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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Announcer: It's "Live with Kelly and Ryan." Today, actress Christina Applegate, and we get a visit from Viola Davis, plus, from "Billions," Asia Kate Dillon, and tips on how to take the perfect family photo, all next on "Live."

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Announcer: Now, here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

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Kelly: Hi, hi. Okay, come on.

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Kelly: Hi.

Ryan: Good morning. Hello.

[Cheers and applause]

I have your phones. See, if you're not careful, someone will steal your phone at this show, so--

Kelly: Did you steal people's phones?

Ryan: They were on your seats. There you go. There you are.


Well, I walked--I walked on the seats in the back, and I was like, "Look at all these unattended phones. We'll teach them."

Kelly: I like it. I could have stolen their purses, 'cause they turned around to look where you were going, and I was like, I could--

Ryan: We could start a real--

Both: Side hustle.

Ryan: Side hustle.

Kelly: Oh, my god. What's up, side hustle? Hey, welcome to the show. It's June 26, 2019.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Good to see you guys.

[Cheers and applause]

This time of year, my family likes to visit a lot. They like to stay in the guest room. And when you don't have, um...

Kelly: A guest room.


Ryan: You get 'em a hotel. No, but I always check, you know, before my parents or my sister, they stay, I, like, check the guest room, make sure it's got the things it needs.

Kelly: Yeah, the fresh soap and the clean towels and the whole thing, right?

Ryan: All the stuff.

Kelly: That stuff matters, by the way.

Ryan: That they would expect, right? And that things work, right? That the temperature's fine. All that kind of stuff. And that there's fresh toilet paper on the toilet paper--

Kelly: Yes.

Ryan: That's a big deal.

Kelly: And you know what I do, just like at a hotel, I fold it a little bit.

Ryan: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What, what?

Kelly: You know how you fold it?

Ryan: Well, do I know? I did swans, towel swans on a ship.

Kelly: I don't know how to do a towel swan, but I can fold toilet paper into a triangle to make it look like there's a "maid service."


Ryan: That's very thoughtful of you.

Kelly: Thank you.

Ryan: You go to great lengths to make your family and guests feel welcome.

Kelly: Not that great.


Ryan: Well, my mother, she has this real thing about if the toilet paper roll isn't full when she stays. She'll--she'll say to me, "Why is there a half roll of toilet paper in that guest room?"

Kelly: Does she say, "Ryan John?"

Both: Ryan John.

Ryan: "Ryan John, why is there a half roll of toilet paper in that guest room?" Well, Mom, maybe somebody had to go to the bathroom and didn't want to do it in front of us.

Kelly: What are you supposed to do with all the other half rolls? Well, here's what I'll do.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Kelly: Okay. Because if one family checks out and somebody else checks in and there's a half a roll there, what I do is that I'll take the half roll and put it on our spool and put the fresh full roll.

Ryan: Do you make a triangle for Mark?

Kelly: 'Cause I don't want to waste all the half rolls. What are we supposed to do, throw it away?

Ryan: No, no, you gotta use it. No, no, you gotta use it.

Kelly: You gotta use it.

Ryan: Do you make a decorative triangle for Mark?

Kelly: No. He's--


He's--listen. We've been married 23 years. He's fine. He's had enough triangles.

Ryan: So listen.


The average American uses three rolls of toilet paper each week. Do you think that sounds excessive?

Gelman: That's a lot.

Ryan: That sounds like a lot of bowing, right?

Gelman: A person?

Ryan: Three rolls a person a week.

Kelly: That--

Ryan: That sounds like too much.

Kelly: That sounds--

Ryan: Talk amongst yourselves.

Kelly: That sounds like--


That sounds like half as much as what's going on in my house, and I'm not gonna-- I'm not gonna point any fingers. I'm just gonna point fingers.

Ryan: You've got teenagers. But I thought that sounded like an excessive amount of toilet paper.

Kelly: Some people don't understand really that, you know, you can-- well, I won't get into it.

Ryan: I was--listen. I was at the Kardashians' once...

Gelman: Oh.

Kelly: Oh, wait. Okay, wait.

Gelman: Whoa.

Ryan: I gotta tell you the story.

Kelly: Let's calm down. All right, you don't start with "I was at the Kardashians' once." Which Kardashian?

Ryan: I was at Kris' house. Kris Jenner.

Kelly: Kris, the main-- the matriarch, the head Kardashian in charge.

Ryan: So they've got a-- she's got a bathroom in the entryway.

Kelly: Made out of complete jade.

Ryan: Yeah, jade.

Kelly: Onyx.

Ryan: It's dark. It's--there's a black toilet.

Kelly: Onyx!


Okay, go ahead.

Ryan: So I'm in there, and the toilet is--it's like one of those electronic toilets.

Kelly: [gasps]

Yes. A Toto.

[Mimics machinery whirring]

Ryan: Yes. But it's black, so you can't see any of the buttons or things on it.

Kelly: That's right.

Ryan: And it's dimly lit. And I can't find a light switch. There's one candle lit. And so I go to the bathroom, and I use the toilet paper. And put it in the thing and try and find the flush, and I can't find the flush.

God, now what do I do? I can't find the flush, and somebody's gonna come in to use the toilet. So I decide to, you know, look under the panel, and I-- oh, I find the flush.

Well, somehow the-- I don't know. The technology got--the software was messed up, and it wouldn't flush.

Kelly: Ugh, it's like a nightmare.

Ryan: So I flush it, and just--you know, the water just builds?

Gelman: Oh, no!

