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Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, film and television star, minnie driver. And I work out with jen selter as we continue "live's fitfluencer week." Plus, actor and producer maria menounos joins ryan at the co-host desk.

All next on "live!"

[Cheers and applause]

And now, here are ryan seacrest and maria menounos!

Ryan: Maria, great to see you, my friend. Thank you all. It is wednesday. Okay.

Maria: Yeah.

Ryan: Filling in for kelly today is our pal, maria menounos.

[Cheers and applause]

I have to say, we've been thinking about you as a member of our family. We know your mother past two months ago, but big hugs from all of us. How are you?

Maria: I'm good. I'm emotional because I feel like I'm at home with you guys, and you have been on this journey with me. I was flooded with flowers by everybody here, so I love you guys.

Ryan sent me these huge flowers. Kelly and gelman and art. I'm emotional here, but 99% of the time, I'm fine. You know, it's kind of like this crazy thing, you know.

Greece is really hard. There are so many levels to it, but I'm really grateful I have my mom for as long as I did, and I focused on all the positives because there are so many people who lose their mom so much younger, and we had such a miracle run.

And I just think that, you know, life happens. And life hits, so I just have my umbrella up during these rainy seasons. We are going to get through, and the sun is going to come out.

Ryan: You have been spending time with your dad?

Maria: Yeah, I came back to connecticut to film a christmas movie, and I don't know why it is so warm here because in connecticut it is freezing, guys.

It is snowing. It is snowing.

Ryan: Right now?

Maria: I have proof. Hey ryan, good to see you from the set here in connecticut. It is so cold out. It snowing.

>> Brr.


Ryan: So you are shooting a christmas movie now for this christmas? Tell me about it. I love christmas music. Christmas music in july, one of my favorite things to do pure mariah carey christmas music will put you in a good mood.

What is it about?

Maria: I play jenny. I am very energetic and bubbly.

Ryan: A little bit of a stretch for you, isn't it?


Maria: Look at my nails. I did my nails for my character. They are pink with green art. Little green hearts.

Ryan: Oh, cute. Three dimensional.

Maria: A little bit, yeah.

Ryan: So, back to your character, is she excited about her presence?

Maria: My goal is to get them back together.

Ryan: Why did they break up after all these years?

Maria: You will have to watch the movie, ryan. He seemingly let her go to follow her dreams. She has got big dreams and big career plans.

Ryan: Nothing wrong with that, right?

Maria: We will find out. I can't say everything. All I can say is it is going to be on lifetime. Ryan is actually how I got to be involved in this movie because we were at our friend mark burnett's house for christmas two years ago, talking about christmas movies and how much we wanted to be a part of them, so he saw this documentary I did on my parents.

I called it "mom, dad, covid, and me." One thing led to another, and here we are.


Ryan: Every day.

Maria: I am going to be like can I be at your house every day?

Ryan: It is such a house, I hear.

Maria: Do you want to cameo? Everyone was so excited I was coming here. They were like tell ryan I say hi.

Ryan: I did play king winter in the elementary school play. I was born december 24th, so it really is my calling to be a part of this holiday experience.

Maria: Ryan, I don't want to overstate my power, but I think I could make something happen.

Ryan: Can we shoot it during the show?

Maria: Yes. I finally enough, they gave keven all the director had to call and be like we are really behind on the schedule, and he could barely get it out, and keven goes I'm a director.

I get it. Cut me. Just make an awesome movie. So keven got cut, but I'm going to get ryan end.

Ryan: I am down. Maybe your character could be watching "live with kelly and ryan." We could do a little chat.

Maria: We can make it up.

Ryan: Last night, something really strange happened to me in my sleep. I dream about food a lot.

Maria: You do?

Ryan: I do.

Maria: Are you depriving yourself during the day?

Ryan: No. It's one of the highlights of my life. I kind of am. I kind of them until noon. But from noon until six: 34, I am not. We talk about food, take pictures.

Maria: Keven things I am obsessed and have a problem, but now I don't feel as bad.

Ryan: His pizza oven, brick oven, stone oven.

Maria: I sense at a picture of my big french toast.

Ryan: What was special about it?

Maria: It was huge.

Ryan: So anyway, I am at this amazing pizza place. I think it's in italy because it looks very authentic. I am standing there, and this woman is next to me.

