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Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

I close all the doors. Then I have these jars of cashews, almonds, and walnuts, and I went right into all of them. I was just chewing away, and then I realized oh, no.

I didn't watch the not hand after closing all the doors.

Kelly: Well, that's it. Good night. Good night, ryan.


You have done that too.

Kelly: Yes. We have a very bad habit in this house of -- here's the thing that I miss about the studio. They were very few things that I miss about the studio.

The list is very short. But what I did like about it is our lack of access to food. There is no food at the studio, so there is no food for us at the studio.

So my limitless snacking potential is taken away when I have to go to work. There is no snack machine here there's no stack anything anywhere. So, I would literally go from doing the show, postproduction, whatever we had after that, too usually not eating until afternoon.

So, intermittent fasting. Not deliberately, but just by the nature of my job. Now, I open my eyes. I go to the studio, I grab -- the studio, meaning where I'm sitting right now.

My amateur porn studio right here in my bedroom.

Ryan: Those sketches might be risky behind you. I'm not so sure.

Kelly: Some of them are. Look at that. And so, you know, it's just all snacks all the time. We even in our house, have an andy cohen snack that is specifically for andy cohen that his candy event andy likes.

Pepperidge farm goldfish that andy likes. Since we are all social distancing now, I just eat and eat snacks as well. As my own.

Ryan: Right. They are there for you.

Kelly: He can't stop me. These are my snacks now.

Ryan: It did cause me -- outside some of these really spicy, country, crunchy snacks. When you eat light right before you go to sleep, and when you eat spicy, it causes terrible -- I mean the worst dreams of people chasing me.

You wake up, your heart is pounding. There are no people here. I am in my bed with my dog.

Kelly: Did you run away from them, or are your legs coded in cement? Did you fall down?

Ryan: It was so random. I don't know where I was, but my luggage was somewhere, and I had to make a decision to go back to the luggage or run away from the trees there, and I left the luggage.

So right now, I have no toiletries.

Kelly: Oh, gosh.

Ryan: They are all gone.

Kelly: That is -- that's anxiety. You are having full-fledged anxiety dreams. But I know you. Your anxiety dreams are related to anything real. It's more like you just had anxiety because you ate late at night, breaking your intermittent fasting window.

Ryan: Right. The inner voice said why did you eat so late? That is going to cause a problem, which it did. Anyway, here we are. What has been going on?

Tell me.

Kelly: What are you going to say? I've been reading the newspaper while we are on the air, as I tend to do. They are talking about the covid-19 survivors, and you know how people have said that they lost their sense of taste and smell?

To me, two very important sentences. And we can all agree, all senses are important. I like my sense of taste. Sense of smell, sometimes I like it. Sometimes I wish I didn't have it.

But they are saying that 10% of covid-19 patients don't -- will not -- do not or have not recovered their sense of smell and taste. 10%.

Ryan: We don't know when it could come back or when it will come back, right? As a foodie, part of the whole build up is ah, what is that aroma? Smelling the fish.

Smelling the milk to make sure it's okay. You are baking something. Part of the excitement is you are getting those chemicals stirred up. That aroma actually inspires chemistry inside the stomach to get you excited to ingest food.

So that would be a real tragedy for me. Some of my friends who don't care what food taste like. They like it plain or burned. So I don't think they would be as effective dominic affected.

Kelly: I.E. To live, and you live to eat. I will mindlessly shove things into my mouth just because I am watching television and everybody else is eating things, but they all seem to be enjoying it in no way.

I am on autopilot. Just like ugh. Whereas they are like oh, this, whatever cheese -- this drizzle of you know, this jam drizzle, and I'm like that's messy.

Give me some pretzels.


Just give me salt.

Ryan: There so much that we are aligned with. So much -- I think that we are related at times. And then there is that.

Kelly: Though we are the yin and yang, right? As symbiotic as we are, there has to be differences. Otherwise -- I don't know. This is what --

Ryan: Is that the international sign for yin and yang? I just learned that.

Kelly: Isn't that what it looks like?

Ryan: It could be an nfl move too.

Kelly: I don't know.

