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Friday, November 27th, 2020

It's Live with Kelly and Ryan. Today, actor and comedian Joel McHale... And fun and fascinating science experiments with Science Bob. Plus a family from New York let's us in on one of their jam sessions.

All next, on Live. And now, here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

I... So normally, I wake up before my alarm. I'm sure like most of us... Two minutes, one minute, seven minutes before. I'm usually like an hour and a half with thinking I shouould try to close my eyes just for another hour.

Anyway, um... Today, I had a dream that my alarm was going off. Oh? How exciting. And I kept saying, "Oh, I've got to turn that alarm off. I've got to turn that alarm off" in my dream.

And then I woke up and my alarm had been going off for six minutes. What? You are in rem-ville. - Yes. - How lucky. You look restored and rested and 30.

No, it's all fake, it's all glued on eyelashes. Yeah, because I'm so tired, I still felt like... I didn't sleep well last night. It was like, um, you know I went to bed with my hair in a wet ponytail, never do that.

And so I kept... You know, I kept waking up... I was gonna say, how do you avoid the bulge of it? - I don't know. - Right? I mean... I just... The bulge was there.

The bulge would be in the way. And it wasn't the right kind of bulge. It was the wrong kind of bulge. The bulge would impact my sleep as well on a pillow.

- Right? - It was a very bad bulge. I would be awake all night, frankly. It was a bad bulge, that's all I'm gonna say. Very bad. And then Chewie was in the bad, I've been letting her sleep in the bed since Mark isn't there.

Breaking the rules. Breaking the rules, also, she's an aged dog. So we're spending quality time. We're spending as much time together as possible. Friday night was great.

It was great. It was gorgeous on Friday night. Yes. - I went to a restaurant. - Me, too. Where'd yo go? Uh, Via Corota. I thought I saw you. You... Were you there?

Yeah, but I didn't want to bother you. No, where were you? No, I was at a place, I was thinking of you. I was at Lola. Oh, you were at Lola? I was with Lola.

I know, I was at her restaurant. Um, how was it? It... Funny enough, we're going down the street, and it sounds like a parade is happening outside. You know, all the restaurants have these-- Yes.

You know who it was? Well, no, who? The band I brought in for your birthday. Okay, okay. Time out. I put my window down, I'm like, "hey, it's me from Kelly's show." And they had no idea.

You and I were so close to each other, - because... Okay... - Okay. So I was with friends, and it was one of those... First of all, let me just say this...

If you go out to eat in New York City, I am here to tell you as... I am such an alarmist and I am so afraid to leave my house, and I try not to, ever. Um, and I went out to Via Corota.

Which is amazing. Which is amazing, and the safety precautions that they go through, not just to protect you, but to protect themselves, are extraordinary.

I said it before, you know, it's like they really are... - Going to great lengths. - Going above and beyond great lengths. But, so we were walking home a little bit, not all the way home, obviously, but we were going to walk a little bit, and so as we were walking, there's this marching band, and we were with Andy Cohen, and he was like, we should go check that out.

And I'm staring and I go this is going to sound crazy, I think that's... I think that's my marching band.


And Andy was like, "Oh, because you have your own marching band." And I was like, "No, from my..." Anytime horns are heard, it's Kelly's band. Of course.

I thought it was, so we were very... So you didn't see it, but you heard it? We... I saw it, they had shut down that square. Turns out, it was your band.

I knew it. And they were playing Madonna. Yes, I know, because we heard it. Just to be clear, Friday night. You say to yourself I'm gonna get together with the people I love, my dear friends, I'm gonna make a reservation, and you didn't call.

No, no, no, no, no, this was... Just so you know, this was... This was... I was invited, it was my birthday present. - It was my birthday present. - Okay.

Because I had been like... So the person that put it together... I had been avoiding celebrating my birthday entirely, as you know. I know. And then Mark surprised me with a very lovely video from all of my friends who basically read filthy horrible texts that I sent them.

This is true. This is true, we were-- That was the whole... We were told to be irreverent, so we just all looked up texts we got from Kelly, and did a reading.

Everybody just read their most vile and disgusting texts that I had sent them. Whomever put the dinner together, picked a great spot. And I'm sure there was limited capacity at the table because of the rules which I why I wasn't invited by them.

No, no, I'm not kidding. We were because it's I guess 25% capacity indoors, because it's such a tiny restaurant, we were the only people actually indoors.

