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Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Announcer: It's "live with kelly and ryan!" Today, film and television star, taraji P. Henson. And from the smash hit series, "modern family," tibor L.

Plus, don't let your food go bad. Tips on how to save your perishables. Get ready to meet a veterinarian from ohio. And don't miss our story of the day.

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♪ And now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest!

Ryan: And here we go again. Good morning. It's wednesday, april 8th. We are coming to you live. Kelly, how are you?

Kelly: I'm well. How are you doing? You look great.

Ryan: Well, thank you. This is a rerun. You will see this many, many times, this shirt.

Kelly: Same. Same. We are out of clothes, but that's okay, considering the circumstances. I think we are doing pretty a-ok. A-ok. Happy hump day, by the way.

Ryan: Thank you. We have made it to the middle of yet another week. I have been talking to some of my friends. It is the fourth week of staying at home here, and I sense just in general he has had a little bit more anxiety.

So two curves out, I discovered something real quick. I started to google images of something that I think is calming and people. And I went on to a google hole of olive trees.

Don't laugh at this. Just try it. Just sift through the catalog of trunks and silver leaves, and I think it might calm you down a little bit. It did for me.

Kelly: First of all, did you get the email I sent you about the most calming instagram account?

Ryan: Yes, I did.

Kelly: Isn't it susan? I just watch it for hours. There was an article -- there was an article in my news about the most calming instagram feed. And it's just beautiful.

It's really, really beautiful. Yeah. Do you have it there? Are you going to show everyone? That's it. That is it. No, that's it. It's gorgeous.

Ryan: Having the anxiety, of remembering my password, it's a lot to do at once.

Kelly: Yes. I hope you didn't show it to the camera.


That's neither here nor there. You know it also been doing? I have been going down these -- I like to call them dr. Pimple popper holes. I don't know if you have ever seen dr. Pimple popper.

I will not say that it is relaxing. It's not relaxing. But it is utterly -- if you want to waste three hours. You are just waiting for your kids to get off the internet.

You can just watch dr. Pimple popper videos. She extracts blackheads and all sorts of disgusting -- it's just fascinating was lurking within all of us right beneath the surface there.

Ryan: It doesn't surprise me, knowing you so well, that you would be obsessed with that. That doesn't surprise me one bit.


Kelly: I know. I missed my calling as a dermatologist. But I did get some interesting news. You know, they canceled the regents exams. In new york city, at least, it is a really big deal because the kids have to pass the region exams to graduate and.

To go onto the next grade, to be

Eligible for college. There are so many different ones. They just canceled them. So, it's so funny because my youngest, joaquin, he is so different than my other two kids, who would have been just dancing around the house, they would have been so excited.

But he has this level of anxiety from it. He is really -- he felt so prepared for his exams.

Ryan: Does he not believe -- I know he worked hard to prepare. Is he let down that he doesn't have to actually go forward?

Kelly: I think this whole thing is playing into every sense of anxiety that he has in his life. It is the uncertainty of everything is making him very anxious.

Ryan: Does that mean that they are canceled? That they want take them?

Kelly: Yeah, no --

Ryan: He was telling me that they are sifting through and sorting through how it is all going to end up, but it is a fluid situation. Clearly, the same rules just don't apply, especially to this graduating class.

Kelly: I feel so bad for my son, michael, who was supposed to graduate in a couple of weeks, and I really feel bad for my dad, who would delay to having knee surgery that he can't obviously have now for so many myriad reasons.

But he was so looking forward to, you know, watching his grandson graduate from college. It is such a big talking point in our house. Not only is their graduation -- it was a yankee stadium, but then his film school -- they have a separate graduation.

And that was supposed to be a radio city. Two such iconic establishments that we are not going to get to experience. Again, these are small problems, considering so many people are losing their loved ones and very, very sick.

But it is what it is here and michael, by the way, is not bothered at all.


Ryan: It is the parents and grandparents. I remember your dad sitting across from eight in las vegas when we are doing the show, talking about knee surgery.

