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Friday, March 24th, 2023

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Deja: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, star of the new drama, "the power," toni collette! And coming off the new season of "succession," brian cox!

And we have a new edition of "the inbox." All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

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Ryan: Good morning!

Kelly: Good morning, deja.

Ryan: All right.

Kelly: It is friday, march 24th, 2023.

Deja, you look like spring. Really pretty. I love that dress.

Deja: Thank you.

Ryan: Good morning, deja and kelly ripa. Great story. A married couple -- it --

Kelly: Married couple. Let's give it a minute.

Ryan: You read a story like this and say oh, marriage can't be so bad. If you are made, you say that. I've got to read it because ththere are details here.

I read this briefly before the show.

Kelly: As you know, gelman memorizes --

Ryan: He has photographic memory.

Kelly: So he can fact-check us in real time.

Ryan: A couple finally get hitched six decades after their parents stopped them from getting married as kids. He is 79 and she is 78. They first met in 1963 when they were training together as nurses at saint mary's hospital in the isle of wight of the english channel.

Anyway, it was love at first sight for these two back in the day. After a few months of meeting each other, len asked jeanette to marry him. The story goes on.

Kelly: Quiet hand. I want you to go back for a second. How old were they when they first met?

Ryan: They were young.

They are 79 and 78 now. Jeanette's parents put a stop to the wedding as she was only 18 years old when they first met back then. Before they were set to get married, len then moved to australia and planned to buy a piece of land and build a house for them.

Jeanette's parents would not let her go. They called the wedding off. She sent len a letter explaining why they could not do it because of her parents.

He built the house, what's he going to do? He ends up getting married to somebody else. 52 years later, kelly, len got divorced.

Kelly: After 52 years?

Ryan: It could go wrong in year 50. Maybe something built up for a few decades.

Kelly: At that point, you just sort of tolerate it. And pray for the end of time, right?

Ryan: After that divorce, len said I'm going to look for a long lost love again. He traveled back to the isle of wight and he looked for jeanette's address in the directory.

Len is a real enterprising lad. She decided to pay her a visit all of these years had gone by.

Kelly: Did he just show up?

Ryan: Jeanette finds him outside her garden fence. At first, she did not recognize len, he had a beard. He didn't have one back then. This is like a bedtime story.

Jeanette was shocked >> Kelly:


Ryan: It was len from all of those years ago.

Kelly: She was like, you got older.

Ryan: She was married and living with her husband who was inside. Len is out in the garden.

Kelly: This is taking a dark turn.

Ryan: She had to turn len away. And she told her husband was just some stranger in the ga garden. Not a good sign. Hiding len. The door is ajar.

Kelly: Okay... In ryan seacrest land.

Ryan: [laughs]

Don't laugh.

Kelly: The door is ajar.

>> Two years later, her husband sadly died. Len invited her to live with him at a town in england and proposed to her last year. They had their wedding five years to the day that jeanette had moved in with len on february 11th back in the day.

So they ended up getting married after all of that.

Kelly: Aww.

Ryan: What a great story. Never give up. Never think whatever is happening in your life is going to happen forever because it could change on a dime, like len and jeanette.

Bef>> Gelman: Thanks for sharing that.

Kelly: It's never too late to find love or become a dad. Mr. Pickles, A.K.A. Pickles for those of us in the no, is a gentleman toward us at houston zoo.

And has become a first-time dad at the age of 90. This is the great mr. Pickles. His wife, mrs. Pickles, who is 53, a spring chicken, gave birth to three little pickles.

Ryan: Look at the colors on the pickles' shells!

Kelly: Dill, gerkin, and jalapeno. They arrived at the zoo in 1996, the year we got married. The zoo announced they finally decided to seal the deal and have some offspring.

I don't know if they were trying, gelman. I don't know them like that.

Ryan: We would not ask them questions like that. They are turtles. They move slow. Congratulations to pickles. The family of pickles. A lot of good stories today.

Kelly: Dill, gerkin, and jalapeno is not a pickle but a pepper. I guess we know which one is the spicy one.

Ryan: The rebellious pickle. Here is some good news, for those of you who drink coffee, we love it around here. Someone I was working with stopped drinking coffee for a couple weeks and you can kind of notice, they have a different vibe to them but they are excited to stop drinking coffee.

