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Monday, May 10th, 2021

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, actor, director, and author andrew McCARTHY. Plus, 'tis the season to feel good. Springtime cures for springtime elements.

Also, a graduating mother and daughter from north carolina are delivering our "good news story of the day." All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

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Ryan: Morning! Hi, deja.


It is on monday. May 10th.

Kelly: On mondays, we were coordinating patterns.

Ryan: Would you guys get me and on this group thing? I have floral patterns. Come on.

Kelly: It is not necessarily floral. Deja's is floral. Oh, yeah, mine is floral.

Ryan: Yours is floral, kelly. By the way, there is no one here today. It sounds like half as many people as normal today.

[Cheers and applause]

Didn't seem like fewer people?

Kelly: It is all the same amount of people appear they are just even less interested than they normally are.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: I get it.

Kelly: It's too late. You will be reimbursed.

Ryan: Monday may 10th. Connie's birthday is officially today. My mom.

Kelly: Happy birthday, connie!

Ryan: We got the family together.

Kelly: I know you did you did.

Ryan: We celebrated mother's day and her birthday. Friday evening was mother's day. The next day was her birthday. That is the way that it worked out.

The menu programming. But it was on saturday, my mom was so cute because it was 438, and she was sitting in the living room, all by herself. Like dressed and ready.

Beautiful little pink pants.

Kelly: Knew something that was happening.

Ryan: But she was by herself, just sitting there. So she texted me, and I am walking in. Hey, I'm in the living room. So I walk into the living room, I sat with her.

I said well, it is almost happy hour. I so would you like your cosmopolitan? That is what she drinks. Connie cosmopolitan cocktail.

Kelly: This is california time. So it was past actual -- I am advocating. She was like hello, your three hours late.

Ryan: So I said would you like it? She said no. I said what do you mean? She said I cannot have it until 5:00 exactly, so she was just sitting there, waiting for her to get to be 5:00 before she could have a cocktail.

Kelly: What, do I remember those days. I remember staring at the clock. I was like 4:59.

Ryan: 30 seconds. So, we did the traditional paella with the family.

Kelly: Wow. That looks amazing.

Ryan: It's got something for everybody.

Kelly: Wow.

Ryan: You have your sauce. We did -- it was a team effort of sorts. Chicken, sausage. I mean, every single thing is in there. And what you do is you -- you bake it, and then you put it on the grill at the end to finish it, to give it that flavor.

Then there is the crust on the bottom.

Kelly: That's the best part.

Ryan: Flip it over to get it crunchy for my plate. We did two cakes. My mother likes a frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt, peanut butter frozen yogurt cake.

Kelly: I wanted to ask meredith what that was fear she sent me the video, and it made me cry, it was so adorable, watching you all --

Ryan: Each?

Kelly: No, blow out the candles. And they weren't trick candles. I was like mama, they are all having a really hard time blowing our regular candles.

Ryan: And then, our dear friend, carol. And I don't eat a lot of dessert. Especially cake-cake. I really don't. She made the most amazing, beautiful chocolate cake, so we had a 2-cake weekend.

Kelly: I mean, I am all in favor of the 2-cake weekend. Watching you with flora. Watching connie with flora. It's just like, of course watching meredith with flora is great, but you know, for me, the auntie watching uncle ry-ry with the baby and watching, you know, is it --

Ryan: Cc and gigi.

Kelly: Watching them with their grandchild fills me with a certain --

Ryan: Well, are you thinking about one day --

Kelly: You having a child? Yes. Before my kids, I hope.

Ryan: Do you think I will be your kids?

Kelly: I hope you will.

Ryan: Let's not put money on it.

Kelly: On my kids are not ready to have kids, but it is fascinating. Anytime I refer to andy's baby as -- I refer to myself as mima. A nickname given to me by andy cohen.

Now I am just mima to all of my friends kids. Oh, your kids had a baby, you never talk about them on the air. Guys, if one of my kids had a baby, let's keep in mind two of them are still teenagers.