I pick up the size and try it and say oh, this is great. She says you've got to have it with butter. We got into an argument. She says you put all of oil on your pizza.

I think I begin to salivate, right? She wanted butter appeared I was fighting her about it. I said all of oil. Someone salivating, thinking about the pizza that I'm having in the dream.

I wake up on my back, choking with saliva and real life. I almost couldn't breathe. I mean, I think I almost died last night from this pizza dream.

Maria: You need like a caretaker to watch you now. That sounds dangerous.

Ryan: The point is I need somebody next to me to take care of me when I start to choke in the night. To save my life. It was weird. It was so real. I was salivating so much.

I literally woke up choking from my own saliva in this dream. Have you ever had that happen?

Maria: No. No. Wow.

Gelman: Yeah, the course. All the time.

Maria: I've had intense dreams. Not where I'm choking.

Ryan: You go to tbe careful. I don't know if your body can let you. I feel the pain of having to go, and then I negotiate with myself and my going to lay that?

Maria: That happened to me at 3:48 this morning. Can I wait until 6:00? No, I can't.

Ryan: I had a celebration because at 11: 48, I had to go. There is so much more left of sleep. I was so excited.

Maria: I found this article talking about if you get up for night sleep, that you have a higher risk of sending a rude work email in the morning.

Ryan: That makes sense. Right? Because you're a little edgy.

Maria: Yeah, but I heard that you don't even do emails, so I don't think there's a chance you could send a rude work email.

Ryan: That's not true.

Maria: If I lot of stuff about your communication.

Ryan: I have had auto reply for a few years.

Maria: Me too.

Ryan: I don't check this email anymore, but I found a lot of emails annoying that were coming to me.

Maria: Yeah.

Ryan: Many of them come from right here.


But I text -- what happens now, I text so fast. Usually I'm doing something else. When I hit send, it changes the words do different things. It's not my fault.

My autocorrect is on hyper-speed.

Maria: Down and told me. He is like I don't understand what he sang at the time. You don't email, you don't understand the text. Maybe he is dreaming when he sends you the text.

You are in the middle of R.E.M.

Ryan: I'm worse at the end of the day if I'm tired, if I've worked a long day. I think I am better in the morning then I am in the evening. Maybe better on a friday than on a tuesday.

Maria: Can I ask you a question?

Ryan: No.

Maria: Okay.

Ryan: What?

Maria: They didn't like it better when you started?

Ryan: I started telling everybody I was in the office but had the out of office. So I have taken it down. You want to get a response, but you won't get the auto reply.

Maria: Interesting. I started mine after I had brain surgery. I was like I am living my life just appeasing everyone else's demands of my time, so I am just going to send an email that says I am not really checking email.

I got it from tim ferris.

Ryan: The four hour week?

Maria: Here are people that can meet your demands and can help. I like that so much better.

Ryan: Four hour work week was a great book. He is rent some other ones too.

Maria: I did get some heat from people because they get very uncomfortable when you don't do email. There are just too many modes of communication.

Ryan: You have to be --

Maria: Efficient.

Ryan: You have to check every morning. Make sure that you know what's going on.

Maria: But we know a lot of stuff.


Ryan: All right, let's see. There is big music news.

Maria: You know about music news?

Ryan: Well, you know, I play the hits.

Maria: He did his voice too.

Ryan: The hits from coast to coast, maria.

Maria: Let me put my specs on.

Ryan: I was young when I started here. I was that kid. Let's see. They have announced the central park comeback concert lineup. John batiste. Amazing.

Ll cool J.

Maria: Yeah!

Ryan: Jimmy fallon, journey, carlos santana, paul simon, bruce springsteen. Great lineup. I also saw in a related story, not necessarily those artist, but many are excited to get back on the road and be touring again.

However, they forgotten a lot of their lyrics because they're a little rusty because I haven't been performing in a year and a half or so, so they are polishing up on their performance skills.

They have lost some of their equipment. They are looking for their foot pedals and speakers and things like that. And I have been on "idol" when some really well-known singers have come on, and I look at the teleprompter, and all the lyrics are right there.

Maria: I was going to say they should take a teleprompter with them.

Ryan: Many of them do. You kind of understand because if you have been doing the same thing for a long time, you think it is etched in your brain, but it's really not.

The rules of the game we are going to play, they have to put that up every day for us. It's like that hit song, same thing.

