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Friday, January 27th, 2023

Deja vu: It's Live with Kelly and Ryan. Today from the series Accused, Rachel Bilson. And mini money makeovers as we wrap up Live's Makeover Your Wallet Week.

Plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the inbox. All next on Live. And now, here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

["Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay playing]

Good morning.

Thank you.

-I love Coldplay. -Good morning. It's Friday, January 27th, 2023. We did it. We did it. It's here. By the way, Coldplay, since we just played Coldplay...

I was reading that Chris Martin said they're only gonna do three more albums and then that's it. Please, I've heard Cher say that for two decades.


-I love Cold-- That is such a great live-- that's one of the great live concerts to go see if you're gonna go to a concert to see Coldplay play.

It's one of the great shows. You know, I've not seen Coldplay, but Mark has seen Coldplay and says the same thing. Well, the music's like that. It just feels good, right?

-Yeah. -Makes you feel good. Mm-hmm. It's one of those-- it's also one of those shows where I can dance.

Because the music doesn't require too much coordination. Just a little flow.


We'd like to see you dance to Coldplay.

[Audience cheers]

I mean, it is Friday, isn't it? There you go. Stand up and dance.

["Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay]

That's a thirst trap, isn't it?

[Audience cheers]

-In the words of the-- -Look at the-- look at the millennial, Gen Zers laughing. Like that's the hardest they've ever laughed at this-- at anything we've ever done right there.

There take a shot. There they are. Turning red. Laughs-- laughs of embarrassment as if they're my kids laughing at their father.


That's what it was. In the words of the great Jennifer Bassey. "Darling, you have no idea what you did out there."


You know, Gelman, you said show some vulnerability on this show.


Was that your vulnerability?


-I don't know. I mean, I-I-I'm not a dancer. I like to sway. Anyway. You don't like to sweat? No, I like to sway. I don't like to dance. -Oh, sway.

-I took a salsa class. I didn't do so well, so I realized it wasn't my cup o' tea. Anyway, hi. You have no idea what you did out there. You brought happiness and enjoy to many-- I don't watch this show so I'll never know.

Many people or at least three millennials right here. So listen to this, everyone. If you're having a hard time in your relationship. You're in a long-term relationship, you're struggling to refind your joy, all you have to do--

-Can't wait. -Is look at photos of your lover, your spouse, your partner. Look back on old photos of them and it will reignite the joy with your person.

Old photos of them with you, or old photos of them like growing up? -Just pictures of them in-- -In general. -In general. -Like in high school, in college.

No, it doesn't have to. -Just for photos of them-- -Just in general. -In general. -Nostalgic photographs. A-any photo. Mm-hmm. Well, I'll look back at photos of me it'll put me in a bad mood.

Like I don't think it would-- You're not in a relationship with yourself, Ryan.


I'm not so sure this exercise will work, is what I'm trying to say, Kelly. Your partner, your girlfriend. Look at a photo of them if you are struggling to find-- -And that's gonna-- -According to this article.

I find that when I look at photos of Mark, relaxing, napping, enjoying himself, it fills me with a kind of rage. -Yeah. -It's-- it's triggering. 'Cause I know that I've taken 6,000 photos of him and the kids on vacation.

And occasionally there's a selfie with my short arm that I try to get in to prove I was there too. I was also at the Eiffel Tower. So it's a photo of the corner of my face and all of them, protesting that I'm not allowed to post the photo.

[Laughs] Do you want

Me to get you one of those sticks so you can get this picture right? No, I hate those sticks. -Would you like one of those long-- -It reeks-- Sticks you can travel to the Eiffel Tower.

I don't need to announce that I'm a tourist anymore. I don't need to say I'm a tourist. Here I am. But they say that there is something that brings you closer to your partner when you look at photos of them.

You know what makes my heart melt? Looking at photos of my dog, Georgia. When I look at old photos of Georgia, fills me with-- with good spirits and-- and good mood.

And good mood. They actually put out the list of the most popular dog names for 2022. You know, I was out with Georgia in the park last night after nine-- after nine o'clock.

Where she's-- she's a dark-- -9:00 pm? -Yeah. Were you having a bout of insomnia? Did you just wake up from a nap? When she has to go, she has to go. And she's, you know, she's a black lab, so she blends with the night.

There she is. So she was off leash, running around, going to do her business, but I couldn't see her. I lost track of her against the wall where she likes to run.

So I-- huh? Can-- you get a collar? Get a blinking collar? All right, I'll get a blinking collar after the show. Anyway, I was chasing her, which must have looked ridiculous.

I'm running around, you know, not a great runner at nine o'clock at night with my sore, stiff back chasing-- Show us how you run.


Chasing a dog that looks invisible around the park last night. So the solution is a blinking collar? -Yeah. -All right. Or get an AirTag on the dog, too.