Oh, you were inside. Yeah, we were inside. Everybody else, and I was thinking, gee, we should be outside. Should we be inside? But it was... We were the only people. It was...

Could you just let me live vicariously... What exactly was ordered? - So, um, yes, I will. - I just want to... I want my stomach to growl. Delicious, like, the mixed green salad that is...

- Okay. - Very delicious. Safe. There was some fried calamari. With marinara? - Yes. - Okay. Or aioli, I don't know. - There was a cacio e pepe. - Cacio e pepe.

Cacio e pepe! Oh, the great-- they're famous for the cacio e pepe. Oh, I mean... Listen... I make cacio e pepe, and then I realize that I am not making cacio e pepe.

And then you had clams. And then I had clams. Like the zuppa de... - And the zuppa de mare, yeah. - Clams. - I can't remember... - Zuppa de mare. Mare, but it's clams.

Um... And... What did Lola have? Lola had the branzino. Ah! - I'm trying to remember... - With parsley and lemon. ...what Andy had, Andy had the chicken.

- Mmm. - It was all very delicious. Pounded, the chicken? It was not chicken, it was half a chicken. Oh, it was a half a chicken on the bone. It's hard to pound a half a chicken, they don't like it.

Yeah, they don't like that. I had a t-bone steak. - Oh! Hang on. - Which is a bone in. Salted on the outside and sliced and rare in the middle. It was everything you would not eat.

Well, I told you that I've been making steak myself. Yeah, and? I don't eat steak. You don't participate. But the meat eaters at home, the 17-year-old loves a steak.

And so I Googled how to cook the perfect steak. And that's really all you need to know. But it's... The key is salt. The key is salt on the outside. Salting your meat, you got to salt that meat.

That's right. Salt it more than you think you need to. Well, listen, I am vegan, but I decided to have a bone-in tomahawk chop. I mean Monday through Wednesday, I'm plant based, but come Thursday, Friday, I get excited for those other things.

I'm vegan but for the occasional clam. - Yeah, yeah. - a clam will wander into my mouth here are there. We call that convegan. Conveniently vegan. The Lakers won, I don't know if you stayed up to see it last night.

The Lakers are champs. They... You know, Friday night, they lost to the Heat. Now, they won game six last night for the Championship. Friday night, it was a nail-biter right to the very end.

I was watching and I felt... You know. I was in Los Angeles for 20 years, and I felt sad, like really sad that they lost. And then they came back, and it was like a different team last night.

They were up by 30 plus at the half. - Wow. - Yeah. And you missed all of the nail-biting action. I have nothing to add. I have nothing to add. Well...

I only really pay attention when my girlfriend Elsa's husband is the coach for the Golden State Warriors. Got it. So I really only dial in only because on Instagram she posts these...

You know she's very superstitious. So what does she do? She's very superstitious so... I guess apparently like they won many years ago, they won a playoff game and she was in the closet, like organizing her closet, so now anytime...

She goes into the closet? She has to go into the closet. And her mom does like this thing with her hands, like they're very superstitious. Does she have a tv she puts in the closet to watch the games now?

She sort of listens to the tv. - To the action. - In the bedroom. - For the action. - Right. But she has to remain in the closet and organize the closet while the game is going.

It's... That's too superstitious for me. I don't watch the game, I watch her Instagram of the game. You watch it happen. And again, it is all about the action, but it's a lot about the snacks that come along.

Chicken tenders with Buffalo wing sauce and no bone in was my snack. Yes, that sounds good. With all... And I put almond flour so it wasn't that bad for you.

- It was pretty good. - What do you mean, almond flour? You made the chicken tenders? Almond flour, doo, doo, doo, then in the pan, so you brown them, and then Buffalo wing sauce on top.

You're welcome. That's right, I know. I'm blowing you away this morning, aren't I? Wait, take me back, now. I need a cooking show, Gelman. No, no, no, time out.

Go back. The chicken is made of what? It's chicken. It's only chicken. It's just like... It's not nugget, chicken nuggets. It's like breasted... Breasted chicken pounded then in the almond flour then pan seared.

He like a thinly pounded piece of... I do like a thinly pounded piece of poultry, but I'm vegan. So this was just for... This was just for the weekend.

How much meat would you say in terms of being a vegan, how much meat do you eat per week vegan style? Which day? Which day of the week? Monday through Wednesday it's plants.

