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Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from "the sinner," bill pullman. Plus, the points guy is here to answer holiday questions. And we answer your comments and questions on another addition of "inbox." All next on "live!"

[Cheers and applause]

And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

Ryan: Good morning. Good morning. Come on in, ripa.

Kelly: Thank you, ry-ry. Hi. Morning. Morning. It's thursday, october 21st, 2021. Yeah. That's right. Thursday. And as you can tell, everyone is really enthused around here.

All I know is he has back from you kay. Welcome home. Here to be too good to have you back.

Kelly: Did ems us? You are such a liar.

Ryan: He did send a couple of photos. He did check in as if he did miss us.

Kelly: And I sent him enraged videos the whole time.

Ryan: You sent me a photo yesterday. And at first glance, I looked up quickly, and I thought she is having an eye exam end.

Kelly: I can see why you might make that mistake.

Ryan: When a photo comes in before you double-click, and large, it looks like you are in front of an apparatus.

Kelly: No, I was having a mammogram. But I can see where that mistake would happen.

Ryan: I realize that when I read your text.

Kelly: Ryan is always trying to compare, somehow, his suffering to my suffering. Which I find so funny.

Ryan: It is true. I was going to send you pictures of me glazing my kernel yesterday. Whatever it was I was doing.

Kelly: He was glazing his granola.

Ryan: It is a lot of work.

Kelly: I did not show him the actual mammogram. I just showed him standing in front of the machine, saying "want to trade?"


Ryan: I thought it would be an interesting segment that we will never shoot, for us to trade our afternoons.

Kelly: It would be a privilege and a pleasure to trade.

Ryan: I would have an empty nest in the afternoon. They would be a lot of things to get done.

Kelly: You would appear to be too you are always writing and working. You actually take meetings.

Kelly: Like an idiot. I am like where is ryan?

Ryan: She says yes to all of the meetings.

Kelly: I didn't realize they were optional.

Ryan: He has back.

Kelly: He is going to be in charge now.

Ryan: That's great that you did that.

Kelly: Once a year. Every year.


Thank you. Ryan goes does mark know? It is not a secret. Sweetie I know it is an important message to get out there.

Kelly: It is. Of course.

Ryan: I was genuinely curious about a few things.

Kelly: Yeah. I gave him the full -- I told him everything. I brought out the pie chart. I showed him the diagrams.

Ryan: I have never seen a mammogram happen. You actually sort of --

Kelly: I demonstrated for him, using audrey as me. Audrey was the role --

Ryan: She was the apparatus. You are kelly.

Kelly: I was just showing you the basics. Sometimes it is a wrestling match between you and the machine. Because your body -- you know, it's like -- your body is sort of like predisposed to sort of a go against certain things appear to not lean in to certain things.

Leaning in is required.

Ryan: For this exam.

Kelly: You don't want to get your earlobes stuck. I learned that the hard way.

Ryan: Thank you for the demo. I have a whole different lens to look there now. Was last night the film in? It still dark.

Kelly: The moon --

Ryan: Gorgeous over the river. Eliminating the sky. I tried to get a picture.

Kelly: That's the morning?

Ryan: That was this morning.

Kelly: The moon -- here is the thing. The moon is one of those -- like the sun.


You never can capture it the way that it is.

Ryan: Sunsets, formants.

Kelly: I will take pictures. It is the most glorious -- look at this. You have to really see it.

Ryan: There is a force field around the moon and the sun. They do not want to be photographed.

Gelman: Doesn't do it justice.

Ryan: I literally say every time it is so clear. It is so close. It's gonna be great.

Kelly: Harvest moon, right? They come off, and their giant and orange. If you're out on long island, that weird sort of lingering summary. And the harvest moon comes up, and you're at the beach, and you take a video.

Wait until you see this video I

Shot. Spielberg is going to call me and say I want you to be my cinematographer because you capture things. And then you go well, that's not what it looks like.

That's not what it was like out there.

Ryan: Every time, I think it is so perfect. This time I am going to capture it. And I tried. Gelman says you talk about things, but did you get a picture?

So now I try to take pictures of everything.

Kelly: By the way, what photographic evidence has gelman ever delivered? Gelman is constant with take a picture, show us your vacation photos, blah, blah, blah.

I don't want people to know. He refers to himself as gelman.