[All groaning]

Ryan: So I'm watching the water level rise. This--that--what is the tile: Onyx? I don't know.

Kelly: The fine onyx.

Ryan: The fine-- and I think to myself, what-- now you're in this moment of, like, what do I do? Do I stick my hand in there and just--

[Audience shouting]

These are the things going through my mind. Do I tell--you know, "Hey, hey, Khloé, can you-- Don't tell Kim and Kourtney, but can you--don't tell Scott.

Can you help me out over here?" Or do I just, you know, say to Kris, "I think your toilet's got a problem?" The problem is, when you fess up, they're gonna come in and--

Kelly: But when in doubt, go to the mom, 'cause the mom-- We've seen--

Ryan: She's seen it before.

Kelly: We've seen it.

Ryan: I know, but I was too embarrassed. I'm not like, her, you know.

Kelly: So what did you do?

Ryan: I left it there.

Kelly: No.


Ryan: It's--could still be there. I don't know. Maybe they never use that bathroom.

Kelly: You left it there? And did it--

Ryan: Let's keep this between us.

Kelly: And by the way,

Ryan: Anyway, that's-- That's just--

Gelman: Coming up on an upcoming edition of--

Kelly: Oh, yeah, was it on "Keep"-- Yeah, don't they have--

Ryan: Of course there are cameras in the bathroom. Yeah.

Kelly: Of course. Okay, so I was shooting a commercial in my agent's house. Okay? So my agent found a way to somehow, like, rent his house to the production company.

So now I'm in my agent's house. We're shooting this commercial. And my makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, who is-- he's a really gifted makeup artist. He does Mariah Carey.

He does the Kardashians sometimes. He's like--

Ryan: I see him everywhere.

Kelly: You see him everywhere. He's very gifted. He's also, like, a gifted artist and can turn anything into anything. So I was eating a protein bar, and my agent was really fussy about his house, like, how nice it was and how fancy it was and how pristine it was.

And, like, just us being there was making him nerv--

Ryan: What he's doing with all of your money, got it.

Kelly: Right, but it was like making him nervous that we were gonna somehow damage something.

Ryan: Right.

Kelly: So I was eating a protein bar, and he's like, "Give me that protein bar." And he took the protein bar and in three seconds, he manipulated it and made it look like a poop.

I'm not kidding. And then he put it on the toilet seat.

[Laughter, groaning]

And then he said to me, he goes, "Go tell him you can't figure out how to flush the toilet."


Ryan: [laughing, coughs]

So he's got a sense of humor in this--

Kelly: Kristofer--Kristofer has a sense of humor.

Ryan: Oh, Kristofer did it.

Kelly: I think it's funny.

Ryan: Not the agent.

Kelly: I think it's funny. Kristofer thinks it's funny. He goes, "Tell him you can't figure out how to flush the toilet and see what happens." So I walk into the hallway and I say, "Person x, I can't figure out how to flush the toilet.

I'm so embarrassed." And he's like, "Seriously?" And I go, "I--I tried. I can't figure it out." And he walks in. He walks in, and, like-- And because he's a parent, he was like, "Seriously?" And he looks at it, and he could see, but he just sort of, like, looks away like he's not going to see.

He just pushes the button. He goes, "It's the button on top." And out he goes. Meanwhile, I know he's seen this turd.


Okay? And then I had to pick it up, and I go, "Did you not see this?"


Gelman: Take a bite?

Kelly: No, I didn't take a bite. It was on the--

Ryan: Now, that would have been the best, right?

Gelman: Yeah, I thought that's where this would go.

Kelly: He goes, "Yes." He goes, "Yes, I saw it. I just thought there was obviously something wrong with you."


Ryan: Well, clearly there is.

Kelly: Yeah.

Ryan: All right.

Kelly: Long story short: He pretended not to notice, which was the whole point.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, I'm just a--

Kelly: So maybe--maybe the Kardashians thought you were kidding.

Ryan: No, no. No, no. No, no. No, no. All right, what else?

Kelly: Um, well, there's a lot going on in the news today. Men are sick and tired-- Sick and tired of being the givers of the engagement rings. They now want a little male bling, as it's called.

That's right. Male engagement jewelry. The male engagement jewelry is becoming a reality thanks to, oh, yes, millennials. That's right.


Those millennials love a masculine bauble. And male--male engagement jewelry is up a staggering 66% since last year.

Ryan: Is it a ring that they're getting? They're getting a male ring.

Kelly: Male ring. They want a male--

Ryan: So who--so in the proposal, right? So here's how I hear they go.

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Guy gets down on a knee... Right?

Kelly: Okay. Yes. I don't know. I was never engaged. So I just got-- We just got married.

Ryan: Well, guy gets on a knee, proposes, puts the ring on the finger, she says yes or no, right? So now in-- there's a response now?

Kelly: A response-orial?

Ryan: Female now gets down on a knee and say, "Will you also marry me?" And how do you time it that you both have the rings if there's a surprise? It's very com--if you get forensic on it, it's very complicated.

Kelly: Here's the problem. Careful what you wish for, fellas, because if "The Bachelor" has taught us anything, usually when the guy is in the driver's seat, nothing happens.


And so, right?

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Today on the show, Viola Davis is here.

[Cheers and applause]

Oh. Love.

Kelly: Love.

Ryan: Love. Also love.

Kelly: And... Christina Applegate is also here. "Dead to Me" is the series.

Ryan: Plus Taylor from "Billions," Asia Kate Dillon, is here.

Kelly: And Meaghan Murphy is going to show us how to take the perfect...

Ryan: Family photo.

