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Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Announcer: It's Live With Kelly and Ryan. Today film star and host of Searching for Italy, Stanley Tucci, plus we'll learn the sous vide technique as Live's Cooking School continues.

Also a woman from Rhode Island making art in her front yard is our Good News Story of the Day, all next on Live.

♪ Let it go... ♪ And now here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

♪ Feed the flame, 'cause we can't let go... ♪ There we go.

♪ Run ♪ I like it. It is Thursday, March 4, 2021, everyone. Ryan, that is some turnout you have. That is some turnout that I have. I find it hard to believe that you did not...

Have ballet lessons. Was that a, uh, turnout that I just did? Yeah. You had a beautiful fifth position, I might add. I thought it was an elevé plié. You did a relevé.

A relevé. You relevéd out of your-- You were in first position. Then you went into a-- a second position, and then you fifth positioned. Well, look, I don't want to tell you-- I don't want to tell you about some of the things I've been studying and practicing during the quarantine.

I'm very proud of you. But I may be performing in The Nutcracker - when it comes back.

- [Laughter]

As a cam-- with just a little cameo. Let me tell you something. I will be the first one in line to buy a ticket for that, and I wouldn't mind the at-home version...

- Of The-- yeah. - if you wanted to practice in front of Mommy. - Yeah. And I will bring you a beautiful bouquet of flowers... On your opening night. Aww. You're so sweet.

Thank you. Listen, I'm working on it. We'll see if it comes to fruition. We know people there. Um, so let me agai-- let me get right to the top-- let me get to the point of this whole show today.

The whole thing? You know about the Magic of Storytelling. - Oh, yes, I do. - Yes. I read I recently. Yes. Ryan and I both read children'n's books. Now, I had spent a great deal of the previous 15 to 20 years of my life reading children's books to my children.

- That's right. - Um, but you get out of shape. It's not like riding a bicycle or a horse or a motorcycle or a car. Well, I've never read a children's book to a child, and so-- You did an extraordinary job.

Well, actually I didn't realize that the last page was the end, because I don't-- when I read books as a kid, it said, "The end." But now--

- [Laughter]

So I didn't see it coming, and so my cadence and my-- my tone was wrong, so I had to reread that page. Well, Ryan, in case you're wondering, read Olaf's Frozen Adventure Olaf's Journey, and I read Captain Marvel: Beware the f-- uh, Flerken.

- [Laughs]

And Gelman was like, "Isn't it Beware of the Flerken?" I go, "No, Gelman. You weren't there. It's Beware the Flerken. Stay out of it." Um... - But I watched you read, because when you taped it, somehow you were on my monitor...

Oh, I make them lock me to your monitor at all times. At all times. So I was like, "Wow. She's really goo--" She's not just reading it. She's, like, leaning into it, and she's doing all these, like, inflections with her voices and things like that.

And so you did a great job. And then I tried, but I sounded like I was talking to Georgia. Like, I did my pet voice. You did use your Georgia voice, but I thought it was very good.

I thought you did an extraordinary job. These books have batteries and lights and magical powers. I know. These books have a lot of powers now. These books-- You know, back in the day, we had to use our imaginations to power the book...

- Yes. - you know. Um, but anyway, Disney and the Magic of Storytelling, um, they want to create the next generation of storytellers. They want to raise awareness about, um, this amazing nonprofit called First Book, and, uh, we participated in it.

And to see our videos and more, uh, videos featuring Disney stars, you can check out @DisneyCSR on Twitter or through March 31.

You're not gonna want to miss it, because if you haven't heard Ryan Seacrest read Olaf's Frozen Adventure Olaf's Journey in Georgia voice, then I don't really think you're living.

It was my debut, but I will now start reading to-- it was like a rehearsal for my niece, who can-- she's two, so soon she'll understand. Oh, she understands now.

Oh, she understands? Oh, a hun-- a million... So maybe I'll take that book. What's it called? Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Yeah, I'll take that book to her.

Let me tell you something. My mother-in-law-- I think I've told you this before. My mother-in-law would read to my kids in a way... - Oh, yeah. You did tell me.

That when I would read them the same book that she would read them and she, you know, went home to Florida or North Carolina, wherever she would go home to-- depending on where she was.

- Yeah. - The kids would say, "No, Mom, like Nonna does it." - Yeah.

- [Laughter]

And I-I don't-- And so I would have to call her, and I said, "We're reading The Hungry Caterpillar." And she goes,

[Italian accent]

"Oh. Well, the worm goes, 'Drrbum, drrbum, drrbum, drrbum.'"

- [Laughter]

She does all the effects. There are sound effects. There was, like-- And then, like, there was always, like-- an outraged Italian worm that would come in.

She'd ad-lib some things. Yes, and, like, I would say, "Butterfly," and she's like, "No. Kelly, it's a farfallina."


