Who: by

What: This Greasemonkey script will add a tab to Wowhead pages for spells and items: if someone registered at can craft that item/enchant, they will be listed.

Where: Download Here

When: May, 2008

Why: looks kinda cool, and can be powerful if many people use it. This is just another way for me to find crafters of items on my server.

Use: Tested in Firefox with Greasemonkey 0.7.20080121.0

How To:

  1. Install the script as normal.
  2. Visit the page of any crafted item, recipe or craft spell.
  3. First Install Only - At the bottom of the frame, Click the "Wowhead/FreeWithMats Config" button.
  4. First Install Only - Choose your realm and faction, and click "Add." You can do this for as many realms as you like. Reload the page once you're done.
  5. If there are any characters who can craft that, a "FreeWithMats" tab will appear and list the players.
  6. Click the name of the player to see everything they can craft, or click the realm name to do additional searches on that realm.

Disclaimer: This calls un-documented (actually, actively obfuscated) code from Wowhead, and parses data pulled from's XML feeds. So if either of those sources changes, this will probably break. I'll try to keep up with any changes here, but no promises. I am not affiliated with Wowhead or FreeWithMats, but I think they're both really cool.