One is 23, but arguably, the youngest of the bunch, okay?

Ryan: How was your mother's day? Tell me.

Kelly: I've got to tell you, they really spoiled me. In no way that I was shocked and surprised. They were very funny because you know, they all came home under the guise of I came to help out with the puppy, which I thought -- I smelled a rat right away.

Ryan: When they say it like that, it sounds strange. I came to help out with the puppy.

Kelly: I knew something was happening. I just didn't know what it was. I said to marco, you did this, and he is like no, they kids did this, and I didn't believe him.

Ryan: That's touching.

Kelly: So they sent me these flowers, which I thought were really beautiful.

Ryan: Wow.

Kelly: The orchid has been there.

Ryan: You know what's great about that? How densely packed the flowers are. No filler.

Kelly: And then, check this out, ryan. Something for you to think about for your mom next time. Okay. I wish you could smell my foyer right now. Those are flowers.

Those are -- it is an optical illusion. Those are the mirrored walls, facing another mirrored wall. That is what we do in new york to make our houses look large.

Ryan: That looks like something you put in between homes.

Kelly: Isn't it pretty?

Ryan: Look at your lighting fixtures. I do want to come smell that room.

Kelly: Well, the lighting fixtures are not sanded down accented -- they took me out to dinner last night. We went. Which, let me tell you something.

Which you have vent you, I think you have bent you on the upper east side. Great italian restaurants. It is a never miss. Where we go for any milestone birthday, confirmation, communication.

That is the celebratory spot. And we went there, and certain new york city tabloids have, you know, waxed poetic about the death of new york now for the better part of a year, and I am constantly fascinated by this narrative because it is like do you want new york to die?

Who will read your paper? If new yorkers are gone, what will happen, right? And I kept saying I see new yorkers all the time. I bump into everyone I know.

I see people I know. I have been afraid to go out because I just am afraid of socializing in general.

Ryan: That has been the last two decades.

Kelly: That is the last five decades. I am not social. But I went out to dinner last night, and it was -- it was as if -- the only difference was they check your temperature when you walk in.

That was like the only difference.

Ryan: They are doing the wrists, though.

Kelly: I felt like I was at a nightclub.

Ryan: They don't check your temperature at nightclubs.

Kelly: But they stamp your wrist. Make sure that you are really there.

Ryan: They do that. We got wrist bands or when we went in. What did you have?

Kelly: So, I had -- oh, I have the dash a lemon cherry tomatoes. Some couscous in the paper.

Ryan: Parchment paper?

Kelly: Parchment paper. The kids had -- they have the pasta with the ragout. Like I don't remember don't remember.

Ryan: Beef ragu?

Kelly: My daughter had the chicken. What else did we have? We had the peschel -- we ate a lot. We ate like people that hadn't been out to eat. We had a lot for the table.

We have the special risotto.

Ryan: It is morel season.

Kelly: We did not order a hamburger for the table. Uncle ry-ry would be proud.

Ryan: When there is a burger on any menu, you can cut it into fourths.

Kelly: Burger for the table, cuts it into fourths, eats the whole thing, and then we say that you cut it in half, it doesn't count because all of the calories evaporated when you cut it that way.

They'll fly away.

Ryan: I had ordered a couple of things for mother's day. The fedex truck was at the house. I thought the gifts have arrived right on time. Boxes come in.

Waiting for emeritus and connie to open them. And the gifts are from you. The boxes were from you. So sweet.

Kelly: Mother's day present.

Ryan: Meredith and my mom. They were so excited.

Kelly: I'm glad I heard from both of them. I am glad, though, that there's arrived because my mother's did not arrive. Did not arrive on time. So, at the 11th hour, I, you know, I am nimble, so I have the local italian restaurant delivery dinner to their house.

Because I am nimble. I was like I did some fast thinking. They were like hey, thank you, sweetheart, for the dinner. I was like no problem.


It was my plan all along.

