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Friday, September 30th, 2022

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, host of "dancing with the stars," tyra banks. And anchor, author, podcaster anderson cooper. Plus, your comments and questions on another edition of "inbox." All next on "live!"

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And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

Kelly: Hey! Good morning!

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Ryan: Oh! It is friday, september 30th. We've made it to the end of the week. I walked out of the studio yesterday to take a nice little walk in the park with ivory, and georgia.

And floaty lives 36 seconds from the studio. I said we are just going to walk through the park, and he said I am right there. Two awnings away from the studio.

You can leave 2 minutes before the show and be here on time, can't you? He said she is great. Really great. Are you that spending time? What are you doing?

Really adamant about it. I said is that a sign of greatness?

Kelly: That is a sign of devotion.

Ryan: I have to tell you, just in terms of dating, I don't know anybody who is dating. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they order, what they eat, what they don't need.

Kelly: Yes.

Ryan: We would never be together.

Kelly: Never. First of all, ew.

Ryan: The kind of food person you are --

Kelly: We could never.

Ryan: Even if we had relatives.

Kelly: Mark -- mark is the opposite.

Ryan: Opposite, how?

Kelly: The less I eat, the luckier he fails he may be at the end of the night.

Ryan: You two share that burger with me. That is a big deal. The first chapter, dating, all these little things. Hey, speaking of mc, mark consuelos, your husband, so they say --

Kelly: Stone cold fox.

Ryan: How does he feel about his portrayal in the book?

Kelly: He loves his portrayal. One of the great heroes.

Ryan: When you described his bathing suit and his shirt, solving problems, I think I stood up and did the same myself.

Kelly: I was writing it as I was watching him. I was literally writing what he was doing in real-time.

Ryan: "Live wire." They say husbands cause more stress for their wives and children do.

Kelly: 1000%.

Ryan: Do you think that is true? Must wives describe their husbands not as partners but has big kids.

Kelly: Accurate.

Ryan: But...


But I feel like he --

Kelly: He is an adult.

Ryan: Would like to solve problems, be preemptive. We like to plan.

Kelly: He is as high-functioning as it gets. He has a real adult. There are a lot of things he can't do, but he is on an upper plane in terms of being a person who can solve problems, get things done, manage --

Ryan: The kids cause less stress than the husbands in most cases they say here.

Kelly: Husbands can be.

Ryan: Anybody agree?

Kelly: I mean, like I said, there are times when I am like I am certain he has in the cia. I'm certain he is in the caa, but how do I prove it? Every time I say I know you are, he says "I'm not." We do my father also apparently went into one by and started talking to the wine bar tender, and he talked a lot of these secret stories.

Checkpoint charlie in germany.

Kelly: But was he drunk?

Ryan: He was having wine, but I guess he got very descriptive, but he stopped right at the point of admitting to knowing secret information, but he did admit to working in the building at checkpoint charlie in berlin, east and west berlin, and this building was a secret building, but we don't know what he did inside.

Kelly: Are all of our parents from the cia? Maybe staff members are in the cia.

Ryan: What a great cover if we were too.

Kelly: Well, we are. Don't tell anybody.

Ryan: It is a telltale sign that you are not if you say that you are.

Kelly: Or am I?

Ryan: Wasn't julia childs?

Gelman: Well, allegedly.

Kelly: Gelman, please. Stop with your "allegedly."

Ryan: Our U.S. Stress?

Gelman: To mrs. Gelman?

Kelly: Have you ever seen mrs. G? She is the most stressed out person. She's like you're coming for dinner? I did not know anyone was coming for dinner.

I am like I don't have to say. Lucky for you, I always bring my own folding chair.


Speed you so maybe you do add a little stressed. Maybe ask her about it.

Kelly: I have to tell you, this book to her kill me.

Night three's tonight. 3 of 6.

Ryan: This is like a real world tour.