Ryan: The big question is who is the yin and who's the yang?

Ryan: I am happy to be the yang to your yin. Speaking internationally, france. We can't go from here, but people inside france or I guess inside europe inside paris, they are opening up the louvre for them to see the works of art.

Normally, there are 50,000 tourists a day that goes through the louvre. The louvre is expected to have people on the first day of reopening. They say that they have lost $45 million in ticket sales so far this year.

Some people will get a chance to see the artwork without a lot of people there, which, I mean, there are people there, so that can be a risk, but there are fewer people there, so you get a better view of the works.

Kelly: The best money we've ever spent. I've told you this before. I will say it again. The best money we've ever spent was when we went to paris. We went to the louvre with the kids, who were much younger than they are now.

I don't want you to think that I was parading around as adults. They were small kids. We went to the louvre. We, for the day, hired -- there is a service that the hotel recommended that you can hire a museum expediter.

You know what I museum expediter is?

Ryan: It's the way I like to do everything. Very fast. Expeditiously.

Kelly: They take you to the masterpieces. They literally say do you want to see them masterpieces. Oui? There is no line. It's not a line cutter. It's nothing like that.

But they take you directly to the masterpieces. They give you full exposition of the masterpiece. They really are like -- they are like magical, and they connect to the works of art to other works of art that you will see another museums.

And our kids still, to this day, will say oh, that's the run ren. I'm like when were we there? I do know that we were there.

Ryan: I have seen that. And I do like to move through a tour pretty quickly. 16 minutes, that kind of thing. But I have also been, you know, like the tour of alcatraz or when you get the cassette tapes.

I will walk around and have to do my own tour, which I am just not cut out for. I am not cut out to be the tour guide at the attraction. It's just not for me.

It doesn't line up.

Kelly: I love a tour. I think I would have been a great tour guide. I love a tour. And when the kids -- like I said, when the kids were young, taking them through a museum and knowing that we had like a limited time before they -- before there was a meltdown of some kind always bothered me because I wanted to see everything.

I waited my whole life to travel, so I really wanted to see every work of art, and the kids were like we just want to see the mona lisa and bounce.

Ryan: We out.

Kelly: We want the mona lisa and french fries.

Ryan: Bye, felicia. Do we have this? Floating cinema. This is our rendering, but this is also in france, where they are talking about building this.

They are in the process of building it. How great and romantic does that look? You are in your own little individual floating boat, with a canopy over you.

You are watching the film from afar on the water. I'm sure you're sipping something, and I'm sure you're eating something. Those things are probably wine, bread, and cheese.

31 oh, 100%.

Ryan: That is one of the silver linings that has come out of this. I don't care what movie it is.

Kelly: Okay, so, how do they line up the boats? How do they keep the boats from --

Ryan: Let's go back and examine. I'm sure -- it looks like there is an anchor. Maybe there's a driver and front. A floating drive-in.

Kelly: It's fabulous. I'm not quite sure how they -- how they managed to keep the boats from -- you know --

Ryan: Everybody's got an anchor number. They sort of line you up, I think.

Kelly: So you attach your boat to the stabilizer.

Ryan: Is just a rendering. If I were the designer and the developer, you would get a boat number, and the boat goes to a certain spot, drop your anchor, and watch "hamilton."

Kelly: Have you ever been to dive in movie, where you sit and innertube. We went to a divan movie. To use it in the pool -- you have like your snacks, your popcorn, your soda, whatever.

And at night, in phoenix, arizona, in the summer, it's still 95 degrees.

Ryan: So you need to be doing it.

Kelly: Like you just showed, there is a screen. At the far end of the pool, and everybody sits in the pool. I mean, this wouldn't work now, but you sit in the pool in your floatie, and you watch a movie.

Ryan: That sounds great.

Kelly: I don't like people sitting in pools for a long period of time without getting out of.

Ryan: When having refreshments.

Kelly: Don't you -- aren't you curious? I keep my eye on people. I've seen you sit in this pool for three hours. You just drink two beers.

