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Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Announcer: It's "Live with Kelly & Ryan." Today, from "Orange Is the New Black" and the film "The Hero," Laura Prepon. And he's gone from "The Walking Dead" to the movie "Okja," Steven Yeun.

Plus a performance from Michael Franti & Spearhead. All next on "Live."

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Announcer: And now here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

[Cheers and applause]

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♪ I'm alive, I'm alive ♪

♪ I'm alive, I'm alive ♪

Kelly: Thank you, Ryan. Thanks. Hi. Hi, hi, hi. Hi, guys.

[Cheers and applause]

Hi. Hi. Hi.

Ryan: Now, I just said to Kelly, "What time is the show on tonight?"


It is a late-night cocktail dress, and we like it. You look fantastic.

Kelly: It is not. This is not a late-night cocktail dress.

Ryan: Oh, it's not?

Kelly: This is a day dress.

Ryan: Oh, well, it's one of my favorites so far.

Kelly: This is a day-to-night dress.

Ryan: Okay.

Kelly: Day-to-night dress, yeah. But it is easy to zip into. I will put it that way.

Ryan: Um, I have an issue at home.

Kelly: Oh, no.

Ryan: [clears throat]

Kelly: The answer is yes.

Ryan: So--

Kelly: I don't know.

Ryan: Well, I just-- I don't know if this happens to you. So every morning...

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: She and I get up about the same time, and I've got my routine.

Kelly: Do you mean Georgia or Shayna?

Ryan: Georgia.

Kelly: Okay. Wasn't sure. Wasn't sure what we're talking about.

Ryan: She and I wake up at the same time. And I go to the bathroom, and she follows me into the toilet.

Kelly: Okay.

Ryan: And she watches me. And she looks at me as if, uh, you know, she should be staring at me and I should have a look back at her. Because when she goes to the bathroom in the park, while she's going, she looks at me.

So the--


So now when I'm going, the same thing is happening. And I can't quite figure out, because she is a girl, if it's inappropriate that she's in the bathroom when I'm in the bathroom.

Now, if it's a dog, it's a locker room thing-- if it's a guy, it's a locker room thing.

Kelly: You sure we're talking about Georgia right now?

Ryan: Yeah, we're talking about Georgia. Does your dog go into the bathroom with you?

Kelly: Um, yeah, my dog follows me--

Ryan: That's the look I get first thing in the morning when I'm going to the bathroom.

Gelman: It's approval.

Ryan: It's approval?

Kelly: Yes. When dogs make eye contact-- when dogs make eye contact with you and when you make eye contact with them, it releases oxytocin in their-- Is that right?

Ryan: Oxytocin?

Kelly: Oxytocin? What's the pleasure hormone? What's the pleasure--

Ryan: Endorphin?

Kelly: Oxytocin. Thank you. I'm not a moron. Thank you very much.

Gelman: You're a scientist. Look at the glasses.

Ryan: It only took us seven minutes to figure it out.

Kelly: Gelman's like, "Oxytocin? That's a drug! How dare you? Don't say drugs on the air."


Ryan: I just--I was just a little uncomfortable with it.

Kelly: No, she needs that--

Ryan: She's just been doing that since we moved here.

Kelly: So what she's saying-- She's looking to you for reassurance, and when you look at her, what you're saying to her is, "I am here. We are connecting." And it relea--she gets pleasure from you making eye contact with her.

That's why when your dog misbehaves, you are supposed to look away from your dog. You do not reward your dog with any sort of eye contact at all. As a matter of fact, you can look at them disgusted and go, "Tsk, ah." And they--dogs get that.

Like, they understand that--

Ryan: So it's part of our bonding.

Kelly: Yes. But does this only happen when you go to the bathroom?

Ryan: It's happened since I moved here when I go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. And when she goes in the park, you know, she kicks dirt and stuff over her thing, so I was thinking about doing the same thing in the bathroom.

Kelly: Kicking--

Ryan: Just kick--

Kelly: Do you want to get yourself, like, a litter box?

Ryan: Yeah, just kick some dirt on the floor.

Kelly: Get Ryan a little litter box to kick the dirt.

Ryan: She'll bring me a little plastic baggie when I'm done like I do her.

Kelly: It is amazing, isn't it, the plastic baggie? I guess you have a yard, so what--back home, do you--

Ryan: I have a yard. I have a yard back home, yeah.

Kelly: But you still have to pick up the--you still have to pick up the poop.

Ryan: Yeah, you pick up the-- yeah, you pick up the poop here. It's just-- Here, what happens when you go, there's somehow never a trash can near where you need to be.

Kelly: Never, so you have to carry that bag round, and people are saying, "Hey, Ryan Seacrest," and you got to--oh, you got to move the leash and the bag to the other hand, and it's always amazing that people still want to shake your hand even though you had a big bag of poop in it.


It's amazing. It's, like, fascinating to me.

Ryan: I'm still happy to shake their hand too.

Kelly: It's fascinating.

Ryan: "Really? You know me? That's great. Thank you. Kelly's the best, right?" Have you heard about Broadway, what's happening at Broadway?

Kelly: Yeah, yeah.

Ryan: I mean, everything's coming to Broadway.

Kelly: Well, I mean, Cher is coming to Broadway. Cher!

Ryan: You're a massive Cher fan.

Gelman: Are you auditioning?

Kelly: I am going to audition. Have you seen me on Halloween as Cher?

Ryan: I think America has.

Kelly: I don't want--

Ryan: Come on. Could you turn back time?