Maria: I have one other article I really like that I wanted to ask you about. There's obviously a lot of news with space travel.

Ryan: Oh, yes. We had one here. Kelly is destined to be in space.

Maria: I want to go too.

Ryan: She is going to link up with one of those billionaire projects.

Maria: You are not into this. I almost said you are scared, but I will let you --

Ryan: I am a petite old man.

Maria: Keven would never go either.

Ryan: Well, keven and I are alike. It is not life risking, but it seems like it could be. And you know, I don't want to bungee jump. I don't want to go off of the corner of that building.

Gelman wants to for a segment. Kelly is really excited about doing this.

Maria: All right, well, there's a new thing for space travel. In new york city, you will have the ability to experience this weightlessness that astronauts experience, starting next month, for $7500, want to be astronauts can get a 90 minute flight and in a specially modified aircraft adopted g-force one.

It is 8 minutes of weightlessness.

Ryan: And you throw up after?

Maria: Gelman did describe this to me as a vomit comet. I don't like that. $7500. Obviously you are out. Is anyone else in? Ed is the only one.

Ryan: Think of where you could fly and what you could do. Just go up and down. You could go to an island for two weeks.

Maria: This is true. I don't do the teacups.

Ryan: What if they call you? They said hey, do you want to come up?

Maria: You how much are you paying me to do this? To go to space, I would pay them. 1000%. The whole talk of going to mars happened a few years ago, sending people to mars, but you can come back.

I was in. I'm totally end. The only thing is I need keven to come with me. Because I'm good as long as I know I have someone to like make sure we're fine.

I just am about the experience.

Ryan: Is he then make sure your fine guy.

Maria: He will figure it out.

Ryan: I did not realize we are so alike.

Maria: Well, you know.

Ryan: Today on the show, oh, yes, our friend, minnie driver, joins us in a few minutes. What else?

Maria: We continue "live's fitfluencer week" with a booty workout with jen selter.

Ryan: It is time for "summer splash trivia."


Maria: All right. That was our virtual trivia dancer, lori mercer, from paramedics, new jersey.

Ryan: Let's say hello to charlene rockwell from albuquerque, new mexico. Charlene, good morning. How are you doing?

Caller: Hi. I'm good. I'm so excited.

Ryan: What are you up to this morning?

Caller: I am just waiting to talk to you, and then I have somewhere to get to you.

Ryan: Okay. Let's delay that for a couple of seconds. Is it hot there today?

Caller: It's going to be hot, and we have monsoons coming in, so we have some pretty harsh rains lately.

Ryan: Well, it's snowing here.

Caller: I don't believe you.

Ryan: Maria has proof. Listen. We've got two statements.

Maria: You know I love this game, right?

Caller: Hi, maria.

Maria: Hi, charlene.

Ryan: All your life, you've been competitive. I've known you 20 years. One statement is true. One is false. If she stumps us, she will win the mug. "I appeared in an episode of "magnum P.I.." Or "I almost floated out to sea on a pool float."

Maria: I think the pool float sounds totally real because that is something that would happen to me.

Ryan: The stories are in the news about that happening. How did you end up out to see?

Caller: I was with my friend, and we were really young. We were in hawaii, and you know, you start talking, lose track of time, and we were floating, and all of a sudden, a catamaran came by, and he said if you girls don't get back soon, you are almost out to see, so we were like oh, my gosh.

We started paddling as fast as we could.

Ryan: Okay. In this episode of "magnum P.I.," did you get to see higgins house?

Caller: Note. This was in the '80s. I was there, going to summer school at the university. And we would follow him around everywhere.

Ryan: Him being tom selleck? How short or their shorts?

Caller: They were nice.

Maria: How big was the 'stache? She was so hesitant with the details of the pool and the float and the senate. It seems like she had much more confidence in her story about "magnum P.I.."

Ryan: Is it true that you appeared in "magnum P.I."?

Caller: ?

Caller: No.

Maria: Oh!

Ryan: We lost maria for the hour of.

Maria: I should have gone with my instincts.

Caller: I got to meet him, but I did not get in the show, no.

Ryan: Congratulations. You get the mug. Art moore is going to spin the wheel. See what you are playing for. What is it?

Maria: You are playing for a trip for two to the conrad in mexico. Seven days, six nights. With the private pool. Includes 250 daily resort credits for meals.

