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Friday, January 18th, 2019

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, from the series "shameless," william H. Macy. And check out the jan-you-ary no excuses homework out.

Plus, a performance from singer-songwriter elle king. All next on "live!" And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Hello! Good morning. Hello.

Kelly: Happy friday! January 18th, 2019.

Ryan: It is friday and the land, and a lot of seeing people going out and they're looking across paths. It's the weekend. I said it before, I haven't been on a date in 25 years.

So that cannot be understated.

Ryan: You would find it really fascinating how people are dating with dating apps. This is something with been going on for a while now, but it's a real thing.

There is an article about how you can attract more attention when you were on one of these dating apps and it has to do with your profile. But what you do with your profile description and they say are there any single people her here?

Kelly: Maybe we can connect you all.

Ryan: We can do an experiment.

Kelly: That's a good story. Don't be self-centered, think about your children. Where did you guys meet? I was a trivia dancer on a talk show and I saw your father across the room.

Ryan: Be can be the wedding, a big segment for the cake.

Kelly: No one knows how to throw wedding like gelman.

Ryan: They say put in your profile description that you love to travel and you will get instant attention, your likes will go up significantly, hot spots specifically if you want to put this in your profile mention tuscany, bermuda, bora bora, or rome.

Kelly: Here's the thing, I like to call this the bachelor effect because everybody wants to think that once they go on the dating app and find mr. Right that he is going to whisk you off on the private plane to tuscany because that's how they do it on the bachelor.

That's not how it works. The bachelor is not even how it works. That is all fake tv stuff. The reality is, they probably downloaded those pictures from a travel app and put it onto their dating app.

Ryan: It is all about hooking them. You're just trying to get the swipe. So you can say tuscany and go to the olive garden, it doesn't matter. Just want to get them in.

Kelly: It's false advertising. Don't you want to know up front. Mark told me he was an animal rights activist when we met, that was a lie.

Ryan: What was mark doing on tender?

Kelly: He did not want to get a dog. He pretended that he was into animals.

Ryan: False advertising. We have an engineer on the radio show downstairs. Can you find tender? He is on all of them. So his name is jeff, that's his real name.

Kelly: The guy from downstairs, he is adorable. Why is he on dating apps instead of just out there dating?

Ryan: I was fascinated to learn he was on different ones for different reasons and became an expert, now he's met someone. He was on bumble, he did tender, whatever else, one of the other ones.

Kelly: I have heard bumble mentioned before. A summit he said that to me and I was like and bumble to you to too. But what is bumble?

Ryan: He is my go-to expert on this on the radio show. We have them on the phone?

Kelly: We are calling him.

Ryan: He's downstairs in the radio booth.

Kelly: Can't we just get him to come up here?

Ryan: Tender tubbs?

>> That's me.

Ryan: It is kelly and ryan.

>> Hello.

Ryan: We are on the air.

Kelly: How you doing, what's going on? I think you are so adorable. Can't you just walk up to the audience and look at here in there's a lot of people in the audience available.

>> Thank you. I do have a girlfriend now, so I can't really do that.

Kelly: Never mind. Resend the invitation.

Ryan: We are just trying to distinguish, you are my go-to want all of this for many years before you met this wonderful girl on one of the apps, but what's the difference between bumble and tender?

>> The big difference is if you match with somebody, the man can't make any additional messages coming up to let the woman message you first I think that kind of filters out weirdo guys which might be more on the tinder side of things where girls will match with somebody on the guys will just bombard them with messages so kind of gives the woman a little more power.

Kelly: That's the one, everybody so remember that.

Ryan: There is one that tonya is on with I called? Explained to kelly what a riot is.

>> I think it's more of an industry type app where there might be models or celebrities. I couldn't get on that one, they wouldn't let me on. That's what I hear it's about.

If >> Kelly: So wait. What kind of celebrity do you have to be?

>> Whatever it is, I know it's not me. I'm not sure. I had think you probably need a big social media following.

Kelly: Aren't you curious, don't you want to -- so here's the thing. Ryan and I are off the market. I am more so off the market than ryan.