Or go when the sun is up. We have that same problem with Lena only on the kitchen floor. Because it's a very dark-- It's like, "Where did she go?" Yeah. You-- we step on Lena constantly.

When I look like a lunatic running around in circles -in the park at 9:06. -Yeah. So anyway, here are some of the top female dog names. Rosie is on the top of the list.

-Sadie-- -Bottom of the list. Well, no, this is nine to one. -I mean, there's a hundred of them. -No, it's top ten. -Yeah. So? -So if that's the bottom of the list, the top is that one.

Well, these are the top ten. So it's the top of the list. The bottom of the list is the bottom 90 to 100. I do the American Top 40 countdown. The top ten is at the top.

Do you-- oh, do you start with number one? Guys, spoiler alert, Ryan starts with number one at the American Top 40. We start with 40 and that's the bottom.

So if you look at the top 100 list, 100th is the bottom. So you count number ten, the number one song then. What would you-- what would you like for me to do next?

-Give us a name -Just give us the top three names starting from three, two, one. So the bottom of the top three is Daisy. Okay. Daisy's at number three.

Then there's Bella. And the number one female dog name of 2022 is Luna. They're also human names, aren't they? -Yeah. -a lot of them are human names. -For the top-- -I like people names for dogs.

Some people have like real people names. Like Arthur is a dog. You know, there's a dog named Arthur I've heard of about. -Kevin. -Hey, Kevin. -Come here, Kevin.

-I love that. At number ten is Leo. Number nine, top boy dog names, Rocky, then Bear, then Buddy. Tucker, Teddy, Charlie, Cooper, Milo. And the number one male dog name is Max.

Again, all like human names. -Max. -Bear. I don't know any Bears either. No, wasn't the guy on-- -The Bear. -The Bear. -The chef. -The Bear. The chef. -Very famous Bear.

-Yeah. So yeah. Huh? Not a lot. I like Max. I think that's good. But Georgia-- I told you my friend in high school's dog's name was d-o-g. And I was like, "Diogi?" I go, "Diogi?" I was like, "Is that Italian?" And he is like, "No, it's d-o-g." And I go, "Diogi?" I was like, "Spell that." And he's like, "d-o-g." -Diogi.

-That's dog. -Dog. -Yeah. -Isn't that funny? -Yeah. -Diogi. I would just call the dog for short, Dog. Dog. Dog. Rabbit. Rabbit. Cat. Cat. -Does Georgia have a nickname?

-Georgie. -Georgie. -Georgie. So I actually call her Georgie more than Georgia, which I think is cute too. But she responds to both. You know, she's-- she's now ten and she sleeps in.

Like, she used to get up with me in the morning. -Now she sleeps in. -Well, just you wait. I don't wanna wait. Chewy sleeps about, I would say-- Is that-- that comes with the age, right?

I would say 22 hours a day. Like, I have to pull her out of bed in the morning so that she can make a pee pee. And then put her back. And, literally, when I-- I-- I pull her out of bed and if I don't stand her up, she'll be in the bed position.

Like, she'll just go on the floor in the bed position. So I stand her up and then she's like, wobbles around a little bit. Then she slides around a little bit and then I put her on the little patch of grass outside and I was-- and I go, "Go empty." And she's like.


-You say go empty? She says, go-- yeah, go empty means-- You say that? That's the cue? -Yeah. -Go empty. So she goes empty. But it's like watching her go empty is a real tightrope walk.

I'm like, is she gonna fall into the empty or is she gonna-- yeah, it's a real-- and then she goes right back to sleep for like hours and hours. Guess what I've got here in my hand?

-What? -a top ten list of the most in-demand jobs. Count us down from number one, Ryan.


At the bottom of the list at number ten. Now so these-- are the-- these are-- truly, these are the top ten most in-demand jobs in the us. So these are where they have openings and they could use people.

A lot of these, I'm not quite sure what they are. Kelly, at number ten, Grant management specialist. -Okay. -At number nine, data or data governance manager.

I think it's data. -Is it data or data? -Data.


I think it's data. -It could be data. -Data governance. Now that is a great dog name. Hey, Data, go potty. Data, go empty. Come here, Data. Data, where are you?

Dada can't see Data in the park. All right. Number seven, an advanced practice provider. You've forgot number eight. Number eight, growth marketing manager.

Growth marketing manager. Six, sales enablement specialist. The top five, Kelly, here we go. Employment experience managers. Number four is a truck driver.

As a kid, when you had a road trip, did you guys ever do this... To the big trucks when you would drive by them? Yeah. I was always fascinated 'cause my dad would tell me that they had cabins back there where they could sleep.