I would not be that person. I have one in the morning, I could have stayed in bed but I like to take my time and sip it. That's my morning. They say coffee lovers --

Kelly: A lot of excitement over there at ryan manor.

Ryan: The aroma is very fresh, kelly.

Kelly: Grinding in general is fun.


Ryan: Says mr. And mrs. Pickles.


Coffee lovers gain a thousand steps a day but get a little less sleep. Would you rather get your sleep and not get the extra steps or get your steps and get less sleep?

I would take the steps.

Kelly: I would take the steps.

Ryan: 36 minutes less sl sleep.

Kelly: Who is timing me? Sleep test, go. You too if someone says go, you cannot fall asleep like that. How can I sleep with a stopwatch?

Kelly: Do you know the old movie "airplane?" Where bill has a second cup of coffee and she was like "bill never has a second cup," it's so dumb, mark stopped having espresso after dinner.

I think he found it wasn't allowing him to fall asleep immediately upon drinking it. So he stopped having it. Every time I say would you like an espresso?

And he says no, I always say "mark always used to have two cups of espresso." He is so easy to get a laugh out of. John wayne airport in california.

Ryan: Down in orange county.

Kelly: America's scariest due to ultra steep sudden takeoff from runways to avoid noise complaints from their rich neighbors. I think everybody here travels a bit by airplane.

I know we have to for work. But every time that great big plane is taxiing down the runway, I always think it just doesn't seem to be going fast enough.

Every time, I knew I pressed the imaginary gas with --

Ryan: The plane goes like this.

Kelly: I pull my handle and press my foot down. I want to give it a lot of gas and pull up on the thing about , the aeronautical name. I am with the family.

I should be a flight attendant. Here is my face the whole time.

Ryan: Would you guys travel and are going on vacation, do you like to plan everything out?

Kelly: We plan. We do activities. I told you last june, we took our first ever vacation without the kids.

Ryan: Did you wing it or plan it alone? On that romantic getaway?

Kelly: We always wanted to do things but the kids would shout us down.

Ryan: There two kids know my kinds of travelers

There are two kinds of travelers. The people that just wing it or --

Kelly: Like if we want to go rock climbing, we pick out a guide and do it. But with restaurants and what time we eat, we free wheel it. What restaurant did you go to, the fancy one in holland?

Ryan: Noma. They were closed for kitchen lab or something. That was the one time I didn't plan and it was closed on like one wednesday of the year. I missed it.

But I want to know what time they open. If we get there early, we can start. Where do you want to sit? I like to see a floor plan. Mark is very militant when it comes to planning.

Kelly: He will do a recon. An advanced recon. "It's great, you're going to love it."

Ryan: You plan.

Gelman: You have to keep everyone happy when you are with the family. But when we are on our own, it's 50/50.

Kelly: You can do both. If you could be spontaneous and plan. You can plan your trip and still live in a spontaneous world. What if you are walking?

Say you are a parent.

>> Rsay you are in paris.

Ryan: Call me emily, oui oui. It's 9:00 and dark outside, what's going on?

Kelly: You get your espresso.

Ryan: With the chocolate?

Kelly: With a croissant. Not crescent roll. You hit the streets and you say what do you want to do today? Do you want to walk around? The answer is always yes.

Ryan: Who are you talking to?

Kelly: Aubrey.

Ryan: You are in paris.

Kelly: You're not talking to me.

Ryan: I am so happy we are there. How long are we staying?

Kelly: We walk and let the day take us. It's a city for walking.

Ryan: We do that until 11:00 in the morning and then I say it's time for lunch.

Kelly: In paris? You want an 11:00 A.M. Lunch?

Ryan: We've got a great show for you today. Toni collette is here.


Kelly: And from "succession," our dear leader, brian cox is here.

Ryan: Right now, it is time for "live"'s "grow for it spring trivia!"

[Cheers and applause]

♪ I love wham!

Kelly: That is our trivia dancer, jessica mayers from new york. I went to high school was somebody with the same name but it's not the same person.

Ryan: Let's say hello to kimberly steiner from crofton, maryland. What are you up to this morning?

>> I'm getting ready to go run some errands.

Ryan: What is first?

Caller: The grocery store.

Ryan: We have two statements.

Kelly: Can I ask kim a question? Do you know the grocery store aisles by heart?

Caller: No, I don't usually do this job, my husband does.