Kelly: "The perfect family photo."

Ryan: If that exists.

Ryan: It's time for Stump the Hosts Travel Trivia. Here we go.

[Cheers and applause]

All: Stump the hosts!

[Upbeat music]

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: That is Natalia Batista from Middlebury, Connecticut. Good morning, Natalia Batista.

>> Hi.

Ryan: Thank you for being here. Let's add a Lee Frankland from St. Peters, Missouri, who watches us on abc 30. Frank Peters, good morning. Wait. Lee Frankland.

Kelly: No, Lee Frankland.

Ryan: Lee Frankland, good morning.


Caller: Good morning.

Ryan: How are you, Lee Frankland from St. Peters?


Caller: I'm great. Thank you.


Ryan: It's amazing how that just happened.

Kelly: It's a really cool shot.

Ryan: What a starfish. Yeah. Is that a drone and a starfish?

Caller: My husband took that picture from the top of a boat.

Ryan: Wow.

Kelly: From the top of a boat? Was the boat-- had it run ashore?


Caller: Well, it was parked.

Ryan: It was parked.

Caller: I was walking up and down looking for seashells.

Kelly: Yeah, my gosh. Well, you found a great starfish there.

Caller: Thank you.

Ryan: Okay. We've got a couple statements here. 60 seconds on the clock. We'll see if you stump us. We'll try and guess which is true. The first one...

Kelly: [coughs]

Excuse me.

Ryan: I ate crawdads straight from a stream. I once was stung by a massive jellyfish while scuba diving. After that photo,cuba diving. Either of these could be very true.

Kelly: Let's see. Where do--where did you eat a crawdad from a stream?

Caller: Um, well, crawdads are popular down in my hometown of De Soto, Missouri. So I've done that-- it's kind of a tradition with my dad on Father's Day to go crawdad hunting and boil 'em up and eat 'em with Cajun seasoning.

Ryan: But you boil them. You're not eating it raw from the stream?

Caller: Oh, no. They're cooked.

Ryan: Okay, and can you tell me the exact mechanics of how you're supposed to eat a crawfish correctly?

Caller: Uh, well, you sort of pinch the tail and pull out the meat.

Ryan: That's right. Okay.

Kelly: Do you ever suck on the head?

Caller: [laughs] I don't.

But I've seen others.

Ryan: Some of the best flavor is from that.

Kelly: Yeah, is in the head.

Ryan: Now, did anyone pee on you after you were stung by the jellyfish?

Caller: Nobody did that. I was--it was rinsed with vinegar.

Kelly: Be glad you're not in my family. There would have been no shortage of people volunteering to pee on you.

Ryan: These both sound plausible, Kelly.

Kelly: I know.

Ryan: Let's see what the audience thinks.

Kelly: I don't know what to say.

Ryan: Uh, ate the-- that sounds-- yeah, I think the crawfish sounds pretty good.

Kelly: You think?

Ryan: Yeah. I like that tradition.

Kelly: I thought it was straight from the stream, like, raw. And then I was like, "Well, that's crazy."

Ryan: All right, let's go with the audience. We think that you ate crawdads straight from the stream boiled. Is that true?

Caller: That is true.

Both: Yeah.

Gelman: All right.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: No mug for you. But we're gonna spin the wheel and see what you're playing for.

[Upbeat music]

Kelly: Hey, here's a great

Prize: The Buccaneer in St. Croix.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Seven days, six nights at a deluxe oceanfront room. It includes three meals daily-- all the crawdads you can eat-- choice of spa treatment, round of golf or tennis.

It's a prize valued at $9,500. You have 20 seconds and only one guess, Lee. Good luck.

Caller: Thank you.

Ryan: So, Lee, we've had Robin Givens on the show before. In what 1980s sitcom did we say Robin starred? And if you can't remember, you can look it up.

You've got 20 seconds.

Kelly: Google it.

Ryan: We'll be right here. By the way, I like crawdads. Do you? I love 'em.

Kelly: Oh, I love 'em.

Ryan: Do a crawfish bohl.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh.

Ryan: Mmm, so good.

Kelly: Faith Ford.

Ryan: Oh, she can do a crawfish bohl. It's a bohl.

Kelly: It's a bohl.

Ryan: It's a boil. Okay, three, two, one.

Caller: "The Cosby Show."

Ryan: It's not "The Cosby Show."

Caller: "Diff'rent Strokes."

Ryan: Not "Diff'rent Strokes." The time is up!


It's "Head of the Class."

Both: "Head of the Class."

Kelly: Listen, you're still gonna get a great prize. You and a lucky member of our studio audience will each receive a $500 gift certificate from Omaha Steaks.

So please pick a number between 1 and 220.

Caller: 72.

Ryan: 72.

[Cheers and applause]

Right there.

[Cheers and applause]

Congratulations, 72. Lee, have a great day. Thanks for watching us.

Caller: Uh-huh. Bye-bye.

Ryan: We'll be right back with Viola Davis.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," from the series "Dead to Me," Christina Applegate. From "Billions," Asia Kate Dillon. We'll learn how to take the perfect family photo, and coming up next, Viola Davis.

[Upbeat music]

(Dog vo) My new Beneful Superfood Blend has me feeling super healthy. With salmon, cranberries... ...oh, but we are not done yet! Here comes Superfood wet with beef, salmon, and pumpkin.

It's like a superfood Sundae. On a Monday. (avo) New Beneful Superfood Blend dry and wet recipes.

Tony-, Oscar-, and Emmy-Award- winning actress. Please welcome the very beautiful, the very talented, Viola Davis.