Ryan: Because I feel like this is not being broadcast, because we are standing in our homes, I will reveal to you, that's just as in over 40-year-old -- I'm 45 -- but just as I got to be early 40s, I just got the confidence -- enough confidence to be able to handle things in the ocean with my suit on.

It always felt like that was just a thing you shouldn't do. Everybody would say just use the ocean.

Kelly: You mean go to the bathroom?

Ryan: Yeah.

Kelly: You can pee in the ocean?

Ryan: I'm revealing it to you not to repeat. People always say why go to the bathroom?

Kelly: I can't do it.

Ryan: You have never heard this before?

Kelly: Now, I can't go to the bathroom in the ocean. It's something -- I can't do it. I can't do it.

Ryan: When you turn 40, you will be able to. It's this whole thing that happens.

Kelly: While, in ten years, we will see.

Ryan: I will be there to celebrate.

Kelly: Already?

Ryan: We already have to go? We didn't even get to the story. Let me --

Kelly: I want to hear it.

Ryan: They've just announced about the baby daughter's name. The photos and social media. The name that they have given the baby is olympia lightning bolt.

Kelly: That's a great name. Oh, my gosh. She is a beauty. Oh, my gosh. She is so cute.

Ryan: He and his girlfriend. Look at that picture.

Kelly: Yeah, sure does. That said, right there.

Ryan: Just look at that photo. You know what I've been doing? When radio callers call and then they have a great name, I keep a little list in the event that I my dad one day.

That such a beautiful name -- there are so many beautiful names that I've never heard of or thought of. After 20 years of callers, there is a little short-list of names.

Kelly: Gave me your favorite girl name in your favorite boy name. Just give me.

Ryan: I can't. If I ever were to be a dad, that would reveal. I've already revealed ocean story today. You're asking for too much.

Kelly: I like olympia. Olympia is a beautiful name.

Ryan: It is a beautiful name.

Kelly: Do you know what mark used to do? He used to say like when I was pregnant, he would say "now batting, batting, batting." He thought that although boys would be baseball players.

Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert, they are not.


Ryan: That so test I will not attempt. Not for me. I don't think so. Mine would be like what with the name sound like on the sign of a restaurant? You know, casual little gathering.

Kelly: I have names picked out for your children. I will give you the names that mark and I couldn't agree on that I thought were fabulous.

Ryan: Okay, america. When, if I become a father, I will have kelly's hand me down names. Know. You are my ying.

Kelly: Yin.

Ryan: Is that --

Kelly: Is at y-I-n? I believe it is yin and yang.

Gelman: Gelman, what is the answer?

Gelman: I believe kelly is correct.

Ryan: What is it? Tell me, then.

Gelman: Yin.

Ryan: I thought it was a blessing, but it's a curse.

Kelly: I want to be wrong.

Ryan: It's impossible. How can you be?

Kelly: It's painful.

Ryan: Okay, let's go. On the show, adam scott is here. It looks like he's in his closet setting up the shot.

Kelly: I know appeared I was fascinated by that. I wanted to see all of his clothes. He has so many clothes.

Ryan: Actually I have a story about his clothes that he doesn't even know about when we get to him.

Kelly: I'm very excited to hear how you know about his clothes. We are continuing our "I in I do week." It our wedding couple. They will get a dancing lesson.

That's right, a dancing lesson from val and jana from "dancing with the stars."

Ryan: Very cool. We've got an enterprising 7-year-old. This is a story. It is our "good news story of the day." We have that coming up. And right after the break, adam scott.

We will be right back.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," the "I in I do week" continues with the dancing lesson from the "dancing with the stars" pros. A 7-year-old gives us our "good news story of the day." And coming up next, adam scott.

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Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. I don't know if you can hear my dog snoring, but she snoring so loud, she sounds like she's impersonating mark.

Ryan: Just like the rest of the audience. Falling asleep within the first few minutes of us coming on the air.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. I'm so glad we can serve a purpose for our audience. Settle down, everyone. Get cozy. Get back in bed. It's all going to be out there.

Everything is going to be happening. Very exciting. Tomorrow shall, regina hall will be here. That show, "black monday," is so good. It is so good.

Ryan: That is tomorrow. Gabby barrett is going to perform her big hit. She has a massive hit called "I hope."