It is valued at $13,800. You have 20 seconds and only one guess.

Ryan: Wouldn't you rather do that then go up and down on the... On yesterday's show, we talked with robin roberts. What did robin say her father did for a living?

Caller: On my gosh. I just watched a batch.

Hey, siri, what did robin roberts father do for a living? He was a pilot.

Ryan: He was a pilot. He was in the air force. Congratulations.

Announcer: Congratulations! You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the conrad punta de mita. Experience this resort. Enjoy an oceanview suite with a private pool.

Extraordinary dining experiences like the traditional fresh catch beach barbecue. Indoor and outdoor spot, 2-mile long beach, and inspired decorah will round out the experience.

Your prize is valued at approximately $13,800.

Ryan: That looks good. Siris are going off around the country right now. Congratulations.

Caller: Thank you so much. I love you guys.

Ryan: Minnie driver after the break.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," we continue "fitfluencer week" with a booty workout with jen selter. We will open up the "inbox" to hear your comments and questions.

And coming out next, minnie driver.

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Ryan: All right, welcome back. Comedy or drama, film or television, singer or songwriter, our first guest does at all, and she always says it magnificently.

Here she is. Say hello to minnie driver.

[Cheers and applause]

Maria: Hi, minnie.

Ryan: Thanks for coming in person.

Minnie: Thanks for having me.

Maria: I love your dress. I was saying I think minnie and I were out of valentino's event. Did we wear the same dress to that event? I didn't make that up in my head?

Minnie: We were the same dress, and there was no -- what I love, there was no "who looks better" because we both looked fly.

Maria: Yeah!

Minnie: We got pictures together. Let's get a picture.

Maria: I was saying this morning as we were talking, and I couldn't find the picture online because it was a while ago.

Minnie: I can't believe we can find that picture.

Ryan: Someone will find it. You've been surfing, right?

Minnie: I am a longtime surfer. I have lived in this little community for years. My friend took some of those pictures.

Ryan: When do you go out? Really?

Minnie: Early. Late evening. Whenever the waves are good, I will be out there.

Ryan: Great exercise, isn't


Minnie: Really good.

Ryan: I got out, and I was starving after a few battles.

Minnie: Take a power bar with you.

Maria: I got on the first wave, and I was like I need someone to paddle me back.

Ryan: Were you in the water all the time as a kid?

Minnie: Yes. You couldn't get me out of the water. I was definitely a really feral, rambunctious child. Oh, there I am.

Maria: What does "feral" mean?

Minnie: It means if you are wild and slightly animallike. Covered -- just wanted to be outside all the time. Didn't really listen to my poor parents.

Maria: So, they always say you get double what you gave to your parents, so is your son feral times to?

Minnie: No. He has the nicest, kindest, funniest, coolest person. There is no one that I would rather spend my day with then my son.

Ryan: You deserve it, minnie.

Minnie: I do.

Ryan: Your podcast, I think we are talking about this podcast where you ask the same questions.

Minnie: I love that idea because you know podcasts are amazing. They are often rambling, wonderful conversations. I love the idea of having a more disciplined format where I asked the same seven questions to a variety of interesting people from all different walks of life.

Ryan: From tony blair tonight jonas.

Minnie: Tony blair tonight joan is.

Ryan: What was his last meal?

Minnie: What did he have? He said this will be my appetizer. This would be my man -- and he had the whole thing planned out. Whereas like chelsea handler, I was like what would be your last meal?

She was like spaghetti and clams. I was like anything else? No. Just a spaghetti and clams. Nothing else. I won't be hungry. I'm going to die. She is heaven.

I love her.

Maria: What what your last meal beats?

Minnie: You know what? My mother taught my sister and I to make roast chicken. The most amazing gravy. I would make yorkshire pudding. And then apple crumble.

And custard.

Ryan: Chicken seems so boring as a last meal.

Minnie: It's not with my gravy, ryan.

Ryan: Okay. She's throwing down the gravy gauntlet.

Minnie: You are meant to cut the legs off and cook them separately because the breast o a chicken cooks faster.

Ryan: Well, we are free on sunday.

Maria: We know ryan is going to be drooling about this in his dreams.

Ryan: We will be right back to talk "modern love" with minnie driver here in "live."

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," another work out as we continue "live's fitfluencer week."