Kelly: I'm afraid to do Cher because I did Cher to Cher and she said to me, "Who is that, Bill Clinton?" And I was like, "Yes, I'm doing Bill Clinton."

Ryan: The producers could be watching.

Kelly: No, I know. I don't want to do it. I can't do it.

Ryan: Do we have any lighting effects, or can we do anything, guys?

Kelly: ♪ Gypsies ♪

♪ Tramps and thieves ♪

♪ They come to the... ♪

[Cheers and applause]

I can't--can't do it. That was so bad. Don't--I don't--no, I don't need your mercy applause.


Ryan: I don't know what's more believable, the voice or the motions. I mean, the motions are great.

Kelly: She used to-- you know, in the "Sonny & Cher" show, remember? It was so good. Anyway.

Ryan: She's been dying to have me ask her to do that.

Kelly: That's me.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, there it is.

Kelly: Thank you. So far, I'm the oldest chick with the biggest hair and the littlest costume.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: No one more excited about that coming to Broadway than Kelly Ripa.

Kelly: Oh, no, I will be there front and center, trust me.

Ryan: So "Tootsie" the musical coming as well.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: "Tootsie" fans.

[Cheers and applause]

"SpongeBob SquarePants" the musical to open on Broadway this fall.

Kelly: Yes! Also good, yup.

Ryan: Cher, and Cyndi Lauper to pen score for Broadway-bound "Working Girl" musical.

Kelly: Come on.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Now, that seems like--

Kelly: I could also star in that back when--


Back when I was in high school. So we did something yesterday. Ryan and I had, I guess-- well, I guess our first official photo shoot for this show. We never do photo shoots for this show.

And we worked with Miller Mobley, who is one of my favorite photographers, and-- Oh, yeah.

Ryan: There it is.

Kelly: He said to me, "Do you want to go upstairs in that gold room?" And I said, "What gold room?" There's a room, you guys, up there behind you. There's a--yeah, hi.

Ryan: You're in the vip room.

Kelly: There's a room behind you. Yeah, we did a photo shoot back there. I had no idea that was there.


Ryan: Really? That's where we do the private dances. You didn't know that? Way up there--that's, like, the vip room up there.

Kelly: I did not know that room was there. I just found that out yesterday. I've worked here for almost 17 years, okay? Just found that out yesterday.

Ryan: It was funny 'cause Miller, the photographer-- See, I'm not good at posing for pictures, but Miller--

Kelly: We are equally bad.

Ryan: Here's what he says: "You guys, look sexy." Okay, now, that's us trying-- that's us literally--

Kelly: That's us being sexy.

Ryan: Look at us. Now we're--"How do we do it? What do we do? Maybe I'll just pull my jacket."

Kelly: And then he said, "Okay, forget sexy. Just put your arms out." And we would go...


Ryan: So this is what you'll see on the top of a cab soon.


Kelly: Top of the cab? You have high hopes for the ad department here. Top of the cab? Honey, these--you see that picture, if you turn around and look?

That's where that picture will wind up.

Ryan: That's where that's going?

Kelly: Yeah, it'll be us like this...


Ryan: I've never seen Gelman in so much makeup. He wasn't getting his photo taken. He just showed up with a bunch of makeup on his face.

Kelly: No, I forced him to be--I dragged him into a photo shoot with me because this man, Miller, is such a good photographer that he makes ordinary-- I'm not very photogenic.

I don't like the way I look in pictures. I think that I always look very strange.

Ryan: She's insane.

Kelly: No, no, no, no, I'm not being self-deprecating. I'm just saying that, you know-- You know how some people, they take a picture and you go, "Oh, it looks like them"?

You take a picture of me, and it's like Gollum. Something happens. Something happens to me in photos. I do the--I actually do this in photos...


So--and he has, like, a very relaxing ability, and he makes me look relaxed. Now, coincidentally, Gelman in photos has crazy eyes. You take a picture of him, and his eyes quadruple in size, and he look-- Yeah, he looks just like that.


And I said, "Let Miller take your photo, and you will look like a normal person." And did you look like a normal person?

Gelman: He's very good. I can't wait to see the result.

Kelly: I'm telling you, he does something--he does something that makes you look normal.

Ryan: Kelly kept just saying to me, she kept going, "Hey, you look great when you squint. Just squint." All the photos literally are me going like this...


I don't think I was subtle enough.

Kelly: I'm not kidding, Ryan looked like James Bond yesterday. There, I said it.

Ryan: James Bond's son, because I came up to about here. I'm on an apple box. They're like, "Can you just-- could you stand up?" "I am standing up, Miller.

What do you mean, can I stand up?"

Kelly: No, you do. You look like James Bond in those photos, and especially because--I notice when Ryan smiles, he's got a very friendly smile. Right? Smile.

Yeah, it's adorable.

Ryan: That's so Bond, isn't it?

Kelly: No, like, look in that camera. Okay, smile, yeah. It's adorable. Now squint like-- No, not that squint. Don't squint like you can't see. Squint like you can see but the sun is kind of in your eyes at sunset.

Ryan: Oh.

Kelly: Do you know what I mean? Yeah.


Ryan: Where's the camera?

Gelman: Here.

Kelly: Yeah, it's not-- It had a sexy quality. You'll see. You'll see. Actually, you won't, 'cause nobody will ever see these photos again. They won't be on the top of a cab, I promise you.

Anyway, on today's show, Laura Prepon is here.

Ryan: Yes.

Kelly: Yes.

Ryan: I saw her movie last night.

Kelly: You did?