Ryan: She says with such enthusiasm.

Kelly: Someone would say I'm past my shelf life but here's what I want to say. Are you curious to put yourself on one of these apps to see what we could hook?

Just as an experiment? Just a curiosity. I want to see what I could land. With my tackle that I'm going to drop.

>> I'm sure somebody should set that up.

Ryan: Let's set up an account for kelly rupp button put on the profile that she likes to go to machu picchu. I'll give you my measurement and give you my age.

>> You can but a song on there.

Kelly: Mind is the imperial death march from "star wars" ."

Ryan: Hook, line, and sinker.

Kelly: I want them to know what they're in for.

>> That's going to get all the guys out there.

Ryan: Will put our height is 5'8".

Kelly: Are combined height is 5'8". Reel them in.

Ryan: We are going to let them go to the radio show, thank you for being such a good engineer. Which app did you meet your girlfriend on?

>> I actually met her on instagram.

Kelly: No kidding.

Ryan: Think about all the stuff that you went through, was right there on the ground.

Kelly: That's fascinating. They're saying because it is jan-you-ary around here, and we are doing physical fitness this week, they're saying that 10 minutes, just 10 minutes of light physical activity is enough to boost your brain cognitive eddie.

I exercise an hour and a half every single day. I cannot find my words. If I went down to 10 minutes a day, I am certain they would find me wandering the street not sure who my person is.

Ryan: Maybe you're overdoing it then. That's a lot of working out.

Kelly: You do as much working out.

Ryan: This is something else that I saw. Have you done any of those dna tests? Be what I am 4% greek also, by the way.

Ryan: If you've done these dna kits come august the a lot of people have done them. They tell people they have a genetic predisposition to certain health characteristics such as a low capacity for exercise or a tendency to overeat.

Their body start to respond accordingly. So if you see your results that you're not supposed to exercise, they couldn't even make the 10 minutes. And the overeating.

Why are we over eating? I'm predisposed over eating.

Kelly: It was a school study on kids with blue eyes and brown eyes. Do remember that? It's an old study, but it really holds up. That they were not as smart as other kids, it's the placebo effect.

You suggested, get spoken into existence.

Ryan: Maybe to pay it off, we've got a great show today, william H. Macy is with us.

Kelly: And jan-you-ary continues with no excuses homework out with meaghan murphy.

Ryan: A performance by elle king as well. Now it's time for "ice to meet you travel trivia!"

[Cheers and applause]

♪ 'S the one nikki from chicago. He went down and popped right u up.

>> It's part of being young.

Ryan: Watches as on six abc abc.

Kelly: Ocean city, one of my favorite places on earth.

Kelly: You know what it got to do is get ryan down to the boardwalk so he can have, it is now max pizza? It became manko and manko.

Caller: It is manko and manko but it will always be that, right?

Kelly: It is the best pizza ever, hands down.

Ryan: What kind of crust?

Kelly: Standard crust, it is just the dough, cheese sauce ratio, something about is perfect.

Ryan: Pizza is my weakness, I love it more than anything. We have two statements, we're going to try to guess which is true. If you stump us, then you will win the mug.

The audience will help us out as well. Here we go. We once did the polar bear plunge in january, or we once went on a dog sled ride in january.

Kelly: Why is everyone so into the cold? It's nice to meet you.

Gelman: Winter themes.

Ryan: That work out is paying.

Kelly: Laugh if you want, I could go at any time.

Ryan: Let's see what the audience thinks. What do you guys think is true?

Kelly: It is random.

Ryan: Where did you do the dog sled right?

Caller: In jackson hole. What about the polar bear plunge, where did you do that? They do it in ocean city?

Caller: On new year's day. It's me when your people in your town who know.

Ryan: You watch our show a couple times this week? Have you seen the show this week?

Caller: Yes.

Ryan: Jackson hole, she's trying to trick us from jackson hole from earlier in the week so I'm going to go with the polar bear. But when I will go with you, we are saying that you once did a polar bear plunge in january.

Caller: Never >> Ryan: I thought she heard that and was trying to trick us with our own trivia. If it's me when I was with you on that.