And then I remember him telling me about changing plans for the graduation. So I know that he is upset about that. Not that it is any substitute, but perhaps we can conduct a mini ceremony for him here.

Kelly: May be. Yeah, maybe. I would be nice. That would be one way to handle it. We would have to get him to figure out how to use facetime or skype or anything like that.

Ryan: My mother did tell me -- she just shows me the panels of the room. One other thing you should know. It has been raining here in los angeles. It there has been a record rain all week long.

The downpour. I did get out to circulate my system at 3:51, and I could hear the pitter patter on the roof. It just makes you want to cozy up in bed. Of course, gelman wants to call me out about four: 48 to talk about the show.

Kelly: You should call me. I was awake. I mean, 4:48 your time, I have lived a life and a half.


I have scampered everybody off the wi-fi. I have made them put all of their devices down so that I can do the show. Guys, I only need one hour. Then it is yours.

Just give me an hour, please.

Ryan: There is only so much wi-fi capacity. Do we have a shot of my go his baby gap shirt? That comes up on my iPAD.

Kelly: Well, listen. Is he muted for you or just for me?

Ryan: You know for america.

Gelman: For everybody.

Kelly: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Listen, if you check out my instagram story, you see a lot more of gelman. You know, because he hasn't figured out that I screen grab him the entire time that we are -- when he is briefing me on the news, he gets himself into all sorts of crazy positions and, you know, he is half dressed half the time.

And I just screen grab away. Put it up on my story because america -- if I have to see it, you have to see it.


Gelman: Thank you, kelly.

Kelly: You're welcome.

Ryan: That's too much fun for us at this hour. Take it away.

Kelly: I know. We have the same level of fun.

Ryan: [laughs]

Hey, kelly, there's a rumor going around that "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming back, and that someone featured on this screen might be on that show.

What can you tell us?

Kelly: Someone may or may not hold a substantial role as a potential lifeline for someone on the show. That's all I'm going to say.

Ryan: Would that person say it was challenging, or they might just be competitive? Did they do well? What can we say?

Kelly: What I can say is said a person needed no help from me. That is all I am going to say. Said person just missed me and wanted to talk to me. That's what I think, if I'm being honest.

Ryan: I am actually just asking that sort of in the dark, but is that person someone who is on the news?

Kelly: I'm not going to tell you that because I could give away an answer, but you will know said person when you see said a person. One said person pops up, it will become clear to everyone.

They don't need help from me, but it returns tonight.

Ryan: Jimmy kimmel is the host of that.

Kelly: Jimmy kimmel -- I have been hoping that they would bring back "who wants to be a millionaire." I really was hoping. And I am so glad because it is in the vein of "american idol," right?

It's something you can sit and do with your family as a family activity because let's face it. I'm not going to lie, okay. I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I am currently not speaking to two of my three kids right now. Okay? I'm not talking to two of them because -- just because we are all in the same boat together, right?

I haven't gotten to hug my parents. I'm sorry. I want to hug my parents. I miss hugging my parents. And my kids like won't hug me. And I'm like guys, we have all been lockdown together.

We're fine. You can give me a hug. It's fine. Anyway, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm crying. Sorry. Sometimes we forget. Sorry, did I shout that? Did my inner monologue come out?

Didn't mean to do it.

Ryan: [laughs]

Kelly: Hey, do you want to hear about the pandas in the bronx zoo officer mike

Ryan: They got some things done.

Kelly: They have been trying to get them to make it for some time. But now, because there is no prying eyes, they are saying that they believe that the two pandas has been canoodling.

If you will, making love. Or potentially, making love. Who even knows what that looks like in the panda world, but they were spotted smoking cigarettes later on in the afternoon.

Ryan: The pandas just wanted some time alone. That's all they were asking for. Talking about their rain and the lack of people out in los angeles, we have heard about a lot of wildlife sightings and populated areas.

Mountain lions are out and deer are out because there are fewer people and cars out. No pandas, but a lot more activity than normal.

Kelly: Will you -- will you still go outside in the rain? Or will you stay indoors? Because I know you have like a yard, so you will go out in the yard.