And I-I would be so exhaus-- I'd be in a full sweat by the end. It's a four-page book. It would take us 3 1/2 hours. But I love that she inserted her own...

- Of course. - story line in there. And with the accent as well. Um, I gonna show you a little video of-- of Georgia here in a second, speaking of. - Oh, yeah, yeah.

- But, uh... There's this unbeliev-- You and I went sky diving "fake." We faux sky-dived, remember? - "Doved." - We-- Did we dove or dive? - We sky-doveded.

- I think we dove-ed.

[Italian accent]

We sky-doved. I believe it's "You sky-diveded." We sky-diveded at that...

Gelman: Wind sky dive. What's that thing? We jumped out of a plane, but it wasn't a plane. - iFly. - High-- - iFly. - iFly. We went-- So these sky divers-- And remember our cheeks when we were-- Your cheeks are...


Doing like that. There you go. - kelly: Yes, but I'm just gonna say... - There it is.

Kelly: One of us went to Dr. Anolik, and one of us didn't.


I-I... - gelman: Good look. - It's a great look. Anyway, these-- It's like using a Downy wrinkle sheet. Can you tell which of these two used a Downy wrinkle sheet...

I can't even tell which is you and which is me. So these actual sky divers in Texas, they jumped out of a plane eating pizza. - Oh. - Oh! Which I don't think we have vid-- Oh, we do have video of it.

- Let's see. - Now look at that. Oh, my gosh. Ryan, that is-- now we know how to get you out of a plane. Exact-- Look at that.

[Gelman laughs]

That looks like a choking hazard.

Ryan: It looks a little dangerous, doesn't it?

Kelly: By the way, where is that pizza going and the box-- like, where is it all landing? Well, it's-- they're gonna swallow the pizza. I saw a pepperoni...

- I saw it. You saw it, right? It was like, whiish! Okay, so here's my question. When that pepperoni lands, at what velocity does it land? Does it make a hole in a roof?

Is it life-threatening? That's what I want to know. Pizza Hut demonstrated their product as out of this world after delivering slices to astronauts aboard the I.S.-- the International Space Station, the I.S.S.

Now, as you know, I'm a pizza lover, and guess-- I got Georgia a little toy, and she now, too, is a lover. Take a look at this. - Aww! - So cute!

[Georgia voice]

I got her a pizza, and she loves it so much.

[Normal] And I

Put treats on it, so it's as if it's a real pizza. So cute. - Yeah, dogs are-- I mean, dogs are-- Listen, I-I was like-- I didn't think we would ever get a dog until I brought Chewie home from an animal adoption segment.

And then I was like, "Oh, my gosh," and said, "Animal adoption segments should come with divorce lawyers." Um... - Oh, you know, New York City movie theaters to reopen.

- [Cheering]

- Uh, big news. 25% capacity. Masks are mandatory. Seating will be assigned with distancing, but I guess if you're gonna eat your popcorn, you can take your mask off, right.

To eat or-- unless they're having no concessions, but... I'm gonna go right back to the movies, just like before. Just kidding. I tell you-- at least it's a step in the right direction, right?

Looks like things are loosening up a little bit. Restaurants, as you know, as well. I'm excited about that. - Yeah. Listen to this. Now listen to this.

Jan Schillay... - What happened?

- [Laughter]

- Your television referral service. - Yes. - Jan, get over here. Get over here. - My tv guru. Where are-- were are you going? - Oh, my God.

- Stay right there. She said to me backstage, did you know that 38% of Americans would give up sex to travel, and then she says, "That's a low estimate."


Ryan: Would give up sex to travel? - For a year. - Yes. - For a year. - Wow. I think Jan's right.


Um, anyway, so yeah. 38% of Americans would give up sex for a year to travel again. - Wow. Ryan, what say you? You're a dating guy out on the-- I mean, right now, the way it's going, I'd be traveling if I could.

- Whoo!

- [Gelman laughs]

That could change a-at any Friday night, but for now-- Hey, I can't tell you how excited I am for this, 'cause I love this show. Stanley Tucci's doing this show in Italy.

- [Cheering]

- And I love him. I love the stories, the food they're eating. It's, uh, very exciting. This is like your life, right? This is-- he has the job I really dream of.

So you're already looking to replace Stanley Tucci. Is that what you're saying? The second Stanley has to go do a movie for a long time, I'm happy to...

- Oh, you're jumping-- you're tossing your hat into the ring. Yes. As a non-Italian, I'm happy to try. You know, the great thing about Italians is that we-- I'm including myself in this-- think that all people are Italian.

[Italian accent]

Great. It's like-- you know what I mean? - Great. - It's like-- same with Greek. Greek people are that way. It's like everyone is Greek.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - All right. Um, we're also gonna meet an art teacher who's using her talents to make snow sculptures. Boy, we love a snow sculpture story around here.

We do. No shortage. In our Good News Story of the Day. Guess what. I don't know what-- I don't know what we're gonna do around here when it's no longer winter.