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>> So, big news. I'm selling the car, and it's breaking my heart. It's getting older, and I'm not getting any richer. I can't talk to you about the house are the office.

People think I'm crazy. But here, who cares?


Maria: "Modern love" anthology series. Second season. I guttural cried at the end of this. It was so great. Tell everybody what's it about.

Minnie: It's about a couple, they married, they have a child. They have to sell this car that belongs to the wife. But the car used to belong to her dad first husband, and my car is the place that she speaks to him.

So, letting go of this car is really about letting go of this part of her life, and as part of the grieving process. It is difficult. And it's beautiful.

It's about love and grief, but it's also, it's funny. And it's a true story. An amazing true story. The one are they all true?

Maria: I did not realize that, ryan. At the end when --

Ryan: Don't spoil it.

Maria: When he said to you, your heart is so big, even if he got a sliver of it, bigger than he could ever dream of. I was losing it. Losing it.

Minnie: You know, my whole life, it has happened on camera. My mama died in march of this year, and when we shot this in november of last year, she read the script, and she loved it.

I do all my driving in this show, and I face timed her from the car. I am just talking to myself, even though I am actually talking to my husband, and she was on face time on the seat next to me, so she is in the episode with me, which I will forever be grateful for.

Ryan: Wow. Thank you for coming. You did all of your own driving.

Minnie: It's oh.

Ryan: Minnie driver.

Maria: Oh, my god. That took me as I can. I'm still lost in the mom stuff. It's a great car, by the way. I love old cars, and keven does too. Now everyone is going to want one.

Your irish accent was so great, and I love how you get into accents. Will you tell everybody a little bit about your method with that?

Minnie: They are like music. Once you know that's oncoming and you hear it. Sometimes if you go back to it, you've got to practice the song a little bit.

You are a little bit rusty, but it is in your bones. Accents stay in your bones.

Maria: I think they stay in your bones.

Ryan: Because you are talented. It is different for some of us. Season two of "modern love" debuts on amazon prime video on august 13th. So great to see you.

Minnie: Thank you for having me.

Maria: We are going to get a booty workout.

Maria: We are continuing "fitfluencer week" with an internet star and fitness model who has almost 13 million followers on instagram showing us a booty burn work out.

I don't know what this whole thing was, but please welcome jen selter.

Ryan: A trailblazer. One of the first to be influencing all of us. Tell us how it has changed since the beginning.

Jen: When I first started, influencing wasn't a thing. It was not as big as it is today, and just watching it go from 0 to 100, it's crazy. I'm happy to be one of the first.

And it's hard work.

Ryan: What do most people need to know about what they see unsocial?

Jen: Is so important not to compare yourself to what you see online because everyone posts the perfect reel. My most looked at photo is my bloated photo that looks like I am eight months pregnant.

Ryan: It shows that you are real.

Maria: We are craving realness.

Jen: Don't be afraid to be yourself. All right. Let's go. No gym, no problem. We are about to get it.

Maria: First of all, your booty. Holy moly. Somebody had to say it.

Ryan: Let's not leave mine out of it.

Maria: Ryan, yours is amazing too.

Ryan: All right, thank you, ed.

Jen: We are going to start with some squats. Follow me.

Maria: Oh, ryan.

Jen: Keep going.

Ryan: You're welcome.

Maria: You know, any time keven's that butt is like that --

Jen: You are going to go in. Out. Make sure you are saying nice and low. Do you feel the burn? Keep it going. Stay low.

Ryan: I am low.

Maria: Are we still going?

Jen: You're not done. Stay in your squad hold. Good job.

Ryan: Now what?

Jen: Stay holding.

Ryan: This is cheating.

Jen: Five, four, three, two, one. Squats. Courtesy lunge. Let's go.

Ryan: Saw how long do you do this workout?

Maria: Guys, this is the work out of a lifetime. This is super hard.

Ryan: How many minutes?

Jen: Four rounds. Keep going.

Ryan: What's the reverse lunge?

Jen: Ready?

Maria: Oh, my god. This is too hard.

Ryan: I'm not going to fit in my pants.

Jen: Ready? Balance is key here. Let's go, guys.

Ryan: So you would do four rounds, you say?

Maria: Balance is key.

Jen: You got this.

Maria: Ryan, you are in such better shape.

Ryan: I am in pain. We will come back. More after this.

Maria: I will be doing this during the commercial.