Ryan: Now. We took a walk over the weekend, and we saw the deer. But they are saying not to. No grocery shopping as well, right now. So a lot of people have heard that news.

All right, let's get to it. We have a great show for you today. On the show, taraji P. Henson is with us.

Kelly: Yay. I'm so excited to see her. I feel like it has been forever since I have seen her. Also, ty burrell is on the show. Somebody was saying that he had a huge quarantine mustache.

Like a big old mustache. So hopefully we get to see that. I don't know if he shaved it. I don't know what the story is, but I know that I personally have not shaved any part of my body since this whole thing started.

Mark is a lucky guy. That's all I'm going to say.

Ryan: [laughs]

Is the lucky guy near you?

Kelly: He's in and out. He just comes in and check the wi-fi and walks out here


Ryan: Okay. Dr. Dr. Wendy bazilian is with us. How do we get the most life out of the things that we buy? We'll talk about that. And we are going to tell you something good.

The good news story of the day.

Kelly: So good. So important right now, read?

Ryan: I think those stories are what we need. Now, the covid-19 pandemic is touching every aspect -- sorry?

Kelly: No, I was just about to say that.

Ryan: It is touching every aspect of all of our lives, as we have been talking about. We have been trying to featured different heroes that are out there.

Joining us now from canton, ohio, is a veterinarian stacy bridges. Look at that. Hi. So who are you with there in your shelter?

Stacy: So, this is doodles. Doodles just came in as a stray yesterday, so we are giving the exam, seeing what was going on. There was a microchip, so it is a really big to promote getting your animals microchip, making sure you stay up-to-date on the information about them because this dog is microchip, and then when we contacted the company, it wasn't registered to anybody.

So we are not able to get this dog back to its owner. But with that said, the dog did have a lot of underlying medical issues going on, so we are going to do our best to try to find him a home if his owner doesn't come for him.

Kelly: I know you guys are working around the clock there, but do you have enough stuff? Do you have medical supplies? What is it that you need that you don't have?

Stacy: Right now, the medical supply thing is a unique situation because what we are trying to do is really preserve anything we can for the human world.

We want to make sure they have enough to keep themselves safe. So we are trying to minimize things that we are doing here that are not essential, really trying to decrease and keep the social distancing as best as we can.

And just kind of do the best we can for everybody as a whole.

Ryan: And you started your own rescue, right?

Stacy: Positive hope. So it gets a little confusing because the veterinarian at the sheriff's office -- this opened up the door for me, though, because I take care of all of these dogs here.

And we have such wonderful support from the commissioner and sheriff's department. We have a group that raises a lot of funds for the dogs here. For the supplies, medical care, surgical care.

But what we do is outreach for dogs like this and advanced dental. Ultrasounds if they are needed. Blood work. In the shelter world, medicine doesn't need to be minimized.

It needs to really be similar to what it would be for your pet are your, and really, we want to make sure that all the doctors are educated to talk about whatever medical condition might be going on.

And then on top of it, I don't know if you can see behind me, but we get kittens. My medical staff and I, so much comes across our way, and we really want to help as many animals as we can.

We try to really promote helping to get kittens and cats in foster homes. Spay and neuter. So we have our own rescue. At the other thing that is really important for my rescue in general is that we are able to take medical cases and try to find a perfect home for them.

Let's say a dog has a really bad heart murmur and we don't know what's going on. We can do a foster to adopt situation. Help to provide the funds to get the medical care needed for the animals until the people know if this is a good fit or not.

If it is, we adopt. If it is not, then we move on to find the next home.

Kelly: You're amazing, by the way. You are amazing at getting the message out. Ryan, am I right? She's amazing.

Stacy: I try.

Kelly: Good for you.

Ryan: We want to help out a little bit. Kelly and I would like to do a little part by giving you $5,000 to help out with some of those things that you were just speaking on.

Stacy: Really?

Ryan: Yeah.

Stacy: Thank you, thank you.

Ryan: And thank you. Stacy, it is awesome what you are doing.

Stacy: Thank you.