We'll make sculptures of clay. Uh, Live's Cooking School Gadget Edition continues with chef Dale Talde. Right? Uh, who will show us-- Ah! To sous vide.

- Sous vide. The master of sous vide is over here. He loves his sous vide machine. If you don't know what a sous vide is, it's like, um-- it looks like people are cooking meat...

- In a bag. In a plastic bag in a fish tank. Yeah, but it's really-- it's really healthy and makes it moist, and we're gonna do it in just a little bit, but first it's Dance Party Trivia Time.

- Yeah! - Whoo!

♪ Get on up on the floor ♪

♪ 'Cause we're gonna boogie oogie oogie ♪

♪ Till you just can't boogie no more ♪

♪ Ah, boogie,

♪ Boogie no more ♪

♪ Ah, boogie... ♪ That's our trivia dancer, Jesson Wang from Surrey, British Columbia. Amazing. - Getting it done. - Good job. - Yep. Was that an art piece in the back with the lighting on it?

It was an ox, I believe... - Is that what it was? - 'cause of the Year of the Ox. - Great. - On a bicycle or... No, I think that's an ox-- - Actually it looks-- - Pulling a cart.

- Oh, the ox is pulling-- - a cart of money. Right? Isn't that money, 'cause it's lucky? Yes? - Is it money or herbs? - What? It's what? - Are they herbs?

It says, "Happy Ox Year." But what's the ox carrying? No, I'm saying in the cart, it looks like money, I think. - Could be. - Yes? Oh. Could be flowers.

Very cool. All right, let's say hello to Sharon Wilder... - Wilberding. - Wilberding. Sharon Wilberding from Louisville, who watches us on wdrb.

- [Cheering]

- How are you, Sharon? I'm fine, Kelly and Ryan. This is very exciting to get to talk to you. Well, Ms. Wilberding, it's exciting to talk to you.

- Yeah. - Yes. Uh, so what are you up to? Tell us. Are you healthy, and life is okay for you? Well, we're very lucky that, uh, we are safe in a nice, warm place, and feel sorry for lots of people who aren't, but...

- Mm. - Good. Well, we're glad you're safe, and we're glad you're on with us. Uh, we got two statements from Sharon, Kelly. Yes, we sure do, Ryan. One is true, and one is false.

Uh, I'm gonna read them both. Hey, if you stump us, you're gonna win this mug.

- [Chorus vocalizes]

- Check it out.


I-I bought one at your studio and dropped it-- dropped it, broke it. Well-- yeah, they're poorly made, so we're gonna-- No, no, no, it was an accid-- just an accident.

Well, we're gonna try and get you another one right here. Um, first, "Country star Charley Pride performed at a party I once attended," or "I won a dance contest doing the twist in school." - Ah.

- Oh! - So the great--

- [Laughs] You guys.

You-- are you that excited about that statement? - Yeah. - Yeah. That's the one you think it is. I can tell when our producers think they know something.

I mean, Charley Pride, whom I think has passed...

Sharon: Well, but you have to understand Charley Pride was over 50 years ago... - Yeah. - and he was not a star then. - And... - We met-- my husband and I met in the Air Force, and he performed at the Air Force base.

And we'd never heard of him. All we knew, he was great. Oh, he's a legend. And then later on, he's a big star. He's a very big star. Um... And what-- was this middle school or high school that you won your twist dance contest in?

This was high-- this was high school. High school. Huh. Well, do you know-- what song did you twist to? Well, "The Twist."

[Gelman laughs]

All right. You're definitely lying. It's gotta be Charley Pride, right? Because there was so much detail, don't you think? Unless that was a red herring.

[Dramatic notes play]

- Ohh! - Whoo! Are you telling me that the dance contest got a bigger reaction than the red herring?

[Dramatic notes play]

- [Cheering]

- Whoo! Do you know... Go with your gut. Go with your gut. - Lock it in. - I mean, John Manown just turned around, and he was like, "What?

A double red herring?"

[Dramatic notes play]

- [Cheering]

- Stop already. You're wearing it out. A three-play? That was a three-play of red herring.

[Dramatic notes play]

- Oh!

- [Cheering]

Guess what that's called. - Stop it. - Four-play of red-- Okay, now we're gonna go with that. Let's-- Somebody's like, "Is he gonna say it again?" No, no. Still-- Uh, country star Charley Pride performed-- Let's say-- let's go with that.

Is that true? Oh, that is true, Ryan. - Aww.

- [Sharon laughs]

And-- and I'm a really big fan. You know, it's-- you know, he recently died, but I was a big fan. He did pass away recently, and he was a legend and will be-- I mean, his music will live on forever-- And he was a nobody when we saw him.


He influenced a lot of young stars, yeah. - Yes. - Okay, so... You didn't win the mug. Let's see what she's playing for. We're gonna see what else you're playing for, Sharon.

Okay, thank you.