Gelman: A lot of photos to share. Whatever you want, kelly. My phone is filled with thousands.

Ryan: You have the look of disappointment. "I hurt my toe." "do you have a picture?"

Kelly: You are going to the mark consuelos school of organization.

Ryan: I think he and I were separated at birth with our organizational skills because we really like a clean closet.

Kelly: Only mark would have the name of the nut attached on top of the canister, and it would be like salted cashews, raw cashews. Almonds. There is all sorts of labeling.

Ryan: I think that would throw off the natural wood top of my nut silos. It's my nut bar.

Kelly: Everyone, let's hear it for ryan's bar of nuts.


Not as fun as arts bucket full of miracles, but it's something.

Ryan: I will tell you why I have the picture. You have the pistachios in the shelter. We did not get the pistachios already out of the shell because they were too expensive.

If we were going to get pistachios, treat ourselves, which did not look like that as a kid, you would have to work for them.

Kelly: We had -- well, first of all, we had mr. Peanut. Remember mr. Peanut? The planters peanuts. He was on the boardwalk of the jersey shore. Yes.

Ryan: I still have those mixed nuts.

Kelly: Co, planters peanuts. Go, jersey shore.

[Cheers and applause]

But we would get them mixed nuts cans.

Ryan: You got to peel back --

Kelly: Peel back the thing.

Ryan: And then the aroma.

Kelly: It used to be like a beer can. There were never any -- there was like occasionally an exotic nut.

Ryan: There are some brazilian nuts in there. And those things are --

Kelly: Well, my dad got to those first.

Ryan: I hear they are good for your brain and all kinds of things, right? Anyway, the reason I have the picture, the article we are talking about backstage.

A lot of people are getting back to their offices. They are finding that --

Kelly: Don't you love the stories about people, they are going back to the office. And I think they were talking about the talk shows here. There was a ticker tape parade for every talk show that went back to the studio.

I go we've been here. Hello.

[Cheers and applause]

I don't see anybody throwing us a party.

Ryan: They have the protocol that was militant, right?

Kelly: Very strict protocol.

Ryan: They are saying that people come back to work. All they artifacts are petrifying. Things have been sitting for so long. Their artifacts are petrified.

Kelly: The good news is that giant cockroach that is the size of a dog still lives somewhere. We can't seem to catch it. It poked out of the drain of the shower.

It looked around, and it's like oh, you guys are back. And then it goes back to wherever it goes.

Ryan: It's a little nest.

Kelly: Don't blame me. You animals are the ones who have your lunch up there, and you bring it -- I don't eat in the office anymore. Anymore.

Ryan: A lot of nuts in different -- that is kind of what inspired that picture.


Kelly: His nuts are always fresh.

Ryan: You cannot walk by the nut bar and not stick your hand and one.

Kelly: You go to ryan's house for dinner. The most exciting thing that happened is like the nut course. And then he is like have you seen the size of the olives?

They are the size of your head. Lo and behold, you go to the table, and there is an all have? And I'm like I'm pretty sure that is not an olive.

Ryan: I don't know if you like olives. It is not salty. If you are interested, let me tell you more about it off-line.

Kelly: I want to know. It is like he is the jack in the beanstalk of olive trees. He is like my mother traded the family counts for these beans, and decker olives the size of your head.

Ryan: You you wait.

Kelly: I am very excited about your oil.

Ryan: Two years out. Two years out.

Kelly: You have to put it into a can, you know. That is what protects oil.

Ryan: Do you prefer I can versus the bottle? I'm going to talk -- she is not all of oil maker that I am working with. But if you want your is and I can --

Kelly: I would prefer mine and I can. And I would like for it to say kelly's can of olive oil.

Ryan: Okay, I got.

Kelly: Anyway. So, gelman is running into my dressing room today out of breath. And I mean out of breath. He is so excited. He can't wait to tell me the story about people hiking outdoors.

"Did you know? Did you know that people are hiking in record numbers?"

Ryan: And you said to you that --

Kelly: And I go people have been hiking for centuries. I mean, hiking -- believe it or not, hiking is like how people use to get around. Early man used do you hike for years and years.

They would literally just hiked. There was no end.

Gelman: During the pandemic --

Ryan: Some people still hiked during the pandemic.

Kelly: I have been a hiker for a long time because I have had no other skills. I never played sports. I didn't learn how to do anything.