Ryan: Okay, see you later.

Stacy: Bye. Take care.

Kelly: Thanks. Oh, that dog. And the kin.

Ryan: I went to dunwoody high school. I told you this. We were the wildcats. At all the games we would say go wildcats. We are paw-some.

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "modern family," tibor L. We will give you tips for your groceries. And coming up next, to raji p end.

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Trump: No, I don't take responsibility at all. Joe biden: I can promise you this. When I'm president we will be better prepared, respond better, we'll lead with science, and I'll always tell you the truth.

Because in times of crisis, the American people always, always stand as one if told the truth.

Announcer: Priorities usa Action is responsible for the content of this ad.

Ryan: Welcome back here tomorrow on the show, max greenfield will be with us.

Kelly: Yes, and he has also going to perform for us, right?

Ryan: Michael gelman, mute your screen. You know, we were talking about the good news story of the day, as we are working to get taraji P. Henson on the skype line.

We have been going through this long enough, and there is so much news that we are trying to stay caught up on. And it is not great news. It is difficult news.

It seems to be getting tougher by the day, but we are hopefully seeing light at the end of the tunnel soon. This is such a cute, heartwarming story, kelly.

Kelly: A second grader right here in new york, a 7-year-old boy from long island, he is helping to fight coronavirus with an amazing act of kindness.

The last comic books. He loves all things comic books, and he loves making comic books. He decided to sell his comic books, and he got $9 together and sent the $9 to dr. Joseph, chief of hospital operations at nyu winthrop.

And he sent a letter saying here is $9. As all the money I got from selling comic books. I think everything is going all right with your coronavirus patients.

I want to help raise money for the coronavirus vaccine because I am a second grade student in school. Save the world, and he wants to go back to school.

And so, he gave his $9 to the hospital. And I just think about stuff like that should be commended. Seven years old. Thinking about other people. Good job, mom and dad too.

Ryan: What are the positives? If you can look at things I will come out of this in the long run? A young person like that being so selfless and being south open to help and with learning how to do it and being enterprising at such a young age is something that will probably happen for the rest of his life.

Kelly: Yeah, 100%. It's funny. We've been featuring our heroes of the day, and I got an email this morning from my girlfriend, who lost her mother, unfortunately, to covid.

Do you remember the iPAD nurses? They are -- those women -- that's how she got to say goodbye to her mother. She was like thank god for those iPADS. Thank god for those nurses that are there making that connection for us, the families.

Ryan: Isn't that such a statement of where we are? Feeling a sense of closure through that. Thank god that happen, and I'm so sorry for the loss. Let's take a quick break.

We will come right back. "Live with kelly and ryan."

Announcer: Still ahead on "live," from "modern family," "

We see them every day. (♪ ) The hands, hearts, and minds of our frontlines.

The care they give and give. Only to go home and care some more. How they run in when others run away. Today the whole world is seeing them like we always have.

Here's to the Heroes.

Ryan: And we are back. Will you love her on "empire." Now she is starting in the new action comedy, "coffee and kareem." Please welcome back to the show, our favorite.

Taraji P. Henson. Taraji, hey. You look good. I like it.

Kelly: Very shake dominic chic.

Taraji: I had to be my own glam squad today.

Ryan: You are looking good and isolation.

Taraji: Thank you.

Kelly: You are good at being your own glam squad. You are fearing way better than I am. I just lost my eyelash extensions. They blew away like the last leaves of fall.

Ryan: So how are you doing? How are you feeling? What can you tell us?

Taraji: I mean, everything is good. Hanging in there like everybody else. Going to keep my sanity.


Kelly: Did you have to postpone your wedding? Is that because of everything going on right now?

Taraji: Is a mess. We have grandparents. My grandmother is 96. His grandmother is 86. We are just like what do we do? So we are just regrouping and trying to figure it all out.

Now, it's about safety. And I think I'm a little paranoid, even though we are trying to stop this curve of infections. You know, now, I just can't get it out of my head.

Let it's never really going two away, you know.

Kelly: Like all of us. It's all anybody thinks about.