So Monday through Wednesday... It's green. Green and plants. So Thursday, through... So you're mostly not Vegan. That's not true, Kelly. So Monday through Wednesday is three days a week.

You are what you say you are, right? It doesn't matter, it's just what you tell people. That's it, it's an attitude. It's the way I carry myself. - Right?

- [Applause]

Wait... It's the way I carry me. See, I am the opposite. I am what will hold up under a lie detector test. So like, if I don't think it will pass a lie detector test, then I don't say it.

Okay, well, listen, I put it out there into the universe. It's like karma, right? I put it out there and maybe good things will happen. So you're speaking your veganism into the universe.

That's right, and it's giving me years on my life.


True vegans, if you're upset about this... Don't be upset, don't be upset. Won't you reach out to Ryan-- You can't be too... You can't be too rigid, right?

You need to enjoy life. Rigidness is boring. Don't be too rigid. Any questions or comments? No, please put that away. Go to You're not helping in the control room.

Make sure you attach it to Ryan. 'Cause I don't want any part of it. Hey, keep your hand over here. Yeah. I'm so outraged, my hand disappeared.


I can tell we've missed each other over the weekend. That's what I see here. You know, I would have told Andy - that you were in town... - That's fine.

But I thought there was chatter, there was brief chatter in the hallway. There was a little bit of chatter about apple picking. There was brief hallway chatter and then excuse me...

No, time out. There was a follow-up text chatter that you were going out of town. Where was I going? I'm not going to say unless you want me to reveal where you were.

I was going apple picking per your suggestion. Yes, you were going apple picking. But I decided... No, it's find, Kelly. I'm past it, I'm over it. All right, we always have next Friday.

Look, no, I... Well, there's every Friday forever. I mean, there's every Friday until... It's going to get cold and I don't know what's going to happen.

I guess we'll all be inside, right? Wait, once it gets cold, then what happens? 25% capacity indoors. We stop shooting the show? No, we... - No, we... - We do it indoors.

We're going to do it in the heat of these lights.

Gelman: They're keeping the restaurants open now, even the outside they're going to... Yeah, but that's going to be... - Heaters and... - Heaters and stuff.

Gelman, am I influencing you? Are you growing it out a little bit? I see some shadow. You know, it's for a role. It's for a role.


And what might that role be? Uh, I don't want to give it away, but it's for Halloween. Is he going to attempt to play executive producer on television?

No. Is he going to attempt to play show runner? - It's a Halloween role. - Okay. - It's a Halloween role. - I was asked to let it grow out and... Yeah.

- And who asked you? - Who asked you to grow it out? You asked yourself? Well... You know, my makeup artist and producer asked me, yeah. For an authentic, you know, they don't want to glue it on.

Please. Let's just say we did see some of your acting the other day when Kelly and I shot a promo video, which... A commercial, essentially, for the show.

Which will be aired at some point somewhere. - I doubt it. - At least once. I doubt it, I have a feeling... It's going to go Instagram wide. Which means it will air on our Instagram platform.

But just tell everyone who's at home stuck with us how exactly it went when Gelman would approach the table with his lines. Anytime they ask Gelman to act, like a person or a human, it comes across as positively humanoid, and bizarre.

One would say robotic and contrived. - Hello, I am Gelman. - Yes, Robotic... Kelly and Ryan. It's almost as if... I'm not sure... Because in real life, and I know Gelman in real life.

In real life, off camera, Gelman is positively pleasant. Yeah. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him. You would have no way of knowing that, because you...

On camera, I'm playing a role. Right. But the role your playing is so alarming. It's like if you take a picture of Gelman when he doesn't know it, he looks great.

But if you take a picture of Gelman, and Gelman knows it's happening. Like I always give him three. And I go, "Okay, on three. One..." Click. And I click it because by three, he's like...

He looks like he's having a bowel movement when he gives his smile. Crazy eyes, yeah. The crazy eyes. You don't blink. I'm much better at just being me than acting.

But so in the promo, Gelman was asked to play Gelman. He accepted the role. I'm just... Spoiler alert, I'm going to give you a line.

[Stilted] Kelly, Ryan,

What are you doing here?


This is true. That's a good Gelman imitation. And several times your stumbled. - With that very line. - I forgot who I was. I mean, we must have done 18 takes of it.