And you could see the big ones, right? The bunks. I always wanted to see what those looked like too. I just as a kid wanted to get into the cabin of a truck or a-- or a-a-- an rv, or like any sort of like small traveling living area.

Nana and Hank Paw had a cb in their car. And so when we go on road trips with them, we could talk to the truckers which was so, you know, breaker, breaker 1-9-- -All of that.

-And all that-- all that stuff. There's-- they say-- they tell you there's a Smokey coming up. -Yeah, a Smokey. -There's a Smokey. -Yeah. -There's a Smokey Bear.

-Another great dog name. -No, no, no. Not Smokey Bears. Smokey and the Bear was a tv show.


Smokey Bear is the iconic bear to anti-- prevent fires. We're number three on the list. A diversity and inclusion manager. Number two of the top ten most in-demand jobs in the us, human resources analytic manager.

Number one, head of revenue operations. So those, if you're looking for work, those are the top ten. Tell us why would you like the job at head of revenue operations?

It seems like there's never, right? There'd always be a problem. We'd never be hitting the numbers. The revenue would never always be right. That's a tough gig.

I would sound like the girl from the Miss Teen usa pageant. You know, the one that says like, us Americans don't have maps. Like, that's what-- my explanation for everything.

It's like, I personally believe that I would be good at-- at... Head of revenue operations because some people out there in our country do not have head of revenue operations such as in the Iraq.

-Do we have one--


Do we have one of those here? -Head of revenue operation? -Sure. -We do? -Yeah. -How-- how we doing? -Who's that person? You're doing great.


We're doing great? We're doing great? Wow.

[Both sighs]

We're ready. Let's do it. Let me remind you that it's Friday and-- -And it's a free show. -And we've already -started the weekend. -Okay? Just comes complete with your cable package.

We have a great show for you today. Rachel Bilson is with us.

[Audience applauding]

And the 'Best Me in '23' continues with Jean Chatzky, who's gonna answer all of our viewer questions and give us tips on how to give ourself a mini money makeover.

I almost called her John. Jean, bring your data over and tell us about this. Jean Valjean Chatzky. She's coming with her data, Jean. It's time for Live's Lucky Day Trivia.

["Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer and Kygo plays]

♪ Baby, this evening ♪

♪ I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight ♪

♪ I want some hot stuff, baby, this evenin' ♪

♪ Gotta have some hot stuff ♪

♪ Gotta have some love tonight ♪ That was a virtual trivia dancer Sharella Pruitt from Illinois. Do it. Do it. And do it. Do it. Do it. That's it. All right, let's see.

Sarah Moses on the line. Calling from Colorado Springs, Colorado watching us on krdo. Sarah, how are you this morning? I'm good. How are you? -Doing well.

-Doing great. We're looking at you in this glamorous picture. Where are you here? Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Yes. We were there last year for my brother's wedding.

Oh. How nice. The world-famous diamond head there in the background. Yes.


How do you know that? Oh, you've been there a lot. I've studied all the volcanoes of Hawaii.


And I have the top ten right now. -At number ten-- -Count us back. Count us back starting from number one.


You're welcome. I personally believe that some people out there in our country do not have volcanoes. Now listen, Sarah, we're gonna-- we're gonna focus on you here.

You've given us two statements. One is true, one is false. If you stump us, you will win the coveted Kelly and Ryan mug. All right? Everybody wants to get their hand on that mug.

So here we go. First statement is, "I was an extra in a Marvel movie." Ooh. Or "I was invited to be a part "of The Tonight Show audience "as part of Fleet Week." Let's start the clock.

So tell us about being on The Tonight Show. -When was that? -We were-- we were in the audience for Fleet Week. There was like a section in the seating where like Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guards.

And Jamie Fox was there and I got to shake his hand. It was so cool. And-- and are you in the armed services? I am. I'm Air Force and my husband is Space Force.

Oh, wow.

[Audience applauding]

Okay. Now, why would you lie about that, right? Well, yeah. You wouldn't, would you? I don't think so. I've just met you, but I don't think you would, Sarah Moses.

What about-- what character did you play? You were an extra, what did you-- did you see yourself in the Marvel movie, and what Marvel movie was it? It was the first Avengers.

It was a scene where they're-- Nick Fury and Tony Stark are arguing on the ship. And Tony Stark is saying like, "This guy's


And I was an extra, like, around it and no, I didn't make the cut. Hollywood is a cruel, cruel place. It is. Well, Kel. You know what? I've decided, even though I haven't seen that movie, I am never gonna watch it again.


So I mean that would be true, right? I mean they-- because she said it was-- they shot this on a ship. So it's got-- I think it's this. We use that. So we're gonna try and get you the mug.

We think it's true that you were an extra in a Marvel movie. Is that true? No, that's false. Good. You win the mug. Congratulations. We did not fail you.