Kelly: And we continue the "I in I do week" with a look at all the preparations that went into making our couples wedding happened. The virtual, socially distant wedding that was supposed to happen in saint maarten and is now instead happening on our show.

Ryan: Very exciting.

Kelly: Very, very exciting. Let's get to you -- we love him in "parks and recreation." We loved him in "big little lies." Now we love him as the host of the new game show, "don't." Here is adam scott.


Adam: Hey, you guys.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. We are in your closet.

Adam: We are in my closet. We are in my closet.

Kelly: It seems enormous. It seems -- it looks like barney is.

Adam: Really? Thank you. Thank you. It's not that big. It looks big on camera, but it's something we did kind of recently, and we love it so much. But it's not as huge as it appears on camera.

Ryan: I have to tell you, you change your shirt from when we saw you earlier, setting up your shot. Well, I pay attention during rehearsal, and I look at every aspect of the shelf to make sure it's going to come off okay.

Adam: Are you saying that I men's friend of some sort of recording device? That you are able to access?

Ryan: Perhaps. But wait. You did change your shirt. Why did you change? Why not that one from J.crew?

Adam: You have this one?

Ryan: I have that one. I almost wore it on the fourth of july for our big broadcast. But it looks very awkward. It didn't quite attach. So I had -- I had to bail on it.

Kelly: You've been working out your packs down my pecs --

Adam: So both of us have bailed on this shirt moments before going on air.

Ryan: Only difference is I am in my closet. Otherwise, we are yin and yang.

Kelly: I think it's adorable. I think it's cute.

Ryan: I like it too. For whatever reason, it felt like it was too -- I'm looking at this one, and I'm not sure I made the right choice.

Kelly: Do you want to change?

Adam: I kind of do.

Kelly: Do it.

Adam: It looks like this is the only button on the entire shirt.

Ryan: We'd be happy if you wanted to change.

Adam: Let me change.

Ryan: How was your fourth of july?

Adam: My fourth of july was great. I was wondering, kelly, when you're at the beach, are you saying that if you are in the water and you have to pee, you run out of the water and go looking for the nearest restroom?

Kelly: Yes.

Adam: That's insane.

Kelly: I know. I have a problem. When I went scuba diving with gelman once, and it was freezing, freezing, freezing, he said to me just pee in your wet suit.

I could not make that happen. I could not make pee happen in the open water.

Ryan: I think that's the right choice. I like it better.

Adam: You don't think I look like a waiter at a tgi friday's?

Kelly: No. You look great.

Adam: Thanks, guys. You guys look great. You look beautiful.

Ryan: That is the right choice.

Kelly: At looks bigger on tv.


Ryan: We got to nothing we were supposed to talk to you about, so let's take a break and come back and get into some of the stuff. This game show is fantastic.

Announcer: Enter "light up your day travel trivi" just go to our facebook page today.

Ryan: We are back with adam scott. So, the new show, "don't."

Kelly: Gosh, it's great. It's amazing.

Adam: I realized I put this on. It's 1985, and I'm going to try to sell you some cocaine.

Kelly: Now, I love it.

Ryan: Now, a thief on "magnum P.I.."

Kelly: Gelman is upset because you have inspired him to change into his striped shirt. Do you have your floral? Do you have your floral "magnum P.I." Shirt?

Adam: Yeah, you need to change immediately.

Ryan: All right. "Don't." Let's get to some business while you're here. It's fantastic. It is unconventional. Tell us more.

Adam: Yeah, it's sort of an unusual game show. I had never, ever once thought I would host a game show or ever had any ambition to do. So I just thought no thank you, and they called, but then they sort of explained how weird and funny their idea is, and ryan reynolds helped create it.

It is sort of a self-aware game show that is making fun of game shows as it is functioning as one. It is really, really fun and super weird.

Kelly: Can I say something? You are the only person I know -- like when I saw those show, and I, like you, never thought of you as I game show host.

Adam: Of course.

Kelly: Yet when you see this game, only you could host a show. You are the only host for the show.