[Cheers and applause]

["This Is How We Do It" plays]

Kelly: Hi.

Ryan: This is how we do it.

Kelly: When are we going dancing?

Ryan: Good to see you.

Kelly: When are we going dancing?

>> I don't think you can hang with me, Kelly.

Kelly: Oh, no, I can. I'm first one on, last one off.

>> I don't know.

Ryan: Wait, where is this?

Kelly: Dancing.

>> She can't hang with me on the dance floor.

Kelly: No, no, no. I promise you...

Ryan: She does stay till the end.

Kelly: I stay till the end, and I'm the first one on. I start it...

Ryan: It is true.

Kelly: And I close it out.

>> All right, we'll see, Kelly.

Kelly: I'm not saying it's pretty; I'm saying, though, it is--

>> Well, mine is pretty.


Kelly: Well, you also have an Academy Award, so there's lots of gifts you have that I don't have. But I understand that you did something recently that Ryan has done that I cannot endorse.

>> Yeah, really?

Kelly: I'm very much against.

>> Yeah?

Kelly: I'm pretty mad about it.

>> Really?

Kelly: You jumped out of an airplane.

Ryan: Skydiving, right? In Hawaii.

>> In Hawaii.


Kelly: No, no.

>> There you go.

Ryan: There it is.

>> With the beautiful Warren behind me on tandem. And you know when you drop, you drop for 30 seconds.

Ryan: Yep.

Kelly: I wouldn't know that, because I want to live.


>> You drop for 30 seconds at 200 miles per hour. And it's not like dropping on a roller coaster. It feels like a wind tunnel, so you're flying. Okay, I sang Montell Jordan as I went down.

Ryan: This is how we do it.

>> I did some cuss words, because I had to get by. But I have to tell you, it is the most freeing. Now, the night before, I was so scared, I got up at 2:00 in the morning and took a two-hour bath.


My husband said, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Kelly: Yeah.

>> But--

Kelly: I would have bathed in martinis.

>> Yeah.nis.

Ryan: Viola, would you do it again?

>> You know what? No, because it's-- it wouldn't be as exciting. It wouldn't be-- and my daughter said, "Mommy, I don't know why you'd want to do something like that."

Ryan: Well, what inspired you to do it?

Kelly: Well, she's very wise.

>> She said, "I want your money, your wigs, and your makeup."


Ryan: Why did you want to do it?

>> I wanted to do--I needed to do something at this point in my life to just get me out of myself,et me to just wake me up. And that did it. I said, "I'm in Hawaii.

Why not?"

Kelly: Because you're in Hawaii. There are so many other things to do, Viola.


>> And you know what? I needed some laughs. And you know what? I wanted to be the woman at the party that said, "What did you do? You did this, da-da-da-da-da.

You had a party? Guess what. I jumped out of a plane."

Ryan: Now, this--

>> I got one up on you.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Will this be a theme in the commencement speech that you are gonna give, we hear?

>> It could be a theme at the commencement speech I'm giving at Barnard, but you know what? This one was for me. This one was for me and my life. I'm telling you, I felt like I was flying.

Ryan: Yeah.

>> It's the closest I'll ever get to flying.

Kelly: Do--can I ask before we--I want to talk about the speech and what you're going to say, because I always find that so interesting to be able to motivate a generation of people that are, like, their whole lives are in front of them.

>> Oh, yeah. If they're listening.

Kelly: Right. Right. But I am curious. Do you feel it in your stomach when you jump out of the plane or do you feel it in the folds of your skin?

Ryan: You feel your cheeks.

>> You do. Well, you saw my skin flapping in the wind. But I'll tell you what. When you are falling, there is a complete absence of fear. Now, I know y'all don't believe it.

But I'm telling you, you are absolutely cognizant. You're looking around.

Kelly: That's what I'm afraid of. Cognizant?

>> Holy!


And then... [laughs]

"This is how we do it." That's how-- That's, you know, it's-- It is very, very important because sometimes you need to be released from fear in your life.

It stops you--

Ryan: I released a lot when I went down. I was scared to death. I was flapping and I was doing--

Kelly: But a lot of people say, like, their--a bigger fear

>> [Laughs]

Kelly: Yeah, that's-- we're not--

Ryan: We're actually inside, there.

Kelly: We're inside a controlled environment.

>> Oh, okay.

Kelly: Yeah, so we're not jumping out of anything. We sort of jumped into a big fan.


That's how brave I am. But a lot of people besides jumping out of airplanes, heights, all of that, their biggest fear is giving a public speech like that.

Public speaking is, like, people's biggest fear. So how--did you start writing your speech? Did you start thinking about what you're gonna say to these kids?

>> You know, this is what I do on my off time: I give speeches. I actually like giving speeches just a bit more than acting just lately.

Kelly: Wow, no kidding?

>> But the one important thing I need to tell young people now: Everybody works towards greatness. Everybody works towards being on top. And I think I know a little bit about this.

Once you're on top, what no one tells you about is disillusionment. A lot of people on top are tired; they feel like "Is this it?" The one thing you need to tell young people to work at is significance.

It's to work at a life of purpose, work at a life where you're living something bigger than yourself. And that's a conversation nobody is having now.

Kelly: Okay, write all of that down. You should put that in the speech.

>> No, you guys can't write it down.

Kelly: No, I'm saying somebody write it down for you.

>> I copyrighted it.

Kelly: No, we're gonna write it down for you...

>> I'll sue you if you write it down.

Kelly: So you don't forget. 'Cause you'll forget it.