It was so strange. It was so strange and alarming and I said just don't get him a line. I think I smell Emmy. I go just let whatever flies out of his mouth, let that be the line.

- Because he doesn't... - Close enough. And then they're like, Oh, Gelman. And you walked off your marks to try to stay on your marks. Then we got... So then we had this happen.


Where's my mark? Kelly, Ryan, what are you doing here?


Cut, can we get it one more time? A little more human. We can all agree I look like the Berenstain bears mom in this dress. It's a pretty dress. Right?

It's flattering, Kelly. - With the... - It's flattering. Thank you. Oh, wow. I don't want to brag but I got too pairs of skims on again today. Did you, eh...

Did you see the photo I sent you of the billboard of the skims? Did you not read my response? No, it's too dangerous. My response was, I can't believe that I haven't been asked to be a model in a skims billboards for the plus-aged woman.


Uh, they're telling us we must move on. No. I'm just telling you what I'm being told. Today on the show, Joel McHale will join us in just a few minutes.


And experiments with Science Bob, who is here. Where is he? In our studio. I'm looking at him right now, I'm looking at him right now. Science Bob, we may have you spin the wheel because Art Moore is absent today.

So stand by if you're willing to do so. Absolutely. We're going to meet the Viale-Pomes family as well. From home, but right now it's time for Live @Home trivia.

♪ This is crazy ♪

♪ But here's my number ♪

♪ So call me maybe ♪

♪ And all the other boys ♪

♪ Try to chase me ♪

♪ But here's my number ♪

♪ So call me maybe ♪ a little Carly Rae. Wow. Yeah, do it a little bit more. A little bit more, that's Nathan Edwards from New York, New York. Ah! I think he's danced before.

You know what, he didn't even fall out of that pirouette. That was gorgeous. That was... He held it. Let's say hello to Joe Barrientos from Garland, Texas, He watches us on kdfw.

Joe, good morning, buddy, how are you doing? I'm good, how are you doing? Super good. So tell us what you're up to this morning? Actually, I was getting ready to get to work.

I got to log on here pretty soon, I work from home. Oh, you're working from home, you said? Yes. What do you do? I do investor reporting for a mortgage company.

- Right on. - I see. Well, thank you for taking some time with us this morning. We have two items... Yeah, go ahead. We got two... What? - May I help you?

- No. I just wanted to-- Is there anything I can get you?


What would you like? I'm here to serve. No, it's fine. Dan is back there with the coffee, he's here today. He's ready for you. He's got a box breakfast for you with an apple and a granola bar, whatever you need.

I saw that, by the way. Whatever you want. There's a nice box breakfast back there today. Um, we've got the two items that Joe has given us. One has has and one he does not.

We're going to try and guess which one is real. If he stumps us, Kelly, look. He wins that. Woo! He wins the mug.

[Classical music]

Wow, new soundtrack. So, are you ready for the two?

We've lost her. I'm so sorry. I was so excited that I finally understood how this game works.


Maybe... I was like, do you know how this works? He's got two items, but one he doesn't really have. We're on week seven of the game. I think it's the way I explained it simply.

- I'm so sorry. - That's okay. Listen... Joe, we're out of time, buy thank you so much for being here.

[Joe laughs]

You have an autographed Emmitt Smith Jersey, or is it true you have a Chihuahua named Bella? Kelly, you should ask.


Um, Emmitt Smith jersey. Um, he won Dancing with the Stars. - What...

- [Laughing]

He also played for the Cowboys. What sport did he play?

What sport did he play? He played football. - Okay. - Okay, and, uh... That's probably true. For the Dallas Cowboys. How old is Bella? Um, we've had here for a while.

We've had her for about seven years now. Did you adopt Bella? No, it was given to my daughter. It's actually my daughter's dog. But yeah, she just runs around here.

Is she beautiful? She is. How old is your daughter? My daughter, her... She's 20-years-old now. What number was Emmitt Smith? 22. I think he's... He doesn't seem clear about the dog.

So we believe you've got an autographed Emmitt Smith Jersey, is that true? That's false. Oh! Bella, Bella! He faked us out by pretending he didn't know the age.

Exactly. - Oh, look at Bella. - Look at Bella! - It's so cute. - So cute. All right, listen, um... Science Bob is going to spin the wheel and see what else you're playing for.

Ready, Joe? Here we go.

Audience: Woo!