Kelly: "No mercy" Gelman.


Ooh. A $1,000 Cuisinart appliance package. You have 20 seconds and only one guess, Sharon. Good luck. - Thank you. - Sharon...

- Gelman: Yes? - sharon: Yes? Le-- ju-- Last week, we talked with Constance Zimmer. Love her. "What game did we say Constance playing in a photo..." "What game did we see Constance playing in a photo we showed of her and her family in Palm Springs?" - Oh, yeah.

- What game did we see... Constance was playing? Oh, they were outside. Uh, I can picture them outside. She was six months pregnant. Ohh! - Yes. - In Palm Springs.

They were outside. Was it, uh, golf?

- [Clap]

- Yeah--

- [Moaning]

- No. - No. - What'd she say? - Golf. - No. It was croquet. Oh, yeah. I-- Uhh. I could picture it, but I couldn't remember.

Kelly: Yes. Yes. I-it's, uh...

- [Ryan sighs]

Well... - It's a shame. It really-- but not all. Well, that's-- Listen, that was exciting talking to you. I'm really happy just to talk to you. You know what?

We had-- it was exciting for us to talk to you, and I want to tell you that you're going to receive a $500 appliance package from Cuisinart. That is-- that's very nice.

Thank you. Yeah. And you're gonna be entered into our grand-prize drawing for $5,000 in cash.


Sharon: Very nice. All right? So congratulations, Sharon. Oh, Ryan, just one thing. I want to tell you my favorite star now is Carrie Underwood. Ohh. Your favorite idol?

Yeah, favorite idol, Carrie Underwood. I'll never forget saying, "The winner of American Idol is... Carrie Underwood." One of the great moments. Well, I'll never forget her, either.

- Sharon-- - That's not how you said it, though. You were like, "The winner of American Idol is..." - "After the break." - "coming up right after the break." Stanley Tucci's next.

Take care, Sharon.

Gelman: Right after the break.

♪ Let it go ♪

Announcer: Still ahead on Live, the Gadget Edition of Live's Cooking School is still in session when Chef Dale Talde teaches us how to sous vide. We'll meet an art teacher who is using her talents to make snow sculptures in our Good News Story of the Day, and coming up next, Stanley Tucci.

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Welcome back. Tomorrow on the show, Eddie Murphy joins us. And check-- chef Eric Ripert, my cousin, will show us how to cook with small gadgets.

- [Laughs]

- Whatever that means. Now he's an award-winning actor. He's one of the world's great mixologists, and he truly loves Italian food. Ey, what's not to love?

You can see him now in his new series Searching for Italy. Please welcome Stanley Tucci.


You know what? Do you know what, Stanley? - How are you? - You look elegante. Oh, you're very kind. So where are you? You're in London, we understand. Is that right?

Yeah, I'm in London. I'm in a studio at the back of the garden in London. I'm in the midst of, uh, sort of fixing it up, so I apologize.

Kelly: Are you-- is that an art project behind you? We're looking-- we're trying to figure it all out. Is that paint-- are you doing a painting? Are you-- What is that?

- I paint in here and write in here, and I was-- I been working on that a little while ago, and I have-- the rest of the background you don't even want to see, so that-- that's the best of it.

Uh, how are things in London? I know it was quite severe for a while. How are you doing now there? It's pretty severe still. Um, it's not-- we're still locked down.

Nothing is open. I had to go into London proper, uh, yesterday to do some recording in a studio, and, uh, the streets are empty. It's a ghost town. - Wow.

Um, it's really sad, but things are getting better. The vaccination's being rolled out, um, brilliantly. Um, I just had mine the other day, because I'm so old, I could get it.

We keep hearing that you're mentioning your age a lot. Um, why-- what is this about your age right now that you-- makes you think that you're old? 'Cause I look at you, and I feel like you are ageless.

Uh, yeah.

[Laughs] Yeah.

Oh, you're-- you're very kind. Yeah, I don't know. But, you know, when you reach a certain age, no matter-- you just-- you feel it. You feel it in your bones, and-- especially I have little kids, so that's always hard when you go down to pick up a-- a rogue Lego block or something.

It takes you a while to get up again.

- [Laughter]

- Well, you're-- you're making the best of it as a-- as a host through Italy and a mixologist. How did the mixology go viral and happen? No, this was a complete fluke.

My wife Felicity asked me to do it for Curtis Brown, which is a-- the agency I'm with here and that she works for, uh, here in London. And she said, "Would you do a little video "to cheer people up, a little-- make a cocktail or something." I said, "Oh, yeah.

It'll be fun." So we did it during the first lockdown. Uh, and then she said, "Well, maybe put it on your Instagram," so I did, and then it went viral, and now I have a whole new career.

Where did you get your training in mixology?


I worked-- when I was young, when you could be a bartender when you were 19, I was a bartender for, uh, a summer and then a Christmas vacation during my college years, uh, at a place called Alfredo's the Original of Rome in the Citicorp Center.