Adam: You are so kind. Doing a show like this made me realize how incredibly hard hosting is. You guys make it look so easy. Truly. You make it look like you're just at home.

You're relaxed. It is so hard.

Ryan: It's very difficult for us to get you to change clothes. This is a high stress zone for us right now. What about -- even some of the commercials are fake and spoofs.

Adam: They have for commercials that have tricked people. I think they were selling something, making fun of the home shopping network or something.

They were a bunch of calls made. People disappointed they couldn't buy props from the show.

Kelly: Do you have a favorite game of all of the game so far?

Adam: There is one called "don't drink" where contestant is eating increasingly spicy foods on a treadmill, and they have to refrain from drinking refreshing beverages.

The more beverages they turned down, the more money they earn, and I feel terrible for the people in the moment, but it's terrific television.


Ryan: People do actually compete to win something, right?

Adam: They are competing to win smiles. They end up winning money.

Ryan: This has been fun. You have made our day today. Thank you so much for coming on and for the fashion show.

Kelly: Great.

Ryan: Great to see you. "Don't" airs tomorrow night. Okay. Adam scott, everybody.

Kelly: Bye, adam. It's the most fun. Can we get him to change his pants? Is he wearing pants?

Ryan: Maybe something fun can happen. We are going to take a break and come back. Our wedding couple is getting a dance lesson.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," regina hall.

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Ryan: Well, you know, kelly, every bride and graham want to master their first dance. You know that. We brought in some professionals. Unfortunately, you and mark had some really serious tech issues.

Kelly: It was a breakdown and our house yesterday, technologically speaking.

Ryan: You are not able to join us, but I was able to witness what happened when rashida and anthony met up with val chmerkovskiy and jenna johnson chmerkovskiy.

Val and jenna, nice to be with you. Meet our couple, anthony and rashida.

>> Congratulations.

>> Thank you. Thank you.

Ryan: Weren't you supposed to be on to her? Right now?

>> Yes.

>> We were supposed to be on tour right now.

Ryan: The benefit of you not being on tour is that we get to teach our couple of moves that you guys created for us internationally. Would you consider yourself good dancers?

Rashida: Not me.

Anthony: I'm okay.

Rashida: I've got two left feet.

Val: You do a lot of dancing and they are already. Can see it.

Ryan: So, you've been married for a year, is it?

Jenna: Yes. We celebrated our one-year anniversary and in quarantine.

Ryan: Congratulations. How important is the first dance? Because that's what we are really talking about here.

Val: Very important.

Jenna: Is very important. Dance is so important to us. I think about music, and that's the first moments that you are now husband and wife. Everyone is watching you have the special moment.

Val: I don't want to put so much pressure on the dancing, but I think it's a reflection of a lot of things. It's a metaphor for a lot of life things.

Ryan: Of course you're going to put that out there for those of us thought our bad dancers. We understand. So, anthony and rashida, the first dance -- I'm sure you have thought about the song.

Very important moment. Now we know the importance of the first dance. Let's get to the moves. Val, jenna, how do we do it?

Val: We are going to create a little space. All right.

Ryan: >> Ryan: You look nervous.

Val: Anthony looks nervous. We will start simple. Take your left hand and connected to your lady.

Jenna: Everyone is going to be cheering. You are going to be walking out onto the floor for the first time. Walk up to the center of the floor. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Then two steps. Step. Then --

Val: We are going to see each other. My hands are going to go on the waist. The lady's hands go on my shoulders like this. Not too bad, right?

Jenna: Let's try edge. Go into a corner of your house, and walked to the center of the room. So, now announcing as husband and wife, and you are going to start walking on.

One, two, three, four, five, six. Perfect.

Jenna: There it is. Now, hips. Good. From here --

Val: That's it.

Jenna: You guys!

Val: It's the little things.

Jenna: Now, this is a moment for you to just slow dance. We are just going to slow dance. Slow dance, slowdowns, slow dance. Now, I love -- perfect, ryan.

Killing it.

Ryan: Thank you. Thank you. With my basil ginger fennel tea.

Val: You are going to step back with your left as well.

Jenna: Beautiful. Step back. Now, you are going to step forward. Your left hand.