Ah, $1000 gift card to Omaha Steaks. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck, Joe, that's a lot of meat. Bob, you're very on trend with your tie-die lab coat.

Thank you very much. How fashionable of you. He's been on trend. Always science fashion. I didn't know that he was such a fashion finder star. Oh my gosh.

He's been that way, yeah. - Okay, here we go. - Let's go. On Friday's show, what sport did we say had its world day? 20 seconds. What? On Friday's show we talked about it being something something day.

Oh, yes, I do remember. Remember I told you about my buddy? Yes, yes, I remember. I remember. Are you there, Joe? Hello? Joe? He had to go off to work.

Wait, Joe's not there. Joe, are you really not there? Have we lost Joe? We dropped the call? Did he hang up on us?


He wanted a new question. He thought it was the mug. He happens to actually be vegan, and he was like... He's offended. We'll go to break. So we're going to go to break and we'll talk to Joe after?

Talk to Joel McHale and we'll see... Okay. What, we got him? Joe, are you there? Yes, I'm here, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. Well, what happened is you pretended to be not on the phone so you could Google it.

So what do we do? Do you know the answer? Oh, I didn't hear the question, I'm sorry. Oh, he didn't hear the question. On Friday's show, what sport did we say had its world day?

What sport has its world day? We're going to give him 20 more seconds? A sport, what sport had its world day on Friday?

Joe? Agh... - Mmm. - Eight seconds. Of 40. Joe, three, two, one? Uh, football? No, it was pickle ball. Pickle ball. That's right. - Aw... - That is right.

Listen, you're still going to receive a $500 gift card to Omaha Steaks - so I mean, it's... - It's not a loss. Oh, thank you. As a vegan, as a vegan. Yeah.

That works. And now you're entered to be in our grand prize drawing for $5000 in cash. Oh, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it. Joe, thank you for watching.

Have a great day at work, or at home. All right? Okay, you, too. Joel McHale is next right here.

Still ahead on Live, we take a virtual science class with Science Bob. We'll meet a very musical family and coming up next, Joel McHale.

♪ Am I falling in love with the one

♪ That could break my heart ♪

He's done some arts and crafts, it looks like. He's done arts and crafts. He's been to Michael's. He's an actor, he's a comedian. He's an author. He's a host of the game show Card Sharks.

We just love him here so much. He's a good person. The always lovely, the always charming Joel McHale and his little dog, too.


Oh, hi. What do you got there, Joel? Who's your dog? Oh, easy. This is Bean Bag, the dog. Bean Bag the dog. I think we're still undecided, is it a boy or a girl?

Oh my gosh. I don't know. Congratulations to the Lakers. I see the tape on your chest. Yeah, it was a big sports week for me because the Lakers won, then the Seagulls won, with 30 seconds left on the fourth down into the end zone, and then of course, the wnba team Seattle Storm took the championship last week, so...

It's been a big week for sports. It's the only thing distracting me from the pandemic other than Ryan's glorious beard. Yes, well, I can see it's like looking into a mirror.

- We both have... - It really is. We both have the same... And the same mug. I like that it says Live With Kelly... Shoot, dang it. It's okay, you can erase me.

I didn't want to, I was trying to make... Sorry. You guys look great and awake. It's still, like, lookit... It's still night here.


Nighttime. Is your family sound asleep? Are your sons asleep? I don't know, I haven't left this room in nine months. Wait, are they remote learning? Are they going to school at home?

Ugh, it is... Yes. Uh, is it really learning? I'm learning. I'm like dyslexic and adhd and I don't know about you guys, I can hardly focus on a Zoom call with two people on it.

Let alone a classroom. I know there's a restaurant right by, it's called Aroma Cafe, and I'll get lunch sometimes there, and I'll be like, how's it going?

They're like we had another parent call in crying, ordering. I'm like, oh... It's just, look... Pray the kids can go to school. Sorry, Kelly. No, I feel like your kids are at the age where they still possibly look to you for help.

Oh, they stopped doing that about six months in to their lives. But, yeah, they're 12 and 14, and it is, excuse me, 12 and 15. I'll get in trouble for that, but yeah it is...

They say stuff to me that I used to... My Dad told me when I first had Eddie, my 15-year-old, he's like, "You're in for it now. Hold on to your hat." 'Cause I was such like a sarcastic jerk to my parents, so here we are.

Ryan: Do your kids have that dry sarcasm? I don't know, Ryan, do they?


