. That's cute. What kind of puppy is this? So it was a surprise.

Oh, my gosh. How cute. Yes. And the puppy's name is Michael j? Michael J. Betts.


Michael J. Betts. -Yes, we call him mj. -So cute. -What kind of dog is that? -It's a maltipoo. I mean, it looks like a stuffed animal. Look how perfect.

I know. Because he has human eyes. -Yeah, they do, right? -That's what it is. He has human eyes. Yes. You also posted a photo recently at Oprah's place in Hawaii?

Yeah, well, I went to, uh, Ava DuVernay's 50th. She's one of my dear friends. And, baby, when I tell you, nobody throws a party like Oprah. Wait. Tell me everything.

Take me through everything. And did you take anything out of the bathroom? Like a wet towel? Here's the thing. You didn't have to take anything because you had a custom bag with your name engraved on the tag.

-When you leave? -Yeah. And it's not your birthday? No, and it's not your birthday. And so what was in the bag? -Everything. Please start. -Okay. Uh, these very gorgeous and comfortable slides.

They were, like, really thick and puffy and, you know, the slides were in there. Oh, a silk sleep eye mask was in there. Oh, a silk s-scarf like a throw like a wrap was in there.

Um, all sorts of serums. Yes. It's like you could have stayed the night there. All the necessities are there. Serums and creams and potions. Oprah juice.

-Yes. -What did she serve? What food did she serve? Um, anything and everything that you could eat with truffle. Oh, yes. She's a truffle lover. She's a truffle lady.

-Yes. -And she makes a stiff drink. Yeah. -I mean, I don't know how-- -Tequila? Yes. And I don't know how many people can say this, but I love the fact that I can say I did shots with Oprah.

Yeah, I did.

[Ryan laughs]

[Audience applauds]

Is there a t-shirt in the bag that says, I did shots with Oprah? You know what I'm gonna make. It wasn't, but I will be making it. Now has she ever given you guidance or career advice or life advice?

Never career advice, but tons of life advice. I mean, you know, of course, she's Oprah. Yeah. Of course. And it always starts the same, "Listen, dear." -And once she says listen-- -And she leans in.

When she leans in and says, "Listen, dear" your ears open and you feel like the words are being horned from heaven. You just-- you take it all in, you know?

And do you follow Oprah's advice as best you can? -Do I? -Yeah. Like it's dripping from the heavens. She's my oracle. Whatever she says, I'm going to do it.

-Period. -All right. We're gonna come back more with Niecy Nash-Betts right after this here on Live. Deja vu: Still ahead on Live, from Black Bird, Paul Walter Hauser.

♪ You never give the feelings that I want ♪

I never wanted any of this. I know you don't. So why don't you put the bat down and let's talk about this. Listen, if your daughter is anything like me when I was her age, she worships her daddy.

You're her hero and you don't want her to look out here and see her hero like this. Don't you break that baby's heart! -Ooh! -Ooh! I wanna see what happens next?

That is a scene of Niecy Nash in the-- Niecy Nash-Betts! Yes! Betts!

♪ Say my name, say my name ♪ In the spinoff series, The

Rookie: Feds. You play a special agent, Simone Clark, the oldest trainee. And I don't like this phrase 'the oldest trainee'-- -Uh-uh. --I like 'the wisest trainee'-- Well, that's true too.

--To ever attend the fbi academy based on a real person. Well, you know what? What happened was-- look, I'm looking at my hair in the monitor and I'mma fix that.

-Yeah, no, fix it. -Okay. What happened was, they did a series with Nathan Fillion called The Rookie. So he was the oldest rookie to join the police academy.

And then in the spinoff version, which is what you see here, I'm the oldest one in the fbi, but I have so much life experience and so much wisdom that I don't always wanna do it the fbi way.

-I wanna do it the Simone Clark way. -Right. And, I get in trouble, but I get the job done. And this-- you worked with a woman who is-- Yes. A real life fbi agent, less than 1% of black women make up the fbi.