Kelly: You know what I feel like? I feel like the backstreet boys.


Ryan: Which one do you feel like?

Kelly: All of them at the same time.

Ryan: I get confused. Wait a minute. But good news. You will finish, it is going to go to the top of the best seller list. Then the paperback comes out.

Kelly: Then you've got to go out and hawk your paperback? No one tells you this.

Gelman: It is in the movie.

Kelly: Gallon just wants to play himself.

Ryan: There are a lot of vignettes that could be, hulu series. "Live wire."

Kelly: Let's talk about --

I cannot. Okay. So, you know, I talk about raising chickens. I have had this fantasy for a long time.

Ryan: I have some.

Kelly: You have chickens? You are a monster. You are in the cia. Where your chickens?

Ryan: California.

Kelly: Beverly hills?

Ryan: No. A remote location. But I have so many eggs that I am thinking about when I am there, going to the farmers' market. That is a good idea.

Kelly: Sell them to the staff.

Ryan: Hey, esther, remind me to bring them back. This is -- it has changed my life.

Kelly: I just have this -- I don't even eat eggs.

Ryan: No, you will eat these.

Kelly: I love the idea of making farm fresh eggs for my now parents and my husband. The children are gone. I would love to make farm fresh eggs. The orange yolks.

Ryan: It gives you the bright orange yolks.

Kelly: Are you out there hand feeding them? Here, chickie, chickie. So, listen to this fear there is this woman in nebraska. She was raising chickens, and they took over her kitchen.

Try saying that. Chickens and kitchen. Look at that. They've decided that the chickens wanted to move in to the kitchen.

Ryan: So did they break in?

Kelly: She ran to town to grab a quick drink.

Ryan: They are like it is our time.

Kelly: They knew what that meant, and they came home to discover -- I guess she did not secure the backyard. They broke in. Only took about an hour.

Ryan: I wonder what the chickens eight.

Kelly: She has 25 altogether.

Ryan: That's a lot of eggs.

Kelly: How many do you have?

Ryan: 22. That's why you keep them in the coop. I don't think mine would figure that out.

Kelly: They seize the day. Carpe diem chickens.

Ryan: Even the chickens are seizing the day. I will bring you some. You know what? When you get some, fritatas. Heavy on the garlic. Not for you.

Kelly: Is that is all from your farm? What do you have? When I come to visit next week?

Ryan: There is a cornfield.

Kelly: You have corn? You have week?

Ryan: We have cattle. We have some ostrich. Those ostrich eggs --

Gelman: They are hardy.

Ryan: The llamas do not do well there. We have obviously the citrus. We have some berries. Peppers. Matter of fact, they just had the best season. It was an embarrassment of riches.

It was falling down like big raindrops. Three varieties.

Kelly: Grapes. Merlot grapes or the kind that I get from wall foods?

Ryan: Merlot, cabernet. Actually, the truth is I only have a couple grapes and olives. Don't be expecting that.

Kelly: I know you have chickens.

Ryan: I have a big little farm.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: I saw it recently.

Kelly: I really do want chickens.

Ryan: Come this weekend. We will take care of you. Speaking of food and eating, listen to this. This is the one eating habit that would get you dumped by a millennial if you do this.

You are a millennial dating. They say that this is the most common reason to be dumped.

Kelly: Hand raised. What qualifies as a millennial again?

Gelman: What age?

Ryan: I don't know.

Gelman: 26 to 41.

Ryan: So we are on the other side, fyi.

Kelly: Okay.

Ryan: The findings suggest that millennials who eat in bed are very likely to be dumped. Apparently eating in bed is bad. I don't like eating in bed.

I never thought that was a cool thing.

Kelly: That's not what I heard.

Ryan: The only time I will do it is when they come over to have a little breakfast in bed. Now to today's show, tyra banks is with us.

Kelly: Anderson cooper is also here.

Ryan: And now it is time for "live" use "great day trivia."