So this is, you know, 1979 or something. Uh, and I learned a great deal about making cocktails, uh, most of which I forgot. So 1979, what was, like, the big cocktail that people wanted back then?

Well, people used to come in and order-- and this was mostly a restaurant, so it was a very small bar. But people used to come in and order um, on occasion, like, a grasshopper.

Which nobody orders anymore. - Yeah, right. You know, you'd get whiskey sours. You'd get, you know, all that sort of stuff, old fashioneds and things like that.

And it was awfully fun to-- to do it. I loved it. So not only is he a mixologist, Kelly, he's also a very skilled pizza maker, I understand. He's living your dream life.

He-- yes, I want to come back as you. Believe me. - Really? - Yes. I'd like to come back as you, especially with that hair.


Uh, but you had a pizza oven when you were living here, right, in the States? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you miss it now? No. I have one here.


You're right. He is living my best life. He's living your best life. I'm telling you. You two should wife-- life swap. What kind of pizza do you like to make?

Oh, so many different kinds. You know what I did one time is I was making-- I was trying to make zippuli, which are like a potato dough, uh, fried potato dough.

And it wasn't working out. It just wasn't working out, so I took it, I turned it into a pizza, put it in the pizza oven, and it was absolutely fantastic.

So it was like a sort of potato-dough pizza thing. - Mmm. - It was great. Sounds delicious. My-- We can hear my stomach now. - I know. - Speaking-- let's take a break and come back and talk about his show about Italian food...

- Yes, Italian food. - more of it after this.


Announcer: Still ahead on Live, we'll learn how to use today's gadget and how to sous vide.

♪ Oh, my mind, oh, my mind ♪

Y: What are you making? - Polenta. And what we do-- and this is a recipe of the house. I don't know where it comes from. We put in the water, piece of garlic.

It will leave a fumé, flavor to it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it's nice. Yeah. But you know a lot about the food of Lombardy, this area. Polenta in the ancient time, it was like the bread.

You ate it warm with meat if you're lucky. Or you would have eat it with cheese, or you would have eat it just with butter.

- [Ryan sighs]

- Polenta is a staple... - I... - staple in our house. Ah, I can't get enough. Polenta is amazing, and I've never seen that with the garlic in the water first.

Yes. It's a great way to do it. Otherwise-- You know, garlic is so-- is so strong, you want to be very careful how you do it. So what they do is they actually keep the skin on it, uh, and it-- it just gives you that little-- little bit of flavor, not too much.

And then you put whatever you want on it. And that was actually the Missoni family. Do you know the Missoni, the beautiful clothing, that gorgeous clothing?

That was-- that was one of the daughters.

Ryan: Huh. That was a scene from Searching for Italy, the new series on cnn. I have to tell you, when the promo started, I was so excited. But they started the promo so many weeks ahead of when the show was premiering, I was frustrated, 'cause I couldn't wait to see it.

Um, what have you-- I mean, you know so much obviously about Italy and food. What have you learned doing the show? Oh, my. I learned so much. I mean, one of the reasons I wanted to do the show, it was an idea I had for a very long time, because I wanted to show the-- the differences in the regions, because you go from the Alps or-- and the Apennines and the Dolomites to down to 70 miles off the coast of Africa.

Um, so as you're exploring that, what you're discovering is-- is just astounding. Going to the island of Lampedusa, uh, which is the most southern point of Italy, where so many, um, refugees come in, uh, the diet there is really, really interesting.

The dishes that they make are really interesting. And then you go to Northern Italy, and you're eating food that you'd never even think was close to being Italian.

- Mm-hmm. - Uh, it's fascinating. - What's your fav-- Did you have a favorite region? Was there a region that if you said, "I could go to no other region, this is where I have to be," is there a place?

Did you find the region? I think for me, it's more north. I-I like the north better, 'cause you get the seasons, and I like that. I like to ski, too, so that's nice.

But I think that area in Lombardy and Piemonte, those two areas, I think, are really beautiful, because you have Lake Como, and you have the Alps. You get a real summer, but you get a real winter.

Um, and you have all-- all different kinds of cuisine. I love it that they have, you know-- they have a truffle festival, a chocolate festival, an almond festival.

I mean, everything is a festival over there, isn't it? Everything. Everything's a festival. They had garlic festivals, any-- celery festivals. Doesn't matter, yeah.

Whatever. And you also found time to make a film with Colin Firth in the midst of all this. I did. Don't remind me.

- [Laughter]

- Um, yeah. Yes, I-I did. I did, and it-- that was a really great, great experience.

Ryan: We're looking at the photo of you there. - kelly: Oh, my gosh. - Supernova. Where are you in the photo we're looking at? That's in the Lake District, which is sort of the quite north I-in England, and it's absolutely beautiful, stunning landscapes.