That's Ms. Angie right there, and let me tell you what, she gets me together, she helps me keep it authentic. -She's cute as a button. -Yes. So when my friends call me and say, "How come you look so cute on that show?

"You know, why do you look like that trying to fight crime?" I say, "How can you fight crime if you're not cute?"

[Kelly and Ryan laughing]

How can you do that? Who does that? You know, so I feel like I'm a secret weapon for the fbi because I would have never-- if I would've run into miss Angie in a grocery store, I would've never said, "Oh, I bet you "that's fbi right there." -Right.

Right. Exactly. So I love that I'm, you know, the last one-- That they would expect you to be. --a criminal would expect to see coming. So well, we explore some of your character's personal life in the series?

We absolutely will. And I can tell you that one of my first lovers in the series is the person who gave me the last name Betts. Oh, no kidding! Yes.


But you also just said there's many lovers. 'Cause she's one of the first, so there must be-- Yeah. But I mean, you know, I started off with a bang.

-[Ryan laughs]

-[Audience applauding]

So have you worked together before or is this your first time working together? No, we actually worked together-- she was a member of my band on Don't Forget the Lyrics!

And she was also on the tv series Claws with me. So we've done a few things together, but nothing like this. This is like-- you know, the other stuff, she didn't really belong to me, but in this series she-- Yeah, now that you're married.

Yeah. It's different. So we-- yeah.

[Kelly and Ryan laughing]

It's authentic chemistry. I feel like-- because my character's not married, so I feel like after people see us together I think they're gonna be rooting for us to be a couple.

Of course. But, you know, Simone Clark gets around. She's an equal opportunity lover.

[Kelly and Ryan laughing]

Hey, Niecy Nash-Betts starring in The

Rookie: Feds series, premier September 27th on abc. Great to see you. Always good to see y'all. We'll be right back.

Paul Walter Hauser after the break.

♪ Deja vu: Monday on Live, Kim Kardashian.

A political agenda meant to burn it all down. Doug Mastriano wants to outlaw and criminalize all abortion.

He'd ban gay marriage.

And he believes he can personally overturn future election results.

Doug Mastriano. Extreme. And way too dangerous for Pennsylvania. All right, let's go. Everybody is talking about this series Black Bird and our next guest is the reason why.

Please welcome Paul Walter Hauser.

[Audience applauding]

["Feelings" by John Newman]

See, not so scary here. It's finally happening. I mean it's finally-- I feel like I know you. Yeah. I know you, right? I feel like I know you for many years.

Good to see you buddy. Welcome. Please, so much to cover. -Welcome. -Thank you. -Welcome. -I feel welcome. I like the color of that suit. -Yeah, you know-- -That's a sorbet color, as well.

I got this guy named Jack Manson, my friend and stylist, and I sent him a picture of Gosling from some red carpet thing and I'm like, "Anything you can do to make me look like "this man, I sure would appreciate it." So this is as close as we got.

Call me Bryan Gosling. No. How are you two this morning? We're good. -Kelsey has said to-- -Spoiled to be here. --all of us before you arrived how amazingly talented you are.

You're the best actor I know.

[Audience applauding]

I'm not kidding. I know a lot of actors, you are the most talented versatile. But to see this-- like to see you in Black Bird, and then I also know you were a stand-up, or are a stand-up-- -Yeah.

-You can do everything. No, I came from-- when I was 16 years old I got into stand-up comedy and writing screenplays and I-- you know, you don't know anything, being from Saginaw, Michigan.

It's like my mom's a teacher and my dad's a pastor, it's like you don't know how to break into Hollywood. So I just did everything I could with writing and stand-up comedy, sketch comedy.

Did your parents try to talk you out of it at any point? No. No. My mother said-- at one point she said, "I would be more "surprised if you didn't make it than if you did," and that was a pretty emboldening thing.

-Wow! -Ringing in. --to hear when you're a little kid, you know? Are you still doing comedy? Uh, here and there. A little bit. I mean, I would love to get back into it just for fun.