Ryan: Hey, look at this. Patriot news reporting that a teacher has won a top prize from a national tv show. So I thought that is cool.

Kelly: Incredible.

Ryan: I started reading the article, it was us. There it is. There is the article. Teaches agriculture at greenwood high.

Kelly: Look at that. National tv show. That is us.

Ryan: That is us.

Kelly: Guys, we are in the paper.

[Cheers and applause]

Is that page one?

Ryan: Look at the printer. I couldn't read the article.

Kelly: Front page, right there.

Ryan: Below the fold, but right there. Anyway, what they did was the students and the faculty -- I guess they pulled the fire alarm, as if it were a fire alarm.

We will take a look at the celebration. What it looks like.

[Cheers and applause]

Then when she came out, they were all there celebrating. Aww. So cute.


Kelly: See that, gammon? That is that genius programming right there. Those are all future reviewers.

Ryan: Of the national tv show. You see the solar panels for the school?

Ryan: I didn't notice that. Not in the picture, in the video.

Gelman: In the back there.

Ryan: So, congratulations again. 10,000 bucks, by the way. $10,000 for supplies.

Kelly: Big deal. It's a really big deal. And guess what? I wish they all could have won, honestly. They all deserved it. Those teachers were next level.

Also, just in strange animal news, before we get to the show, did you see this fraud? I love the large frog. I am not going to lie. I do. I love a large frog, more than most people.

People get very freaked up by amphibious creatures. Not I. I like them a lot. I draw the line at snakes.

Ryan: You don't like bears.

Kelly: Bears, I am terrified of. But I love a frog. I love this frog.

Ryan: Wow. That frog has been doing squats.

Kelly: They say that he is the size of a human baby. I would say he is the size of a large human baby. And he was found in a mill. The owner, jimmy, took the picture.

He said where I come from, this is called a bush chicken. It is a nickname given by the solomon islanders because they like to eat them. They say that they are more delicious than chicken.

Ryan: It looks like a lot of meat.

Kelly: He would probably be sleeping at the foot of my bad like those two dogs I adopted. Don't tell mark feared he doesn't know we got a second dog.

He doesn't now. Oh, by the way, also don't tell mark that they live in bed now. Won't he be surprised though, everyone?

Ryan: I would put that on my fridge for inspo for my legs. Show that you the trainer and say I want these thighs.

Kelly: I bet you he is cuddly. So cute.

Ryan: Monday's show today.

Kelly: I'm ready.

Ryan: .

Ryan: Andrew McCARTHY, live, in our studio.

Kelly: Dr. Greg is here to give us tips on how to cure all of the spring elements. By the way, can we just mention that all of the mask wearing and hand washing, I don't know about you, but besides allergies and everything, I did not -- I did not -- getting any of that, all of the stuff.

Mask wearing. I have still been sneezing.

Ryan: We are going to show you how to remove tics. And other things that you might find on your person. And we will me and mother daughter graduates and our "good news story of the day." But first, it is time for "ready, set, grow trivia."

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Do it. It betty, do it. Do it. Yep.


Ryan: Yeah. I like it.

Kelly: That his buddy from beavercreek, ohio.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Let say hello to rachel from el dorado hills, california, who watches us on kcra.

Caller: I'm doing great.

Kelly: So pretty. Are those bluebells? Wildflowers?

Ryan: Do they have an aroma?

Caller: No.

Ryan: All right, well...

Caller: But they are all over. The banks of the lake are all full of wildflowers.

Ryan: The flowers are beautiful.

Kelly: Only in california do you suffer a drought, and beautiful flowers appear.

Ryan: We got to statements kelly, from rachel. One is true, and one is in. If you stump us, you will win the mug. Take a look. Here we go. The first one she tells us, her statement.

"I read a novel a day." Or -- same word until I finish

The sentence fear [laughs]

Kelly: It is like --

Ryan: Until you know the rest of the sentence.

Kelly: You don't know which one it is.

Ryan: "I found a diamond necklace while scuba diving."