Uh, and it rains-- except for that day-- uh, basically 365 days a year. I'm glad you managed to get out in that one sunny day and take a picture. - Yeah. Yeah.

Um, well, we are so happy for you. We really do-- it couldn't-- this show and your success could not happen to a nicer, lovelier man, and...

- [Applause]

We sure do enjoy you taking us in search of Italy. Well, I-it's the least I can do, because you've made me very happy for a long time.

- [Laughs]

- Thank you. The lovely Stanley Tucci. Searching for Italy is on Sundays, 9 P.M. On cnn. Great to see you. Thanks for coming on. Great to see you, too.

Thanks a lot. - Bye, Stanley. - Bye. - Happiness. Happiness. - Dream. Well, speaking of food, we learn how to sous vide after the break. Stay with us here on Live.

Nothing more Italian than...

Announcer: Tomorrow on Live, from Coming 2 America, Eddie Murphy.

♪ I'm alive, oh, I'm burning ♪

♪ Like the sun when it comes up ♪


Live's Cooking School Gadget Edition continues with a lesson in sous vide. You know him from his seasons on Top Chef. He's here to teach us a style of cooking used by top chefs around the world.

I just recently learned about this method of cooking. Please welcome Dale Talde. Hi, Dale. Hey, Kelly. How are you? Thanks for having me. Thank you for being here.

The first time I saw this was in California. I walked into the kitchen, and there was a chef in the kitchen, and he was cooking what looked like steak in a fish tank, and I said, "What's that?" And he said, "This is your dinner." So explain to me what sous-viding-- sous-viding means, what it is.

So this is a technique generally used in professional kitchens, but now it's really popular to the home cook, because all these pieces of equipment are, like, super available now at home.

And "sous vide" means in French, uh, "under vacuum," and it's generally, um, food that's been vacuum sealed in bags. That's why you thought it was in a bag in a fish tank.

Cooked, um, in a water bath at a very precise temperature. - Uh-huh. - So that's what sous vide is. Yeah. So what are the benefits of cooking this way?

Is it healthier, or is it-- what is it? It's really controllable. So one of the things that I love about sous vide is that, um, say you're doing a meal prep, and, you know, you're cooking seven chicken breasts.

That chicken breast day seven does not taste like that chicken breast day one, so with sous vide cooking, it's all gonna taste a lot better throughout the time that you have your-- your meals.

- I see. - It also is like if you have a kid that, say, you like things spicy and you have children who don't like things very spicy, you can put chilies and spices and-- and rubs all on your chicken or your protein, and you can kind of keep your kids' separate, and they cook all at the same time in this water bath.

I see. Okay. So what do we need to make a sous vide at home? So at home, you need one of these. This is an immersion circulator. Um, and it's basically just going to keep the temperature of this water bath that you have there-- You know, I thought this was something else entirely.


- I read you. - I know you did. - I like that. - I could hear you chuckling over there. I was like, "Oh, I did not see that coming." So this just keeps this temperature of the water very consistent.

- Okay. And, um, I have a tank here, what's-- you know, the fish tank... - Yes. With a lid, but you can easily use anything that really holds water, like a-- just a pot, a regular pot.

- Okay. - And, um, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our chicken breast here and, um, season it, like, really any way we want it. I have a little bit of salt.

Um, I'm gonna put a little bit of oregano, some thyme, smash a piece of garlic. Just throw it all in there just like that. Just throw it all in, and it kind of does it for yourself.

We're gonna give it a drizzle of olive oil. And that's one of the other benefits of this is that you can control kind of how much fat you're putting into-- I think I just put in too much fat.

Well, what's great about this is that, you know, it's kind of cooking and it's taking the flavor and marinating the-- the protein, but it's also-- you're not-- it's gonna be removed at the end of the cooking period.

- Okay. - So, you know, here we have something that's been vacuum sealed. Yeah, how do we vacuum seal like this? So with this, what you're gonna do is you're gonna take the-- this bag, and you're gonna almost close it.

Almost close it. Then we're gonna submerge it into this water, and you're gonna see-- you're gonna see that... It's gonna force the air out of this bag...

Oh, I see. With pressure and heat. - I see. And then you're gonna have-- See? A piece of chicken that is not completely airtight, but it's gonna do good enough.

- Close enough. - Yeah, close enough. - It's gonna do the thing. - It's gonna do its job. - Okay. So then you're gonna close this. I'm gonna close it, but you can take these clips-- you know, these kitchen clips here...

- Yes. And just clip it to the side of that-- There you go.


- To the side of-- - Clips for everyone. Everybody. It's-- it's the time. So then you can clip it to the side of that container. And then, you know, what's great about these-- these machines is that it-- they attach to an app on your phone, and it's gonna tell you exact temp and exact time to cook this piece of chicken.

So the app is-- does all the thinking for you. It does all the thinking for you. It will tell you when it's done, and it'll come in as an alarm on your phone.