Kelly: Extraordinary. I have the aisles memorized in my mind. I like to map out in my mind where the things are and I write them on the list accordingly.

Ryan: Not like they are here and then you go over there. Listen, kimberly, if you stump us, you get this mug.

This is a large format mug. It holds a lot of liquid. "I have 15 grandchildren" or I --

Kelly: Is this picture recent? She looks young for 15 grandchildren.

Caller: I have three sets of twins. One daughter-in-law is a twin and she had their own set of twins.

Benjamin and bowden are 5.

Kelly: Who else?

Caller: They have a little one, harlan. Juliet, katie, tinsley, garland, lucy, and ruby.

Ryan: How is that? Can we reset the clock and keep going? Are we out of time? I think it's obvious, kelly.

Kelly: She didn't name 15 grandkids. With that red herring? I don't know.

Ryan: We are trying to would knock you the mug.

Kelly: And how many no pets do you have? Are you sure? That's weird. I don't know how to address t that. I don't know.

Ryan: Is it true you have 15 grandkids?

Caller: No.


Ryan: Deja, spin the wheel. You got the mug.

Kelly: You are playing for a $1,000 appliance package from cuisinart. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Kimberly, good luck.

Ryan: Earlier this week, we talked with mae whitman. What did she say she got a tattoo of on her arm? 20 beckons.

Caller: One of her dogs.

Ryan: Yes!


Congratulations, kimberly. Thank you so much for watching us. Have a great day. We are coming back with toni collette after the break.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," "succession" star, brian cox! We will open up the inbox to get your comments and questions. And coming up next, the seven!

And coming up next, toni collette!

Ryan: Welcome back. Check this out, monday, lionel richie is here.

Kelly: Lauren ambrose will also be here. And we begin "spring has sprung" week with spring gardening. Gelman, will you be hosting that segment? You are not the expert?

You will coexpert? Very good. Let's get to it. An award-winning actress whose work includes "the sixth sense," and "the staircase," now she stars in the new thriller series, "the power"!

Please welcome toni collette!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Good to have you.

Toni: Thanks for having me!

Kelly: We were reading on our show notes that you were recently in italy.

Toni: I was so lucky I made a movie there last year, "mafia mamma." I try to get back there whenever I can. Rome is my place. It makes me so happy.

Ryan: Tell us about your happiness specifically.

Toni: I get up and walk and walk for a couple hours. It's jaw-dropping we beautiful. Because it's an ancient city, you feel completely insignificant in a really healthy way.

It puts everything in perspective. It's so soulful.

Kelly: What season?

Toni: Presummer.

Ryan: Did you bike a little bit as well?

Toni: I did, actually. There we are. The first road ever built. That was one of the best days of my life. It was like a 4-hour trip. I did not go all the way to naples.


No, we did a bit of a loop. Just imagine who has been there. The history behind it. Very quickly outside of the city, it becomes quite rural. Just the countryside.

Kelly: Do you speak the language?

Toni: No, but I intend to.

Kelly: Do you immerse yourself?

Ryan: Have you always been an adventure seeker? When you travel?

Toni: I think I am. I think it's the best way to learn. It opens your soul up. You are constantly faced with new things that keep you awake and keep you learning.

Kelly: Riding a bicycle that is not stationary is an adventure. I'm not a big bike rider.

Toni: It's a very bumpy road, as you can see.

Ryan: I heard that you and elton john are very close.

Toni: I met him a few years ago. He hosted a party at his house. We just stayed in contact.

Ryan: Aww, I want that.

Toni: He and his husband are just lovely.

Ryan: And you've seen him in concert?

Toni: Yes. Several times, actually.

I was shooting a movie, I think at the end of 2018. We caught a train to new york and saw him. We saw him in australia and then covid hit. And then we saw him again most recently with the whole family.

He's an incredible person, living legend.

Kelly: Did you see harry styles also?

Toni: Oh, my god, you guys. My daughter is a big fan. I took her with a couple of friends. He's a big deal. He's an amazing musician and an incredibly generous entertainer.

He's so inclusive. It was the most love-filled, beautiful night. Such a high. It was a real vibe. Really incredible.

Ryan: Everyone loves him. My mother calls me asking where he's playing next. He wants to -- she wants to see him as well.

Kelly: Evidently, she puts on an amazing show.

Toni: He really does.

Kelly: We got tickets for our daughter.

Toni: How old is she?