Ryan: I was talking earlier with kelly about simple things that I have been doing, like looking at images of all of trees. Have you discovered anything and isolation that keeps you calm?

Taraji: I meditate a lot. I burn a lot of incense. A lot of sage. I am learning more about my crystals and their powers. And this guy right here, he helps me.


Because he doesn't know what's going on, you know.

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah. It's just so hard. You know what I was thinking about. This is so crazy. Go with me now, taraji. I'm just speaking off the top of my head.

You could do a virtual wedding right here on our show. Just like this. Invite your family. Ryan could officiate.

Ryan: I got ordained years ago for a radio contest.

Taraji: That's so depressing. I've never been married before. He's never been married, and that's just not how I envision

My wedding [laughs]

Kelly: But you envision us there, though, right? Oh, okay.


Ryan: Loves to talk quickly about "coffee and kareem." And you play vanessa, right? Tell us about your role in the movie.

Taraji: It is an action comedy. It stars myself, ed helms, and terrance liddell -- gardenhigh. This kid is amazing. He's going to be a big star. He is extremely funny.

I hope we get to work together again. And my character vanessa, she's a single mom. And she has to save the day, basically, like all women. But you should watch it.

It's very funny. They do have a potty mouth.


Kelly: I think we all do, at this point.

Taraji: I think so, I think so. It's on netflix. And it is slowly becoming the number one hit thing on netflix, I believe. I know it's the number one moving out.

It's trailing behind "ozark" and "tiger king."

Kelly: Oh, right. "Tiger king." Right.

Taraji: And you know, I have my foundation. We are starting a campaign. I know people are struggling mentally with this whole deal and especially underserved communities.

We are trying to help people seek help. I can pick up a phone and call my therapist because I can afford it, but most people can't, so we are starting a campaign to raise money for the cova 19 pandemic to help others who can't help themselves.

No stigma. You can make any amount of donation. Anything helps. We are just trying to help people. I have my good days. I have my bad days. I'm just trying to help the best way that I can.

Kelly: You know, taraji, we can put that information up on our website as well. That can help a lot of people. We appreciate you so much for waking up and being here with us.

Taraji: Thank you so much, guys.

Ryan: Taraji P. Henson. Check it out. "Coffee and kareem." We will be a ride with ty burrell.

Kelly: Hey there. Welcome back everybody. Well, without further ado, for 11 years, ryan, 11 years. That is longer than a decade. He has been making us laugh on the groundbreaking comedy, "modern family." Here he is, ty burrell.

Hey, ty.

Ty: Hey, guys. How are you holding up?

Kelly: How are you holding up? Thanks for joining us.

Ty: Thanks for having me. We are holding up well under the circumstances. I think like all of us, mainly just feeling grateful for people on the front lines.

Kelly: Boy, you said a mouthful. We were talking about this before. Before you joined us. About your power 'stache. Now, is not a byproduct of isolation?

Ty: Well, you know, I actually had a full mustache yesterday. My daughter gave me a makeover. And it involved a full mustache, which my wife then vetoed

Immediately. So, this is just the remanence. This is the remnants of -- it is like an archaeological dig. You can tell that there was a mustache. An actual mustache at some point.

Ryan: Right there. From back in the day.

Kelly: I still see it. I see it. I don't know.

Ryan: Some real estate in there. It's nice.

Ty: I've got it.

Ryan: We will get to "modern family" and a second, but one of the things you are also in salt lake city is helping out the restaurant business. They were really hit hard by everything that's happening now, and you are trying to help out.

Tell us about that, ty.

Ty: In salt lake, every food and beverage business across the world has been hit hard. Salt lake is kind of taking a double hit because they had a series of earthquakes.

So the takeout industry is even damaged there in terms of structural damage. So, along with the mayor of salt lake, the downtown alliance, we started something called "tip your server." We are trying to raise money for the food and beverage employees, basically, as a stopgap to get them from here to unemployment, which is really hard for food and beverage employees in general.

I don't know if you guys were ever in the world, but I was a terrible, terrible waiter for a long time. And it is really hard to get unemployment anyway.