I'm friendly with Pete Davidson and he said to me, he is like, "Bro, would you wanna like open for me next year "when I like go on tour or something?" And I was like, "I don't know if you're--" That's a good Pete Davidson.

I was like, "I don't know if you're kidding "or not, but I will. Absolutely, I will." So we've got that to look forward to. I hope so. Let's just announce it, Pete Davidson's going on tour and Paul Walter Hauser will be opening for him." Holding me to it. No.

Get your tickets, go to our website. Now you-- but you, when you travel you leave a little one at home, right? That must be difficult. Yeah, that's tough.

I got a son named Harr-- Oh, there he is! Look at that cute photo. My wife, Amy, had most of the hard work to make him look like that.

[Audience laughing]

She's the factory, I just made a deposit. -No, she-she-- -She's here in the audience. -She is here. -Go dawgs! It's Amy's second time here. She came here when she was 21 with like her mom -and her sister, like.

-No, kidding. And now she's like back full circle with her goofy husband. Wait, I-- but I have a-- so you two are alone in New York City. -No baby. -No, no, no.

We brought the kid. Oh, you brought the baby. I was gonna say you're gonna get pregnant with another baby. You thought we were like ready to-- moonwalk through the tgi Fridays in Times Square.

Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. "We're here ladies and gentlemen, free parents."

[All laughing]

No, still parenting. They tell us that you do like to cook. You're quite a foodie. Food is very important to me. I love food. It's like music. It's a universal necessary language.

-Connector. -Yeah, I agree. So I started getting into cooking. Like I'm so obsessed with my career it's like, I need stuff to pull me out of it. And cooking is something where I get to be creative, I get to serve other people and serve myself.

What do you like to make? What's your specialty? -And what's that there? -So, ooh! That was a little help for my buddy over at Sip and Feast. Sip and Feast is like a YouTube channel that I watch where they make all these amazing-- this guy makes amazing Italian food so I made some Italian meatloaf with garlic green beans, and then I added little bits of mozzarella balls throughout the body of the meatloaf.

Is that what's on top of the meat there? -What's that? -Is that what's on top of the meat? -Yeah. I just plugged it in and-- -That's the best way. I mean, think about, meatloaf is perfect, but how do you make it more perfect?

Mozzarella's plugs. You stuff it with mozzarella. Mozzarella. Yeah, that's the vibe. So I'm always trying to class up junk food or junk up classic food.

What's that one there? That's a burger I made. A bunless burger with a vegan cheese, some like mustard infused sauerkraut and onions. And then a little bed of like stone ground mustard on top.

So those are the mustard seeds on the top? -Beautiful! -Yes. Wow! Yes. That's-- and it's just fun. It's like, I don't know, cooking's also like, uh, a little bit like comedy where you can do it and you can screw up and learn on the job a little bit too.

And I feel most comfortable when I can screw up on the job a little bit. -Yeah.

-[Audience laughing]

You know, it's, you're such a Renaissance man and who knew because I am so convinced that you are always the character you play. Oh God! Even though my husband who's worked with you tells me that you are not a psychopath, and you're not a lunatic and you're not a serial killer, but I am always, you know, on this side of like, "But are you sure?" Because you are so talented, but you're also on the hit show Cobra Kai-- -Oh yeah.

-Which is like-- Yeah. Great show. You know, a runaway smash. Are you also a martial artist? No, I do have a high kick. I do. I can do a high kick. -Were you a Rockette?


[Kelly laughs]

No a long time admirer, but never gotten-- I've not gotten that phone call yet. I just I'm-- my hero growing up was, and is, Chris Farley, you know? And he was a big guy who was so limber and can move around, and so I always tried to emulate that physically and Cobra Kai , you know, they let me choreograph my own fight scene for the new season where I was just getting to like play.