We got it. And there's more. Deja Vu to spin the Friday wheel.

♪ -All right. -Here's a great prize. A trip for two to the St. James' Club and Villas in Antigua. Seven days, six nights in a royal suite. It's all-inclusive.

It's a prize valued at $8,000. You have 20 seconds and only one guess. Sarah, good luck. Thank you. Earlier this week Sarah, we talked with Ginny and Georgia star Brianne Howey.

What did Brianne say was the first television show she ever auditioned for? 90210 to be the green girl!

[Audience applauding]

Deja vu: Congratulations. You and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the St. James' Club and Villas in Antigua. Experience an authentic Caribbean vacation at the all-inclusive St. James' Club and Villas in Antigua, ideally situated on a secluded peninsula.

This exclusive hideaway offers breath-taking ocean views, white sand beaches, distinctive swimming pools, top-notch restaurants, and more. Your prize is valued at approximately $8,000.

-And your feets. -Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Sarah, congratulations. -Well done. -Thank you. Oh my God, I've tried for so long. I even forgot I entered.


Well, don't forget you won. Enjoy your trip. We will never forget -about you, Sarah. -I can't forget that. We'll be right back with Rachel Bilson ter the break.

Bye, Sarah. Deja vu: Still ahead on Live. Our 'Best Me in '23' series wraps up with Jean Chatzky and tips for giving yourself a mini money makeover. We'll open up the inbox to hear your comments and questions.

And coming up next, Rachel Bilson.

♪ You in my lane (Get out my lane) ♪

♪ You in my way (Get out my way) ♪

♪ You crossed that line (You crossed that line) ♪

♪ It ain't yo' day (It ain't yoday) ♪

♪ I need my space ♪

♪ Get out my way, Get out my way (Yeah), ♪

♪ Get out my way (Woo), Get out my way, ♪

♪ Get out my way (Move), Get out my way (Woo) ♪

♪ (Well) ♪

♪ I need my space ♪

♪ This sweet love, this sweet love ♪

♪ This sweet love baby ♪

♪ This sweet love, this sweet love ♪

♪ This sweet love baby ♪ as unique as your love pandora, for every story

Deja vu: Live with Kelly and Ryan's After Oscar show returns live to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California, Monday, March 13th. For tickets go to our website.

[Audience applauding]

Welcome back. Join us Monday. Dave Bautista will be here. And we begin a week of Travel and Me in '23. Oh, we're gonna milk '23 until it's '24. Hey, tips on travel with The Points Guy, Brian Kelly.

-That's right. -That's great. Yeah. Now she's one of the stars of the new crime anthology series, Accused. Please welcome the riveting Rachel Bilson.

♪ Riveting. I like that. Hi. Mwah! So good to see you guys. -Good to see you, Rachel. -How are you? -How you doing? -I'm good. Learning how to walk in heels again.

That's fun. Sorry about the waft of Static Guard That must have just greeted you. I'm a big fan. That smell just brings me back. -Yeah. -I'm not electrocuting myself.

So you're in California? -California-born and raised, yeah? -Yes. Born and raised la. Yep. And how do you like coming to the cold? I don't love it. I've had a lot of experience with the cold.

I've done a lot of time in Toronto, which is even colder than here. -Mm-hmm. -Yeah. Right. Not fun. But I've come to New York for a long time, many years.

When did you first start coming here? So it was funny, my first time was a-- like Broadway trip with my drama club in high school. And then my aunt had an apartment here and took me on this special trip for-- right before prom, my senior year to get my dress in New York City.

Oh, that's great. So nobody else would have your dress. Oh, no. No one had-- it was like this little shop in the East Village. -Oh, that's chic! -Oh, yes.

And lavender, very '99. The color was real special. A little bustle in the back, you know, that was the time. But it was great. That's actually a great time to have prom as opposed to some of the rest of us.

Do you remember the songs? -Like what were the big prom songs? -Oh my God. You know, "Lady in Red" always played at every single dance no matter what. -Like I-- -Da-- cheek to cheek.

Oh yeah, oh yeah. -Chris de Burgh. -Lady-- Yeah. I probably can't sing it and I shouldn't, but-- One of the big Chris de Burgh hits. It was real special.

Yeah. Only you would know that it's Chris de Burgh. It's one of my favorite songs to sway to. To sway? Is that how you dance, Ryan? Yes, that's how I dance.

I sway to Coldplay. -Sway is safe. -Sway is definitely safe. Definitely a safe bet. Or maybe in my case, it's not. So your daughter's how old now? -She's eight.

-Wow. Eight years old. Yes. She's learning how to drive and she's wearing -crop tops.


-Crop tops. -Yes, of course. She just got her first nose piercing. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. The next is tongue. -Her name is Briar. -Briar. Yes. -Briar-- Named after?