Ryan: Okay, what do we have?

Kelly: That's our trivia dancer, jennifer from utah.

Ryan: Look at this. John from portsmouth, rhode island, who watches us on wjar. John, how are you this morning?

Caller: Hello? Cia?

Kelly: Speaking.

Caller: You look great. How are you guys?

Ryan: We are all right. Really happy were getting into the weekend. We have a couple of statements from you. One is true. When you have made up.

Caller: That is true.

Ryan: If you stump us, you win by kelly and ryan mug. "I swim almost every day in the summer." Or "I once held the state record for finding the quahog." It is a giant clam.

How did you find this quahog?

Caller: With a clamming rake.

Kelly: How do you tell it's age? By counting the rings?

Caller: Actually, I think you can tell by the rings, but it's basically by the size and possibly by the weight, but it's really by the size.

Ryan: Where do you swim almost every day in the summer,

John [buzzer]

Caller: I live in rhode island, so I can go anywhere and swim. I will go swimming in a lake, by the ocean.

Ryan: John, what apparatus do you use when you swim?

Caller: I don't use anything. I should have a flux that I bring with me, but I don't.

Kelly: Gelman has a question. He would like to know how big your quahog was.

Caller: It was 8 inches. 8 inches across. It was 2 pounds, 10 ounces. They estimated the age to be 555 years old.

>> What?

Ryan: Somebody is very upset.

Caller: It was 500 to 600. They settled on 555.

Ryan: Is that outrageous? We should not believe him?

Gelman: I'm surprised. I did not know that clams got that old.

Ryan: Clam diggers today.

Gelman: Lock it in. Whatever you think.

Kelly: I have no idea.

Ryan: That kind of reaction. With that, then, be false? Should we guess that?

Kelly: I don't know. Let's guess that it is true that you once held the state record for finding the oldest quahog.

Caller: That is false.

Ryan: That worked. Swimming every day.

Kelly: So you threw that in so that we would know that it was false.


Ryan: Deja, spin the wheel.


Kelly: Okay, you're playing for a $1,000 appliance package from cuisinart. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. John, good luck.

Ryan: Okay, earlier this week we talked with jimmy kimmel. What did jimmy say happened to his son minutes before he walked down the aisle at his wedding?

His son's wedding. 20 seconds. One guest.

Caller: Is that that guy with the orange hair? He got a blood he knows.

Ryan: Yes.



Caller: Think he thank you.

Ryan: Who have the orange hair? I was like we missed of that.

Kelly: Cia joke.

Ryan: Congratulations. Thank you so much for watching. You have a great weekend. We will be right back with tyra banks here on "live."

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," anderson cooper. We will open up the "inbox" to hear your questions and comments. Coming up next, from "dancing with the stars," tyra banks.

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Ryan: Coming up on monday, from "the new love boat," jerry o'connell and rebecca romijn.

Kelly: I am so excited because I love this on every level. I love the old "love boat." It is a dating show where they are trapped at sea? Yes, please.

With jerry o'connell and rebecca romijn, yes please. Colin hanks will also be here. She's a supermodel, entrepreneur, and a host of "dancing with the stars." She knows how to make an entrance.

Please welcome tyra banks!

[Cheers and applause]

Tyra: Hello!


Ryan: Good to see you.

Tyra: Matching.

Kelly: I finally feel like I have achieved something today. Good to see you. Last time we saw you, of course, was on zoom. Glad to see you in person.

Tyra: I know. And matching. It is so good.

Ryan: You have been out at some of the fashion week security went to berlin fashion week.

Tyra: I have never been to berlin.

Kelly: Is that true?

Tyra: I've been to munich feared I've been to all of them. Except for berlin. Sorry. I have not been to berlin yet.

Kelly: So you went as I get asked in a fashion show.

Tyra: As a guest, which is weird.

Kelly: Tell me about that. It would be like me sitting in the audience here watching the talk show.