Ryan: Walking, you are a master.

Kelly: Learned how to do that as a small child, as far as I recall. I've been walking for so long, I don't remember when it began.

Ryan: You are an olympic walker. I have seen it.

Kelly: Back in the '70s, before you were born, ryan, my parents use to put us out there on the jersey shore at the beach. They would say go out there and get some sun.

It's good for you.

Ryan: You no protection at all.

Kelly: Protection? No. We would never risk protection. We didn't know what was in that. They didn't want to see us before lunch. "Do not come back to this towel before lunch." So we would walk to other towns.

Next thing you know, you are like wait a minute? Where are my parents? Because you have walked so far, now you are in another town. Everybody's umbrella looked exactly the same back then.

Ryan: Did you uber back?

Kelly: There was no uber. Ryan, there were no cars. So we would walk to who knows what other beach town. And then we would walk back. You are sunburned.

You've got the sunburn that causes the blisters. And then it was time for your sandwich.

Ryan: On white bread with lots of mayonnaise.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: Out in the sun.

Kelly: My gosh. Coolers?

Ryan: They came in the '80s.

Kelly: That's for your uncles beer. You don't put the sandwich in there.

Ryan: When I grew up in the '90s --

Kelly: When you grew up in the '90s. Yes.

Ryan: Press the button. Open the hatch.

Kelly: That is a new technology.

Ryan: This is the greatest technology on the beach. Picture of us.

Kelly: We had stones and sticks. You get a shell. I will hit it.

Ryan: Did you use at shells for your phone calls back then?

Kelly: The shiny shells. We would grind those up and get them wet and then put makeup on.


How we lived -- we should be dead. We should be dead.

Ryan: The cooler. It would be packed with cans. It was tab, may be a coors light lipton tea. And smash sandwiches. That little hood would just cover the sandwiches.

Kelly: Sandwiches did not go into the cooler. By the way, I'm exaggerating. I don't recall ever seeing a cooler. I'm pretty sure the beer was lukewarm as well.

Ryan: What about vehicles on the beach?

Kelly: Jersey shore is very different. You are not allowed -- if you are sleeping on the beach, you better have that beach past five years either pinned to your bathing suit or displayed on your forehead because they will wake you and say "where is your beach pass?"

Ryan: Monster trucks were driving along the top of your towel.

Kelly: That is where gelman goes.

Ryan: That seems not great.

Gelman: They don't allow it in the summertime.

Ryan: People don't get hurt in the off-season?

Gelman: It's not crowded.

Kelly: I was there last week of summer. Right next to gelman. Hoity-toity beach club. It is adjacent to his estate.

Ryan: Ah, yes.

Kelly: A beach club where he can store his tennis rackets. His beach club tennis rackets. Not his at-home personal tennis rackets. He doesn't like to buy, but seven or eight years in a tennisclub champion.

He withdrew due to covid canceling the tournament. Anyway, so there was this beach party, and mark and I are now -- we are empty-nesters. We are empty nesting af.

We've got that triple cream. The soft cheeses you love. Though one that melts. Premelted. It stinks to high heaven.

Ryan: It smells like dirty feet. I love it.

Kelly: We have the two dogs who are sleeping on a towel. Watching. I'm looking for a gelman. I am like you know that gelman's are over there. Mark is like go over and say hi.

I am like I don't want them to know I'm here.

Ryan: He wants pictures.

Kelly: None of his business.

Ryan: I get it.

Kelly: Sitting on the beach, enjoying, and I start watching. These parents running after their toddlers. As the monster trucks are careening down the beach.

And mark goes gosh, you remember when we use to do that? I go I sure do. And this is an interesting observation. He goes you never lost track of those kids.

I go no, I never did. You know why? I had so many glow-in-the-dark necklaces on those kids. There was like no way they were getting lost. Not on my watch.

They were covered. These parents, I was like this must be their first time at the beach. They don't know what they are doing. And I was going to get up and encourage.

Ryan: And advise?

Kelly: You need glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Mark goes do yourself a favor. Don't get involved.

Ryan: Very wise.

Kelly: It's so funny to think the difference.

Ryan: I will put it in my notes. Did you have a thing with that cheese?

Kelly: We had --

Ryan: If you ever need figs, I have them.

Kelly: Are you growing figs as well?