Ryan: Congratulations, you get the mug. We thought the same thing. Kelly is very upset.

Kelly: I don't know why I keep listening to you.

Caller: I'd rather go in august.

Kelly: I am with you. Face to go on that water as a kid and just have the time of my life, and now I have a hard time putting my toes in, it's so cold.

Ryan: Here we go.

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Seven days, six nights in a one-bedroom oceanview suite. You get in the water there, that's for sure. It's all inclusive, this trip is provided in part by priceline.

This prize is valued $8300. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Good luck.

Caller: Thank you.

Ryan: Earlier this week, we talked with james McAVOY. Where did james say he went on vacation?

Caller: A bath.

Ryan: Bath england that's right.

Announcer: Congratulations! You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the st. James's club morgan bay. The st. James's club morgan bay is set amid 25-acres of colorful hillside gardens on the northern coast of st. Lucia.

This all-inclusive beach-front resort offers stunning ocean and garden views, nightly entertainment, four restaurants, and a host of land and water activities including four freshwater pools, tennis, sailing, kayaking, and more.

Your prize is valued at approximately $8,300!

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Congratulations!

Caller: Thank you so much.

Kelly: We are so excited for you, we are available to travel with you if you want. We are booked. Taking a week off. Taking the seven days six nights off.

They could to help make the day of a lucky member a studio audience who receive a $500 gift card from world market. So please pick a number between 1 and 135.

Caller: I wanted to have a big shout out to my mother-in-law who watches you every day. Stay when we miss you, come visit us.

Caller: Number 124.

Ryan: There she is. Thank you so much for watching, you take care, okay? See you later. We'll be right back with william H. Macy.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," a performance by elle king. Jan-you-ary continues with no excuses workout. And coming up next, william H. Macy.

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What are you waiting for?

Ryan: Is in that great? Welcome back, so after the weekend, viggo mortensen is going to be here.

Kelly: From the upcoming television production of "rent," jordan fisher is also here.

Ryan: Plus a performance by kane brown.

Kelly: Very exciting. He plays the crazy irresponsible and dysfunctional dad we all love on the popular series "shameless," please welcome the very talented actor william H. Macy.

[Cheers and applause]

William: Good to see you. Stay when you smell really good.

William: It is cedar oil.

If >> Kelly: Just plain cedar oil.

Ryan: What is that good for? What does it do?

William: Smelling good. It's been when you smell good.

William: I don't think that actually works. But I don't have that.

Ryan: I saw you at the golden globes walking in on the carpet, we did the hollywood great to each other. And you and your wife presented at the show as well.

William: Was great fun and my daughter sophia who came with us, first time she'd ever been to one of those things and it made it really fun.

Kelly: My girlfriend and ice cream grabbed immediately pictures of sending it to each other because we both want her hair, so we were both like okay, they raise our hair.

William: What about that dress? Magnificent.

Kelly: Is all of you there together.

William: That's her friend.

William: She dug it. We were talking about this, it's a very small room at the golden globes.

Kelly: So do they have the bug, the family bug?

William: She does, she goes to the arts high school in L.A., and she is in the tribe. She auditioned for nyu a couple of days ago, and then carnegie mellon.

Kelly: You're doing the whole college thing, I know it well.

Ryan: Are you sad?

William: We are not allowed to talk about that.

Kelly: Is she a senior or junior?

William: She is a senior.

Kelly: Has big decisions to make.

William: She does, but I don't know about you folks, I would be thrilled if she were in the business if she could find her way in this business, it's a great way to make a living.

Kelly: You still have one more at home, so you won't be empty-nesters yet.

William: It is upon us.

Kelly: Do you think about it?

William: I'm really good at not thinking about things that are unpleasant.

Ryan: That's all we do. I'm lutheran, really good at that.

Kelly: Understand human felicity, you've been married 21 years?

William: 22 years.

Kelly: You wrote your own wedding vows.

William: Yes.

Kelly: What did you promise her?

William: I first wrote something that was quite poetic and lovely and indiscernible. It was just trash. I thought I don't even know what this means.