Ryan: Yeah. She's great. We'll talk to her in a little bit. Steven Yeun is here as well, friends.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: And a performance by Michael Franti & Spearhead.

Ryan: I know. I love them.

Kelly: Yes, me too.

Ryan: It's time to Burst into Spring Travel Trivia.

>> ♪ I'm feeling good ♪

♪ From my head to my shoes ♪

♪ Know where I'm going ♪

♪ And I know what to do ♪

♪ I've tidied up ♪

♪ My point of view ♪

♪ I've got a new attitude ♪

♪ I'm in control ♪

♪ My worries are few ♪

♪ 'Cause I've got love ♪

♪ Like I never knew ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ I've got a new attitude ♪

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Hey, we have a Hemingway as our trivia dancer, Latrisha Hemingway all the way from New York City.

[Cheers and applause]

Hey, Latrisha.

Ryan: There she goes, raising the roof over there.

Kelly: Is it "La-tree-sha" or "La-tri-sha"?

>> It's "La-tri-sha."

Kelly: "La-tri-sha." I'm sorry. Okay. I make everybody French immediately. Everybody becomes French. How are you?

>> Great. How about yourself?

Kelly: Good. Good, good.

Ryan: We've got Kristin Cahill from Sparks, Nevada, on the telephone right now, so let's say hi to Kristin. Hello, Kristin. You there? Oh, giddyup.

Caller: Hi, Ryan. Hi, Kelly.

Ryan: Hi.

Kelly: Hi, Kristin. Who's your horse?

Caller: Oh, that's my horse Elko. I was in law enforcement for 15 years. He was my--or is my horse that I used for downtown. And I would always tell people to keep their drinks away from him because he would literally take the cup, bite it, tilt it up, and chug their drink.


People downtown thought it was funny, but after a while...

Ryan: He would drink their--

Caller: My horse was, like, a 1.0.

Ryan: Drink the alcoholic beverages?

Caller: Yes. He loves his margaritas.

Ryan: We would get along with that horse like--

Kelly: I know. Your horse is my best friend.


Ryan: Well, thank you so much for watching us. We're gonna see what you're playing for right now, Kristin. Good luck.

[Cheers and applause]

>> ♪ Yeah, just like that ♪

♪ Yeah, just like that ♪

Ryan: [laughs] Okay.

Ripa, what do we have?

Kelly: We have the Monarch Beach Resort in California.

Ryan: Oh, that's very nice.

Kelly: Seven days, six nights. It includes one spa treatment per person. This trip is provided in part by It's a prize valued at $8,300.

You have 20 seconds, Kristin, and only one guess. Good luck.

Caller: Thank you.

Ryan: Okay, Kristin, here we go. On yesterday's show, we talked with Salma Hayek. In what sport did Salma say she was drafted for the Olympic team?

Caller: Gymnastics.

Kelly: Yay!

Ryan: Bang, you got it!

Announcer: Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the Monarch Beach Resort. Featuring panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, this aaa Five Diamond luxury resort is recognized among the best in the world.

Nestled along the coast in Dana Point, California, the resort features exquisitely appointed guest rooms and suites, an award-winning golf course, luxurious pools, six ocean-view restaurants, a distinguished spa, and much more.

Your prize is valued at approximately $8,300.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That place-- I've seen that place. That is fantastic. Congratulations. That's great.

Caller: Now I just need to find a cute guy to go with.

Kelly: Oh!


Ryan is available. My--James Bond, my cohost, is available for all of your travel needs.

Ryan: So this is really cool. You can help a lucky member of our studio audience receive a $500 appliance package from Cuisinart, okay?

Caller: All right.

Ryan: Pick a number between 1 and 222.

Caller: 197.

Ryan: 197.

[Cheers and applause]

Up there, up there. Sky-high. Yes! Coming up next, Laura Prepon is with us. Be right back.

>> ♪ I'm alive, I'm alive ♪

♪ I'm alive ♪

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," a performance by Michael Franti & Spearhead. From the new film "Okja," Steven Yeun. And coming up next, Laura Prepon.

Looking to mix things up? Then try the Mediterranean Rotisserie-Style Chicken Wrap from Subway. A double portion of hand-pulled chicken, feta cheese, and veggies with a cool tzatziki sauce.

Part of the Mediterranean Collection Signature Wraps. Bold flavors from a better Subway.

Ryan: She stars as Alex in "Orange Is the New Black," and her new film is called "The Hero." Please welcome back to the show Laura Prepon.

>> ♪ Oh, oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ I couldn't hide myself ♪

♪ From you if I wanted to ♪

[Cheers and applause]

>> Hi.

Ryan: Good to see you.

Kelly: How are you?

>> I'm good. Hi, guys.

[Cheers and applause]

Sorry, I'm a little slower than normal. Okay, there we go.

Ryan: Congratulations.

>> I'm in the chair. Hi.

Kelly: Do you know what I think is so funny? Ryan just helped me in the chair, I think, watching you get into the chair.

>> What a gentleman.

Ryan: I know. I was-- But congratulations.

>> Thank you.

Ryan: You're expecting soon.

>> Yes.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That's so exciting.

>> Eight months, yeah, so next month.

Kelly: Eight months.

>> So next month, yeah.

Kelly: Okay, so I remember being pregnant, and some ladies in the audience maybe who have had kids, I always thought seven months was long enough.

>> I get it. Yes. I mean, this is my first, so it's-- Yeah, it does kind of-- It's kind of weird 'cause it sneaks up on you where you're like, "I can't believe it's been eight months already," but then you're like, "Oh, my God, she needs to, like, come out already."