>> You gonna steal it.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: We're gonna take a quick break. You stick around? When we come back, Viola talks about a disease that affects more than 30 million Americans including herself.

We'll tell you about that after this.

Announcer: Friday on "Live," Charlize Theron.

["This is How We Do It" plays]

Kelly: Boy, you look good.

>> Thank you.

Ryan: Montell right there. Back with Viola Davis. And we mentioned this documentary about a serious topic that is diabetes.

>> And the documentary is called "a Touch of Sugar." And it's confronting the diabetes crisis in America that has affected--30 million adults have diabetes.

84 million have prediabetes. And once you get a diabetes diagnosis, one thing that happens is... Nothing.

Kelly: Right.

>> You know, you get a cancer diagnosis, you hear about chemo, you hear about radiation, you hear about hormones, you hear about all of your options. And when you have diabetes, you're sort of left alone.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Now, diabetes has affected my entire family just about, which is why I'm not--narrating this documentary. I was diagnosed with prediabetes about a year and a half ago.

Kelly: Wow.

>> My two sisters have type 2 diabetes. My great-aunt died of diabetes, had both of her legs amputated. My grandmother. It's sort of that sort of silent disease that no one talks about and yet it just affects entire families.

Ryan: But it's a manageable disease.

>> It's a manageable disease that you can live with. You could go to just so you could see that there's support out there. See, that's the thing.

My new word is "support."

Both: Yeah.

>> Support is almost different than help. Support means we're with you for the long haul. We're with you for the every single day. 'Cause I know when I got the prediabetes diagnosis, I just thought, "Me?

I eat healthy. I work out. What else can I do?"

Ryan: And what's the answer?

>> Well, for me, I had a different answer than a lot of people. Listen, sometimes it's diet; sometimes it's genetics. That's why you need health care provider, you need a lot of-- you need to be armed with as much information as possible.

With me, I'm on a set where, you know, you're on a set for 18 hours a day. You see the big buffet table. Even if you make good choices, you're making-- listen, if you're eating, like, five pounds of fruit at 2:00 in the morning when you're half asleep and you're already prediabetic, that's-- but that was my answer.

But--and when you see this documentary, which is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, the resiliency of all these family members, because the bottom line is, you want to live for your family.

You know, I have an eight-and-a-half-year-old daughter. I want to be healthy now, you know, for as long as I can. And so that's why I did it. This is my significance.

Kelly: Very important documentary. For more information, go to our website. Viola, thank you so much for being here.

>> No problem.

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Still ahead on "Live," from the hit series "Dead to Me," Christina Applegate.

[Cheers and applause]

Pieces or Cups? Pieces or Cups? Pieces or Cups? Pieces in Cups! Man, we're killing it over here, huh? Not sorry. Reese's.

Beautiful and talented. She's an amazing actress who's always making audiences laugh. Now she returns to television in a new series "Dead to Me"-- my favorite title of any show ever.

Please welcome Christina Applegate.

[Upbeat music]

[Cheers and applause]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Cheers and applause]

Kelly: Can you move to New York?

>> [Laughter]

Kelly: Please move to New York?

>> I will. Yes.

Both: Hi.

Ryan: Good to see you.

>> Good to see you guys.

Kelly: We want you here with us.

Ryan: Yes, more often.

>> I had to walk really slowly--

Kelly: Yeah, I like the way you walked in.

>> Look. Look. That's it.


Kelly: They're used to me.

>> So I wasn't trying to be like, cool and sauntery. I literally cannot...

Kelly: I liked it.

>> Walk.

Kelly: I liked it very much.

>> There we go. Ah, now we're safe.

Kelly: Welcome home.

>> Thank you.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> Thank you. I was--I want to say that, okay, so you know I watch you guys every morning.

Kelly: Which freaks us out.

Ryan: We are-- that makes us worry.

>> Every morning, religiously. Um, I--and this morning, I was so tired 'cause I just flew in last night, and I was, like, complaining in my head about, like, "Get in the shower and then I put gotta makeup."

Kelly: Makeup on.

>> And then all of a sudden, my brain just went, "Seacrest." And you can't complain.

Kelly: Right, you can't. You can't.

>> I literally cannot complain because I know what you've been doing. 'Cause I watch you every day.

Ryan: Thank you. And I put on lots of makeup as well.

>> Mondays are rougher for you, I know.

Ryan: Yeah, Mondays, you know.

>> Monday a little rougher. But that's what I do. I drop my kid off at school, I come home, I get back in bed.

Ryan: Oh, wait. Tell us.

Kelly: Oh.

Ryan: That is--hold on.

Kelly: That's the best part.

Ryan: Wait a minute.

>> Here's my day. This is the thrilling life.

Ryan: Yeah, no, that's good.

Kelly: Drop your kid off at school.

>> Come back. "Kelly and Ryan."

Kelly: Right.

>> "The View."

Ryan: Okay.

>> The news.

Kelly: Okay.

>> "Strahan and Sara."

Kelly: Right.

>> "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

Ryan: Are you still in bed?

>> Yeah.


Kelly: Wait, wait, wait.

>> Then shower and then go pick her up from school.

Kelly: Wait.

Ryan: That's a good day.

Kelly: Wait.

>> "Shower" is what I like to call it.

Kelly: Do you--now, at some point you have to work in there.

>> No.

Kelly: No.


Kelly: That's the life.

>> That's the beauty of, like, this Netflix thing. It's three months, and then I'm done.

Kelly: And then you're done.

>> I'm done.

Kelly: That's--okay, we need a Netflix show.

Ryan: We need a Netflix show, and then we--

>> I'm a mother. It's a job.