Kelly: Our audience today is a tuesday crowd. Lord, have mercy. Go back to bed, honestly.

Ryan: Start the clock. Here we go. You found a diamond necklace while scuba diving. How deep was your dive?

Caller: It was very shallow. We were sure diving. It is a little island off of honduras.

Kelly: Gelman has been scuba diving there himself.

Caller: Is one of my favorite places.

Kelly: Gelman's as well. He is nodding in affirmation.

Caller: I did not see gelman while I was there.

Ryan: What did you do with that?

Caller: I asked if anybody had lost it, but I kept it.

Kelly: Okay. Are you a speed reader? Did you take one of those speed reading courses?

Caller: No, but with the pandemic, there are a lot of hours in the day.

Ryan: On novel a day?

Kelly: That's a lot. I get excited when I finish a novel into weeks.

Ryan: And I have to reread it again because I can't remember.

Kelly: By the time I get to the end, I have to reread from the beginning.

Caller: I request them from the library. Then they tell me, and I can go to my iPAD and download it. And I just read all of the books to come out, like "the new york times" best seller list.

Kelly: Which one did you like the best?

Caller: I liked "midnight library."

Kelly: Gelman, also his favorites.

Ryan: He likes the pictures.

Caller: This one didn't have any pictures.

Ryan: I know, but he keeps searching for them. I think she found the necklace. You can read a novel a day, right? Kelly. Do you think you can read a novel a day?

Kelly: I think she found the necklace.

Ryan: Did you find a necklace scuba diving?

Caller: No.

Ryan: On novel a day. Good for you.

Kelly: Unbelievable.

Ryan: So you win the mug. Art is ready to spin the wheel. You mean twice, or the first time this morning? Breaking news. Kelly just told me she forgot to brush her teeth this morning.

Kelly: No, the second time. I did it this morning, but before the show.

Ryan: Look, I am 10 feet apart from you, so I can't tell.

Kelly: I don't like it.

Ryan: Do you want to run out of?

Kelly: I didn't even mean for that to be aired.

Ryan: I didn't mean for a lot to be aired.

Kelly: Now anything you say to me during this break is game.


You are playing for a $1,000 appliance package, rachel. Don't whisper anything into my ear anymore.

Ryan: I shouldn't say anything? On fridays show, rachel, we talked with jennifer hudson. What did jennifer hudson say is her pandemic hobby? 20 seconds.

Caller: Well, I think she likes to spray paint things.

Kelly: Yes.

Ryan: Congratulations. You are a double winner.

Caller: Thank you.

Ryan: Thanks for watching us. You take good care, okay?

Caller: Okay, thanks.

Kelly: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Ryan: Andrew McCARTHY after the break.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we will give you all the cures for what is ailing you this spring. We will meet mother daughter graduates in our "good news story of the day" appeared coming up thanks, andrew McCARTHY.

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[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Movies like "pretty in pink," helped define a generation here now he has written a book of his very own coming-of-age story. Please welcome, actor, director, and a claim to travel writer, andrew McCARTHY.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Good morning. Good to see you, man. Thanks for coming.

Kelly: Great to see appears to be through great to be here.

Kelly: I brush my teeth just for you.

Andrew: I brushed mine this morning.

Ryan: She likes to do it twice.

Kelly: Right before I come out.

Ryan: Anyway.

Kelly: I missed my mark, so I had to do it during the commercial break. Do you remember that defining moment in your life, when you knew -- no, but when you knew that you wanted to be an actor?

Was there like a moment, something that you saw?

Andrew: Yet, luckily there was. When I was 15 years old, I was cut from a high school basketball team, and my mother said why don't you try out for the play, dear?

I said I don't want to do that. I want to be a point guard. I was cast as the artful dodger in "all of her." It is the best that I have ever done.

Kelly: That is a good role.

Andrew: I have played every role the same ever since. But I walk out on stage, and I thought there I am. You know, it was like that experience. I was like wow, here I am.