>> Fancy.

Ryan: Joined me after the show.

Kelly: I love figs. You know that spot that you go that I have gone, down by where my husband use to live in southern italy. They have figs that just grow.

Ryan: Are they the size of my olives?

Kelly: They grow everywhere. You are running down the dirt road. There is a fig tree sitting there. Hey, you can have some of these figs if you want.

Ryan: I need a farmers' market. That would be fun. When you come work at the farmers' market?

Kelly: Of course I will.

Ryan: They are nice. Farmers' market people are good people.

Kelly: Yeah, because --

Ryan: To all the farmers' market people, join me after the show.

Kelly: We discovered a farmers' market in michigan. Called the white lotus. I was like oh, like the tv show. And they were like -- we are growing our own food.

We are not like you, watching television all day. But they have -- first of all, the most farm fresh delicious everything. They make the bag oily.

Ryan: Flaky.

Kelly: They grew up on a diet of butter.

Ryan: The bag sweats.

Kelly: The bag sweats butter.

Ryan: If you like sweaty bags, join me after the show.

Kelly: That's how he got his nickname in high school.

Ryan: Sweaty bag seacrest. Let's go.

Kelly: It's a big show today. We should point out that today is glad spirit day. That is why we are wearing purple. The world comes together to wear purple to stand against lgbtq youth bullying.


Every time I think -- I am like this will be the final year we will have to do this because when bad things happen, terrible things happen, we always come together.

A pandemic. Nobody is going to bully anybody anymore, and then you go wrong again, kelly.

Ryan: There is so many.

Kelly: Now you can't escape it.

Ryan: It really is a tragedy. All right all right. Shifting gears, we do have a great show. They said in the intro, I think, that I preread, he is one of the nicest guys in the world.

Bill pullman is here. One of the nicest guys in the world.

Kelly: I agree with that. I think it is accurate. That show is amazing. And the points guy, brian kelly, will be here. He is going to answer our -- oh, I was hoping we would talk about holiday travel.

Everybody loves to travel during the holidays. I myself wouldn't have it any other way. It is a meditative. I go into my third eye the whole time.


Ryan: All right. Before she goes into that zone, it is time for "live's good vibes trivia."

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: That's our trivia dancer, cindy from manhattan beach california.

Ryan: That is a great beach. I remember when I first moved to L.A., we were roommates, and he would say do you want to go to manhattan beach? I would say you have to leave at like 9:00 to get there by 2:00.

Then when you get to the pier, you can only swim on one side because he body surface. We were on the left side, but great memories.

Kelly: Jersey shore, they don't care.

Ryan: Swim rules on the pier.

Kelly: The peer is where the rides go.

Ryan: Let say hello to sandy from texas who watches us on krt. How are you in texas this morning?

Caller: I am so good.

Ryan: Who is your furry friend?

Caller: That is russell. He is my baby.

Kelly: That is a good name. He looks like a russell.

Ryan: Want to treat?

Caller: He's a sweet boy.

Ryan: We've got two statements. If you stump us, one of the last shots to get the mug.


That's the original, right there.

Kelly: I feel like we are going to have that for a few more weeks. We keep announcing --

Ryan: Don't you get a kickback from these things? I'm trying to help you out.

Kelly: I don't believe anybody gets a kickback. Everybody I asked, are you profiting from this? No. Maybe it is like the money is going into you -- I know --

Ryan: The set.

Kelly: The scholarship. Is there a scholarship fund? The "live" scholarship fund.

Ryan: We digress.

Kelly: It is a 35 year program. I am almost there.

Ryan: All right. Let's go.


I have so much to go through. "I have bungee jumped off of the highest bridge in the world." Or "I was in the bob dylan music video." Why would you jump off on the bungee cord?

The highest bridge in the world, cindy A. Why?

Caller: It just seemed like a fun thing to do. Adventurous.

Kelly: Where is the highest bridge in the world?

Caller: Well, okay, it is a very tall bridge. Maybe it seems like the highest. It is in zimbabwe.

Ryan: I don't think that is where the highest bridge is.

Caller: You are probably right.

Kelly: Did you go in the water? It looks like you are falling off the side.

Caller: Yes. Definitely.

Ryan: Being in a bob dylan music video is kind of a dream come true. How did that come to fruition?