Kelly: No, I know. We were both told we had the summers off here. I mean, that's your fault, 'cause I told you that's a lie. But I was totally told I had the summers off here.

And I was like, "This is the perfect job for being a mom, 'cause I'll be able to have, like, summers off with my kids." It's a lie.

Ryan: It doesn't exist.

>> No.

Kelly: He goes, "We get the summers off, right?" I go, "Who told you that?"

>> What do you do during the sum--well, being a mother, also not--now they're home.

Kelly: Yeah, I know.

>> You have to entertain them.

Kelly: Well, now my kids are adults now, so they really entertain themselves. You still--

>> Mine's a tiny person.

Kelly: Yeah, you still have--

Ryan: Well, that sounds like the perfect day. We're gonna take a quick break and come back and talk about her new series "Dead to Me."

Kelly: See, I'm--

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Tomorrow on "Live," "This is Us" star Justin Hartley.

>> I think that your anger is understandable.

>> You haven't been on the receiving end of it.

>> I mean, there are healthier ways of channeling it, like meditation.

>> I meditate, in my own way.

♪ Drop dead ♪

♪ You make me sick ♪

[Caliban's "Paralyzed" plays]

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Oh, this is right up your alley, Ripa.

Kelly: This is my--

Ryan: Oh, my gosh.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: There's dead...

Kelly: There's dead,

Ryan: And then there's dead to me.

Both: And then there's dead to me.

>> Dead to me.

Ryan: That was a scene from "Dead to Me."

Kelly: So this is a dark comedy.

>> Uh, yeah. We call it a traumedy.

Kelly: A traumedy. Right.

>> Yeah, because people are like, "Oh, my god, your trailer looks so funny." I was like, "Oh."

Kelly: Oh, but just you wait.

>> You're gonna cry a lot watching. And it's real dark. And it's real, like, griefy and--

Kelly: Well, you play a widow.

>> I play a widow, which is hilarious...


In and of itself. I play a very angry, rageful, pissed off widowgry, rageful, who's as dark in her life as possible. And she meets this woman, Judy, which is Linda Cardellini or Cardellooney, as I like to call her.

And they're--they're polar opposites. They meet at a grief group. And they meet and they become kind of this very strange-- strange friendship filled with lots of layers and secrets--

Ryan: Texture and layers.

>> Secrets and lies and layers and twists and it's like a thriller and it's--

Ryan: You will watch all of it.

Kelly: Oh, this is my-- this is right up my alley.

>> I think that this would be up your alley.

Kelly: Well, everything you do, you know. You know me. Everything you do, I sign up for, but--

>> I like to be up your alley, Kelly.

Kelly: I know you do. Just--just move to New York, please?

>> I know, baby. I know, I know.

Kelly: Please?

>> I know.

Ryan: Okay, you guys are gonna work this out.

Kelly: We're gonna work it out.

Ryan: You gotta watch "Dead to Me." Binge it on Netflix. Christina Applegate. Great to see you. Thanks for coming.

Kelly: So happy to see you.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "Live," Seth Rogen.

[Cheers and applause]

Buy One Take One is back, starting at just $12.99, at Olive Garden. Join us for a new favorite today. Then bring one home for tomorrow--on us. Buy One Take One For a limited time.

Only at Olive Garden. Show "Billions." Please welcome the very talented Asia Kate Dillon.

[Cheers and applause]

[Upbeat music]

Kelly: And do it. And do it, do it. Welcome, welcome.

Ryan: How are you?

>> I'm well.

Ryan: Great to meet you. I'm such a fan.

>> Thank you.

Ryan: Love your series.

>> Oh, gosh. I'm happy to be here.

Kelly: Everybody knows you from "Billions" and "Orange Is the New Black." My gosh.

[Cheers and applause]

You ever do any shows that aren't successful?

Ryan: [laughs]

>> Oh, gosh. That's nice of you to say. I feel--I feel really lucky to be on both "Orange" and "Billions." Yeah, it's really incredible.

Ryan: When did you start? When did you begin your pursuit of acting?

>> Oh, gosh. I've been acting my whole life, basically. I was in my first play in kindergarten. A Hans Christian Andersen play. I didn't have any lines, but I had a little frock and I got to be on stage with everyone and really I just--I got the bug, as they say.

Kelly: That's what everybody that comes here that, you know, winds up being a working actor, they all say they were in the school play, and they felt something when the audience clapped, it did something to them.

>> That's right. And I really felt that connection. And then I just continued plays in middle school and high school. I started taking singing lessons and dance lessons when I was in middle school as well.

Ryan: And your family, do they--your mom's an artist?

>> My mom is an artist as well.

Ryan: What kind of artist?

>> She's a writer, a painter. You know, sort of everything she touches is artistic.

Kelly: Yeah.

>> You know, I feel really fortunate to have grown up in a household where being an artist was held up just as high as being a lawyer or a doctor. You know, art as an essential part of what helps us connect with each other.

Kelly: Yeah, right. And you're so lucky to have that experience, because there are so many times we have people on this show, and it's like, you know, they say, "I want to be an actor," and their parents run screaming, you know, and run to a therapist.

>> Yes.


Yes, yeah. I'm so fortunate to have had all of the love and support, you know. I couldn't have done it without it.

Ryan: We can't help but notice the tattoo on your neck.

>> S--what tattoo? I don't know.

Ryan: Just a little-- there's a little tattoo. And Taylor Mason doesn't have that tattoo.

>> No, they cover it for Taylor.

Ryan: 'Cause I-- okay, they cover.