Kelly: "I can't believe it."

>> You know, but it's so wonderful. It's such a blessing. It's just like--you know. She likes it here. She's already kicking.

Kelly: Aha, so she's a girl? You know.

>> Yes.

Kelly: Yeah. Oh, that's good.

Ryan: So last time Ashton Kutcher was on the show cohosting...

>> Oh, man.

Kelly: That's right.

Ryan: And he was ranting about something.

Kelly: He was furious that you had gotten engaged without telling him.

>> I know. Well, here's the thing. We're--so we're private, you know. My fiancé and I are private. But what's funny is, you know, like, with the pregnancy, people are--'cause a couple of people are like, "Oh, you're going back to do the show.

Is Ashton, you know, gonna give you flack because you didn't tell him?" But we were at Sundance, and we hadn't told anybody. 'Cause, you know, you want to wait a little bit of time.

And I literally walked out of a restaurant--I hadn't even told my mother yet. And we walked out of a restaurant, and I literally, like, turned back like this, and just because there was, like, a tiny-- it could have been a food baby.

Kelly: Right.

>> Just because there was a tiny little bump and because I wasn't drinking, they're like, "Laura Prepon's pregnant." And I'm like, "Oh, my God, I haven't even told my mother." Like--I didn't tell my sisters.

So sorry, Kutch, I didn't tell you...


>> Before my mother.

Kelly: Another secret. That's so funny. Do you have any weird food cravings or food aversions?

>> You know what's funny is, growing up-- I'm Irish Catholic and Russian Jewish, so growing up, my father would take us to this deli and we would get pastrami sandwiches on rye, and we would drink Dr. Brown's black cherry soda.

And what's so funny is, I haven't eaten that stuff in years, and since I've been pregnant, I've been craving, like, this kind of Jewish deli food.

Ryan: Right.

>> With, like, you know, the pickles and the sauerkraut and mustard. So we tend to kind of delve into that.

Ryan: Do you miss anything from when you were pregnant, those things that you would crave?

Kelly: I used to dream about Chick-fil-a sandwiches.

>> That's hilari-- Isn't it so weird?

Kelly: I would dream about them with vivid-- I would wake up chewing.

>> Totally. I get it. I totally get it.

Ryan: 20 minutes from here, there's one in Jersey. I drove past it the other day. I smelled it. It does do something for you, even when you're not pregnant.

>> Even when you're not pregnant. Yeah, I hear it does, yeah.

Ryan: "Orange Is the New Black" starts tomorrow, season five. Congratulations.

[Cheers and applause]

Where does it--where do we pick up? What can you tell us?

>> I mean, this season-- Our show is so special. I mean, this year, it's, you know, season five already, and it's just--it's so awesome. It's really--it's different.

It takes place over three days.

Kelly: The whole season?

>> The whole season takes place over three days. I'm personally really excited about this season because I directed episode ten.

Ryan: Oh, that's cool.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. That's great.

>> So-- Thank you. And, you know, just being excited about-- Oh, yeah, there's Taylor and I. Just, you know, being excited about the show coming out in general, also having that and being able to direct these incredible actresses, it was just so awesome.

So yeah, but it's-- I mean, I can't say too much, but it's a great season, and I really hope you guys like it, so...

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Listen, we're gonna take a commercial break. When we come back, we're gonna talk about you doing stand-up comedy.

>> Oh, yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, more with Laura Prepon. Stick around.

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," a performance by Michael Franti & Spearhead and also Steven Yeun.

>> What?

>> I'm thinking.

>> What are you thinking?

>> That if you were maybe 20 years older, I'd probably kiss you.

>> I got to wait 20 years? You'll be dead in 20 years.

>> Don't remind me.

Ryan: Well.

>> Look at him.

Ryan: Laura Prepon in "The Hero." I don't want to give anything away, but--

>> He is so dreamy.

Kelly: Dreamy Sam Elliott.

>> He is so dreamy.

Kelly: We were showing the clip, and I leaned over to Laura and I said, "Tell me, in real life, is he that dreamy?" And you said, "He is."

>> And what's funny is, he-- you know, he's on a show called "The Ranch," and I obviously have friends on that show, and when I first even met him on that show, he literally makes you feel like you're the only person in the room, and he's so dreamy, and you're just like, "Oh, my God, Sam."

Ryan: What's the relationship of your characters?

>> You know, it's such a great movie 'cause it's a relationship that's not usually portrayed. I mean, I--you know, we play love interests in the movie.

And, you know, I play this kind of stand-up comic who's just very-- you know, she's very open and experimental and she's just, like, this really cool chick.

And they are drawn to each other, and it's such a charismatic relationship that you don't normally see. And it works. Like, when you see these two people together, you're like, "This totally makes sense."

Ryan: I saw it, and at first--

>> Oh, cool! Thanks.

Ryan: At first, I was thinking, "Oh, this is gonna be really interesting." 'Cause that scene telegraphs some things that happen later. And your character may or may not use him as material in the stand-up act.

I'm not--

>> Yeah, well, you know what's so funny is, last night, we had the screening in New York City, and what's funny is, when I first read the script and I got to that stand-up comic scene, I was like, "Wow, maybe Charlotte isn't really that good of a person." And it was so interesting.

And last night, I was talking to some stand-ups who were at the thing, and they were like, "No, that scene was so great because that's what stand-ups do."