It's what the last minute, I threw it away and I made a list of things I would do. They're mundane but I'm thin trying to keep them.

Kelly: What's on the list for example?

William: I would stand up when she comes back to the table. I said I would build her a house of her dreams, we built a wonderful house. I said someday, she would have a closet big enough.

Ryan: Someday? Box checked?

Kelly: We just showed a picture, is at the house he built?

William: That is our house.

Kelly: Is not a picture from one of the travel web sites that people use to find people to date?

William: Those are real horses, those belong to my brother. She drew up in a house that looked just like that right there and we bought it and we had to tear that down, but I build her her dream house which is the house she grew up in.

Kelly: So pretty.

Ryan: Waking up there must be magical with that view.

William: I never want to leave, I love the mountains. Just outside of aspen and I have a tractor and a barn and a wood shop that any boy would just love to see.

Kelly: I love that you're like I have a tractor and a bar barn. You are a real salt of the earth guy. You are so different then the actor you play in shameless that sometimes I divorce you from each other.

Ryan: We are going to come back and talk about that character, stay with us.

Announcer: Monday on "live" from the film green book, viggo mortensen.

>> Start my checks now, I'll invest the money in bitcoin.

>> You know your way out.

>> Come on, help a brother out.

>> Excuse me?

>> Bitcoin billionaire, I'll never have to bother you or the state of illinois again.

>> I will see you in nine month months.

>> That's your final word?

>> Yes.

>> Fine.

Ryan: Frank gallagher in "shameless" ."

Kelly: Right before we went to commercial break, I said to him, I pictured him reading the script, you are so different, you sort of impersonated yourself reading the script.

What is the look on your face?

Ryan: A little less this time around because he's trying to clean up his act, he's got a girlfriend.

William: It's fantastic. Frank gallagher is thinking about the fact that he is getting older and he is wearing about his future in a very gallagher kind of way.

So it's time to double down on defrauding the city.

Ryan: And katie's a call comes into play the girlfriend.

Kelly: She plays a psychotherapist.

Ryan: Psychotic psychotherapist.

William: Frank liver fell out and he had to get a new liver and so they changed his medications and he's got to take a generic antirejection drug and one of the side effects is a loss of libido, complete loss, and frank is freaked out about it.

And katie goes to the hospital and he sees katie stegall who is bipolar and out of her mind and it all happened.

Ryan: That's all it took.

William: We had the best time.

Kelly: It is so funny, I've never seen so many despicable characters that are so lovable that I find so endearing.

William: Gets confusing. It's great. It's a wonderful family and at the core of it, it is about family values.

Ryan: Family viewing "shameless" premier second half of season nine on showtime.

Kelly: And at home work out when we return, stick around.

If >> Announcer: Monda

Kelly: Guess what? It is jan-you-ary, and working out doesn't require a fancy gym membership or equipment. Here to show us how to transform ordinary household items into the ultimate tone up tools and a certified trainer and executive editor of good housekeeping, meaghan murphy.

Ryan: These are great ideas. I love these things.

Meaghan: You don't need a gym to get slim. I'm going to show you how to di away instead of buying a single thing. So a yoga strap. I love a yoga strap, a good way to get deeper into your poses and stretch out you can up cycl cycle, the christmas type.

Kelly: Is that santa claus?

Meaghan: He wears it once a year so we won't miss it. So it makes a really good stretching strap. Going to put it against the bottom of your foot and then a bit of a balanced challenge and engage your core.

We are working the back of our hamstring here. I know you guys have good balance, but bring it out to the side.

Kelly: If you complement me, I fall over period of

Meaghan: You can take that to the floor. And just do it like this. They key is pulling up feeling, nice release in the back of your hamstring, 30 seconds and switch it up.

Let's look at that, open and close. Here's the thing, your quads, your thighs. Here's another way, let's flip it up. If going to get into a low lunch, high around the back of your foot and both hands to really stretcher lies.

If >> Ryan: It is like cirque du soleil for me.

Meaghan: That works too.

Kelly: The ends of the tie.

Meaghan: Nice job! And you really feel that in the front of your thighs. Stretching is one of those things we forget. You can do that at home while you're watching the show.