Yeah, of course they do. It's... I heard they're fans of your work. Uh, yes, and they're fans of your suit, 'cause you look like a leprechaun, Ryan. It's great, and...

I'm actually more the size of a Keebler elf. You know what? Well played, and touché. Uh... I get confused for a Keebler elf often. Well, after you described that t-bone steak...

Oh, by the way, your trivia today with Joe who's just like, I don't know, I didn't hear the question. That was so great, and then at the end, he was like, world sport, what is it?

He's like, football? I don't know. I know, it's so funny, he had 40 seconds to figure it out and he just never figured it out. Joel, as you know, this show goes very, very smoothly.

You've been here before. Oh, I've been around. I've witnessed Gelman's... The reign of terror that Gelman bestows upon... If I could... Just let me say this.

What you want to do is the next time I am on vacation, you want Joel to be your co-host, because there is nothing... Nothing as glorious as Joel McHale thwarting Gelman's every effort.

It is... Makes me so happy. Me, too. It makes all of us happy. Because Gelman will be like, say this story, I want you to talk about this story. Sparkle, and then he just disappears.


I feel like, I don't want to talk... Okay. And then he's like, "I did yoga, I had a bottle of wine. "It was a great weekend, now let's do the show. I'm out of here, bye." As a matter of fact, we're living through that right now.

He's telling us to hurry up. We'll be back with Joel right after the break. Gelman, sparkle! Still ahead on Live, get your equipment ready. It's time for a Virtual Science class with Science Bob.

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It's time to switch to Geisinger. We asked 100 neat freaks... Have you ever stopped in the middle of a romantic encounter to tidy something up? How many admitted they had?

- Guilty. - What? That's at least one. Okay. I am a little bit of a neat freak. Neat freak! Yeah, that... That got a lot... If you keep watching that, that lady's answer was bananas.

You should definitely tune in, you wouldn't believe it. Well, this is the second season of Card Sharks. Clearly, you love hosting this show. Give me like the...

It's a high, low card game, right? Basically is... I don't know, Kelly. I mean, come on. It's a very simple and wonderful game in that they're like, I don't know, do you think the next card's going to be higher than a four?

And then they're like it is, and I'm like, here's $50,000. And then it's a king and like, you think the next one's going to be lower, and so it's very simple, but the money keeps getting higher and higher to the point where people hyperventilate and lose their minds and it's wonderful and as you know my heart is a tiny little rock but when these people win money, I'm like, this was a great day.

What happens when they win, how much have you given away, can you tell us? They win Ryan Seacrest pocket money. That's how much money you can win. I feel sorry for them.

That's a lot of money. You can win up to like almost 700 grand and we changed the rules a little bit this year to the point where c-- I mean A... Wow. Where abc was like, can you explain to us how much of our money you're giving away right now?

And so people won a lot which was really great, and people were crying, I was crying. Joel, were you confused, that the show was on cbs? Is that where you thought you were?

How dare you? Cspan, my friend. - Oh, cspan. - cspan. - That's where I watch it. - cnn. You're saying the abc puts up the money up front. This is abc's money.

'Cause that would explain a lot about the going's on here. What are you talking about? Gelman's been wearing the same sport coat t-shirt combination for the last 15 years.

I can't speak to that at all. He is a team player. Team player. He's all in. There was a sale at Baby Gap, so it fit him just perfectly. Right. Joel McHale, everybody.

Hey, nice to see you guys. - We miss you. - You look amazing and wonderful and skinny and I'm jealous. Oh my gosh, that is such a lie, but we'll take it.

It went as planned. We'll see you later, buddy. Up next, Science Bob joins us right after this with lab experiments.


Monday on Live... Rosie Perez.

♪ The two of us are better than we are one ♪

There's no bad time to start at Amazon...

♪ I like the flexibility. It also allows for picking up shifts. Safety comes first, speed comes second. Safety. Safety. Safety. We're making sure that somebody is getting their very important items.

It makes me very happy.

So we thought this week we could supplement with some fun, explosive science experiments. Our favorite science teacher is here, Science Bob. Thank you for coming.

Hello, guys, so nice to see you. Welcome, class, welcome. Well, it's great to be here. We're here, so what do we want to learn today? Uh, well, we want to give you...

You can do at home, right? Stuff we can do at home. And I thought we had to start with the maximum cliché of science experiments. But it never gets old, listen...