Caller: It was "like a rolling stone." It was an interactive music video in 2013.

Ryan: And interactive music video.

Kelly: Like at a rock & roll hall of fame museum or something?

Caller: I was supposed to be like you are watching television, and you can switch panels.

Kelly: These both seem like allies. Lies. She is telling us all lies. I don't know, ryan.

Ryan: Did you bungee jump off of a bridge?

Caller: Correct. No. I'm sorry. I did not. That was my daughter.

Kelly: See? Lies. Okay. Congratulations. You get the mug, I think.

Ryan: Are now art is going to spin the wheel.

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: A trip for two to the azul beach resort in negril, jamaica. Seven days and six nights. It's all inclusive.

Ryan: A beach with no trucks.

Kelly: It's a prize valued at $13,300.

Ryan: Smooth jazz.

Kelly: Oh, yeah. There is quite a jump there, cracked. Gelman, once again, with all of the information you probably don't need.

Ryan: But you didn't jump.

Caller: No, my daughter did.

Ryan: She was in the music video.

Kelly: You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Ryan: Sandy.

Kelly:♪ sandy can't you see ♪

♪ I am in misery♪ sorry. That's from "greece."


Ryan: On yesterday's show, what did we say it was the international day of.

Caller: Oh, my goodness. Shoot. I watched too.

Kelly: I was here, and I don't remember it.

Ryan: It was mentioned. Ten seconds. The day of the... International day of it. Three seconds. Guess.

Caller: International --

Ryan: No, the day of this the sph.

Kelly: I did not realize. I forgot that we even discussed that.

Caller: I don't remember.

Kelly: We have been taping pieces of our halloween show, so I don't remember what day yesterday was.

Ryan: But --

Kelly: You are still going to receive a great prize. I have body makeup poisoning. I am still washing it off. You are still going to receive a $500 appliance package from cuisinart.

[Cheers and applause]

And you will be entered into our grand prize drawing for a $5,000 in cash.

Caller: Okay. Thank you.

Ryan: Thank you for watching. Have a great day. We will be right back with bill pullman after the break.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," brian kelly, the points guy, is here to answer all your travel questions. We will open up the "inbox" to hear your comments and questions.

Coming up next, bill pullman.

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Kelly: Yep.

Ryan: We are just saying hi.

Kelly: He has by all accounts one of the nicest and most talented guys around.

Ryan: You will see proof right here.

Kelly: Please welcome bill pullman!

Bill: Hey.

Kelly: We are not allowed to hug.

Bill: Good to see you.

Kelly: How are you?

Bill: Very good. Glad to be back. Going down 67th street, coming in here. I have been taking it in. New york. It has been so good, being alive.

Kelly: You are living -- this is the dream. You reside in montana. Like that is home.

Bill: Well, I am fortunate to have a base in L.A. And go to montana. I've been going there for a long time.

Kelly: It is the only way you're able to survive L.A.

Ryan: That looks like the set of a movie. The cover of an album.

Kelly: "A river runs through it." "dances with wolves." Mona living her best life.

Ryan: Where is mona?

Bill: That is a high climb to get up there. That was last christmas.

Ryan: What are the creatures you have to be aware of?

Bill: There's a lot of varmints around. We have had some trouble with pack rats.

Kelly: They carry backpacks around. Constantly wiping things down with antibacterial wipes.

Ryan: My mother would be considered that, then.

Bill: That's right.

Ryan: What do they look like?

Bill: They are actually very adorable looking which is unfortunate because you have to keep them away. But they do drag things -- we had a door that broke open, and nobody was there for a week.

Pack rats came in, and they bring everything. They bring in plastic. They bring it in. To make a nest.

Kelly: They break in the little small jellies from the diner.

Ryan: And the meants?

Kelly: They brought in my mother's purse. It was amazing.

Ryan: You had a fire at the ranch recently. What happened?

Bill: It's weird. You think those fires are happening elsewhere, but it happened. Lightning struck. And it ended up burning over like 700 acres.

Kelly: L, wow.

Bill: That was a chance to see that there was a big danger. More so.

Ryan: It's the real issue out west. It's a real problem. Let us take a break. We will come back with bill pullman after this. One of the nicest guys in the world.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," find out if you should travel, courtesy of brian kelly , the points guy.

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>> You sure you haven't been drinking tonight?