To change my life. I told no one. It was my little secret. I kept it to myself. I just knew that is what I'm going to do with my life. I was very lucky because a lot of people wander around and don't now.

I was lucky that I was so young and stupid that I didn't know was impossible. You know what I mean? That is what I am doing, that is where I went.

Kelly: That is the thing. If you can just harness the confidence.

Andrew: Is not even confidence. It's that wonderful use of just beliefs. Like, my son. With the grown-ups. You do what you are going to do. I don't want to hear anything that you have to say.

Ryan: When you are going up, you would sneak into the second half of broadway shows.

Andrew: I was a student at nyu. So -- I probably shouldn't talk about this. Every show on broadway, as on the second half. They go what time is intermission?

They tell you pure 9:15. You go up at 9:10. The doors open. People chat or smile, and you hang around.

Ryan: Did you ever see the first act, or you pieced it together?

Andrew: It didn't matter.

Kelly: And I did the same thing.

Andrew: Did you?

Kelly: I thought I was the only person that did that.

Andrew: It was an amazing thing. I learned how to ask. I had no idea what the story was about. I don't know if you can do it as easily now appeared to.

Kelly: You probably cannot.

Ryan: It is impossible.

Kelly: But it is so interesting, you know, to know that I thought I had discovered this unique thing that you can just sneak in.

Andrew: And acting teacher told me. That's how I found out. I did not five nights a week.

Ryan: How did you transition to the hollywood scene?

Andrew: To the hollywood scene. It was a hop, skip, and a jump. I just had been kicked out of college after two years. And a friend of mine called up and said there is an ad in the newspaper.

They want 18, vulnerable, and sensitive. So, I went to this open call. Open casting call. They were about 500 other agent, vulnerable, sensitive kids. They are coming out of the woodwork.

So, I waited there in line, you know, and then I went in, met a casting director. He said come back to the office tomorrow. I said really? And he said yeah.

So anyway, I did about ten auditions, and I was given this part, provisionally, except they said you have to go now to los angeles to meet the lead, and you are going to play her young lover, so she has to approve of you.

Kelly: Were you freaking out?

Andrew: I was like okay. I went to L.A. I went up to jackie's house, and she approves me.


Kelly: You went to jackie's house? I mean, that is --

Andrew: And then it gets better, though. Then we did the movie, which is a movie called "class." She says what are you doing after the film? I thought I have to go to los angeles and get an agent.

She said where are you staying? And I said I don't know if

You're not >> Ryan: I am 18, young and vulnerable.

Andrew: She says stay at my place. Oh, okay. Sounds good. I was her houseguest for some time when she was living with alexander, this russian ballet star.

Kelly: Wait a minute. Are we talking guest house or main house?

Andrew: It was main house in the back bedroom. It was lovely. There was no one who was kinder to me than jaclyn. And it gets better. I used to go to these auditions in meetings because I would go around, making the rounds, meeting people.

They would say how are you navigating the city? I was too young to rent a car. I got actually, jackie is outside in her car, waiting for me. One agent got out of his car.

There she is waiting for me.

Kelly: This is like the greatest story ever.

Andrew: She was wonderful to me. Very kind. I should have quit show business right there. I should have gone home and been done with that.

Ryan: Let's get a quick break. We will be right back with more after this.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," josh duhamel.


Kelly: We are back with andrew McCARTHY. He has written his memoir. So, "brat: An '80s story." There are so many great stories in this book, which I have not finished yet, but there is a fabulous story about meeting liza minnelli that really is like -- it is a series of events.

Andrew: I was doing "st. Elmo's fire," and rob lowe said do you want to come to dinner tonight? I said yeah, sure, I would love to, so we went to at the time, the ultimate L.A. Kind of eatery.

Up on sunset strip. We were meeting rob's girlfriend, melissa, at the time here in my dinner partner have been TVs someone named liza. Hi, liza, I will have a double vodka please.

We had a lovely dinner. As dinner was ending, liza says hey, should we go to sammy's? I said yes, definitely. I figured some club or something. Yeah, definitely.