Kelly: How long does that take?

>> Five minutes.

Ryan: Oh, it's easy.

>> It's super-fast. Yeah, I have an incredible makeup team.

Both: We could totally get neck tattoos.

>> You totally could.

Ryan: Then cover it up for the show.

Kelly: Does that-- does that say something? Is that--

>> It says "einfuehlung," which means "one feeling" or "into feeling" or "empathy." It's the German word for empathy.

Kelly: Oh, wow.

>> I knew I wanted the word "empathy" as a tattoo. And when I researched the etymology of the word, it turns out that German is the first language to have the word translated.

And it was in the 1860s, this philosopher Robert Vischer was exploring the emotions needed for humans to connect with art, specifically, and empathy as something that was necessary for interpersonal relationship success.

And I loved the idea that it was a German word. Because I think it's important to remember to separate, let's say, a people from their government. And so--

Kelly: Oh, great.

>> And the fact that it's in a foreign language, people ask about it if they don't automatically know what it means, and therefore I'm engaging in a conversation about empathy, which...

Ryan: Which is great.

>> Is a goal of mine, yeah.

Kelly: How many people know what it means when they see it? Is there, like, a large population that would know-- like, I mean--I have a friend that speaks German, but I would never--you know, I didn't even know that was German.

>> I feel lucky that people who speak German who can read the tattoo have told me it means what I thought it meant when I got it.


Ryan: They got it right.

>> 'Cause that's always a concern when you get a foreign word.

Kelly: It means "barbecue."


>> Although I love barbecue potato chips, so that might have been totally fine.

Ryan: We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. "Billions" is the show. We'll talk about a life-changing role after this.

Announcer: If you'd like to know more about anything you see on "Live," just log on toyou see our website at

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>> [Sighs]

You are back. And I hope better than ever. I will set the meetings with partners to take this the next hundred miles. And we need to practice good business hygiene.

Phones and emails encrypted, traveling discreetly and indirectly.

>> Got it. But is this paranoia or is your old boss really--

>> Whatever word you're about to use, the answer is yes. Yes, he is.

[Cheers and applause]

Ryan: Dad.

>> I know.

Kelly: That's Taylor Mason in action right there.

Ryan: Right there. "Billions."

Kelly: Incredible. You've said that this was a life-changing role. Explain why.

>> Life-changing for a couple reasons. One, you know, Taylor Mason was the first fictional or nonfictional person that I encountered who identified as nonbinary, neither a man nor a woman, but hadn't changed their body to present any particular way.

And for me, encountering that enabled me to fully come into my own understanding of my gender identity, that, you know, I don't need to change my body to be valid as a trans person or a nonbinary person.

So for me, that was personally really incredible. And then you know, to play a character who if they had been on television when I was a young person, it would have meant a great deal to me, is incredible.

And the platform that I now have, the visibility that I now have because of the show is really incredible. You know, I have people reaching out to me from all over the world who say "I'm nonbinary, and I feel less alone." Or "I'm a parent of a nonbinary kid, and I'm able to be there for them" through an understanding from "Billions," but also from following me on social media.

And I also get messages from people saying that, you know, I'm the first nonbinary trans person they've ever encountered and they're so grateful to know something that they didn't know before.

And so "Billions" as a teaching tool, I think, is an incredible silver lining that I'm really proud of, yeah.

Kelly: It's very brave and it's also--you're such a trailblazer. Because I'm trying to, like, comb back in the recesses of my brain and think about another nonbinary person on camera, and I can't think of one.

>> Yeah. You know, I'm really grateful that people say that I'm a trailblazer, and I think it's important to acknowledge that I am joining a path, joining a trail that was forged long before I, you know, was born, primarily by transwomen and transpeople of color who have been fighting for visibility and representation for many, many years.

And so I'm proud to be joining a fight for visibility that has long existed.

Ryan: We just saw a scene...

[Cheers and applause]

With Kevin Pollak, who plays your dad. And I saw the whole episode, but there was a scene where you're working on this incredible equation, and you order sushi, by the way, in, which looked fantastic.

Are you good in math? 'Cause it seems like-- I mean, your character's a genius in math. But is that your thing as well?

>> No. No, no. No, no, no, no. No, I happily admit that I'm terrible at math and it's one of the things--

Kelly: Well, you're an actor. It's prerequisite.

>> Yes, although I--I worked in the service industry for many years, and so I am good at counting your money back to you, making change, certainly. But no.

One of the fun things about playing Taylor is that, you know, I'm very different from them in a lot of ways. And that's certainly one of them.

Kelly: Wow. So what can you tell us that's coming up this season? Is there any--

Ryan: Taylor and Axe.

Kelly: Can you give us a hint?

>> No spoilers. But you know, as much as Taylor wants to be out of Axe's line of fire over the course of the season, they certainly are not. They continue to go head-to-head.

I think one of the exciting things about Taylor this season is getting to see them have fun with taking revenge on Axe, which, you know, when we first met Taylor, they were such a-- they had such a strong moral and ethical center and it's been-- one of the fascinating things about playing them is watching how they contend with maintaining that.

And season four is no different.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kelly: Wow.

Ryan: It is such a great series. You're remarkable in it. Great to see you. Thanks for coming.

Kelly: "Billions" is on Sundays at 9:00 P.M. On Showtime. Make sure you check out Asia Kate Dillon on "Billions."

[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: "Live" will return in a moment. Closed captioning sponsored in part by:

Ryan: All right, welcome back. So our next guest says Moms know best when it comes to taking the perfect family photo. From "Good Housekeeping" magazine, please welcome executive editor Meaghan Murphy back to the show.