Now your restaurant at Goosefeathers, which is-- Where is it? - It's in Tarrytown, New York. Tarrytown. Yeah. It's not far from the city. Now it's about 30 minutes north of here.

- Cantonese food? - And it's Cantonese food. Uh, yeah, you know, we do some of this stuff just to kind of help with ease of cooking. Is this like a way to ease the workload?

Ease of cooking, workload, and it really preserves the-- Yeah, it's super moist, and it preserves the integrity of, like, this asparagus is gonna taste so much like asparagus now.

And this has the butter-- - a little pat of butter there. - Amazing. Incredible. Yeah, and it's really controllable. As you can see, Ryan is inching closer and closer and closer, because it's-- it must be time to take a commercial break, finish this, and taste when we return.

- Ah, the tasting. - There you go. More with Dale Talde. Okay.

♪ Like the sun when it comes up ♪

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♪ To the top of a mountain... ♪

Cooking School continues with Top Chef competitor Dale Talde, with a lesson in sous vide. And so far, we've sous vide, and now we're gonna brown. Yeah. So, you know, this chicken breast has gone for about an hour at 150 degrees.

That one. This-- And, yeah, it's cooked. Um, you just want to get a little bit brown, so we're gonna take it out of this bag. - Yeah. - Um, take off some of these herbs.

Then we're gonna season it with a little bit of salt. We have a pan here warming up. So we're gonna add just a little bit of olive oil to this. You know, a lot of the benefits of this is that you can control how much fat is actually...

And then you want to get a little brown on it, though, right? You have to, or else it's gonna kind of look, um... It just looks unfinished. Yeah, it doesn't look fantastic.

Well, you can say it. It doesn't look great. But afterwards, after it's in the pan, it's gonna look fantastic. We're gonna drop a little bit of garlic in here to kind of infuse some flavor.

And this is really where you can get-- If you want some spice, um,

Kelly: Mash it. Mash the garlic. Yeah, you could add herbs and spices and-- This is my segment. I-it's splashing! - I can't mas-- Sorry. - No, please.

Gelman: Keep going there. Hey, it's your show, guys.


So we're gonna add a little bit of... - Keep going. - herbs and some spices on here. Um, you can, you know, finish this in the pan. Um, and this is the thing.

If say you're meal prepping, you can have these bags kind of in the fridge, and right when you're ready to eat, just pop it in the pan. It's ready to go.

You're gonna need a little brown on it, and it's gonna taste exactly the same as it did day one as that chicken breast on day four or five. I just-- I love how moist and fresh it tastes.

And that's really the benefits of sous vide cooking is that it keeps-- it retains moisture, and it's really-- it's easier than to get a perfect temperature.

On a steak, you know, you set it at, like, 125 degrees, and, you know, we've seared this steak. We've set it at 125 degrees to get a nice medium, midrare.

And, um, you can see... - Put the fish in. It's an edge-to-edge cooking of midrare. I feel like an infomercial now. Look at how beautiful that is. And I did eggs.

I have a sous vide machine. I did, like, beautiful eggs in there. Perfectly cooked eggs. It's one of the things that this thing shines at, this machine shines at, is cooking, like, that perfect, um, you know, soft-boiled egg.

And a lot of times, that's hard for people. So what vegetables can you do? We can do meat. We can do fish, do chicken. Meat, fish. Um, potatoes work really well.

Um, you know, keeping vibrant green vegetables crisp, yet cooked, kind of not that easy for a lot of people, so broccoli, cauliflower, um, some of these-- like especially greener vegetables work really well with sous vide.

Right. And you're doing this at your restaurant. We have to come up there sometime. Please. Please, please. Sounds very, very good. - It keeps-- - Um, Kelly, would you like me to put more garlic on it? What-- How would you like it?

- Extra garlic, and just some-- - Aren't you allergic to garlic? - Yes, I am.

- [Laughs]

Watch your step. Uh, Dale, thank you so much. You're great. Pleasure-- Look at how perfect that is. You can still see it's still nice and juicy in the middle.

Uh, for the chicken recipe and others, go to our website. We'll be right back with our Good News Story of the Day.


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♪ Hey, look, Ma, I made it ♪

It's time for our Good News Story of the Day, and joining us now from Coventry, Rhode Island is Katina Gustafson!

- [Cheering]

- Hello, Katina. - Hi. - Hi. Now we understand that you make snow sculptures. We love a snow sculpture here at Live more than most people, I would say.

How did you get good at this? I started when I was a kid making traditional snowmen, and now I just make these giant ones. Practice makes progress.

Ryan: So you started as a kid just for fun, and is this just for fun, or can you sell those?

They'd-- [laughs]

Katina: I would believe shipping would be pretty hard to send them, but I just make 'em for fun.

Kelly: How do you get the colors like that? I add spray paint for color. Uh, they're just a great thing to add to the neighborhood.