Tyra: It's weird. So, first of all, it was a dinner. So I'm eating dinner. And then the music started. They were like turn your chair around. The show is starting.

I met a dinner table. I turned my chair around, and the fashion show I was going the table.

Kelly: That is unbelievable.

Tyra: Right?

Kelly: As a model, when the other models are walking by you, are they like seeing you seeing them --

Tyra: They are modeling close. They are walking for me. Then you see like the crossover intensifies. The designer was mark kane. Really good.

Ryan: Have you ever had any missteps or mishaps when you were walking on a runway?

Tyra: I had a little sabotage. I think it was a sabotage. Many years ago.

Kelly: I love a sabotage.

Tyra: I have these kind of like high-heeled sneakers, run to the runway really fast. My shoes are tied together.

Ryan: Whose work is that?

Tyra: I don't know. It was the dresser. But was she paid by somebody? I don't know.

Ryan: Did you have nemeses at the time?

Tyra: Actually, yeah. I was walking like --

Kelly: So you just kept it together.

Tyra: I had to keep it tight.

Kelly: That's amazing.

Tyra: Right?

Kelly: Now I want to get to the bottom of it.

Tyra: Me too, but I was 17 years old.

Kelly: Speaking of, not 17, but your son is six years old. I feel like you just had him. What is he into now?

Tyra: He loves dinosaurs. "Star wars." My man and him, they talk about "star wars" all the time. I don't understand "star wars."

Kelly: You have to get into it.

Tyra: I watched it when I was a little girl, but even the first one, 20 minutes and, I'm like I have no idea what's going on.

Ryan: He can tell you everything you need to know.

Tyra: I have a theory that the actors don't even know it's happening, and they are just reading the liens. The new one, they don't know what's going on.


Ryan: What is your standard morning routine? You got work, the family.

Tyra: My morning starts around 2:30 A.M. I wake up all night.

Ryan: You do not sleep well.

Tyra: I go to bed -- I will be in bed, watching tv. I am down at like 8:30.

Then 2:30, boom, wake up. And I work. You know how some people, that thing about sleepyhead and, where they are asleep, they go to the refrigerator, and they don't remember.

I am like I just wrote a soliloquy. I just made a new business. Then I don't remember, and I go to my notes, so I sleep work.

Ryan: You know who else is up at the same time, doing the same thing?

Kelly: But I am not doing anything beneficial. I tend to -- I don't fall asleep early. I go to bed late, and I wake up early.

Tyra: So you don't sleep at all?

Kelly: I'm trying to get better. I'm really trying to get better. This is the year that I'm like okay, I need to turn my sleep habits around.

Tyra: Sleep hygiene.

Kelly: It is connected to early death. I need to get better about staying asleep.

Ryan: It is a good one to focus on. We are going to come back and talk more with tyra after the break.

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Announcer: Still ahead on "live," anderson cooper.


It all down.

Doug Mastriano wants to outlaw and criminalize all abortion.

He'd ban gay marriage.

And he believes he can personally overturn future election results.

Doug Mastriano. Extreme. And way too dangerous for Pennsylvania.

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[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: I mean, come on. You know how to make an entrance like nobody else. So this is "dancing with the stars." Season three is on disney plus -- season 31.

Tyra: The first live streaming show ever that is not like sports.

Kelly: And it is two hours.

Tyra: Two hours, no commercials.

Ryan: Generally you get those commercial breaks, the reset. Four-minute commercial breaks.

Tyra: You get nothing like -- I dehydrate before. You understand? I cannot run to the bathroom he

Had >> Ryan: But it keeps your adrenaline going.

Tyra: Yeah, and you guys do live tv. Crazy stuff happens, and it just happens.

Ryan: We like it because it is over when it's over appears to be one and you don't have to think about it anymore. You don't have to obsess, did I do that right?

Moving along, moving along.

Ryan: And your cohost, you guys have known each other for a long time.