She goes okay, let me make a quick call.

Kelly: So, liza minnelli, though. When you talk about liza, you mean the liza minnelli. Do you do a a liza impersonation?

Andrew: No.

Kelly: A lot of people, when they tell us about liza, they go into liza. Go ahead. She makes her phone call.

Andrew: We start heading up into the hills. I am like this is not going towards any club. Where are we going? We go to some big house, knock on the door, and we knock on the door of hear the door opens, swings the door open.

There is sammy davis jr. Come on in. I'm screening us like right now, go on up to the billiard room. Come on down and party with us.

Kelly: This really happened in los angeles. In new york, this never happens.

Andrew: The old hollywood sort of still existed a little bit. And it was great. We came down after the movie was over. We hung with sammy. He was like I've got my eye on upn I know you're doing, and I'm loving it.

Loving you, sammy, loving you. We are smoking cigarettes. I am drinking.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Andrew: It was great.

Kelly: Was he wearing the jewelry?

Andrew: Pictures, eight by tens of sammy and other celebs. This is my night with frank. I'm like yeah, yeah. I am a long way from new jersey right now.

Kelly: I would have been in every nook and cranny of that house.

Ryan: A lot of great stories in this. "Brat: An '80s story." Everywhere books are sold. Great to see you. Things were coming in.

Kelly: Fabulous. All right, we are going to help you cure all of your spring ailments, which is really why andrew is here.

Announcer: Enters to be 29, and you can have a chance

Ryan:♪ nothing is going to stop us♪ I was singing that song. We are back.

Kelly: Be gentle. He said be gentle.

Ryan: Spring is in the air, and so are the common ailments that come along with it. Here with ways to prepare for a safe and healthy season is dr. Yapalater.

Kelly: Just so you know, andrew McCARTHY is backstage watching. He came to promote a book, but he really came to see how to remove ticks from your body.

Ryan: What should we start with?

>> Dr. Yapalater: Let's talk about the ticks first. They are out there. They are hungry. They are already here. It has been a bad year for the ticks. They feed off of the mice.

They are the major reservoir appear they are all over the place. More acorns, more mice, the more mice, the more ticks. They want to eat us, okay? The ticks crawl.

They don't fly. As you are walking through the shrubbery, their instinct is to go up here and maybe in the groin, arms, behind the hairs.

Kelly: I heard that they are in the crotch all the time.

>> Dr. Yapalater: Every day tick check.

Kelly: You hear that, gelman?

>> Dr. Yapalater: As long as you remove them within 36 hours, they should not transmit their illness.

Ryan: How do they get there if your address?

>> Dr. Yapalater: If you are not talking in your clothing, wearing long sleeves, tucking your pants into your socks, they will find a crevice.

Kelly: A lot of people do not know that ryan wears rubber underpants. Well that house?

>> Dr. Yapalater: That will help the crotch area. How do you remove the tick? Now, never take it by the body and squeeze it. Otherwise you squeeze their guts into your body.

You get lyme's disease.

Kelly: Really?

>> Dr. Yapalater: Really. T's up the body. Slide down, all the way. As close to the skin as you can possibly get." My close. Very good. You are doing good.

Once you get there, tugged gently, firmly. Pull that tick out. You get the whole tick out. After you get the tick out, put it -- don't need it, okay? Put it into your little container.

A bigger container. That tick can be sent off to the laboratory to be tested.

Kelly: How do I put the lids on these?

Ryan: I think the tick is just oversized.

Ryan: Then, wash your hands. There is a distinct, very narrow recommendation for tick bytes. We treat lyme's disease, not tick bites, but if you meet the criteria, you can take the antibiotic.

I can help decrease.

Ryan: Spring allergies.

>> Dr. Yapalater: I was out yesterday. My outdoor furniture was just covered with pollen. Very ferocious allergy season. Very, very ferocious. You need to be ferocious as well to counter the allergies.