That's a playground, so, I mean, getting to go from Cobra Kai to Black Bird , it's kind of like John Goodman in the early '90s where he had Roseanne , but then he was also doing Coen Brother movies.

And so like, that's kind of the dream of an actor. That, and maybe making more than scale. But... Let's take a break and talk about Black Bird right after this with Paul Walter Hauser.

See you in a minute.

["Think About You" by Kygo]

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♪ I still think about you, think about you ♪

♪ To see someone really struggling, living day to day not knowing if they're going to be around in the next week, month,

♪ And then watch as they recover, watch the impact a successful transplant has. Literally before our eyes, we see the transformation.

[Ominous instrumental]

I'm telling the truth. You just said it was a story. That was the one. Oh, that was? Yeah.

[Ominous instrumental]

I'm not lying, James.


Okay. Very moody for this early. Very moody. That's a scene from Black Bird and I'm saying it right now, you have to win every award that is possible. Because even though Mark sat next to me and we watched it together, he's like, "He is not a serial killer. I can promise you." You play this real.

This is a real person. -Real guy. -a real guy. Did some heinous stuff and I think what makes it more complicated is we don't know to what extent, it could be two women, it could be 40.

Like literally they've talked about it could have been-- They've never found the bodies. Could have been dozens 'cause of the copycat nature. So not to go too far into the serial killer-ness while you're having your egg frittata--

[Audience laughing]

-Or your cereal. -Yeah. But, uh, but it was-- you know, it was a tough role to play. I'm very happy I'm done with it. So the weight of it, the heaviness of it, -the voice you had to change.

-The voice! I had to change my voice to sound like the real guy. I dropped 40 pounds and had to keep it off to look more like him, 'cause I was a little more fed than Larry Hall.

And then, you know, we had-- I had covid at onent, we had a hurricane roll through and we had to be evacuated -to Austin. -Really? Wow! The shoot went from four weeks to five and a half.

So-oh, I'm sorry, four months to five and a half months. So it was just, it was a lot. You know, going to Cobra Kai after that, which I did, I shot season five of Cobra after Black Bird , it was like such a reprieve. Such a joy.

How do you turn off that-- Like how do you switch your brain like that? Um, I don't-- I don't know. You should talk to my psychiatrist. I don't really-- What about the chops?

The mutton chops? Were those yours or those were put on? Thankfully those-- Yeah, wow! They're not called mutton chops. They're called-- what are they called?

Yeah. My face looks like a beaver's torso. That's a rough look. -Those are called burnsides. -Burnsides. Yeah. And thankfully those were not mine. They-- I had these women every day who-- amazing team, Nana Fischer and just all these hair and makeup folks who would give me that look.

It took about 90 minutes every morning that I had Katherine Gordon, Nana Fischer and this woman, Galaxy, would make me look like that. I've gotta tell you, it's-- you know, we watched the whole series and at the end of the series-- not to give it away, but at the end they showed the real people that you're all based on.

And I was shocked at how you physically transformed into the real guy. And that's what I mean about it being, filmmaking acting it's like people like to give us credit or put us in a magazine, but it is a team sport.

I mean, you know with this show, there's so many people who come in early and get I set-up.

[Kelly sighs] Well...

[Audience laughing]

-I mean-- -Two of 'em are not here right now.

[Audience laughing]

But I very much got a lot of help. But to take on that kind of just emotion and that baggage and all of that, and the character and to portray it like you did, it's remarkable to see.

So well done and congratulations. Thanks. Thank you so much. You are going to win every award. Like Kelly said, we'll see you at the award shows. From your mouth to God's ears.

Now, if you're not watching Black Bird , it's on Apple tv, you must check out Paul Walter Hauser. He's amazing in Black Bird and everything. And your wife's a bulldog fan, I hear.

-Oh, go-go dogs! -Go dogs! Sic 'em. Ruff, ruff, ruff.


Good luck this weekend. We'll be right back to open up the Inbox after the break. Great Job.

["That's what I want" by Lil Nas x]

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Colleen [indistinct]

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