Tyra: We went to elementary school together. I did "the fresh prince of bel-air" with him.

Kelly: That's adorable.

Tyra: I was 19. Yeah, and we were liking each other. I was into him. And then I just dropped him.


Ryan: That's the story he told us too.

Kelly: The best story. That had to be some school you went to. Do you have like a celebrity wall?

Tyra: You know who else went to that school? I was just a little girl from california, but he was famous at that time. Gary coleman went to my school.

Ryan: Really?

Tyra: What are you talking about, willis? He sure did.

Ryan: That was such a show --

Kelly: There has to be a wall of fame.

Tyra: The school actually does not exist anymore. The principal called me and said can you help me save the school? And I tried, but --

Ryan: It was just too late.

Tyra: Now when I drive by, it is apartments. It is an apartment complex.

Ryan: But on the west side, you have got model land.

Tyra: The opening was delayed. It was supposed to open before covid. Covid made us never able to open. It is a theatrical show where there is a show, and you learn to pose and have fun, and you eat ice cream throughout the entire experience.

We have ice cream. My ice cream company. You eat ice cream. You pose.

Ryan: For almost everybody.

Tyra: Family is. Mom is. Daddy's.

Ryan: I know. We all model.

Kelly: We all in our mind think I could do that.

Ryan: It is hard to stand normal in your own mirror. So we have a little mini remote version of modelland over here. We can get some pointers on how to model.

Kelly: I actually know how to model.

Ryan: What if we get a contract?

Tyra: I'm going to teach you some of the things that we have at modelland.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Behind the tyra, I am a model walking in, in case you did not know.

Tyra: You are going to trip on yourself.

Ryan: I wore fancy she is.

Kelly: Show us what to do, tyra.

Tyra: We teach you how to do crazy fun things. So we do a thing called bird posing. I want you to think flamingos. What does a flamingo do?

Ryan: Kelly ripa, what does a flamingo do?

Tyra: Turned to the side. Up. Up. Flamingo. Flamingo. There you go. Next up... We have a chicken. All that talk about chickens. Let's do the chicken.

And bawk bawk. Make it cute.

Ryan: What other animals can we do?

Tyra: Let's do the hock yes.

Ryan: Where is the ice cream? Can we have ice cream?

Tyra: Rooster. Rooster is like this.

Ryan: Okay. All right. And the music ran out. Speed streaming live on disney plus.

Kelly: So happy to see you.

Ryan: Anderson cooper after the break.

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Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, he is an extraordinary journalist. He is also a former model. Former model. And even better data. Please welcome anderson cooper!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: And work it. And work it. That is what we are talking about.


You were a former model.

Ryan: Do this one.


Kelly: You are always running somewhere.

Anderson: Yeah, that does not work for you, kid.

Kelly: Speaking of adorable kids, I cannot believe that wyatt is in school.

Anderson: I know. It is a little program for 2-year-olds, so it's not like --

Kelly: Well, it is yale after all.

Anderson: I cannot believe how quickly. He started out this little school. It is so cute. It is a couple hours, three days a week.

Kelly: What was it like dropping him off?

Anderson: He is so -- he is really into it. He seems to really enjoy it. There have been a few days -- I just love the whole walk to the school. He loves the digger.

Ryan: I was -- I did not know --

Anderson: Big, heavy duty. When I met with the teachers for the first time, I had to explain to her his language because he has all of these words that he invented for things.

He is obsessed with machinery, and a machine.

Kelly: The vacuum.

Ryan: Particularly the vacuum cleaner. I think he could not say vacuum cleaner. So he is obsessed with it.

Kelly: I always translate. Benjamin was teaching him.


Anderson: Particularly dyson. Orange and purple. They are the colors of the vacuum cleaners that I have. I had to tell the teacher he's going to talk about orange and purple a lot.