And it is not -- there is no way for there to be a fix. There's about 15,000 employees that are unemployed right now in that industry in salt lake, but we are trying to create a stopgap to get there from here to the stimulus package and unemployment and things like that and try to prevent a housing situation.

Sadly, that's the reality.

Kelly: It's great, what you're doing. I think it's fantastic. I hope other places follow suit because those people are really, really suffering right now.

We have to talk about "modern family." 11 years. One hour series finale is on tonight. I cannot believe I just said those words.

Ty: Yeah.

Kelly: Will we be satisfied to? Was it satisfying for you? Or will we, the fans, just sit around complaining, waiting for the movie?

Ty: [laughs]

Will cover the movie comes out next week, so a --

Kelly: Excellent.

Ty: I hope you will be satisfied. I think the writers did an amazing job. It's such a hard thing to write a finale on. You know it, to write a final episode for something that has been on for 11 years, and I think they wrote something that is really still funny, which is hard for something like that.

It's really funny, and I hope it sweet. I think it still feels like our show. You don't want the finale to feel like something completely different. So I hope people like it.

We felt like it was a fitting end. There is no real spoilers to it. It's sort of like just and all of our lives, and especially now with what's going on, sometimes you have a sense that a certain period in your life is coming to an end, and things will be different going forward.

That is sort of the theme of the final episode, and I think weirdly, fitting, may be.

Ryan: I can already tell you the photos, the clips, and with you talking about it, that we will be tearful.

Kelly: We are not going to

Make it appear [laughs]

Ty: You we were a mess. It's the first time in my life, truly, as an actor, anyway, when you are asked -- the scene is basically calling for that emotion, and the director and showrunner had to come out and say could you guys cry less?

Could you all just to be less emotional?


At "action," everybody just started bawling.

Ryan: My girlfriend says cry less at life. So I understand that. "Modern family" finale tonight on abc. If you would like to know more about ty is a relief plan, go to our website.

Ty: Think you guys. Be well.

Ryan: How to preserve your perishables with dr. Wendy bazilian.

Announcer: Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and subscribe to our youtube channel to see the show's best moments.

Announcer: Next "live," it's all new.

Ryan: This is everything where.

Announcer: With max greenfield and david foster, songwriting legend.

Kelly: Welcome back, everybody pure like so many people, all of us, we try to prepare for this time in isolation as best we could. We went out and stockpiled food.

And a lot of the perishables are going bad. So, here to teach us how to save our perishables is dr. Wendy bazilian. Hi. How are you?

>> Dr. Bazilian: Staying safe, staying healthy. Hugs to you both. We have so many people to think, including our designated chopper. Everyone from our farmer to our brochure to our truck driver, so when we got home, we've got to keep it fresh.

So I wanted to dive in and give a few tricks and tips to help out, starting with milk. We have our little one year old in the house. So we have our 1-year-old sippy cup in honor of you all.

One of the things that we are asked all the time here is can you freeze your milk? And the answer is yes. When you bring milk home, and our goddaughter, who was laid off temporarily unfortunately from a cafe she was working out.

But she had some extra milk. You will lose some taste and texture, but what you have to do is put it in a separate container. Not in the milk container because it does expand.

When you thought, just be sure to blend it somehow. Use an immersion blender. Something like that. You can freeze your milk, and that's a really good news about area.

Ryan: What about eggs? Can you freeze x? How do you freeze x?

>> Dr. Bazilian: Yeah, freezing eggs. You definitely can freeze eggs. First and foremost, the sale of agis have gone up 44% because they have a relatively long shelf life.

Separate them out. Or you can mix them together. Pop them into little ice cubes. Ice cube trays in the freezer. Just make sure that they are fresh. The quick freshness trick is that you sink them into water.

If they float, they are not good anymore, and you should discard them. If they rest horizontally, they are fresh and good to go.

Kelly: Wow. I did not realize you should separate bag from the shell, although it has never occurred to me to freeze eggs anyway, but now I know that you can.