Kelly: They put their life--

Ryan: Real life. It's the best--

>> Yes, exactly. And they-- You know, and this character, that's how she works through these things is, like, she makes jokes about it. And having to do stand-up was such a different muscle than acting.

It was crazy.

Kelly: Did it take a lot of courage? I would think it would.

>> Yeah, it was crazy.

Kelly: It seems like a very-- Like, it seems totally as if you would be nude onstage.

>> That is what it feels like. When you have a dream where you're, like, in public naked, that's what it feels like.

Ryan: Thanks, Laura. Good to see you.

>> Thank you for having me.

Kelly: Good luck.

Ryan: Next, Steven Yeun is with us. Be right back.

Announcer: Monday on "Live," from "So You Think You Can Dance," Cat Deeley.

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That's just marketing speak. Because federal law requires all chicken to be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. You're not a vegetarian. No I'm not.

Neither are chickens. That's why we feed 'em what they

Need: A healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins and animal protein. Like they naturally eat. You missed one. Oh, did I? Labels can be misleading. Sanderson Farms.

Good, honest chicken.

Announcer: You could start your day without "Live."

Kelly: But you shouldn't.


Announcer: Let "Live" invade your living room every day.

Kelly: But not in a stalker-y way, like, in a friendship way. We're friends, okay? I love you!


[Upbeat music]

[Cheers and applause]

Well, you know him best from his seven-season run on the zombie apocalypse series "The Walking Dead." Now he stars in the new film "Okja." Please welcome Steven Yeun.

[Cheers and applause]

[Upbeat jazzy music]

♪ I love this outfit.

>> Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Ryan: Good to see you again.

>> Good to see you too.

Ryan: You good? Oh, oh. You recover well from death.

Kelly: Yes.

>> Oh, I appreciate that.

Kelly: Death becomes you. You look great.

>> Oh, good. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Kelly: So as an actor, how do you prepare for death? You knew it was coming, right?

Ryan: "Walking Dead" fans, you know he died, right? You know that.

Kelly: Right now, there are, like, seven "Walking Dead" fans that didn't know you died, and they're sending me angry tweets right now.

>> So sorry. Oh, man. It's--it's kind of fun.

Kelly: Really?

Ryan: To die?

>> Haven't you, like, at night-- I mean, like, when you were young, like, you'd play with your friends, like, cops and robbers, and then you'd get shot, and you're like, "Aaaah!"

Kelly: Yeah, yeah.

>> And there's no more fun thing than making your adult friends do the same thing.

Ryan: But the fans kind of go nuts, too, when that happens.

>> Well, that's the thing, right, is that, like, you know, people don't realize that we take time to, like, shoot each frame.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> And so while we're there, we're like, "Let's make each frame amazing." And then you forget, like, you compile it and that when you compile it, it looks pretty...

Kelly: Right.

>> Gruesome.

Kelly: And then people forget that you're not really dead...

>> Yeah.

Kelly: And that the zombies really aren't taking over the world.

>> Yes, yes.

Ryan: Not only is he not dead; he's creating life.

Kelly: I know.

Ryan: Right, I mean, there seems to be a theme.

>> Yeah.

Ryan: First baby right here.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> First baby.

Ryan: Right? You had your--

[Cheers and applause]

When did you have your first baby?

>> I don't know if you can tell by, like, the bags in my eyes--

Ryan: Recently.

>> Yeah, three months. He's three months old.

Kelly: Three months old. A boy?

>> Boy.

Kelly: Aw. Did you talk to Laura backstage?

>> No, I didn't get to talk to her, but congratulations.

Kelly: She's got a girl in there. There's a girl in there.

Ryan: She's looking for pastrami sandwiches right now.

Kelly: They could have playdates. They could be friends.

>> That's perfect.

Kelly: So he's so cute.

>> Oh, thank you very much.

Kelly: But yeah, it is exhausting.

>> Yeah, he don't sleep.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: Now, Steven is not your real name. Is that right?

>> I mean, it's my legal name now.

Ryan: What was your name originally?

>> My Korean name--I was born in Korea, and we moved over to the States. My Korean name was Sang-yeop.

Kelly: Hmm.

>> Yeah, and then--

Kelly: I like that too.

>> Oh, thanks. I appreciate that.

Ryan: Well, how'd you get to Steven?

>> So we immigrated to Canada first, and, um--

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: They came with us from Niagara Falls.

Kelly: We put the Canadians up north.

>> Yeah, they're up there.

Kelly: They're all up north.

>> Every time I come here, I say something, and then someone yells, so, like, you have a nice smattering of random people everywhere.

Kelly: We do, yeah.

Ryan: And we like to keep it that way.

Kelly: I'm surprised Korea didn't get a bigger, you know, shout out.

Ryan: Seoul in the house? Any Seoul?

>> They're just...

Kelly: Okay.

>> Hooting and hollering. They're not Korean. But thank you. Yeah, what was the question?


Ryan: How did you get to Steven?

>> How did I get to Steven? You know, my dad and mom, they met a doctor, and they didn't know what to name me, and they're like, "Hey, Doctor, what's your name?" And they're like, "My name's Steven." They're like, "Cool, that's his name."

Ryan: Yeah.

Kelly: That's amazing.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: That's incredible.

Ryan: That makes total sense.

>> They just needed, like, what I could possibly do.

Kelly: So tell us about this movie. What is "Okja"?

>> I fear telling too much, but essentially, it's a story about a young girl and her best friend, this massive pig, and forces that try to take-- split them apart and her journey to find each other again.

Ryan: And the pig is computer-generated.

>> Yes, yes, yes.