And he talks a lot about quads because -- the four wheeler. Not that he is driven it, but he likes to sit on it and pretend to drive it. So there is orange and purple, and those are the words that you need to know.

Kelly: I have to say I am always so proud of you, and I'm always so impressed by you, but watching you become a dad with these two little boys has filled me with such pride because you are such an amazing father, and you are raising both of -- you and benjamin are raising the level he is little boys.


Ryan: Together.

Anderson: They are really good. The other thing is benjamin speaks in french to him, and I speak english, south about a quarter of wyatt's words are french, so he is always like "merci." They have started speaking to each other in french.


Anderson: Wyatt is like no. "Oui."

Kelly: Perfect.

Anderson: Totally into the baby. Sebastian is seven months old. We wake up wyatt first, and he likes to wake up sebastian. And he will always -- he wants to smell his head every day.

He is like I want to smell him. So he smells them, and I say wyatt, what does he smell like? And he says everyday "he smells like an angel." I don't know where he picked that up.

Kelly: And then he turns to benjamin, and he says can you believe this? But he says that in french.


Ryan: He's pretty chill, you said. Terrible twos? Or terrible threes?

Kelly: I never experience the terrible twos.

Anderson: So far -- knock on wood --

Ryan: Is not indicative of your demeanor and benjamin's?

Anderson: We are both pretty mellow. There is not a lot of drama. There is not a lot of tension in the air. I listen to a lot of brazilian music from the '60's '70s.

There is also an app called a radio. Do you know this? It is called radio. Like many Os. It is free. I am not pitching this. It is not a product I am pitching.

Radio! Now, but you can play from any country in the world. He plays the music from the country, and you can pick out any decade from the last country.

So I listen to like icelandic music from the 1930s. There is only one record.

Kelly: Of course you do.

Anderson: Music from the 1970s. It is so cool.

Kelly: Is it is from the '70s, we can agree, music from the '70s, so good.

Kelly: It is the best. Any country, it was the best. Peak music.

Ryan: Speaking of audio, let's talk about your podcast when we come back. With anderson cooper.

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Ryan: Will the degree the sweater weather for you?

Kelly: 75 to 71.

Ryan: That's a bit hot.

Announcer: Next "live," jerry o'connell and rebecca romijn.


Ryan: We're back.

Kelly: Sorry, we've been talking all this time. So, "all there is," your podcast. Tell us about that.

Ryan: I was going to my mom stuff after she died, a process that we will all go through. It is a really difficult thing to do. A lot of my dad stuff and brother stuff that she had packed away and not dealt with.

I started making these recordings on my iPHONE to kind of narrate myself through it. I realize this is this universal experience that sadly we will all go through at some point in our lives.

I thought, you know, why not sort of put together these recordings and made a podcast? So it is "all there is," about the people we lose, the things we live behind, and how we can live on with loss and prosperity.

The response to it has been really extraordinary.

Kelly: It's really interesting also because your mom, gloria, was such a collector of things. And you know, when you look back and see what she saved, it seems like --

Anderson: Everything had history to it. The thing for me that has been hard, it not that everything was valuable. Everything had personal history for her.

A mug belong to her mother before her. And I knew the stories. When you are the last one standing, the last surviving member of your little immediate family that you grew up in, it is like you are the last one who is the holder of all of those memories.

To get rid of that stuff --

Kelly: You have to document end.

Anderson: All the stories, everything disappears, but it's been great. I've talked to some amazing people. Stephen colbert was on the second episode.

Kelly: You two have quite a relationship. It feels like you have bonded. Because people don't know how to address loss with people.

Anderson: It makes people uncomfortable. People ignore it. You don't know what to say, so you don't say anything. One of the things that stephen says which I think is so true.

His father and two of his brothers were killed in a plane crash. He says I can't believe every day that somebody does not ask me about peter or paul, the names of his brothers, because it's something he's thinking about every day.

