Who: by

What: This Greasemonkey script will add one tab to Wowhead pages for Thottbot's comments.

Where: Download Here

When: January, 2008. Updated June 2008.

Why: I like using Wowhead but sometimes there's more info in Thottbot, and it's a pain to search twice when once will do.

Use: Tested in Firefox with Greasemonkey 0.7.20070607.0

What works: This should pick up any Thottbot comments for items, quests, item sets, NPCs, objects, spells, factions and zones. It will only show comments with a rating greater than or equal to zero (i.e. no grey comments). Comments include the poster's name, date, rating and text. The sort for comments by date or rating works, also.

What doesn't work: The poster's name is a link to the Wowhead user profile, which won't exist (or at least won't match). Similarly, the Reply link and the rating +/- links exist but won't work as you expect. Finally, Thottbot allows HTML (links and boldface text, and other stuff) and Wowhead does not, so you'll see some HTML code in some Thottbot comments. (I still find "<b>instructions</b>" to be more useful than just stripping out the tags, so I left them in.)

What's glitchy: The date on the posts is fuzzy: Thottbot only reports back "3.1 years ago" or "11.7 months ago" which I parse back to an approximate date for Wowhead.

Disclaimer: This calls un-documented (actually, actively obfuscated) code from Wowhead, and parses data scraped from the Thottbot HTML results. So if either of those sources changes, this will probably break. I'll try to keep up with any changes here, but no promises.