-Briar Rose is her name. So her great-grandmother is Rose. Shout out to Gigi on Long Island. Oh, is she a Gigi? -Oh, she's a Gigi. -That's a good grandma name.

It's a great-grandma. So Gigi. And one day I was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty as a kid. And I'm just like walking around the kitchen I'm like, "Briar Rose." 'Cause that's Sleeping Beauty's original name -in the fairytale.

-Oh! -Yes. And so-- -I didn't know that I knew that. -Yeah. -And you worked for Disney -all these years? -All these years. But there are certain things they keep from us.

Yes, of course. Of course. -It's in the vault. -Right. -Like the FastPass.


It's a Genie Pass now, Ryan. -But yes. -So is it? -Yeah. -Okay. So was it easy to come up with that? -I mean, did that-- -It just clicked. You know, when like, you know, you've had kids so when the name it clicks.

When you-- sometimes when you see the kids, -the name sticks. -Yes, absolutely. So I have now forced Disney upon her and princesses. -I'm like-- -And is she into it?

She's kind of into it. I'm way more into it. Like I'm belting the songs. And she's at-- she's eight. So she's like, "Mom, stop singing!" And I just-- Little Mermaid comes on and of course, -you're part of that world-- -But-- and when -she says stop, you just keep going.

-Of course, louder. Sing louder. And in front of her friends. In front of her friends. She's always mortified but fun. Thinking back, what was your big tv break?

My big tv break, well, the biggest was The O.C. -Right. Of course.

-[Audience applauding]

Yeah. Which is coming up on 20 years this August. -Is that true? -I still remember the promos of-- -No! -"This is how we do things in the O.C." -Oh, my God.

-We usually-- You've been saying that, I feel like-- It was like our mantra here. It was our mantra as if we were in the O.C. We'd be in the production office going, "This is how we do things in the O.C." -In nyc.

-That's right. In nyc, yeah. And it started-- I think my first role I ever had was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I didn't talk. I don't think, but I was there.

The O.C., you guys had the flip phone-- -flip phones in Orange County? -Sidekicks. Do you remember the sidekicks? Sidekicks, of course. The bejeweled sidekick.

Oh yeah, you'd like, "Whoosh." It was actually really satisfying. 'Cause you had a whole-- full keyboard. Oh, look at-- look at you. -You're like-- -Flip phone!

First of all, you look exactly the same. Oh, God. Second of all, you're like, "Look at me with my flip phone. "And Motorola is sponsoring me for life." I know. For li-- actually Motorola, where is my flip phone?

'Cause I really do want another one. Yeah, those were great. But they've come back. Like they-- like our interns probably have them now. Interns, do you flip phones?

They're like what are you talking about? What's a flip phone? I mean, texting has to be kinda difficult on a flip phone. But I-- I'm-- I'm all for it. No, don't you remember texting?

You had to like press each-- Each-- like on the number you had to press it-- -Press, press, press. -Incessantly. Yeah. It was crazy. I'm kind of into it.

So a lot of-- and I know this from-- from the acting, you used to do a little bit of acting, right? I did a scope commercial. When you would act, you would be in a pool with the same people over and over and over.

You see the same faces. Usually. Yeah. And so did you-- you developed friendships with these people? -Some. Yes. -Some. Some were-- became enemies? No-- Yeah.

I have many, many enemies. Especially if they got the job. Name them now. Who was horrible? Okay, I'm putting you all on the blacklist. No, I made a lot of friends early on.

And I remember, speaking of Disney, my dream is to like be a voice of a Disney princess. Have you not done that yet? Oh no. I tried. Let's put it out there.

I'm putting it out there. I did audition once for Tangled. And guess who was sitting next to me in the waiting room? Mandy Moore. Rapunzel herself. And I was like, "Why am I even going in?

"Like, there's no way." 'Cause she's amazing and I love her. And it was like a folk princess. They're like, "Prepare like a folky song." I sang "Hallelujah." Like, in what world would Disney be like, "Yep, that's the song." That's the one we're looking for.

She's the Princess. -Oh yeah. -I think that's great. -Thank you. -I think that's great. And for Tangled 4, you should seriously consider Rachel. I could never-- I can never replace Mandy.

I love her dearly. Well, it's now in the universe. So maybe it'll come. So if you're listening, Disney Princess, I might sing "Hallelujah." But I'm all yours.

We're gonna get a break. All right. Coming back with Rachel Bilson right after this here on Live. Deja vu: Still ahead on Live. You won't wanna miss tips for giving yourself a mini money makeover.

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-What happened? -a tractor overturned. He got pinned underneath. And long story short, he started drinking and the farm got repossessed. And what about your mom?

She wasn't in the picture.