Ryan: So what was it like on the--what were you looking at on the set?

>> They are wonderful. It's the same team that did Richard Parker in "Life of Pi."

Kelly: Right, right.

>> And they had wonderful animatronic people controlling a fake Okja made out of, like, Styrofoam and stuff like that.

Kelly: No kidding. So you did have something besides a tennis ball.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: I always feel bad--

Ryan: That's how they do it for a lot of the--

Kelly: Yeah, they'll say, "We looked at a tennis ball, and it was a dinosaur." And you think, "Wow, that's really good acting."

>> It's very difficult.

Kelly: Yeah, I mean, really.

Ryan: There is emotion in this too, you know.

>> Yes.

Ryan: They talk about a giant pig and--but there's-- it's an emotional ride.

>> The thing about this film is, the reason I also don't want to give too much away is, I hope you go and watch it 'cause it's kind of one of those sneak attacks, and it just takes you for a ride that you never expect.

Kelly: And there's a lot-- there's--I mean, there's stunts in this.

>> Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Do you do your own stunts, or do you allow the stuntman-- We've talked about this a little bit with "The Walking Dead." But you like to do your own stunts.

>> I mean, I'm not Tom Cruise or anything. That dude's crazy.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, I know.

>> But, you know, I'll do stunts within reason, and I want to do something. I had to do--I had to come out of the Korean Han River. That's not really a stunt.

It's just gross.

Ryan: No, you guys-- you guys can relate. She does her own stunts. You should have seen her at the winery in Niagara Falls.

>> Oh, wow!

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Ryan: She did it all herself.

>> You went over with a barrel?

Kelly: No, I just--I drank all the wine myself, yeah.

>> Oh, okay, okay.

Ryan: She ice wined it all on her own. "Okja" premieres on Netflix and in select theaters in New York and la June 28th.

Kelly: Steven Yeun, everybody.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: Coming up next, Michael Franti & Spearhead. Stick around.

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[Upbeat music]

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Oh, we're ready.

Ryan: You can always count on great music when our next guests are around. Their new cd is available now. Here's Michael Franti & Spearhead with "Summertime Is In Our Hands."

[Cheers and applause]

>> How y'all feeling, y'all?

[Cheers and applause]

[Upbeat music]

♪ Put your hands together, y'all.

♪ Summertime is always ♪

♪ On my mind ♪

♪ Even in the winter ♪

♪ I want the sunshine ♪

♪ Feel the rains ♪

♪ Falling from above ♪

♪ And wash away the pain ♪

♪ Of my years gone by ♪

♪ 'Cause I believe ♪

♪ Yes, I believe ♪

♪ I believe we can ♪

♪ You know, I believe ♪

♪ What I believe ♪

♪ And I believe ♪

♪ That summertime ♪

♪ Is in our hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, summertime ♪

♪ Is in our hands ♪

♪ Are you ready, y'all? Here we go! Come on, come on.

♪ See you shakin' it ♪

♪ Shakin' it, shakin' it ♪

♪ Shakin' it, shakin' it ♪

♪ Like you mean it ♪

♪ And there's no in between ♪

♪ You got to live it ♪

♪ To the limit ♪

♪ Come feel the vibes ♪

♪ Of this "Soulrocker" jive ♪

♪ Take a motorcycle ride ♪

♪ Into the water we will dive ♪

♪ It's just me and you ♪

♪ And you and me ♪

♪ The sun is in our eyes ♪

♪ Call it solar energy ♪

♪ It's just me and you ♪

♪ And you and me ♪

♪ Together forever, whatever ♪ Let me hear you.

♪ 'Cause I believe ♪ Say what?

♪ I believe ♪ Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> ♪ We can ♪ One more time.

♪ I believe ♪ Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> ♪ Summertime ♪

♪ Is in our hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, summertime ♪

♪ Is in our hands ♪ Come out here with me.

♪ Here we go.

♪ Summertime ♪ Put your hands up high, y'all.

♪ Summertime is always ♪

♪ On my mind ♪

♪ Even in the winter ♪

♪ I want the sunshine ♪

♪ Feel the rains ♪

♪ Falling from above ♪

♪ Wash away the pain ♪

♪ Of my years gone by ♪

♪ I believe ♪ Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> ♪ We can ♪ One more time, because...

♪ I believe ♪ Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> Say what?

All: ♪ I believe ♪

>> ♪ Summertime ♪

♪ Is in our hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, summertime ♪

♪ Is in our hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪

♪ Yeah, hands ♪ Put your hands up high. We say...

♪ Summertime is always ♪

♪ On my mind ♪

♪ Even in the winter ♪

♪ I want the sunshine ♪

♪ Summertime is always ♪

♪ On my mind ♪

♪ Even in the winter ♪

♪ I want the sunshine ♪

♪ Summertime is always ♪

♪ On my mind ♪

♪ Even in the winter ♪

♪ I want the sunshine ♪

♪ Summertime is always ♪

♪ On my mind ♪

♪ Even in the winter ♪

♪ I want the sunshine ♪

♪ Thanks, y'all.

Ryan: Whoo!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: [laughing]

Ryan: Michael Franti & Spearhead.

Kelly: Hi.

Ryan: What's up, my man?

Kelly: That was fun.

Ryan: Nice to see you.

>> Good to see you.

Kelly: That was great. That was amazing.

Ryan: Check out the cd. It's available now.

Kelly: Get Michael Franti & Spearhead's new cd. We'll be right back, everybody. That was incredible.