So good. So another piece of equipment that I love is the kettlebell but who wants one of these in their house.

Kelly: Why do I keep calling it a kettle ball?

Meaghan: Because you're wrong. It is a kettlebell.

Kelly: An honest answer.

Ryan: Because you're hearing is going.

Meaghan: Is like a little purse. One of these things you have around the house. You can do with laundry detergent, we're going to do kettlebell swings so we're going to bring it between your legs and then drive it forward.

So it's a hinge, not a spot, this is a great way to burn a ton of calories and tone head to toe because you're working your arms, working your abs, working your thighs all at once and is the kind of thing you can work into a circuit with other moves.

Ryan: Just like the kettle ball.

Meaghan: Light weights, I'm a big fan of doing lots of wraps with light weights so you have your little one or two weights at home, you can diy, read the recycling, get some water bottles and fill them up.

So regular water bottles are half a pound, these are a pound each.

Kelly: This doesn't feel like enough, I'm not going to live. Because I'm such a badass.

Meaghan: You can use a quart bottle.

Kelly: It feels so normal.

Meaghan: You can also have an impromptu jam band because dancing burns 90 calories a minute.

Kelly: Is that true?

Meaghan: 9 calories a minute.

Kelly: I think I burned way more than that.

Meaghan: The other upside of these is if you work at home with your pets, my dog attacks, not what I'm using my shake weights.

Kelly: Why does your dog attacked you?

Meaghan: He just wants to play. Okay.

Kelly: Honestly, if a dog advances.

Ryan: Hears 1 pound of rice rice.

Meaghan: Self massage is really good right now. I love a massage stick to roll that your muscles. While I was making christmas cookies with my kids, the rolling pin that I only bust out once a year into the kitchen and this works just as well.

Ryan: This is good, it does work just as well.

Kelly: Keep in mind when you eat megan's cookies, it probably rose that was something that was all over her body.

Ryan: Will be right back with more, after this.

Announcer: Enter ice to meet you web trivia and you could win an appliance package from cuisinart valued at approximately $1,200. Log onto our web site or go to our facebook page to enter toda today.

Announcer: Next to "live," viggo mortensen from green book, a movie about friendship.

Kelly: We select our friendships based on people that are like-minded.

Announcer: Plus, "rent"'s jordan fisher and kane brown performance.

Kelly: Like being in a nightclub in the daytime.

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Ryan: Meaghan murphy, we are back, and now we have coffee filters.

Meaghan: It's a trainer favorite, great for adding a little intensity to your traditional moves, but we don't need them, not when we have coffee filters.

The thing I love about coffee filters, you buy a zillion for a dollar and you never run out so you might as well work out with them, right? Going to put one under our toe.

You're getting a little semi squad here. Like this. How low can you go? You slide your leg out to the side.

Kelly: Drop it like a squat.

Meaghan: Then drive it forward, middle, back. Middle, forward, middle, back. You can bring it in, and it stands. A really simple move you can do at home.

We have done it, you can do it with deeper plates, a washcloth. Anything. A dish towel, no sweat.

Kelly: A bit harder on carpet.

Meaghan: I also like to work my obliques. Everything else sort of fades away. So we're going to do just like this.

Ryan: What is the back of manure for?

Meaghan: I'll give you the scoop on that later. You're going to put under your hands and just going to slide out. Did you? And then slide. He's showing off.

If you get hurt, it's not my fault. Slide it back in.

Ryan: It doesn't really slide.

Kelly: Do you put into your obliques and put it all in the obliques.

Meaghan: Slide it back in.

Kelly: Put it down.

Meaghan: Like a mermaid, like a mermaid. Yes! Lovely. Okay, coffee break is over.

Kelly: Like a merman.

Meaghan: Some sandbags, there really popular in those crossfit type workouts, but you've got that in your backyard. Was turned into a work out work out.

If this be what I was hoping you would incorporate potting soil into the workout.

Ryan: This is your week.

Meaghan: You can do walking lunges. Get caught in traffic.

Kelly: You know I'm coming right over here, yes I am.