What doesn't kill you, right?

[Audience applauding]

-Oh, boy! -That was a clip from the Accused. Tell us about the series. It's-- I love it. It's so much fun. It's-- well, not really fun. Not the right word.

-It's an anthology. So each-- -It's compelling. It's compelling. Yes. Each episode is a different story with different characters. There's a defendant you see on trial, you don't know what they're being tried for.

And then the story's told in flashbacks to see how -they came to be-- -To be in that position. -Accused. -I see. And tell us about your role, your character.

My role. So I play a hospice nurse. -Oh, wow. -Yeah. Which, oh my goodness. Like to be able to do that in your life is-- Well, they're angelic people. -They're special people.

-Very special. -Yeah, they are. -Absolutely. -Yes. -Shout out. Absolutely. And it's like this bizarre thing and it's almost like I had to disconnect, you know when I was playing the part because if you really-- I just can't imagine being there.

So how did you get into that head space then? So I just listened to hardcore rap because that clearly helped me. -Mm-hmm. -I don't know. You know, I just went for it.

It's kinda how I approach every role. You just kinda dive in and try your best. -Where did you shoot it? -In Toronto. -Oh, no kidding? -As a matter of fact, yes.

Your old stomping ground. My old stomping grounds. I feel like I'm an honorary Canadian at this point. Yeah. Were-- were you in charge of like the-- the cast dinners?

The-- So I definitely introduced some of the fellow cast members to Canadian staples like Swiss Chalet. It's like a chicken-- yeah. Mm-hmm. -It's a chicken-- chicken chain.

-Okay. -I'm a big fan. -Yeah. Tim Horton's, which is like the Dunking Donuts of Canada, you know. The Timbits, the little donuts holes. Very important stuff.

All the teamsters, you know, transportation were very impressed with my knowledge of all of the Canadian treats that I'm a big fan of. So I open people's eyes.

Get you through those long days, right? -That's right. Yes. -Of the shooting. Accused airs Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on Fox. Great to have you. -Thanks for coming.

-Thank you so much for having me. It's so good to see you. Thank you. We'll be right back. Next, we help you guys, viewers, with a mini money makeover.

Stay where you are.

♪ Feel it in my soul ♪ deja vu: Monday on Live from the new film Knock in the Cabin, Dave Bautista.

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Ahh, we used to spend hours at the store. Giant direct, I owe you one. And now with free pick up, mom is obsessed. So we have more time for us time.

♪ I'm living my best life ♪

♪ Living my best life ♪ Ah, welcome back. We have had great financial advice all week and today we're answering some of your questions. We're talking mini-financial makeovers.

Small things you can do to improve your finances. Here with all the answers is financial expert and founder of HerMoney, Jean Chatzky, also known as Jean Chesky.

Jean Chesky. So Jean, let's get started. We've got a lot of questions from our audience. -Yes. -And we thought we would start there. Okay? So Tina from Colorado says, "Should I continue to invest in my mutual fund or put that money in a savings account until the market turns upward?" So just to be clear, when you put your money in the mutual fund, you're putting it in stocks typically stocks and bonds, but you're putting it in the market.

And you need to know when you are going to need to use this money. If you're not gonna need it for at least five years, it's okay to think about putting it in the market.

But shorter than that, you wanna think about putting it somewhere safer, like in the bank, in a savings account. And what she's alluding to here by trying to wait the market out is timing the market.

It doesn't work. Even people who think they can do it typically can't do it. And that's because the very best days in the market often occur during the worst periods.

And if you miss even the ten best days, you are gonna cut your returns by a lot. -Got it. -Okay. Next, Sherry from New York asks, "Is it a good time to put money into a one-year cd, or is it better to open a high-yield savings account?" Well, these are both doing a lot better than they were a year ago before the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates.

Right now a one-year cd, if you search for the best returns, is paying about 4.3%. A high-yield savings account is paying about 3.3%. But they're different.

You put your money in a cd for a year, you are locking it up for a year. And if you need to get your money back, you have to break that cd and pay penalties.

On the flip side with that savings account, the Federal Reserve is gonna keep raising interest rates. And as they do, the interest rate that you get on that savings account is gonna go higher.

So I would say if you don't need the money for a solid year, go with the cd right now. -Otherwise, go savings. -Okay. Caitlin from Alabama ask, "What are some easy ways to ensure my family sticks to the budget?" So I've been doing this a long time and I can tell you there's only one way to make sure that you stick to a budget.

And that's to know where your money is going. You've got to track your spending and there are lots of different ways to track your spending. You can use an app, you can make all of your purchases on a debit card that is linked to your bank account and then look at your bank account.

That's what I do. You can use pencil and paper. You just have to find the system that works for you and stick to it. And if none of those work, go to cash.