Val: Beautiful.

Jenna: Yes. Now, come into a cuddle. Step forward into it.

Val: All right. All right. One more time. Rashida, go over your right shoulder. Turn over your right shoulder.

Rashida: Okay.

Val: As you step forward. Go for it.

Jenna: And go.

Anthony: Wrong way.


Val: Anthony, take the lead. Take the lead.

Jenna: Instead of going back, go forward.

Val: With the opposite arm. Go for it.

Jenna: Yes.

Val: Rashida. .2-yard -- go for it. Try it again. There you go. Yes. There you go. Beautiful. Coming together.

Ryan: We are going to take a break. We will put it all together. No pressure. It's all going to come together magically right after this.

Announcer: Watch the best moments on "live" by following us on facebook, twitter, instagram, or subscribe to our youtube channel.

Announcer: Next a new "live," "wedding week" continues.

Kelly: Oh, joy. You are invited to a destination wedding.

Ryan: That destination is here.

Ryan: Let's see. What we have got down so far if we were to put up the first dance song. What is it going to be?

Rashida: "Can't let go."

Ryan: So let's try and put together what val and jenna taught you. Let's rehearse it as if it is real. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time, mr. And mrs. Anthony presley.

Take it away.

Jenna: Slow dance. Now you are going to push back.

♪ Cuddle. Yes.


Ryan: It's gonna work. We are going to get it down. That was a fast lesson. Can't wait to see the whole thing. We love you. Thank you for coming on.

Can't wait to see you guys on the floor. Rashida and anthony, you are going to nail this. It is going to be so good. Just keep smiling third. When in doubt, just grin.

We will be right back. Our "good news story of the day" after this.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," a performance by gabby barrett.

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Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. We just saw our wedding couple practicing their first dance, which is so beautiful and so lovely. And mark and I were supposed to do it.

We had some technical issues, so we didn't get a chance to practice our dance, but I'm hoping we get to you anyway because that would be a good dance for us to know anyway.

Not exactly sure where ryan is. I just heard paul talking in my ear that maybe ryan was having --

Ryan: Got it.

Kelly: Look at you.


Ryan: I shouldn't wear this on the show because it is like a blouse.

Kelly: I mean, that is mark consuelos tight. That's what we call that.

Ryan: Youth adam the same shirt.

Adam: Adam, what is that? Is that like an extra extra small? What's going on?

Ryan: When I ordered it, I thought I ordered a medium or small. It turned out that they send an xs. Not tv appropriate.

Kelly: That's the women's collection, I think. See how it is singed in the waste?

Ryan: Usually, I get the kids collection.

Adam: Wow. That's incredible. Next time I come on the show, we will switch. I will wear that one. You will wear this one.

Ryan: By the way, we are going to have our "good news story of the day." It is a 7-year-old who is amazing. We are going to put them on next week. Adam, thanks again for being a good sport.

I apologize to everybody for having to see this, and we will be right back.

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Ryan: I just got your text about says "mark will say this shirt fits perfectly. Maybe a little bit loose in the.

>> It's like he's running the house.

>> Five warning signs you might be raising a narcissist.

>> I have mel robbins and we have helped millions of people.

It's about progress and big breakthroughs. I believe in you. And together, we got this.


Mel: Hi, everybody! Hi, everyone!

Welcome to the show. I'm mel robbins. Today, I'm so excited for this topic. We're exploring whether a narcissist is born or raised. You're all in on this.

And here's another one, how young is too young to know whether or not your child is a narcissist? Our first two parents are worried that their five-year-old is already showing narcissistic tendencies.

They say it has got so bad he is now breaking things and writing on furniture to get attention. I picked this quote, the kids who need the most love ask for it in unloving ways.

>> I think our five-year-old son has borderline narcissistic tendencies. He goes to the extreme to get attention. He will throw a fit, he will even growl if you ignore him.

>> He seems to be self-centered. If I put food he doesn't want to eat, he tells me I'm trying to make him starve.

>> He will have demands like give me my lunch or give me my toys now. If I tell him to clean his room, he'll tell me that I'd better help.

>> I feel like he lacks sympathy

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