First of all, there is a lot of pollen outside, don't run around in the park. Play basketball indoors. When you do come in, take your washcloth, wipe your face.

Change your clothes. Get those pollens off you'd use your air purifier. That will help with a lot of pollens as well.

Ryan: We are going to come back with more after this on "live."

Announcer: "Live" will return in a moment.

Kelly: What are your quirks, ryan?

Ryan: I don't think I have any.


Kelly: Would you like us to weigh in?

Announcer: Josh duhamel, plus dr. Jennifer ashton.

Ryan: Okay, we are back. Allergies spring ailments.

>> Dr. Yapalater: We talked about environmental control. Now we are going to talk about the medication approach. What is so important is that you need to take the medication every day.

Patients come in, oh, I took the anti-allergy once or twice. Well, that is not enough. The pollens are pouring on you all day long. So what you need to do is take your medication every single day.

Three kinds of medications. Oral medication, pills or liquids for the kids. You can also use your eye drops for those itchy eyes, and you know how itchy those eyes can get.

Lastly, the nasal spray's as well. The nose is the major symptom. These are all very effective. Very effective to keep the ticks away. When you are going out, gardening, walking on a hike, for example, spray it on the clothing, ideally if you are not on your cells.

Kelly: On the clothing.

>> Dr. Yapalater: It is much better on the closing.

Kelly: We have been actually putting it directly --

Ryan: In my hair.

>> Dr. Yapalater: You can put a little in your hair. There you go.

Ryan: Great to see you. Thanks for being here.

Kelly: Thank you, dr. Yapalater appeared

Ryan: Our "good news story of the day" is coming up right after the break here on "live."

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Hey. Any luck today? Still up in the air. (Chuckle) Keep on scratching. (Giggle)

Ryan: All right. It is time for our "good news story of the day." This mom and daughter do a celebrated mother's day weekend by graduating together.

From north carolina, welcome them. Good morning. Congratulations.

>> Good morning.

Kelly: Congratulations. Tell us everything. I was saying to ryan, this is a dream. This has to be a dream come true. What are your majors? Can you tell us a little bit about everything?

All of it. Take us through his.

>> My degree is in psychology. I have a bachelors in psychology. I have a masters in social work. And elementary education.

Kelly: Incredible. So, this was your first time in a cap and gown?

>> Yes. I had amanda when I was a teenager, so I had to go on and get my ged so that I could find employment and take care of my responsibilities to her.

And raise her hand everything. I didn't graduate from high school. I got my ged. Went straight into finding a job here never went back to college until now.

Ryan: This cap and gown is a very special cap and gown.

>> It is, ryan. I am telling you. I never really had a chance to take in the totality of this weekend and the journey that we have been through, but I remember -- and you guys -- sometimes you are on the road, and one of the things that you are looking for is just something.

You are feeling kind of tired. You are feeling kind of down. You need something to give you a little boost. She gave it to me around january of this year.

The last leg of our journey, and she bought me this gown. I am telling you, a tear came to my eyes because what I realized was that she was passing something to me that, you know, she already was through.

She had already been through this experience, and it was like someone was giving me a wedding gown and saying you have gotten to this point, and I want you to have this to wear for both of us.

Each time, I started to get a little bit anxious about the program. All of the responsibilities that I had. I was going to the closet. I would look at that gown, and I would take it out, stand in the mirror, put it in front of me.

And I would just smile to myself, say yes, you can get through this. It was kind of like -- it was exciting.

Kelly: I am in tears. I really am. What an accomplishment.


Ryan: You will always have a pure lesson, it is great to meet you both. Congratulations. Take care. We will be right back after this.

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We have Lizzy taking on Brian and the winner could go home with $10,000. Let's get right to it. Ah, Carson and Cristela-- - Oh! - You're up first. - Oh, fantastic, what a fun duo.

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I'm gonna set the opening bid at 22 words and Carson can you do it in less? - I could do... I could do (murmurs) 20. - Oh okay, I like that. Cristela. - I can do it in 16.

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