>> No. I haven't been drinking.

>> What about drugs? Medications you are on? It's just better that we know now.

>> Come on. Please. I saw her fall.

>> I get it. It's just that if you are right, it is going to upset a lot of people. The muldoon's are big.

>> This kind of thing is tough for anybody.


Kelly: That's "the sinner," season four. This show is so gripping. Good thing.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah. And to have this job that I never thought was going to go on year to year.

Ryan: You thought you were going to make a little pit stop on it.

Bill: It was not designed necessarily to be repeated. It was like I want off, based on a book. And then the show runner, derek, very great person to work with.

Reconceived it with the team as something that you are following and bruce's life. I have never been a part of a reoccurring series.

Kelly: What can you tell us? I know you can't say much, but what can you tell us about season four?

Bill: It is supposed to be his retirement.


Kelly: Nice try.

Bill: It really doesn't work out that well. It is kind of a little early retirement. But he had to move on because he got a little rough. It starts out, and you realize it has been less than a year he has been in retirement.

He's off his meds. He is busted away from his therapist. And he's not sleeping.

Ryan: Your looks out at all.

Kelly: His next logical step is to become a talk show host.

Ryan: Wednesdays at 10:00 on usa network. So great to see you. Thanks for coming. Up next, travel tips with the point sky right after this.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: We're back. The perks of this place, we get first-class airfare and handcuffs.

Kelly: That's right.


All right. You are not supposed to talk about the handcuffs, uncle ry-ry. As the holiday season approaches, there is still so much to do with booking a trip.

Do I really want to take this trip? Here with the latest updates, our very own travel guide, the point sky himself, brian kelly.


Brian: I've got some good news and bad news today. The good news is that the world is reopening. In november, the U.S. Borders open up to most of the world if you are vaccinated, which is good for families reuniting.

Kids are about to get vaccinated, which I know is going to give a lot of families the comfort to travel, but what that means where demand is demand is way out.

We are seeing airfares up as much as 55%. So the good news is we can travel. The bad news is it is going to cost you a lot a lot more.

Kelly: With this be considered price gouging?

Brian: You know, supply and demand, baby. It is almost like we have recovered. Book your thanksgiving travel by this halloween.

Kelly: Okay. But for the additional cost, we are getting luxurious accommodations, am I right?

Ryan: And rentals are everywhere.

Brian: Back to flights. Flights are packed. It's kind of a jungle out there. It is outrageous. When you travel, make sure you behave. For christmas and new year's, we recommend booking by thanksgiving.

You've got to play ahead of the game because not only are fares up, but slight sellout. The car rental shortage is crazy. 65% of adults are going to travel by car this year, so travel rental cars are up 200%, and they sell out in advance.

Booked directly with the car rental agency. Join their loyalty program.

Ryan: What about if one is traveling abroad? What are the things to think about going that far?

Brian: Every country has different guidelines, whether or work choirs vaccinations oracle vitesse. They will require you to fill out a passenger locator form.

Preregister what hotel you're going to stay at. It sounds confusing, but not only check out the country you are going to come of their requirements, but sometimes the airlines have even stricter rules.

If you are flying through london, for example, they may require a certain type of test even if you are not leaving the airport.

Ryan: Brian will tell us what to expect if you cancel your next flight.

Announcer: Stay social with us. Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and subscribe to our youtube channel. See all of your favorite moments and some that you might have missed.

Announcer: Next "live," ricky gervais. And october 29th, "live"'s out of this world halloween.

Ryan: I'm hungry.

Kelly: I've got a recipe for eyeball quiche.

Ryan: Not that hungry.

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Ryan: We are back with the point sky. What penalties can one expect if you're canceling?

Brian: Most airlines let you cancel or change for free. What you need to watch out for his basic economy tickets. Some will still charge of the fee if you book the cheapest ticket.

Make sure you understand. Especially if you think you might need to change your ticket, don't go for the super cheap because he will get hit with all kinds of fees.

Using frequent flyer miles, they let you get all your miles back. If you've got all these miles sitting around, use them. If you need to change your trip or don't feel comfortable traveling, you get them back.

Ryan: There have been stories about a lot of cancellations. What happens if the airline cancels?

Brian: Southwest has had a major meltdown. All you are owed is a refund of the flight, and that is in cash. Don't take a voucher. Get the cold hard cash.