Announcer: Stay social with us. Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and subscribe to our youtube channel. See what goes on behind the scenes and all your favorite moments.

Kelly: I kept moisturizing myself with hand sanitizer because both bottles -- I was like this isn't working out all.

Ryan: It has a real kick to it, kelly.

Announcer: Next "live," emily mortimer. Plus great big world on daytime's number talk show.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That was the longest break ever. Back with instagram star, jen selter.

Jen: Come on.

Maria: Ryan goes up and gone how much longer do we have?"

Ryan: I'm having a heart attack. Oh, yeah. This one. Yeah. Nice and slow. What is this doing, jen, to my booty?

Jen: You are working everything.

Maria: I like this one.

Jen: We are going to go right back to the squats.

Ryan: What is the second move?

Jen: Ready? Lateral lift.

Maria: What are we doing?

Jen: We are squatting. Squats. Lift. Great job, guys.

Ryan: On your instagram, you dream of food?

Jen: Literally dream.

Ryan: May too.

Maria: Do you always eat super clean and healthy?

Jen: I'm all about moderation. Talking and working out at the same time. I'm all about balance and eating the foods you want in moderation.


Maria: What am I doing? I can't coordinate.

Ryan: You are going the wrong way wrong way.

Maria: I am so bad.

Ryan: It is slow --

Jen: You want to really feel it. Now we will get down and do our little in and out.

Maria: Oh, my.

Jen: Let's go, guys. Out.

Ryan: This is good for the abs as well, right?

Jen: Your whole body.

Ryan: I am glad the segment is almost over.

Maria: I think we're out of time, guys.

Ryan: If you want to see more of jen, where can we check you out?

Jen: Jen selter.

Maria: For more tips, they are all on her instagram. Next, we are going to open up the "inbox."

Ryan: We will be right back.

Announcer: "Live" will return in a moment.

Where's Mommy? Oh, oh hey sweetie. Mother Nature is at work, but Father Nature is here. I'm hungry. Okay... Let's see. Oh, how about some Smucker's Natural?

First ingredient real strawberries. Ugh, he hit the window again didn't he?

Ryan: Wow. Okay. Maria menounos, we are back with the "inbox." What did you find on your stack there?

Maria: Well, sherry from ontario says "hey ryan, would you ever consider doing the edge walk in toronto?" That looks like this.

Ryan: Lets he appeared under consideration. No, I'm going to pass on that.

Maria: That's a hard pass.

Ryan: I have risked my life for this show. When we got here, we went to niagara falls. We daredevil-edr sells.

Gelman: The white water rafting where you take the motor boat go upstream.

Ryan: That was intense, and that was something that I don't know if I would do again. We got all wet. But it was fun intentionally. It was real. That was like four years ago.

Maria: Okay. You're on a hiatus now.

Ryan: I am on a life risking hiatus. I'm healing. I'm resting. And I'm dealing with inflammation.

Maria: We will get you some trauma therapy. I've got a guy.

Ryan: "My son jackson would like to challenge michael gelman to a human pretzel pose. Look at jackson. That is impressive.

Maria: I bet you jen can do that. Let's get her back.

Gelman: That's an old shot. When I have the blond hair.

Maria: You can do that?

Gelman: It took a lot of warming up, but yes.

Maria: You are even more talented than I thought.

Ryan: I'm glad you pointed out that was an old shot.

Gelman: I have the blonde hair.

Ryan: Did you have an earring?

Gelman: I never had an earring.

Ryan: I like your blonde hair.

Maria: I'm still dizzy from that work out. Who am I?

Ryan: "Our pup, bailey, watches you." Look at how cute baylee is.

Maria: I miss my dog. Denise from cincinnati, ohio, "my husband tried to give up sugar, and had dreams of chocolate and ice cream." You are not the only one.

One other human who dreams of food.

Ryan: There's got to be more.

Maria: You my best friend wakes up in the middle of the night to have ice cream. He has cravings in his sleep to eat ice cream.

Ryan: Does he want to remit?

Maria: Best hairdresser in the world. You wake up in the middle of the night, eat your ice cream, have great hair. You've got great hair, but it would be styled a great.

Ryan: It's not styled grade?

Maria: Know, in the middle of the night.

Ryan: Just what I want. His fingers running through my hair, styling it in the middle of the night. Just what I've been waiting for. Hudson knows the answer to today's trivia.