>> Dr. Bazilian: Yeah. Vegetables. Revive your salary, for example. Or your fresh arts. But that meant some water, clean them. This -- if you have extra pickle juice.

I literally had an extra jar. Add some dill, and some of your vegetables that start going limp, you can get pickles out of them, which is great. When we buy those fresh herbs, you can put them in all of oil in ice cube trays, and then you don't waste that.

We either have an abundance or we are missing it. This way, you can have a solution.

Kelly: These are really great ideas I never thought of.

Ryan: So, we are freezing berries and bananas, which are like popsicles in the freezer.

>> Dr. Bazilian: Oh, yeah. Exactly. That's exactly what this is. A banana popsicle. Of course, you know what to do. Throw them in the freezer, they make great banana bread.

But this is a time with your countertops, keep the banana separate from the other so that they ripen at their own pace. Bananas tend to hasten or speed up the ripening.

Mangoes, avocado, apples, you want to make sure that they are prolonged. Then you can pop them in the freezer and dan about three to five extra days with your fruit.

Kelly: Wow.

Ryan: When they are frozen, they actually taste like ice cream without all of the guild. We will put more of this up on our website. Great to see you.

Thanks for the good stuff there.

>> Dr. Bazilian: Thank you. Be well. Stay safe.

Ryan: We will be right back with "the inbox."

Announcer: If you'd like to know more of wendy's tips, just go to our website,

Kelly: Welcome back, everybody. It's time for our "I" in "isolation." We have already cycled through our staff -- what? Four days? So we are going to go visit one of our friends from "windy city live" in chicago.

>> Let me tell you something. This quarantine has been the death of my diet. I lost 20 pounds at the beginning of the year. I was feeling great, looking great.

All the lifestyle, and then the quarantines hit.

Val: Oh, my god.

Ryan: Either you love them or you hate them. That is my favorite.

Val: It is? We have so much in common. Nice to meet you, ryan, by the way. You do you know that I have ryan.

Ryan: I did not. This is all news to me.

Val: Self ryan interviewed you once and put you on his show.

Ryan: I thought you were speaking of your kids for just a second.

Val: You really want to talk about my kids this remark seriously? I have a 17-year-old, and I have a 12-year-old. The 17-year-old is a senior in high school who is missing out on probably all of her senior activities.

Kelly: I feel so bad because isn't she looking for a college roommate right now and all of that?

Val: She has, but that is what is saving her. She is on instagram nonstop. So that is kind of distracting her. From the fact that she might be missing graduation.

Ryan: Her energy is so good. Thank you for doing what you do every day. Thank you for coming on, and thank you for enjoying our favorite chips. Take care of yourself.

That's so good. We will be right back. I love those so much.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "live," from the series "the neighborhood," max greenfield. And also from "the baker and the beauty," victor

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Kelly: Hey there. You know, ryan, the jewish holiday passover starts tonight at sundown, so we want to wish everyone a safe and happy passover.

Ryan: Absolutely. Tomorrow, we are back on the show. Max greenfield is here. Also, david foster is going to perform. And from "the baker and the beauty," victor rctor r

Mel: Cyber bullying.

>> You should kill yourself.

Mel: She actually texted that to you?

I am mel robbins, a life coach who helps millions of people get the life they deserve. It is about small steps and big breakthroughs. I believe in you.

And together, we got this.


Mel: Hi, everybody. Welcome to the show. I am mel robbins.

Thank you. You guys are excited to be here, I love it area thank you, I love you. We have another show in our digital predators series. We have explored sextortion and cat phishing.

We explore cyber bullying. It is not just happening to the kids. Is the keyboard a legal weapon?

My guest has been bullied by a year for her -- by her fiance's mother-in-law. She has called her greedy and has gone as far as to call her a fat cow.

Today they lurk behind keyboards like -- and digital devices, phones, devices. They share negative, harmful, false and mean content about someone else.

With the internet and social media at our fingertips, the percentage of people who have experienced cyber bullying in their lifetime has nearly doubled over the past decade.

Roughly 4-10 americans have experienced online harassment and for those who have become a

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