If you have to get a hotel, it is on you.

Kelly: You're kidding.

Brian: It's kind of messed up. In the E.U., there is a lot of passenger rights. Not the case in the U.S. But what people don't realize is a lot of credit cards will have trip delay and cancellation insurance.

So if things go haywire and the airline thursday to the curb, call your credit card company, and see if they have protection. They may cover a lot of those cost.

Kelly: That's really good advice. We need like passenger rights here. Maybe that will tamp down some of the incidents that we have seen where people are so --

Ryan: I can't believe the things we have been seeing in the air.

Kelly: In the air.

Brian: F out of control.

Kelly: The airline, and the flight attendants are under so much strain and duress. It is so unfair.

Brian: If there is one thing this holiday season, being nice to them.

Ryan: I always want to get on the mic and do something. You know what I mean?

Kelly: Just make sure you take pictures of it.

Ryan: Great. For all of these tips and more, go to our website. I believe it is

Kelly: I believe you are right.

Ryan: We will be back with the "inbox" after this.

Announcer: For more of the point sky's tips, go to our website,

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Ryan: These entries have just entered the "inbox" momentarily. We will get to them.

Kelly: Diane from maryland says "kelly, please tell ryan that a mammogram is like laying down naked on a garage floor and having someone close the garage door on your breasts.

Maybe then he will understand."

Ryan: "Kelly, I am getting my very first mammogram because I am 40 now. Things were talking about it this morning. This is something that we must all do." So thank you for that message this morning.

Kelly: Don't let my previous message scare you at all. That's diane. It will be fine. Just smile your way through this.

Ryan: "I had a huge victory in front of my house with some sigs. Take the whole thing. I can't stand it."

Kelly: She can't stand it?

Ryan: Look at those beautiful leaves.

Kelly: Divine. Hey, from orlando, florida. "No coolers in the '70s. When we went to summer day camp, our parents would freeze the sandwiches the day before.

By the time we ate them, we had a crunchy sandwich, but it was still cold." That's how I was in the '70s, ryan.

Ryan: That is a delicacy some places.

Announcer: Monday on "live," darby stanchfield.

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Ryan: Closed captioning sponsored in part by:

Ryan: It's got a big promo sheet to get to after this, but before we go, I wanted to show you this. I thought it was the hudson, but then I looked carefully, and it's not.

It's toronto.

Kelly: That is where you can capture them end.

Ryan: Toronto. Film and last night. Tomorrow on the show, ricky gervais.

Kelly: And bargains for a better night sleep get even more medicare benefits and save money. It's simple. Just call one of our friendly medicare licensed agents who will help you get an all-in-one medicare plan.

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Don't wait. The call and consultation are free with no obligation to enroll.

>> Today on 25 words or less. Broadcasting from her own home, which I'm looking at, is very troubling. It's Melissa Peterman and playing with Melissa today.

We've got mother and daughter Eric and Brianna. Some have accused him of trolling, but he hasn't lived under that bridge in months. That's Orlando Jones joining him out, returning champions longtime friend Janine and Michael.

And now here's your host Meredith Vieira.

>> Welcome to twenty five words or less. Hi, guys, how's everybody doing? Good morning! We have got a great show today is father daughter versus longtime friends, and the winner could go home with $10000.

They'll also get a chance automatically to come back next episode and rack up even more cash and prizes. So let's get right to it. Melissa, in Orlando, you're up first.

>> Oh my gosh.

>> Here you go. Let's take a look at the answers for this round. You have 45 seconds to get your teammates to guess all five using as few words as possible.

This is the opening bid at twenty two words Orlando. And you do it in less. Hmm.

>> Twenty one, that's less less. Mm hmm.

>> That is less, Melissa.

>> Well, I'm playing with father and daughter, so they've got a connection. So they're going to be great. They're going to be ready to play. 17. Eric, Deanna, we got it.


>> And Orlando, you're playing with the champs?

>> Yeah, I am. You go. I'm not playing with slouches myself. He's quite incredible. How dare you? You know, I'm going to let you have it at 17. Oh my, I really am.

I want to see I was not prepared for that.

>> Well, there's no turning back, Melissa. If you get your teammates to guess all five answers using 17 words or less. Your team earns 250 points. If not your opponents get the points.

Remember, you can always pass on a word,

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