Take a look at hudson. Very savvy. Hudson has four legs.

Maria: I can't figure out where the face is. It is not his ear?

Ryan: The phase is watching us. I hope maximus and winnie are watching.

Ryan: Mama is going to be home soon. We will be right back.


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Announcer: All summer long, "live" is hot.

Kelly: This is bona fide hot mess.

Announcer: Stars.

Kelly: So hot.

Announcer: The grill.

Ryan: So hot.

Announcer: "Live" is the number one talk show.

Kelly: We are number one?

Ryan: Now, that's hot.

Kelly: And is a hot, hot summer all season long on "live."

Kelly: It is hot in here.


Ryan: That's right. They said -- that's us. I think I'm dropping the f-bomb.

Maria: All right. All right.

Ryan: As a matter of fact, thank you to that whole crew. They said that was the most intense ride they've had in the history of the boat. We were happy to be there with them for that history making moment.

We found the photo of you and minnie driver.

Maria: I'm so excited.

Ryan: You are talking about this earlier.

Maria: That is custom valentino, by the way, at the cannes film festival. She was so cool that we were wearing the same dress. She is just awesome. There we go.

Ryan: You look great. Did you get to keep the trust?

Maria: No. Maybe in minnie did.

Ryan: We should have asked. In addition to making her christmas movie, she is working very hard on her podcast paid what are the topics? Wellness --

Maria: Health, wellness, spirituality. Basically I went on this journey after I had brain surgery to find answers for me and my mom. How to get healthier and better.

The world's best experts and healers, so we are kind of going to school to learn, and I would not have gone through this rainy season in my life if I did not have this show because I am learning methods that are making me better so I can handle life.

Ryan: You just learned about chakras and how they inform what you can eat.

Maria: I have this really great intuitive healer, and she talked about your chakras.

Ryan: Where are my chakras?

Maria: You don't want me to really point, but your first is down there. And then they just go up from there. Chakras all the way around us. Right? Because your energy field is part of it.

Ryan: Our chakras are in our stomach?

Maria: One kind of in between the hips down there. One in the navel area.

Ryan: How do you know what to eat?

Maria: You can eat when you know your main chakra, to help fuel you. There you go. There is a tip.

Ryan: Closed captioning sponsored in part by:

Ryan: Make sure you check out "better together with maria menounos" wherever you get your podcasts. Thank you, marie appeared she will be back tomorrow with emily mortimer.

Maria: A performance by a great big world.

Ryan: And good news. Another work out for us. Make sure you join us. Until then, (upbeat music playing)

- [Jamie] Today on

25 Words or Less. He's grown his hair long for a new segment on our show called fashion choice? It's Rick Fox. (audience cheers) She wears the same size shoes as Rick but he's still better at three pointers.

It's Melissa Peterman! (audience cheers) She's a former fashion model. But I hear that it is just like riding a bicycle. It's Garcelle Beauvais. (audience cheers) From RuPaul's Drag Race, where they just won another six Emmy's, its Carson Kressley.

- That's me. - And here's your host, Meredith Vieira! - Welcome to 25 Words or Less. Rick, I'm liking the look. Now did that start as sort of a quarantine I'm going to just let my hair go and then morph into something bigger?

- It did. It started in quarantine. And then I thought, you know, maybe I'll get like a biblical role or something like that. Maybe Moses or find some 10 commandments somewhere out lying around.

- You know what Rick, I can't quite tell what it looks like. So why don't you take your shirt off. And that way we can really... - Oh that's right I forgot.

My bad. - Just take your shirt off and let's see how that looks with the hair. And then we can really sort of just see if it is sort of biblical. - Commercial break for you Melissa.

- Melissa. You got to calm down. - I'm just giving America what it wants. - I know. - Like take off the shirt Rick Fox! - Thank you Melissa. - I'll tell you what America wants.

- Thank you. - America wants this show. So let's see who you're playing with today. With shirts or without. We've got Mae taking on Mel. And the winner could go home with $10,000.

So let's get right to it. Melissa and Carson. You're up first. - Oh my God, Carson. Hello - Hello.

- Okay. - Okay. - Aww, he's given you a little kiss. - I know. - All right. - Okay. Well, let's take a look at the answers for this round. I'm going to set the opening bid at 20 words.

Melissa, can you do it in less? - Oh, wow. My goodness.


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