Ryan: Come on back, kelly. Here. Do you want 2? Jan-you-ary. Take it, kelly ripa.

Kelly: What's amazing is how physically fit I am looking while doing this.

Meaghan: You can do that with kitty litter, cat food, dog food, anything you have lying around the garage. Okay, so another popular thing is the battle ropes.

This giant thing. You don't have one in your living room, neither do I but you might have a garden hose, seek and turn your garden hose into battle ropes.

Ryan: That's a good trick, because those are great for the quarter.

Meaghan: You can also use it with any type rated speed when I don't have a hose that would do that.

Meaghan: I do this in my backyard. While the kids are on the swing.

Ryan: That's a good trick.

A >> Meaghan: Give it a try, take the reins, hose us off.

A >> Meaghan: Give it a try,

Ryan: It is great for the abs.

Meaghan: You get an incredible burn.

Ryan: Now going to run through the sprinkler.

Meaghan: Exactly. What's great is it's working your arms, your shoulder. This is a good housekeeping favorite, it works with any garden hose. This is my backyard secret.

Ryan: All the information and more is available on, available now. Meaghan murphy, great to see you. Thank you. We will be right back with the inbox.

Announcer: If you want to know more about any of our jan-you-ary workouts, just go to our web site,

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Kelly: Just a friendly reminder, we are headed back to the L.A. This year for the oscars and we want you to join us. Take a look.

Announcer: The hottest stars.

Ryan: It's the oscars.

Kelly: Angelina jolie, look what you started.

Announcer: The big winners.

Ryan: Academy award winner.

Announcer: And that's just the beginning.

Kelly: It will make you drunk with power.

Announcer: Only two hosts can turn hollywood's biggest night into america's best after party. Live from the oscars stage at the dolby theater in hollywood, california, it is "live"'s after oscars show monday february february 25th.

For tickets, go to our web site.

Ryan: We look good in slow motion. We look better. Adding to our lineup this year's performance by the incredible grammy nominated artist bebe rexha.

Kelly: In the los angeles area on fiber 25th and want tickets to see our after oscars show live from the dolby theater, go to our web site andn who attends our after oscars show will blend an amazing trip from visit britain and british airways.

Ryan: Let's run this town, the prize includes a trip for 2, british first class on british airways and explore exciting destinations throughout england, scotland, for whales all while enjoying historic attractions and dining at top rated restaurants.

You must attend our show to win this trip, but it shall be fun. We will be right back with elle king's performance, stay with us.

Announcer: Monday on "live," a performance by kane brown.

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Ryan: Welcome to "live with kelly and ryan" ." Want to tell you monday, viggo mortensen will be here.

Kelly: And jordan fisher is also here.

Ryan: Plus kane brown. So elle king's new album is available now, she just added a spring leg to her shake the spirit to her. Here she is with a brand-new song, naturally pretty girl.

Elle king .

♪ Oh, those naturally pretty girls that you see around town ♪

♪ Looking down on me ♪

♪ Who really cares about nice complexion and perfect hair? ♪

♪ I'm sure they just get up every morning and be boring and beautiful ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ It's not make believe ♪

♪ It's rewarding to be beautiful ♪

♪ Nature wasn't kind to me ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Pretty girls ♪

♪ Naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ They always smell so nice ♪

♪ I bet your boyfriend thinks so ♪

♪ I even heard that in school, she dated leonardo dicaprio ♪

♪ Just leave it to a pretty, pretty girl to ruin your day ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ It's not make believe ♪

♪ It's rewarding to be beautiful ♪

♪ Nature wasn't kind to me ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Pretty girls ♪

♪ Naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty girls ♪

♪ Damn those naturally pretty

[Cheer and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now, ellen DeGENERES!

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Thank you so much! Hi!

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Hi!

[Cheers and applause]

Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I feel the same way about you. Thank you so much. Have a seat, everybody. You are excited to be inside. I am happy you are out of the rain.

It has been raining. It has been coming down. I was walking, our offices are on the lot a few business is over. I was watching to the stage, and it completely watered down my gin.

It has been raining all week long, it is extra dangerous in

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