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>> ♪ Yeah, we're all about ♪

♪ A good time ♪

♪ Yeah, we're all about ♪

♪ A good life ♪

♪ You won't believe ♪

♪ Until you see ♪

♪ This is gonna be ♪

♪ A fun ride ♪

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>> ♪ All about a good time ♪

Ryan: She showed me around. It was the best. We're back.

Kelly: Oh, hi. We're on. Sorry. We're walking down memory lane.

Ryan: Yes, we are.

Kelly: Memory lane.

Ryan: Ever wonder what style of eyewear is the best for your face or your forehead with your face in my case? Here to give us some tips, plus show us the hottest trends for summer, please welcome "Vogue" accessories director Selby Drummond.

Kelly: You have the best job.

>> I have a dream job. I have a dream job.

Kelly: You have the best job ever.

>> I will admit that.

Kelly: Okay, teach us, because I've always been told that my face is round, square, oval, heart-shaped. What is my face?

>> Your face is impossible to identify.

Kelly: Ugh!

Ryan: That's a compliment.

>> This is my rule. It's a good thing. It means you look good in a lot of different frames. By the way, I'm loving your glasses these days.

Kelly: Oh, thank you. They help me see.

>> You picked amazing ones.

Kelly: Thank you. You're so gorgeous.

>> Purposeful. Thank you. They--I don't believe in-- I look in the mirror, I don't see a square, a triangle, a diamond. I just see a face.

Kelly: Right.

>> And I think people get a little bit too caught up in saying, you know, "Am I an oval?" "Am I a square?" Don't worry too much about that. Find what you love.

I have two general rules that I feel like you just need to think about proportion and you need to think about, if your features are curvier, wear something with more angles.

If you have, for example, a square face and you just feel a little bit more angular, you're gonna want to wear something that has slightly rounder edges.

Ryan: And what does that do for your face if it's round?

>> It softens out the angles.

Ryan: Softens the angles.

>> Yeah, it gives you a little-- it softens things. You know what, Kelly?

Kelly: Oh, yeah.

>> Why don't you try these on?

Kelly: I will try these.

>> I think those are good for you.

Ryan: I find that all glasses look big on me, Kel.

>> Well, you have a-- Then you think about the proportion. You think about the lines.

Kelly: Let me see. You look handsome in everything.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: [gasps]

Oh, you look cool.

Ryan: See, this is from the kids' section.

>> These look amazing on you. These are Tory Burch.

Kelly: Tory Burch?

>> If you have more of a round face--Ryan, I think you could have a round face-- then you want something that's a little bit square and has a little bit more angles to give you a little bit more of definition.

Ryan: And more manliness is always great too.

>> So manliness, here.

Ryan: Yeah, so I'll throw-- By the way, it's so funny. She said she looked in the mirror and she just sees a face. I look in the mirror and I see zits; I see marks.

I see wrinkles.

Kelly: I see a monster.

Ryan: I see all kinds of issues.

>> We all see the under-eye bags.

Kelly: I see Gollum.

[Cheers and applause]

Oh, those are cool. Those are really cool.

>> Yeah.

Kelly: I wonder if I could wear my prescription glasses on top of these glasses.

>> We could hook you up. I think I have some friends--

Ryan: What about a heart face? What should we go with?

>> If you have a heart-shaped face, you can accentuate your cheekbones. You want to draw the lines of sight up a little bit. So those would be perfect, Ryan.

If you had a heart-shaped face, those would be your glasses.

Kelly: [gasps]

>> But this could work too.

Kelly: You know what?

>> See how they're just... That's very good on you.

Kelly: You look really cool. Can I try these on?

>> You can try those on. So you have a perfect heart-shaped face.

Kelly: I do?

>> Now, I you have an oval face, I just want to say--

Ryan: Lots of ovals.

>> All of them look good.

Ryan: Circle gets an oval.

>> So you can keep your cat eye.

Ryan: Okay.

>> These are see Eyewear, by the way.

Ryan: Are these unisex?

>> Sure, whatever you want. Whatever you want.

Kelly: Those are unisex today.

>> Or you could do-- These may be--

Ryan: Okay.

Kelly: Okay.

Ryan: All right, great.

>> Yeah, so if you have an oval face, play with anything, but like I said, you should be in something you love. Eyeglasses are the first thing you see.

You need them for sun protection. You need them to help, you know, fewer lines on the sides.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

>> But find something you love that works with your proportions.

Kelly: Okay, so when we come back, Selby's gonna show us the hottest trends in eyewear for the summer when we return. Stick around.

Announcer: Monday on "Live," from the new film "Spider-Man: Homecoming," Marisa Tomei.

[Rock music]

Announcer: You could start your day without "Live."

Kelly: But you shouldn't.

Announcer: Kelly and Ryan are daytime's number one duo.

Ryan: You're my work wife.

Kelly: Yes, yes.

Ryan: I say yes and bow to you.


Announcer: Great days start with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan: Well, that's kind of good to know, since I work here.

Announcer: Let "Live" invade your living room every day.

Kelly: But not in a stalker-y way, like, in a friendship way. I love you!


[Upbeat music]

Ryan: Back with Selby Drummond from "Vogue" magazine, and we're gonna look at hot stuff for summer now, right, in eyewear.

>> So our first big trend for summer is the very round glass. We see these-- Beyoncé is wearing these. Rihanna's wearing them all the time. But they look great no matter what age you are.

You can play with fun colors. Do you want to try these?

Kelly: May I? Yeah.

Ryan: Those are cool. I like those.

Kelly: Really?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. That's--

>> Don't those look fabulous?