>> Whoo!

Kelly: Hi.

Both: Hi.

Kelly: Mwah.

Ryan: Hello. Nice to see you. Welcome back.

Kelly: Um, boy--boy, is this every mom's nightmare: Trying to get a family photo.

>> But you got your good photo this year.

Kelly: Well, I resorted to "People" magazine taking it.

>> But I can help everybody. Am I right, that one shot: That's all I want. Just pose for a picture without tongues out or fingers in noses. Right?

Kelly: Yes, and don't complain about it. I do a lot. Yes.

>> Okay, so here's what-- start with the look. I think you can shop your closet and do, like, a white base so everybody's in a little bit of white.ody's in a little bit Add a little bling and personality with accessories.

You know, if you have your favorite unicorn boots, wear them.

Ryan: Those are cool.

>> A really cute purse. You can go to, like, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy. You could also do color-coordinated. So this is not about that whole matchy-matchy everyone's in blue robot-robot.

It's like okay, Mom's favorite color is red. Let's google a color palette...

Ryan: Oh, that's cool.

>> And find these fun things that work together. One big tip.

Kelly: Ryan, that's too small for you.

Ryan: Really?

Kelly: [laughs] Yes.

>> Don't forget your feet. There's nothing worse, you look down and everybody's in muddy sneakers.

Ryan: I'd like to re-create this in the adult version.

Kelly: That's true.

>> You can also do a little more sophisticated. Mommy, mini. Mommy, mini.

Kelly: Oh.

>> Mom--baby's 100% charged. Why is mommy only at 2% battery?

Kelly: That's very funny.

Ryan: 'Cause mom is mom.

>> So we're dressed, we look fabulous. You have your accessories. Let's take it outside. This is where you get your perfect shot. Daylight.

Kelly: I'm putting this on.

>> That looks so good with your outfit.

Ryan: Kelly, look at the park. Isn't it beautiful today?

>> So daylight is always the best light. Have a seat on the bench, young uns.

Ryan: Ooh, I'm warm.

>> So you want to pose your big kids first, because then the little kids tend to follow suit.

Ryan: What's that stench?

>> Yes.

Kelly: Ah, that's me.


>> So the key is to take it outside. Maybe you pick something that's meaningful to your family-- a park near your house. Pick the same spot every year, 'cause it's so fun to see everybody grow up.

Ryan: This is great.

>> Now, here's the deal. So you maybe want to use portrait mode. It gives that sensation of you're using a real camera.

Kelly: Yes, it looks blurry in the background.

Ryan: Is that what it does?

>> It gives it that depth that looks like a professional picture. And tip from Gelman: Live mode so you're getting a whole bunch of shots at once.

Kelly: But I don't like that, Gelman.

Gelman: You can then get everyone smiling with their eyes open at the same time.

>> Oh, they were smiling at that one second ago.

Ryan: Is that where you get a bunch of pictures at once?

>> Yeah, or you can do burst or live. Now, here's the other thing. Never say "cheese." When you say "cheese," it guarantees a cheesy picture.

Ryan: True.

>> Cheese! You get that weird ugly smile. Tell a joke. Sometimes I have my joke book. You know, okay, why-- exactly. Why did the robber do his laundry?

Kelly: Why?

>> To make a clean getaway.

Ryan: [laughter]

So we would have captured it, I think.

>> Okay, moving on. You've got your picture.

Ryan: Do we have to leave the park?

>> We're gonna leave the park.

Kelly: If you don't smile, I'm gonna kill you.

Ryan: Yeah.

>> That works too.

Kelly: That works, right?

Ryan: Now what do you do with the picture? You can do something like this.

Kelly: Come on, check this out.

>> We're thinking beyond the mug, right?

Ryan: Is this the fam?

>> Photo--this is my family.

Kelly: Look how cute your family is.

Ryan: Look at the-- look at the dude on the piano.

>> Oh, that's Jamesy boy.

Ryan: James, very cool.

>> Jamesy boy. So we made puzzles. My family loves puzzles. We turned our holiday card into a puzzle.

Ryan: Is this your home?

>> No, it's--

Ryan: I was like, "Wow, you live in a castle."

>> It's our favorite place. But you can make a little compact with the photo, and I made one for you guys. Or something like a dry erase board that mom can hang in the kitchen to keep organized.

A little piece of jewelry. Maybe it's headphones or a little alarm clock. The key is taking that photo gift to the next level and doing something fun with it.

Kelly: Very cute.

Ryan: All of today's info is available at

[Cheers and applause]]

Announcer: Tomorrow on "Live," Seth Rogen, Justin Hartley, the newly crowned Miss usa, and a performance by Jess Glynne.

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[Cheers and applause]

Announcer: Here she is now, ellen DeGENERES!

[Cheers and applause]

Ellen: Oh, hi. As you can tell I am funny and a woman. Put those together and what do you got? A lot of money. That's what. I let get to hang out with the funniest women on the planet and we meet every day at cheesecake factory.

And then I bring them to the show too. I will bring you some favorite moments was some funny women, starting with the time that I had brie larson, scarlett johansson, and hannah hard to help me with my monologue.

Not that I needed. It is baseball season, I will talk about something that I read in a psychology magazine.


I don't and I don't know anything about baseball. This is a study that came out, women who are funny at work are taken less seriously. The study says that when men use humor it helps them, but when women use humor it hurts them.

It does not hurt as much as being a woman, but still. There are professionals in professions out there that you don't want to be funny. And it does not matter, it is both genders.

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