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The Undermine Journal
the source for auction house information in World of Warcraft. Listings updated once every hour.

Booty Bay Gazette
the source for auction house information in World of Warcraft Classic. Listings updated once every two hours.

Oribos Exchange
another auction house stats tool for World of Warcraft, this one uses the in-game UI for aesthetics and filtering functionality.

Does the API Work?
provides a status page for whether the Battle.net Auction House API is operational (since the API is often broken to some degree). Updated multiple times per hour.

Classic Realm Queues
provides a status page showing recent login queue depth for realms in World of Warcraft Classic

tweets breaking news from the US World of Warcraft login screen. Abbreviates message to fit a single tweet, and attaches the verbatim text in an image.

DB2 Reader
php library to read DB2 and ADB files used in World of Warcraft data mining

CASC Extractor
php command line utility to extract files from World of Warcraft CASC archives

CASC Gateway
web service using the CASC library to serve WoW game data via HTTP

Auction House CSV
generates CSV files of auction house snapshots

API Discussion RSS and API Bug Report RSS Blue Trackers
rss feeds for Blizzard staff posts in the Blizzard API forums

Other Current Projects

Live! With Kelly Transcript
automated closed-captioning capture, parse, and post, intended to facilitate answering on-show trivia questions asked about the previous episode

Philips Hue Controller
controls a hue bridge on your local network. optimized for mobile browsers.

In the News

WoW Insider - 15 Minutes of Fame Oct 11th 2012

World of Warcraft Past Projects

Quick Armory
a quick alternative to viewing vital stats on World of Warcraft characters. closed with patch 4.0.1.

WoW Token Info
graphs the price of WoW Tokens in all 5 offered regions of World of Warcraft. Updated multiple times per hour. Includes Twitter feed. All gathered data before closure in this zip file with CSVs per region.

World of Warcraft Addons List
a vbscript which will search through your World of Warcraft addon folders and list all their details.

Arena Points Calculator
enter your World of Warcraft arena rating, and it will tell you how many arena points you will earn for the week.

Greasemonkey script for Firefox to show Thottbot comments/screenshots on Wowhead pages.

Greasemonkey script for Firefox to show characters who can craft items on Wowhead pages.

Ars Technica World of Warcraft Players
a list of players from the Ars Technica forums. automatically updated.

Guild Bank Stats
online tool to parse World of Warcraft Armory Guild Bank Logs and generate useful summary information.

a history and rss feed of World of Warcraft server and status messages.

would record and display in-game trade chat channel discussions from World of Warcraft across all realms 24/7. observed about a dozen realms for about a week before Blizzard banned all the bots and we both decided to stop the project.

displays the status of player community buildings in all 5 offered regions of World of Warcraft. Updated multiple times per hour.

Realm Pop
shows you population statistics on the players' characters in World of Warcraft. Supports all guilded characters on all US and EU realms. Continually updated.

online tool and World of Warcraft addon to post and share your inventory from your bags, bank, guild bank, and void storage. built to withstand the heavy traffic it never got. discussion thread here.

Phenix Armory
the return of Quick Armory, with a completely client-side layout builder. again built to withstand heavy traffic, which it was never really expected to get anyway. closed due to lack of interest in updating after patches. source code discussion here.

Uncommon Tooltips
World of Warcraft tooltip library using the Blizzard API

Transmog Fashion
an automated tumblelog of random transmogged characters in World of Warcraft. Updated 6 times per day. also posts to Twitter as @transmogfashion.

twitter bot that assembles random snippets of World of Warcraft quest text, in the fashion of @Horse_ebooks. Updated randomly every day.

Other Past Projects

daily comics, both print- and web-published, in one convenient place.

Cinemark + Rotten Tomatoes
Greasemonkey script for Firefox to show the Rotten Tomatoes rating on Cinemark showtimes pages.

Unofficial Wii Virtual Console Store Listing
a simple table and RSS feed of available games, straight from the source. updated 4 times a day, more often on monday.

My Android's Wallpapers
a short archive and history of the wallpaper on my Android phone, for my own reference and your curiosity.

Joe Snedeker's Morning Forecast
a history and rss feed of the weather forecasts by Joe Snedeker of WNEP.

twitter bot that parses the "lower third" text on CNN, crops them, and tweets unique text regularly, as it is broadcast.

Lower Third Live
watches CNN and posts the latest images of searchable "lower third" text as they appear.

tweets screenshots of the evening drawings of the Pennsylvania Lottery, immediately as they air on television.

lists videos from your YouTube subscriptions in chronological order.

tweets screenshots of context and corrections, written by The Washington Post staff, of Donald Trump's tweets.

OAuth Redirect Bounce
app developers can use an https server as an OAuth callback redirect URL for custom schemes.