-It's a lot harder to spend cash-- -Because it's real. -Because it is. -It's real. You're not tapping your cell phone against the thing. And check out TikTok.

There's a bunch of videos about cash stuffing, which is basically the old envelope system where you say, this is my cash for groceries, this is my cash for gifts, this is my cash for other things.

And it helps you stay honest. Okay. We're gonna get a break. We'll come back. More questions. Emily, you're up next when we come back with Jean Chatzky right after this.

Deja vu: Stay social with us. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. See all your favorite moments and anything you might have missed.

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♪ Ready or not ♪

♪ It's about to go down ♪ Okay. We're back with financial expert Jean Chatzky and she's answering your financial questions. Up next. Emily from New York says, "I have two kids.

And besides a New York 529. We haven't started saving for college. There are so many options. Where should we start?" What's a New York 529? A 529 is a state-sponsored college savings account.

And every state has 529. Some states have more than one. And so you wanna choose the right one. But the way they work and the reason that they're good is that there are some tax advantages.

So you put money into a 529 like you'd put it into an ira or a 401k, it grows tax-free. And when you pull the money out, as long as you're using it for what they call qualified educational expenses, you don't pay any taxes on growth.

And the qualified educational expenses are pretty vast. Like things like computers count on that list. It's not just tuition and room and board, but you wanna pick the right account.

So there's a website called that rates these plans. There's another that rates these plans. Set it up, and then treat it like a 401k.

Just put some money in every single month, it'll grow. And tell the grandparents that you did this by the way, 'cause they'll make contributions too and they'll help.

Oh, that's actually a great idea. Yeah. Okay. Claire from Pennsylvania wrote, "I'm 50 years old in good health and currently evaluating whether it makes sense to purchase a long-term-- term-- a long-term care life insurance policy.

Is this a good investment?" Well, 50 years old is actually the right time to start looking at long-term care policies. If you're gonna buy a policy to pay for your care down the road, this is about when you wanna do it.

Cause by the time you're 60, you might have a health condition and you might not qualify. The thing that people don't like about long-term care insurance is that its pure insurance and it's pricey.

And if you don't need care, you've put a lot of money into premiums and you're not typically gonna get it back. So the insurance industry has started rolling out these hybrid policies.

It's a life insurance policy mixed with long-term care. So that if you need the care, you can pull the money out of the policy, but if you don't need the care, the policy will just stay.

And when you die, somebody will inherit that money. So people feel like that's a little bit more palatable. On the whole about long-term care insurance, I would say don't try to buy as much as you might think you might need.

Just buy enough to get you through. Exactly. Like an-- It really is an insurance po-- it's carrying the umbrella in your backpack. Exactly. It's guaranteeing you won't need it if you have it.

Right. Right. In most cases, which by the way, when it comes to long-term care, I would go for that. All right. One more here. This is a question -you seem to get over and over again.

-Well, I-- Or is there a question you seem to get over -and over again? -The question that I get a lot is from people who are around 50 who say, "I haven't done anything.

Is it too late? "And-- and where do I start? How do I start saving at 50 "for my future?" And you're making a face, but-- No, I'm just like-- The face I'm making is one of, like, terror and agony for-- For people who haven't started.

-For people who haven't started. -It's a Friday. Except that 50 is a lot younger than it used to be. And when you're 50-- It still sound aged to me. And when you're 50, you probably have 20 years of working until you get to retirement.

So, today is the best time to start. Right? And just start small. Open an investment account, a retirement account, start putting a small amount of money in it every single month.

And think about what sort of life changes you can make now so that you can save a little bit more. Right? If you're thinking, "Oh, I'm gonna downsize "when I retire," do it now. And then start funneling $1,000 every single month into your retirement account.

If you do that for 20 years and it grows at 8%, you're gonna have more than a half million dollars. And you can take a decent amount of risk in your 50s with your investments 'cause you have a long-term time horizon. You can put 50, 60, 70% of that money in stocks.

As you get older, you wanna take less risk so that if the market takes a tumble right before you retire, you're not in terrible shape. Mm-hmm. It doesn't hit you so hard.

Great tips. -Thanks, Jean. Thanks for coming. Really appreciate it. For these tips and more, you can go to our website. And check out Jean's podcast, HerMoney with Jean Chatzky.

We'll be right back with the inbox after this. Great advice. Deja vu: If you would like to know more about anything you see on Live, just log onto our website at

["Get Ready" by Ray Elle]

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♪ Ooh, what do you want ♪ Welcome back to the inbox portion of the show. Where do you wanna start? Marilyn Grazinski from Ooltewah, Tennessee says, "My female German Shepherd Husky mix's name is Comomera, "because she wouldn't come to any names I chose, "but she would come to 'Come here.' So she got Comomera.