Ryan: Look at that.

[Light cheers and applause]

I love that.

Kelly: I don't know. The audience does not seem impressed with these.


>> All right, Ryan, you try some on. So that's a good manly version.

Ryan: Sure, yes, all right. I like a round glass.

Kelly: You look good in-- He looks good in every single pair.

Ryan: You're very sweet. These are child's frames. I know it.

>> So you can get creative. We have different colors here. You can coordinate with your summer outfit. I love the bright white.

Ryan: So wait, what happens after summer when it comes fall? Can I still wear my round glasses? 'Cause I'm gonna make an investment in these.

>> You know, when it's snowing out and the sun's glaring off the snow, then you still wear them.

Ryan: When it's what? It's doing what?

Kelly: There's a thing called snow. I'll teach you about it later.

>> You'll learn about that in six months. So we also--I love a colored lens. We've seen a lot of celebrities wearing these too. These are fun. They're a little bit more fashion forward, you think, but you put them on, and they really just meld right into your outfit.

You'll actually be surprised. I say you try on these purple ones.

Ryan: They match your outfit.

>> But those are a lot of fun.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Oh, those are rock star.

Kelly: Really?

Ryan: Yes!

Kelly: I'm a rock star?

>> A lot of attitude.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm a rock star.

Ryan: Let's go see Twenty One Pilots together now.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah.

>> There he goes. Now he's ready in his rose-colored glasses. Yeah.

Kelly: Are you a secret model?


He looks really good in those.

>> You both are.

Ryan: Hey.

>> So next, I would say the oversized trend, that's not going anywhere. That's been around for a long time.

Kelly: Thank God. It's my favorite.

Ryan: Really, you like the big ones?

Kelly: Yes, you don't even need to get Botox if your glasses are big enough.

Ryan: Just cover it all up?

>> A lot of sun protection.

Ryan: Can guys do the oversized?

>> You keep choosing the very feminine ones, so it's up to you. Whatever you want.

Ryan: I'm just following Kelly's lead.

>> I chose the manly ones, but--


Ryan: I look like I'm playing a cartoon character.

Kelly: Yeah, you're smart.

Ryan: This looks like I took the sat. Didn't pass it, but took the sat.

Kelly: Yeah. See, the less you see of my face, the more elegant it is. Do you see that? You see? Look.

>> So that's why people love oversized. It's been around for a long time. It's not going anywhere. Now, if you want to go the other way, we have cat eye, which is really fun.

It's sort of a return. It's a little bit retro.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: Those are gonna be-- I like those. Look at that summer heat right there.

>> Isn't that fabulous? The red is really fun for the beach.

Kelly: Want to try these on?

Ryan: I do. You know I do.

Kelly: I know you want to try them on. I could tell.

>> These are great. These are super modern.

Ryan: So what--

Kelly: Pretty.

Ryan: Just curious, Selby. What color bag and belt should I have on with this?


>> You need white, all white to let the red pop.

Ryan: All right.

>> Those look amazing on you.

Kelly: These are great. These are great.

Ryan: Those are cool.

>> Now, Ryan, I do want to address your needs.

Ryan: Thank you.

>> I'm gonna talk to men for a minute here.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kelly: Oh, wait, none of these were men?

>> No, there's a lot of male styles. He's just not picking them up.

Ryan: She played along well.

>> I can't explain it. But especially for men, I think men feel very comfortable in aviators.

Ryan: Yeah, it's very "Top Gun."

>> Yes, but this a slightly more updated shape. I think the trend is going towards a smaller lens, maybe something with a little bit more angle. So if you wanted to try something like that on.

Ryan: Okay.

>> But any of these wire frames are great. And I love it as an eyewear trend, not just sunglasses.

Ryan: Goose, Ice, let's buzz the tower.

[Laughter and applause]

These are cool.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> I think that's very cool and chic, though.

Kelly: Yeah, this is chic.

Ryan: I prefer these on you.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> So this is my No Shed a Tear. These are the durable model. It's from a company called Le Specs. They're not very expensive. And you can just--they're flattering on kind of everyone.

Kelly: And that means that you'll never lose them 'cause they're not expensive.

Ryan: There you go. All right. All today's info is available at

[Rock music]

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Ryan: So all summer long, our staff will be taking quick Target runs to pick up things we need for the show at the last minute.

Kelly: That's exciting.

Ryan: So for example, after eating, we may need more mints or...

Kelly: Mouthwash.

Ryan: We'll be right back.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Time for a Target run. After using a lot of props, "Live's" prop room was running low on supplies, so "Live" staff ran to Target to pick up trash bags, tissues, and hand soap.

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Ryan: All right, Monday, we'll be back live with...

Kelly: Ah, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

Ryan: In da club.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: Bye, guys. Have a good weekend.

Kelly: Have a good weekend. Bye. Are introducing fire to steak.

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Ellen: Here's what's happening before I walk out there. I have amazing dancers in the audience and then I have people that are probably amazing at other things.

I'm going to play a game with them. He's doing okay. He's trying. I'm going to play a game with them and they're not going to know I'm playing the game.

I will ask the audience, do you have any questions, and then if they ask me about dory they are going to win 12 days of giveaway tickets and they will go crazy.

They will jump up and cry and scream. If they don't, they're grounded, no tv, no internet, nothing, zip, nada. Let's see how he is. He will probably be good.

There he goes. All right. Uh-oh. See you later.

[Cheers and applause]

>> Here she is now, ellen degeneres.

[Cheers and applause]

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