Kelly: 21. She was out of the country when the concert happened so we gave the tickets to a friend of hers and it was -- the videos we got back? She brought us back harry styles sweatshirts.

They were extraordinarily soft. Speed to merge, right? Not his shirts?

Toni: It's merch time.

Ryan: Closer to harry styles or elton john?

Toni: Oh --

Ryan: You could call elton for coffee.

Kelly: Can we come next time?

Ryan: We will be right back with toni collette and talk about "the power."

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," "succession" star, brian cox!

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>> It's okay.

>> I need to d I need you to sts still as possible. Okay?

>> Mom?

>> Get her out. Get her out now!

Toni: Intense.

Kelly: Why is she not wearing headphones and listening to nice music?

Toni: The beat kind of sounds like a techno nightclub.

Kelly: I love when moms are sleep deprived and go in for an mri, they are like no one can reach me here.

Toni: If this was based off a sci-fi novel that came out in 2017. I haven't read it because it came to me very late, I had to shoot in five weeks, the entire season with my characters arc.

It's an incredible story. The reason I loved it is that it's about inclusivity, equ equality, for women of all ages, teenage girls develop this ability to conduct energy through their body.

Some of them do not know how to handle it. Some of them find out how to protect themselves. But it destabilizes existing patriarchal structures. It's quite a feminist kick in the butt.

Kelly: Also you play the mayor of seattle?

Toni: Yes.

Kelly: And john lu leguizamo plays your husband?

Toni: I play margot cleary-lopez, she is the mayor of seattle and married to john's character, rob. In this new time where this energy, evolution and revolution is coming, she's the person that kind of looks around and goes oh, I'm the person that has to step up and tell the truth.

She's very idealistic but also

Grounded. And I like the idea of playing a good politician. Some of that cares.

Kelly: Yes. That's important.

Toni: She school. She's got a bit of grit. Very passionate and clear about how she wants to help not only the girls but humanity at large.

Ryan: "The power" starts streaming on march 31st on prime video. We will be right back with brian cox after the break!

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Ryan: He plays the cutthroat patriarch logan roy on the award-winning series "succession." Please welcome brian cox!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: [laughs]

I can't help it. Our dear leader is here. Everyone calm down.

Ryan: Kelly, you and brian have something in common. A vegas wedding? The three

Brian: Yeah. How was your vegas wedding?

Kelly: I can barely remember.

Brian: Line is stuck in my brain

Mine is stuck in my brain. My lovely wife and I decided to get married. We had been apart for a while. We were traveling and we sat down and said where do we go from here?

Do we finish or do we go on? We thought let's go on. Let's get married.

Kelly: That's a fabulous shot. How are you? What chapel?

Brian: The white chapel. It was fine. A lovely lady did the service and her mother played the piano. She played us going down the aisle. I do not think she realized it but she knew I was scottish.

So she played the theme from "braveheart."


So we walked down the aisle. Isn't that right? I'm not lying, right?

Kelly: You are the fact-checker. Do people ask you if elvis mary do?

Brian: They do. That was a discussion. I did not feel keen on that.

Ryan: A lot of people change their names when they join the union. Brian cox, is that your name? Yes, it is? You did not have to change your name?

Brian: I was 12 -- maybe 16 or 17, a guy came to me and said you will have to change her name. And I said why? He said there was another brian cox a in equity.

My mother's name is McCANN. I would call myself brian McCANN. And then they said no, there is a brian McCANN. Oh, okay. I would go by dennis McCANN. But I didn't like that name.

I said let me write to brian cox. So I wrote to him, I sent a letter off and said brian cox, my name is brian cox and you are apparently called brian cox as well.

I know you've disappeared a little, are you still a member of equity? Is it possible that maybe I could get my name -- our name -- back and I could use it?

No response. I didn't know what to do. Finally, I got a letter that had traveled the world. And I vaguely recognized the handwriting. There it was, my mother had readdressed it to "master brian cox," that's the thing we do, we call young people "master." I opened the letter.

This handwriting is very familiar. It said "dear brian cox, my name is brian cox," and it turned out I had written to myself. I had joined equity -- great, fantastic.

So, oh, I could do it. But it was scary.

Kelly: I'm so glad you finally responded.

Ryan: Are you an empty nester?

Brian: We have our sons, the pride of my wife. Very, very tall. Very embarrassing. I always wanted to be tall. But you live in america, american kids get tall.