Comomera. This is from Kitty Curtis in Old Chatham, New York. "I named my puppy Sakari, which is Native American "for 'sweet.' She's very sweet and is a mixture of breeds." -Aw.

-That's a good name. That's nice. Joyce Donez from Zionsville, Indiana said, "My husband "showed up to our first date with a flip phone. "He also didn't text.

Red flag."


-Okay. "He's an engineer who works with cutting-edge "technology every day and he still has that flip phone. -"Red flag."


Don Baker from Somers, New York says, "Our dog's name "is Corona after the beer, not the virus. "She was named years before the pandemic. Cute black lab.

"Our other dog is Cavit after the wine." Oh. That's nice. Beer and wine, their two pets. Good times. Mary Lou Lawyer from Harrisville, Michigan says, "30-plus years "ago, Kayla and Patch on Days of Our Lives danced "to Rachel Bilson's prom song, 'Lady in Red.' -"One of my favorite songs." -♪ Lady in red ♪ You remember it, right?

♪ Dancing with me, cheek to cheek ♪ Let's see. Let's get to these photos. You know what you should do? Show us how you slow dance. Could we bring the house lights down?

We got the disco ball. Disco ball. No, we can't-- You know, we're almost outta time, so unfortunately, I can't get on these two feet. But while we're here, let's say hello to Mary Mauer.

"This is a thank-you for a wonderful trip "to the Fairmont Mayakoba." I believe that's the arrival boat on their way to their room.


If I can piggyback on that, Victoria Mildenberger said, "My Aunt Nancy and I had a blast in Belize. "We saw the birds, turtles, crocodiles, bats, "and the howling monkeys.

"Thank you for the amazing trip." Sounds noisy, Gelman. These are great trips. This is another good photo, Kel. This is from Janet McManus. "My daughter and I "in Hawaii from a trip that we won on Kelly and Ryan." You know, I just assumed-- You assume no one wins?

I assumed nobody ever wins. You didn't really give them-- Well, knowing you, I assumed you didn't send the trips. Hundreds of trips. Hundreds of trips?

Probably thousands, over-- Thousands of trips? What? -Yes. -We follow through, Kelly. -Mm-hmm. -And we'll be right back. Okay.

["What Do You Want" by Richard Harris and Robert J. Walsh]

Deja vu: Tuesday on Live, Kal Penn.

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They slow us down. Hey, real quick. We have a little more time. So I wanna get to this. Betty and Carol from Fresno, California, "Thank you for acknowledging hospice nurses.

"It was wonderful. Thank you for your love -"and appreciation."

-[Audience applauding]

And thank you, Betty and Carol. I t know how to segue from that to this, but Linda Bane said, "We live in the Panhandle of Florida. "There was a bad storm and high winds that went through "Tuesday night.

The next morning we went out to check "for any damage. Luckily we had none. But look what "we did find. I guess this one will be named either "Windy or Stormy." Aw, so one of the cows had a baby in the middle of a storm!

In the middle of a storm. I don't know how to segue from that to this, but... -Try, Ryan.


You try your best. Do it the way I did it, with grace and elegance. You just have to go for it, right? Marty writes, "Thank you for an hour of laugh-out-loud fun, "you guys.

No politics, no health scares "or missing documents. You two are so great." Let's do this real quick and then we'll say bye. Glenice Murray from Hazel, Kansas, "I have to laugh "regarding your conversation about flip phones because "I still own a flip phone. I always say to my granddaughters "that I must be the only one in the world with a flip phone," -but you're not.

-You are not. You are not. A lot of flip phones out there. -You are not. -Hey, we'll see you on Monday. Dave Bautista with us. Travel tips from The Points Guy.

Bye. (upbeat instrumental music)

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(Sighs) Joining her are returning champions, trivia buddies, Jessa and David. Now here's your host, (indistinct) is the logo, it's Meredith Vieira. - (laughs) Welcome to 25 Words or Less.

Wait a minute, Greg, were you really on Baywatch? - Oh, yeah. - Or was Jamie just pulling our leg? You were? - No, I was on Baywatch, I was on Silk Stockings.

I was like in that whole, I guess started on that stuff, you know, at the beginning of your career. And by the way Baywatch was the biggest show in the world.

- And Gabrielle, you are like a superstar on Star Trek. You're like a fan favorite. - What a dream role. I play a Vulcan on Star Trek Lower Decks and her name is Talin and so loved.

She's so loved. - I love that. The Star Trek fans are crazy. - Yeah. Well, okay, well we got super fans on this show, all right? Don't forget that. - True.

- We're gonna meet one in just a little bit. We have a great show today. It's aunt and niece versus trivia buddies and the winner could go home with $10,000.

So you know what? Let's get right to it, Greg and Gabrielle.

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