So I enjoy talking about my brother and my dad and my mom, and I think most people out there, if they are grieving, feeling lost, they like it when somebody just acknowledges what they are going to come even if it is just saying I'm so sorry for your loss.

Ignoring it is sort of --

Ryan: Many people find it difficult.

Anderson: So understandable. But I think even just saying that, I'm not sure what to say, but I am thinking about you.

Kelly: I think I told you this before, but my girlfriends husband died several years ago, and one of our girlfriends came in. We were all sort of sitting together, and nobody knew what to say.

She's a therapist, and she just seems to always strike the right note no matter what appeared she hugs her and goes I'm sorry for your loss, sweetie, and all the other dumb things people say at a time like this.

I was like that is actually the right thing to say because we have all been trying to piece things together to make her feel better, and none of that helps.

Anderson: The other thing about losses it is so lonely. Anybody who's watching right now, going through it, even if it's 30 or 40 years ago, you carry it with you.

It is a bond which we all share. In the best of both worlds, it would not make us feel so alone. It would make us the most human that we can be, as stephen colbert has sent, and links us all to each other.

If we could talk about it openly, with other people, it makes a huge difference to hear other people's experiences with it.

Kelly: Not just your podcast, I want to talk about "the rise and fall of an american dynasty." I love this book so much. I devoured it. You and I had a book discussion about it a year ago, I think.

Now it is out in paperback, and I feel like everyone should pick it up because it really is fascinating.

Ryan: Only pick it up after they have read your brilliant book.

Kelly: They are very different.


That means a lot coming from you. I have read all of your books. It meant so much to me to have you read it and say such kind things, but that's not why we're here.

We are here to talk about "vanderbilt: The rise and fall of an american dynasty" out in paperback. Don't forget to check out "all there is" with anderson cooper on apple podcasts.

Good to see you.

Ryan: We will be right back with the "inbox" after this.

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Ryan: It's important.

Kelly: Thank you.

Ryan: Yay.

Kelly: Gorgeous.

Ryan: One for every one on stage. Happy birthday on sunday.

Kelly: I forgot it was my birthday.

Ryan: On monday, jerry o'connell and rebecca romijn.

Kelly: And colin hanks.

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On "25 Words or Less", she appeared in the show "Retired At 35", something I think we all wish she'd done. It's Melissa Peterman. - I will when I get there.

- [Announcer] And

Joining Melissa are sisters-in-law Tanya and Kathy. He was a writer for the Miss usa pageant. Ah, yes, that must have been the year Carrot Top won.

It's Chris Spencer! - Have you seen Carrot Top's new outfits?

- [Announcer] Joining him

Are our returning champions, husband and wife Kim and Matt. (audience applauding) And now here's your host Meredith Vieira. - Welcome to "25 Words or Less".

Melissa, what's in your pod today? I can see the chalkboard. - What's in my pod today besides an array of things. Well, we have part of our "25 Words or Less" family family, because Bradford, who's with you, and part of the "25 Words or Less" family, his cousin d who I feel like is my cousin d, is turning 50.

So I wanted to give her a big happy birthday, 'cause she's awesome. And she made me the best sweatshirt that said more glitter, less Twitter. And I hope that for D.

So happy birthday, d! Happy 50. - Aww, that is so sweet. We talked to her a little earlier, and she's having a very good day. She will love that. - Yay.

- And Chris, I gotta ask you about your son, I believe has just started to learn to drive, and you were the teacher. I went through that with my kids. That is a stressful time.

- Right, 'cause you don't wanna yell at 'em, but you don't want 'em to crash into a trash truck either. - Right. - Because the yelling sometimes can cause them to crash into a trash truck.

So it was scary, but he is doing well now. - Yeah, but how is he? - Oh, good. - He's great. - Yeah, no, I finally stopped, because I was driving my kids nuts.

They said we can't do it with you. It was too nerve wracking for me, and it made them nervous, like you said. - Right. - All right, guys.

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