Well, that's the thing We were talking about how many of these... Jan Chilet and I have personally made with our children over the years, we're in the hundreds of volcanos at this point.

We are very volcanic. And that's the beauty of it, people will be like, oh, well, it's pretty cliché, but it's a great... Kids love doing it. So we're going to give you some tips on how to up your vinegar and baking soda game.

- Yeah. - Good. All right, so, here's what you're gonna need: You're going to need baking soda, of course. - Baking soda. - And vinegar, of course. Vinegar.

Here's your first hack for this experiment. Kelly, you've got a little bag of citric acid there. You can get this at like health food and food supply stores.

It's food safe, but if you mix that with water, you get all of the benefits of vinegar without the smell. Oh! So that's the acid part of it. Look at that sneaky hack.

- Some food coloring. - So I can just use this. You can, yeah, you can just use that. - Wow. - Food coloring. And it's really, really sour if you taste it.

Soap. And another little hack is our soap. So, let's get started. Um, we have taken the first step of putting about six tablespoons of baking soda into your bottle there.

'Cause that takes a while to do. Next you need to add some coloring. Now, of course lava is that wonderful color, but you can go rogue on the color if you want.

But just put as much in there. Mix it up a little bit, have some fun with it. Yeah, you can put more than one color in if you want. Okay, yeah. You know, I'm a purist, Bob.

All right. Old school. Hawaii volcano. I'm trying to go green with mine. Oh, we got green, all right, cool. And why not a little blue? Okay. - All right.

- That's gonna be dark and ugly. So now the big thing that we want people to know is there's a difference between a demonstration and an experiment. So if we were just to mix these together, that would be a demonstration.

We're actually going to try an experiment. So for example, you could try, is the volcano different if you add vinegar to baking soda, or baking soda to vinegar.

Uh-huh. Does it matter how much of each you use? So here's a little test that we're going to do. Ryan, your vinegar is room temperature. And Kelly, we've warmed up your vinegar.

I felt that, by the way. So we're going to see if that makes a difference. This is what we call in science a variable. All right, now, before you do that, we got to make it a volcano.

So go ahead, and this is just a little aluminum foil... By the way, this is great. It's really well done on the inside. - The infrastructure's nice. - a little foam and a little...

Yeah, yeah, put your volcano on top of it. Oh. - I mean... - All sorts of ways. You can just like get a pile of... - Like this? - Dirt. Yeah. And Kelly, you've got a little on the front of yours That's good. Is yours...

Can we go for it? Pour it in? All right, here we go, are you ready? So, room temperature versus warm. - Three, two, one... - Two, one... Pour that in. Oh, I'm excited.

Ooh, look at mine steaming. Look at mine steaming, steaming, steaming. Do you see the steam? Mine's coming, mine's coming. Come on, come on, let's go. - Woo!

- Come on. Let's go, let's go. - Where is it? - Bob, what... - Can you see the steam? - Mine's stalled. What, what? I didn't really get much at all, Bob.

All right, lift it up there. What happened? Did we forget something? Oh, you know what we forgot? Go ahead and put the soap in. Oh, Bob! Put the soap, see?

I was going to ask you if we're going to get a vaccine soon. Now what are we gonna do? That was on purpose. - All right, there we go. - It's too late, now.

- It's never too late. - Throw it back on there. Let's see ifif we get a little t of a volcano Ryan's got a little something there. - That's right. - There we go.

- See? - It was the Dawn factor. So we realized we forgot the soap. - That's our variable. - You did that to show us. All right, we're going to come back and we're going to up it a little bit with a large scale volcano, and we'll use the soap right after this.

[Cheering, applause]

Tuesday on Live, Jamie Dornan.

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[Dramatic music]

I mean, this is... All right. This is like what the cool parents do, right? This is the cool parents. Back with Science Bob. version. And by the way, all of the instructions are on my website, so you can go check that out - if you need them.

- Yeah. All right, and here's what we got: We got a slightly bigger volcano. We're going to use a little different chemistry. We're going to use hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst.

So we've already get to hydrogen peroxide in there. Ryan, you're going to add a little bit of color. We'll go classic red. - Okay. - Pour all of that in.

And Kelly, you are going to add some... You're going to love this, Kelly. ...of our dish soap, because we're going to remember this time. Putting the soap in, should I run?