You were the exception?


I thought okay, the kids, okay, they are very tall.

Kelly: So you let them stay?

Brian: I let them stay. They are always ordering food. We kept thinking you have a mother, she can cook. She's a very good cook. But no, they've ordered a pizza.

We would go oh, all right.

Ryan: We will take a break. More with the brian cox.

Announcer: Tuesday on "live," "american idol" judges lionel richie, katy perry, and luke bryan!

>> Georgia, here is your first day on "american idol."

Kelly: "My dad is running this place, so back off."

Announcer: Next "live," dennis quaid, lauren ambrose, and lionel richie! Values, opera market. A managed market. Money market. A market for ideas.

>> Uh huh. So everything is a market?

>> Everything I try to do, people turn against me.


Ryan: This is difficult.

Kelly: Do you know why? People are stupid! Underestimating our dear leader.

Ryan: The final season of "succession."

Kelly: We will not accept it.

Brian: The great thing about our writers and show, I'm not mentioning any particular program so this is not an attack on anything but a lot of shows out stay there welcome.

Kelly: We are giving up.


Brian: You are different. You do a great job. But some of the shows are great and then they get really great and then they get less great and finally, they are pathetic.

Jesse armstrong is not into infinite television. He is into finite television. He creates something -- it has not been easy for him. One, he did not tell me he was thinking of ending the show.

And he did not decide well into the final season that it was going to come into an end.

The other night -- [laughs]

He said "I'm so sad the show is coming to an end." Most of the cast said it was you that did this!


Kelly: As sad as you all are, we are devastated. We, as a unit, talk to each other about it. Did jesse think for a second what about kelly and ryan?

Brian: He is very selfish.

Ryan: What can you tell us?

Kelly: What about the roys, where are they? Are those children still a bunch of ingrates?

Brian: It's mildly depressing that they really don't change and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing.


Ryan: Will you miss logan roy?

Brian: I will miss elements of the cast, the crew. We have the best crew. It really has been great.

Ryan: Will you miss flying in helicopters?

Brian: I never did. I would never go up in a helicopter. We go into the helicopter, another helicopter would go up and we would go "bye!" No, I am against helicopters.

Ryan: I never knew.

Brian: They not natural.

Kelly: He said our show needs a helicopter and we need to fly everywhere. Helicopter with two pilots and we will fly around with her helicopter. We cannot get two toilets here.

You think we can get a helicopter?

Brian: [laughs]

Ryan: It is so wonderful to have you back. "Succession," the final season, on hbo and hbo max. Up next, we will pull up "the inbox," after the break.

Announcer: Monday on "live," lauren ambrose!

♪ What we need every week savings. What we want every week savings. With bonus buy savings, I can get it all at giant.

Ryan: I have to tell you about caroline. Caroline from new york says "I love "succession," their family and complexities always make it so emotional.

Anyway, kelly, I've met you so many times over the last almost 30 years in the city's upper west side bars, washington park, shopping, soulcycle, our lives have been nyc-parallel without me being on tv.

I want to share my phantom friendship with you. Lol, xoxo, caroline."

Kelly: Thank you! You can download my podcast when you are in the city, walking around. Let's talk off camera. The number 1 podcast in lifestyle and culture.

Available on all platforms. We are going to have that young couple that I got married after 60 years on real soon.

Ryan: And if you are going to find out. Okay, sidney jackson in illinois, "kelly's dress is stunning. You look super dapper and cool in your suit. Keep kicking it."

Kelly: Thank you! Thank you very much.

Ryan: Jennifer in new york "I'm glad to hear about the only one loves to schedule on vacation. I've been mocked by my friends that cannot understand my can't just get up and go."

Kelly: The haters. Jen schaefer from pennsylvania "have you seen the tortoises at the philadelphia zoo?" Like, 20 years ago when I took my kids to the philadelphia zoo.

I do not recall specifically. "We take our three kids all the time in the tortoises were very amorous. "I do know this about tortoises, they do... How should I put this...

Ththere is a couple against the stone wall and there was banging, literal banging reverberating through the whole front of the zoo. We moved on to give them pri privacy.


Ryan: The shells can make a lot of noise, can't they? We will be right back.

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Ryan: We are back monday with lionel richie.

Kelly: Lauren ambrose.

Ryan: Dennis quaid.

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