Ryan: And you're an art teacher. How long have you been teaching art? Um, this is my third year teaching art. I currently teach at a middle school, in Riverside, Rhode Island.

You know, Rhode Island is a great art place in general. Well, I-I will go looking for art. It's so funny that when Ryan said you were a teacher, I-I think I must have either misread the cards.

I thought you were-- I thought you were one of the students. I did not realize that you were a teacher. I get that a lot. I look very young. My principal sometimes in the hallway will see that I think I'm a student as well.


Oh, good. I don't feel so bad. I'm gonna love it in another 20 years. - Yes, exactly. - Yeah, you're right. What's your favorite sculpture? Do you have a favorite?

I do. My favorite one is-- I love food, so I gotta say my Starbucks cup and doughnut are my top favorite ones. - Oh, yeah. - Oh, my gosh. Yes! Because I love food.

Now can you ever take one and reuse it, you know, if the base starts to melt or something like that? Yes, that's the sad part about snow. It does melt pretty quickly, so the Starbucks cup, I actually, two days later, got a big snowstorm, and I made the gumball machine right on top of that.

Instead of starting from scratch, I just add more snow to them.

Ryan: And you need a certain kind of snow to make it work like that, don't you? A certain pack? - Yes. - Yeah. The snow that people hate shoveling is the snow that I like to work with, the nice, heavy, wet snow.

That's the best snow to sculpt with. So do you then go and shovel everybody's driveway to get that good snow?


I usually have enough in the front yard, but the latest sculpture, the Texas boot, I had to use a wheelbarrow and get snow from my backyard. - kelly: Wow.

And how long did it take to make the boot? Uh, the boot was probably 4 1/2 hours. And then the next-- next day, I added color.

Kelly: I mean, they're giant! - I know. - Look at the size of those! - I know. - They are. And so do your students, um, have they seen your artworks? Are they very impressed?

They are. I, um-- this is my second year at the middle school. This year, we've gotten a lot more snow, so I've been showing the artwork. I tell the kids, "We got snow. You know what that means." So the next day in class, I'll present my screen, 'cause we have this hybrid style right now, and I show them the snow sculpture, and they're just amazed.

And the more amazing part is they actually show me what they're making.

Kelly: I was just gonna ask you that. You must have influenced them in a really amazing way. Outside of snow sculpting, do you paint, or do you sculpt?

What kind of art do you like, or what do you make? - Everything. - Really? That's the best part of being an art teacher. I dabble in every art form, but my heart does go to clay.

I love ceramics.

Kelly: Oh. Do you ever use the wheel, you know, from Ghost?


Uh, every ceramic person, that quote is just so funny. Congrats. We're so impressed with your work. - Thank you. - Thank you so much for coming on. Nice to meet you.

You, too. Have a great day. Thanks, Katina. Okay. We'll be right back here on Live.

Announcer: Monday on Live, from the new film Cherry, young star Ciara Bravo.

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♪ Aces ♪

Uh, tomorrow, Eddie Murphy is joining us.

- [Applause]

- And... My cousin, chef Eric Ripert. Lot of people don't know that, uh, Ripert is the French version of Ripa.

- [Laughter]

- What's he gonna do? He's gonna show us how to cook with small gadgets.


You know, small gadgets you may have lying around the house. We're gonna do all that tomorrow. Until then, have a great day. Take care of yourself. - Au revoir.

- Thanks for watching. Au revoir.

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As part of her community service, it's Melissa Peterman. (crowd applauds)

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Played an Inigo Montoya at home movie The Princess Bride, it's Oscar Nunez. (crowd applauds) - He's the author of the book, "Yes You're Pregnant, But What About Me?", Its Kevin Nealon.

(Crowd applauds) And here's your host, Meredith Vierra. (crowd applauds) - Welcome to '25 words or less'. You know Melissa, I look at you and I'm so scared people at home think you really are, locked in that part.

Like we are keeping you there against your will. That is not the case. - No, no it's not the case. Help me. Somebody help me. (Meredith laughing) - No, I'm perfectly fine.

I'm, not at all being held against my will, here at the studio. (Meredith laughing) Everything's great Meredith. - All right. Well, we will, we'll see when you get out Melissa.

- You've got a little bit of dandruff on your shoulder there. - Just a little, a little bit of dots Is it just a little dots? These are dots. (contestants conversing) - These are dots.

- Okay you four. Let's see who you're playing with today. You're lucky to, be in a pod. (Meredith laughing) We've got Jen taking on Susan and the winner could go home with $10,000.

(Applauding) So let's get right to it. Melissa and Kevin you're up first. - Okay.

- [Meredith] Okay.

- Let's take a look at the answers for this round. You have 45 seconds to get your teammates to guess all five using as few words as possible then I'm gonna, set the opening bid at 21 words and Kevin, can you do it in less?

- Thank you for your question Meredith. Let me take a look. (laughing) How many words or less - 21 - Yes. I can do it. Let's let's cut to the chase.

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