No, no. It's going to take time to get up to the top. I just like to know what I'm in for. - Okay. - All right. - 'Cause around here... - Get in there, Bob.

I'm going to wake the volcano gods here. - Good morning - There we go. Good morning. Kelly, make sure you're back. And now we are going to activate our volcano.

Here we go, in three... Two, one! Here we go, pour it in! Yes, then get away! Oh!


Amazing. There we go. That was so great. That's a volcano. For more information, go to Science Bob's website or our website, we'll be right back here on Live.

That's amazing. Stay with us. I had no idea it was going to shoot so high like that. If you would like to know more about anything you see on Live, just logon to our website at...

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Welcome back, it's time for @Home with the Viale-Pomesy, family. Go to We're headed to East Northport, New York, to visit the family right now who hold their own fam jam jam sessions.

Good morning, y'all. So, Miranda, we heard you have a tradition before our show every day. Tell us about that. Yes, so, this came from when we would watch...

So back in the day, my brother and I watched this YouTube sensation called Shoes, and the main character's name was Kelly, and we always hear her named being called, like, "Kell-y" so every morning before the show starts, we turn to each other like, "It's time for..."

All: "Kell-y." That's funny, we say the same thing around here sometimes. What's the show... For you it's like a plaintive cry to the heavens, "Kell-y!" "Bring us Kell-y"!

Feel free, I would like for you to... I like the fact that you're invoking my name, not that I own the name, but I feel like if you want to start every song, every performance, that way, it would make me feel, and Ryan feel very good.

Like we're doing our part. Just so you know, we have something we did with both your names. But we'll get to it. So Anthony, you have a musical family.

Tell us more about how this started. Sure, well, I play guitar, bass guitar, a little piano, some drums, and as John Lennon once said, sometimes I play the fool.


I usually... I'm kind of the weakest link here. I just kind of pick up the tambourine once in a while. - Everybody else... - Underrated. How did you come up with the idea for the jam sessions?

Well, it just kind of happened naturally. I would usually be playing a guitar or piano, and as Grant... You tell them what you were saying about hearing me in the other room.

Oh, yeah, so because we're all stuck in the house, we can't go anywhere, you can hear anything from any part of the house, so Anthony will be playing...

Grab the instruments, let's hear a little something. Grab your instruments, let's hear a little something. Yeah, play us something. Play us out to break.

Ready? Okay.

♪ Kelly and Ryan ♪

♪ Kelly and Ryan ♪

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♪ Kelly and Ryan ♪ All right, it's going to be a smash. So nice to meet you. What fun. We'll be right back. Oh my gosh! Joyce! Oh my gosh! Stay with us, more to come.

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Woo, everybody. ...from nyc.

When I first moved here to the city...

[English accent]

Pardon, did you say the city?



All right, play us out, guys. Bye!

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(Bright upbeat music)

- [Announcer] Today

On 25 words or less. She was possessed by the ghost of her Mother-in-law on Beef House there's Jamie Lynn Sigler. Carrie Russell, Jennifer Garner, Daisy Ridley all no longer return his calls, it's Greg Grunberg.

Her performance of Cher's Believe got her booted off The Masked Singer. It's Raven Simone. His performance of Cher's Believe won in his episode of Lip Sync Battle, it's Matt Iseman.

And here's your host Meredith Vieira Welcome to 25 Words or Less. Let's see who you are playing with. Today we have Jose taking on Marissa with the help of their celebrity buddies and the winner could go home with $10,000.

I'm not kidding. All right let's get right to it. Greg, Matt, you're up first. - I'd prefer you call me Cher, baby.

[Greg] - Uh yeah.

- Let's take a look at the five answers for this round. You have 45 seconds to get your teammates to guess all five using as few clue words as possible here so you have to bid against each other until one of you says, bye-bye.

All right, I'm going to set the opening bid at 23 words. Let's see. Oh Greg. - All right.

[Meredith] - Can

You do it in less? - I knew the teacher was going to call on me. I can do it in 20. - 20 okay. That's four words per answer, Matt? - 18.

- There it is. - Wow, 17. - Raven, Marissa? - I think we've got it team. I believe. - 13. Oh, she did a Cher. 13 Greg, 13.

- That seems pretty confident, he said 13. - Okay, 12. - Yes. - I just don't think it can be done in 11. Go for it. - Okay not saying you can't do it cannot be done Greg.

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